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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 6/12/03

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Jessica: Sweetheart, I am not trying to take over the situation.

Bonnie: No, just fix it and make it better, right?

Jessica: Honey, I will put all that away.

Bonnie: I'd rather do it myself. Thank you.

Jessica: Bonnie, Sarah is in the custody of the shelter.

Bonnie: Yeah, Mom, that's just it. The keyword is "custody." Okay? It's not jail.

Jessica: But she left without permission.

Bonnie: I know, and we've already been through this. Okay? Mom, do you know how much courage it took for her to show up here?

Jessica: Yes, I do. But the director was so worried that he came and tracked her down.

Bonnie: Okay. Okay, fine. You're right. I should have driven her right back to that shelter, but I was afraid that I would shut her down, and she'd crawl back into her shell again. Now, I know Troy did not agree with what I did, but I could've handled things, Mom. Unfortunately, I could barely get anything out of my mouth before you started with your whole attorney thing, speaking for me. Why can't you just trust that I could handle it myself?

Jessica: Bonnie, I know you can handle things.

Bonnie: Look at me, Mom. I mean, really, take a good look at me. I am a grown woman. Am I gonna have to have a fight with you every time I do something without checking with you first?

Jessica: Sweetheart, we're not fighting. I'm just trying to explain --

Bonnie: Because if I am, maybe I should do us both a favor, move out and get a place of my own.

Chris: Alison. I didn't know you were on today.

Alison: Well, with Katie gone, we're a little short. Why do you ask? Did you miss me?

Chris: This isn't a good place for you to be today. Go home, and stay there.

Bob: Any news?

Hal: None, Bob. We're still combing through all the disposed medications, but many of those containers look just identical. So trying to find the one containing the right component is gonna take a miracle.

Walker: It's too bad Dr. Gordon couldn't tell us the component in that medication vial.

Bob: Mm, I see. Only thing that will link Nurse Krebs' death to the other patients.

Hal: Well, that's why I've got every available man here at the hospital. If that empty vial is in this hospital, it may take some time, but we're gonna find it.

Nurse: I can't wait to clock out.

Gordo: I didn't think that resection was ever gonna end.

Nurse: Were you okay in there?

Gordo: Yeah. Why?

Nurse: You looked out of it a couple of times.

Gordo: Yeah, well, try working a 36-hour shift and see how great you feel. And the next time I want your opinion on how I look, I'll ask for it.

Hal: Dr. Gordon. I'm gonna need a couple more words with you.

Lucinda: Detective Hughes -- is she in?

Margo: Yes, Lucinda. I'm right here.

Lucinda: Well, has anyone heard from anyone?

Margo: No. No, nothing yet.

Lucinda: I've been to the bank. They're putting together the money, compactly.

Margo: Listen, Lucinda, about that -- we have yet to be contacted or given any sort of instructions, so --

Lucinda: Oh, I understand what you're saying. Absolutely. But at the same time, I think you can imagine how I feel, thinking -- it's a waking nightmare. The hundred ways that Lily's blood could've gotten on Lily's jacket.

Margo: Yes, yes, I understand that waiting is difficult.

Lucinda: You can say that again, because I'm 102 years old. This has gone on too long, you know, with no word. I've had experience in these things, Margo. So this is what I'm asking you now -- if we do not hear from him in, say -- oh, let's say 30 minutes, do you have professionally -- I mean, do you have a backup plan that I'm unaware of? How do you intend to bring Lily home?

Rose: Look, Dusty's on his way over. We're gonna go right to the cops.

Lily: Rose, these people think that I'm you, so just be careful. Try to put something of mine on.

Rose: Lily, I am so sorry. I would do anything for this not to be happening to you. I mean, I would even trade myself for you.

Lily: No, don't even think that way. Rose, just be careful. Rose? Rose, I'm losing my signal.

[Signal breaking up]

Rose: Lily? I can't hear you! But if you can hear me, just hang on. We're gonna find you. I love you!

Lily: I love you, too. Rose? Rose!

Rose: Lily? Lily! I've got to tell Margo.

Spangler: Hello, Rose.

Rose: Where's my sister?

Spangler: Incredible. You really are --

Rose: Where's my sister, you creep? I know you took her!

Spangler: The spitting image. And now I've got the complete set. Relax, baby. You two will be together real soon.

Dusty: I gotta get to Rose before Spangler does.

Cop #1: You're not going anywhere, Donovan.

Cop #2: Cuff him.

Dusty: It's okay. Look, fellas, look -- why don't you take me there, then? We'll go to Lily's place. The important thing is we get there before Spangler does, or we're gonna have two lives to worry about. You understand?

Cop #1: Yeah, sure. Whatever you say.

[Grunting] come on.

Jessica: Sweetheart, you don't have to move out. Not because of this.

Bonnie: I need to live my own life, Mom.

Jessica: I know that, but, Bonnie, you have to understand my instinct is and always will be to protect you.

Bonnie: Even when I don't need your protection? I mean, yes, maybe I haven't made the greatest choices lately, but I have every right to learn from my own mistakes, Mom, just like everybody else. I mean, don't you get it? I want to be a woman that you can trust and respect.

Jessica: Sweetheart, I do --

Sarah: Sorry, I didn't want to interrupt.

Bonnie: Oh, no, you didn't.

Jessica: Why don't I take this stuff in the kitchen?

Sarah: I'm really sorry, Bonnie.

Bonnie: For what?

Sarah: You're fighting with your mom because of me.

Bonnie: Oh, no. No, Sarah, you definitely didn't cause that. It's just something that mothers and daughters do.

Sarah: Tell me about it.

Bonnie: You had a fight with your mom?

Sarah: No. Mostly foster stuff.

Bonnie: What kind of foster stuff?

Sarah: You get placed. And it's cool for awhile, and then -- the fights start.

Bonnie: What kind of fights?

Sarah: Between the parents, or with their kids. Me on one side, them on the other.

Bonnie: Sarah, every family fights.

Sarah: Especially when I'm around.

Bonnie: Oh, I find that very hard to believe.

Sarah: I don't fit in. That's why I'm at the shelter.

Bonnie: No. You're at the shelter because the system has failed in finding you a home. But even when they do, Sarah, fitting in -- it's just -- it's never easy. Trust me. I know a little something about that.

Sarah: You do?

Bonnie: Oh, yes. When I first came back to Oakdale, I -- I wasn't sure I'd ever fit in. Or even that I wanted to. I mean, Sarah, finding a place to call home, it takes time, no matter how old you are. Just know this -- you didn't do anything wrong today, okay? Trust me. Wait a minute. Hold on. You look very good with your hair back.

Sarah: Really?

Bonnie: Oh, yes. And, in fact -- let me see. I bought some hair clips today, buried here somewhere. Ah! Right here. Oh, I think it's going to be perfect for you.

Sarah: Oh, it's okay. You can keep it. It's -- it's yours.

Bonnie: No. It is perfect, and it's yours now.

Sarah: I can't take it, 'cause I can't pay for --

Bonnie: Sarah, it's a gift. It's a gift. I want you to have it.

Sarah: Really?

Bonnie: Really.

Chris: Alison, what are you still doing here? I wasn't kidding when I told you to go home.

Alison: What is your problem?

Chris: Look, it's just things are a little crazy around here right now.

Alison: Yeah, tell me about it. Everybody's been talking about Nurse Krebs and those other patients.

Chris: It's just -- I wanna keep you out of the line of fire until things calm down.

Alison: Are you still freaked out about my date with Gordo? 'Cause if you are, it is so totally over.

Chris: Look, Alison, I don't care who you date.

Alison: Liar.

Chris: Alison, will you listen for once in your life?

Alison: I get it, Chris.

Chris: No, you don't.

Alison: You told me you were a disaster at love. That is so the opposite of what's going on. You just want me all to yourself.

Chris: Alison, will you place yourself outside of the center of the universe for once in your life?

Alison: Why?

Chris: Because there's a good chance somebody's running around here killing people off, and I don't want to see you get hurt.

Gordo: I've told you guys everything I know.

Hal: We just want to ask you a couple more questions.

Gordo: I don't have any answers.

Hal: That vial is key evidence.

Gordo: How was I supposed to know? It was a mistake. I screwed up. I've already been called on it.

Walker: I think it's odd that a young man in your position would be so careless with standard hospital procedure.

Gordo: It's not so odd when your brain's fried from working around the clock.

Hal: Are you okay, pal?

Gordo: I'm not your pal.

Hal: You seem kinda nervous.

Gordo: I don't like being accused of something I didn't do.

Hal: Hey, when I accuse you of something, kid, believe me, you'll know it.

Bob: We're just trying to get to the truth.

Gordo: I don't know the truth. Now, if you're done grilling me, I've got a follow-up with Dr. Nyland.

Hal: So since we talked last night, you haven't learned or seen or remembered anything that would help us finding that vial, huh? Nothing?

Gordo: No. I've been up on the surgical floor. If you don't believe me, you can check with Dr. Dixon or anybody else on the team. We were in O.R. number three.

Hal: Maybe I'll do that.

Nurse: Dr. Daniels, the lab called. They left you this message.

Walker: Thank you. Oh. The toxicology report on Nurse Krebs is in.

Hal: Good. I'll check with my people while you pick up that report. And, Dr. Gordon, if you do happen to remember anything --

Gordo: I'll let you know.

Hal: That's what we like to hear.

Gordo: I'm sorry I got so edgy, but -- I mean, you gotta admit -- Inspector Gadget over there is acting like he's this close to running my picture on "America's most wanted."

Bob: He's just doing his job. Are you all right?

Gordo: You were an intern once. You didn't get tired?

Bob: Yeah, I got tired. But you don't look tired. You look like you're about to jump out of your skin. And I'd like to know why.



Margo: Here you are, Lucinda.

Lucinda: Oh. Thank you.

Margo: Listen -- I understand that you want details. And I understand that you want promises. But each case is different, and we must proceed accordingly.

Lucinda: Come on. What does that mean, exactly?

Margo: Well, you know that I cannot divulge departmental procedure.

[Lucinda sighs]

Lucinda: Of course not. I'm a wealthy woman, Margo. I have paid my dues. I've lived with risk all my life. And I have lived with this problem with Lily all her life. I begged her, you know? I begged her to get a security guard at the house. But of course it wouldn't matter, because she was taken from Rose's. But that's not the way Lily is. Because -- Lily always says the same thing. She can't live this way.

Margo: All right, all right, all right. I can understand that.

Lucinda: Yeah, but she -- she'd be home, safe now, possibly. And three -- oh, three little kids would have their mom home.

Margo: They will. They will. Lily is coming home.

Lucinda: Well -- I'm so glad we had this conversation. I'll be on my way to the bank. Make sure that the bills are --

Margo: I wish that you would please listen to me --

Lucinda: You know, I've got an idea. What I really wanna suggest -- it's only hunch. But, look, when I have the money -- when they call, we're gonna do it their way.

[Talking over each other]

Margo: I think that we should proceed --

Lucinda: -- To see people involved in this. Proceed? You don't know a damn thing, Margo!

[Shouting over each other]

Margo: I know that you are upset, Lucinda, but you are --

Lucinda: Margo, I want Lily.

Margo: -- And do not hang yourself.

Lucinda: I want Lily, and I want justice. All right? And don't you worry about Dusty Donovan. If he's culpable at all, I'll take care of him so that he can suffer the way he's made us all suffer for whatever the hell it is he's done. Got it?

[Phone ringing]

Margo: Can I get through one conversation with that woman without yelling at her?

[Phone ringing] Detective Hughes.

Cop #1: Detective -- Donovan escaped.

Margo: I don't believe this! What happened?

Cop #1: He got the jump on us.

Margo: All right, just get back here. I'll track down Donovan myself. I have an idea where he might be headed.

[Phone ringing]

[Rose shrieks]

Spangler: Sorry, Rose. This line is dead.

Gordo: I guess I am pretty wired. Ever since I made that mistake, I feel like nobody trusts me around here. I mean, just because I had that vial doesn't mean I had anything to do with Nurse Krebs or the others. But like I told the lieutenant, if I remember anything, I'll let him know right away.

Bob: That's all I'm asking.

[Elevator dings]

Gordo: I gotta lose this thing fast.

Alison: You're serious?

Chris: I wouldn't kid about something like this.

Alison: A real killer?

Chris: Look -- it's just a theory, but you can't say anything to anyone, not even your mother.

Alison: Well, that's why everyone was so eager to find that little bottle, right?

Chris: Exactly.

Alison: Well, maybe I could help. I'm really good at finding stuff.

Chris: Alison, that's what worries me.

Alison: You're worried about me?

Chris: Of course I'm worried.

Alison: So you do care.

Chris: I never said that I didn't.

Alison: Well, not care care. I mean, care.

Chris: Yeah, as a friend.

Alison: Well, are you sending any of your other "friends" home from work?

Chris: Alison, please. Don't read into this.

Alison: Well, I know. I know what's going on. I know the truth.

Chris: Yeah, the truth is we're friends, and I'd like to stay friends. And I don't want to see anything happen to you, not because I love you but because you're a good kid and --

Alison: Don't call me a kid. And if you use the "f" word one more time, I think I'm gonna throw up. Fine, whatever. We're friends. Great. You know, don't worry about me. I'm outta here. Hey, Gordo. Are you almost off?

Gordo: One more note, and I'm outta here.

Alison: Great. I'm really hungry. Do you wanna get a bite?

Gordo: You're on.

Alison: Okay. See you later, friend. Let's go. Let's get out of this place.

Gordo: I'm with you.

Dusty: Rose?

Dusty: Rose!

Dusty: Oh, God. Rose. No.

Lily: Rose? Rose, are you okay? Rose, are you all right?

Rose: Lily?

Lily: It's me.

Rose: Oh. Ow. Oh, what hit me?

Lily: You've been out for a long time. I was scared to death when they lowered you down. Thank God you're all right.

Rose: Ooh. Did you say that we were -- where? Where is this? A well? Ugh.

Lily: Yes, and it's deep enough to make it impossible for us to get out.

Rose: Yeah, we'll see about that.

Lily: Don't bother, Rose. I've already tried. We're stuck.

Walker: This report confirms what I've been afraid of for a long time. We have a serial killer on our hands.

Dusty: If Charley Spangler gets his money, Lily and Rose are gonna end up dead.

Lily: If one of those goons mess up and you have a chance to get out of here, you take it.

Rose: Not without you.

Bonnie: Now, the key to wearing makeup is creating the illusion that you're wearing nothing at all. So -- let's try -- ah, this one. Mm. Okay, that's enough with subtlety. Now, if you're looking for the special occasion, then you'd wanna try this.

Sarah: What's that?

Bonnie: It's just a little eye glitter for the eyes. Ah.

Sarah: Glitter? Will that look good on me?

Bonnie: Sarah! Accessorizing is what sets us apart from animals. Okay? Now, it took me awhile to kind of create my own style. But you can, too, once you get a little time.

Jessica: So, can I get you ladies anything else?

Bonnie: No, nothing for me, thanks. Sarah?

[Doorbell rings] oh, wait. I'll get it.

Jessica: Sarah, you look very pretty.

Bonnie: Ben, hi.

Ben: Hey.

Sarah: Thank you.

Bonnie: Come on in.

Ben: All right.

Bonnie: Ben, I'm glad you're here. I'd like you to meet someone. Sarah, this is Dr. Ben Harris. This is my mom's fiancÚ. And, Ben, this is Sarah. I met her at the shelter.

Ben: Ah. Pleasure to meet you, Sarah. So, looks like a cosmetics counter blew up in here.

Bonnie: Yes, well, we were just getting beautiful.

Ben: Ah.

Bonnie: Not that we really needed the help, right, Sarah?

Jessica: The ladies also had a lovely afternoon high tea. It's been quite a day.

Bonnie: Yes.

Jessica: Bonnie, what time did you tell Troy you were gonna get Sarah back?

Bonnie: Oh. Yeah, you're right. We better get going. Mom -- do you mind?

Jessica: No, I'll clean that up. Don't worry about it.

Bonnie: Okay.

Jessica: It was nice meeting you, Sarah.

Sarah: Bye.

Bonnie: Okay, I'll be back later.

Jessica: Okay.

Bonnie: So, next time what we'll do is I'll pull some magazine sheets. And then, you know, we can kinda look at some things like that. It's a cool way to get great ideas.

Ben: Sarah seems like a nice kid.

Jessica: I'm sure she is.

Ben: Looks like Bonnie's really taken to her community service.

Jessica: Yeah, she's taken to it, all right.

Ben: Meaning?

Jessica: Oh, you know Bonnie. She jumps into things like it's her own personal mission to save the world.

Ben: Well, who didn't at her age? There's nothing wrong with that, is there?

Jessica: Ben, Sarah wasn't invited here. She just kinda showed up.

Ben: How did she find out where you live?

Jessica: She was at the mall. She saw Bonnie. And she followed her home. And Bonnie invited her in and gave her the royal treatment. I mean, literally. She even gave her a gift.

Ben: Okay, so -- what's the problem?

Jessica: Well, the problem is that Bonnie's responsibility is supposed to be limited to the shelter. I just think she's out here trying to prove something.

Ben: Prove what?

Jessica: That she's more responsible than anybody thinks.

Ben: Well, isn't that the whole point of her working at the shelter?

Jessica: Yes, yes, of course it is. But being responsible is one thing. Trying to singlehandedly change this girl's life is something else. I mean, Ben, you know these kids at the shelter have real problems. Some too big, some too deep.

Ben: You should talk to Bonnie. Let her know how you feel.

Jessica: Yeah, well, I did. And she accuses me of trying to fix everything.

Ben: Well, the way I see it, you only have two options. You either let Bonnie handle this her way or you let her know that you have legitimate concerns.

Jessica: Those are my only two options?

Ben: Only ones I know of.

Jessica: Well, then I guess I'll do what any mother of a grown daughter can do. Absolutely nothing.

Lily: Hey, not too fast. Be careful. What happened?

Rose: I went over to your house, you know? Maybe connect with that twin ESP thing so I could find something to help find you. And that Spangler creep showed up. And he put something over my mouth. Next thing I know, I'm here, looking up at your face.

Lily: Thank God you're okay.

Rose: You call this okay?

Lily: We're alive, Rose.

Rose: No, we gotta get outta here.

Lily: I've already tried. The walls are too slippery. There's no way to climb out of here.

Rose: Can we dig a tunnel?

Lily: Not unless we use our bare hands.

[Rose sighs]

Rose: Me, I made a mess of everything.

Lily: You're not gonna get an argument from me.

Rose: You hate me?

Lily: I could never hate you, Rose.

Rose: Look, I didn't mean those horrible things that I said to you. I mean, you were just trying to help, and here I am, going around town, trying to prove that I'm right about everything, including Dusty Donovan.

Lily: Maybe we shouldn't talk about Dusty right now.

Rose: I don't want anything else, anything, to come between us ever again. Okay?

Lily: Neither do I.

Rose: Because losing you would be like losing a part of myself. I mean, so what? You're Park Avenue. I'm Atlantic City. I mean, so what? It doesn't change who we are on the inside.

Lily: No. It doesn't. You know, we have more in common than you think.

Rose: Like what?

Lily: We're two tough broads. Don't ever forget that, Rose D'Angelo.

Rose: What's wrong?

Lily: Uh -- I hurt myself. I fell trying to climb out of here.

Rose: Well, how bad is it?

Lily: I don't know, but it's -- it's my shoulder. It's very tender.

Rose: It's my shoulder that should be hurting. I was the one they meant to take, not you. I should be down here alone.

Lily: Don't say that.

Rose: You got kids, Lily. I mean, God forbid if anything were to happen to you.

Lily: My kids will be fine. Their mother and their aunt Rose are going to go home. Together. Just don't ask me how.

Rose: Okay. Home. Together.

Lily: But you have to promise me something.

Rose: Anything.

Lily: If one of those goons mess up and you have a chance to get out of here, you take it yourself.

Rose: Not without you.

Lily: Look, Rose, I cannot climb out of here with this arm. Do it for me. Do it for the kids. If you get a chance to get out of here, just get out of here. And don't look back.

Margo: Freeze, Donovan.

Dusty: He's got her. Spangler's got Rose.

Margo: You frisk him. You check the rest of the house.

Dusty: I tried to get here before he did. I knew -- I knew he would come after her.

Margo: Yeah, you know a lot. How come you didn't call?

Dusty: There was no time.

Margo: No time for you or for Spangler?

Dusty: I am not in on this.

Margo: Yeah, you just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time all the time. I've got two missing women.

Dusty: I can get 'em back for you.

Margo: Yeah, how? After you cash in?

Dusty: Come on. We're wasting time --

Margo: Will you get your hands in the air?

Cop #5: That house is empty.

Margo: No sign of a struggle in any of the rooms?

Cop #5: None.

Margo: All right. Get forensics in here. They gotta go through the whole place.

Cop #4: I think we got something, Detective Hughes.

Dusty: I have no idea what this is.

Margo: Let me see. It looks like a receipt.

Dusty: I guess I bought something.

Margo: Yeah? What'd you buy, Dusty? It's from a pet shop. For a puppy. Same breed that had the ransom note tied to his collar.

[Dusty exhales]

Dusty: I have no idea how that got into my pocket.

Margo: And look at this. There's buttons here. They appear to be from a woman's jacket.

Dusty: I wouldn't --

Margo: Lily was missing buttons from her jacket when she was kidnapped.

Dusty: I know what it looks like. I wouldn't have hurt Lily. You know that.

Margo: Yeah. Could you get this to the lab? Have them put a rush on it.

Dusty: Listen, I have no idea how that got in my pocket. Spangler must have set me up.

Margo: Yeah.

Dusty: After he knocked me out, he put that stuff --

Margo: He must have. He must have, yeah. You seem to know this guy in and out, don't you? I guess that's how he was able to knock you out, 'cause you know him so well.

Dusty: I know this -- if Charley Spangler gets his money, Lily and Rose are gonna end up dead. Now, I can still figure out a way to get to 'em. But you gotta let me out of here before it's too late.

Jessica: I am really trying to see the positives of this situation, but these red flags just keep popping up. I mean, what if all of Bonnie's good intentions just end up exploding in her face?

Ben: And what if they don't?

Jessica: Well, but what if they do? I'm sorry. I don't know what to think. I mean, I -- I don't know whether I'm imagining problems or if I'm just so afraid that it's gonna become a problem that I just can't even think straight.

Ben: Right. I can understand why.

Jessica: You know, I'm the one who brought Marshall into our lives. And Bonnie was so desperate she almost shot the man.

Ben: But she didn't.

Jessica: Because I "fixed" it. You know, she's never made peace with the fact that I made those charges go away. That's why she keeps telling me I treat her like a child.

Ben: What are you supposed to do? Were you supposed to let her go to jail?

Jessica: I don't regret the way I handled the situation. But I just hate knowing that she thinks I don't trust her judgment.

Ben: Well, do you?

Jessica: No. I guess, deep down inside, I really don't.

Ben: Jess -- you and Bonnie -- you have a lot of healing to do. And healing -- it takes time. And it doesn't always happen on our timetable.

Jessica: Sometimes it doesn't happen at all.

Ben: Well, in this case, it's gonna happen. With -- with time and patience and love. And I'm gonna provide all three. Okay?

Jessica: You know, your love is what keeps me sane.

Ben: Well, you know I'm not letting go.

Jessica: Even if I have to concentrate on Bonnie for the time being?

Ben: Even if.

Jessica: I'm sorry, Ben. I just have to stay close to her, you know? I just -- until I know she's not headed for trouble, I just have to make her my number one priority.

Chris: What's going on?

Hal: Your father and I are waiting for Dr. Daniels.

Bob: The toxicology report is back on Nurse Krebs, and he's reviewing it.

Chris: Are you guys done searching the hospital?

Hal: Almost. What's the word?

Walker: Well, I went over all the lab reports. Nurse Krebs had a dangerously high level of potassium in her bloodstream at the time of death.

Chris: So you're thinking what? Potassium chloride?

Walker: That's probably what was in the missing vial, yes.

Hal: Well, what does this tell us?

Bob: Large doses of potassium chloride can cause a heart attack.

Chris: Which is what caused Nurse Krebs' death.

Bob: Yes. And the related deaths were MIs, as well.

Hal: Do you think that their blood would show the same level of potassium chloride?

Walker: Most likely. This report confirms what I've been afraid of for a long time. We have a serial killer on our hands.

Alison: Mom?

Gordo: Isn't she at the hospital?

Alison: Well, she should have been home by now. She probably had an emergency or something.

Gordo: Decker and your mom seem pretty tight.

Alison: Like it's any of your business.

Gordo: Sorry.

Alison: Just don't get any ideas, okay?

Gordo: What kind of ideas?

Alison: Look, I wanted to come back here to change. I wasn't trying to find a way for us to be alone.

Gordo: The thought never even crossed my mind. If you're gonna change, change already.

Alison: Calm down.

Gordo: Alison, I thought we were getting something to eat. Now, come on. I'm hungry.

Alison: What are you being such a crab for?

Gordo: Oh, I don't know. Maybe because I have no food, no sleep, no life?

Alison: Okay! Okay, I will go change. Where are we going?

Gordo: Anyplace but Al's.

Alison: Well, why not? Chris says that's where everybody from the hospital --

Gordo: Look, you wanna hang out with Chris Hughes? Call him. But you have five minutes before I'm out of here.

Alison: Fine. Fine. You don't have to get crazy.

Gordo: I'm sorry. I had a long shift, and I'm starving. I really wanna go out with you. So -- as soon as you get ready, I'll take you anywhere you wanna go.

Alison: Really?

Gordo: Really.

Alison: Well, then I will go get changed.

Alison: I almost forgot. I promised my mom -- what are you doing?

Jessica: I mean, what am I really worried about? My daughter is trying to help a kid who hasn't had a lot of breaks in her life. I mean, I should be proud of her.

Ben: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: I mean, so she gave her a little gift, a little token. It was a nice gesture.

Ben: Yes, it was.

Jessica: Yeah, yeah.

Ben: Look, I wish I could stay, but --

Jessica: Oh, no. Don't stop.

Ben: I must.

Jessica: Oh.

Ben: I have to run to the hospital, check on my post-ops.

Jessica: Okay.

Ben: Okay? Call you later.

Jessica: Great.

Ben: All right.

Jessica: Thank you.

Ben: Yeah.

Bonnie: Oh!

Ben: Oh.

Bonnie: Hey! Are you leaving?

Ben: Yeah, I must. But I'm gonna come back later. Okay?

Jessica: You better.

Ben: All right.

Bonnie: Bye.

Ben: Bye.

Jessica: So, how'd it go?

Bonnie: Great. I mean, it was amazing. I mean, you saw that little hair ornament I gave her? You would've thought I'd handed her the moon.

Jessica: Well, Sarah's from a completely different world. You know.

Bonnie: Oh, I know. And if I have never actually said how much I appreciate everything you and daddy have done for me, Mom, I --

Jessica: Sweetheart, I know you appreciate it.

Bonnie: I don't get it, Mom. I mean, why me and why not her? I mean, why is it that I have been given so much, and here she is, looking for a real place to call home?

Jessica: Well, sweetheart, I don't know if anybody could answer those kinds of questions.

Bonnie: I just -- I want to show her that there is so much more out there than waiting for the right foster placement. I wanna expand her horizons!

Jessica: Really? How so?

Bonnie: Well, I don't know. Like, doing fun stuff, kid stuff. I mean, tomorrow I'm gonna take her to the Country Club for some lunch and swimming. And if she likes it, maybe, you know, we can make it a regular thing.

Jessica: The Country Club? Aren't you --

Bonnie: Aren't I what?

Jessica: Nothing. I'm sure Sarah will love the Country Club.

Bob: I don't want any of this to leak out.

Chris: Dad, people are already talking.

Hal: But as far as most of the staff knows, these deaths were unrelated. Bob's right. It should stay that way.

Walker: Well, there is one person who knows the truth, lieutenant. The killer.

Hal: Yeah, and he'll do anything to keep himself in business.

Bob: And Nurse Krebs probably stumbled onto the truth.

Walker: And he probably --

Hal: Or she.

Walker: Probably murdered Nurse Krebs to keep her quiet.

Hal: And whoever else gets in his way, the same thing's likely to happen to them. Gentlemen, we need to find this perpetrator fast.

Gordo: I was just throwing these napkins away.

Alison: Do you always go through the trash before you toss more in?

Gordo: I wasn't going through the trash.

Alison: I'm young, Gordo, but I'm not stupid. Oh, my God. This is the medicine bottle everybody's been trying to look for at the hospital.

Gordo: It is not.

Alison: You had this all along.

Gordo: Just give it to me, Alison.

Alison: What were you doing with it?

Gordo: It's just garbage.

Alison: Well, then why did you bring it all the way over here? And why didn't you tell the cops about it?

Rose: Sorry. I'm so sorry.

Lily: It's okay. It's okay.

Rose: As soon as we get out of here, we're going right to Memorial hospital. Which is another reason why you gotta stop talking about me making a break without you. Wherever I go, you go. You got it?

Lily: The only way we're getting out of here, Rose, is if we sprout wings and fly. There's no other way.

Rose: Yes, it is -- there is. Because Lucinda and Holden, they got the whole town looking for you. And Dusty Donovan -- he knows that Spangler guy. He knows how he thinks. He does. Dusty Donovan will get us out of this hole. I'm telling you, he will. Lily, he will.

Margo: There's blood on the buttons. It matches the buttons from Lily's jacket. We also did a blood type match. It's hers.

Dusty: Oh, God.

Margo: We're awaiting an eyewitness statement from the pet shop regarding the receipt.

Dusty: It wasn't me. I didn't kidnap Lily.

Margo: Oh, you just happen to be holding all the evidence?

Dusty: Do you think I'd put these things in my pocket if I did it? I would have gotten rid of it.

Margo: Well, you're the guy who never has time to call the cops. Maybe you didn't have time to remember it was there.

Dusty: I have no idea where Lily and Rose are. You have to believe me.

Margo: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law --

Dusty: Don't do this. He'll kill them both! Do you hear me?! You've got to let me out to find them!

Margo: You have the right to an attorney -- and believe me, Donovan, you're gonna need one.

Alison: It's just my luck. One day I'm in jail. And the next day, I'm dating a serial killer.

Dusty: You're gonna end up with two body bags! Is that what you want?

Holden: No, that's not what we want. We want them home. We want them home safe.

Dusty: Then put me on the street. If he shoots me, what do you care?

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