ATWT Transcript Wednesday 6/11/03

As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 6/11/03

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Bonnie: Shop, shop, shop, shop. Hey, mom?! Mom, come see my loot! 'Cause I got you the cutest little thing. I know how much you love red. And -- mom? Mom? Oh, well. More for me. Ah. Huh. Nobody. That's weird. [Thumping sound] mom, is that you? Marshall Travers. What are you doing here?!

Mike: Katie?

Katie: Hmm?

Mike: Katie?

Katie: Just hit the snooze, Simon. Please, baby.

Mike: Okay. Katie, it's my arm. It's asleep. Hey.

Katie: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Carly: This is so perfect. Don't move, Jack. Don't move an inch, not ever. Remember when we were falling asleep and I told you that this felt like a dream to me?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Carly: It still does.

Jack: Oh, my dreams are never this good.

Carly: This is amazing. You and me fitted together like two perfect puzzle pieces.

Jack: You know there's no place in the universe I'd rather be, don't you?

Carly: At this moment? Yeah, I do. But then I keep wondering -- what is the matter with us, Jack? Why do we keep messing up something that's so absolutely perfect?

Margo: No, no. Nothing yet. But I've got uniforms posted outside of Lucinda's. They've been there all night. I would've contacted -- Lucinda would have contacted you if Lily had called. Of course I will, the minute I hear anything.

Rose: Is that Holden? Yeah. Did he get the kids to Iva's okay?

Margo: Yeah.

Rose: How's Luciano doing? Because I saw that kid. He's -- I mean, he was holding it together. But the look in his eyes -- he was absolutely terrified.

Margo: Well, Holden said he's still pretty shaky. But the girls are fine.

Rose: And Holden?

Margo: He can't believe that he's so far away. Can't get back here fast enough.

Rose: Did you hear anything else? From anybody?

Margo: No. You?

Rose: No, nothing.

Margo: Dusty?

Rose: No. I haven't heard anything. That's why I'm here.

Margo: You've heard nothing since yesterday?

Rose: No.

Margo: I can't believe this!

Rose: I'm just afraid that Spangler may have taken him, too.

Margo: Oh, Rose, wake up! If Dusty hasn't surfaced, it means that he's in on this with Spangler up to here.

Rose: No. You don't know that!

Margo: I can't believe I didn't throw that guy in lockup.

Dusty: C'mon, Charley. Where the hell are you?

Spangler: Right where I need to be. Were you tailed?

Dusty: No. I lost him. You know why I'm here. Let's not waste time.

Spangler: Yeah, because I nabbed your girl, and you came to get her. It's very touching.

Dusty: You think, Charley, you nabbed Rose D'Angelo? You screwed up. You grabbed the wrong girl.

Bonnie: Sarah, wait! What are you doing here?

Sarah: I'm -- I'm really sorry.

Bonnie: Where -- how'd you get here?

Sarah: I followed you.

Bonnie: All the way from the mall?

Sarah: There's a bus that runs down Commerce Street. I was hoping you didn't make too many turns. Just one. After I got off.

Bonnie: Why?

Sarah: I wanted to see where you lived.

Bonnie: Oh. Okay, look, Sarah, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you. It's just that you kinda caught me off guard. Surprised me. That's all. Well, come on in. It's okay. Come in. Come in. So why were you at the mall? Are you guys on some sort of break or something? You did sign out at the shelter, didn't you?

Sarah: This is beautiful. Like a picture in a magazine. Cool, you got that skirt! I saw it in that store, fashions.

Bonnie: Yep. That's where I got it. I only shop there because Lisa Grimaldi, who owns the place, is also my godmother. And she likes to get my advice on what to stock. You know, to keep the place kind of young and trendy.

Sarah: For real? Your godmother owns the whole place? So was all this stuff, like, free?

Bonnie: I wish. But I will say I probably spent most of my paycheck there. But, hey, that's why I work for a living. And I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.

Sarah: You help run Java Underground, right?

Bonnie: You know about Java?

Sarah: Well, I've heard some people talking. They said you don't really have to work at all, though.

Bonnie: Really? And where'd they get that idea?

Sarah: Aren't you some kind of princess?

Bonnie: No. I'm not a princess.

Sarah: Oh.

Bonnie: I'm a duchess, actually. But that only counts back in Scotland.

Sarah: Scotland. That's the same thing as England or something?

Bonnie: Oh, no! No, they are not the same at all, girlfriend. But they have a few similarities. I could show you some pictures? Or -- have you ever had high tea?

Sarah: I -- I don't do drugs.

Bonnie: Oh -- no, Sarah, it's nothing like that. It's -- actually, it's just tea. But not just tea. It's very delicious tea brewed in a pot, with finger sandwiches and -- do you wanna try it? Okay, okay. First, let me just call Troy at the shelter, let him know you're here. And then we'll drink our tea and do it up royally.

Sarah: Wait, Bonnie. Do you have to?

Bonnie: Call Troy? Of course I do. I mean, I don't know all the rules at Durgin, but I'm pretty sure the resident director has to know where you are at all times. Yes. Troy Spencer, please. Don't worry, Sarah. I think it'll be fine. I just -- I think it's best to call. He's not there? Okay, then, yes, I'd like to leave a message.

Rose: I am not the only one who wanted to let Dusty go to talk to Spangler. If Holden didn't believe that Dusty could help find Lily, he wouldn't have let him go, either.

Margo: You know what? No matter who thought this was a good idea, it was not a good idea. Dusty is missing. And as far as expecting him back anytime soon, I am not holding my breath.

Rose: Dusty could be missing for a lot of reasons. He has to earn Spangler's trust again to get information. That could take time.

Margo: Yeah. Or he could be blowing smoke all this time.

Rose: He could also be in danger, Dusty. Spangler could have grabbed him and put him wherever Lily is. You've gotta get the cops to go look for him now.

Margo: You'd better believe that is exactly what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna bring him in here, and I'm gonna charge him with conspiracy in the kidnapping of Lily Snyder.

Rose: If you lock him up when he's this close to finding her, you could kiss Lily good-bye. You know that.

Margo: You know what I know? I know that I like you, but just because you are crazy enough to fall in love with this guy does not mean that I'm crazy enough to go along with this.

Rose: You're wrong. You're wrong about Dusty. I'm telling you.

Margo: Oh, yeah, yeah. Oh, blah, blah, blah. Dusty Donovan, he's our only hope. Let me tell you -- no man has ever been my only hope.

Rose: I am not -- I am not that. What I'm trying to tell you is that there is somebody else that can help find Lily.

Margo: Yeah? Who's this miracle worker?

Rose: Me. Spangler wanted me, huh? Instead of Lily. So why don't I trade me for Lily? When that ransom call comes, let me go, instead, okay?

Margo: Rose, Rose -- I know that you've got a big heart, and that's why you're doing this. But let me tell you something -- never in my entire career have I ever heard of a trade like this actually working. You're only gonna complicate the issue even further. You're only gonna put you and your sister at risk. Berger! Rose! Please. Do not do anything foolish.

Rose: I'm not. I'm just gonna go to Lily's house.

Margo: What for?

Rose: Call me crazy, but I feel like I need to be close to my sister.

Margo: I know. Okay. I can understand that. That's good. But listen -- you stay there, and you don't go anywhere until you hear from me. Put out an APB out on Donovan -- now.

Spangler: So you're telling me I grabbed the wrong broad?

Dusty: Yeah, that's right.

Spangler: No, but you're forgetting that I spent a little bit of time with this lady at her place of business. I know what Rose D'Angelo looks like. I know what she sounds like. She's the one who told me she used to be Lucinda Walsh's right-hand gal.

Dusty: Did she tell you that she has a twin sister named Lily?

Spangler: Ah, that's a good one, Dusty. That's a good one. And what? Rose and Lily have a third sister named Petunia? Who do you think I am?!

Dusty: Lily Snyder is the adopted daughter of Lucinda Walsh. Rose and Lily are twins. You got the wrong girl, my friend.

Spangler: Then how come the one I got didn't bat an eye when I called her "Rose"?

Dusty: She's protecting her sister. What do you expect?

Spangler: And you're telling me all this because what?

Dusty: Because I want back in. I want my cut. Where is she?

Spangler: No, no.

Dusty: Where is she?

Spangler: Not so fast. I need proof. What, do you think I'm just gonna take your word for it?

Dusty: Okay, fine. Then go to Lily's house yourself. There are photographs of the girl all over the place. She looks exactly like Rose. Except -- she's a little more upscale-looking.

Spangler: Where is it?

Dusty: Luther's Corners, Mile High Road. You can't miss it. Or -- just look for a wedding band on the one you've got. Rose isn't married. Lily is.

Spangler: Could be difficult.

Dusty: What? Why? What'd you do with her?

Spangler: Don't get all bent out of shape. She's fine.

Dusty: She'd better be. 'Cause Lucinda Walsh has a lot of power. She's not gonna make it easy for us to hide our trail. You understand? If her daughter disappears --

Spangler: Would you shut up? Just for a minute! Just shut up!

[Lily groans]

Lily: Is somebody up there?! I -- I fell down, and I -- I think I broke something! I need a doctor! Please, somebody help me!

[Cell phone rings]

McCann: Yeah?

Spangler: We may have a problem. Supposedly, Rose D'Angelo has a twin sister.

McCann: Well, why is that a problem?

Spangler: Because we may have grabbed the wrong one by mistake.

McCann: You're kidding me.

Spangler: No, I'm not. So check it.

Lily: Is somebody up there? Please help me.

McCann: How am I supposed to do that?

Spangler: I don't know. That's your problem. The twin's name is Lily. She's married. She wears a wedding ring. Handle it and call me back.

Katie: Exactly what do you think you're doing?

Mike: Getting up, welcoming the new day.

Katie: Yeah, well, you said your arm was asleep. You want to know why? Because it was wrapped around me, that's why.

Mike: Would you just settle down? I didn't do anything but sleep. You're just mad 'cause you woke up with Simon on the brain.

Katie: Yeah, and your arm -- and the shorts? What's with the shorts?

Mike: I always wear shorts -- except when I don't.

Katie: Oh, see?

Mike: What?

Katie: That's what I'm talking about. "Except when I don't."

Mike: Look, are you forgetting that you said you were freezing to death last night? You said you were cold. I just wanted to keep you warm. All right, loosen up a little bit.

Carly: Seriously, Jack, how can something so amazing keep slipping through our fingers?

Jack: I don't know. Amnesia? It's like we keep forgetting these perfect little moments.

Carly: We're so good when we're like this.

Jack: You know, I read something once about how love is in the details. We have so many of those details down pat.

Carly: Like when it's quiet before we go to sleep, we whisper in the dark?

Jack: How we wake up like this, fitted to each other.

Carly: I don't want to lose this, Jack.

Jack: Oh, we won't.

Carly: You sound so sure.

Jack: I am.

Carly: How? How can you be so sure, Jack? One of us does something, and the other one gets so upset they can't see straight. One of us reaches out, and the other one pulls away. We run in opposite directions practically around the entire earth until we -- somehow, we end up face to face again. We get back together, and everything is so great, we can't even remember why we split up to begin with. Just promise me that's not gonna happen again, Jack. Make me believe that I can look into our future and not be scared.

Sarah: All this stuff is what a real duchess wears?

Bonnie: Every single thread. But only on special occasions, like today. So drink up, your majesty.

Sarah: I never knew people like you were for real. Just in books.

Bonnie: Well, you know, Sarah, when I first got to Oakdale, I felt like a fish out of water. I mean, I felt like there was no one in the world that I could actually talk to. But since then, there's been a lot of opportunities for me to realize that I'm not really that much different from anybody else.

Sarah: Sure. Everybody has a crown in their top drawer.

Bonnie: Yeah, but that's just stuff. I mean, yeah, I do have a lot more than most people. And I even started out with a lot more advantages than a lot of people. And I realize that. But I also realize that there's a lot more to life than a lot of material things.

Sarah: What do you mean?

Bonnie: I mean the most important thing in life is what you give back to your community, to your family, people you care about. Because in the end, no matter how much money you have or don't have, these are the things you can decide to do for yourself. Does that make any sense?

Jessica: Well -- hello. What, did I miss high tea?

Bonnie: Hi, mom. Mom, this is Sarah from the Durgin Street shelter. I mentioned her to you before.

Jessica: Yes, I -- I remember. Hello, Sarah. [Dishes crashing] oh, oh. Sweetie, it's okay.

Sarah: I'm so sorry.

Jessica: It's okay.

Bonnie: No, wait, Sarah. It's just a little high tea.

Lily: Is somebody up there? Please help me!

McCann: Stop your screaming, will ya?

Lily: You're not the same person that was here before, are you? I think you should know that I'm hurt, that I need a doctor.

McCann: Yeah, right. Look, I'll send you down a bottle of water and some food, but first I'm gonna need you to take off your wedding ring and put it in the bucket.

Lily: I -- I'm not married.

McCann: Look, Lily, I know it's you. We just need your rings for proof, for the ransom. The sooner you do it, the sooner you get out of there.

Lily: But this is Rose, Rose D'Angelo. And Ms. Walsh won't pay one cent for me, so you might as well save yourself the trouble and get me out!

McCann: What now?

[Cell phone ringing]

Spangler: What?

McCann: She says she doesn't have a ring and that the old lady won't pay a dime for her.

Spangler: I see. [Spangler clears throat] All right, well, here's what you do. Feed her and then meet me in town. I'll find the other one and see for myself who's who. Well, she said she doesn't have a wedding ring. And she swears her name is Rose.

Dusty: What else is she gonna say? Trust me, that isn't Rose.

Spangler: I don't trust anybody right now, especially you. If this one is Lily, then where is Rose?

Dusty: Who cares? We got the one we need for the big score, right? Your screw-up probably netted us an extra million, anyway. Charley, I know both of them. Why don't you show me this woman, and I'll clear up the confusion for you?

Spangler: Okay. Let's go. [Dusty grunts] [Dusty gasping] I changed my mind. I think I'll go visit Mrs. Lily Snyder myself.

Lily: Please let the cell phone... God be with me. Please, I just need a signal.

Cop #1: On your feet. We're going to the station.

Dusty: Hold on one second. Let me just make one phone call.

Cop #1: Make it from the precinct.

[Rose gasps]

Bonnie: Sarah gets so upset over the smallest little things. I'd better go get her.

Jessica: Ah, wait a minute, Bonnie. Wait a minute. What is Sarah doing here?

Bonnie: She followed me this morning.

Jessica: She followed you? Don't you think that's kind of strange?

Bonnie: Yeah, at first I did. But you can see what a good time we were having.

Jessica: And the shelter? Do they know that she's here?

Bonnie: I left the resident director a message.

Jessica: You left him a message? Sweetheart, there are rules for these kinds of relationships.

Bonnie: I don't think we need rules for sharing a pot of tea, mom.

Jessica: Bonnie, even in official mentoring situations, you don't bring the kids home, okay? Sarah is a minor. She is a ward of the state.

Bonnie: We were drinking tea, mom, and eating cookies and playing dress-up! I don't think the state would mind.

Jessica: Bonnie, Sarah's not a doll or a new project or the little sister that you always wanted, okay? Look, I know you did this with the best of intentions. But you don't even know this girl.

Bonnie: I know that she is quiet and shy and very polite.

Jessica: And where is she from? What has she been through? How did she end up in a shelter for abused and abandoned children in the first place?

Bonnie: Your silver is still in the china cabinet, mom, if that's what you're worried about.

Jessica: Bonnie, please, you know me better than that.

Bonnie: Look, mom, please, don't lecture me right now. I -- I know what I'm doing, and it's working.

Sarah: I'm really sorry about spilling my tea. I'll just -- I'll clean it up and get out of your hair.

Bonnie: Sarah, sweetie, no, don't worry about it. You can't even see it. Don't worry. And anyway, we have not finished our tea. So, come on, before it gets cold.

[Doorbell rings]

Troy: Hey.

Jessica: Yes? May I help you?

Troy: I'm Troy Spencer, the resident director at Durgin Street shelter. I understand one of our kids might be here with Bonnie?

Jessica: Yeah. I'm Bonnie's mother, Jessica Griffin. Please, come in.

Troy: Sarah, you know the rules better than anybody. Pulling a stunt like this is unacceptable.

Bonnie: Troy, please, wait. Don't blame her. It's my fault. I saw Sarah, and I invited her over.

Troy: Oh, yeah? In that case, you're in a world of trouble, too.

Jack: It'll be different this time, Carly. I know it in my heart.

Carly: How?

Jack: The baby. We didn't just wander around in the dark this time until we found our way back to each other. She brought us to this place. It's strange, actually. 'Cause in spite of how she came to be, she's the reason we're here right now. And she doesn't know anything about blood lines and DNA. And she sure doesn't know anything about paternity suits and fathers' rights. She -- she just is. And she grows, and she moves, and her little heart beats. And the sheer miracle of her reminds us of what she needs. That's the most important thing -- she needs us. She needs our love. And because we come together to love our child, we'll never ever forget how much we love each other.

Carly: Thank you. Thank you.

Katie: Ooh, sorry to interrupt.

Jack: This cabin just got suddenly smaller.

Mike: Look. We just thought we'd make breakfast for all of us.

Jack: You know what, Mike? I was just about to make something myself.

Katie: Oh, no, Jack, that's okay. Let us make bacon and eggs. You guys -- we can serve you breakfast in bed.

Jack: Please, you know, it's my first morning here, too. So let me make the -- make the breakfast. You guys go out on the porch, enjoy the morning. Go, please. We'll call you when it's ready.

Mike: All right. It's just breakfast.

Jack: I know it's just breakfast, Mike, but I want to do something special for Carly. So please --

Carly: Hey, Jack -- why don't you let Katie and Mike make breakfast for us? They came all the way out here. They just want to pitch in. For me?

Jack: Pitch away.

Katie: Okay, nature boy, let's go.

Carly: I just don't want any more fighting.

Jack: I'm sorry.

Carly: I don't want any more "I'm sorry"s either.

Jack: I'm --

Carly: And I would much rather have you here next to me than in there slinging hash, anyway.

Jack: I'd like to sling Mike, I'll tell you that. The guy just rubs me the wrong way sometimes.

Carly: Hey, Jack, you know what?

Jack: I'm gonna have to get over it?

Carly: I think. And after all those beautiful things you just said, don't you think it's about time?

Jack: Okay. All right. From now on, I will stay glued to your side. It is gonna take crowbars and bulldozers to get me away from you. No, no, no, no. Wait a minute, I amend that. It's gonna take -- nothing, no-how, nobody, no way, shape, form or fashion is going to be able to pry me from your side ever again. You got that?

Carly: Oh, I got it, G-man.

Hannah: Good morning, you two. Time to take a look at the mommy-to-be. Shoo, detective. I've got work to do.

[Cell phone rings]

Spangler: Yeah?

Rose: Dusty? Where have you been? I've been trying to find you. What's going on?

Spangler: Rose?

Rose: Yes. Did you find Spangler?

Spangler: Yeah -- no. It's a long -- it's over. It's a long story.

Rose: You sound funny. Is there something wrong with your phone?

Spangler: It must be the signal. It's breaking up. Where are you?

Rose: I'm at Lily's. Can you come over? I'll fill you in on everything. I think Margo's sending the cops to find you.

Spangler: You weren't lying after all, Dusty.

Rose: Dusty? Dusty? Damn cell phones. Oh, come on, Lily. Just give me a clue so I can find you.

Lily: Hey, moron! You said you were gonna send down some food! Why don't you get to it?!

McCann: Nah, he'll kill me. Keep your shirt on, lady! I'll send your food down, all right?

Lily: Yes!

McCann: Give me that phone!

Lily: You want it? You come get it!

McCann: No phone, no food.

Lily: No problem! Please work. Please, God. Please work.

Sarah: It's not Bonnie's fault, Mr. Spencer. I was at the mall, and I saw her there. But she didn't see me. And I followed her here, and she let me come in. I'm the one who should be in trouble, not her.

Troy: Okay. Okay. What's the truth here?

Bonnie: Does it really matter how Sarah ended up here? I mean, the point now is that she's here, and she's my guest. I don't really see the harm if we're enjoying each other's company.

Jessica: Sarah, would you do me a favor and take that towel back in the kitchen?

Bonnie: Yeah, go ahead.

Jessica: Thank you.

Bonnie: Okay, great! After smiling and laughing all morning, you show up, start fussing at her. Now she's back to her old self again.

Troy: Bonnie, I can see that you really like Sarah. I can even really appreciate your intentions. But this is entirely inappropriate behavior for someone in your position.

Bonnie: My position?

Troy: You're at Durgin serving a court-ordered sentence, paying a debt to the community.

Bonnie: So, what, I'm not supposed to like it? I'm not supposed to make friends with the people that I meet?

Troy: You're not supposed to invite a kid into your home like a stray pet.

Bonnie: That is so condescending, Troy.

Troy: On my part or yours? Look, these kids have all kinds of problems.

Bonnie: Look, I'm not claiming to know everything about her, Troy.

Troy: Problems you can't solve by reading them a story or giving them tea.

Bonnie: I am not that naive, Troy. I just thought she could use a friend. And from the good time we were having before you showed up, it was working.

Jessica: Excuse me. Mr. Spencer, look, I'm sure you care a great deal about these kids.

Troy: Sometimes it's as if I'm the only one who looks out for them.

Jessica: Well, I can guarantee you that Bonnie does, as well. And I know you're obviously very trained in handling these kinds of situations. So what I'm wondering is if we could find some common ground here, since you and Bonnie both only want what's best for Sarah?

Troy: Look, if I sounded harsh, I apologize. It's just -- we have to be very careful and very protective of our kids. But of course I'd like to work out something for Sarah.

Jessica: Oh, well, that's wonderful. Bonnie, isn't that wonderful?

Bonnie: Yes. It's wonderful.

Lily: Please let the cell phone gods be with me. Please, I just need a signal. Come on, come on, come on, come on. Oh, ow. Please?

Margo: All right. All right. Take it easy. Take it easy.

Dusty: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What happened? What happened?

Margo: Yeah, that's what we want to know. It looks like you and your buddy Spangler had a little disagreement. You lost.

Dusty: Spangler's got Lily.

Margo: Yeah, we know. Where is she?

Dusty: I don't know. I -- he was taking me to go see her. And then I guess he -- where's Rose?

Margo: Here he is. It looks like he's got a concussion. Take a look at him. You guys, you were great. It looks like you set a land speed record tracking down Donovan here. If EMS checks him out and he's okay, bring him down to the station. If you have to admit him into the hospital, do not take your eyes off of him for a second. And you -- either way, I'm gonna see you later.

Dusty: I need to find Spangler.

Margo: You know what you need, Dusty? You need to find a new tune. That one's getting dusty, Dusty.

Dusty: Hey. I'm fine. I'm fine.

Cop #1: Not until EMS says you're good to go.

EMT #1: Follow my finger with your eyes and breathe normally.

Dusty: I'm breathing normally. Just hurry up, all right?

Rose: Lily, I am so sorry. I would do anything. [Phone rings] hello?

Lily: Rose, is that you?

Rose: Oh, my God! Lily!

Jack: What book are you reading?

Katie: Oh, it's a really cool book I found about native-American customs.

Hannah: We're done in here. The father may come inside.

Katie: "It'll be just like a vacation, Katie." Right, a barrel of laughs.

Jack: So, how's the mama doing?

Carly: Great.

Hannah: Everything appears to be right on schedule. The baby's dropped.

Mike: Dropped? What's that mean?

Jack: It means the baby's getting ready to be -- really? She's getting ready to be born?

Carly: Looks like it.

Mike: This minute?

Carly: Well, no, not right this second, no.

Hannah: It could be a day or more until Carly's water breaks. Nothing will happen before that. I'll be back later to check again, okay?

Carly: Well -- looks like the waiting is almost over. Now it's going to get interesting.

Jessica: So, is there some kind of release form that we need to do in order for Sarah to visit with us?

Troy: State required.

Jessica: Okay. I will call the center tomorrow and get the form numbers. And then I'll draft copies and get them to you as soon as possible.

Troy: I guess that would work.

Jessica: Wonderful. But in the meantime, since you're here and you can see that Sarah is perfectly safe and well-chaperoned, would you give her permission to just finish her visit with us?

Troy: I guess that would be all right.

Jessica: Great. Thank you.

Troy: No, thank you, Ms. Griffin. I'll see you tomorrow, Bonnie.

Jessica: Bye-bye. Okay, Bonnie, I'll have the release forms for you to take tomorrow. Good thing I got here in time, huh?

Bonnie: Yeah. Lucky me.

Jessica: Well, what did I do? I was only trying to help.

Bonnie: Yeah, well, mom, maybe that's the problem. Maybe -- just maybe -- I didn't need your help. Maybe I could have handled this situation perfectly well on my own.

EMT #1: I think he suffered a loss of consciousness, but he's refusing to go to the hospital. It's his right. Call us if anything changes.

Cop #2: All right, thanks.

Cop #1: On your feet. We're going to the station.

Dusty: Hold up. Hold on. One second. Let me just make one phone call.

Cop #1: Look, make it from the precinct.

Dusty: Wait, wait. You know -- you know that Rose, the woman that the kidnappers think they have, she's in great danger right now.

Cop #2: She was at the station earlier. She was looking for you.

Dusty: She was? Good. Then you know I've gotta find her. I've gotta warn her to stay off the streets, 'cause she isn't safe.

Cop #2: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Take it easy. She told Detective Hughes that she's going to her sister Lily's house. Everything's all right.

Dusty: Oh, no. That's where Spangler's going. I gotta get there before he does. Fellas -- fellas --

cop #2: Take it easy.

Dusty: All right. All right.

Cop #2: Take it easy. Take --

Dusty: Let me go!

Lily: Where's Holden?

Rose: Holden and the kids are fine. They're -- Holden took the kids to Iva's. But they're all good. I saw them before they left. Lily, where are you?

Lily: I don't -- I don't know. I'm surrounded by stone. It's dark. It's damp. I think I'm at the bottom of a well, something. I'm facing east.

Rose: Can you see anything else?

Lily: There are birch trees right above me.

Rose: Okay. Dusty's on his way over. I'll call the cops.

Lily: You just be careful. These people think that I'm you. Put on some of my clothes, anything.

Rose: Lily, I am so sorry. I would do anything for you not to be going through this right now. I would even trade myself for you.

Lily: No! Don't you even think like that. Don't even talk like that. Rose -- Rose, I think I'm losing my signal.

Rose: Lily? Lily, can you still hear me? We'll find you. I just -- I love you, Lily.

Lily: I love you, too. Rose? Rose?

Rose: I gotta go tell Margo.

[Rose gasps]

Spangler: Hello, Rose.

Spangler: Sorry, Rose. The line is dead.

Margo: Freeze, Donovan.

Dusty: He's got her. Spangler's got Rose.

Alison: I almost forgot. I promised my mom -- what are you doing?

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