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Jack: Good night, little girl. I'll see you soon.

Carly: Jack? Is everything okay?

Jack: Yeah, everything's fine. Go back to sleep.

Katie: Whoa! Jack, don't. It's just us.

Carly: Hey. What's going on?

Jack: I have no idea. What are you doing here?

Mike: I came here for the baby.

Alison: You -- you're such a great kisser.

Chris: Excuse me. Hello.

Alison: Oh, my God. Chris.

Gordo: What are you doing here?

Chris: Actually, Gordo, I was looking for you.

Alison: Well, then why did you show up at my sister's? How'd you even know I was staying here tonight? Have you been asking everyone about my private business, or what? Do you know what I think, Gordo? I think your friend is stalking me.

Holden: Just stop, Rose. Stop trying to sell Dusty as the answer here. The people who kidnapped Lily are the people that he brought into our lives. You insult me if you expect me to believe that he's gonna be the savior who's gonna bring Lily home.

Rose: This is Lily's jacket. It's probably Lily's blood. What difference does it make who helps us bring her home?! We have very little time. Very little time here, Holden. And Dusty is the one that's gonna bring Lily back. You don't have to like the guy, but you got to use him to bring her home.

Holden: Can you do me a favor? Can you take this officer to the house and give him one of Lily's hairbrushes so that they can have it checked with the DNA?

Lucinda: I can. I can do that. We gotta find out. We have to find out if Lily's blood is -- do you want me to -- should I gather up the children? Should I take them home with me?

Holden: They're over at my mother's. Can you do me a favor and pick them up?

Lucinda: Of course, I can. I'm on my way.

Rose: Ms. Walsh?

Lucinda: Please, Rose, don't tell me not to worry. It's too late for that.

Rose: Hey, where are you going?

Holden: Before I put my trust in Dusty, I need to see him face to face.

Lily: Hello? Is anybody here? There's someone stuck down here. Please, could you call the -- call the police? Please, somebody's down here, and I need help! What was that? What are you doing? Please, let me out of here! Somebody! Can't you hear me?! Please, let me out of here!

Dusty: I gotta get out of here.

Margo: I wouldn't count on it.

Dusty: You have no reason to keep me here. All I did was get in the way of Holden's fist.

Margo: Yeah. Well, Molly McKinnon said that you and a man named Spangler scammed her out of some money. You admitted that Spangler kidnapped Lily, so that makes you suspect by association.

Dusty: I don't know for sure that's what happened. I thought that's what happened.

Margo: Well, hey, that works for me. I have a right to keep you for 48 hours. You're not getting out of here a minute before.

Holden: I need to speak with you.

Dusty: You better ask my keeper.

Margo: You wanna talk? You got ten minutes. You make it a contact sport, you're out of here. You got that?

Holden: I got it.

Margo: You can use this room over here.

Rose: I know that you talked to Molly about the scams that Dusty pulled on her. But this is not a money scam. This is kidnapping. And if that's Lily's blood on that jacket, there's violence. And Dusty -- you know he loves Lily. He would never hurt her.

Margo: Well, he's done a lot of rotten things to people he supposedly cares about. There's no telling what his limits are, hmm?

Rose: He made mistakes, I --

Margo: Mistakes?

Rose: But he wants to start over. He wants -- he has a change of heart now.

Margo: Yeah? Dusty tell you that?

Rose: We have an understanding. He's real with me.

Margo: You know what you sound like? A woman in love, Rose.

Holden: Rose believes that you can find Lily. I don't buy it myself. Convince me that she's right.

Dusty: Knowing Spangler as long as I do, I know how he thinks. If I get out there, I can get him.

Holden: That tells me nothing. Details, man. How are you going to find Lily?

Dusty: Spangler set a deadline on picking up the ransom. Until we hit that, we've got times to make moves. But in order for me to do this, I gotta be on the street.

Holden: Why?

Dusty: It's the only way he's gonna come out of hiding.

Holden: Tell me again how I should know that you're not a part of this?

Dusty: We've known each other since we were kids. You think I'd trade up Lily for a payday?

Holden: You bet I do.

Chris: I'm not stalking you, Alison. I have a message for Gordo from the hospital.

Alison: Do you expect us to believe that? Since when do interns deliver messages?

Chris: Look, I was trying to help out. Your shift has been changed. They need you over there right away.

Gordo: I heard already. I was on my way when Alison jumped me.

Alison: I did not.

Gordo: I'm joking. Only joking. I'll call you.

Alison: Don't you have some patients to save?

Gordo: Thanks for tracking me down.

Chris: Yeah.

Alison: Are you happy now?

Chris: That Gordo has to go back to work? No, my heart goes out to him.

Alison: Don't be funny. The only reason you delivered that message was to keep me from having fun with some other guy.

Chris: Yeah, well, I'm sorry for barging in. I didn't realize you'd be all over him.

Alison: I wasn't. He was all over me. And I loved it.

Chris: You're not being smart about this, Alison.

Alison: What's the matter? You can't stand it that Gordo treats me like a woman and you treat me like a little kid?

Chris: You know what? I didn't come here to fight with you.

Alison: Then why did you come? The real reason.

Chris: You want me to get real, Alison? I'm game. But you're gonna have to get real, too.

Jack: Mike, I'm aware that this baby may be yours. But, come on, it's not like you had an invitation.

Mike: Knowing I could be the baby's father is all the invitation I need.

Carly: Well, what a surprise. What are you guys doing in Montana?

Mike: Well, like I told Jack --

Jack: He's here for the baby.

Katie: And I'm keeping him company.

Carly: Well, whatever. It's -- it's good to see you.

Katie: It's good to see you, too. Especially alive.

Carly: Oh, I know. Jack told me about that, about what happened. I didn't mean to worry anybody. I'm sorry.

Mike: It's fine. Don't worry about . How's the baby?

Carly: Great. She's very active tonight if you want to feel.

Mike: How are you feeling?

Carly: Good. Huge, but good and strong.

Mike: Good. You look terrific.

Jack: Yeah. Well, yeah, she does. Now that you know that she's fine and the baby's healthy, you can be on your way. Have a safe trip back.

Mike: I'm not leaving, Jack. Look, I want to be here when the baby's born.

Carly: I guess we need to talk about this.

Jack: No, we don't. You're welcome to stay as long as you like.

Jack: Yeah, the two of you came all the way from Oakdale. I'm not gonna make you go home now. So, well, you're welcome to stay. Only not with us.

[Door slams]

Mike: Jack! Okay, there's got to be another door to this place.

Katie: Wait, wait. Mike, wait. You heard what Carly said. The baby could be here at any time. You don't want to be butting heads with Jack. That's the last thing she needs.

Mike: Fine. What are we supposed to do?

Katie: Why don't you take a walk and calm down, okay? I'll stay here, and when you get back we'll figure out our next plan.

Mike: Do you want to come with me?

Katie: It's kind of dark. No thanks.

Mike: There's moonlight.

Katie: Have a good time.

Carly: I know we weren't expecting them, Jack. But you can't shut Mike out.

Jack: I just did. And it felt great.

Carly: Well, I know him. And he is not gonna go away. And that could be a good thing.

Jack: How do you figure that? Out to be the baby's father, he will have seen her be born.

Jack: Am I still the official birth partner?

Carly: You are more than that, Jack. You're everything.

Mike: Look what I found.

Katie: What is it?

Mike: It's our bed.

John: I just don't think we need any more distractions. The staff is abuzz already about whether people have been murdered in this hospital or not.

Bob: Everything all right?

John: Yeah, yeah. I'm just trying to convince Hal that he should talk to Dr. Gordon down at the police station. It's not good for the staff to see doctors being interrogated here.

Bob: I understand your concern, but I'd rather have it here.

John: Why?

Bob: Because I'd like to be a part of it.

Walker: So would I.

Hal: I'll keep it quiet as possible. For all anybody knows, we could be talking about a traffic ticket.

John: This has got to stop here now, okay? This hospital should be about living, not dying.

Bob: There's Dr. Gordon now. Excuse me, Dr. Gordon, there's someone here I'd like you to meet. Lieutenant Munson.

Gordo: Dr. Gordon.

Hal: Chief of Detectives, Oakdale Police.

Bob: He's here to investigate the death of Nurse Krebs. And he'd like to ask you a few questions.

Gordo: Sure. Anything I can do to help.

Hal: I was told that shortly before Nurse Krebs died, one of the nurse's aides found an empty vial of medication on the floor. She spoke to you about it, is that correct?

Gordo: It was Katie Frasier. She gave me the vial. I threw it away for her.

Hal: What was the medication?

Gordo: Could've been insulin. I don't really know.

Bob: You mean you didn't look?

Gordo: It was empty. I didn't think much about it.

Walker: Yes, I'm sorry. Dr. Gordon, right? So you looked at the vial closely enough to see it was empty. But you didn't notice the label?

Gordo: I was in a hurry. Kind of like the way I am now.

Hal: You and Nurse Krebs get along all right?

Gordo: I was taught not to speak ill of the dead.

Hal: Well, make an exception. I won't tell anybody.

Gordo: She wasn't one of my favorites. But that doesn't mean I killed the woman.

Bob: Nobody said you did.

Gordo: Not yet. But you're sure treating me like a suspect.

Chris: Alison, you got to be careful about giving a guy like Gordo the wrong impression. I don't wanna see you get hurt.

Alison: What I do with Gordo is my business.

Chris: He's a player, Alison. I told him to take it easy with you, but --

Alison: You what?

Chris: It's no big deal. I just told him that --

Alison: That what? I'm a 7-year-old girl that should be taken to the playground?

Chris: No. No, of course not.

Alison: I can handle Gordo myself. I don't need you protecting me.

Chris: It wasn't about protection.

Alison: Then what was it? Why are you so determined to scare guys away from me?

Chris: I care about you, okay? And I don't want to see you caught up with some guy who doesn't feel the same way.

Alison: I don't believe it. You're jealous.

Holden: It doesn't matter how long I've known you or what Lily meant to you back in high school. All that matters is whether or not you can bring her home.

Dusty: That you can be sure of.

Holden: Because you know how to push Spangler's buttons? What if you push the wrong one?

Dusty: I won't. Why do you let me sit here when I could be out there bringing Lily back to you? Why?

Holden: I'm gonna talk to Margo. I'm going to see if I can get you released.

Dusty: You're not gonna regret that.

Holden: But you're not working alone on this. I'm gonna get my kids squared away, and then I'm going to be right there beside you.

Dusty: No, I think that's a mistake. It's gonna make Spangler nervous.

Holden: I'll be back in the morning. And when I get back -- I am your partner on this. Get used to it.

Cop #8: All right, here we go. One's bloodstained jacket. And this is Lily Snyder's hairbrush for the DNA match.

Margo: Thanks. I'll get this right to the lab.

Holden: Lily's? I just got to keep telling myself she's gonna be all right.

Rose: She's gonna be all right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. She is, you got to believe that. Can I? Can I borrow that for a minute, the jacket?

Margo: Take it where?

Rose: Dusty should see that.

Margo: Do not open it.

Rose: I know.

Holden: I need you to let Dusty go.

Margo: Why?

Holden: I think that Rose might be right. I think Dusty could be useful in finding Lily. We have to take advantage of this.

Margo: Listen, Holden, he's in custody for a reason. There's a chance he's part of it.

Holden: I know that. It's the only chance we've got.

Rose: Lucinda found it on her doorstep. It's Spangler's proof that they got Lily.

Dusty: There's a little blood, huh?

Rose: Yeah, they're running some tests right now to make sure it's Lily's.

Dusty: You know, Spangler's no prince, but I don't think he'd hurt her without collecting a ransom. Maybe it's just one of those small scrapes that bled a lot.

Rose: Spangler wanted me. He meant to grab me. What is he gonna do when he finds out he's got my sister? I mean, if anything happens to Lily now, I'll never forgive myself.

Dusty: Hey, hey. Holden's asking Margo right now if I can get out of here. If I get out of here, I promise I'll bring your sister home, too -- safely.

Spangler: Rose? I hope you're all right down there.

Lily: Rose?

Spangler: Did you hear what I said, Rose?

Press the green button, and let me hear your voice.

Lily: They think they've got Rose.

Spangler: I know you're awake. I heard you moving around.

Lily: Who are you? And what am I doing down here? When are you gonna get me out? I want answers, buddy.

Spangler: You'll find out everything in good time.

Are you hungry?

Lily: Are you kidding? I could eat a cow, with the hooves.

Spangler: There's some food and water in the bucket. It ain't fancy, but it'll

keep you alive.

Lily: Thanks a bunch. How 'bout sending a flashlight down here? It's getting kinda spooky. Hello? Hello?! It's worth a try.

Katie: Either that's your bed or my bed, but it ain't our bed.

Mike: No, the sleeping bag's a double.

Rose: He wanted me in the first place. So I'll make him a deal. Lily for me, even swap.

Dusty: What's your decision?

Margo: Well, Holden and I have discussed it, and I've decided to let you go for now.

Dusty: Thank you. I promise you won't regret it.

Margo: Don't make promises to me. Don't make promises at all.

Dusty: Okay. Can I leave now?

Holden: You have my cell phone number? Make sure you stay in touch.

Dusty: I will. I will. I'm gonna bring your sister home. Be safe, hmm?

Rose: Yeah.

Margo: Stay on Donovan. Don't let him out of your sight. Hurry.

Rose: Holden, I know you're nervous and everything, but letting Dusty go like that, that was the best thing you could do.

Holden: I hope so, Rose. Because if it wasn't --

Rose: Don't even say it. Don't even -- don't even think about it. Remember when Lily always knew that I was in danger? Remember that?

Holden: Yeah, I remember that dream she had when you were in Switzerland.

Rose: Yes.

Holden: She kinda knew exactly what you were going through.

Rose: Yes, yes, but I got the same thing going on here now. But, no, Lily's not hurt. The way I'm feeling she's fine, she's okay.

Holden: It's called wishful thinking. I've been doing it myself.

Rose: No, it's different than that. You see, it's deeper than that. It's like a twin, esp. And I know that she is okay, and she's safe.

Holden: You do? You can really -- really feel her?

Rose: Yeah. Like she's here. Like she's right here with us in this room.

Holden: I'm going to take the kids down to Iva's to make sure they're safe. When I get back, I'm going to pair up with Dusty and see if we can find Lily.

Rose: Hey, who knows? By the time you get back, maybe Lily will be home, too.

Holden: Now that's wishful thinking. But let's do it, anyway.

Chris: Alison, you got it all wrong. I mean -- okay, maybe there was a small bit of jealousy involved.

Alison: I knew it.

Chris: Hey, take it easy.

Alison: I'm tired of taking it easy. Chris, I want us to be together.

Chris: I know that. All right, you have made that very clear. But, as your friend, I --

Alison: My friend? Do you know how sick I am of hearing that word, "friend"? Every guy I've ever gone after wants to be my friend.

Chris: Alison, you are an incredible person.

Alison: Don't.

Chris: But right now, "friend" is the best that I can do.

Alison: Why?

Chris: You're way too young for me, Alison. I don't see us getting past that.

Alison: Well, if I'm so incredible, then why does it matter how old I am?

Chris: It just does. I have my reasons, okay?

Alison: There's more to this than you're telling me, Chris. Am I right? Yeah, well, so much for keeping it real with each other.

Mike: This porch is pretty springy. We should be all right.

Katie: Uh, Mike?

Mike: Yeah?

Katie: Either that's your bed or my bed, but it ain't our bed.

Mike: No, the sleeping bag's a double.

Katie: Oh, how convenient.

Mike: Yeah, I thought so, too.

Jack: Okay. I won't try to keep Mike and Katie from staying until the baby's born. So do you want to be the one to tell them, or should I?

Carly: I think it would have more meaning coming from you.

Jack: Let's get it over with. Hey.

Mike: I want to apologize. We should've called before we came all the way up here.

Carly: That's very gracious of you, Mike. Jack?

Jack: I didn't make anything easier by -- by trying to toss you out, so -- you have every right to be here, Mike. You should stay.

Katie: Great. And if anything needs fixing, Mike would be glad to do it.

Jack: I'll keep that in mind.

Mike: We found a sleeping bag in the barn. You mind if we camp out on your porch?

Carly: You could sleep inside if you want to. It gets pretty cold out at night.

Mike: No, we're -- we're fine. You all right?

Katie: Yeah, sure. We just might needs some pillows.

Carly: Okay. All right.

Mike: Thank you.

Katie: Thank you.

Carly: There you go. There you go, there. Anything else or -- ?

Mike: That's it.

Carly: Okay.

Mike: Good night.

Katie: Good night.

Carly: See you tomorrow.

Jack: 'Night.

Katie: Thanks. Okay. Mike?

Mike: Yeah?

Katie: Why am I here?

Mike: You mean in the giant realm of the universe?

Katie: No, I mean in Montana. Why did you ask me to come with you?

Mike: Because Jack has Carly and -- I wanted someone with me who would care that I had a daughter.

Katie: Thank you.

Mike: For what?

Katie: For making me feel needed.

Rick: Hello, Bob. How you doing on that ticlopidine that I prescribed?

Bob: So far, so good. My memory seems strong. No more spacing out.

Rick: Any digestive problems?

Bob: No, none at all.

Rick: Well, that's terrific. You know, I'd like to follow up in a couple of weeks with an MRI. Now, in the meantime, just try and keep your stress level to a minimum.

Bob: That's not easy to do around here. As we speak, Daniels and Munson are in my office questioning Dr. Gordon.

Rick: Oh. Did he say anything about that empty vial of meds?

Bob: No. He said he didn't notice what it was.

Gordo: Can I start my shift now? Or am I being suspended for not reading a label?

Bob: All right, doctor. Just calm down. Everyone in this hospital is being questioned, including me.

Gordo: I wasn't questioned, Dr. Hughes. I was accused of murder.

Hal: Well, that's not true. If you were accused, you'd be on your way to the station right now.

Gordo: Does that mean I can go now?

Hal: Oh, please. Don't let me keep you a second longer.

Bob: I take it things did not go well.

Walker: Well, Dr. Gordon was less than cooperative.

Bob: That's too bad.

Hal: Something on your mind, Bob?

Bob: Walker asked me to go over the schedule for the past few weeks. Well, it seems that Dr. Gordon was on duty all three days when the deaths occurred.

Chris: The only thing you need to know is the reason you and I can't be together has nothing to do with you.

Alison: You don't really think that I'm going to accept that, do you?

Chris: I guess not. It's because I was involved with your sister.

Alison: That was, like, a hundred years ago, Chris. Nobody cares.

Chris: Yeah, Alison, there were other older women, and it ended badly with all of them.

Alison: Well, then I'm perfect for you. Young, inexperienced. You should be thrilled I'm even interested.

Chris: I fell in love with a girl your age once. She was innocent and sweet. But I hurt her. And I've always regretted it.

Alison: Well, what do you mean, you hurt her?

Chris: She found out that I was seeing someone close to her. Shook her up pretty bad.

Alison: Well, that sounds like her problem, not yours, Chris.

Chris: I don't want to hurt people anymore, Alison. Especially you.

Alison: Well, you're hurting me right now. And you're hurting yourself, too. Because I know that you want to be with me, and you just keep giving yourself reasons to stay away.

Chris: Alison, you don't understand. Okay? I can't just fall in love. I'm no good at it.

Rose: Hi!

Lucinda: Don't grab him, though. He's got poison ivy.

Rose: Uh-oh. Oh.

Lucinda: Come on, sweetheart.

Rose: She's the cutest thing ever!

Mitzi: She's a knockout. Hey, kids. We have got some peanut butter cookies in that jar over there. Just in case anybody's interested.

Luke: No, thanks. But Faith loves peanut butter. It's her favorite.

Mitzi: Well, then knock yourself out, honey bun. I'm gonna get one, too.

Lucinda: Oh, I want a peanut butter cookie. Darling, let me take the baby. All right. All right. Oh, try not to wake her up. All right? You okay?

Holden: Yeah.

Lucinda: All right. Hey, let's have a peanut butter cookie.

Holden: Before we left, I wanted to give you this.

Rose: Lily's sweater?

Holden: Yeah. I thought maybe it might help with that twin radar thing you were talking about. I thought that maybe it might help you feel more connected.

Rose: Thank you. I'll call you. Hey, Luke. Your mom told me you're going to a new camp. Huh? This summer?

Luke: You don't have to pretend, aunt Rose. I know what happened to mom.

Holden: Yeah, I told him all about it. He knows. But he's gonna be brave.

Luke: Dad says she'll be fine, and she'll be home soon.

Rose: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course she's gonna be home soon. And in the meantime, you take care of those two little sisters of yours, okay? You promise? Promise? Yeah? Okay.

Holden: Okay, everybody. We should get going. We've got a long trip ahead of us.

Mitzi: Well, it was nice seeing all of you.

Lucinda: Here you go. Darling, she's asleep. All right.

[Lucinda sighs] all right, Rose. The ransom money in the little denominations and unmarked and all that -- it can be ready first thing in the morning. In the meantime, please, if there's any news, contact me on my cell.

Rose: And Ms. Walsh, you try to get some rest. 'Cause when Lily gets home, we're gonna have a big party. I don't want you falling asleep in the corner.

Lucinda: You don't? I'll bear that in mind.

Mitzi: Wow. Lily has a terrific family.

Rose: Yeah, she sure does. Remember I just said that I didn't think that there was anything that I could do to help Lily? Remember that?

Mitzi: Yeah.

Rose: Yeah. Well, I finally figured out there's something that I can do.

Katie: Mike?

Mike: What's the matter?

Katie: It's so cold, I can't fall sleep.

Mike: Look, we'll take these pillows out. Body heat will keep us warm.

Katie: Wait, wait, wait. We won't be sleeping together. We'll just be keeping warm together, right?

Mike: Right. Yeah.

Katie: Okay.

Mike: You feel better?

Katie: Mm-hmm, much better. Thank you.

Mike: You're welcome.

Katie: Good night.

Mike: Good night.

Carly: Maybe it'll be fun having more people here. It'll make the baby's birth a real event.

Jack: I don't think it could be much more of an event, Carly. But if it makes you happy, then I'm all for it.

Carly: This seems like such a dream to me, Jack. You and me, back in Montana. Baby coming into the world.

Jack: No dreams. It's not a dream. It's more like a miracle.

Alison: So you're bad at love -- no biggie. I'm not that hot at it, either. So we can improve together.

Chris: It's not gonna happen between us, Alison. Can't we just stay friends and leave it at that?

Alison: Okay, then I guess I'll have to learn about love from Gordo.

Chris: No, no, no. You stay away from that guy.

Alison: I knew that would get to you. Why can't you just admit it? You're crazy about me.

John: There a problem, Dr. Gordon?

Gordo: No sir. Just dropped something.

John: Well, come on, we have a heart valve to repair.

Rose: You're right. Lily has a great family. She's got a great husband. She's got great kids. She's got a fairy-tale life. And they need her. She is the glue that keeps that family together.

Mitzi: Yeah, and she is coming back to all of them. You said so yourself.

Rose: Yeah, well, you know, maybe Spangler will make a deal with Dusty, maybe he won't. I'll tell you one thing, he'll make a deal with me.

Mitzi: A deal for what?

Rose: Well, you know, he wanted me in the first place. So I'll make him a deal. Lily for me, even swap.

Spangler: I'm going inside now, Rosie. Why don't you try to get some rest?

Lily: How about a blanket? Or better yet, a cab ride home? Please. Help. Help! Hello? Please don't leave me here! Please don't leave me here!

[Phone ringing]

Spangler: I'm busy.

Dusty: How you doing, Charley? Everything working out?

Spangler: It's all "Rosie" -- if you catch my drift. What do you care?

Dusty: Well, I had some heat on me for a while, but things are safe now. We can meet up.

Spangler: Not interested, sweetie. I'll see you around.

Dusty: No, I'm warning you, Charley.

If you don't meet me now, I'm gonna tell the cops everything I know.

Spangler: You must not like breathing, do you?

Dusty: I'll be where you can find me. Don't keep me waiting.

Lily: Help! Help! Somebody let me out of here, please!

Spangler: You can scream all you want, Rose. There's no one around to hear you.

Lily: Hello? Oh, no? Okay. I guess I gotta get out of here myself.

Katie: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Margo: If Dusty hasn't surfaced, it means that he's in on this with Spangler up to here.

Rose: No, you don't know that.

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