ATWT Transcript Wednesday 6/4/03

As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 6/4/03

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Rose: Who are you? What do you want from me?

[Rose screaming]

Dusty: Rose!

Rose: Dusty, help me! Help me!

Dusty: Open the door! The door's locked!

[Rose screaming] come here.

[Rose screaming]

Rose: He's got a knife! Be careful!

Rose: No! Dusty, don't follow him! Dusty!

Gordo: Whoa, there, princess.

Alison: I'm not a princess. I'm a nurse's aide.

Gordo: That's right. The nurse's aide with the eyes of jade.

Alison: My eyes are hazel, Gordo.

Gordo: Dr. Gordon, Alison.

Alison: You hope. Katie!

Katie: Hey, Alison.

Alison: So did you find the mistletoe?

Katie: Oh, yes, well, if plastic works, then I've got it.

Alison: I don't care what the material is, as long as it gets a certain person to kiss me.

Gordo: Hey, Chris. How 'bout I handle the intake on that patient?

Chris: It's an observation admit. You'd do that for me?

Gordo: Why not? Your hands are full. Consider it an apology for the other day. My little comedy routine about your dad was out of line.

Chris: Yeah, well, I was probably a tad oversensitive. If my dad had seen your imitation, he probably would have laughed.

Gordo: No, it was my bad. What do you say I take this patient, and we call it even?

Chris: Cool.

Mrs. Krebs: Katie? I need you two to set up down in four north.

Katie: Sure.

Alison: No, but I was gonna start the beds.

Katie: Uh -- we'll be right there.

Gordo: Now there go two fine, young things. By the way, man, are you and Alison, like, seeing each other or anything?

Chris: Alison? No way. We're just friends. Besides, she's just a kid.

Gordo: A kid? Right. Keep telling yourself that.

[Thunder crashing]

Gordo: Where's the new admit?

Katie: Oh, I don't know. But it doesn't really matter, this room's not ready yet.

Gordo: What do you have there?

Katie: I don't know. I would tell you if I could pronounce it. It must have been some of Mrs. Scott's medicine. I'll report it to Nurse Krebs.

Gordo: Don't even think about doing that.

Bob: Thank you all for coming. I appreciate it.

John: You think you could explain this, Bob? I, for one, have a heavy caseload. I want to get back to the hospital right away.

Bob: Yes, I'd like to introduce my friend, Dr. Walker Daniels. He's what you might call a -- a medical detective.

Molly: You can find Carly? What kind of message is that to leave on my phone?

Craig: I can find her. And I will.

Molly: Craig, Jack is a cop, and he's on the case. What makes you think you can do better?

Craig: Because you're gonna help me. There's one person I need to question, and you have to help me arrange that.

Molly: And who would that one person be?

Craig: Carly's son.

Molly: Absolutely not.

Craig: I just need a little conversation with him, that's all.

Molly: Come on, Craig. Do you think I'm crazy? I'm not gonna let you near Parker. Last time you were with him, you disappeared for a couple of days.

Craig: Parker's the one person who can tell us where Carly's staying.

Molly: What makes you think she's "staying" anywhere?

Craig: Do you believe she's dead?

Molly: I pray to God she's not.

Craig: Yeah.

Molly: But it would explain a lot.

Craig: All right, well, first of all, don't ever listen to Jack Snyder. Second of all, Carly would be cut to the quick if she thought you were giving up on her this quickly.

Carly: I did my best. I ate most of it.

Hannah: Here. It's been charging while you've been resting.

Carly: No -- no, thanks, I -- I don't want to make any calls.

Hannah: You have many calls to answer.

Carly: If Jack really wanted to be with me, he'd be here. But he's not. I thought -- I hoped he still wanted a wife.

Hannah: What will you do?

Carly: Figure out where to go from here.

[Thunder crashing]

Dusty: You all right?

Rose: Yeah. Yeah, I got in touch with Lily. Hey -- what happened to your hand? Did he cut you?

Dusty: I'm fine. Are you okay?

Rose: Yeah. Yeah. I'm okay. What are you, crazy trying to be a hero like that, going after somebody with a knife?

Dusty: I want to know --

Rose: You could have been killed!

Dusty: Listen to me. I want to know what happened before I got here. Did he hurt you or what?

Rose: No, he didn't have a chance. He was dragging me into the back room, and then you showed up.

[Rose sobbing] thank God. Thank God. Oh, thank God you're all right. Oh, thank God.

Dusty : You're okay. You're okay. Right?

Rose: Yeah.

Dusty: Okay. All right. I'll put some plywood on the door, and then I'm gonna find this guy.

Rose: What are you, crazy? You're gonna go after a guy with a knife? Look at you. You're still bleeding. You're gonna need stitches.

Dusty: I'm fine. You're the one who had your heart set on a glass door. I'm sorry I broke it.

Rose: Let me get you something. Who was that guy, Dusty?

Dusty: That guy works for Spangler.

Rose: How do you know that?

Dusty: 'Cause he had a car waiting for him. They got away. I mean, that's what he does. He uses intimidation. That's how the guy operates. Why are you looking at me like that?

Rose: How am I supposed to know what's true and what's not true with you? Because you've been lying to me since the first day that I met you.

Dusty: Look at me. I'm not lying to you.

Rose: You were almost killed. Trying to save my life. I know you're not lying to me.

Dusty: I'm gonna find this Spangler guy, and I'm gonna settle this.

Rose: No, please -- no, please don't. You can't leave me here, please.

Margo: Yeah, Rose is right. Why don't you stick around for a while, Dusty?

Rose: I had to call 911.

Margo: Brand-new shop, what a shame. Who did this? Friends of yours, Dusty?

Katie: Gordo, I find medication, I report it.

Gordo: But you didn't find meds. You found an empty bottle. Throw it out.

Katie: Is that what the residents do now? Because as a nurse's aide, I have a certain protocol to follow. If I find a medication vial in a patient's room, I'm supposed to report it to Nurse Krebs. It could be on the pharmacy escaped drugs list, okay? That's the rule. I'm sorry.

Gordo: And it's obsessive bull.

Katie: Okay, I'll remember that for when I'm, like, the head of the nurses' aides. But for right now, I have to do my job.

Gordo: Right, and get some poor nurse fired?

Katie: I'm a nurse's aide. I can't get anyone fired.

Gordo: You report that you found a vial on the ground with even a spec of medicine in it, and krebs will track down whoever left it behind and get rid of that person.

Katie: I'm not trying to make trouble for anyone.

Gordo: I didn't think so. Can I see the vial? Bye-bye.

Katie: Hey, wait!

Gordo: Relax.

Mrs. Krebs: What are you doing, Katie?

Katie: I was just picking up something that Dr. Gordon dropped.

Mrs. Krebs: You know better than to open a vial, hazardous waste container for any reason whatsoever. Do you want to cut yourself on a syringe?

Katie: It's okay. It's completely empty. Here it is.

Mrs. Krebs: Let me see that. Wait right there, Dr. Gordon.

Katie: It's empty. I found it under the bed.

Mrs. Krebs: This contained a powerful drug. Why weren't you going to report it?

Gordo: Because there was no way to determine how long it had been there. Katie only found it by accident. For all we know, that thing was lying under the bed for months. Excuse me, I have a patient.

Mrs. Krebs: Patient care starts with procedure, Dr. Gordon.

Gordo: I beg your pardon?

Mrs. Krebs: I believe you heard me.

Katie: I am so sorry, Nurse Krebs. I found it under the bed. I was gonna report it.

Mrs. Krebs: I think I get the picture, Katie. Nevertheless, this is a privileged matter. Please, do not discuss it with anyone.

Bob: I've filled Dr. Daniels in on our situation.

Rick: Exactly what is it you do?

Walker: I'm a forensic pathologist. I specialize in determining the cause of death.

Bob: The reason I wanted you all to be here is until Walker comes up with some answers, I won't be treating patients.

Ben: But you'll still be consulting, won't you?

Bob: With some limits, yes.

Dr. Schiller: Is there anything the staff can do to help, Dr. Daniels?

Bob: Do you want to tell them how you work?

Walker: Well, I'm pretty much like an investigator, really. I find leads, follow up on them. I'll be studying case files, doing interviews, repeating autopsies. And, well, with any luck, I'll learn the stories the dead are dying to tell.

John: We don't have the luxury of a long investigation. We need answers now.

Walker: Which is why I'm gonna get started immediately. I'll see you all tomorrow.

Bob: Thanks very much. He really knows his stuff. I'm sure that he'll be able to get to the bottom of this.

John: You went right ahead and hired this guy without clearing it with us and everything like that?

Bob: In fact, I cleared it with the Board, John.

Rick: Well, that's a good move, Bob. An objective inquiry protects the hospital.

John: How objective an investigation is it gonna be when the guy's a chum of Bob's?

Molly: Believe me, Craig, if Carly's out there hating somebody, it's not me, it's most definitely you. So leave me alone.

Craig: Oh, Molly, Molly, Molly, Molly. Come on, come on. We are gonna find Carly, and I know you may be a little upset. When Jack started searching the morgue for Carly, I got a little touchy, too.

Molly: If you're touchy, it's because your wife's been charged with murder.

Craig: You can't charge anybody with murder unless you find the body. Jack can't come up with that.

Molly: Yet.

Craig: My wife is innocent. When we bring Carly back, I bring Rosanna back, and Parker's our best shot for that. It's the last person to see Carly alive, and Carly always tells him where she's going. I just want a little chat with him.

Molly: Craig, so get his daddy to set up that chat.

Craig: You know, Hal's a little teed off with me at the moment.

Molly: Really? You know what? I'm with Hal.

Dr. Schiller: Excuse me. You're Molly McKinnon, aren't you?

Molly: Yeah, and you're -- familiar.

Dr. Schiller: Dr. Schiller.

Molly: Oh, Dr. Schiller. Right. You're Carly's ob-gyn.

Dr. Schiller: I was wondering, if you're in touch with Carly, since you're close, I thought maybe you could get a message to her.

Molly: Well, what would you want me to tell her?

Dr. Schiller: That I'd be happy to forward her medical records to anywhere she needs. It's important that whoever delivers her baby understands how complicated her pregnancy is. She's gonna need all the help she can get.

Molly: I'll keep you posted. Thanks, Dr. Schiller.

Craig: And we do want Carly to have all that help, don't we? And the best way to do that is to let me talk to Parker.

And right now, you're the only person who can make this work.

Molly: Okay, okay, okay. All right. But if you're with Parker, I'm right there with you, buddy. I'm not letting you alone with him.

[Craig mumbles] and I'm not done. I'm not done. This meeting does not take place anywhere near your car. It's got to be someplace public.

[Craig chuckles]

Craig: How about Al's diner? It's Parker's favorite restaurant. It's right across the street from the Police station. Is that safe enough for you?

Molly: You have this thing all figured out, don't you?

Craig: Well, accept how long it'd take you to arrange it.

Molly: Oddly enough, I've already made arrangements with Emily to have Parker over for dinner tonight.

Craig: Oh, great! We can eat at Al's. I'll be waiting. I tell you what, Molly, 15 minutes, I guarantee you Carly will not be missing anymore.

Ben: Bob's detective better come up with some answers quick, because the morale around here is dying.

Susan: Three fatal, what, errors? It makes you stop and rethink your own mental clarity, doesn't it?

Rick: Bob's mental clarity had nothing to do with those patients' deaths. Now, I know his medical condition, and there's nothing that would lead him to make those kind of mistakes. Now, Ben and I, we've got a consultation tonight. I'll see you later.

Alison: Hey, mom.

Susan: Hey.

Alison: Have you seen Katie?

Susan: Um, no, I haven't. Why?

Alison: Well, we were talking earlier, and we got interrupted.

Susan: That's terrible. Work can really be disruptive to your day.

Alison: It's not funny, mom.

[Susan laughs] anyway, if you talk to her --

Susan: I'll tell her to find you. Have a good shift.

Gordo: I'm curious. How come Alison Stewart, non-princess of the hazel eyes, hates my guts?

Alison: I don't hate your guts, Gordo. You're just not my type.

Gordo: Give me a few short hours, and I'll change your mind. Are you free tomorrow night?

Alison: Are you serious?

Gordo: Yeah. It could change your whole life.

Alison: My life's been through enough changes.

John: A word with you, Dr. Gordon, please.

Gordo: Sure.

Katie: Did Dr. Dixon seem mad at Gordo? 'Cause I think I got him in trouble.

Alison: I don't know. John Dixon's always mad at everybody. So any word on the mistletoe?

Katie: Ah, Henry just dropped it off.

Alison: Oh!

Katie: Listen, don't take this the wrong way, but are you sure you should be playing kissing games with Chris Hughes?

Alison: He started it. He almost kissed me last night.

Katie: Almost?

Alison: Well, his pager thing went off, but he was going to. And don't you dare say that he's too old for me, because he's not. He makes me feel like a woman -- a natural woman.

Katie: Well, don't get too natural, okay?

[Alison laughs] I've got to go find Mrs. Krebs and get Gordo off the hook.

Alison: Where are you, Christopher Hughes?

Bob: Alison, where's the charge nurse?

Alison: Uh, I guess she just stepped out.

Bob: So you're watching the station? Well, that shows good initiative. That's good to see. Well, can you stay here till she gets back?

Alison: Sure, sure. And the lights?

Bob: Don't worry, we have auxiliary power.

Alison: Dr. Christopher Hughes.

Dr. Christopher Hughes, please report to the fourth floor nurses' station.

Mrs. Krebs: This is Arlene Krebs. I have a vial -- an empty vial of injectable meds that was found in the room where Myrtle Scott died. Just a heads-up, for what it's worth.

Lily: Rose, are you all right?

Rose: Oh, Lily, thank God you're here. Thank God. Thank you for coming.

Lily: What happened? What is he doing here?

Rose: Dusty was the one that saved my life. He fought off the guy that attacked me. I mean, I thank God that he was here for me, Lily.

Dusty: I don't know. I mean, I never saw the guy before.

Margo: But you have a clue as to who it might be?

Dusty: I'm thinking someone in Chicago, but --

Margo: Yeah?

Dusty: I don't know.

Margo: Someone named?

Dusty: I don't know.

Margo: Hey, Lily. I'm glad you're here. Something like this can really shake a person up.

Rose: I'm fine.

Margo: Without them even realizing it. Your sister is gonna need some company tonight.

Lily: I -- I bumped into one of your officers out there. Is he with you?

Margo: Yeah. I should go out and see if he's got anything. Rose, I'm gonna need your statement. You, why don't you wait right here? Because as soon as I talk to Harrison, I'm coming back in, and I'm gonna talk to you. And then, maybe some of the cobwebs will have cleared out of your mind.

Lily: Rose, you go ahead with Margo. I'm gonna stay here for a minute.

Dusty: I know what you're thinking.

Lily: No, you don't know the half of what I'm thinking, Dusty.

Dusty: You're thinking that trouble follows me and that your sister is suffering for it.

Lily: I think whatever criminal world you've gotten yourself involved in, you've brought it here to Oakdale. And now Rose gets attacked? I think you got her involved in it, too.

Dusty: I would never, ever put your sister in harm's way.

Lily: What are you talking about? Look around here. Do you see this? Rose has been through hell for the last two years, and she didn't survive that so you could come back into town and have her killed.

Dusty: I wouldn't let anyone hurt her!

Lily: When do you -- when are you going? When are you leaving town? Tell me, when are you planning on doing this?

Dusty: Well, I was gonna leave town. But I think -- I thought I'd stay in town to see Rose through Paul's death.

Lily: Oh, that's so noble. Rose is going to be mourning Paul for a very long time. You let her family help her get through it.

Dusty: I think I can help her in ways that her family --

Lily: You want to help Rose? Leave Oakdale, and don't come back.

Lily: Don't see my sister in the morning. Don't see her ever again.

Rose: Maybe it's time for me to live my own life and just stay the hell out of yours.

Lily: Fine.

[Katie screams]

Dusty: I'll leave town when I think it's right to leave town.

Lily: Yeah. If you're half the man you claim to be, you'll make the right decision and leave town today.

Dusty: It's okay. You know what? I'll take care of that. Thanks. I'm gonna -- I'm gonna sweep up. Put a piece of wood on the door, and then I'm gonna drive you home, all right?

Lily: Why don't I take you home now, Rose? She shouldn't be around this place now, right, Dusty?

Dusty: Yeah, she's right. She's right. You should go home, take it easy and try to sleep, if you can.

Rose: Yeah, but Margo wants to talk to me.

Dusty: Don't worry about Margo. You can talk to her tomorrow. I'll handle it.

Rose: What about your hand?

Dusty: I'm all right.

Rose: Well, you should at least tape it up or something. There's a first aid kit right there, right in behind the counter, okay?

Dusty: Okay.

Rose: I'll see you in the morning?

Dusty: Yes, you will.

Rose: Be careful.

Dusty: I will.

Lily: Don't see my sister in the morning. Don't see her ever again.

Carly: Too many memories.

There you are sunshine and rain so unpredictable

and here's my heart through distance and pain that comes that leads back to you

day night come in together like you and me in this life

through the wrong through the right through the sole sacrifice

we have loved through the rise and the fall and it's worth it all

life isn't worth a living in a world without you

Craig: So just don't bring the order till I give you the high sign, all right? Thanks. Hey, amigo.

[Craig speaking Spanish] hombre. Ooh, yeah, long time no see.

Molly: What would you like to eat, Parker?

Craig: Man, are you kidding? Chili fries.

Parker: Yeah.

Craig: Chili fries, every cowboy's favorite. Huh? Oh, all right. You want some?

Molly: But --

Craig: Huh?

Molly: I don't want to bring him home with a stomachache. That's not my intention, Craig.

Craig: This is just a tasting menu. We have a little bit of this, a lot of that. It's the cowboy way. Huh?

Parker: Giddy up.

Craig: Yeah, that's right. Hey, how come we cowboys have such a good time, even when it's thunder and lightning outside? Ah, me neither. Here, c'mon, dig in. And for dessert --

Molly: Dessert? Craig, the banana split's not dessert?

Craig: She doesn't really get the cuisine, does she? Hmm-mm, no, no, no, for dessert, we cowboys like to sit around the campfire and talk. Right?

Parker: Yeah.

Craig: Yeah.

Alison: Paging Dr. Christopher Hughes, please report to the fourth floor nurses' station. Hello? Um -- excuse me? Excuse me, do you need some help? Hello? Hello?

[Thunder crashing]

[Alison screams]

Chris: Alison.

[Alison screams]

Alison: Chris! You scared me.

Chris: What scared you the first time you screamed?

Alison: There was this patient in a wheelchair. I couldn't see his face, but -- the lights went off, and he's gone.

Chris: It happens. That was you paging me, wasn't it?

Alison: Yeah. I sounded professional, didn't I?

Chris: You realize Krebs will write you up for that?

Alison: Krebs will never know.

Chris: Don't bet on it. What did you want?

Alison: I wanted to see you.

Chris: Why?

Alison: Close your eyes.

Chris: Now? No way.

Alison: Come on. Nothing's bad -- nothing bad is going to happen to you. I promise. I promise.

Chris: Five seconds.

Alison: Merry Christmas.

[thunder crashing]

Alison: Mistletoe.

Chris: We can't do this.

Alison: But we just did.

Chris: Alison, it's not right.

Alison: Well, it was working for me. It's not like I broke any of your rules. You said when I was in jail that you'd only kiss me under the mistletoe. It's mistletoe, see?

Chris: Yeah, but, Alison, in case you forgot, this is a hospital. I'm on duty.

Alison: So what? So am I. It's not like we're bothering anybody, except maybe Nurse Crab. And what is she gonna do, burn me at the stake?

Chris: It's Nurse Krebs, Alison. And there's a time and a place for everything.

Alison: You don't have to be an old stick-in-the-mud.

Chris: I am old. A lot older than you, so why don't you go find some little nice boy your own age?

Alison: I don't want a boy.

Chris: Whatever. This conversation is over.

Alison: But you liked it.

Chris: That's not the point.

Alison: Well, just admit it. You liked it.

Chris: Okay, fine. I liked it. That only proves that I'm a normal man. Now stop acting like a little girl.

Alison: I'm not a little girl!

Gordo: I bet you got a mean curve.

Alison: Do you still want to go out tomorrow night?

Gordo: Yeah. I'm off at 7:00.

Alison: Okay, then we'll meet here. And I'll be dressed to kill.

Gordo: Fantastic. But why'd you change your mind?

Alison: Well, that's just what women do.

Craig: And what goes good with good food, amigo? Good talk, right?

Parker: Yeah.

Craig: Yeah. How's your daddy, doing?

Parker: Good.

Craig: Yeah, and I bet he and old Jack have been asking a lot of questions about mommy. I guess mommy didn't want you to go with her this time, huh?

Parker: Yeah.

Craig: Yeah? Well, I know she likes to bring her hombre along whenever she can. I remember when she took you down to that beach in Cancun, Mexico. You remember that?

Parker: Yeah.

Craig: Is that where she is now?

Parker: No, mushy bells!

Craig: Mushy bell -- mushy bell -- mushy -- I don't see any mush -- bells. Why do I reckon mushy bells isn't a kind of food, is it? And I -- I don't reckon it's a kind of bells, either. I bet mushy bells has something to do with mommy?

Parker: Yeah, mommy!

Craig: So, I reckon mushy bells may be a name of a person or a place.

Parker: Yeah.

Craig: A ondule cinco, we're almost there, amigo. Huh?

[Craig chuckles] all right.

Rose: I worry about Dusty.

Lily: I worry about you, Rose.

Rose: Me? No, I'm -- I'm fine.

Lily: What I mean is I worry about you with Dusty.

Rose: Of course you do. And I -- after everything that he did to get money from Barbara, breaking up me and Paul, I -- I should despise him with every pore in my being, you know? Let the guy rot. But it's just the opposite. I don't know why. I don't know why he matters so much to me.

Lily: You just lost Paul. A man that you loved very much.

Rose: You think this is about Paul?

Lily: I think you're afraid to lose anyone else. Dusty's there. You grab onto him. That's natural, makes sense.

Rose: This is about more than just grabbing the closest warm body. Lily, I'm -- honestly, I don't think these are leftover feelings from Paul, because -- I can tell you one thing. I know Dusty, I mean, he -- he cares about me. He cares about me very much.

Lily: That's because Barbara paid him to make you think that.

Rose: Nobody paid him to break through that glass door. I mean, you don't do that for somebody that you don't care about, that doesn't matter to you. And I saw his face after he pulled that guy off of me. His face -- he was scared for me. He couldn't talk. He couldn't breathe. Yeah, I mean, I had doubts about him before. But, no, not tonight. Not after this, no.

Lily: What about that guy? What about the guy that attacked you? What did he want from you?

Rose: You think it's one of those guys from Chicago that loaned Dusty money, right?

Lily: Don't you, Rose? What does that tell you?

Rose: It tells me that a lot of good people have bad people in their lives. I mean, look at -- look at Paul. Look at those hideous parents of his. He was a wonderful person.

Lily: Dusty used to be one of the good ones, Rose. He has changed. He is a violent person. If you don't get rid of him, you are not only putting your life at risk, you are trashing Paul's memory.

Rose: Every decision that I have made in my life is wrong as far as you're concerned.

Lily: That is not what I meant.

Rose: Yes, you did. Because you always mean it like that. You -- oh, you pretend you care so much about me, you with your designer suits and your -- your fancy house and your wonderful husband.

Lily: Rose, you could not be more wrong.

Rose: Yet, you pretend to care, you know? You put on this big act, you know, we're so close, such a wonderful -- the twin thing, you know? You care so much about me. But deep down, you know what you think? You think that I'm dumping Paul for Dusty, who's trash.

Lily: Why in the world would I think that?

Rose: Because you think the same thing about me, that I'm nothing but Jersey trash.

Lily: I'm sorry. Rose, I'm -- I'm just worried about you, and my timing stinks. I should have known better than to talk to you about Dusty tonight.

Rose: You just said Dusty was no good. Are you gonna take that back?

Lily: No. No, I can't. I have seen what he's done. I know what he's capable of. And, no, I can't. But I know that you loved Paul, and I'm sorry. I never intended to insult you.

Rose: Save it. If you can't respect me more than that --

Lily: I do respect you.

Rose: You respect me. But you don't respect the decisions I make. I mean, you just said that I'm trashing the honor of my dead fiance. That I don't know the difference between a good person or a bad person. And if that's the way it's gonna be, which you're just saying it will, you know what? Maybe it's time for me to live my own life and just stay the hell out of yours.

Lily: What are you talking about?

Rose: I'm done. I don't want this anymore. This whole sisterly bonding thing? It's done. It's over. I don't need you in my life anymore.

Lily: Is that what you really want? Rose? I mean, you can't mean that. You're -- please, Rose, don't shut me out. Fine.

Margo: Where's Rose?

Dusty: Lily took her home. She was pretty shaken up.

Margo: Well, I still have to get her statement from her.

Dusty: Lily said to call her tomorrow.

Margo: Well, I guess that'll have to do. Just like your vague statements will have to do. Not one for telling the truth, are you?

Dusty: I told you what happened.

Margo: Yeah, well, I'll get right on that. I'll put out your statement -- a male of indeterminate height and weight, with indeterminate ties to who knows who. That oughta bring him in. You know, it's gonna be ugly when you hit bottom. Personally, I'd rather not witness it. So why don't you do yourself and this whole town a favor? Pack up your lies and peddle 'em someplace else.

[Thunder crashing]

[phone rings]

Dusty: Roller Palace.

Rose: I'm glad you picked up the phone, Dusty.

Dusty: Rose, how you doing?

Rose: I need you.

Dusty: Well, I'm here for you, you know. I cleaned up the place. I put a piece of plywood on the door. Anything else I can do for ya, just let me know, and I'll stay.

Rose: I don't need you there. I need you here. I need to be with you tonight, Dusty.

When you know that you know who you love can't deny it

Hannah: They say that's how babies learn to love music.

Carly: When Parker was a baby, I danced with him all the time. When he was big enough to stand, I would put his little feet on mine, and we would bop all over the house. We had our own special private dance party every night. That is, when I wasn't running away. Seems like I was always running away from somebody or something.

Hannah: Are you still?

Carly: No. That's what I've decided. I'm -- I am going to find a home for myself, for Parker, for this baby girl. I thought Musselshell would be the answer. But it's not.

Craig: So, maybe mushy bells is a place. You remember the name of any of those towns Carly grew up in back in Montana?

Molly: Yes, hello, I lived there, too. It's -- it's -- Parker, you are a genius. Mushy bells -- Musselshell. That's where she is, Musselshell, Montana. That's where she's gotta be. Thank you, Parker!

Craig: I thank you. Now we find Jack. Come on, amigo, we gotta mount up and ride. You gotta scout, because obviously everybody in this town is lost without you. All right! A ondule!

Molly: Let's go. Parker, I love you!

Craig: Thank you.

Katie: Excuse me, are you looking for a nurse? I'm actually looking for one myself. We're kind of short staffed right now. Just wait here, and I'll get someone to work with you, okay? Nurse Krebs? Oh, sir, I told you to wait. Hold on a minute, I'll just --

[Katie screams]

[Katie screams]

Craig: You can call off the search and get ready to say "I'm sorry," because I know where Carly is.

Rose: I'm here because I want to be here. Because I couldn't stay away from you, because I hear your voice on the phone.

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