ATWT Transcript Friday 5/30/03


As The World Turns Transcript Friday 5/30/03

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Craig: Carly Tenney -- no, Snyder. She's missing, and you have to find her. Any questions?

Security guard #1: How long's she been gone?

Craig: She was last seen at Hal Munson's house the night of the fashion show.

Security guard #2: Lieutenant Munson?

Craig: Yeah. He's the father of her child. But not a suspect. My guess is that she's just making herself scarce. But you never know. She might have gotten into some kind of trouble. Left her car at Hal Munson's house so check the cab companies, hotels, airplanes. She's well-known, so somebody has to have seen her.

Security guard #1: We'll find her.

Craig: Good. Keep me posted. Thank you, gentlemen.

Emma: Bye-bye. Thank you.

Craig: Thank you for the hospitality, Emma. Detectives are all over Fairwinds.

Emma: I just don't believe any of this business. Rosanna could never have harmed Carly.

Craig: No, of course she couldn't. And Jack's out of what mind he's got. But if he insists on looking for a corpse, I will find the living Carly.

Margo: Jack, you still think that Rosanna did this to Carly?

Jack: Look, can you find other explanation accounts for Carly being missing, and Rosanna being the last to see her before she disappeared, and Carly's --

Margo: Jack, you still think that Rosanna did this to Carly?

Jack: Look, can you find another explanation that accounts for Carly being missing and Rosanna being the last to see her before she disappeared, and Carly's blood being on Rosanna's gardening tools?

Margo: Yes, I think that Carly's embarrassed about her fashion show and that's why she --

Jack: She would've called, Margo!

Margo: She's mad at you, Jack! You accused her once again of being in league with Craig! That's why she disappeared, and you know it!

Newman: Here's to you, Marshall. To the fastest comeback on record.

Marshall: That's in large part due to my very accomplished attorney.

Newman: Oh, I'll drink to that.

Ben: Look at him celebrating.

Jessica: It would appear.

Ben: Just because the man dodged two convictions doesn't mean that he's exonerated. Travers is still a criminal and a rapist.

Jessica: Sweetheart, you are preaching to the choir.

Marshall: To a fee well earned and the fact that I can pay it.

Newman: Don't look now, but your favorite lawyer's watching.

Marshall: Who? Jessica?

Newman: Mmm-hmm, no remember why we're celebrating -- your comeback. You tangle with Jessica Griffin or her boyfriend, that puts you in direct violation of her restraining order. And that means loss of liberty and loss of license.

Marshall: Free legal advice, man? How unlike you.

Newman: Well, let's just call it a word to the wise.

Marshall: Well, I think it wise that we called a truce. Huh? Especially since Ms. Griffin and I are living and working in the same town.

Newman: That's a noble sentiment. Fortunately Ms. Griffin holds all the cards. That restraining order prohibits any direct contact of any kind.

Marshall: Duly noted.

Ben: And if you don't want to deal with the Bahamas, we could rent a villa in the south of France.

Marshall: Ben, Jessica -- I didn't notice you arriving. I certainly don't want to make a scene. I just have a question. Jessica, would you like me to leave?

Rose: Hey.

Kim: Okay. Lisa and Barbara are on their way to my house.

Rose: Oh, Barbara's not driving.

Kim: No, no. I'm going to have her stay over.

Rose: Good. That's good.

Kim: Rose, what you did this evening, reassuring Barbara that Paul would have forgiven her, I just -- wanted to thank you.

Rose: I did that for Paul.

Kim: Yes, I know. But after everything that Barbara has done, to be able to find that generosity of spirit. When you were suffering yourself is really a lesson to all of us, I guess, in spite of whatever troubles or differences we have, we really need to be able to reach out and embrace one another.

Rose: I just wish it made me feel better, you know?

Kim: Bless your heart. Oh, sweetheart

Rose: Thanks.

Kim: You know, give it to me. Just give it time, darling. Okay. I'll call you tomorrow.

Rose: Thank you. Really, thank you.

Dusty: Sorry to chase her off.

Rose: Nah, it's okay.

Dusty: How's Barbara?

Rose: She lousy. Like all of us. You know, I told Lily -- I said, "I want that woman to suffer. You know, I want her to feel pain." And then I saw her, and she was so -- she was so broken up. She's a human being. Sometimes human beings do things that they regret. But maybe if they can get past it, then -- who knows? I'm glad you came back.

Dusty: Yeah. Not for long. I'm gonna lie down now.

Molly: Hi, Emma.

Emma: Molly, Mike hi, hi, hi.

Molly: Have you heard anything? Mike filled me in on what's going on.

Emma: Well, Jack arrested Rosanna.

Molly: Arrested Rosanna? For what?

Emma: Nothing. Nonsense, speculation. But he's worried about Carly.

Craig: Did she contact you, Mike?

Mike: No, she didn't.

Molly: What about Rose or Emily?

Craig: Hal's told Emily. I don't know if Emily's talked to Rose yet.

Molly: Well, I'm gonna go find Rose. She'd want to help. I'll be back.

Mike: Yeah.

Emma: I'll come to the car with you.

Molly: Thank you.

Emma: I'll walk you out.

Craig: So, are you here to help or what?

Mike: Why did Jack arrest Rosanna?

Craig: It made him feel like he was doing something.

Mike: So you don't think it's possible Rosanna had anything --

Craig: No, I don't think it's possible. And, yes, I know all about Rosanna and Carly on that boat all those years ago.

Mike: That's not what I'm talking about. When you were in monga with you --

Craig: Yeah, you tried to seduce my wife the same way you seduced Carly the night before she married Jack. And Rosanna said no. She told me all about that.

Mike: She practically attacked Carly. Okay? If I hadn't had been there to break it up, she would have done some serious damage. All right, she said she hated Carly. And I tried to reason with her, but she would not listen to that.

Craig: And your point is?

Mike: Are you sure that Rosanna's innocent?

Jack: Carly and I have settled all that. Besides, she wouldn't just walk out on Parker without a word.

Margo: But, Jack, she didn't. She stood by Hal's, and she left me with Parker.

Jack: Yes, and she ran off after Rosanna! Who hasn't been able to account for the scarf Emma's garden and Carly's blood on her trowel.

Margo: But Carly could have cut her finger on that or something.

Jack: All. And the scarf?

Margo: Maybe Rosanna took it out of the car with her and dropped it accidentally in the yard on the way to the house. Well, even if she threw it into the mud, Jack, it does not add up to murder, and you know it.

Jack: Well, thank you for your help, detective.

Mar: Come on, please, I'm going over your case because I care about --

Jack: Stop treatin' me like a rookie!

Margo: I don't want you to miss anything, Jack!

Jack: I know I've got a personal attachment to this, Margo. I know that. That's why I've been taking my time on this case. I have looked at this thing in different ways, and everything points to Rosanna. She had the method, motive, opportunity. She hasn't been able to answer the important questions, either.

Margo: Jack, she's a multimillionaire. Not answering questions is what they do for a living. Listen. You are not gonna get anywhere with Rosanna. She's gonna not say a word until her lawyers show up. And when those lawyers do show up, they're gonna tell her that you don't have a case. She's got no reason to talk to you. Now listen to me. Even if she is guilty, you have to prove it.

Jack: And in the meantime, Carly could be lying in a ditch, bleeding to death.

Ben: There is a restraining order in effect that prohibits any kind of contact.

Marshall: Jessica, I have no intention of violating your space. Like I said, I didn't notice you coming in, and I didn't want there to be a problem. I must say, though, you -- you look wonderful. It's nice to see you out and about.

Ben: Man, how dare you come over here talking about how good she looks?

Marshall: The last time I saw the woman, she was recuperating from a bullet wound to the head. The fact that she's sitting here, looking well, having a drink is a good thing -- at least, I thought .

Jessica: Ben, it's fine.

Ben: No, It's not fine. I don't want him harassing you. He's sitting over there celebrating his mistrial --

Marshall: In fact, I'm celebrating a case of which I've just settled a substantial sum. Why it's any business of yours, Doctor --

Jessica: Marshall, we will respect your privacy from now on. We just ask that you respect ours. Okay?

Marshall: Absolutely. Look, I didn't come here to fight. But this is a small town. We're bound to bump into each other, all right? If not here, in the hotel where I live, then in the courtroom. We're going to have to deal with each other.

Ben: No, That's not the way it works. Not with a restraining order. You understand how a restraining order works, don't you, counselor? Or do I have to call the police and have them explain it to you? Are you okay?

Jessica: I'm fine.

Ben: He's got to know when he crossing the line. We're over here minding our own business, trying to relax. He's gotta come over there and be Mr. Nice Guy.

Jessica: Ben --

Ben: Oh, man --

Jessica: Ben, just stop it, okay? Would you just stop it?! Give it a rest, okay?

Rose: We already had this conversation. I even told Lily that you were staying, because I need you to stay. To hell with what anybody else thinks. Who cares?

Dusty: Listen to me. I did stay after everything with Paul as long as I could. I gotta go now.

Rose: No, you can't. Please, not yet. I mean, you're the only one who understands what I'm goin' through.

Dusty: What you don't think that -- that I'm going through ? This town, it's just -- it's not my home you know, I just gotta find a new place. I gotta make some money. I gotta start over.

Rose: So I mean nothing to you?

Dusty: Did I say that? Look, I think it's really important for be around people you love. And I don't want to be in the way here.

Rose: Hey, look, if I can forgive Barbara, then those people -- they can forgive you for what you've done.

Dusty: Do you think I care about them or their forgiveness? I mean, you know, I just want what you deserve. I want you to have -- your shop and your dream, no surprises, $50 tips, no customers that --

Rose: Wait a minute.

Dusty: No, I just --

Rose: Hey, wait a second.

Dusty: I want you to be with friends and a family.

Rose: Nobody's turning down a $50 tip. What are you --

Dusty: Of course you're not. Because you're Rose D'Angelo. And you're not gonna have time for walk-ins. I'm gonna call you when I get someplace.

Rose: You're not leavin'. You're runnin' away. And you're not runnin' from me. It's from that guy -- Mr. $50 tip.

Dusty: What are you talking about?

Rose: You know exactly what I'm talking about. Remember before Barbara showed up, you were grilling me about that guy? "What did he look like? What did he say?" You're running away from him.

Craig: If you think Rosanna is capable of hurting Carly and her baby and then lying about it, then go back to your cabin your woods and chop wood, because we don't need your help.

Mike: Craig, every part of me hopes that Carly's alive. All right? She and I go way back, and I worry about her.

Craig: Sure. Plus the fact she might be carrying your baby --!

Mike: I don't care whose baby it is. I just -- I just want them both home where they belong.

Craig: In the woods with you?

Mike: See, that's the difference between me and you. I don't have to own something to care about it.

Emma: Well, I'm glad to see that you two can set aside your differences and work together when it really counts.

Mike: You're right, Emma. Carly's what counts.

[Knocking at door]

Emma: Katie? Hi come in.

Katie: Hi. Thank you. Didn't know what picture you wanted me to use of Carly. A regular one or the one from the press release. I figured that's the one people have seen the most.

Craig: Katie?

Katie: What? Oh, yes, the flyers. I ran off at least 1,000.

Craig: "$10,000 for information leading to the whereabouts of Carly Tenney Snyder." That's great. Thank you.

Katie: Sure. So I will leave these here, and I'll go post the rest.

Craig: All over town.

Katie: Right. Okay. I'll call you when I'm done.

Craig: Okay. Thank you.

Mike: I'm gonna help her outside. Hey.

Katie: Hey.

Mike: What's goin' on?

Katie: Oh, nothing. I'm fine. I'm dropping things.

Mike: Why are you nervous?

Katie: See, this is what happens. You kiss someone, and then they can't look at you, and they're dropping things all over the place.

Mike: Because?

Katie: Because it's a scientific principle. You take your energy and you mix it with someone else's, and it just changes things.

Mike: If you want it.

Katie: No. Trust me, it just happens.

Mike: Is this a problem? I mean, you seem kind of worried about this.

Katie: No. No, there's nothing to be worried about. I mean, I'm a married woman. My husband's off who knows where, and he's probably never coming home. But, still, it's just --

Mike: Come on. We've been good to each other, right? I mean, we're friends. Okay we enjoy each other's company. We don't have to do anything about it. Let's enjoy it, okay? I like you. I hope you like me, ok?

Katie: Okay, so you're saying you feel the same way? I mean, you enjoy my company?

Mike: Yeah.

Katie: So we feel the same?

Mike: Yes.

Katie: Ok, good.

Mike: All right? Let's go post the flyers.

Katie: Okay just have to tell you, I feel so much better than I did a few months ago.

Mike: Me, too.

Katie: Okay.

Craig: Out by the gazebo? Ah, whatever. Just keep me posted.

Emma: Where are you going?

Craig: Fairwinds. Jack had the cops dig all the flowers Rosanna planted for the wedding.

Emma: Oh, for heaven's sakes.

Craig: I didn't find Carly --

Emma: We're going to find her, Craig. We will.

Craig: I'll be back.

Emma: Oh, Carly. Where are you?

Dusty: I gotta say, you're starting to get paranoid.

Rose: You think? You're a guy who came to town to sell out his best friend. We've already established you can lie to me to my face. But that was one time. Because I learned to trust people when I came to this town. But you know something? My Atlantic City radar is going up here! And you're lying to me!

Dusty: You know the guy who gave you the $50 tip?

Rose: Yeah.

Dusty: Ah, he's an old acquaintance of mine. Someone you don't wanna know.

Rose: What's his name?

Dusty: Charley Spangler. He's from Chicago.

Rose: Why is he here? Don't stop now. Come on, let's hear it.

Dusty: You wanna force me to say the same reason I agreed to help Barbara? I needed the money!

Rose: Tell me somethin' else I don't know. Keep going.

Dusty: Well, Spangler's the guy I owed. But as it turns out, I owe him a little more than thought I did.

Rose: So that's why he's here? Oh, my God. He threatened you -- he did that to you?

Dusty: No, he did not. He did not. Don't you get it? He threatened you.

Jessica: Marshall's right.

Ben: Marshall's right

Jessica: Yes, this is a small town. You're going to run into each other. And you can't want to go to the mat with him every time he decides to do something objectionable.

Ben: But he has no business talking about how good you look. He has no business saying anything to you. You have a restraining order.

Jessica: Yeah, well, that doesn't change who he is, right? He's pushy, he's arrogant, and he's relentless. And as long as we keep giving him what he wants, which is attention, then he's just gonna keep it up. We have to just let it roll off our backs, baby. Just let it roll off our backs, okay? Maybe he'll just go away.

Ben: Let's just go home.

Jessica: No, I'm not going home. I'm not gonna hide. But I'm not gonna let him know he gets to me, either.

Ben: But he does get to you.

Jessica: But he doesn't have to know that and every time you jump to my defense -- we just have to act like he doesn't matter, okay? And just enjoy each other.

Ben: What you are saying? We're supposed to bluff?

Jessica: Yes.

Ben: You see, this is what I get for marrying a card shark. Okay, all right, fine. Fine. We're gonna play it your way. All right. All right, look, he's not looking. The coast is clear. Be honest. It does burn you a little that he's got a client already, doesn't it?

Jessica: It infuriates me.

Ben: You see, that's what I'm talking about. Come here. Come bluff me.

[Jessica giggles]

Newman: Let it go.

Marshall: I was perfectly civil.

Newman: You were violating a restraining order. Don't glare at me.

Marshall: How long is this supposed to go on? Me doing the right thing and getting excoriated for it?

Newman: Well, let me put it to you this way. You're not in jail.

Marshall: And just how precisely is this restraining order going to work when Jessica and I are on opposite sides of the same case? Or sharing the elevator in the sheriff's office? Or standing right next to each other at the bench?

Newman: The problem's not the restraining order, Marshall. The problem is you. Until you figure out what you feel about this woman, every little thing is going to drive you crazy.

Marshall: How am supposed to figure out how I feel without access, huh? You tell me that?

Craig: Oh, hello gentlemen. What's to celebrate?

Marshall: Success. And more of it.

Craig: Okay.

Marshall: How are you, Craig? You know Herbert Newman?

Craig: Yeah, by reputation. Craig Montgomery.

Newman: Yes, the name's familiar.

Craig: Herbert, if you don't mind, can I have a word with your friend?

Newman: Of course. You know where to reach me, Marshall

Marshall: So, what's the problem?

Craig: I need to hire you again.

Marshall: What for?

Craig: My wife is about to be charged with murder.

Mike: Katie, the idea of posting flyers is to put them where people are gonna see 'em, in the middle of nowhere.

Katie: For your information, this is where every high school kid comes to party on the weekend

Mike: What normal guy's gonna bring his girlfriend out here? It's ridiculous.

Katie: Oh, how soon they forget.

Mike: Oh, are you saying I'm not cool? Is that what it ?

Katie: No, it's just that you have a house and a car. You don't need to come out into the middle of the woods to kiss a girl. You just go to Al's diner. What is it?

Mike: There's something over there.

Katie: What kind of something?

Mike: I don't know.

Katie: What are you doing?

Mike: Digging it up. Hold that flashlight steady.

Katie: Animals live in the woods, you know? Animals that come out of little holes in the ground. What, you just got bit by a snake, I am not sucking out the venom.

Mike: Give me that flashlight.

Katie: What is it?

Mike: It's body.

Cop: It's a body, all right.

Jack: Let me see. Let me see. Oh, my God.

Margo: Jack --

Jack: Oh, my God!

Margo: No!

Rose: How much does he want? I'll get the money.

Dusty: I can't let you do that.

Rose: And let you die .


Marshall: Has Rosanna been formally charged?

Craig: Not with murder, not yet. This evidence is circumstantial. There's a scarf, a drop of blood.

Marshall: Forensics?

Craig: There's no body. But try telling that to Jack Snyder.

Marshall: And the alleged victim?

Craig: His wife, who ran out on him. Now he's accusing my wife of murder. So, will you take the case?

Marshall: You may tell your wife I'll meet her at the courthouse.

Jessica: Looks like Marshall got himself a new client. You know what? Changed my mind. Let's get out of here.

Ben: Come on. Craig Montgomery never would have hired you not after you prosecuted him for assault.

Jessica: Yeah, I know. And I lost the case.

Ben: Look, you are going to ride your career right back to the top where you belong.

Jessica: That is why I love you, Dr. Harris.

Ben: See? Look at that beauty and brains.

Jessica: Well, yeah.

Craig: I've got people looking for her, Marshall. She'll show up. It's just a matter of time. Women only stay mad so long.

Dusty: He threatened you and Lucinda. The only way I can keep you safe is if I leave town.

Rose: So -- so he wants money. I mean, you're broke. He's not gonna get anything from you. And everybody in this town doesn't use you anymore. So it doesn't make sense. I don't understand what this has to do with Lucinda or me.

Dusty: He wanted me to con you, because he knows we are close. He knows you're connected to Lucinda. That's --

Rose: Oh, he wants Lucinda's money?

Dusty: And if I don't get it, he's coming after you. And I'm not letting that happen. Yes.

Rose: I gotta -- we've got to call the cops.

Dusty: No, we're not calling the cops. Because they can't do anything.

Rose: Why not?!

Dusty: Because then he's gonna come after both of us. Listen to me. Our only play here is if I leave town.

Rose: So you just run from him for the rest your life?

Dusty: Better than losing my life. I've done a lot of bad things to a lot of good people, you know? And if the only cost is me having to look over my shoulder now and then --

Rose: It costs you and me. And Lily and John Dixon and all the people that care about you, come on. No, we gotta fight this, we do.

Dusty: We don't fight guys like this.

Rose: So what are you gonna do? Are you just gonna give up? Ul is dead. Now you're tellin' me that your life isn't worth anything. I cannot accept that. I'm sorry.

Dusty: It's not true. You'll accept it. That's the way it's got to be. If can protect you, that's a good thing, isn't it? That's a start. That's for me. And I need that. I'm saying good-bye to you right now. I'm going back to my hotel room, I'm packing up my things, and I'm gonna disappear. And Spangler is gonna be looking for me. You and Lucinda will be safe.

Rose: What if he catches you?

Dusty: He's not gonna catch me.

Rose: Come on, don't treat me like a child. I know what it's about being into a loan shark. I know.

Dusty: Then, I know what happens if he catches me.

Rose: You're dead.

Katie: It's not Carly.

Mike: if it is Carly, it's the baby, too.

Katie: It's not Carly or the baby. Even if it is, it's not your fault.

Mike: She's pregnant. Her marriage is busted up. She has no place to stay. If that's not my fault --

Katie: She didn't have to sleep with you. And as for her marriage, she and Jack were getting back together. And she had plenty of places to stay, including Emily's, which is where she was staying when she disappeared. So if by some bizarre chance it is Carly -- which it's not, because Rosanna could not come out here and bury her by herself -- it's still not your fault, Mike.

Mike: I just thought we had another chance, you know? Having a child. If it was mine. Katie, I made her a promise. The baby -- that I -- that I would always take care of her.

Katie: And you will.

[Sirens blare]

Katie: They're here.

Jack: You guys call in a report on a dead body?

Katie: Yeah.

Mike: Yeah. It's right there.

Margo: Okay, let's rope it off. It looks like we've gotta do some digging. Be careful. Pile your dirt. Forensics will have to go through it.

Policewoman: It's a body, all right.

Jack: Let me see. Let me see. Oh, my God.

Margo: --

Jack: Oh, my God!

Margo: No! Don't! You're destroying evidence. Jack -- it's not gonna change anything.

Jack: I have to know, Margo. I have to know if it's her.

Margo: Jack, you're gonna know in an hour when the medical examiner opens the package.

Jack: Margo --

Margo: If Rosanna did this, and the case gets thrown out because you damaged evidence? All right, guys, get the package in the ambulance.

Jack: I'll make sure the body gets to the coroner's office. Okay?

Margo: Yeah. I'll call Evelyn's office, and I'll tell her that there's been a break in the case. Jack, I'll see you back at the station.

Jack: Okay.

Margo: Okay.

Margo: So, what were you guys doing out here.

Katie: We were just posting flyers, looking for Carly. Oh, God, I hope we didn't just find her.

Margo: Me, too. Look look, Jack's taking the body to the morgue. And I'm gonna go with him.

Katie: I'll go with you.

Mike: I just have to know. You don't have to do that.

Katie: I know. It's ka

Craig: Emma?!

Emma: Hey.

Craig: Did they call?

Emma: No, yet.

Craig: Are you okay?

Emma: Yeah, I'm okay. I delivered these here flyers to just about everyone I know in Luther's Corners. So --

Craig: Thank you very much.

Emma: Don't you worry. I know -- I know that Carly is all right. There's no way that Rosanna could have harmed her.

Craig: No, of course, she couldn't.

Lucy: Hello? Anyone home?

Craig: Hi, sweetness. What a surprise. Aaron.

Aaron: Hi, Mr. Montgomery. Hi, Grandma.

Emma: Hi, my angel.

Aaron: Are you okay?

Emma: Yeah, I'm okay.

Lucy: Hey, Emma.

Emma: Hello, you wanna put on the tea kettle? You guys can have some tea.

Aaron: Yeah, no problem.

Lucy: Aaron and I went down to the station to visit Rosanna, but they wouldn't let us see her.

Craig: Well, Jack is keeping her under wraps until her bail hearing.

Lucy: Yeah. But you found her a lawyer, right?

Craig: Yeah, yeah. Marshall Travers.

Aaron: Isn't Marshall Travers the guy who assaulted Bonnie's mom?

Lucy: Yeah. Ah, it was all over the paper. Daddy, he's a rapist. Rosanna's never gonna let him defend her.

Rose: No, I will not let it happen. I won't let anybody hurt you.

Dusty: If I don't leave town, we're both dead. You understand, and I'm not gonna let that happen. Good-bye.

Rose: No, no. Come on.

Dusty: Rose, I can't come up with the money he wants! How am I gonna keep you safe? I gotta leave.

Rose: How much does he want? I'll get the money. I'll get it.

Dusty: No.

Rose: I'll go to Ms. Walsh. She'll give me the money.

Dusty: I can't let you do that.

Rose: I can't let you die. So how much does Spangler want?

Dusty: Did that guy lay a finger on you?

Molly: I'm okay.

Dusty: Are you sure about that?

Molly: The only thing that matters is that it kept you from being killed.

Dusty: He'll tell you one thing. You'll pay him off, and he wants more. There's no end to it. I'm not letting you get involved.

Rose: I'm already involved, Dusty. Look, I'm just gonna call Lucinda. She gives me a line of credit. I'll get the money. Just don't -- please, don't tell me that you're leaving.

Molly: Rose, don't you give that lying con man a dime.


Margo: And Jack -- he almost lost it on the scene.

Evelyn: I can only imagine. I mean, if it does turn out to be his wife -- hey, Margo, have you talked to ca today?

Margo: No. Why?

Evelyn: She wants to come back to the D.A.'s office, and I had to tell her no. You know, with the trial and --

Margo: You know, you don't have to explain it to me.

Evelyn: Well, can you just please let her know that it's nothing personal. I mean, she's a terrific lawyer who can set up private practice, you know?

Mike: Have they ID'd the body yet?

Margo: The medical examiner just got the package. So not yet. Jack, how's it going?

Jack: M.E.'s ready to proceed when we are. Evelyn, you wanna come with us just in case -- if not Carly, you could amend the charges, and we could bring Rosanna in for arraignment.

Evelyn: Kay.

Mike: Look, I'd like to be there.

Jack: Hey, come on.

Margo: Jack, as probable father of Carly's child, he has every right.

Jack: Whatever.

Evelyn: Margo, are you going?

Margo: I'll meet you guys down there in a little bit.

Mike: How about I meet you at Al's a little bit later?

Katie: How about I don't let you go through this alone?

Ben: So, what do you say I'll get online or call the travel agent and see what I can find?

Jessica: I don't know.

Ben: Oh, love, you need a break, you know, change of scene. Help you get your perspective back.

Jessica: Okay, fine. Fine.

Ben: Great. So I'll see what I can find in the islands. Unless you'd prefer to go to a city. We could go to Barcelona or Paris

Jessica: Whatever. Whatever you want to do is fine.

Ben: Come on, Jess. Look, you gotta remember that you've been through a lot with the trial, the surgery, the -- the aftershocks to your reputation. A little depression's normal. It's gonna take some time, it doesn't change who you are. You are just as smart, just as talented, just as beautiful as you ever were. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna go on vacation. When we come back, you're gonna hang up your shingle, and you're gonna get a client. And then you're gonna get another client, and then you're gonna get another client. Pretty soon, you're gonna be so busy that we're gonna have to take another vacation.

[Phone rings]

Jessica: Jessica Griffin.

Margo: Are you still looking for a client

Jessica: Are you serious?

Margo: They're holding Rosanna Cabot. Jack is scared to death that she's murdered his missing wife.

Jessica: Well, have they found a body?

Margo: Not yet. But Rosanna is being arraigned for assault and battery. So she's gonna need representation. So you up for it?

Jessica: What, are you kidding? Absolutely.

Ben: What's going on?

Jessica: Tell Rosanna that I'll meet her at the courthouse, okay? And thanks, Margo. I've got a client. I got an honest-to-goodness client. Oh, this is great!

Craig: Sweetness, lots of people get accused of lots of things, even me.

Lucy: You we never accused of being a rapist, Daddy.

Craig: He was never convicted. In the eyes of the law  --

Lucy: I don't care about the eyes of the law. Rosanna isn't gonna want anything to do with him. And stop looking at Aaron. He didn't do anything.

Craig: Marshall Travers - whatever his shortcomings -- is a very thorough lawyer. He will get Rosanna out, and that's all I care about.

Lucy: Look, I'm just warning you. You show up in courtroom with a rapist, Rosanna's not gonna forgive you.

[Tea kettle whistles]

Emma: I'll get it.

Aaron: Luce, let's get out of here.

Craig: Lucy --

Lucy: Daddy, you know how I feel. I don't want to fight with you.

Aaron: See you later, Grandma.

Emma: No tea?

Craig: I'm just trying to keep my wife out of prison. Is that so horrible?

Emma: One lump, Craig, or two?

Craig: I've had enough lumps for today. Thank you.

Molly: He did the same thing to Rose. He got me to care about him, want him. And he came to me with that same story about the thugs wanting to kill him unless he paid them the money he owed them. So I paid them. And you have no idea how much that cost . And now he's doing the exact same thing to you.

Dusty: It's not like that.

Molly: No? Really? Did he come to you all banged up, but really couldn't tell you why? Yeah. Did you meet his partners? 'Cause let me tell you something, they are scary. I watched them slice his face. Which is right about the time he told them that I would do anything. I would do whatever it took to keep him alive. And now he's doing the same thing. He's pulling the same thing on yet another stupid woman. But let me tell you something, Rose. You are not stupid, and you are not gonna pay him. You are gonna get this joker out of your life.

Medical examiner: Post mortem, unknown john or Jane Doe. Disinterred May 30th, 2003, approximately 8:00 p.m. The body appears to be shrouded in blue plastic garbage bag and bound with duct tape. Will now remove the shroud.

Margo: Sorry. Sorry.

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