ATWT Transcript Thursday 5/29/03

As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 5/29/03

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Isaac: You know, if that's another fan letter for Elvis -- we've talked about this. I've got some bad news for you.

Molly: You are very cute. No, I have a meeting this evening with a congressman. I'm just jotting down some notes about his voting record.

Isaac: Big story?

Molly: It could be huge. But mostly I'm just glad to be back at work.

Isaac: I didn't realize that you left.

Molly: Let's just say I've been distracted. But that's over. And I'm back to my life.

Isaac: Well, you look good. Let me know if you're thirsty. Okay?

Spangler: Looking for this?

Molly: Thanks.

Spangler: Forgive me for interrupting, but I believe we have a friend in common.

Molly: Oh yeah? Who would that be?

Spangler: Dusty Donovan.

Molly: Sorry, I never heard of him.

Barbara: Is this how low you are? To tell me that my son is dead? I can't even think of anything so hateful. You're not going to even apologize? Say something! Apologize!

[Barbara sobbing.]

Dusty: Whoa! It's okay. She's telling you the truth. She's telling you the truth.

Barbara: Why should I believe --

Dusty: Paul's plane went down. Listen to me now. Paul's plane went down in the Atlantic and nobody survived. You hear me?

Barbara: Why should I believe anything out of your mouth? You're lower than she is! I have to call Hal.

Rose: Barbara, he's gonna tell you the same thing. Paul is gone! He's gone, and we've all lost him.

Jessica: Hey, Evelyn.

Evelyn: Hi.

Jessica: I'm glad you could get here so quickly.

Evelyn: Well, I was driving in the neighborhood when I got your call. You look terrific.

Jessica: Oh, thanks.

Evelyn: How do you feel?

Jessica: I feel great. I'm fully recovered. Which is why I'm getting a little cabin fever, you know, so I wanted to get back to work. You know, sooner rather than later.

Evelyn: So you said on the phone.

Jessica: So I'm sure I can be of some help to the D.A.'s office.

Evelyn: Doing what?

Jessica: Well, I don't know. Second chair, A.D.A.? You know, wherever I can help. Coffee?

Evelyn: Jessica, you are one of the most talented lawyers I've ever seen. You were my mentor. And you are my friend. And that's why it's so difficult for me to say this. But working in the district attorney's office is no longer an option for you.

Rosanna: What have I done with Carly? I can't believe you're asking me that, Jack.

Jack: Well, then I'll ask you something else. Did you bury this scarf in Emma's garden?

Craig: Why would she do that, Jack?

Jack: She knew I was looking for it, Craig. And she didn't want it to be found in her possession. So she decided to plant it under some flowers.

Craig: How do you know that?

Jack: Emma told me Rosanna was very busy yesterday, planting hyacinths, I think.

Rosanna: Oh, I'm sorry. Is gardening against the law now?

Jack: It is when you add something else. Did you do that, Rosanna?

Rosanna: Of course not. That's preposterous.

Craig: Honey, you're not obligated here --

Rosanna: Don't help me, please!

Jack: He's warning you for a reason. He knows you're lying, and so do I.

Rosanna: Oh, I suppose you have proof.

Jack: Carly wore that scarf to the Monte Carlo fashion show. You saw it. I saw it. Just about everybody who was there did. And then I saw it in your car after Carly disappeared. I needed a warrant to use it as evidence, but by the time I got the warrant, it was gone. Next thing I know, it pops up under your hyacinths! I want an explanation, Rosanna. Preferably one that makes sense.

Mike: Did you do it, Rosanna? Did you bury that evidence?

Craig: I think we can get along without your input.

Jack: Okay, we're not doing this here. We're going down to the station.

Rosanna: Are you saying you're arresting me?

Jack: I have to question you officially -- about your part in Carly's disappearance.

Craig: Jack, whatever you want to ask her, you can ask her here.

Rosanna: Craig, please, please, please stay out of this.

Jack: All right. You know what? I'm gonna give you five minutes. We'll be inside.

Mike: I'm gonna go tell Emma what's going on.

Craig: Look, I don't want you talking to Jack or any cop without talking to your lawyer first.

Rosanna: If you really wanted to help me, you would have warned me that the Jack was coming over here with a search warrant. But did you do that? No, you didn't. You sold me out!

Craig: What?

Rosanna: Why didn't you call me and tell me that he was coming over here?

Craig: I -- I told you. I told you why. Because I didn't think he was gonna find anything. So I just came along to see him apologize to you once this pointless search was over.

Rosanna: I'm sorry. It's just hard. I feel like I'm being attacked on all sides.

Craig: Look. Yes, it's all right. It's all right. You and I are a work in progress. But -- Jack did find Carly's scarf in your garden, and that's what we have to deal with now. So you have to tell me the truth. Do you really not know anything about Carly? Or are you hiding something?

Rosanna: I don't think I should have to explain myself to you.

Craig: I'm just asking you a question. I'm not judging you here. Who am I to judge you?

Cop #1: Mrs. Montgomery, please come with me.

Craig: I'm her husband. I'll ride along.

Rosanna: No, you are not coming with me. I don't want you with me at the station.

Craig: Rosanna, you need someone to support you here.

Rosanna: Yes, I do. But it has to be someone I can rely on.

Jack: I want the lab to have a look at those garden tools. You'll get them back, Emma. It'll just be a couple of days.

Emma: Just a minute, here. What do you expect to find on those garden tools, Jack?

Mike: What are you looking for?

Jack: I really don't want to speculate right now.

Craig: Well, Jack, let me speculate. All right? Rosanna found Carly's scarf in her car for whatever reason. Okay? And because she got all nervous from you thrashing around, she decided to stash it somewhere where you couldn't exploit it for these insane purposes.

Jack: It's not that simple, Craig.

Craig: You think Rosanna killed her sister with a garden trowel? That's not just stupid, that's irresponsible, Jack.

Jack: I don't -- I do not have to answer to you.

Craig: You're just angry because Carly made plans without you once again?

Jack: I don't have all the answers, Craig. I don't know what happened to

Carly. And I don't know what, if anything, Rosanna had to do with it. But I do know that something did happen and I'm going to find out what. You can be sure of that.

Jessica: Evelyn, I realize that working in the D.A.'s office might be a little uncomfortable. I mean, our roles would be reversed. You'd be in charge. But I'm sure we can work past that. I know I can.

Evelyn: No, you and I are not the issue.

Jessica: Well, then what is? I mean, are you concerned about my health? Just tell me, honestly. You know, I'd prefer it.

Evelyn: Given recent history, having you represent the District Attorney's office could make it harder to get convictions.

Jessica: Because I went public with the rape?

Evelyn: Everyone in Oakdale saw the trial. It was on tv every night, in the papers.

Jessica: I was violated and I did something about it.

Evelyn: And I was behind you 100% or else I would never have prosecuted your case. However, it all comes at a price. Rape is an emotional issue for women and men.

Jessica: Well, Evelyn, I don't intend to wear it on my sleeve. I mean, I will deal with it privately, as I will for the rest of my life.

Evelyn: Your behavior is not the issue. However, people have formed opinions about you based on the trial. The public, the attorneys we work with, the jurors -- everyone.

Jessica: And you're concerned about what they might think?

Evelyn: I can't take a chance that it could hurt us in court.

Jessica: Okay, wait a minute. So -- so let me get this right. In spite of my experience, in spite of my legal expertise, in spite of my work ethic, you're suggesting that I am of no use to the D.A.'s office because -- because I exercised my constitutional right to bring charges against the man who raped me?

Evelyn: I'm not suggesting it, Jessica. I'm sure of it.

Spangler: So how long have you known Dusty?

Molly: Do you have a hearing problem? Because I am sure I said I don't.

Spangler: Oh. Well, my eyesight must be going then. Because I I could swear I saw the two of you together at the Lakeview towers. And not just once, either.

Molly: Why is that any of your business?

Spangler: I used to work with Dusty when he lived in Chicago. We sort of fell out of touch. But I was happy to see that he was doing so well.

Molly: I see. I guess your pal is not doing as well as you thought. Because from what I understand, he's left Oakdale with his tail between his legs.

Spangler: Hmm. Well, I guess you would know more about that than I would.

[Clears throat.]

Spangler: I'll leave you to your work.

Barbara: I gotta get out of here.

Dusty: Shh, shh, shh. Where are you going?

Barbara: No, no. You said his plane went down, right? You said his plane went down, right? So we have to call the Coast Guard. We have to make sure that there's a rescue team.

Rose: It's already been done, Barbara. They didn't find him.

Dusty: A search team was sent out from Canada. All they could find in the water was wreckage.

Barbara: How long have you known?

Rose: A couple of days. We wanted to tell you, but nobody knew where you were.

Barbara: Paul is an excellent swimmer. He could -- he could have bailed out and gotten to shore somehow.

Dusty: There was an eyewitness to the crash. Nobody could've survived it.

[Barbara sobs.]

Barbara: Oh! Oh, goodness!

Rose: I'm sorry, Barbara. I'm so sorry.

Barbara: You think that the two of you can comfort me at all? Get out of here! Oh, God. My son.

Rose: You just -- you just take your time. We're gonna go outside. Come on. Come on.

[Barbara sobbing.]

Rose: That was the hardest thing that I ever had to do in my life. As much -- the horrible, the horrible things that that woman did to me, I never wanted to see her suffer like that.

Dusty: Of course. Of course, we're talking about her son.

Rose: Yeah. I'm gonna -- I'm gonna call Lily. I'll have her -- Barbara's friends and her family come over. They can stay with her tonight. What do you -- you got nothing better to do than hang around here with me?

Dusty: Better to do? No. No, I don't. I mean, I gotta make a call.

Rose: Yeah, I gotta go. I gotta call. You call. I'll call. Life goes on, right? That's what they say. Life goes on.

Dusty: I gotta see you right away.

Spangler: Dusty Donovan. What a coincidence.

Dusty: Why's that?

Spangler: Well, because I was just having a little chat with your dear friend Molly Mc -- whatever her name is.

Dusty: About what?

Spangler: Well, she seems to think you left town. I happen to know that you're still in town consoling a certain beautician over the loss of her fiance.

Dusty: What's your problem, Charley? You got your money. Leave my friends out of this, all right?

Spangler: Are you telling me what to do? You know I can't stand that.

Dusty: I don't want any trouble. That's all I'm saying.

Spangler: Neither do I, Dusty. Neither do I. So here's what you do. You meet me at a place called the java underground. We'll sit down, we'll discuss not making trouble for each other. Ten minutes. Do not be late.

Barbara: I followed him to Paris. I called his friends, his business associates. Nobody had seen him. So I went to Milan, did the same thing. London. Never occurred to me to worry. I just figured he had to be alone. You know, so he went to the mountains off on one of his famous hiking trips. And I came home.

Rose: You know, Barbara, I -- maybe you should wait for your family to get here. You know, they're gonna want to hear this from you.

Barbara: I thought I was so clever. You know, getting Craig to sell me Monte Carlo for a dollar. Oh, and it was a good idea, too. It really was. I would design and Paul would run the business end. And it'd be a bigger company than B.R.O. ever was. And he'd start to see me like he used to. We'd work late, laugh over terrible takeout, and I would find little ways to prove myself to him again. He'd learn to love me. That's all I wanted, Rose. I just wanted my son to look at me and smile instead of turning away in disgust. And that won't happen, will it? Because he got on a plane and he died -- with nothing in his heart but hate for me.

[Barbara sobs]

Dusty: Why are you still in town?

Spangler: Sit down, Dusty. Before I knock you down.

Dusty: Why don't you just give me an answer?

Spangler: What do you want from me? I like it here, okay? Good people. They have good values. Nice place to raise kids. Sit down.

Dusty: Kids and values, huh? They can keep it. What do you want?

Spangler: That's funny. I was just gonna ask you the same thing.

Dusty: Yeah, but I don't answer to you anymore. I want you to stay out of my way. I don't want you to bother my friends.

Spangler: Hold on. My running into Mrs. McKinnon was a coincidence. And by the way, the camera doesn't do her justice. She's far more beautiful in person.

Dusty: What you were doing at Rose D'Angelo's beauty shop? That's what I want to know.

Spangler: What can I tell you? She gives a good facial. I'm serious. My skin hasn't been this smooth since -- ever.

Dusty: She's been through a lot, you know? I don't want any trouble for her, Charley.

Spangler: Of course you don't, Dusty. Because you want her all to yourself.

Dusty: What's that supposed to mean?

Spangler: I know you stayed in town for one reason. Money. Rose

D'Angelo is connected to it. You're just looking to get your share.

Dusty: You're out of your mind.

Spangler: Well, that may be. But that doesn't change the facts. You've got a new scam going, Dusty. I want in on it.

Jack: I know I asked you this before, but I'm gonna ask you again. When's the last time you saw Carly?

Rosanna: Here. Outside at the police station.

Jack: And what happened at that time?

Rosanna: We argued. It's a family tradition.

Jack: Any contact after that?

Rosanna: No. I saw her through the window at Hal and Emily's, but I decided not to go in.

Jack: Why is that?

Rosanna: Because I saw that she was with Parker. And I'm not going to take the chance that I could have words in front of him.

Jack: So you headed home.

Rosanna: Yes. As I told you. But my car had engine trouble.

Jack: Oh, that's right. You ended up sleeping in your car and walking back to the farm?

Rosanna: Yes.

Jack: How did the scarf get buried, Rosanna?

Rosanna: It was a mistake. Carly seemed to be missing. And everybody kept acting like it was my fault. So -- I did not want to be perceived as a suspect. Can I ask you a question?

Jack: Oh, go right ahead.

Rosanna: Is this an interrogation, or are you planning on arresting me?

Jack: I haven't decided yet.

Rosanna: Because if you are planning on arresting me, I'd like to know what the charges are. Arguing with my sister? Burying a scarf --

Jack: Hey, don't get cute! More than anyone I know, you'd be happy to have Carly out of the picture. You had words with her that night. You had her scarf. You buried it. It used to be in your car. The only thing that's missing, Rosanna, is what you've done with her. And you are not leaving here until you tell me.

Rosanna: I told you. I don't know where Carly is. So why don't you just accept that and start bullying someone else?

Jack: Carly is pregnant and she's sick. The longer she's out there,

Rosanna --

Margo: Jack, come here. You wanna take it down a notch or two? Because these tactics are not gonna work with Rosanna.

Jack: Okay, you know what? I'll put her in a holding cell. See if the tactics work with her then.

Margo: No, you're not gonna do that. Because the scarf is purely circumstantial. We need proof if anyone is going in a call.

Jack: Then I'll find it.

Jack: You can leave.

Rosanna: You must be very persuasive.

Jack: One last thing. If you hurt Carly, I will find out. And I will make you pay. I won't stop until I'm sure that you pay.

Jack: Reynolds. Call the lab. Tell them to put a rush on those garden tools I brought in.

Reynolds: You got it.

Jack: Question everybody who was in the Lakeview lounge during the fashion show. I want to see if anybody there saw Carly talking to her sister after that.

Margo: Hey, Jack. So you want to go get something to eat?

Jack: I've got to find her, Margo. Before it's too late.

Margo: Jack, you don't have any proof that Carly has been kidnapped or injured in any way. This is simply a missing persons case and nothing more.

Jack: Yeah. Except the person is my wife, who may or may not be carrying my child.

Margo: I understand that. I understand that this is tough for you. So if you want to take yourself off the case --

Jack: No, I've gotta do this. Carly would want it this way.

Evelyn: Certain people anticipated you wanting to come back. And they have made it clear that there is no place for you.

Jessica: This is unbelievable. This is a disgrace.

Evelyn: You still work in private practice. There are firms around town that I'm sure would be happy to hire you.

Jessica: And if they ask you for a reference? If they ask if you'd hire me? I mean, what will you say?

Evelyn: You can always go into business for yourself, Jessica. You have options. You're just not seeing them.

Jessica: No, you know what I'm seeing? I'm seeing cowardice and a failure of principle. I mean, this could've stopped with you, Evelyn. But you let it continue.

Evelyn: I am sorry, but I cannot change the way things are.

Jessica: Yes, you can.

Evelyn: I know you're disappointed, Jessica. I wish you only the best. I am your friend. Will you keep in touch?

Jessica: Damn you, Marshall. Is this ever going to end?

Barbara: I knew that he'd be furious if he found out that I had hired

Dusty. But I weighed the risk against the result.

Rose: Getting' rid of me, right?

Barbara: It seemed like a fair trade. Oh, I knew he'd be angry. And I knew that it would take a while for us to come around. But I would make it happen. I would make it happen. But I couldn't. I couldn't. And so my son has died hating me for all eternity.

Rose: Look, I know you're hurting right now, but --

Barbara: Enjoying every minute of it, Rose?

Rose: No, come on. No. No. I will never enjoy anything probably for the rest of my life. I hurt your son. I can't even figure out a way to live with that right now.

Barbara: He blamed me more than you.

Rose: I don't know about that. He gave it to me pretty good before he left.

Barbara: Well, yeah. He was angry. And he had a right to be. I set this all in motion. I know my son died hating his mother forever.

Rose: You know what I don't like about this? Is that Paul is not here to tell you his side of the story. Yeah. I don't think you knew him as well as you think you did. But that's okay. 'Cause I'm gonna set you straight. You talk about hate? I mean, your son was the kindest, gentlest, weetest person I have ever known in my life. No matter what you did or what you said, he just -- could never hate you for it.

Barbara: But he did. I pushed him too far. He gave up on me.

Rose: No. No, he hated what you did. But he understood why you did the things that you did.

Barbara: How could he possibly understand when I don't even understand myself?

Rose: Because he knew you had to be tough when he was growing up as a little kid because of that father of his. You had to protect him from him.

Barbara: He told you about that?

Rose: He tells me every -- he told me everything. Because I was gonna marry that man. He was angry with you for what you did, yeah. Bringing Dusty in, trying to break us up. But he understood why you did it. Deep in his heart, he understood you couldn't help yourself. You're just trying to protect him from the enemy. And you saw me as the enemy.

Barbara: His whole life, I did everything in my power to keep him safe, protect him.

Rose: I know that. I know.

Lucinda: Rose, dear?

[Knock on door.]

Lucinda: Rose, it's me. It's Lucinda.

Barbara: Not her, please. Not her.

Rose: I got it.

Rose: Hey, Ms. Walsh.

Lucinda: I was just passing by and I wanted to see how you were managing and -- Barbara?

Rose: Yeah, and she knows. She knows everything about Paul.

Lucinda: I'll go.

Rose: No, no, no. Can you just -- talk to her. Please?

Lucinda: Hello, Barbara. I'm very sorry. He was a beautiful, wonderful boy. You have my deepest sympathies.

Barbara: Thank you.

Lucinda: You know, these kids -- when our Bryant, you know, died so suddenly. Awful -- even younger -- I still feel it. I still feel it every time I walk by his apartment by my pool house. Mm-hmm.

Barbara: Well, Lucinda, it's just sinking in for me.

Lucinda: Uh-huh.

[Knock on door.]

Rose: Oh.

Kim: Lily called us with this terrible news. Rose, I am so sorry.

Rose: Thank you. It's okay. Come on. Thanks for coming.

Kim: Oh, honey. Oh, honey. Oh, honey. Oh, what can I say? This is just devastating. Oh, sweetheart.

Barbara: I'm so glad you're here.

Kim: I know, my darling. Oh, he was the most wonderful person. We all loved him with all our hearts.

Lisa: Honey, let me know if there's anything in the world that I can do for you.

Barbara: I'm just glad you're here. That's all -- thank you so much.

Lisa: Of course we are. Listen, old friends stick together in times like this. Baby, I don't think -- I don't think you should stay alone tonight.

Kim: No, no. Lisa -- Lisa's right. I'm gonna bring you home with me. Okay?

Barbara: Thank you. I don't think I could go back to the Lakeview.

That's the last place I saw Paul.

Kim: All right. When we get you home, I'll call John. I'll have him come take a look at you. We'll get you calmed down, sweetheart.

Rose: I'm gonna give you guys some time, okay? I'm just gonna -- I'm gonna take a little walk.

Barbara: Rose -- I think you were gonna say something to me, and I'd like to hear it. Do you think it's possible that Paul would have forgiven me?

Dusty: Rose is a friend of mine. I'm not looking to score anything.

Spangler: Well, what about her former employer?

Dusty: Who's that?

Spangler: Lucinda Walsh. The billionaire and still counting. I understand she and Rose are very close.

Dusty: They're all just a big part of this extended family.

Spangler: This isn't just a family thing. Rose was a vice president of Walsh's company, worldwide. She worked there for about a year, took a leave of absence to take care of her sick father. Walsh wanted her back. Rose said she decided to open a beauty shop instead. Does that sound familiar?

Dusty: Yeah. That's good research.

Spangler: Hey, I made a few calls.

Dusty: It's gotta stop there. Rose and Lucinda, no, no. They are off limits. I don't want you near them.

Spangler: Do you remember a couple of years ago? Certain gentlemen in Chicago didn't care for your attitude? Who did you call for protection, Dusty? Who made all those gentlemen go away?

Dusty: You did.

Spangler: You bet your -- and now you want to cut me out of a score? What am I supposed to think about that?

Dusty: There's no score. That's what I'm saying. There's no score.

Spangler: Re is now. Because you and I are going to use Rose to squeeze a major payday out of Lucinda Walsh. That's the score. That's the deal. And you're going to go along with it, buddy boy, to the letter.

Craig: Hey.

Rosanna: You're still here? I told you I didn't need your help.

Craig: Well, I couldn't leave things the way they were. You have to make me understand.

Emma: It's okay. It's okay. Come. Sit down. Sit down here and rest. Are you okay? Come on, sweetie. Can I get you something to eat? Huh?

Rosanna: I just need to sit.

Emma: Okay. I'll get you some coffee, all right? It's all right.

Craig: How'd it go with Jack?

Rosanna: Swimmingly. He asked me the same questions over and over, things he already knew the answer to.

Craig: What did you tell him?

Rosanna: I have nothing to tell.

Craig: Okay. All right.

Emma: Here, sweetie. Here's some coffee.

Rosanna: Thank you.

Emma: All right. I'm gonna leave you two alone to talk.

Rosanna: You think I killed Carly, don't you?

Craig: How can you say that?

Rosanna: Well, Jack and Mike think I did it. Why not you?

Craig: Oh, I dismiss everything Jack says, and I stopped listening to Mike Kasnoff when I met him.

Rosanna: Oh, please. The three of you are Carly's men. You're still serving her even though she's nowhere to be found.

Craig: Hey. Hey, I serve myself. All right? And I want my life back. And you are my life. So let me help you.

Rosanna: There's nothing you can do to help me because nothing happened. Carly has gone away on a whim and she will come back the same way. But the damage has been done. She's made a fool out of you for the 1,000th time. And I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever end.

Margo: The lab results came back from those gardening tools. There were traces of blood. It's a match to Carly.

Jack: Ramirez, forget the phone calls. You're taking a drive with me.

Margo: Wait. Where are you going?

Jack: To arrest Rosanna Cabot.

Dusty: I'm not running a scam on Lucinda Walsh. No. You want to go after her? That's it. No, you're on your own.

Spangler: No, no -- just wait a minute. Dusty, come on, man. Your little beautician friend is the key here. I need her. Which means I need you.

Dusty: I can't help you out, charley. I'm out.

Spangler: No, no, wait a minute. Dusty, please. Don't let this get ugly. Okay? Not now. Not now that your face has finally started to heal. Did you ever see a guy after he's had both kneecaps broken? It's a sad, sad sight, my friend.

Dusty: Okay.

Spangler: Okay what?

Dusty: I'm in. I'm gonna use Rose to get to Lucinda.

Spangler: Good. You won't regret it. 'Cause I'm gonna make it worth your while. 50/50 split.

Dusty: I gotta be the one who's gonna set it up. I don't want you near

Rose. You understand?

Spangler: That's fine. Then I'll keep my distance. I'll let you do the groundwork. But if I get a whiff, a whiff, of you stalling, those broken kneecaps are gonna be the least of your troubles.

Rose: You know Paul, you know. You know, when he got mad, he'd make a lot of noise. And then -- then he got over it. I think that's how it would have gone with you, Barbara. He would have stayed away for a while, you know, he wouldn't have made it easy on you. But in the end, yeah. Yeah, he would have forgiven you.

Barbara: You didn't see the way he looked at me.

Rose: Oh, I know that look, Barbara. I do. But he once said to me -- yeah, one time he said to me, he said we kids owe parents a lot of chances in their life. Because the parents gave those kids a lot of chances growing up.

Barbara: He said that to you?

Rose: Yeah. Yeah.

Barbara: When?

Rose: Here. Right here in this room. We talked about having kids, you know? We talked a lot -- about everything.

Barbara: That was my boy. He was kind and generous. Thank you.

Jessica: What if there is some kind of backlash against me? I mean, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Ben: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're getting way ahead of yourself. How do you know this isn't a blessing in disguise?

Jessica: Blessing?

Ben: Yes. First, it keeps you from rushing back to work while you're still recovering.

Jessica: Recovered. I'm fine.

Ben: Second, it gives you more time to spend with me.

Jessica: Well, I don't have a problem with that. I mean, we're engaged. We're gonna get married. We're gonna have a wonderful life together, but I need to work.

Ben: And you will. Look, for every Evelyn Hart that doesn't want to work with you, there's at least ten people who'd be more than proud to have you representing them.

Jessica: I wish I could believe you, but my faith in people isn't as strong as it used to be.

Ben: Come on, baby, don't let what Travers did to you change the way you feel about all people. You have to believe in them before you can help them.

Jessica: You know, I thought my career was the one thing that Marshall couldn't touch, the one thing that he didn't contaminate. But what if I was wrong? What if my career ended the night he raped me?

Marshall: I called ahead and had them put this on ice for us.

Newman: What's the occasion?

Marshall: Well, the word is out that I've been reinstated as an attorney. The phone has already started to ring.

Newman: Well, congratulations.

Marshall: I've also got a large commission check coming from the sale of the Monte Carlo fashion house. So, my cash flow problems are about to solved.

Newman: I gotta be honest with you, Marshall. I thought that rape trial was gonna knock you out of the box big time. But I was wrong. You have landed on your feet.

Marshall: May I make a toast?

Newman: It's your party.

Marshall: To my career.

Jack: Craig, this will be a lot easier if you would wait outside.

Craig: Why'd you come back, Jack? You miss something? You're under arrest.

Craig: Huh?

Jack: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you --

Rosanna: Let go of me.

Craig: What are you doing?

Jack: I asked you to wait outside!

Craig: While you arrest my wife on bogus kidnapping charges?

Jack: The charges aren't kidnapping anymore, Craig. And they're not bogus, either.

Emma: Jack, what are you doing?

Jack: We found blood on the gardening tools. Matched it to Carly's hospital records. This isn't a missing persons case anymore. It's looking a lot more like murder.

Rosanna: Craig?

Craig: Jack, Jack, Jack, give me a minute with her, please. Jack!

Jack: 30 seconds. I'll be waiting outside that door.

Emma: Jack, I want to talk to you.

Craig: I'm not gonna let them do this to you. All right?

Rosanna: They're doing it.

Craig: Huh? Listen, that will not happen. They can handcuff you. They cannot convict you. They will not railroad you. I will not let them do this.

Rosanna: What are you gonna do?

Craig: Whatever it takes, okay?

Rosanna: I don't think you can stop it. I'm scared.

Craig: Look. You can't be scared. Okay? I won't allow that. I forbid it. All right? I'm gonna do whatever it takes. But you've gotta promise me you can't be scared, okay? Okay? Promise me?

Jack: Let's go. Come on. Now.

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Jack: I have looked at this thing ten different ways, and everything points to Rosanna! She had the method, motive, opportunities!

Marshall: What's the problem?

Craig: I need to hire you again.

Marshall: What for?

Craig: My wife is about to be charged with murder.

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