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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 5/13/03

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Katie: I've got a news flash for you, Mike Kasnoff. Is he gonna think I'm a snoop and hate me? No. He's a friend, and he should know what Molly's up to. What if he gets mad at me and not her? I should just leave this alone.

Katie: Mike!

Mike: Hey.

Katie: Hi. I was just --

Mike: Standing on my front porch, talking to yourself. You gonna tell me why?

Dusty: Barbara, it's Dusty. I am sick of leaving you these messages. You either call me back, or you get over here. Better yet, just wire that money into my account. I need it now.

[Knocking at door]

Dusty: I gotta get outta town. You understand?

Rose: Expecting somebody else -- partner?

Dusty: No. It's just --

Rose: No, just save yourself another lie. I figured out that you and Barbara have some business to finish, so I decided that we're gonna wait for her together.

[Rose walks past Dusty and into his room]

Barbara: Paul -- just give me a chance to explain, okay?

Paul: You paid my best friend to seduce my fiancé, and you have an explanation? Well, this I've gotta hear.

Barbara: First think I want you to know is that everything I have done, I have done for you. Are you leaving?

Paul: There's no reason to stay.

Barbara: Where are you going?

Paul: As far away from you as I can possibly get.

Rosanna: I begged him to let Lucy see Aaron, and he turned a deaf ear. You show up, and suddenly it's, "sure!" He'll go along with it.

Sierra: Do you really think that he meant any of that? He was just buying time because he knew that I was taking the kids back to Montega. I don't have any special powers over him, Rosanna. He turns to me when all his other options are gone.

Rosanna: I should be the person he turns to.

Sierra: He can't turn to you when he screws up because he cares too much what you think. I'm like a -- an old slipper who is comfortable and familiar and he doesn't need to impress.

Rosanna: But if I'm so important to him, then why doesn't what I want matter? Why do his needs always come first?

Sierra: Because he's Craig Montgomery.

Rosanna: That's not good enough! All his life, women have been letting him get by on charm, and now I'm supposed to do the same? I don't think so! I wouldn't tolerate that in an employee, and I'm certainly not going to tolerate that in a husband!

Sierra: Well, then you certainly don't have any choice. You have to divorce him. Unless, of course, you're not really prepared to do that.

Rosanna: Well, I don't know. I --

Sierra: I know. You love him. And he loves you. Which is why you're the only person who can help me.

Rosanna: And I would do this because?

Sierra: Getting Craig to accept Lucy and Aaron as a couple will get your marriage back on track.

Rosanna: So Lucy gets Aaron, and Rosanna gets Craig. What does Sierra walk away with?

Craig: Jack, you don't write, you don't call.

Jack: Let's go. I'm bringing you in for questioning.

Craig: You already ransacked my house and didn't find anything. Carly's cute, but she can't keep a secret to save her life.

Carly: Jack, I was just --

Jack: I didn't need to find anything, Craig. I've got more than enough to haul you downtown and grill you for a couple days.

Craig: I thought we'd finished playing cops and robbers.

Jack: You're right. The time for playing games is over, Craig. And it ends with you getting out of Carly's life for good.

Mike: Now, you gonna tell me why you were standing on my front porch talking to yourself?

Katie: Do you have any honey for this?

Mike: Probably. Carly bought it by the crate, and Molly did, too. I'll grab you some.

Katie: No, you know what? It's okay. I don't really need it. All of a sudden, I feel unbelievably dumb. I -- I'm sorry.

Mike: For what?

Katie: Have you ever seen someone stick a "kick me" sign on your friend's back, and you thought, "should I tell them, or should I just wait and hope that it falls off so that I don't have to hurt their feelings or something?"

Mike: Okay, is there a period anywhere in this sentence?

Katie: Yeah, I'm done. I'm -- oh, this is stupid! I'm sorry. I'm gonna go.

Mike: Wait, wait, wait. What just -- give me the lowdown.

Katie: You're not gonna like it.

Mike: Probably not, but I'll survive.

Katie: All right. I saw Molly leaving Dusty's room tonight.

Mike: You were spying?

Katie: No! No, I was delivering some files to Dr. Dixon. He lives at the Lakeview, too. So I just was leaving and saw her.

Mike: So you came here to warn me?

Katie: No, I came here because -- Molly's using you.

Mike: For what? I mean, she's got money. Good times? I'm sure every guy in this town would be happy to show her some of those.

Katie: Yeah, well, not every guy in this town would be happy to be with her when something goes wrong in her life. But you would.

Mike: Yeah, I'm a real sweetheart.

Katie: Yes, you are! That's why all these women flock to you when something in their life goes wrong. Molly, Carly, Rosanna. They all take advantage of you, and it's not fair. I mean, they all use you as their personal 911 guy, and it's gotta stop.

Mike: What are you supposed to do about it?

Katie: Six magic words. That's all you need to know.

Mike: What's that?

Katie: "Stay the hell away from me." That's all you need to tell them. Next time they come running to you, throw that in their face.

Mike: "Stay the hell away from me"?

Katie: Mm-hmm. I'll even print it up on some shirts. That'll be on the front, and on the back it'll say, "Do I look like your husband?" Your days of being a doormat are over.

Mike: Hmm. You sure do take a lot of interest in the women in my life for, you know, someone who wasn't spying --

Katie: I wasn't. Okay, maybe a little bit, but only because you're my friend, and I don't like to see a guy like you being taken advantage of.

Mike: I'm not complaining. I -- I could use a friend. You want some honey for this tea or no?

Katie: Oh, no, no. I'm fine. But you're not, are you?

Mike: Yeah. No, no. It's just Molly.

Katie: I'm sorry. You're such a good guy.

Mike: You're sorry I'm a good guy?

Katie: No, you know what I mean. I guess I'll probably just go.

Molly: When I first met you, you stole my job. What are you trying to steal from me tonight?

Dusty: Look, I want you to know something, all right? I never meant for things --

Rose: To use me? To make a fool out of me? Well, you did. But don't you worry about that. Because I have survived worse. But Paul -- I mean, he is not used to two people that he loves stabbing him in the back.

Dusty: Hey, look. I got troubles, you know? Big ones. Barbara was just a way out for me.

Rose: So that makes it right? To rip the heart out of your best friend because you were in a little trouble?

Dusty: What's wrong with you? You don't think that I care that I hurt Paul?

Rose: You hurt him? You destroyed him. But I didn't make it too hard for you, now, did I? But you know, there's nothing I can do about that. But there is something I can do now. I tell you right now, if you or that maniac that you've been working with go near Paul ever again, I swear I'll make you suffer. And don't think that I don't hate you enough to do it, 'cause I do. I hate you.

Dusty: Okay. You hate me. So what? You hate someone more than me, and it ain't Barbara. You know what's eatin' you up? Is you knowing that me and Barbara could've never hurt Paul without your help.

Barbara: Honey, you don't have to leave town to get away from me. I will give you as much room as you want. I will. I promise. I know it's gonna take awhile before things can get back to normal --

Paul: Things will never be back to normal between us. But as long as you're here, let's have that explanation you promised me. Why'd you pay Dusty to break up me and Rose?

Barbara: I didn't think she loved you the way that you loved her. And I -- raised you. You're my son. And I knew that you would never cheat on her. And I knew that the minute she had the opportunity --

Paul: Shut up! Shut up!

Barbara: I had to protect you, Paul! I'm your mother! That's my job!

Paul: From what?! Protect me from what?! Life?!

Barbara: I know what it feels like to have a spouse cheat on you. And I knew that you would never believe that Rose could do that, so I had to get the proof. So I hired Dusty to supply you with that proof. Because I was only trying to save you from hurt down the road. Can you imagine if you had married her, Paul?!

Paul: That's all I've been doing for the last year, imagining that. Imagining how my life would finally come into focus. I didn't give a damn about the jobs and the money. And the perks I grew up with, they didn't make me happy. But Rose -- no, she made me happy. She saw me for me and who I was. And she loved me. She loved me, not who I pretended to be. And I was imagining a life with her. A life with her -- my life. And you couldn't stand that, so you took it all away and left me with something as empty and pathetic as yours!

Barbara: Our lives only feel empty because life has given us so many disappointments. But that can change. We still have each other. We can travel maybe. We can be --

Paul: You and I will never be together again. Never! Do you hear me? I am finished being your son.

Jack: You kidnapped Barbara, and you didn't care that you left Emily, Carly and Rose holding the bag.

Craig: What bag? If I had kidnapped that wolverine, I would have done it to help Carly, not hurt her.

Carly: I didn't ask for your help, Craig, and certainly not that kind of help.

Jack: I know who you are, Craig. You're the kind of guy who doesn't make a move without calculating exactly what's in it for him. You used Carly as an excuse to get Emily and Rose to do what you were too afraid to do yourself.

Craig: That's almost interesting, Jack. But like so many other theories, we won't be able to test it.

Jack: Why's that?

Craig: Because, if you are right and I had masterminded Barbara's kidnapping using Emily and Rose, then under your questioning, I would be forced to implicate them. And you would be forced to arrest the very women you are trying to protect, who would only admit they did it to help Carly, who would then be dragged into this, and it would be a miracle if she then did not lose Monte Carlo!

Carly: Jack is not gonna risk his badge to cover for you.

Craig: No. But he would risk it for you. Right, g-man? Still wanna take me to the little interrogation room?

Carly: Hey, back off, Craig!

Craig: Well, come on, Jack. Let's go. Take me downtown. You have dreams to destroy.

Rosanna: I'm serious, Sierra. What do you get out of making Lucy and Aaron's romance palatable to Craig?

Sierra: A happy child. I don't want my daughter to have to choose between her father and Aaron. No more than you should have to choose between being a good stepmother and being a good wife.

Rosanna: Come on. You think I believe you care about my marriage?

Sierra: You have no reason to be defensive, really. I promise you, this is in no way -- anything to do with me and Craig. I am not trying to win him back. I tell you, the minute he comes around, I will be on the next plane to Montega.

Rosanna: But you loved him.

Sierra: Sure, I loved him. But that was a long time ago. And he's sort of an old slipper to me, too.

Rosanna: Really?

Sierra: Mm-hmm.

Rosanna: Then maybe we should talk about what we're supposed to be working on.

Sierra: Well, I don't exactly have a full-blown plan yet, but I do know that we need to get Craig's attention, and that's where you come in.

Rosanna: Why me?

Sierra: I could juggle baby lion cubs in front of Craig, and he wouldn't notice. You walk in a room, and he is riveted on you.

Rosanna: Unless Carly is there first.

Sierra: Nonsense.

Rosanna: He is obsessed with my sister.

Sierra: But he's in love with you. So use that.

Rosanna: I've tried. Every time Craig and I start to get close, Carly has some sort of crisis. And then my husband -- the last candidate for the citizen of they year award -- jumps on his white horse and goes galloping off to rescue her. Humiliating doesn't even begin to describe it.

Sierra: Oh, I know exactly where you are coming from. There was a time in Montega that I wanted to round up all the females and put them on a boat out to sea.

Rosanna: No, I'm serious. I'm beginning to think that the only way I'm going to have my husband's complete attention is by getting Carly out of our lives for good.

Sierra: Well, maybe you should just try returning his phone calls and see what happens with that.

Rosanna: No. No, I'll do better than that. I think the first order of business is to keep the "Monte" away from the "Carlo." Thank you, Sierra. You have a gift for making things crystal clear.

Jack: Don't you ever question my loyalty to Carly. Everything I've done has been to keep her dream alive.

Carly: Your dream is being a cop. I don't want you to endanger that.

Jack: Yeah, I made my choices, Carly.

Carly: And you made them for me.

Jack: Let's just hope dressing up a bunch of cranky models is all it's cracked up to be.

Craig: Well, if you two could stop cooing for a minute --

Carly: Thank you.

Jack: Don't leave town again. And don't make a move on Barbara. I'm watching you.

Craig: Did you see that? I got the scary face.

Carly: You should be grateful that you are not locked up in jail right now.

Craig: Oh, please! Let us concentrate on putting on a fashion show and making millions, and I can be proven right.

Carly: About what?

Craig: Us. When we met three years ago in Hong Kong, you stole my wallet. I knew then that you and I were destined for greatness -- together. Huh?

Carly: And where does that leave Rosanna?

Craig: Front and center, being fawned over by a grateful you.

[Carly laughs]

Carly: I think I should get my magic wand. I'm gonna need it for that.

[Carly Snyder goes to a back room]

Craig: Ah! And I'll do a little magic of my own and make Bar-Bar go bye- bye.

Mike: Katie's my guest. You don't have to go anywhere.

Katie: No, it's okay. It's fine. Just remember those six magic words -- "Stay the hell --"

Mike: Thank you.

Katie: You know. All right. I'll show myself out. Ciao.

Molly: She just couldn't wait to get over here and rat me out, could she?

Mike: What's going on?

[Cell phone rings]

Katie: Hello?

Craig: Katie. Where you been?

Katie: Changing bedpans, trying to pay bills, trying to nurse a broken heart. I couldn't have done it without you. Oh, wait. I did.

Craig: Well, I've been busy.

Katie: Yeah, leaving Rosanna on her wedding day.

Craig: Now, don't worry about Rosanna. Because I -- I want to take care of you.

Katie: Yeah, well, too little too late -- again.

Craig: Yeah, well, I know you've been through a lot. But I'd like to make it up to you and take you over to Al's for a hot fudge sundae.

Katie: Oh, that might help -- if I were 6. This is a waste. Bye.

Craig: No, no, no, no, no. Don't hang up.

Katie: Then tell me why you called.

Craig: Because I'm in a jam, and you're the only one who can help me. Please? I know I don't really have the right to ask, but -- Katie?

Katie: Yes, I'm here, and totally not needed. So I'll meet you at Al's.

Molly: Katie told you that she saw me coming out of Dusty's room, didn't she? Mike, it's not what you think!

Mike: When it comes to you, I really don't know what to think, okay? You've lied to me so many times, it's ridiculous.

Molly: You're right. I have. And I am so sorry. But I am telling the truth right now. Okay? I'm scared.

Mike: Oh, because those big, bad thugs that came after Dusty are coming after you? I already fell for that line.

Molly: You don't understand. You're not --

Mike: No, I don't understand, and I'm tired of trying to guess. I never know what's real with you. Never.

Molly: Let me tell you what's real. I am not seeing Dusty again. I'm not.

Mike: Then why did you go to his room? Why did you have anything to do with him after you told me that you wouldn't?

Molly: Because the FBI won't leave me alone --

Mike: The FBI, okay, because the CIA too busy to have you tailed, right?

Molly: Mike, I'm sorry. I don't want you in the middle of this mess. I know it's a mess --

Mike: Good, good. You know why? I'm gonna tell you something. I'm done. Okay. Yes, I made a mistake when I slept with Carly, okay? But that is over. I have paid for that over and over again. That debt is canceled.

Molly: Can I at least spend the night?

Mike: I don't think that's a good idea.

Dusty: Hey -- what are you doing?

Rose: I hate you! I hate you! And I hate that shop!

Dusty: Come on, don't just -- don't just throw away the one good thing that came out of all this. This shop, it belongs to you. You put your heart and soul into it.

Rose: No, my heart and soul was to Paul. If I wasn't been so greedy, if I hadn't taken money from you guys, you and Barbara -- if I didn't want that shop so bad, I never would have had you be my partner.

Dusty: If having me as a partner is such problem for you, I'm gonna sign the shop over to you right now.

Rose: You don't get it! It's not about the shop. You think for a second I'm gonna work in that place -- you just said it -- reminding me of how I helped you hurt Paul? It goes for sale Tomorrow. I'll get you and Barbara a check for half as soon as I find a buyer.

Dusty: Barbara has no claim to this shop.

Rose: She paid for it!

Dusty: I paid her back!

Rose: She paid me back, for having the nerve to love her son. Look at you, you get your money. Barbara gets her Paul. What does he get? Did either one of you think about that, even for one second?

Dusty: Damn it!

Barbara: Honey, I know this is all very upsetting to you.

Paul: Just get out, mom. Just get out. Nobody wants you. Can't you see that? Will doesn't want you. Jen doesn't want you. I don't want you.

Barbara: Stop it. Stop it!

Paul: Just get --

Barbara: Stop it! I love all of my children. But you and I have had this special bond. We always -- I'm not gonna let you go, Paul.

Paul: Mom! Don't you touch me every again.

Barbara: You're my son. You're my firstborn.

Paul: I want you out of my life! I want you out of -- never --

Barbara: No, no, you've got to remember, it was just to be the two of us --

Paul: Yeah, yeah. I remember that. I remember that. I remember. You would lean over my bed at night, and you would whisper those words in my ears. I never had a chance!

Barbara: You had the best of everything! You've had a wonderful life, a wonderful education! You were gonna throw it away on Rose D'Angelo?! After everything I've done to protect you from your father?!

Paul: Ah, yes. The evil James Stenbeck.

Barbara: I have spent my entire life protecting you from him.

Paul: Well, you know who I really needed protection from, mom? You.

Barbara: Don't you leave me! No!

[Paul Ryan opens the door to the room to leave and sees Dusty Donovan on the other side]

Paul: She's all yours.

Dusty: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. There's something I gotta say to you.

Paul: I don't need an explanation. I may have been a little slow, but I got the picture. You thought it would be a lot of fun to seduce my fiancé. Well, you had your laughs. Now get the hell out of my way.

Dusty: I gotta tell you this. I did not like what I was doing. I had loan sharks on top of me. And they were gonna kill me if I didn't pay up. Now, your mother, she offered me a way --

Barbara: Don't you dare start to blame me --

Paul: You know what? Both of you, just shut the hell up. Just shut up! It doesn't matter why you did it. The fact is you did it, and it changes everything. Mom, see you in hell.

Barbara: Paul!

[Paul Ryan leaves]

Dusty: Where are you going?

Barbara: Let me –

Dusty: Get over here!

Barbara: Let me go!

Dusty: Stay! Paul may be finished with you. But let's make one thing clear. I am not.

Jack: Any hungry pregnant women in here?

Carly: Hey, you're back.

Jack: Check these out.

Carly: Oh, onion rings! Thank you. I'm starving.

Jack: Nothing but the best. Any chance I can get you to sit down and eat those?

Carly: Oh, yeah. Of course. I'm sorry. I'm -- I'm just so busy. There's just so much to do. And I don't have much time left, I've been looking and staring at these dresses for so long, I'm not even sure if they're good anymore. You think they're good, don't you?

Jack: You kidding me? This is the best stuff you've ever done. Where's your partner? I thought he was supposed to be here to help.

Carly: Well, he'll be helping tomorrow.

Jack: At the show?

Carly: Actually, he's not going to be at the show. He's gonna devote all his time to keeping Barbara away.

Jack: I can't believe you agreed to that.

Carly: Why?

Jack: Don't you want her to see your designs so you can rub her nose in it?

Carly: I guess so. But Craig's right. She's a wild card. You remember what she did at my last fashion show in New York? I keep having this nightmare that she's gonna ruin this one, too.

Jack: She's not gonna ruin it. No one's gonna ruin anything. 'Cause I'm gonna be there to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Carly: Well, that makes me feel a lot better.

Jack: Any chance I can get you to knock off for the night?

Carly: I have so much to do.

Jack: Oh.

Craig: Thank you.

Katie: Why do I get the feeling that this is some kind of 12,000-calorie bribe?

Craig: Bribe? Me?

Katie: You? This is a lot of ice cream, Craig. What kind of help do you need?

Craig: Oh, nothing really. I just would like to know what you might have told the police about the night we used your key to get into Barbara's suite at the Lakeview.

Katie: I haven't told them anything. I haven't told anyone anything.

Craig: Good. Good.

[Craig laughs]

Katie: What? That's it? I just answered that question and all this is mine?

Craig: Well, actually, there is just one little thing more. I need you to help me keep Barbara out of the way tomorrow.

Carly: You're here to help? That's great. Jack, you can go.

Jack: You sure?

Carly: Yes. Absolutely. Rosanna and I can handle this. Thank you. Well, you are a life saver.

Rosanna: You can drop the gushy sister act. The night guard told me Craig has already been here. What did he tell you to do, kiss my feet?

Carly: I believe "fawn all over you" was the phrase. But I'm perfectly happy to do it.

[Rosanna sighs]

Rosanna: I'll just bet you are. Oh, don't worry, Carly dearest. You'll have your little fashion show. And when the time comes for the photographers to take the picture, I'll even put my arm around you and smile r the cameras. Because my husband asked me to.

Carly: Okay. If that's how you want it to be, then that's how it will be. So what's your pleasure? Steaming or organizing?

Rosanna: Oh, no. I'm the owner of Monte Carlo, remember? My only help comes when it comes time to take the bows and get the applause. Night, night, working girl.

Katie: Oh, no, Craig. What have you done now?

Craig: I won't bore you with the details.

Katie: Well, I know that you stole Barbara's designs from her Lakeview suite.

Craig: Company matters.

[Craig laughs]

Katie: And that Carly has some run-through fashion show Tomorrow. Oh, my God!

Craig: What?

Katie: You showed Carly Barbara's designs, didn't you! And you're afraid that Barbara's gonna see some similarities?

Craig: I gave Carly some suggestions. She was stuck. She needed some inspiration.

Katie: And you provided that with Barbara's designs? Does Carly know this? Oh, man, you are such an idiot!

Craig: Which is why I need you to help me keep Barbara away tomorrow.

Katie: Huh-uh.

Craig: Just help me this one time.

Katie: Barbara is running around town telling everyone and their dog that you had her kidnapped, and you want me to help you do it again tomorrow? Sorry. I love you, Craig, but you are so on your own this time.

Molly: It is not a game. I did not sleep with Dusty. I didn't. Katie is wrong, as usual.

Mike: Don't go there. She's a friend of mine.

Molly: Used to be me.

Mike: Did it? I don't know about that. I really wish things would have turned out differently, though.

Molly: Me, too. Well, good. I'm glad that you have a new friend. You deserve that. And I think you're right. I need to just move on.

Mike: You'll be okay?

Molly: Yeah. I'll be fine.

Mike: Take care.

Molly: Yeah. You, too.

Dusty: I suggest you don't play games with me right now. We had a very simple agreement. I was to find my way into Paul and Rose's relationship and break it up. I did that. Now pay me!

Barbara: This was supposed to bring me closer to my son. But you decided to play the noble guy and tell him the truth?! And he's left me!

Dusty: The truth is, you're not leaving this apartment until I get my money, lady! You understand?!

Rose: What are you doing in Paul's room, both of you? You're supposed to stay away from him! Where is he? Where is he?!

Dusty: He's gone.

Rose: What? What are you saying? What are you telling me?

Dusty: He packed up. He's gone. And he's not coming back.

James: Here's where you and I began, Paul. Years and years ago.

Paul: And you're laughing at me. It's okay. I'm getting used to it.

James: I would never laugh at you. All I've wanted you to do is to acknowledge that you're my blood, my son, and stand up and take your place in the world.

Paul: But I didn't want that. I hated being your son.

James: You can't deny who you are. If you try to do that, it will destroy you. No, that's why I've worked so hard to get you to accept your destiny. I was protecting you.

Paul: You sound like mom.

James: Yeah. You've had to listen to her. It's a pity. Look what she's done to you.

Paul: Well, she can't hurt me anymore. Neither can you. Nobody can.

James: You're right. Paul, now you are in charge of your life, your destiny.

Paul: It's about time.

Tower: Cessna 514B, you are cleared for takeoff.

James: Where are you going?

Paul: To the only place left.

James: Well, you know, I'm due for a trip. Why don't you take your dad along?

Paul: Whatever. Roger, tower. Cessna 514B, ready for takeoff.

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