ATWT Transcript Monday 5/5/03


As The World Turns Transcript Monday 5/5/03

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Rick: Well, I've never been known for my timing.

Alison: Who the heck are you?

Susan: Alison!

Emily: Ali, this is Dr. Decker.

Susan: Eric Decker.

Rick: My friends call me Rick.

Alison: What's with the champagne? What's he celebrating?

Rick: Do you want to take it from here?

Susan: Rick just got a job at Memorial.

Alison: So you're celebrating your new job?

Susan: Not just that. Rick is a friend --

Rick: You know, Susan, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have just shown up.

Susan: It's okay. It's okay.

Alison: How did you get in?

Emily: He has a key, Ali.

Alison: A key? Are you taking in boarders now?

Susan: No, I am not taking in boarders.

Rick: Susan this isn't a good time for me. I think it would be easier if I weren't here.

Susan: No, no, no. Please wait. Wait, wait. Rick is here because I asked him to be. I've invited Rick to live with us.

Mike: Hey, it's me. I got your message. You sound upset. Call me when you get this.

[Knocking at door] hey.

Molly: Mike, I am so glad you're here. Well, I turned off my phone because I was afraid that the FBI was gonna harass me.

Mike: The -- what are you talking about?

Molly: Remember when I told you that Dusty -- that these strong arm guys trying to get him to cough up some money for something. Whatever. Well, it turns out that's the least of his worries. The FBI is after him, too.

Mike: For what?

Molly: I don't think you're going to believe this. Because I'm not even sure that I can believe this.

Mike: What?

Molly: He is involved in some crime syndicate in Chicago. And the FBI wants me to be their ticket to bring him down.

Barbara: Dusty's messages on my cell phone aren't illegal, Jack. Kidnapping is.

Jack: Are you giving me lectures on the law now?

Barbara: Do your job.

Jack: I meant what I said, Barbara. You back off or I make you and Dusty priority one.

Barbara: You have no right to try to turn my son against me.

Jack: You did that yourself.

Barbara: You can't protect Craig and his gang of bimbos forever, you know?

Jack: Go home, Barbara. You don't want justice, you want revenge. Let's face it, you want what you can't have.

Barbara: And, in your mind, that would be what?

Jack: You want the world to be the way it was when you were married to Hal. But it's more than that. You want Paul and Rose apart permanently. She's the real target, isn't she, Barbara? Destroying Rose is the brass ring, and you're not gonna stop until you grab it.

Mitzi: Hi, ya, handsome.

Paul: Hey.

Mitzi: Hey, where's your honey?

Paul: She's meeting me. She should be here by now.

Mitzi: Rosie'll be late for her own funeral. Hey. You okay?

Paul: Yeah. I'm fine.

Mitzi: 'Cause it's none of my beeswax, but you look like somebody just canceled your season tickets to the cubs.

Paul: No, I've just got some stuff on my mind. That's all.

Mitzi: Yeah, who doesn't? I'm ordering nail polish for the salon. Did you know that pink comes in like 27 different shades?

Paul: Hey, Mitzi, can I ask you something?

Mitzi: Sure. Shoot.

Paul: How does Rose feel about Dusty Donovan?

Mitzi: She feels like he's the reason the checks aren't bouncing at the roller palace.

Paul: No, no, no. I don't mean as a partner. I mean, as a man. How does Rose really feel about Dusty?

[Banging at door]

Dusty: Come on, Rose, open up. I'm not going anywhere.

Rose: Scram, Dusty!

[Banging at door]

Dusty: Open up the door. I need to talk to you.

Rose: I'm meeting Paul, and I'm late. So you gotta get lost.

[Banging at door]

Dusty: Come on, Rose, open up!

Rose: I'm not hearing you! Please! Finally.

Rose: Don't you ever listen? I'm meeting Paul. I gotta go.

Dusty: I can't let you do that. I need you to hear me out first, please.

Mitzi: I'm gonna need something stronger than coffee if you're gonna ask me to dish on Rose.

Paul: I'm not asking you to dish.

Mitzi: Any way you cut the Danish --

Paul: I'm just curious. I know how close you guys are.

Mitzi: Close enough to know that you're the best thing that's ever happened to her since her curling iron. You're not -- I mean, I don't wanna say the word "jealous," but you don't think that there could possibly be anything between Dusty and Rose?

Paul: I know Rose loves me.

Mitzi: Yeah, like crazy. So don't go getting funny ideas.

Paul: This is about Dusty, not Rose. I found out something about him. I gotta tell her, and it's not gonna be easy.

Mitzi: Rose can take her lumps. What's the dirt on Dusty?

Paul: I can't get into it, Mitzi. But he's not who she thinks he is.

Mitzi: Yeah, sounds like one of my ex-boyfriends. I could have told ya that jerk was no boy scout.

Paul: You don't like him?

Mitzi: Nope. It's those squinty eyes. I don't trust those eyes. You got mud to sling, sling away. Just promise me that you will hit Dusty right where it counts -- in the ego. I gotta go. I got a date with Mr. Wrong.

Paul: Why go?

Mitzi: He's springing for the movie. Listen, when you're done giving Rose the lowdown on Dusty, why don't you tell her she's the luckiest gal I know, okay? You, my friend, beat hitting the lotto jackpot any day.

Paul: Thank you, Mitzi. Come on, Rose. Where are you?

Rose: Make it fast.

Dusty: Can I come in?

Rose: Two minutes, okay? And then I gotta go.

Dusty: Thanks.

Rose: You seem jumpy.

Dusty: Yeah. I gotta tell you something about the shop.

Rose: If that plumber is stiffing us on copper --

Dusty: No, no, the plumber's fine.

Rose: If he stops us from that grand opening, I'm gonna be very mad.

Dusty: This doesn't have anything to do with the shop.

Rose: But you just said that it had something to do --

Dusty: Yeah, I know. I know what I said.

Rose: Well, then could you hurry up with it, because I gotta meet Paul. I mean, the guy knows I kidnapped his mom and he still wants to talk to me. I mean, it's like a miracle. I talked to him on the phone. He says it's okay. So I really --

Dusty: Yeah, I know he did. I just saw Paul.

Rose: What? Was he still mad?

Dusty: Yeah. Yeah, he's mad. But he's not mad at you. And when you go talk to him, he's not gonna want to talk to you about Barbara's kidnapping.

Rose: How do you know that?

Dusty: He's gonna want to talk to you about me.

Rose: What about you?

Dusty: Before I start, I want you to know that I never set out to hurt you.

Rose: Let's get right right there. Get right to the finish line. You hurt me how?

Dusty: Look, when you and I became partners, Rose, I had a little bit of a cash flow problem.

Rose: All right, go on.

Dusty: Do you remember that day in the shop when the landlord was pressing you for money? I was afraid that you would just -- that you were going to miss out on everything that you had worked so damn hard for.

Rose: That's right. That's why you gave the landlord the big, fat check.

Dusty: Yes. But I had to take out a short-term loan to cover that check.

Rose: That's a bridge loan, right? Whatever. So?

Dusty: Yeah, but I didn't take it from a bank. I took it from Barbara.

Rose: Wait a minute. Tell me that's a big joke.

Dusty: It is not a joke. It was just a loan. And I paid her back with interest. Now, the thing is, Paul got wind of this. And he's going crazy. He's so angry that he can't even think straight.

Rose: Paul's angry? Paul? What about me? You mean you're telling me you made a side deal with this person? You're letting her into my life and don't say boo about it? What?

Dusty: Hey, she is not a part of this deal. This is our investment, right? This is ours. She has nothing to do with this project, I promise.

Rose: Okay, Mr. No cash flow, I want to hear it straight, no more lies. I want you to tell me right here, swear on your life, that Barbara Ryan does not own my shop.

Chris: Hey, are you okay?

Bob: You never get over losing a patient.

Chris: I'm really sorry, dad.

Bob: Did you know Stan at all? He was a feisty character.

Chris: Maybe you should go home.

Bob: You know, when I was doing a workup, he told me he really loved to travel. He was planning a trip to Alaska.

Chris: Did the autopsy report come back yet?

Bob: No, not yet. Why?

Chris: Well, I heard Dr. Dixon mention that something was off on Mr. Crumly's chart.

Bob: The discussion I had with Dr. Dixon was confidential.

Chris: I know there's a problem, dad. But one mistake in a patient's dosage -- that doesn't necessarily translate into cause of death.

Bob: What you heard is not to be repeated. Do you understand that?

Chris: You can't just shut down when things get messy, dad. That's what you did when I was a kid. But I'm not a kid anymore. I'm a doctor, like you. I just wish you would confide in me, that's all.

Bob: Don't push me on this, Chris.

Chris: I'm not trying to make things worse.

Bob: I made a mistake. I have to live with that mistake. And nobody can help me with it.

Alison: Excuse me? Dr. Champagne is going to live here?

Susan: I knew you would take it the wrong way.

Emily: Look, just wait a minute. She has every right to be a little confused --

Alison: I'm not confused. I was supposed to be gone for a year. So, hey, mom made other plans.

Susan: I should have told you about Rick. But everything happened so fast.

Emily: We just found out a couple hours ago that Alison's sentence has been commuted. So --

Rick: That's great.

Alison: Please, you don't even know me.

Susan: Alison saved the life of the matron at the detention center.

Alison: Does he know why I was in there?

Rick: Your mother told me.

Alison: What else did she tell you before she gave you my room?

Susan: Alison, nobody is co-opting your place in this house. As I've been trying to tell you, Rick is a colleague of mine. We met at a medical conference in Orlando. Rick came here to interview for a job and he needed a place to stay. And --

Emily: Mom offered because they're friends.

Alison: Since when?

Susan: A couple of weeks ago.

Alison: Wow, two whole weeks.

Rick: Alison, I know it's crazy. But when your mother told me that there was a position in my field at Memorial, well, I knew I had to act fast. Well, she spoke to Dr. Hughes and put in a good word for me, and it worked.

Alison: Well, he must not be paying you much if you have to live here.

Rick: I have a room at the Lakeview.

Alison: So live there.

Susan: He is until tomorrow.

Alison: You're kidding me? He's like your boyfriend? I'm out of your life for like five minutes, and you pick up some speaker at some convention?

Emily: Wait a minute. Mom has every right to live her life --

Alison: Well, what about me? Don't I have the right to live my life? Don't I have the right --

Rick: Susan, I think this may be a lot for her to accept.

Susan: It's okay. It doesn't give her the right to be rude. Alison, I love you. I'm glad you're home. You showed more courage in that detention center than most people show in a lifetime. But unless you lose this attitude now, you'll spend your first night home grounded. Understood?

Emily: Okay, I think everybody needs to cool off here.

Alison: You mean me!

Emily: No, everybody.

Susan: Rick, I'm sorry.

Alison: How about, "Alison, I'm sorry"?!

Rick: No, really I shouldn't be here. You two need time to adjust. I'll head --

Susan: No, Rick, we --

Emily: No, Rick is right --

Rick: I think it would be easier without me here in the middle.

Alison: Like anything I say matters!

Emily: Of course it matters.

Susan: Okay. Maybe we just need a little neutral territory. Alison, you said you wanted to go out for a milkshake?

Emily: Great idea. Milkshake. Let's go to Al's.

Susan: Just the three of us.

Emily: Okay.

Alison: So you can work me over?

Emily: No one's gonna work you over.

Susan: We'll have a little celebration.

Alison: While you try to sell this guy to me?

Rick: Alison, you and I will get to know each other on your clock, not your mother's or mine.

Susan: Thank you, Rick. And, please, wait till we get back. Okay?

Rick: Call me at the hotel, mm?

Susan: No, I wanted to give you a rundown --

Alison: Just cave in. She doesn't quit till she gets what she wants.

Emily: Enough, Alison. Let's go.

Susan: You'll be here when we get back?

Rick: Yeah.

Susan: Okay. Ready?

Alison: To get brainwashed? It'll take more than a milkshake from Al's.

Mike: Here.

Molly: Hey, thanks.

Mike: So this guy said he's a fed?

Molly: At first I thought he was one of those thugs that came after me the other day.

Mike: Did you ask for his I.D.?

Molly: Yeah, I did. His name is Del Brackett.

Mike: And he said that Dusty's laundering money?

Molly: In the stock market, yeah. And he said that it was stolen money from some muscle guys, whatever that's supposed to mean. I don't know. But -- then the market crashed, and the money was gone, and then they started coming after Dusty.

Mike: What does this agent want from you?

Molly: He wants me to get back together with Dusty for the sole purpose of gathering information to connect Dusty with these crooks.

Mike: I -- I don't like the sound of this.

Molly: No, I don't either. That's why I told him no. I said, forget it, I'm not gonna do it. But you know what? He's gonna come after me anyway. Because this guy's been following me, Mike. First the thugs, and then the FBI.

[Phone rings] I don't want to stay at the hotel. So I got in the car, and that's why I drove around. And that's why I ended up here. Hey, I'm sorry. You know what? Get out of here.

Mike: No, no, don't worry about it. It's Katie. I'll call her back.

Molly: Are you sure?

Mike: I think we should go to the police.

Molly: No. No. Jack was an agent. He's gonna make me cooperate. I'm not gonna have a choice. And I really just want to keep a low profile, stay away from Dusty. And then maybe these feds can find somebody else, and then she can be their ticket.

Mike: They're not gonna want to waste their time trying to find -- recruit someone else.

Molly: They can't force me to do something.

Mike: No, but they can lean on you. They can make your life miserable.

Molly: Fine, I'll lean back.

Mike: Make sure that you check out his credentials. All right? Get confirmation that he is who he says he is, all right?

Molly: First thing in the morning.

Mike: And if he's not, you make sure you call Jack. Promise me.

Molly: Yes. Mike, I want you to know I didn't come here expecting you to fix this mess.

Mike: I'm not sure I could if I tried.

Molly: But I feel better. I do. I feel better just being here, talking to you about it. Would I be pushing it if I asked for another favor?

Mike: Depends on the favor.

Molly: Can I spend the night here?

Barbara: You're not gonna turn this around on me, Jack.

Jack: Barbara, I don't have to. What's it gonna be this time? Are you gonna blow up a couple hair dryers? Set up a little faulty wiring so Rose hits the wrong switch? Have you got her contractors in your back pocket doing your dirty work for you?

Barbara: Rose is trying to destroy me.

Jack: Oh, that's right, by marrying your son.

Barbara: She committed a crime. And I am not leaving this building until something is done about it.

Jack: Well, that's gonna be a long night for both of us. Look, for the last time, if I find evidence to the fact, I'll take appropriate action.

Barbara: Oh, really? Appropriate for whom? Carly? Rose? Or that mid-life fling Hal calls a wife?

Jack: All right, you really gotta stop.

Barbara: You know what? I was married to Hal for a very, very long time. And he always told me that, when a crime is committed, look to who benefits most. Now who would that be in this case? I know. Carly Tenney, head designer of Monte Carlo.

Jack: She earned that position, Barbara.

Barbara: By holding my work over a flame.

Jack: You just don't know when to stop, do you? I've reviewed the evidence. We went over the cabin. I examined and reexamined minute amount of forensic evidence. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't issue a warrant for an arrest.

Barbara: I don't know that they're not even planning against me now?

Jack: No, you don't. But unless they do something about it and I find evidence, I can't help you.

Barbara: What about Henry Coleman? Have you talked to him? He was a co-conspirator, Jack.

Jack: We've been down this road before. Henry Coleman is a greedy little opportunist with a record. Have you talked to him?

Barbara: Oh, yes, I have. Which is more than you've done.

Jack: Did you make any noise about paying him off, Barbara?

Barbara: Of course not.

Jack: Coleman never does anything unless he's got a gun to his head or a paycheck in his hand.

Barbara: Question him!

Jack: I already know the answers. And if I did a little bit in his financial history, I bet I'll find a hefty little deposit somewhere buried in his account. This conversation's over, Barbara. Be gone by the time I get back.

Barbara: I don't think so, Jack. Oh, yes. Oakdale, Illinois, please. The District Attorney's office. Yes. Yes. Evelyn Hart, please. It's Barbara Ryan. I have new information about my kidnapping. It seems that there was an eyewitness. Oh, I see. Well, when she returns from court, would you please give her my message and ask her to call me on my cell as soon as possible. Thank you.

Dusty: No, no. Barbara doesn't own one inch of that shop. All the money was put into my account. And all the checks that were written were taken out of that account. My signature is on everything, including our partnership agreement.

Rose: Did Barbara know where the money was going?

Dusty: Well, no, not at first. But, you know, after we didn't get the money when we really needed it, I left her a couple of stupid urgent messages.

Rose: She's got a plan, that woman. She always has a plan. Her last plan turned me into the oldest prune on the vine.

Dusty: Yeah, but she can't touch our plan, because she can't touch the shop. We have got that thing wrapped up legally. Now, the thing is, Paul is out there somewhere assuming the worst.

Rose: Wait. Paul knows about this? How did he find out? Did Barbara tell him about this?

Dusty: No. He found out through Jack Snyder.

Rose: Jack? Wait. Why are the cops involved with this?

Dusty: Because when Barbara disappeared, Jack found her cell phone. And he found the messages that I left on it. Okay? And then he relays the information to Paul. Paul thinks I'm in cahoots with Barbara to get to you and hurt you. I mean, the guy is totally irrational. He's paranoid.

Rose: Well, he's got reason to be.

Dusty: Yeah, he does. 'Cause his mother is just way too involved in his life. And instead of confronting her, he's just dishing it out on everybody else.

Rose: People like you?

Dusty: Yeah. But I don't know. But I'm telling you this, he had the one opportunity to get his mother off his back. And what did he do? He didn't take it. I mean, did he make it clear -- did he make it clear that you were everything to him? I mean, whether you were involved in the kidnapping or not, did he make it clear that he loves you no matter what? No, he did not. Why? Because he's playing both sides of the fence when he should be standing beside you always and telling his mother where she can go. I mean, you know, I love Paul. I love him like he's my brother. But I gotta tell you this. He tries way too hard to prove that he's not a mama's boy.

Rose: Don't you talk like that about Paul. I mean it, don't you --

Dusty: Tell me that I mean nothing to you, and you'll never see me again. Go ahead.

Rose: I hate you.

Mike: I want you so bad right now.

Molly: Make love to me.

Rose: Now stop! Just stop it! Both of you, stop!

Rose: What is the matter with you?

Dusty: You're what's the matter. That's what's the matter with me.

Rose: Look, if you can't control yourself, then you're just gonna have to go.

Dusty: No, I can't control myself. Not now, and not back in the room. And neither could you.

Rose: But I'm the one that left the room, remember?

Dusty: Yeah, yeah. And why'd you leave the room, Rose?

Rose: Because I know what's good for me.

Dusty: No. Because you're afraid of what's happening between us.

Rose: No. Nothing is happening between us. Nothing.

Dusty: Come on, Rose, it's been this way since we met. You know that.

Rose: You're fooling yourself. I love Paul.

Dusty: Enough not to kiss me again?

Rose: Yes. And that room -- I was -- I thought things were over with Paul. And you were there, and you were so nice. And I was scared and I was confused. But I am not confused anymore.

Dusty: Enough not to give that kiss a second thought?

Rose: Don't flatter yourself. It wasn't that hot.

Dusty: So it didn't mean anything?

Rose: No.

Dusty: Then why am I still here with my arms around you?

Rose: I can fix that. Now you gotta go. I want you -- I want you to get out. And I don't want you to look at me. I don't want you to talk to me. And, my God, I don't want you to touch me ever again.

Molly: This is really strange. You know, I mean, a couple of months ago, it would have been crazy to think of me not sleeping here. If this is too weird for you, I can get out of here. Maybe I should.

Mike: Wait. You know I want you to stay.

Molly: Are you sure?

Mike: How much sleep are you gonna get in that hotel room?

Molly: None.

Mike: You said it yourself, you feel safe here, right? I want you to feel safe.

Molly: Thank you. Because I really don't want to be afraid.

Mike: Give yourself some time to sort things out, all right? Just don't do it tonight.

Molly: I can't believe I let myself get in the middle of the whole Dusty thing.

Mike: Don't beat yourself up, all right? 'Cause when someone is hurt and confused, they don't always make the best decisions.

Molly: I guess we both kind of know about that.

Mike: I guess we do. I promise you, I'll never let anything happen to you.

Molly: What's wrong?

Mike: It's like I said about being confused. I want you so bad right now.

Molly: Make love to me.

Mike: If there's even a chance that you and I are going to get back together, I want it to be because that's what we both want. All right? Not because you're scared and upset about something else.

Molly: I guess you're right. I guess neither one of us should do anything to confuse the situation anymore.

Mike: You can take the bed.

Molly: No. It's your bed. I'll take the couch. Just get me a blanket and a pillow.

Mike: Are you sure?

Molly: Can I borrow a t-shirt?

Mike: Yeah.

Chris: Dad -- I don't want to come off like I know what this is like for you, but nobody expects you to be perfect.

Bob: It's in the patient's chart, Chris. I ordered the wrong dosage. He may have died because of it.

Chris: But what if it wasn't the medication?

Bob: We'll know that when we get the coroner's report.

Chris: Dixon said it could mean your job.

Bob: I can't control that. In the meantime, what I can do is pull back a little. Get some more rest, concentrate and focus on the patients that need me until we hear from the coroner what was the cause of the fatality.

Chris: Maybe you could use some of that time to focus a little on yourself, too. Maybe reconsider getting that physical.

Bob: I told you, I already had one.

Chris: Maybe something's cropped up since then. You don't --

Bob: Chris -- I'm fine.

Chris: You know, if you won't do it for yourself, maybe you'll do it for your family. Or, better yet, for your patients who are still counting on you. Come on, dad -- they're worth taking the time, aren't they?

Emily: Get me a coffee, decaf, please.

Alison: Make that two.

Alison: Well, go crazy, girls.

Susan: Uh-huh.

Emily: Oh, this is going well.

Susan: Don't start.

Emily: I have to. Alison already has.

Susan: Look, I didn't know Rick was going to be there when we got home. I thought I'd have a little time to tell her.

Emily: Nothing like great timing.

Susan: Emily, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but being your mother is not all I am. I know that's a hard concept for you, because you're still elbow deep in cold cereal and action figures. But, believe me, those years fly by. And one of these days, you could find yourself with a lot of time to fill.

Emily: You know what? You don't understand. I'm not judging you here.

Susan: Yes, you are. I don't want to turn Alison's first night home into a slug fest. But you don't understand. Rick and I -- we could be on the verge of something wonderful and life changing. And I shouldn't have to choose between him and Alison.

Alison: Are you guys done talking about me yet?

Emily: As a matter of fact, we are. Thank you. Where's your milkshake?

Alison: The waitress will bring it over. I also ordered some fries and doughnuts and key lime pie. Is that still your favorite or are you cutting back to look good for Dr. Stud?

Emily: Alison, come on.

Alison: Well, that's the deal, isn't it? Mom's sick and tired of watching everybody else get all the action.

Susan: Alison, watch your mouth. You're not in that detention center anymore.

Alison: So where am I supposed to be, mom? Back in my room with my fingers in my ears so I don't hear something through the walls that'll make me throw up?

Emily: Alison, for Pete's sake.

Susan: That's not fair.

Alison: Well, like fair is having some jerk I've never even met parked in our living room when I got home.

Susan: Okay. I let you down tonight, and I am very sorry. But having Rick in my life doesn't mean that I love you any less. Can't you just try to accept him? Please? Not because it's easy or because it's what you want, but because it would mean the world to me. (Woman)

Alison: Look, what can I say? This is -- this is like the last thing that I expected. But -- but, okay, I'll try to -- whatever, adjust.

Emily: He seems like a nice guy -- Rick, you know?

Susan: I wouldn't let him anywhere near this family if he wasn't.

Emily: Hal seems to like him.

Alison: Okay, fine. I won't call him daddy, but I won't spit in his cereal either. I mean, that's the best that I can do.

Susan: That's all anybody can ask. I just feel like everything's going to be better than ever for all of us.

Emily: I second that. Hear, hear, to the Stewart women. Three of the toughest broads I know.


Alison: This is how I'd fall asleep at night, dreaming of something as lame as coming back here to Al's again.

Susan: That's not lame. Al has great pancakes.


Emily: You didn't order pancakes, did you?

Susan: Well, it's not too late. It's not too late.

Emily: Waitress?

Rick: I'm sorry to interrupt. But I decided to head back to the hotel. We can talk tomorrow.

Susan: Are you sure?

Rick: Yeah. Good night, Emily.

Emily: Good night.

Rick: It was nice to meet you, Alison.

Susan: I'll walk you out.

Emily: Sure, whatever.

Susan: Oh, Rick, I'm so sorry.

Rick: No, no, no. I'm the one who should be apologizing. I mean, I couldn't get Alison off my mind. We completely blind-sided her.

Susan: Does that mean you're going to be staying at the Lakeview?

Rick: No. Look, I want you close to me. As close as you can get without driving your daughter screaming out of the room.

Susan: Really? You mean it?

Rick: Yes.

Susan: Oh, Rick. Oh. You know what I'm looking forward to the most? The little things, like having coffee in the morning and sorting through the junk mail. You should really run, you know? You hooked up with the most boring woman on the planet.

Rick: Well, then why am I not bored?

Alison: How weird is it watching mom pretending to be like 18 again?

Emily: It's really weird. But you know what? You're handling it so much better than I ever would have when I was your age.

Alison: Really?

Emily: Mm-hmm. I can't believe it. You have grown up so much in the last four weeks.

Alison: Not that much.

Emily: Alison, don't rush to judge Rick or the situation. Okay? Give yourself time to adjust. Who knows? You might even end up liking the guy.

Bob: Look, there's nothing wrong with me that a few good nights' sleep won't cure.

Chris: I hope you're right.

Bob: Look, don't let John's reaction upset you.

Chris: Want me to keep quiet?

Bob: Well, you know what it's like at this place. Rumors have a life of their own.

Chris: I know. But --

Bob: Look -- look, we'll just wait until we get the coroner's report. And then we'll deal with the fallout, if there is any fallout. And right now, I'm gonna do my job. And I suggest that you do the same. I'll see you at home.

Rose: You think you're so irresistible, I'm just gonna rip off my clothes and forget about the man that I have been waiting for my entire life?!

Dusty: I think it's a whole lot worse than that. I think you just realized that you've been waiting your whole life for the wrong guy.

Rose: How many ways do I have to tell you to get lost?!

Dusty: Why don't you tell me to leave Oakdale? And I'll never turn back. Tell me. Tell me that I mean nothing to you. And you'll never see me again. Go ahead.

Rose: I hate you. I hate you!

Dusty: Rose -- I was afraid. I was afraid of this, and that's why I rushed into something with Molly. Don't you get it? I was afraid of what I was feeling towards you. And if you tell me that I can't have what I want, I'll take what I can get. I'll be your friend. I'll be your business partner. But don't tell me -- that it's not gonna hurt to see you and Pauly walking down the aisle together. 'Cause that's gonna hurt.

Rose: I've got some thinking to do, and I can't do it while you're here. Please -- come on. Come on.

Dusty: I never meant to hurt you. That was never a part of the plan. And I never meant to fall in love with you.

Paul: Hey, Ro -- hey, what the hell's going on here? Rose, are you all right? Hey, what the hell have you done to her?!

Alison: Is she staying out there all night?

Emily: She needs to thank him for knowing how important tonight is for you. And he understands that. That's why he's heading back to the Lakeview tonight.

Alison: Mm, sensitive, too? The guy's a real superman. It's just so gross, Emily.

Emily: I know. It is a little. But you have to understand, parents have se --

Alison: Don't even say that. There's something about that guy that just really freaks me out.

Emily: Okay. You know what? That's all normal. All of it. Just don't make things any worse for mom, okay? Don't ruin this for her. She's happy.

Barbara: Since we're being so candid. Yes, I admit it. Rose D'Angelo is not good enough for my son. She will break his heart. Women like that always do when they find a man who think that they are capable of more. But now listen to me, preaching to the choir.

Jack: You know, I do sometimes think about what it was like before, Barbara, when you were actually capable of kindness and caring, before you decided to blame the rest of the world for all of your problems.

Barbara: And what about you, Jack? I thought you had promised to do your job?

Jack: There is no case.

Barbara: I'm not talking about the kidnapping. If you had done your job on that awful day in June, if you'd gotten to that boathouse a little bit earlier, we wouldn't be standing here having this conversation.

[Cell phone rings] hello? Yes. Yes, Evelyn. Good, I'm glad you got my message. Yes, indeed, there is an eyewitness. And I don't know why the police haven't told you about this. Good. Good. Yes, I'll be there tomorrow then. Thank you. It seems that the D.A. is very interested in the suppression of key evidence in my kidnapping. So Evelyn Hart wants to see us both tomorrow, 10:00 sharp. Don't be late again, Jack. It's not good for the soul.

Paul: Rose, I am so sorry you found out this way. I wanted to be the one to tell you.

Rose: It's okay. I'm okay. I'm okay.

Paul: Did you explain away your deal with my mother? Is that why you ran over here?

Dusty: There's no deal, Pauly.

Paul: Did you tell Rose how you lied to the police? How you lied to me? Tell me something, Dusty. Why would a hotshot investment banker like yourself need to borrow money from my mother? Answer me, dammit! Rose, deserves the truth!

Dusty: I told her the truth.

Paul: How long before the two of you were going to pull the rug out from under Rose? Huh? What was the payoff? Ruining her? Ruining us?!

Dusty: I would never hurt her.

Paul: You've got that right.

Rose: That's it! Now stop! Just stop it! Both of you, stop! I can't take it anymore! Neither one of you! Just go. I need you to leave now, please. Please.

Paul: Rose -- you need to hear the tape. Okay? You need to know the truth about this man who's supposed to be your partner.

Rose: -- Talk about this tomorrow.

Paul: No.

Rose: Please, another time?

Paul: You should not be alone right now, okay? How about I just stay here? And we won't have to talk about it, all right?

Rose: You're gonna want to talk, and I don't want to talk. Because I'm gonna need some time by myself to clear my head. Please, just -- we'll do it tomorrow, all right? Please? Please?

Paul: All right. I'll call you tomorrow.

Rose: Okay.

Dusty: Paul, Rose did not need to get hurt like this. She would've understood.

Paul: Rose deserves to know the truth. It's over, Dusty, everything. By tomorrow, Rose will know the truth. And I'm not stopping until I destroy you.

Rosanna: You will land on your feet. You always do. Hopefully, this time you'll be a little farther away from Craig.

Paul: I have always chosen you. I have always defended you every single time!

Rose: Oh, come on. I mean, even Dusty says that you don't stand up to your mom.

Paul: That's because Dusty's got an agenda.

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