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Jessica: This trial isn't about you, Ben. When are you going to get that?

Ben: I do get it. Finally, I get it. And I'm sorry

Jessica: Sorry my life is too out of control for Dr. Ben Harris?

Ben: That's not why I stayed away.

Jessica: You know what that man did to me. You have seen the fear and the anger, and now you decide it's a crime?

Ben: Nothing I can say to defend myself.

Jessica: Well, maybe you do know exactly how I feel.

Bonnie: Mom, come on. Let's get out of here.

Jessica: I want to wait until everybody else leaves first.

Bonnie: Okay, fine. Then I'll drive you home.

Jessica: No, I don't want to go home, baby. I'll just play that testimony over and over again in my head.

Bonnie: Mom, listen to me. I don't care how that man twisted your words on that stand. I am so very proud of what you did today.

Jessica: Thank you, sweetheart.

Marshall: Jess, I'm sorry you had to go through that cross-examination

Bonnie: Don't you ever lay your hands on my mother again!

Molly: Tomorrow's the day you ruin Rosanna's life. It couldn't happen to a sweeter gal.

Craig: Still sour on love, Molly? You ought to step up your taste in men.

Molly: The day that I take love and relationship advice from you, Craig

Craig: All right, all right, all right. But who's getting married tomorrow?

Molly: So, Rosanna's in the winner's circle. What part of the stable does that leave Carly in?

Craig: Well, she's playing the part of beloved sister-in-law and business partner.

Molly: Really? 'Cause the last I heard, Monte Carlo was about to become Monte Ryan.

Craig: You heard wrong. Barbara's comeback plans went up in smoke.

Barbara: Montgomery! I'm gonna make your life living hell! Hell -- fire! Gonna build a fire. I'm gonna build a fire. And then they're gonna see the smoke, and then they're gonna come rescue me. Yes! Oh! There's a nice little piece of wood. Nice little piece of wood! Oh, yeah. Okay. All right.

[Barbara mumbling frantically] Gun cleaner? "Caution -- highly flammable. Keep away from fire." Okay. All right. Now I've got my fire. I've got my fire.

[Barbara mumbles frantically] Nice big fire! That's what I'm gonna do. Thank you. Okay. Matches. Matches. Where are the matches? There's got to be matches here somewhere! It's a cabin in the woods!

Carly: Come on, Rosanna! These are so hot, they're on fire! Wake up! Monte Carlo's back on the fast track.

Phyllis: I'm sorry, Mrs. Snyder, but Ms. Cabot is on the phone with the caterer.

Carly: Well, how could she be on the phone with the caterer if she's upstairs resting? Pick a story and stick to it, okay?

Phyllis: But she was resting. Now she's on the phone with

Carly: Now she's looking for another excuse. She's always been a lousy liar. She could use a few pointers.

Rosanna: From you? That'll be all, Phyllis.

Carly: Yes. Thanks, Phyllis. It's been real.

Rosanna: Why are you down here in my living room bellowing like a raving lunatic?

Carly: 'Cause I'm crazy. I am crazy with inspiration. It's like I've been struck by a bolt of lightning. Come on, Rosanna. Take a look at these beauties. Monte Carlo's signature designer has come up with the most spectacular fall line to hit the runway since Mary Quant and her miniskirt.

Rosanna: You've completed the line?

Carly: No, no. I've reinvented the line. Feast your eyes on genius, Rosanna.

Rosanna: You take your sketches and get out of my house. I want nothing to do with them or you.

Carly: Are you crazy? Without these designs, Monte Carlo is dead in the water.

Rosanna: So suddenly, out of nowhere, you have rediscovered your creativity?

Carly: Yes. Yes! Isn't it great?

Rosanna: How, Carly?

Carly: What do you mean, how? What kind of question is that? How? Who knows how? Did Elizabeth Barrett know how she created her sonnets? Did Michelangelo know how he made divine magic from a piece of rock? Please, just come. Look at them.

Rosanna: So you're in this great place, and Barbara is nowhere to be found. That's a bit convenient, don't you think?

Carly: Yes, it is. I guess once the pressure was off, the floodgates just opened. I have a complete fall line that is utterly breathtaking. Other houses would kill to have these sketches.

Rosanna: Did you kill for them, Carly?

Carly: I worked my butt off.

Rosanna: And eliminated the competition?

Carly: Barbara?

Rosanna: Yes. She's not here to defend her work, is she? There's no body of work to even compare against yours. In fact, there's no body at all.

Carly: Okay, Rosanna, I admit that I am not depressed that Barbara Ryan is out of the picture. Maybe she's on vacation, or maybe she went to see her ex at the federal pen. I don't know, and I don't care. What I do know is that she left, and my imagination broke wide open. You have my word that I did not do anything to Barbara Ryan. If you want me to pretend to care, I will. But why should I? Why should I waste one moment of my life thinking about what happened to that witch when everything, everything I've ever dreamed of, is finally about to come true? Please. Come and look at them.

Aaron: Yeah, you did it! You did it.

Lucy: I did it. I really did it. I mean, I was scared, but after the first couple of steps

Aaron: You were incredible.

Lucy: I just kept my eyes on you.

Aaron: You've gotta be exhausted.

Lucy: No. I feel fine.

Aaron: And you're gonna do it again tomorrow, too. I know it.

Lucy: I can't wait to see the look on my dad's face.

Aaron: He'll feel just the way I feel right now.

Lucy: What, happy?

Aaron: Happy? "Happy" doesn't even scratch the surface, Luce.

Lucy: And you'll be here, right?

Aaron: At our special spot. Right over there.

Lucy: And when I'm ready, I'll look over and give you the signal?

Aaron: I love you, Lucy Montgomery. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. That totally just came out. No pressure.

Lucy: It's okay. I think I love you, too, Aaron Snyder.

Craig: I hope you're coming tomorrow.

Molly: To the wedding? No, Craig. My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.

Craig: An oversight on my part. Are you in?

Molly: I might think about crashing it.

Craig: Good, I'll leave an invitation for you at the front desk.

Molly: Thank you.

Craig: And I hope you and Mike Kasnoff can keep your distance, and we can manage to keep the fireworks down to a minimum.

Molly: Mike's gonna be there?

Craig: Yeah. Rosanna invited him for reasons I pretend to understand. I would love to stay, but I can't. You know, you never know. You might catch the bouquet.

[Molly laughs]

Molly: At this point, Craig, I would rather catch the flu.

Craig: Your call. Jim, drinks are on me.

Molly: Hey, it's me. I have a proposition for you.

Dusty: My six favorite words. Come on up.

Molly: I'm on my way.

Marshall: Jess, it didn't have to come to this.

Jessica: Yes, it did. Because you broke the law. And you won't admit the truth. You're running away from it like a coward without a conscience. And you wouldn't dare get in there in front of that judge and that jury.

Margo: Is there a problem here?

Marshall: No.

Margo: Mr. Travers, I'd like a word with you. Now.

Marshall: Jess, try to understand, this is not what I wanted for us.

Bonnie: I hate him.

Jessica: Don't waste your energy hating him. Pity him. He is completely deluding himself. And this -- this will be over soon. And one way or the other, Marshall Travers will be out of our lives for good.

Bonnie: I hope you're right.

Jessica: Of course I'm right. Now, I know you're exhausted. I have to meet with Evelyn about tomorrow. So, why don't you go home, and I'll see you there later?

Bonnie: Are you sure?

Jessica: Mm-hmm. I promise I won't be too long.

Bonnie: Okay.

Marshall: Wasn't harassing Jessica.

Margo: You know, I've got one thing to say to you, Mr. Travers. Not even a $2,000 suit can hide what's really underneath. Now, this trial is in recess for the day, so there's no reason for you to be here.

Marshall: I'm a free man, Margo. I don't need a reason.

Ben: And if you do have a reason, I'm sure it's no good.

Margo: Ben

Ben: I'm just talking to the man, that's all.

Margo: All right, all right, all right. I'm gonna take your word. Don't do anything you'll regret.

Marshall: I bet you already have a few regrets under your belt today, huh, Ben?

Ben: I am so tempted to level you right now. But I don't want to give you the opportunity to play victim.

Marshall: And what are you playing, Ben? Faithful boyfriend? Yours was the emptiest seat in that courtroom today. And don't think the jury didn't notice.

Ben: I still believe in Jessica. And I believe she'll get justice. Now, we may not get it right when we want it, but it's gonna catch up with you, Travers.

Marshall: That's exactly what I expected you to say, Ben. Well, it's been fun. I gotta go, but I've got something for you.

Ben: And what's that?

Marshall: A subpoena. You're being called as a witness for the defense, Dr. Harris.

Ben: You must be crazy.

Marshall: Even better. A hostile witness, too, huh? Just try to show up tomorrow. There are rules for that sort of thing.

Margo: All right, all right, all right. I know. I wanted to deck the guy, too.

Ben: He expects me to testify on his behalf. I gotta call Tom on this.

Margo: You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna call Tom and have him wait for you at the station. Okay?

Ben: Yeah. Thanks, Margo. I have a lot to make up for with Jessica, and it starts now.

Molly: Wow. You haven't even heard my proposition yet.

Dusty: I don't need to. I read body language.

Molly: Oh, yeah? What am I saying?

Dusty: "Now, or lose me forever."

[Molly laughs]

Molly: No, what I was gonna ask you is how would you like to see what I look like outside your hotel room?

Dusty: Why?

Molly: For fun.

Dusty: What's more fun than this?

Molly: I got invited to a wedding.

Dusty: You said "fun."

Molly: Yeah, well, weddings are fun.

Dusty: Maybe, if it's royalty. Is it royalty?

Molly: Local royalty.

Dusty: Ugh. I'm bored already, I'll tell you.

Molly: Well -- the bride is richer than Barbara.

Dusty: What's your point?

Molly: Prospective client, maybe.

Dusty: I'm not seeking out clients. I don't even give advice, unless they're close friends.

Molly: Friends like Barbara?

Dusty: Forget about Barbara, will you?

Molly: Fine. I just don't understand why she's so important to you.

[Dusty remembering]

Dusty: A couple of guys from Chicago just jumped me and broke a couple of my ribs. Now, they need a cash payment, not a check. Cash, or they are gonna kill me and that would put a damper on our plans, wouldn't it?

Molly: Hey, I'm sorry. Forget it, okay? If you don't want to talk about Barbara, then we don't have to talk about Barbara.

Dusty: Barbara was really good to me when I was a kid, you know? So I'm just worried, you know? I'm just a little worried about her, that's all.

Molly: Don't be. 'Cause she is one lady that can take care of herself.

Barbara: I know you're there. I saw you. Got you. Okay, all right. Let's go. All right. Start a big fire. One little spark. That's all I need.

[Barbara breathes heavily]

Carly: You've always known what it means to be good at something, to have pride in what you do and the decisions you make. But this is new to me. I had a taste of it, and I want more. I think what I want to say is that, for the first time, I think I know how it feels to be like you. I think I know what it is, what it really is to be Rosanna Cabot's sister.

Craig: Where is my beautiful bride-to -- what's all this?

Rosanna: Carly has apparently completed the fall line.

Craig: Really?

Carly: Really. And Rosanna won't even look at it.

Craig: Well, of course she won't look at it, Carly. Monte Carlo and your sketches can't be a priority for us right now. It's too late.

Jessica: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I ask that you find the defendant, Marshall Travers, guilty of felony rape. Get out of here. I will call the police, Marshall.

Marshall: You don't need to call the police.

Jessica: Stay away from me. What are you doing?

Marshall: This is what you want, isn't it? A chance to put me on the witness stand? Well, here I am. I am your witness, counselor.

Jessica: What is this? What are you after, Marshall?

Marshall: The same thing you are, Jessica. The truth. You say I'm a rapist. I say we shared a night of passion. Which is it? I think it's time we both found out. I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

Jessica: Approximately how long have you known Jessica Griffin?

Marshall: Not quite a year.

Jessica: And is it true that, on two previous occasions, you had consensual sex?

Marshall: Yes, we did.

Jessica: And when was the most recent of those two occasions?

Marshall: Right before the District Attorney election.

Jessica: So, that was what? About six months ago?

Marshall: Yes.

Jessica: Since that time, has she initiated any other sexual encounters?

Marshall: Not directly.

Jessica: Is it, or is it not true, Mr. Travers, that Jessica Griffin told you over and over again that she was in love with Ben Harris? Yes or no?

Marshall: Yes.

Jessica: Then what would lead you to believe otherwise?

Marshall: Her actions.

Jessica: But you have said that she hadn't initiated any other kind of sexual activity.

Marshall: That doesn't mean that she didn't encourage my interest in her.

Jessica: And how did she do this?

Marshall: I was wounded, and she was very attentive to me during my recovery. She also offered to help with legal issues that I have pending and in the search for my daughter.

Jessica: So, when she offered to help you, did she touch you some kind of sexual way? When she was helping you find your daughter, did she kiss you or say to you that she wanted to rekindle your sexual relationship?

Marshall: Well, not in so many words.

Jessica: A simple yes or no, Mr. Travers.

Marshall: No.

Jessica: So, Ms. Griffin acted as your legal counsel and your friend, but at no time did she say that she wanted to engage in a physical relationship.

Marshall: Well, a physical relationship wasn't possible after my release from the hospital.

Jessica: Well, once you recovered, did she continue to act as your friend?

Marshall: Definitely. She invited me into her home.

Jessica: As her guest?

Marshall: It was a court-approved arrangement that she voluntarily entered into.

Jessica: I see. And was she still involved with Ben Harris at the time?

Marshall: Yes, she was.

Jessica: Mr. Travers, do you really consider Jessica Griffin your friend?

Marshall: And more.

Jessica: Define "more."

Marshall: I believe we have an emotional bond and a sexual chemistry between us.

Jessica: And yet, in the past six months, she has not invited your advances.

Marshall: It's my opinion that she's confused.

Jessica: Really? Was she confused, in your opinion, when you came upon her, asleep, and held her down and forced yourself on her?

Marshall: It wasn't like that.

Jessica: She said no over and over again, but you silenced her with your mouth on hers. You silenced her with the weight of your body smothering her. Is this how you treat your so-called "friends"?

Marshall: No.

Jessica: Is friendship an invitation to rape, Mr. Travers? You just take what you want and deny the crime and the consequences?

Marshall: I did not rape Jessica Griffin.

Jessica: What about the other women in your life?

Marshall: What other women?

Jessica: Is this how your girlfriend in college became pregnant?

Marshall: That's inadmissible.

Jessica: She ran away from you, pregnant with your child. Did you rape her?

Marshall: No. That's a lie.

Jessica: You were done with her, weren't you? You took what you wanted, and you moved on, just like you took from Jessica Griffin.

Marshall: No.

Jessica: Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you, is this the kind of man that you can trust to tell the truth? A man who -- who fathered a child and doesn't even know about it? A man who -- who has no regard for the mother of this child?

Marshall: That has nothing to do with you and me. The past is irrelevant.

Jessica: Oh, but my past is relevant, isn't it, Marshall? Is that how it goes? The same rules don't apply? This is some kind of twisted double standard? You could pull my choices from the past and use them in this courtroom, but I don't have the same right? Go home, Marshall. You don't care about the truth.

Marshall: Jessica, wait. I'd like to finish.

Jessica: Really? So let's look a little closer at the night in question.

Marshall: I have nothing to hide. I didn't rape you.

Jessica: I would like to remind the witness he is under oath. So you say you didn't rape me? Well, I'm about to prove otherwise.

Carly: Wait. Since when isn't Monte Carlo a priority?

Craig: Carly, don't pressure Rosanna.

Carly: What -- what do you mean "pressure"? What, she's gonna faint by looking at a few drawings?

Rosanna: Maybe we should both look at them.

Craig: Well, if Carly's sketches are everything she says they are, I don't want you to be uncomfortable with the arrangement.

Carly: What, you mean us working together?

Craig: Well, I don't want to influence you in any way. This decision is all yours. Rosanna is the one who decides whether Monte Carlo goes on or stops. I'll wait upstairs.

[Craig sighs]

Carly: Can I give you a tip before you marry Craig? Don't even bother trying to figure him out. I made that mistake. It just leads to migraines.

Rosanna: I don't want your advice about Craig.

[Rosanna sighs] I just need your honesty, especially tonight. What are those sketches really about? Are they about saving Monte Carlo, or have you figured out a new way to make a fool out of me?

Dusty: Let's order room service, hmm? What do you want?

Molly: Oysters.

Dusty: What else?

Molly: Champagne. And while you're at it, you can let me know how my investments are doing.

Dusty: You want that before or after the oysters?

Molly: I'm just curious. I mean, do I get certificates? Can I follow it on the internet, papers?

Dusty: Sweetheart, it's not like just a minor piece of one company. It's a little more intricate than that. But I've got a call into Chicago, and the paperwork's gonna be

Molly: Am I making money?

Dusty: Yeah, you're up almost 5%, which in this market's really impressive.

Molly: Really?

Dusty: And I'm gonna prove it to you. Who needs the oysters? Come here.

Molly: I'll forego the oysters if you escort me to this wedding.

Dusty: Oh, you're pretty good at this game.

Molly: I'm gonna prove it to you.

Dusty: Is your ex-boyfriend gonna be there?

Molly: Mike would be the last person invited, because he broke Rosanna's heart all these years ago, and she never really forgave him for it. So, no, no Mike, no Barbara, nobody to spoil the mood. So do we have a deal, heavy d?

Dusty: You've got to work harder than that, girl.

Molly: Oh, yeah?

Dusty: Mm-hmm.

Aaron: You are not the only one with a surprise. I got a new suit.

Lucy: Really?

Aaron: Yep. Now you won't be able to tell me from the waiters.

Lucy: I think I'll be able to tell.

Aaron: Look, here's a preview.

Lucy: Oh, you look so handsome.

Aaron: Mm-hmm. So now, if your dad kicks me to the curb, at least I go out with style.

Craig: Oh, lullaby! You out here?

Aaron: I'll see you tomorrow.

Lucy: Yeah. I'm in the gazebo, daddy.

Craig: What are you doing out here all alone?

Lucy: Well, it's just so beautiful. I -- I wanted it all to myself for a little while.

Craig: Did you? What's this? Where did this come from?

Lucy: One of the caterers must have left it.

Craig: I don't know. A little upscale for the average waiter. It's cool out here. Let's go inside, huh? You need some help with the chair?

Lucy: Just a little.

Craig: Are you ready?

Lucy: Mm-hmm.

Craig: All right, my beautiful. Here you go. Hey!

Lucy: Thanks.

Craig: There you go.

Carly: Rosanna, if I wanted to set you up, I wouldn't work around the clock on those sketches to do it. I need you, and if you would stop being so stubborn for a minute, you would admit that you need me, too.

Rosanna: I can't afford to need you, Carly. I always pay too high a price.

Carly: Would you like me to beg? Would that do it for you?

Rosanna: Oh, come on. Don't.

Carly: Are you waiting for me to tell you that my life is still a mess? Well, it is. Does that make you happy, that your life is perfect, and I am still trying to catch up? That right now I have nothing?

Rosanna: You have Jack. What about Jack?

Carly: I have no Jack or Molly. And I really miss her. I miss how we knew every single detail of each other's lives almost better than we knew our own.

Rosanna: What do you want me to do? You want me to replace Molly in your life?

Carly: No, nobody could replace her. That doesn't mean that there isn't a place for you. When I asked you to be a part of this baby's life when you were in the hospital, I meant it. And I mean it now. I want you to be a part of my daughter's life, because no matter how many nasty words we sling at one another, we are still family. You are connected to her, and whether you like it or not, to her mother. I want my daughter to grow up strong, surrounded by strong women -- women like you.

[Rosanna sighs]

Rosanna: Well, you know, I'll insist on trying to undo a lot of your influence.

Carly: Yes, of course. I know that.

Rosanna: You really mean this?

Carly: Yes. Yes, I mean it now, more than ever.

Rosanna: That's very interesting.

Carly: Interesting good or interesting bad?

Rosanna: Interesting as in -- it's just magnificent.

Carly: You really like them?

Rosanna: Well, Craig was right. You're capable of amazing things, Carly.

Carly: So -- so, are we back in business?

Rosanna: We're back in business.

Jessica: Let's return to the night in question. You came upon the victim asleep. Is that correct?

Marshall: Yes. I remember it clearly. You stirred as soon as I began kissing you.

Jessica: "Stirred"?

Marshall: Began to respond.

Jessica: Really? And this response, was it part of what you've referred to as "aggressive sex"?

Marshall: Yes.

Jessica: On the two previous occasions, did the victim ever say no once she was in your arms or in your bed?

Marshall: Absolutely not.

Jessica: Now let's move forward to the night in question. When she "stirred" as you put it, did she say no?

[Marshall remembering]

Jessica: Marshall, wait. Don't.

Marshall: I'm not sure.

Jessica: Think hard, Mr. Travers. Did Jessica Griffin say no when you initiated sex?

[Marshall remembering]

Marshall: Please don't turn me away.

Jessica: No -- no, wait. This isn't right. I can't. I can't.

Jessica: You were holding her hands, weren't you?

Marshall: Yes.

Jessica: Where were they? Over her head?

Marshall: Perhaps.

Jessica: Over her head the entire time?

Marshall: I don't recall.

Jessica: Is this what you consider a natural position for a woman to sustain over a period of time if she is a willing participant in a sexual act?

Marshall: I don't know.

Jessica: Well, wouldn't her arms be around you at some point?

Marshall: That would depend.

Jessica: Depend on what, Mr. Travers? She was asleep. Do you remember throwing the magazine to the floor?

Marshall: No.

Jessica: Do you remember ripping at her nightgown, pushing up her nightgown, ripping it from her shoulder? Do you remember her struggling under your weight, pleading for you to stop? Do you remember her crying out "no" not once, but several times?

[Marshall remembering]

Jessica: Stop! No!

Jessica: Do you remember the fear, the pain in her eyes, the tears rolling down her face? Do you, Mr. Travers? Do you remember? Do you see or hear any of those things?

[Marshall remembering]

Jessica: No.

Marshall: Oh, God. Jessica, I

Jessica: Did you or did you not rape Jessica Griffin?

Marshall: Yes.

Jessica: I have nothing further for this witness.

Marshall: Jessica -- I am so sorry. I hurt you. I realize that now. But for the record, in this room tomorrow, in front of this judge and this jury, nothing's changed. My plea remains not guilty of any and all charges.

Jessica: That doesn't surprise me.

Marshall: Look, I am fighting for my life, Jessica.

Jessica: So am I.

Marshall: I cannot afford to lose this case.

Jessica: You've already lost, Marshall. The verdict's in. You're guilty.

Marshall: You know you can't use anything I've just said. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, this never happened.

Jessica: But it did. You're a rapist. Now, you can go back in your cave and deny we had this conversation, but I heard you admit the truth, and you will have to live with that fact for the rest of your miserable life. You can't walk away from this, Marshall.

Marshall: You know, Jessica, it's not the truth that matters. It's what you do with it.

Jessica: Thank you.

[Craig imitates screeching tires]

Craig: You're still here?

Lucy: Hi, Carly.

Carly: Hey, Luce. How's it going?

Lucy: Pretty good.

Craig: Everything all right?

Rosanna: Everything is fine.

Carly: So are you all ready for the big day?

Lucy: Yeah, I'm really excited. My dress is so beautiful.

Carly: Oh. Did they feed you that line about how you'll wear it again?

Lucy: Yeah, but it's so pretty I just might. The only problem, it kind of droops in the back.

Carly: What you doing there?

Rosanna: It's an advance. You were right. Carly pulled it off. The sketches were unbelievable.

Craig: Really?

Carly: It might need a little tuck someplace, probably back here. You won't even notice.

Rosanna: Are you looking at this?

Craig: At what?

Rosanna: I think we have a family.

Carly: Why don't we go and take a look at that dress.

Lucy: Oh, it can wait till tomorrow.

Carly: No, I think it would be better if we looked at it tonight.

Lucy: Why? Aren't you coming to the wedding?

Rosanna: Yes. Your future niece asked you a question. Are you coming to the wedding or not?

Carly: Well, I actually -- I hadn't given it much thought. But I -- do you want me to come to the wedding?

Rosanna: Only if you bring Parker, too.

Carly: Are you feeling okay?

Rosanna: I'm feeling fine.

Carly: Okay. Well, then we'll come.

Rosanna: Great.

Carly: We will. But I still think we ought to look at that dress tonight, just in case it takes longer than we think.

Lucy: Okay, thanks.

Carly: We won't be long. Let me help.

Craig: Hmm. What's wrong?

Rosanna: I'm just happy -- happier than I've been in a long time.

[Craig laughs] It's all because of you. I mean, I was just after a little hot sex, and I end up with the love of my life.

Craig: I know what you mean.

[Rosanna laughs] I love you with all that I am, and I promise you that tomorrow we'll begin the greatest adventure of our lives.

Barbara: Somebody see that smoke and get me out of here! Then you're gonna pay, Craig. You're gonna pay until it hurts.

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