ATWT Transcript Wednesday 4/9/03


As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 4/9/03

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Rosanna: Hello? Anybody home?

Craig: In here, bub.

Rosanna: Hey!

Craig: How was Chicago?

Rosanna: Oh, it was lovely, windy, cold -- but full of beautiful wedding gowns.

Craig: Oh, and how many did we buy?

Rosanna: We bought one.

[Rosanna laughs] The most beautiful one.

Gloria: Excuse me, Mr. Montgomery.

Craig: Yeah?

Gloria: Lucy just finished her PT for the day, so if there's nothing else --

Craig: Oh, thank you, Gloria. I guess we'll see you tomorrow.

Gloria: Okay.

Craig: Bye.

Rosanna: I'm gonna go check in on Lucy, okay?

Craig: Okay.

Rosanna: Yes, okay.

Craig: Bye.

[Doorbell rings]

Gloria: I'll get it on my way out.

Craig: Okay.

Emily: Craig?

Craig: Emily, you're back. You change your mind?

Emily: Rose and I both changed our minds. You want Barbara on ice for a few days? So do we.

Craig: Rosanna's upstairs.

Emily: Oh.

Craig: Welcome to my team.

Emily: Craig -- let's get something straight. The only team Rose and I are on is Carly's, and for the record, we don't trust you from here to that gazebo outside.

Craig: Yes, I know. I know, I know. Listen, just -- just in case, I wrote a few things down, in case you guys change your mind.

Emily: Okay.

Craig: As you can see, it's very simple.

Emily: Well, it better be. Because you know what? You're right. Carly cannot design with Barbara in her face.

Craig: Yeah, well, don't worry. You follow that plan, Carly will have breathing room by supper. Now, are you sure you and Rose can -- handle that?

Emily: Piece of cake. I'll be in touch. Oh -- you better get yourself a good alibi, Montgomery.

Craig: Back in business, yes! What I need -- is a witness to my whereabouts.

Rosanna: Lucy is positively inspiring. I can tell that she's tired, but she keeps at it until she's done every exercise.

Craig: You try on the dress?

Rosanna: What, now?

Craig: Yeah. Then I can slowly unbutton it one by one.

Rosanna: Oh -- you better fasten your seat belt, mister, because I'm about to go very traditional on you. You are not going to see me in this lovely little dress until our wedding day.

Craig: Ah, well, who needs buttons? I missed you.

Rosanna: Mm. I missed you, too. But, unfortunately, I have errands to run. You know, for the big event tonight with Barbara.

Craig: Barbara?

Rosanna: Yes, Barbara. She's bringing her designs over for Monte Carlo. Remember?

Craig: Ah, yeah. Yeah. How could I forget?

Rose: Henry, my partner and I are the brains here. You're just strictly for the heavy lifting. Capisce?

Henry: Yeah. It's the uneven distribution of labor that worries me.

Rose: It's nothing to worry about. Barbara's out of commission for about 48 hours or so -- ba da bing. Ba da boom.

Henry: Ba da bye.

Rose: Sit down, Henry.

Henry: I'm allergic to violence, Rose.

Rose: What violence? Violence? No, no, no. No. Babs is gonna be in this nice, cozy little place with caviar in the fridge. She's gonna be my future mother-in-law. Would I hurt my future mother-in-law?

Henry: Hmm -- the woman who turned your face in so much crepe pap and then buried you alive? Yes.

Rose: What do I have to do to convince you?

Henry: Well, cash would be nice.

Rose: I can do one better. You help us with Carly, you're gonna get something -- such a great reward -- a warm feeling right in your heart.

Henry: Rose, when I want a warm feeling, I'll order my martini extra dry, okay? I'll be sure to visit you in the slam, all right?

Rose: Up and down, up and down!

Henry: Oh! Ow.

Rose: Now look what you made me do.

Newman: That was a bold move, Marshall, splashing that x-rated photo of you and Ms. Griffin all over the tabloids, and apparently, it has paid off. She's about ready to call a Press conference at the City Times office -- as you suspected.

Marshall: You know what to do, right?

Sam: Yeah, just keep my camera trained on Jessica Griffin.

Marshall: The entire time.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Newman: What are you up to now, Marshall?

Marshall: I'm about to go to a Press conference.

Newman: Are you out of your mind? They will eat you alive.

Marshall: Don't think so. I have a little surprise prepared for Jessica and her team. All I need is for my good man here to keep his camera pointed at Jessica the entire time and to never waver. Simple, right?

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Newman: You look feverish, Marshall. Are you well enough to go anywhere?

Marshall: You know, when I don't take these, I get a little dizzy and nauseous.

Newman: Well, for God's sake, take 'em.

Marshall: Not yet, Newman. Not yet.

Jessica: Good morning.

Lucinda: Oh, hey, you're early. Good. We've got a few minutes before I'm gonna let the Press up. Why don't you make yourselves comfortable and relax and -- darling, you look stunning.

Jessica: Thanks, Lucinda. I don't feel stunning.

Lucinda: Well, I've got a brief meeting with an editor, and then I will be back in time to alert you when the barbarians are at the gate.

[Jessica chuckles]

Jessica: Thank you.

Margo: Okay. So, can I get you some coffee or anything?

Jessica: I'll take a glass of water.

Margo: Okay.

Kim: Nothing for me. Okay?

Jessica: Yeah.

Kim: I guess I'll go out and wrangle the barbarians.

[Cell phone rings]

Jessica: Hi, sweetheart.

Bonnie: Mom, where are you?

Jessica: I'm in Lucinda's office at the City Times.

Bonnie: Are you sure you don't want me to be there?

Jessica: Sweetheart, this is going to be short and sweet, and I'm doing great.

Bonnie: Where's Ben?

Jessica: I don't know. I haven't talked to him this morning.

Bonnie: Okay. Well, just remember, mom. I'm rooting for you.

Jessica: Thank you, sweetheart. That means a lot to me.

Isaac: Is Ben with your mom?

Bonnie: No. Not after the chat he had with you last night.

Margo: There you go.

Jessica: Thanks. Oh -- oh, geez. I'm so sorry.

Margo: Jessica, you shouldn't be going through this alone.

Jessica: I'm not alone. You're here.

Margo: No, I mean -- Ben should be here. Why don't you just call him?

Jessica: If Ben wants to come, he'll come. If he doesn't, he won't.

Margo: But he loves you.

Jessica: And I love him. And I would love to have him here with me, but if he chooses not to, I'll go through it alone.

Ben: I have a better idea -- don't go through it at all.

Jessica: At?

Ben: Leave with me. Right now.

Jessica: Ben, I'm not leaving. I can't.

Ben: Sure you can.

Margo: I can. I'll just leave you two alone.

Jessica: How? How am I supposed to leave?

Ben: It's easy. You just take my hand, I open the door, and we leave all this insanity behind. The only way that you're gonna get Marshall Travers out of your life is to turn your back on him.

Jessica: No, Ben, that's how you would do it, but you know what? I was the one who was violated. I was the one who was raped. I'm the one who has to fight!

Ben: Like you have to have this Press conference.

Jessica: That photo demands a response.

Ben: No, it doesn't.

Jessica: If I don't respond, then Marshall can say at the trial that I wanted it. And the jury will be primed to believe him. If I don't take this preemptive strike now, while I have the chance, then how can I blame them?

Ben: Jess -- what if there was no jury to convince? Only the people who mattered had to believe that you were raped -- people like Bonnie and Margo and me.

Jessica: Then Marshall would never pay. And I -- I am so disappointed. I mean, it just breaks my heart that the only reason you came here was to try to stop me.

Ben: I came here to stop you from getting beat up going another round with Travers.

Jessica: I have to do this.

Ben: Which is gonna lead to another round and another round and another round. When is it gonna end, Jessica?! Can't you see that I am here because I love you?

Jessica: Then show it.

Lucinda: Jessica? Oh, Ben. Darling, it's that time. Why don't we get this thing over with so we can all go out and have a late lunch?

Jessica: Thank you, Lucinda. I'm ready.

Lucinda: Uh -- oh.

Jessica: Thanks.

Jessica: Ladies and gentlemen of the Press -- I'm Jessica Griffin. And this is my dear friend, to the photograph that was run in several of the local tabloids -- a photograph that was printed to discredit me and the criminal charge that I have brought against former District Attorney T. Marshall Travers.

[Doorbell rings]

Katie: You're here. You're really here.

Mike: Well, you did say it's raining in your living room, right?

Katie: Yes. Take a look at this.

Mike: Okay. That's odd, seeing as it stopped raining outside.

Katie: No kidding. So please tell me it's a poltergeist and not a roof leaking.

Mike: You'd rather have a ghost than a leak?

Katie: Yeah, well, ghosts clang and bang, but you don't have to spend money fixing them. A roof, on the other hand --

Mike: All right. I'll take a look around.

Katie: You sure you have time?

Mike: Yeah, I just got off work. Is it in here, too?

Katie: Yes. I know you hardly know me, so I shouldn't be asking you for favors, especially since you almost just cut your pinkie finger off. Plus, since I overheard -- accidentally overheard -- everything that's going on in your personal life, I know that your hands are filled right now, but I just -- I can't ask my husband, he's off spending our money somewhere. And I can't ask Henry, my roommate, because he has a work disorder. And I definitely can't ask my brother, because I'm never talking to him again.

Mike: Well, it's definitely not a ghost.

Katie: It's the roof, then.

Mike: Yeah.

Katie: All right. Well, thank you so much for coming by. I appreciate it.

Mike: You have a ladder?

Katie: Yeah. Yeah, that's -- one thing Simon didn't run off with. Follow me.

Rosanna: So I'll see you later?

Craig: No, wait -- stay. Don't leave me alone.

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: I bet you could accomplish a lot if I left you alone.

Craig: Such as what?

Rosanna: Such as -- I bet you never called your sister Katie about the wedding, hmm?

Craig: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. Ever since Simon left, there's been so much going on here, she probably hates me.

Rosanna: Well, then you have the perfect excuse to call. You apologize, and then you invite her to the wedding.

Craig: I don't know. I'd probably have to strap her down kicking and screaming before she'd agree to come.

Rosanna: Oh. All right, then. See, I'll do it. In fact, I'll put it the first thing on my to-do list. Maybe I'll just go see her now.

Craig: I'll go with you.

Rosanna: That's a sudden change of heart. You up to something?

Craig: I'm up to being with you. Is that all right?

Rosanna: It's fine. I don't wanna know.

Craig: Rosanna --

Rosanna: No, no. I'm very happy. And I intend on staying that way.

Craig: All right. Well, let's go coax Katie, then.

Barbara: Did you see that sun out there? What a gorgeous day. We should be riding bikes. We should be having a spring picnic by the pond -- something.

Paul: You sure are chipper this afternoon. You win the lottery or something?

Barbara: Better than that. You are looking at the star of fashion's greatest comeback story.

Paul: Really? What happened?

Barbara: Inspiration has come upon me. I've been at my drawing table again. I have an entire new portfolio, Paul.

Paul: Well, that's great news. What turned the corner for you?

Barbara: Rosanna Cabot offered me a deal that I couldn't possibly refuse. I'm going to be heading up a brand-new fashion house.

Paul: Which one?

Barbara: Monte Carlo.

Paul: Monte Carlo? That's Carly Tenney and Craig Montgomery's company.

Barbara: Well, actually, Rosanna holds the purse strings, you see? Carly opted out.

Paul: That's because Carly is about to have a baby, but later, she will opt back in.

Barbara: Not according to my contract.

Paul: Read through the contract carefully, mom. Rose tells me that Monte Carlo is still Carly's big dream.

Barbara: Well, then now, Carly's big dream is mine. You see, it just goes to show you -- you never know what hand that life is gonna deal you.

Rose: We're gonna fix it so Barbara never knows who took her and never will. Nobody goes to jail. Nobody gets hurt.

Henry: Yeah, Rose, I seem to remember you saying something like that on a boat that almost sank into shark-infested waters.

Rose: That was different. I'm in charge now. You're nothing but lip. Barbara is just gonna go through a schedule change is all.

Henry: Well, why are we working so hard for something like a schedule change.

Rose: Because Carly needs peace and quiet without Barbara screeching in her ear about how she's gonna take her company. Carly needs some time alone. She needs to get Monte Carlo off the -- you know what? I could just tell everybody about that dead body in a trunk in the --

Henry: Wait a second, wait a second. There was one dead body, okay? And it turned out not to be dead, remember? Now, I'm -- I never broke any law in Avanya. There was no law in Avanya. Listen to me, Rose, I am reformed now, okay? I keep a very low profile. I'm an excellent, excellent friend to Katie. And I just -- I just wanna work hard and earn some decent wages.

Rose: Mm, there's that money thing again. You want money? Fine. I'll get you some money. You on board or what?

Henry: No.

Emily: Okay, everything's set on land.

Henry: What? Mrs. Chief of Detectives Hal Munson is in on this?

Emily: I'm loyal to my friends, Henry. You ought to try it sometime.

Henry: Hmm?

Emily: What's your problem, anyway?

Henry: What's my problem? I have two problems, actually. One -- kidnapping in this state is a felony. And two -- your friend here just crippled me, not to mention ruined a perfectly good pair of Italian leather loafers.

Emily: Oh, those.

Rose: Good Italian? I don't think so. I just stepped on --

Emily: You know, I seem to remember, Henry, that you have a police record. How many times has Hal busted you, anyway? And wouldn't it be nice if the next time you and your Italian loafers got hauled in, you had a little friend in the department?

Henry: You could do that?

Emily: I do have his ear, you know. But you have to promise to keep your mouth shut on this particular little --

Henry: Well, that's tempting. That is tempting. Okay, well, I just need one more thing.

Rose: Full of demands.

Henry: No, listen.

Rose: What?

Henry: I'm not just labor, okay? I need to be part of a plan. I need to feel like I have some kind of control here.

Emily: Done.

Henry: Good, good. Now -- how can my devious mind be of service to you ladies?

Rosanna: What's wrong?

Craig: Why don't you go warm Katie up? I can wait here, in the wood.

Rosanna: You'll do no such thing. For goodness sakes, she's your sister.

Craig: Well, you should know from personal experience what that could mean.

Rosanna: She loves you. She's lived with you. You two have shared so much.

Craig: Which is why I'm so intimate with her tantrums.

Rosanna: You have been busy. Come on. She'll understand. Just knock on the door and say hello. The worst you'll get is a big hug.

Craig: Or a swift kick.

Rosanna: You're so silly.

Craig: Yeah, right.

[Knocking at door]

Katie: Get off my property!

Craig: Well, I think that went well.

Rosanna: She left the door open. That's an invitation.

Craig: To what?

Rosanna: Open the door. Just open the door. Come on.

Craig: Truce? Rosanna and I were in the neighborhood. You've been on my mind, Katie. I was hoping you were okay, so we thought we'd drop by.

Katie: Tell him, for starters, that this isn't a neighborhood. It's the woods. So you don't just "drop by." And since he didn't bother to drop by while I was in the hospital, he can drop dead .

Rosanna: You know what? I'll let the two of you work this out privately. I'll be outside.

Craig: Uh -- Lucy told me about Simon. I guess she heard it from Lucinda, who must have heard it from --

Katie: What are you, Craig, a telephone pole? Save it.

Craig: I've been wanting to see you.

Katie: Oh, yeah, right. Why are you here?

Craig: To talk.

Katie: Bull! You only come around when you want something, so what is it this time, Craig? What do you want?

Barbara: I'm unveiling my new designs tonight.

Paul: Where?

Barbara: At Fairwinds. I can't wait for Rosanna to see them, and I can't wait to see the look on her face when she does.

Paul: You know, I have some time right now. I'd like to take a look at them, as well.

Barbara: Oh, well, then you'll have to come to Fairwinds tonight. Oh, Paul, please. Please, I would love to have you there.

Paul: Well, I'm not sure what my schedule is yet, but I'll look into it.

Barbara: You were there during my best years at B.R.O., when I did my best work. I really would love to have you there tonight. Please.

Paul: I have tentative plans with Rose, but --

Barbara: Oh, well --

Paul: Let me see if I can rearrange some things.

Barbara: I don't want to upset Rose. I know how close she and Carly are.

Paul: I'm sure Rose can handle it.

Rose: Come on, Babs. Say good-bye, already, and get your butt moving.

Jessica: Twice last year, I went to Marshall Travers' room. Twice, we were physically intimate. A surveillance camera, of which I was unaware, recorded one of those occasions on videotape. That tape, which is in Mr. Travers' possession, is the source of the photograph that appeared in yesterday's papers. On March 4th of this year, Marshall Travers raped me. He was formally charged and was released on bail. These are the facts of this situation. I offer them now because the public has been inundated with speculation and supposition. This kind of spin is damaging to me and my family. The pain that I have caused my loved ones by simply deciding to come forward is enough. If I could, I would spare them the misery of a trial that would pit my word against the word of the accused. But I cannot remain silent, and I will not be intimidated. If Mr. Travers is listening -- no matter what pictures or stories or ugliness you spread, the fact remains, you violated me. And you will be tried in a court of law, and if there is any justice, you will be found guilty. Thank you.

Reporter #1: Dr. Harris, were you aware of Ms. Griffin's affair with Marshall Travers?

Ben: Ma'am -- I really don't think it's appropriate for me to respond to that.

Reporter #2: Have you seen the alleged videotape that Ms. Griffin refers to?

Ben: Get this straight -- Jessica Griffin has my unwavering support.

Jessica: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen of the press, and for the viewers who are listening, thank you. That's all for now.

Reporter #1: Did Dr. Harris approve of the affair?

Ben: What kinda sick question is that?

Marshall: Jessica? Jessica? Why? Why are you doing this to me?

Jessica: Marshall -- Marshall, look at me. Open your eyes.

You have your medication with you?

Ben: Jessica --

Jessica: What?

Ben: It's a stunt. Ignore him.

Reporter #1: Call 911.

Reporter #2: I've already got them.

Marshall: What happened? Did I fall?

Reporter #3: Mr. Travers, are you on medication for your head injury?

Reporter #1: And were you taking these meds the night of the alleged incident at Ms. Griffin's house?

Reporter #3: And if so, do you think they altered you in any way?

EMT #1: Is that the guy? Excuse us. We need a little room. Excuse me, ma'am. Excuse me. Lay him down.

Jessica: What? I want Marshall convicted, not dead, Ben.

Ben: I can't believe you don't see what Travers just did to you.

Bonnie: Somebody please tell me what Marshall was trying to prove.

Isaac: I can't believe that you don't get it.

Bonnie: There's nothing to get, Isaac. He made a complete fool of himself.

Isaac: The man is no fool, Bonnie. The whole town just saw Jessica come to Marshall's side again, while Ben stood there and looked like furniture. I told Ben not to go. I knew something like this would happen!

Bonnie: I cannot believe you and I just saw the same press conference.

Isaac: Why not?

Bonnie: Because I just saw the bravest woman I know speak the truth, and all you saw was your brother getting betrayed?

Isaac: And made a fool of.

Bonnie: Could you and I get any farther apart, Isaac? I mean, can we even talk anymore?

Rosanna: Oh, that's thrilling, Barbara. Oh, I just can't wait to see what you've designed. I'll see you tonight at Fairwinds. Bye. Oh, careful. There's somebody below you.

Mike: I see you down there.

Rosanna: Hello, Mike. Oh, when did you move to Katie's roof?

Mike: About an hour ago. I didn't mean to startle you.

Rosanna: Oh, you didn't. It's fine.

- My goodness. I assume you have something to do with all those pots and pans that are in Katie's living room.

Mike: Exactly.

Rosanna: Yes. And what happened to your hand?

Mike: Ah, it was a minor accident. So how are you?

Rosanna: Oh, I'm great. I'm just great. I'm here with Craig. He's inside.

Mike: Yeah.

Rosanna: We're planning our wedding. You know that.

Mike: Mm-hmm. M- I'm sorry I didn't return your messages. I've been meaning to. It's just --

Rosanna: Oh, no, I 's fine. It's no problem. If you have the time, I can talk to you about what I need right now.

Craig: I suppose I did let you down.

Katie: Let me down? Get real, Craig. You are a self-involved rat who treated your own sister like dirt. One little house visit a month too late isn't gonna make a difference.

Craig: I got truffles in the car.

Katie: Candy will not make up for what you did, and neither will jokes. You know why?

Craig: Because you don't forgive very easily?

Katie: No, dimwit. Because, out of everyone in this town who knew Simon and me, you knew us the best.

Craig: What about Margo?

Katie: Margo's been great. This isn't about Margo. It's about you. You watched me fall in love with Simon. You watched me chase him and then back away and then catch him and love him with everything that I had. You saw how much he changed my life, how much he changed me. So when he left, if I had been able to talk to you, maybe I wouldn't have ended up in the hospital again, where you never visited me once or even made a lousy phone call. Strangers gave me candy, Craig. Henry moved in here for Snickers. But from you? Nothing.

Craig: I know that I've been a preoccupied, insensitive swine. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?

Katie: Maybe. Just be my big brother again.

Isaac: I've never lied about how I see this rape thing. I'm not gonna start lying now.

Bonnie: My goodness, I don't know when you started hating my mother so much. But thank God Ben loves her enough to stand by her side.

Isaac: Don't count on him being there much longer, not after the way Travers played your mother today.

Bonnie: You know, you and Ben may be brothers, but don't assume he's as stubborn or as shortsighted as you are.

Isaac: And what is that supposed to mean?

Bonnie: It means Ben has a mind of his own. And he is gonna stand by my mother. And if he doesn't, then I will find him, and I will --

Isaac: No, you don't get to preach anymore, Bonnie. Not when you started this whole thing.

Bonnie: Don't -- don't do this, Isaac.

Isaac: No, months ago, you couldn't stay out of Jessica's dais and you had to go around playing detective and setting up video cameras in Travers' room. If you'd left well enough alone, like I told you to do, there wouldn't even be a videotape. Millions of eyes wouldn't have just seen your mother in bed with Marshall on page one.

Bonnie: I never thought -- I never thought you of all people would throw that up in my face. Do you really think I am to blame for all of this?

Isaac: Figure it out for yourself.

Bonnie: I just did. You and I are through.

Jessica: Ben, what are you doing?

Ben: Trying to explain to you what just went on out there. Travers just created another situation that he could twist to his advantage. He used you.

Jessica: Give me a little credit, will you?

Ben: He used your press conference. The man who raped you abused you yet again, and he's gonna keep doing it for as long as you let him.

Jessica: You know what? Ben, I know you came here, and you stood up there, and you held my hand, but as long as you see me as a victim, I'm still alone.

Ben: Well, I'm sorry I came. I'll get back to the hospital.

Jessica: Well, I'm gonna stay here until the crowd clears.

Mike: You have some kind of project for me?

Rosanna: I know you're busy with the hospital Burn unit, but if your hand is better and you could find the time, I just think it would be lovely if you could build me an arbor for my wedding day. Perhaps one with latticework?

Mike: You want me to build something for your wedding?

Rosanna: Yes. You.

Mike: Sounds beautiful. I mean, I don't think it'll be a problem. Just depends on where you want me to put it.

Rosanna: So that's a yes?

Mike: Yes.

Rosanna: Thank you. Thank you very much. Well, just come over sometime, and I'll show you where.

Mike: Suits me. Just let me know when.

Rosanna: You know, I'm not that spiritual, but there is something sort of full circle about this. You know, you being a part of my wedding, even indirectly.

Mike: Yeah. I don't know. I don't know. I just, you know, hope you're happy, Rosanna. I mean that.

Rosanna: I am. I am happy, very.

Mike: All right. I just -- I never saw you marrying a guy like Craig, you know?

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: Yeah, neither did I. And frankly, neither did Craig.

Craig: So you want me to be your big brother. Katie, Katie -- I don't know. Can't I just write you a check or something?

Katie: Your checks bounce.

Craig: Huh?

Katie: No, I -- I need you to give me back some of what Simon took away. I just -- I used to know, deep inside, that even if something horrible happened, at least I wasn't alone. Simon used to just be there, to tell me that everything was gonna be fine, to tell me there's nothing to worry about. And I'm just wondering if you could be that person. You know? Just be the one that I come to if I need help.

Craig: Even when I can't pick up the phone, I still love you. I always love you. You're my sister.

Katie: You mean it?

Craig: Of course. And I'm gonna turn over a new leaf. I'm gonna start acting like a big brother should. Yeah!

[Craig laughing]

Katie: Oh, oh, Craig, stop it!

Craig: Huh? Isn't that what a big brother's supposed to do?

Katie: Stop.

Craig: Okay. Come here.

Katie: Thank you.

Rosanna: Oh, it feels a little warmer in here.

Craig: She put me on probation.

Rosanna: Yeah.

Katie: Oh, you stopped it from raining. How can I ever thank you?

Craig: This is the roof guy?

[Craig laughs]

Katie: He's just helping me out. Mike, have you met my brother?

Mike: We've crossed paths a few times.

Katie: Not the best of friends, I assume?

Mike: About the farthest thing from it.

Katie: I know, you really don't lie. Mike was telling me at the hospital that he has to tell the truth at all times, or he can't sleep at night.

[Craig laughs]

Craig: I know a few people who might be intrigued by that.

Rosanna: Oh, darling, now stop. Be nice. Hmm? We're being happy today. Did you ask Katie?

Craig: I was just about to.

Rosanna: All right.

Craig: So will you? Will you come to your big brother's wedding?

Katie: You're gonna marry this guy?

Rosanna: Oh, I guess so, since he seems to want me.

Katie: Are there gonna be any other guests?

Rosanna: Well, Craig and I are busy twisting a few people's arms right now.

Craig: I even stooped to invite Bar-Bar.

Katie: Barbara Ryan? Wow, you have changed.

Craig: Sure, why not? I don't hold a grudge against the woman.

Rosanna: Excuse me?

Rose: Hey! Look, I think Barbara's getting ready to leave. Paul's getting fidgety.

Emily: I'm not going anywhere. Just give the word.

Paul: So, how does Rosanna's future husband feel about you being a part of Monte Carlo?

Barbara: Oh. Well, Craig loathes me. Rosanna has hired me. And his company needs me. He's so backed into a corner, he had to invite me to his wedding.


Paul: Are you going?

Barbara: With bells on.

Paul: Really? Well, I am amazed. I'm amazed that you can stand the sight of him after everything he's done to you.

Barbara: I've come a long way, son.

Paul: That's good. That's good. You need to let the past go. All right, I have to go.

Barbara: Okay.

Paul: But if you don't hear from me, I'll just see you tonight at Fairwinds?

Barbara: All right.

Paul: All right.

Rose: The eagle has landed.

Emily: Good job, Rose.

Bonnie: Mom.

Jessica: I'm so glad you weren't here. It was a complete disaster.

Bonnie: No, no, it wasn't. I saw it on TV.

Jessica: Yeah, well, then you saw how it all went to hell when Marshall showed up.

Bonnie: No, mom, you were great. And Ben standing next to you said a lot to viewers, no matter what Marshall did.

Jessica: Well, sweetheart, Ben and I are further apart than what you saw on TV. He's gone. So it looks like I'm gonna be on this road alone from here on out.

Bonnie: No. Remember? You've got me. Speaking of which, mom -- ho would you feel if I moved back in the house with you?

Jessica: Are you kidding? That would be great. You're a great house-mate. But -- how's Isaac gonna feel about that?

Bonnie: We broke up. But -- it's okay. We weren't working out.

Jessica: Sweetheart, I am so sorry.

Bonnie: You know, mom, I don't really wanna talk about that right now. And, anyway, I meant what I said. I'm gonna be there for you no matter what. All the way. I'm here now, and I'm gonna be there for Travers' trial.

Jessica: Thank you, sweetheart.

Bonnie: It's just me and you.

Newman: Are you all right?

Marshall: Now that I've taken my meds. But I suppose I should see a doctor, just in case.

Newman: You took an insane risk, Marshall. You shouldn't jeopardize your health like that.

Marshall: Newman, I had to. Show us what you got from the Press conference. Hmm. Look at that photo. Now, is this the face of a woman reacting to a rapist? She's worried about me. She cares. You can read it in her eyes.

Rosanna: And, Mike, we'll talk later about that project, okay?

Mike: Look forward to it.

Rosanna: Okay. All right.

Craig: Good-bye. I love you. All right.

Katie: I love you, too. Well, no more drips.

Mike: Yeah.

Katie: The ceiling, not Craig. Whatever you did worked.

Mike: Well, I'm afraid I have some bad news. The rain is pooling underneath the shingles and draining into the house. So next time it rains again, same thing's gonna happen.

Katie: So I'm gonna have to patch up a few shingles?

Mike: Won't do you any good. The wood's rotted beneath. You have to get a new roof.

[Katie sighs]

Katie: Can you excuse me a second?

Mike: Look, Katie -- I'll do the job for you.

Katie: It's gonna cost me an arm and a leg.

Mike: No, not even a little pinkie finger. All right? Seriously, we over-ordered at the construction site. Supplies like that can't be returned. So I can pretty much charge you next to nothing for it.

Katie: No, I can't let you work for free. Okay, we'll barter. I will cook you dinner every night for a week and maybe wash your car?

Mike: Can you cook?

Katie: About as good as I can wash a car.

Mike: All right, all right. You got a deal.

Katie: Thank you.

Mike: You're welcome.

[Katie sighs]

Craig: What do you say we find some unsuspecting innkeeper and embarrass him with our unbridled passion?

[Rosanna laughs]

Craig: Huh?

Rosanna: That's such a good idea. But those days of passion quickly turn to nights, you know?

Craig: So?

Rosanna: So, I have to go. I have a meeting with Barbara Ryan.

Craig: Oh.

Rosanna: See you later.

Craig: Don't be too sure.

[Barbara screams]

Henry: It's chloroformed.

[Talking over each other]

Emily: Watch her head.

Rose: Henry, you're gonna drive. Come on.

Emily: Get the hips. Get the hips.


Emily: Give me some light. Give me the light.

Rose: Get her out of the way.

Emily: Come on, you guys. We gotta hurry it up. Let's go. I got her. You got her? Okay.

Henry: You all right?

Emily: You okay?

Rose: I like her better.

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