ATWT Transcript Tuesday 4/8/03


As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 4/8/03

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Bonnie: Oh, Isaac, I am so sorry.

Isaac: Oh.

Bonnie: I had no idea you were behind me.

Isaac: Yeah, I was coming over for a kiss.

Bonnie: I'm sorry. You okay?

Isaac: It's -- yeah. I think -- I probably deserved it anyway. Look, we -- we haven't been seeing eye-to-eye on a lot of things lately, especially with your mother. That's why I was coming over to lay this toe-curling kiss on you, and then I was going to apologize.

Bonnie: You were?

Isaac: Yeah. O look, I'm sorry. I should have never let our relationship get so strained. I miss you, Bonnie. I'm sorry.

Bonnie: I miss you, too. I miss you, too. And I was actually on my way to tell you that right before I knocked you down.

Isaac: Yeah?

Bonnie: Yeah.

Isaac: Hey -- hey, let's lock up early. Let's get out of here. Let's go play hooky, and I will apologize to you in style.

Bonnie: I'd love that.

Isaac All right.

Bonnie: Let me grab my things.

Isaac: Okay.

Bonnie: I'll be back.

Isaac: Lock up in the back.

Bonnie: Okay.

Isaac: Hey, Ben. We're just about to lock up. What's up?

Ben: Where's Bonnie?

Isaac: She's in the back.

Ben: Why?

Bonnie: Hey, Isaac, I just --

[Bonnie gasps] Oh -

Jessica: Ladies -- I hope I didn't keep you waiting long.

Lucinda: How are you doing?

Jessica: Oh, I've been better. You know, dodging press, not answering the phone, pretending not to see the stares and the whispers. Never felt so exposed in all my life.

Kim: I can just imagine. Have you spoken to the D.A.?

Jessica: Yeah. Evelyn is -- she's waiting for a verdict to come down on another case. And as soon as it does, she's gonna come over.

Kim: I've been trying to verify the source of this stuff.

Jessica: Oh, I know the source. It's Marshall Travers.

Lucinda: We figured that out -- independently. Jessica, you cannot allow these cheap tactics to prevail. When your back is to the wall, that's the time you've got to come out fighting.

Kim: That's why, along with Lisa, we've decided to make WOAK, The City Times and T he Argus available for your response.

Jessica: You expect me to respond to this?

Lucinda: Oh, absolutely.

Kim: Honey, they're having a field day with this.

Lucinda: You've got to -- you've got to call a press conference. And then you've got to show them this and deal with it head-on.

Alison: There's no way I'm letting them stash this under my mattress. I'll just -- wait, no, I can't. They'll -- they'll know I found it.

Nicole: Wow, looks like Malibu's got her hands full, Kelsey.

Kelsey: She could get herself in a whole load of trouble.

Emily: Oh, Rose --

Rose: You want to explain this one to me? I get a message about creativity, what does Mr. Montgomery have up his sleeve now?

Craig: Ah, ladies, glad you could join me on such short notice.

Rose: Could you make it quick, because some of us have a business to run?

Emily: Yeah, you said this has something to do with Barbara?

Craig: Yes. I'd like to get rid of her. And I thought you two girls might like a piece of that action.

Rose: What, are you crazy?

Emily: Whatever you're planning, I don't even want to know about it.

Rose: All that being said, we wish you all the luck in the world.

Emily: Yeah, thanks. Have a great day, Craig.

Craig: Wait, wait. Don't you want to hear me out?

Rose: There is nothing you could say that could make us change our minds.

Craig: I'm not asking for myself. I'm asking for Carly.

Carly: Do you want to see if we can find our favorite cartoon on TV?

Parker: Yeah.

Carly: It's just about time.

Parker: Yeah.

Carly: Okay. Here you go. You go get the blankets and the pillows, and I'll fix the food. All right, honey?

[Knock on door]

Barbara: Hello, Carly.

Carly: What the hell are you doing here, Barbara?

Barbara: I just heard that you've given up Monte Carlo for a life of domestic bliss. And I just wanted to stop by and tell you that it's the smartest decision you've made in ages. I just hope there are no hard feelings.

Carly: You came all the way out here to gloat about your deal with the devil?

Barbara: No, no. Really wanted to stop by and see if you were all right.

Carly: Well, you're not welcome here, Barbara, so leave.

Parker: Mommy, the cartoons.

Barbara: Oh, look at this. Could this possibly be Parker? Every time I see you, you get more grown-up and more handsome.

Carly: You know what, sweetheart, you just start without me, all right, and I'll be right there, I promise.

Barbara: I'm sorry. I've intruded on your TV afternoon with your son. I remember when Will was that age. Cartoons and pigging out in front of the TV. I really envy you.

Carly: The hell you do. You're thrilled that I'm out of the picture, so you can steal my job.

Barbara: Oh, no, no, no, no. I got the information from Rosanna that you left your job voluntarily.

Carly: Why can't you just leave me alone?

Barbara: Oh. I'll leave you alone. Everybody'll be leaving you alone -- Monte Carlo, the buyers, the shoppers, the press. But you're doing the right thing for your baby's health. I just wish you could be a little happier about it.

Emily: Okay, before I walk out that door and pretend we never had this conversation, what does this plot to get rid of Barbara have to do with Carly?

Craig: Everything. Carly has given up. She's walked out on Monte Carlo.

Emily: Okay, now I know he's lying.

Rose: No, that's impossible. Monte Carlo is Carly's baby. That's why she's got her name on it.

Craig: It gets worse. Guess who's supposed to take over for her?

Emily: Not Barbara? Forget it. Carly would never let that happen.

Rose: No, Carly wouldn't, but Rosanna would. I was at the hospital the other day, Barbara was just leaving. Carly said Bar was circling around like a vulture, just waiting for Carly to make a mistake so she could take Monte Carlo.

Emily: Wait, wait, wait. Rosanna wants to hire Barbara to be Monte Carlo's plan "b" in case Carly can't finish on time?

Craig: Exactly. And now Rosanna feels justified because Carly has dropped out.

Rose: Of course she's dropped out. She's got Barbara breathing down her neck. She's got designer's block.

Craig: Well, that's why we need to remove the blockage.

Emily: What do you mean by we, paleface?

Craig: Well, who's the we? We're all close friends. She's our confidant. We all went through hell because of Barbara. And you two survived that hell spa because of each other. Friends like that don't come along every day.

Rose: ?????

Craig: And all Carly's ever wanted was her own line, her name on a label. That was her dream. And this woman who took the three of you away wants to take that away. We have to stop that. It's not fair. Carly has been a great designer, and she can be a great designer again.

Emily: After we take care of the problem. How?

Rose: Yeah. You're not talking about actually like -- wacking her, right? I mean, you want to pretty it up for me a little bit?

Craig: No, no. All I'm saying is that we create a Barbara-free zone for Carly. That's all. And if you two could arrange for a temporary absence, I think there would be ample personal benefits for both of you.

Rose: Hmm. All right, hypothetically --

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Rose: -- Speaking, how soon do you want her to vacate the premises?

Craig: Tomorrow, if not sooner.

Rose: Tomorrow?

Craig: Yes.

Rose: Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

Emily: Are you out of your mind, Craig?

Craig: No, I'm just a boy with a dream.

Bonnie: Oh, my God. My God, it's on the front page.

Ben: Of every tabloid in the area.

Bonnie: How did this happen?

Isaac: Same way, every other bad thing happens --: Travers.

Bonnie: First he swears that he loves her, and then he rapes her. And now this?! God, when does it end?

Ben: When he wins. And until then, he's taking no prisoners.

Bonnie: You know what? I have to go. I have to go. My mom must be going crazy.

Ben: Look, she's not at home, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Where is she?

Ben: She's at The City Times meeting with Lucinda Walsh and Kim Hughes.

Isaac: What for?

Ben: Probably trying to respond to this trash.

Isaac: Well, anybody who gets a look at this picture is not gonna believe a word she has to say.

Bonnie: I have to go.

Isaac: Don't you think you should let your mother handle this? I mean, what can you really do anyway?

Bonnie: I can tell her that I love her and show her some support. I mean, what else does anyone need, Isaac?

Lucinda: Darling, Jessica, I cannot imagine that you are -- you're gonna allow Travers and his attorney to intimidate you with these disgusting shenanigans.

Kim: She's not gonna do that.

Lucinda: He's playing dirty because -- what, he thinks you're gonna blush and then crumple up?

Jessica: I told Marshall I'm going through with this case. But as far as having a press conference? I mean, especially since I've been avoiding reporters like the plague --

Kim: You know, unfortunately, Jessica, avoiding the press or the issue doesn't make it go away.

Jessica: Well, I'm not gonna make this picture go away by drawing more attention to it.

Lucinda: Well, that's where we come in. Because that's what we do, we handle the media. That's what we're good at. Now, he's using that picture to taint the jury pool. The only way you can counter that is to get rid of the rumors, defuse the gossip.

Kim: Exactly. For crying out loud, you had an affair, so admit it. You were both unmarried, consenting adults.

Jessica: Who were running for the same job.

Lucinda: Oh, who cares about that? That makes him look even more a cad.

Kim: You know something? Having a press conference would give you an opportunity to explain that your prior relationship with him was over and done, and what happened in your home that night had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Jessica: Well, it's still his word against mine.

Lucinda: But, darling, you'd be killing the scandal by addressing it, you see? You had sex, ok. It ended. And you might even point out that even after it ended, when the fellow got himself in trouble and was shot -- some deal that he was working on -- you were there to help him recuperate? And how did he repay that -- your compassion? What did he do? He rewarded you by raping you.

Jessica: I understand what you're saying, Lucinda.

Lucinda: Yeah.

Jessica: I do. But holding a press conference didn't help me win the election.

Lucinda: Darling, that's because you conceded the election before your constituency had come to the polls. As a matter of fact, it's okay. Because you know what this proves? You have the proof that you are honest, you are sincere and you are credible.

Kim: Actually, you know something? If it comes down to he said/she said, credibility is money in the bank.

Jessica: Well, maybe -- maybe the public should see this pattern of intimidation. Whereas, if I stay silent -- let me think about it. I -- I may give this press conference some serious consideration.

Evelyn: I strongly advise against addressing this picture, the press or anything else.

Nicole: Well, what do you know? Malibu's got a shank.

Alison: That isn't mine.

Kelsey: Well, if it isn't yours, then whose is it?

Nicole: Ooh, if ????

Alison: But it isn't mine, and you know it.

Kelsey: Oh, you remember Booboo? Rachel caught her with a shank, and she had five years added to her time.

Alison: Extra five years?

Nicole: What I want to know is what Malibu's doing with a knife.

Kelsey: You gonna shank us in our sleep?

Alison: You set me up. You planted it and you know it. Go ahead, tell the matron. But she's gonna know what you guys are up to, and you're gonna be the ones doing the extra time.

Kelsey: What, you best friends with Karato now? She's your new best friend or something?

Nicole: Go on, Malibu, what'd you mean by that?

Alison: I didn't mean to disrespect you guys or anything. All I meant was I just got here, how could I have found time to make that?

Nicole: Maybe you brought it in with you.

Kelsey: Maybe Dr. Boyfriend brought it when he came for his conjugal yesterday.

Alison: He is not my boyfriend.

Kelsey: Yeah, we got your number, Malibu. We got you all figured out. You had it good on the outside. All hooked up with your detective brother-in-law and your doctor boyfriend. And now she's got one of 'em slipping her a shank to use against us. Nice.

Alison: I'm not hooked up with anyone. If I was, do you think I'd be stuck in this place?

Kelsey: Nah. You probably got one of those bracelet low-jack things so you can still visit the country club.

Nicole: Well, this ain't the country club, honey. And you know what you got now? You got spit. You know what we got, Kelsey and me?

Kelsey: We got seniority.

Nicole: So whatever property is in this room is ours until we say different.

Kelsey: And we'll do whatever we want with it. And I want it right -- here under Malibu's mattress.

Nicole: Perfect.

Emily: Craig, I'm trying to free my sister from jail, not join her.

Craig: It makes you wonder about justice, doesn't it? That Barbara, who had you kidnapped by a madman, drugged and tortured, left your families to wonder whether you were still alive, didn't care. She's still walking around free as a bird, sitting on top of the world, still sucking the lifeblood out of Carly. Don't let me keep you.

Rose: Nope, not gonna work.

Emily: Rose, wait a minute.

Rose: Oh, no. You gotta be kidding me.

Emily: Watching that judge drop those charges against Barbara last year I think, was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. But, Carly, she got me through it somehow. And now she wants to take away the one thing from Carly that makes Carly Carly -- her dreams, Rose. Now, how can we let that happen?

Rose: Hey, wait -- it's not that simple, Emily.

Emily: It is that simple. What if Barbara were gunning for you or me, huh? What would she do? You think Carly would sit on her hands and do nothing?

Rose: Just -- I don't understand why Barbara's still after Carly anyway.

Emily: She's mad at Carly for stealing the thunder in her B.R.O. show in New York. And you -- she hates your guts, Rose, for stealing her son. And don't you ever forget that.

Craig: Exactly. And once Barbara's finished ruining Carly, who's going to be next in her little cross-hairs?

Rose: You're talking about kidnapping tomorrow.

Craig: Well, don't think of it as kidnapping, per se. Think of it as Barbara takes a flight to New York and gets re-routed due to inclement weather. We're just giving her a nice layover --

Rose: All right. Keep talking.

Carly: Yes, Barbara, it's true. I cannot finish the designs on time. I have much too much going on in my life. So the fall collection's yours. Choke on it!

Barbara: You know, I just find it so ironic -- the parallels in our lives. I mean, when you were ready to take over B.R.O., you were so hungry, you could taste it.

Carly: Now, wait a minute. Get your facts straight, all right? Your son sought me out because your designs stunk.

Barbara: No, but at least I had the sketches, didn't I? Despite everything else going rough in my life, I was able to come up with the goods. And you and my son were lying to me about it.

Carly: The only reason that you haven't lied to me is because you couldn't wait for me to find out that you and Rosanna were staging a takeover.

Barbara: Oh, no, no, no, Carly. I just came to you and told you up-front what was going on. But you -- you were sketching on the sly. You were meeting in the shadows, just waiting for the opportunity to take over the one thing that I had left, the only thing that mattered to me. How's it feel, huh?

Carly: Get out.

Barbara: Feels like you're not good enough.

Carly: I said get out.

Barbara: Feels like maybe you're all through, like maybe you never really had it. And that little voice in the back of your head -- "I'm a failure. I'm a fake. Everyone's gonna catch up with me." Sound familiar?

Evelyn: In the future, I really would appreciate if you left the legal decisions up to me.

Jessica: Evelyn, the damage is done. Now if I hold this press conference, I can address two questions -- one, am I afraid of admitting to a prior relationship with Marshall? No, I'm not. Two, am I afraid of his tactics? No, I'm not.

Evelyn: I can make those points in court.

Jessica: It'll be stronger coming from me.

Evelyn: Jessica I'm prosecuting this case. Look, you have got to trust me on this.

Bonnie: Mom --

Jessica: Hi, sweetheart.

Bonnie: I can't believe he did this to you.

Jessica: Oh, please, sit down. It's gonna be okay.

Kim: We were just discussing your mother's next move.

Evelyn: And if she should make one.

Lucinda: I am a firm believer of a good press conference.

Evelyn: We will have our chance to speak in court. Until then, silence is golden.

Lucinda: Yes, but we wouldn't want anyone to think that Jessica was being silent because she had something to hide.

Evelyn: Any public statements could compromise our case! Reporters are gonna try to get her to say things that would never even be allowed to surface in court!

Bonnie: Well, I say let us use the press instead of the press using us.

Evelyn: Well, I don't like it.

[Jessica remembering]

Ben: Maybe it's time to consider dropping this case against Travers.

Bonnie: You don't have to, Evelyn. It's her choice.

Jessica: You know what? Could everybody just be quiet for a minute? I mean, this is happening to me. You know, it is my choice, if I have any left. Since Marshall raped me, I don't feel like I have any choices. I feel like my life has been taken over by -- by things that are completely out of my control. So you know what? Maybe it would be a good idea for everybody just to drop the whole thing once and for all.

Bonnie: You can't give up now, mom. You can't.

Kim: You know, I have the feeling that the best thing we can do for your mom is to give her some time to herself.

Evelyn: I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I've been pressuring you.

Jessica: No, no, no, I know. Please, everybody. It's nobody's fault. I'm sorry I had that meltdown for a minute.

Lucinda: Darling, why don't you go into the office and just think about what it is you really want to do? Do it in private.

Jessica: Thank you, Lucinda.

Evelyn: And whatever you decide, can you just let the D.A. know?

[Door closes]

Bonnie: Look, mom, I don't want to push you. You should know, whatever you decide, whether it be press conference or silence, I respect you and your decision either way.

Jessica: Thank you, sweetheart. I appreciate that. But I'm sure you feel like things are spinning out of control, too, and I am so sorry.

Bonnie: Please, don't worry about me.

Jessica: Loving someone who has such strong doubts about your mother can't be much fun, right? How are things with Isaac, anyway?

Bonnie: I can handle Isaac.

Jessica: Sweetheart, I would understand if you had your own doubts. I know that you and Ben and Isaac read that letter that Marshall wrote to me.

Bonnie: I'm so sorry, mom. I should have never opened it, I know. But you know what? We don't have to worry about it, 'cause Ben has burned it, and it's over and done with.

Jessica: Oh, I wish it was over and done with. But the two people that I love the most are becoming casualties.

Bonnie: I'm fine, mom.

Jessica: And Ben -- Ben -- Ben is the other person that I -- that I hoped wouldn't get hurt by this.

Bonnie: What are you talking about? He's standing by you through this, isn't he?

Jessica: Ben is saying all the right things, he's doing all the right things. But he thinks I should drop the case.

Bonnie: Ben said that to your face?

Jessica: Yeah.

Bonnie: I'm gonna go have a talk with Ben.

Jessica: No, no, no, don't do that.

Bonnie: I don't understand this. I mean, Ben never walks away from a fight, even when it comes to -- especially when it comes to Marshall Travers.

Jessica: Bonnie, don't blame Ben, okay? He's just trying to -- to keep it together. And I know how he feels, because I'm feeling it, too.

Isaac: Is everything cool?

Ben: You know, it's been a long time since I've had to ask another surgeon to cover for me. I can't go into the O.R. today.

Isaac: Well, since you're taking the day off --he

Ben: Maybe this is my fault.

Isaac: Nothing here is your fault. Now, Jessica's been warned.

Ben: She's been warned by all of us. But -- she wasn't having it.

This morning, I asked her -- I practically begged her to drop this case.

Isaac: Let me guess -- she wouldn't do it. She's got herself so convinced that she's right, she can't see what this is doing to Bonnie or you. As you know, Bonnie's so angry half the time, she won't even speak to me. You're so twisted in knots, you can't work.

Ben: I can handle it.

Isaac: You can't handle it, my brother. I mean, if you think you can handle this now, this is just the tip of the iceberg. And whatever comes next, it's gonna make this look like a day at the beach.

Ben: Jessica says she's standing up for herself.

Isaac: Well, somebody should tell her there's a difference between standing up for herself and setting herself up to be a target.

Ben: I know, I know. You're right, okay? There's no way that she can win this. Sometimes I wonder, man, this -- this relationship had this big "do not resuscitate" sign on it after her affair with Travers. And maybe I shouldn't even try to start things up again.

Isaac: You had to. You love her.

Ben: Yeah, I love her. That's why I can't watch her do this to herself, Isaac. I can't.

Carly: Now, that's the Barbara Ryan I know and abhor. Trying to justify your vindictiveness. Maybe I should try to get sympathy the same way you did by going on a rampage, showing everybody how I've lost my mind.

Barbara: That creative block you're experiencing must be pretty awful, Carly. I mean, if I were faced with no inspiration and precious little talent and having to face a blank page day after day, I might be lashing out at people, too.

Carly: I want you to leave, Barbara.

Barbara: It's painful, isn't it, Carly? Second guessing every stroke of the pencil? Well, you know what? You don't have to do it anymore, do you? The pressure's off. You can sit around and watch TV and cartoons all day long. Because your company's in good hands now.

Carly: Don't get too comfy in my drafting chair. I'll be back.

Barbara: Yeah. Just like I staged my successful return at B.R.O. You keep those good thoughts up.

Carly: Monte Carlo is mine. I will not step aside. As soon as I start designing again --

Barbara: With a toddler and a newborn, how are you gonna do that? You know, I might even feel a little bit threatened if I wasn't so certain that my line was spectacular.

Carly: You are in a dream world, Barbara. Nobody cares. You are way past your prime.

Barbara: Well, you know what? Or your trendy, little line raised a few eyebrows for one season, but a one-hit show does not make a career. No, it takes delivering consistently season after season creatively, innovatively. That's what a career is. And you know what, kiddo? You don't have it. You know my advice? In the future, when you have a little time and you want to take up a hobby, why don't you try cooking? Seems to be right up your alley.

Rose: What you're asking us to do, Craig, is immoral and illegal.

Emily: And we've got a million details to figure out before we can actually make this thing happen.

Rose: You're telling me that Rosanna's expecting Barbara's sketches tomorrow that gives us, like, no time to make any plans.

Craig: Well, I've already taken care of the where and the how. All you two have to be is the who to put this in motion.

Emily: All right. Well, what -- what happens if the plan fails and Rosanna gets Barbara's designs and act ally uses them?

Craig: Well, by that time, Carly's designs will have impressed Rosanna, we will be in production. But -- since you mention it, maybe you ought to go by Barbara's suite and dispose of those designs.

Rose: Oh, that's great. Breaking and entering, kidnapping -- my rap sheet has just made it on "America's most wanted."

Emily: Yeah, I've got news for you. If this is some scheme for us to get rid of Barbara for you and then you leave the two of us holding the bag, you can forget it.

Rose: That's it. That sounds like Craig Montgomery. We do all the dirty work, he keeps his hands clean.

Craig: I have to have an airtight alibi. I'm the first person they're gonna go after if Barbara's missing. Now, ladies, if we play our cards right, nobody's gonna know that Barbara's missing. And you know nobody's gonna care. Emily, we're not gonna hurt her. We're just gonna put her out of commission for a day or two -- a week -- two weeks. But think of it as getting Carly what she wants. And Barbara's been getting away from -- with murder anyway, so think of it as getting a little justice.

Rose: We're gonna have to talk to Carly before we make any decisions.

Craig: No, no, no. I don't think that would be a great idea. Carly's been under a lot of pressure, and I don't think that would be something she could hale very easily.

Emily: Well, what are you saying? You need an answer right this very moment and Carly can't know anything about it?

Craig: Those are my terms.

Rose: Well then, forget it, Montgomery. No. No way. Good-bye.

Craig: Well, no, no, no. Think about it. But don't take too long to think about it. Carly needs you.

Alison: Why does that knife have to be under my bed?

Nicole: What's the matter, princess? Afraid you'll toss and turn all night with something under your mess?

Kelsey: This ain't a fairy tale, little girl.

Alison: I don't want that knife anywhere near my bed. Can't you just put it somewhere else?

Nicole: No.

Alison: Well, what do you need it for anyway? This place is minimum security?

Kelsey: Why do you need to know? Huh? You got somebody to tell? You know what happens to little girls who tell?

Nicole: Nah. Or Malibu's to smart to tell. Right?

Kelsey: She can't be too smart, she ended up here.

Alison: Just -- just put it somewhere else. I swear I won't tell a soul.

Regina: Won't tell a soul about what? Is there something you wanted to tell me, Alison?

Bonnie: You should be clear, whatever you decide, I'll be right there with you.

Jessica: Except at this press conference, should I decide to have one.

Bonnie: What? Why wouldn't I be there? Why wouldn't I go?

Jessica: Because I'm asking you not to. Because the lawyer in me is thinking there's no telling what kind of trash Marshall has dug up and given to the press. Now, if you're in a roomful of reporters, you leave yourself open to the questions how that picture came to exist.

Bonnie: You mean as the videotape that Paul and I set up?

Jessica: Yes. The videotape that you and Paul set up. Now, if you are in the room, then I will be so worried about you that I won't --

Bonnie: Mom, I'll be fine.

Jessica: And so will I -- as long as I don't see your face in that press conference. Do you understand me?

[Knock on door]

Kim: Do you have a minute for me?

Jessica: Absolutely. Absolutely. So I will call you and let you know one way or the other.

Bonnie: I love you.

Jessica: I love you, too.

Bonnie: Bye.

Kim: Bye, darling.

Jessica: She shouldn't have to go through this.

Kim: Neither should you. Jess I know what this is doing to you. I absolutely would understand if you want to forego this press conference or the trial, as far as that's concerned.

Jessica: I have never run away from anything in my life. I've never felt so unsure or afraid. I just don't know how much fight I have left in me.

Carly: Is just like you -- to wait until I'm all alone to come here and spit these vicious things at me.

Barbara: I didn't realize it was a crime to save your company from a major embarrassment and utter ruin.

Carly: You want to talk about crime? Or have you forgotten that you had me kidnapped, nearly killed? Because I haven't forgotten that, Barbara. I remember it every single time I look in the mirror, wondering if today is gonna be the day that those experiments on my face come back to haunt me, praying that my baby will not have to suffer because of what you have done to me.

Barbara: I never intended for it to go that far.

Carly: You didn't give a damn what happened to the three of us! We were out of your life! That was enough for you! You didn't care then, and you don't care now.

Barbara: Better not get hysterical here, Carly. Think about your baby's health.

Carly: The way you were after my fashion show in New York when you went after my dresses with a pair of scissors?!

Barbara: It was a difficult phase in my life.

Carly: Well, enjoy this new phase while it lasts, because it won't last long. And don't bother putting a name plate on your door yet.

Barbara: You know what? I know what you're gonna go through, and I just hope you can keep up that good sense of humor to get you through those sleepless nights with a brand-new baby. Because that baby's gonna sap your energy.

Carly: My energy will be just fine, thank you.

Barbara: But it's not the energy you're worried about, it's the talent.

Carly: Go to hell.

Barbara: I knew you'd figure it out sooner or later. You're the flavor of the month. That's all you've ever been -- to anyone, for that matter.

[Knocking at door]

Rose: Barbara, what brings you by?

Emily: What a surprise.

Barbara: Well, I'm sure you girls have a lot to talk about, don't you?

Emily: You have no idea.

Barbara: Carly, you take care of yourself now, for that baby, for Parker. All right? Oh, and, Rose, please give my love to Paul. Emily, excuse me.

[Door closes]

Rose: What was that all about?

Carly: It's just Barbara being Barbara, you know? This time, the problem is, I think she may be right. So what's up with you guys?

Rose: Something has to be up? We came out to see what Emma's cooking. How you doing?

Carly: Well, I really wish that I was in the mood to have some company. But I -- I have to take my blood pressure again and I -- promised to spend the day with Parker. And so if you guys, you know -- if you wouldn't hate me, I'd really -- I'd like to be alone now.

Regina: Alison, you wanted to tell me something?

Alison: There's no problem, ma'am. Everything is -- cool.

Nicole: See? We're cool.

Kelsey: Totally.

Regina: Glad to hear it. Make sure it stays that way, ladies.

[Door closes]

Kelsey: Good job, Malibu.

Nicole: You catch on quick. That'll come in handy.

Kim: Kiddo -- if you want to take this thing to court, then so be it. But if you want to get the nightmare and just move on from there, that's okay, too. The point is, it is your choice.

Jessica: But if I don't go through with this, I'll feel like I'm letting everybody down.

Kim: Oh, for heaven's sakes, you don't have to prove anything to anybody.

Jessica: What about myself?

Kim: That's one I can't answer.

Lucinda: Jessica, darling, the District Attorney and I have argued ourselves blue in the face. I withdraw all of my comments. You and she make the decision, whatever's best for you. I don't want to twist your arm.

Jessica: Thank you, Lucinda. I appreciate that. And, Evelyn, of course, thank you for everything. I know everybody is just trying to do what's right for me. And I've decided that this press conference is what's right for me.

Evelyn: Well, as long as you know what you're risking by doing so.

Jessica: I know what I'll be risking if I don't.

Lucinda: Well, I knew that you would. Well, let's get ahold of a photogenic and very respectable Dr. Harris. He'll be standing there on your right side, your devoted daughter on your left. That'll be a picture worth 10,000 words.

Jessica: No, Lucinda, no. I can't do that. I will not use them as a photo op.

Kim: Now, wait a minute. That's very admirable. But I think you should remember that, when it's all said and done, when the reporters are gone, when the photographers are gone, you're gonna need all the support you can get. He you're gonna need the people who love you.

Ben: Reschedule it for tomorrow. Yeah, everything .

[Cell phone rings]

Bonnie: Hello?

Jessica: Hi, sweetheart, it's me. I just wanted to let you know that I am gonna go through with the press conference.

Bonnie: When?

Jessica: Tomorrow morning. And I repeat, you are not invited.

Bonnie: But Mom --

Jessica: This is not open for debate. I just wanted you to know.

Bonnie: And what about Ben? :

Jessica: I think I'm gonna have to go this one alone, sweetheart.

Now, I have a million things to do before tomorrow morning, so I just wanted to let you know, okay? I will talk to you soon. I love you.

Bonnie: I love you, too.

Ben: Isaac had to make a run to the bank. How's your mom?

Bonnie: She's calling a press conference.

Ben: When?

Bonnie: Tomorrow. She won't let me go, but -- I think somebody should be there. Look, Ben, she doesn't want to admit it, because she doesn't want you to feel obligated. But I really think she'd be crushed if you're not there.

Ben: She will be crushed if she goes through with this thing, Bonnie. Maybe you two don't want to say it out loud, so I'll say it for you. There is no way that she can win this thing. She's fighting a losing battle.

Bonnie: No, she's fighting to keep her dignity. She's fighting to hold on to her pride and keep it together while everyone around her doubts her. Now, I love my mother, Ben. And I am not gonna just crawl away because it makes my existence feel more comfortable because that is cruel and selfish, Ben.

Ben: No, I'll tell you what's cruel and selfish, Bonnie. Expecting me to stick around and watch your mother self-destruct.

Bonnie: Is that what you think she's doing? Let me tell you something. My mother knows what she's doing.

Ben: No, she doesn't know what she's doing. You're right about one thing, Bonnie. I do need to do something. If Jessica can't stop herself, then I'll stop her.

Bonnie: Wait, Ben, what are you gonna do?

Parker: Mommy, the cartoons.

Emily: Hey, Parker.

Rose: I hear you got a big day planned with your mom.

Carly: Oh, yes, we do. We're gonna watch cartoons and then it's bath time, we're gonna read some stories. We have -- we have a lot to do.

Emily: Okay. Well, then -- we'll get out of your hair.

Carly: All right. Well, thanks for coming by.

Emily: Okay.

Rose: Bye-bye. Bye, Parker.

[Door closes]

Rose: Emily did you hear the way that Barbara was talking to Carly?

Emily: Yeah, I wanted to rip her vocal cords right out of her throat.

Rose: Did you see the look in Carly's eyes?

Emily: Devastated.

Rose: Defeated.

Emily: Yeah, by Barbara.

Rose: Do you want to get the rope or should I?

Emily: You go ahead. I'm gonna find something to take her down.

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