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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 4/2/03

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Mitzi: Look, would you stop trying to come up with different ways to save your salon? You've got one. His name is Dusty, and he's got a wallet full of cash.

Rose: I've also got a fiancé. His name is Paul. And he wants me to keep my hands off his buddy's money.

Mitzi: So you're just gonna give up on the best idea you ever had and pass on the perfect partner?

Rose: Paul says business with friends is sticky. And he's right. I cannot ask him to put his friendship with Dusty on the line.

Mitzi: Well, then, you'd better get out your rosaries, 'cause honey, we need a miracle.

Lucinda: Hello? Hi, honey. Lily tells me someone here needs an angel.

Rose: Oh, no.

Lucinda: Okay, just let it happen. Let me be your partner. Let me help you keep America beautiful.

Dusty: This is my business card. Read it. Read it out loud.

Barbara: "Dustin Donovan, financial adviser."

Dusty: Right. Not "stud for hire." You don't get to pimp me out.

Barbara: I believe it was you who suggested that if you were seeing Molly McKinnon, it would make it easier to get close to Rose. If Rose thinks you have a girlfriend, she'll let her defenses down. She'll be right where you want her to be. Dusty, you and I are the only chance of saving Paul from marital disaster. You just have to make sure that Rose doesn't see you as a threat, and sleeping with Ms. McKinnon is the perfect solution.

Dusty: What are you gonna do? Put cameras in my bedroom?

Barbara: Now, Dusty, I thought you wanted your wealth back. Now, if you do, like it or not, who you sleep with is my business.

Mike: Come on, get out of the rain.

Molly: Are you sure?

Mike: It's raining.

Molly: Go ahead. Let me have it, Mike. What I did this morning, it was wrong. I know that. I mean, it was gross. And -- and, oh, my God, it's the worst thing that I've ever done in my life. And I'm -- I'm really sorry.

Mike: Going somewhere?

Molly: Actually, I've already been there. No, when you left, Dusty followed, and I was alone, and -- did I ever tell you how much I hate to be alone? So I put on this dress, and I went out looking for a man.

Mike: It wasn't enough that I had to go over to your hotel room earlier. Now you need to dish out some more of the same, huh?

Molly: No, Mike, I didn't do this to make you jealous. I didn't. That was not my purpose. I did this because I want to tell you that something happened.

Mike: Yeah, I'll bet.

Molly: No, something incredible happened. I don't understand it, but every guy I checked out turned into you. You don't believe me?

Mike: I don't know what to believe. All right, so let's just stop all these stupid, little games, and get to what you really came here for.

Jack: When'd your back start hurting you?

Carly: It's -- it's nothing. Nothing giving birth won't cure.

Jack: Here, lean on me. Come on, all the way.

Carly: This feels like one of those trust exercises where you're supposed to fall back and let somebody catch you.

Jack: Well, you're not leaning all the way. I guess that means you don't trust me anymore.

Carly: How's that?

Jack: Good.

Carly: This is nice, Jack. It almost feels like we're a family.

Jack: Yeah, almost.

Carly: Hey.

Jack: Hmm?

Carly: Your turn. You put your hands up, you lean on me.

Jack: Oh, I can't.

Carly: What? I'm not gonna let you fall, I promise. It's okay, Jack. I understand, after all the lies I've told. But that is gonna stop. In fact, there's something that I should have told you when it started, and I've sort of been waiting for the right time. It's about Craig.

Jack: And the fact that you're working for him? That you're designing for Monte Carlo again? Oh, come on, Carly. Did you really think I wouldn't figure it out?

The clock ticks and I think of you

Jessica: We haven't danced like this since -- in a while.

Ben: Hey. You're doing just fine.

Is nothing new flashback all that's left behind

suitcase of memories time

Jessica: Ben, stop. I can't do this. I'm sorry. I can't do this.

I'm walking

[Music stops]

Ben: I should just make it an early night.

Jessica: I just need a minute, Ben.

Ben: To recover from my arms being around you?

Jessica: No, I didn't say that.

Ben: Jess, you didn't have to. Dancing with me made you uncomfortable. I could see that. Another time.

Jessica: No, I just need a minute. I mean, can't you just give me that? I -- I invited you here because I want to be with you.

Ben: Jess, you're not ready.

Jessica: Don't assume, okay? You don't know what I'm ready for.

Ben: Something traumatic happened to you, and you can't just ignore it. You have to deal with Travers.

Jessica: I am dealing with it. That's why I pressed charges.

Ben: For the rape. I'm talking about dealing with all the other stuff that he's done -- the stuff that he is doing to you right now. The man thinks that he has some kind of claim on you, and you have to set some boundaries.

Jessica: I want boundaries. Big ones with iron bars and locked doors. I want the man in jail.

Ben: Then put him there.

Jessica: I'm trying.

Ben: Not hard enough, Jessica. Not nearly hard enough. 

Mitzi: Rosie, say hello to your new partner.

Lucinda: Oh.

Rose: I'm not taking money from you. Sorry.

Mitzi: What, are you nuts? This is the opportunity of a lifetime. You can't --

Lucinda: Listen, sweetheart -- maybe it would be better if Rose and I discussed her sanity or her lack thereof in deux way.

Mitzi: Right. What's she talking about?

Rose: She wants you to get the heck out of here.

Mitzi: Oh, the bum's rush. Listen, whatever it takes to get you to change your mind. Ms. W, change her mind.

Rose: No, no, I'm not taking anything from Ms. Walsh.

Lucinda: You know, sweetheart, I'm very fond of that girl, but do you really think that that is the image of linchpin that you want in your beauty establishment?

Rose: See, that right there, that's the reason I'm not going into business with you. You're already criticizing me before I even open the door.

[Thunder crashing]

Lucinda: No, I'm not. I am not. Not really. No, I'm actually -- I'm -- I'm -- I've changed my mind. I'm swooning with delight. Oakdale has needed a really good day spa for years, and you're gonna make a killing, and it's gonna be wonderful. What? What? Oh, honey, that's silly. Spa? It's just a word. "Spa" is a word. "Killing" is unfortunate. You've got vision. You have vision. I want you to use it. So just borrow the money. I'm not giving it to you. And get started.

Rose: I can't. I can't. I want to take chances. I want to make mistakes. I can't do that using your money.

Lucinda: Rose D'Angelo, dear, you know, if you had a different disposition, you could be playing with your own money right now, couldn't you? You had a diamond.

Rose: Oh.

Lucinda: Yes, you did. That's a hell of a nest egg. But you wanted to be dramatic and have a gesture, and so you just threw your diamond into the sea.

Rose: Yeah, thanks a lot. You're a great cheerleader, you know that?

Lucinda: Well, I'm just reminding you of something. You threw the diamond away. Do not throw money away, okay? You got a lease here, I think.

Rose: Yeah, I did sign the lease already.

Lucinda: Well, my heavens, the clock is ticking, the clock is ticking. And this place isn't realized. It's not a dream. It's a poodle in pouring rain. And you're getting every second deeper in debt.

Rose: I gotta think, all right? Just give me a minute.

Lucinda: Think what a good idea. Okay, dear. I'll get out of here. I'll get out of your way. Please, please don't do one of your Rose D'Angelo's "it's gotta be my way or I'm gonna hit the highway and I'm going to Atlantic City and --" please don't do that. Please don't. Be a canny player. Hedge your bets. The problem with all or nothing, honey, is that you can end up with the nothing, okay?

Dusty: You want Rose and Molly in my bed simultaneously? Anyone else you want to throw in there just for fun?

Barbara: A lot of men would love to have your job.

Dusty: Yeah. Seducing my best friend's fiancée ain't my idea of a good time.

Barbara: If I am wrong and Rose loves my son and is committed to him, I couldn't be happier. But if I'm right, and he marries her, she will destroy him.

Dusty: Well, I'll get to Rose, but I don't see where Molly McKinnon has any part in this.

Barbara: Well, why not? She's an attractive, small-town celebrity. She's the perfect choice to awaken Rose's competitive spirit. And as soon as she thinks that you're serious about Molly, she'll start to fantasize.

Dusty: About what?

Barbara: Taking Molly's place in your bed. So the minute you make your move, she'll be ready for you.

Dusty: I don't like it.

Barbara: But you like getting beaten up by loan sharks?

Dusty: All right, keep your voice down. I don't have a problem with lying. I'll lie to whoever. Paul, Rose, Molly. But I'm just not getting any enjoyment out of it. And that's the difference between me and you.

Barbara: I think you'd better get going. Don't you have a meeting with my son?

Dusty: Yes. I'll be sure to give him your regards.

Barbara: Take care. It's nasty out there.

[Thunder crashing]

Carly: Who told you? Was it Rosanna? Well, I know it wasn't Craig. Emma. Emma is the one who --

Jack: I found the sketches you threw away in the hospital. So when were you gonna tell me this?

Carly: When I could figure out a way to convince you that -- that I can work without endangering myself or the baby, Jack, and I can. My blood pressure has stayed normal the whole time -- and you're not yelling at me. Why aren't you yelling at me?

Jack: I had time to think about it. I remembered how it felt when I was suspended from the department. They sent me home, but they couldn't stop me from being a cop. It's who I am. You're a designer, Carly.

Carly: I don't know why I thought I could keep it from you.

[Thunder rumbling]

Jack: So your blood pressure's good? How are the designs?

Carly: I have to -- to turn in 30 sketches in the next two weeks.

Jack: How many do you have done?

Carly: You mean, done as in done?

Jack: Done as in finished.

Carly: "Finished" is a funny word, you know, because I never consider any sketch finished, really. There's always --

Jack: Out of the 30 sketches you have to turn in, how many do you have left to do?

Carly: Uh -- 30.

Molly: I don't know what you mean, Mike.

Mike: This whole apology thing is just another version of foreplay.

Molly: I didn't come here for sex.

Mike: Really? Are you sure? Because, I mean, you pretend to have it with Jack, you do have it with Dusty. You know, let's not waste any time. I've taken that dress off before. I don't mind taking it off again.

Molly: Stop it.

Mike: No, you stop. Stop telling me that we have a shot. Stop telling me that you want to get married. And stop showing up at my house dressed like that. Now, you went out of your way today to show me that I am replaceable, and you do not get to take that back.

Molly: I didn't mean it.

Mike: Then you shouldn't have done it.

Molly: Would you let me explain to you, please?

Mike: Why? Then what? Then you're just gonna start crying, I feel bad, I hold you, next thing you know, we're in bed. Score one for Molly.

Molly: No, I didn't come here to score. I came here to try to get back what we had, Mike.

Mike: Really? 'Cause that would take love and forgiveness. When it comes to those two things, you're -- you're all tapped out. And you know what? So am I.

Jessica: You think I'm not doing everything I can to have Marshall locked up? You think I could have stopped him from raping me, don't you?

Ben: I don't blame you for what he did.

Jessica: Well, what are you blaming me for, Ben, huh? Why don't we just put everything on the table? What exactly are you blaming me for?

Ben: For not having a rape kit done. I can't understand -- no jury is ever gonna understand why you keep protecting the man that you say raped you.

Jessica: I am not protecting him, and I don't mind explaining myself to 12 good men and women, but I'll tell you what -- I'm sick and tired of explaining myself to you. I was raped. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I sent you home that night. I'm sorry that I didn't go straight to the police. I'm sorry I didn't go to the hospital. But there wasn't any bruising or tearing, so what would that have proven?

Ben: That when it happened, you felt violated. Not later, when you had time to think about it. Right then and there.

Jessica: You don't believe me.

Ben: Jessica -- you were the D.A. You know what it takes for a case to stand up in court. Yet every time Travers crosses the line, you fail to do what it takes. The man that raped you trapped you in an elevator. I can't believe that you still haven't filed an order of protection.

Jessica: Or come running straight to you.

Ben: Something!

Jessica: So that's what I'm supposed to do? If I don't go to the police, I should at least show up on your doorstep, right? Saying "help me, Ben. He scared me, Ben." Well, you know what? I didn't do it. You know why? Because you know what you could do about it? Absolutely nothing. So that's what I did. Nothing.

Ben: Right. There's nothing that I could do to help comfort or protect the strong and capable Ms. Jessica Griffin. 'Cause she doesn't crack, she doesn't crumble, and she doesn't need anybody. She sure as hell doesn't need me.

[Thunder crashing]

[Thunder rumbling]

[Knock at door]

Dusty: Sorry, Paul. It's you or me.

[Dusty sighs] Hey. That was quick. I thought you'd wait till the storm passed.

Paul: Who knows when that's gonna be? You said it was about Rose?

Dusty: Come on in.

[Thunder rumbling] Want a drink?

Paul: Vodka. Thanks. Is this about me telling her to turn down your offer?

Dusty: No. This is about her heart. And why are you breaking it?

Mike: I wanted to see if I felt anything for you anymore. You know what? I don't.

Molly: Yes, you do. I know you do, Mike. Because I've kissed you, and I've touched you, and I know when you're lying. You want me. And I want -- who the hell is playing games now, Mike?

Mike: No games. Just a whole lot of hurt.

Molly: Well, you know what? I'm sorry. But, you know, you are the first one that started the hurt when you slept with my cousin.

Mike: And I have paid for it and paid for it. I lost you. But that wasn't enough. You had to add to the pain, didn't you?

Molly: I shouldn't have slept with Dusty. I know that. And, oh, God, I shouldn't have rubbed your face in it. It was wrong. I'm sorry.

Mike: I really, really wish you hadn't done it. 'Cause up until you did, you know, I really thought that we had a chance. Then I come to your room. It's all about showing me that you had another guy in your bed. I realize that this woman that I loved, I truly loved, didn't exist. I have no idea who you are.

Molly: So now you met her. You met the real me for the first time, and you don't like her. Oh, big surprise. I'm really sorry. Okay, I'm sorry I'm not the perfect, perky anchorwoman that you see on TV.

Mike: I never said you had to be perfect.

Molly: Oh, honey, I'm so far from perfect. I am the least perfect person you'll ever meet. Did you know that I spent most of my life trying to make myself feel good with sex? It's true. If sex was good, then I was special. And if the sex was hot and sweaty, then I was extra special. And if it was dangerous, if it was forbidden sex, then -- oh, my God -- it was great. Because I felt like I had a date with destiny. So I'm telling you I did not know -- and I'm not saying this for pity, okay? I didn't know true love until I met Jake McKinnon. And then I had you. And I thought, "oh, I'm so lucky." So that's why, Mike, that when you slept with Carly, I went nuts. I started acting out like a 2-year-old because I wanted you -- I needed to know that I mattered to you.

Mike: You do.

Molly: You matter to me, too. You do. And that is why I proposed to you. Because I figured that we could get past this -- I knew that we could get past this and move on.

Mike: You need to deal with Jake and -- I need to deal with Carly.

Molly: What? What are you -- do you love Carly, Mike?

Mike: As a friend. Look, I'm talking about her baby. If she is mine, then my whole life's gonna change.

Molly: What if she isn't?

Mike: Then I'll be leaving town.

[Thunder rumbling]

Ben: Jess, are you in there?

[Thunder rumbling] Jessica.

Ben: You okay?

Jessica: I was on the couch -- sleeping. Then he was on me. I said no. I did say no. But he was too strong. I pushed against him. He was heavy.

Ben: Jessica --

Jessica: I couldn't move him. I wanted you. I needed you. But I had sent you away. Don't go away again, Ben. Please?

[Thunder crashing]

Dusty: You know, this beauty salon, it's not just a whim. This is a mission for her.

Paul: It's a longtime dream. I know that.

Dusty: Then why are you standing in her way?

Paul: I'm not standing in her way, Dusty. I've offered to help her make it happen. And I've offered to loan her money. I've offered to look at the business plan.

Dusty: But you won't let her choose her own partner?

Paul: No, no. I just said it shouldn't be you. It could get messy.

[Thunder rumbling]

Dusty: I saw her down at Java. She was crying.

[Paul sighs] You know what? You are so hung up on being her hero that you're not thinking about what she wants.

Paul: Yes, I am, Dusty.

Dusty: Are you?

Paul: Yes.

Dusty: Because this salon is a chance for her to prove that she is smart. To prove that she is capable of paying her own way. And she wants to prove to the world that she is marrying you for love and not for money. She wants this. She wants this so bad, Paul. 'Cause she's got so much of her self-esteem at stake here. Get it?

[Thunder crashing]

Paul: Yeah, I guess I should talk to her.

Dusty: She's at the shop.

Paul: It's too late. She wouldn't be there.

Dusty: She's gonna be -- she's gonna be there. Trust me.

Paul: I do. Thanks, man.

Jessica: So much for my infamous control, huh?

Ben: I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry.

Jessica: No, I pushed you, Ben. I did. And -- I needed to know how you really felt.

[Thunder rumbling]

Ben: I never doubted that you were raped. But now when you keep protecting --

Jessica: Ben, it's so complicated. I'm trying to understand it myself. I don't expect you to.

Ben: Try me.

Jessica: When Marshall got on the elevator, I was terrified. All I wanted was to get away from him. But then he started talking about Zara, his daughter. He had just come from the cemetery, from burying her. I know I should hate him. I know that every time I see his face or hear his voice, I should want to destroy him. But --

Ben: But you don't.

Jessica: I have my moments. That's why I pressed charges. But then I have other moments that take the black and white of the situation and turn it gray.

Ben: He raped you. He trapped you in an elevator. He's cruel and deliberate. And both times, you hesitate to report him to the police.

Jessica: Because, both times, I was gonna have to explain why I didn't kick or scream or sound some kind of alarm, and I couldn't. Do you understand, I mean, just a little?

Ben: I'm trying. I'm trying.

Jessica: Being raped by a man that I once chose to be intimate with just confuses everything. I have been filled with nothing but doubt ever since that night. I mean, did I ask for it? Was I sending mixed signals? Did I not fight hard enough?

Ben: You said no.

Jessica: I know I said no. I said no, and I meant it. But Marshall thought he knew better. And you know -- you know what that cost me? My voice. You know that little voice inside that tells you who you are and what you want? Well, now I question everything. What do I want? What do I like? That joke? That movie? That person in the mirror looking back at me?

[Jessica sobbing] I just can't trust how I feel about anything anymore. My home. My couch. Your kisses. Your touch. Everything has been poisoned by Marshall. Me. You. Us.

[Thunder crashing]

Molly: So that's it? If Carly's baby's not yours, then there's nothing to keep you here, Mike? Not even me?

Mike: We need to get away from each other and, you know, come to terms with what we've lost.

Molly: What about work? I mean, you can't tell me the Burn unit's done already.

Mike: No, but it'll be close to being done by the time the baby comes. And my foreman can finish the rest.

Molly: You love me. You do. You wouldn't run away if you didn't.

Mike: Let's not talk about love. All right?

[Molly sobbing]

Molly: I hate when you're right. You said that this was gonna happen.

Mike: I also said that I'd hold you, all right?

[Molly sobbing]

Molly: Mike --

Mike: No, no. We started this thing as friends. Let's -- let's end it the same way.

Rows and rows of big dark clouds but I'm holding on underneath this shroud rain

Jack: 30 sketches in two weeks? Carly, look -- put off Monte Carlo's big debut until after the baby makes hers. You'll have plenty of stress trying to take care of a newborn and Parker both.

Carly: It's too late.

Jack: Why?

Carly: Because Rosanna has changed from a silent partner to a very loud and pushy one. And she hired Barbara Ryan to shadow me.

Jack: Barbara and Rosanna? How come I didn't see that coming?

Carly: Those two women have spent a lot of time trying to ruin my life. And I can't let them take this company away from me, Jack. I won't let them. I have to meet the deadline!

Jack: If you can't? If trying puts you and the baby in danger --

Carly: I love this baby.

Jack: I know that.

Carly: I wouldn't do anything to put her at risk.

Jack: Then --

Carly: I guess I don't have a choice. Do I?

[Thunder rumbling]

Rose: Hey, Mitz! We're gonna need Mrs. Dabonis' hair color! Don't worry, Ms. Dabonis. We're gonna shine you right up, really make you beautiful. Beautiful! And, ladies, hey, sandal season is coming. You're gonna need a pedicure. Hey, forget about the pedicures. You're gonna need a doughnut. Especially you there, in the corner. Yeah, I got spiced. I got glazed. I got some flavored coffee here in the corner. Who am I kidding? I got diddly.

Paul: You got me.

Rose: How long you been standing there?

Paul: Long enough to see this place through your eyes. Looks like a winner to me.

Rose: You think?

Paul: Yeah. So how you gonna make it happen?

Rose: Well, I've decided to bring on Mrs. Walsh, as a partner.

Paul: Really? What about the gospel according to Rose? "Never mix business and family."

Rose: I was just being stubborn.

Paul: Maybe you were being smart. This is your dream. Protect it.

Rose: I'm trying to do that. But if I don't take on Ms. Walsh, I don't open.

Paul: Will you marry me, Rose D'Angelo?

Rose: Where is that coming from?

Paul: Marrying you has been my dream, but I've been walking all over yours. So I was thinking -- just a walk down the aisle with a jerk like me, then -- I won't have any further objections about you partnering with Dusty.

Rose: Do you mean that?

Paul: Absolutely.

Rose: Oh. Yes. Oh, yes, yes. Yes, I will marry you. But you already knew that.

Jack: So Barbara Ryan gets another chance. So what? There'll be other shows. Your shows.

Carly: No, but this was the show that was supposed to put Monte Carlo on the map. And now it's gonna launch Barbara Ryan's comeback? Rosanna and Barbara are gonna push me out of Monte Carlo, and they're gonna enjoy every minute of it. And I can't let them do that. I won't let them do that.

Jack: No, Carly, come on. The only thing that matters right now is you and the baby.

Carly: What I mean, Jack, is that I won't let them throw me out of a company that I helped create. I'll walk away. I'll make it my choice.

Jack: Oh, Carly, come on.

Carly: There must be some cop who has a teenage daughter who's dreaming about being a fashion designer. Well, just give her these. Because I'm through. Rosanna and Barbara can have Monte Carlo. I am not gonna fight them anymore.

Mike: Molly?

I don't wanna beg you, baby for something maybe you could never give

I'm not looking for the rest of your life

Mike: Probably better for both of us that you're sleeping and you don't hear this. I love you. Probably always will.

But I'm holding on underneath this shroud rain oh, rain

[Thunder rumbling]

Mike: Molly, you -- you know how you said you hate it when I'm right? Well, I hate it when you're right, too. Look, I was thinking that -- Mol?

Jack: You sure about this? You sure you want to walk away from Monte Carlo?

Carly: No. But I am sure I want this little girl to be healthy. If she needs me to be quiet right now, then quiet I will be.

Jack: I don't think I've ever been prouder of you than I am at this moment.

Carly: This moment really stinks.

Jack: I know.

Carly: You know, they say that everybody has to grow up sometime. Maybe it's my turn. Besides, even if I had some amazing inspiration, I'd have to be sketching around the clock to meet the deadline. And I can't do that. So I just have to tell Craig, and then it'll be official.

Jack: There'll be another chance.

[Carly laughs]

Jack: I promise you. After this baby is born, I will personally go out and find it for you. Hey. I'm the guy who didn't let you fall. Remember?

[Thunder rumbling]

Carly: Always.

Rose: You're in big trouble, mister.

Dusty: Uh -- I don't know what you're talking about.

Rose: You said you wouldn't tell my gorgeous husband-to-be that you found me crying. Supposed to be our little secret.

Dusty: You know what? I've got so many. I guess I spaced on that one.

Rose: So? You still wanna be my partner?

Dusty: Yes! I mean, no, I haven't changed my mind.

Rose: Can you repeat that?

Dusty: I said, yes, I would love to be your partner. Nothing would make me happier than to help you make your dreams come true.

Rose: He said yes! Oh, he said yes! I love you, Paulie.

Messenger: Okay, I've got a package for Dr. Harris.

Ben: Yeah, that's me.

Messenger: Yep. Thanks.

Ben: All righty. Thank you.

Ben: Damn.

Jessica: Who was at the door?

Ben: Uh -- messenger. It was -- some x-rays from the hospital. Gotta go take care of this. You gonna be all right alone?

Jessica: Are you coming back?

Ben: Yeah, I promise.

Jessica: Cross your heart?

Ben: I will be wherever you need me to be, whenever you need me to be there. All right?

Jessica: Ben -- thank you for tonight.

Ben: Yeah, well, you know me. I'm a full service date. You know, drinks, dancing, dispute, distress. Who says I don't know how to show a lady a good time?

Jessica: No one I know.

Ben: Lock up after me.

Jessica: Yeah.

[Ben sighs]

[Thunder crashing]

Ben: All right, Travers. All right.

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