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Alison: I'm sorry, Aaron. For all the times that I spoiled things. For telling Lucy's dad about what was going on. And just for lying about stuff.

Aaron: Clean slate? I gotta go.

Alison: Will you come to visit me?

Aaron: In jail?

Alison: They have visiting hours.

Aaron: I'll see.

Alison: Write me?

Aaron: Ali, I'm not the best letter-writer.

Alison: I've seen your letters. They're perfect.

Aaron: I gotta go.

Alison: Tell Lucy I said hi.

Rosanna: Marry you now?

Craig: Yes.

Rosanna: Well, do you have a justice of the peace in your pocket, or shall I call my pilot and have him file a flight plan for Vegas?

Craig: I was thinking about Cherry Blossoms in the gazebo. Unless you have a thing for Siegfried and Roy.

Rosanna: Are you serious?

Craig: Yes, and if you don't want to get married tonight, then tomorrow, but I don't want to put it off anymore. All right? Let's call the florist, make him a happy man.

Rosanna: So you'll dump Monte Carlo?

Craig: And what? Paint your toenails all day?

Rosanna: Oh, you haven't been listening to a word I've been saying.

Craig: No, no, no, no. I've heard every syllable. You feel neglected, and justifiably so, because I've been up to my eyeballs in Monte Carlo.

Rosanna: Yes, so instead of dumping the company, like I asked you to, which you know would make me happy, you waltz in here and you try to placate me with a last-minute marriage proposal?

Craig: Yes. Now, can we call the florist?

[Knock on door]

Rose: Hi. Hi.

Carly: Oh, hi.

Rose: It's a bad time?

Carly: No. I thought you were Jack.

Rose: Jack? I thought you guys were getting along.

Carly: Yeah, we are. Only he doesn't want me to work, and I want to work, so there you are. Those flowers are beautiful.

Rose: Yeah. I know. You know, if I can do anything, anything, I'll do a little fashion show for you, I'll dance around, buy some snaps, hooks and eyes. Hooks and eyes. You know, doesn't anybody use hooks and eyes anymore?

Carly: It's not that. It's just, you are the very first person who hasn't lectured me.

Rose: Ah. You're not gonna do anything to hurt that baby. I know that. It's the rest of the world that's a mess.

Carly: Boy, have I missed you.

Rose: Oh. Right back at you.

[Carly gasps] Yeah.

Carly: This glacier on your finger? What is that?

Rose: Paulie and I are re-engaged.

Carly: Wonderful.

Rose: Yes.

Carly: When's the big day?

Rose: In May, and I expect you to be there. I'm gonna wheel you down the aisle in a wheelbarrow if I have to.

Carly: Don't worry. I will be there, I promise.

Rose: And you know what else? I'm kind of a businesswoman myself. I mean, I wrote a business plan.

Carly: A business plan? For what?

Rose: Yeah. A beauty salon.

Carly: Rose, that's a great idea. Sign me up. I need everything.

Rose: It's still gonna be some time, but you know, you, being this world-class designer, I might need some input from you.

Carly: Say that again. Louder, this time, so I can actually believe it. I've been sitting here trying to work, and it's a disaster. I sketch something and it's either already out there or it's dated or just plain stinks. I can't think, Rose. I've got a deadline and I can't come up with anything.

Barbara: If you are going to seduce Rose away from Paul, you're going to need to win her confidence.

Dusty: I already have. Why do you think she brought me her business proposal?

Barbara: And to think in my day, we unbuttoned a button.

Dusty: One step at a time.

Barbara: I see. Well, you know what? It's almost April. They're getting married in May. You don't have much time. Excuse me. I think we need to focus on the matter at hand.

Dusty: Yes. Yes, I'm all yours.

Barbara: Yes. I think I know how you lost your fortune now. Failure to think ahead. If Rose finds out about your extracurricular activities, she needs to be certain of you and your money, Dusty.

Dusty: Rose needs to feel safe. If she thinks I'm otherwise involved, it'll make her relax. Don't worry about it. I happen to know what I'm doing.

Barbara: I'm not worried. It was so nice to see you, Dusty. See you again soon.

Dusty: Yeah.

Molly: You keep very interesting company.

Dusty: Who, Barbara?

Molly: Friends of hers aren't usually friends of mine. What are you doing for her, Dusty?

Emily: But you think Alison should just accept this offer? Great.

Alison: Isn't there any other way?

Hal: Look, the two of you, I don't like this any more than either one of you. But when we're dealing with a sentence that could be as much as 20 years, now, you can go talk to anybody you want to, I don't care, they're gonna tell you the same thing. The D.A.'s offer, six months, in a minimum-security facility? It's a gift. Come on, Will, get a move on! We're gonna be late for the game! Now, I'm sorry. But I've been a cop too long not to know how the system works.

Will: You have the tickets?

Hal: I got 'em.

Will: What's going on?

Alison: Nothing a presidential pardon couldn't fix.

Will: Cool. Or not.

Alison: Bring me some cotton candy?

Will: Wish you could come with us.

Alison: That's okay.

Emily: You know what? You guys just go on ahead and have a great time, okay?

Hal: Can you do me a favor and just have a seat in the car and wait for me for a second?

Will: Okay. See you.

[Door closes]

Hal: You know, you're both a lot stronger than you think. You are. You try to take it easy, okay? I've got my cell if you need me.

[Door closes]

Alison: Do you think he's right?

Emily: Hal means well, sweetie, really. Listen to me. I spoke to mom, all right? And we've agreed we're gonna find another attorney for you, someone who's not so close to the case, you know, who might have a new idea about things.

Alison: About what? Hal's been an officer forever. He knows what he's talking about. It's hopeless.

Emily: You know what? Listen to me. I don't agree. And I'm not giving up without a fight.

Rosanna: Now, wait a minute. Why would I marry someone who clearly has no respect for the institution -- or me? Who would use a marriage to cover up serious problems in a relationship?

Craig: Well, if you don't like the winter wonderland concept, we can do something else, but I want this wedding to happen. I'm tired of waiting around.

Rosanna: No, you're not. You just want to distract me.

Craig: On the island of your choice.

Rosanna: In between phone calls to Carly?

Craig: Rosanna, I'm a businessman. That's what I do. That's what I'm good at. All right? And you entrusted Monte Carlo to me, and I intend to make a success out of that. But if Monte Carlo is a deal breaker, I will find something else to do. But I ain't gonna be lying around chilling pistachios all day. That ain't gonna happen.

Rosanna: All right, but could you just admit that you came up with this whole sudden wedding idea to placate me?

Craig: No, no. You were right. What with Lucy's accident and the market and The Intruder and Monte Carlo, I have not been focused on you, I have not been focused on us. But being a man of corrective action, I have a plan. And that is, that we get married, and we have a honeymoon, and we spend time together, and we enjoy each other. You remember enjoying each other, don't you?

Rosanna: Well, yes, I do. Vaguely. Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind.

Craig: Let's make a date. Have a honeymoon. Enjoy each other. Unless you don't want to get married anymore.

Rosanna: I didn't say that. But I -- have to admit, you know, this whole idea of you and me and marriage, well, I've been -- a little worried about the way it came up. You know, I was in the hospital, I was the one that asked you.

Craig: And then I asked you.

Rosanna: Yes, but I broached the subject, you know? At a time when you would have been hard-pressed to turn me down.

Craig: But I did turn you down. All right? And that was because I did not want to have this particular conversation. I want you to understand that I want you to marry me. All right? So, unless you have other ideas, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Dusty: Barbara's a friend of the family's. Paul and I grew up together.

Molly: You sure that's all it is?

Dusty: Yeah. Why, are you jealous?

Molly: Wary. Barbara Ryan's hurt a lot of people.

Dusty: Not me. And not you, as long as I'm around. Can I buy you another drink?

Molly: Maybe.

Dusty: Wow, you really don't like that woman.

Molly: No, not really.

Dusty: So let's change the subject. How's your baggage?

Molly: Baggage? I assume you mean emotional baggage. I'm packed. And definitely kicked to the back of the closet.

Dusty: That's a good start. Can I buy you that drink now?

Molly: Do you always get what you want?

Dusty: Not from you. Not yet.

Molly: Maybe we could work on that.

Aaron: Even with a deal, it's still gonna be jail time for Alison.

Lucy: Look, I can't imagine what it would be like to be locked up with all those scary people. Even with minimum security or whatever, I'd hate it. But the fact is, she broke about half a dozen laws. Will could have died. I'm --

Aaron: Yes, and you're stuck in that wheelchair because of her. Lucy, don't think I even forgot about that.

Lucy: Look, she lied to you. This person who was supposed to be your friend let the whole town think you set that fire.

Aaron: Look, I hear you, Luce, totally. But -- I see it a little bit different. I mean, yeah, she did all that stuff. When it came down to it, she did come through at the end.

Lucy: So you've forgiven her?

Aaron: Yeah. Yeah, I guess I have.

Lucy: I haven't. Not yet.

Aaron: That's okay.

Lucy: I'm glad that she's confessed and she's cooperating with the police, but she's still Alison. I mean, she could still panic and do something crazy. Don't get too close.

Alison: I don't want more lawyers or more meetings. I just want this to be over.

Emily: Sweetie, I know. I know this has been a really long process. But accepting this offer, it means you go to prison.

Alison: Six months isn't forever.

Emily: No. No, it's not. But it only took you two short days in a holding cell and you almost lost your mind, and that was with Hal upstairs and me and mom visiting you twice a day. In prison, you'll be lucky if you get to see us once a week, Ali. And you'll be living with women who've been convicted of real crimes. These are not nice people, okay? You step out of line, they're gonna let you know it.

Alison: What are you saying? I'm such a loser that I can't even cut it in prison?

Emily: No. No. I'm saying that mom and I, we want the best possible outcome for you, okay? And if that means you have to go to prison, we want the best facility. Maybe even a work release program.

Alison: But Hal said that if --

Emily: Listen, will you just please let us try, okay? One of the reasons you're in this jam is because you're so impatient. Just slow down, all right? Let the options play out. You lose heart, you jump at this offer, it could be a big mistake, okay? Just -- I've got to put the boys to bed, all right? We will talk more. I love you, sweetie. Okay? Hang in there.

Alison: You're right, Emily, I can't go to prison. I won't make it.

Chris: Going somewhere?

Craig: Are you getting cold feet?

Rosanna: Me?

Craig: Uh-huh.

Rosanna: No. And that's a nifty technique, making this look like it's me that wants out.

Craig: Hey, hey, hey, I was the one who took the blame here. So unless you'd like to engage in a few more rounds of spank the fiancÚ, let us set a date.

Rosanna: You're sure about this?

Craig: I am rigid with fear, but I know that I will survive, because I know that you and I are good together. I know that you love me and I love you.

Rosanna: So you really want to do this?

Craig: Yes, why not? And I promise I will make an effort to keep the distractions to a minimum. Now, anyway, Lucy's recovering and Monte Carlo's in pretty good shape.

Rosanna: You think so?

Craig: Hey, I covered my end. And Carly's about to decamp for Emma's, where she'll be able to concentrate on finishing the line in tranquility. I do not anticipate any problems, so all we have to do is set the date. Now, is tomorrow too soon?

Rosanna: Yes.

Craig: How about a couple weeks?

Rosanna: Well, yeah, I suppose, I think so.

Craig: Let's go tell Lucy. Huh?

Rosanna: Oh, would you mind if I did that? Would you mind?

Craig: Mm. I don't know.

Rosanna: Good.

Craig: I can stop by the office, check on a few things. I'll meet you at home.

Rosanna: Okay. I can't wait. Mm, okay.

Craig: You see? It's already working.

Rosanna: Okay. Stop by the office. Right. I know exactly where you're going and what you're up to, and it's about time you remembered that.

Rose: Of course you can't do nothing. Look at you. You're stuck in a hospital bed.

Carly: Jack's on my case, and Mike, and Molly.

Rose: And Barbara nipping at your heels. That's not pretty. When you getting out of here?

Carly: Couple of days. I'm gonna stay at Emma's till the baby's born.

Rose: Good. The farm. Great. You can sit there, eat your face off and watch the clouds go over Snyder pond, you'll come up with so many ideas you won't know what to do with them.

Carly: I don't know.

Rose: You know what? When I went to Italy with pop, first couple weeks, we just sat in the sun. We just cooked ourselves. And every once in a while, we walked down to this really great restaurant, excellent veal. But after a couple weeks, my head finally cleared and I realized what I gotta do. And it has nothing to do with being a VP at Worldwide. This is my own thing. Taking what happened to us at the spa and turning it around. Making people feel beautiful. The women come out feeling better about themselves. That's what I realized I had to do.

Carly: I'm so proud of you.

Rose: What do you mean? No, I mean, nobody's gonna make me rich and famous, okay? I gotta do it myself. Like you.

Carly: Oh, keep saying that.

Rose: You're doing great. You got your own label, you wowed 'em in New York. You go out to the farm for a couple of days, you're gonna have so many ideas you won't know what to do with them.

[Phone rings] I'll get that and give you some privacy. I'm gonna go get a vase for those beautiful flowers. I'll be right back.

Carly: Thank you.

[Phone rings] Hello?

Rosanna: Carly, it's Rosanna. I want you to hold your breath and count to ten.

Carly: Or maybe I should just hang up.

Rosanna: Well, yes, you could do that, but then you won't know what I'm going to say.

Carly: All right, fine. Go ahead.

Rosanna: Craig is on his way over to see you. He thinks he's handled me and that everything is okay.

Carly: Rosanna, you're gonna get your designs.

Rosanna: Yes, I will. Because if you fail, I still have Barbara. May the best woman win.

Dusty: To pretty women -- with sad eyes.

Molly: I earned 'em.

Dusty: Want to talk about it?

Molly: No.

Dusty: It wouldn't have anything to do with that really rude blonde woman who stopped by your room at exactly the wrong moment?

Molly: Carly has always had a problem with timing, and yes, she's a factor.

Dusty: And your ex? He's still out of the picture?

Molly: Oh, he's so far gone.

Dusty: "Good," -- he said selfishly.

Molly: We're all selfish. That's the way it works.

Dusty: Well, I guess I'm gonna say good-night.

Molly: Why?

Dusty: Because the last time we were together, you said you wanted to keep things simple.

Molly: Yeah, very simple.

Dusty: What do you want, Molly?

Molly: That is not a simple question.

Dusty: What do you want right now?

Molly: I want you to walk me upstairs to my room.

Dusty: Done.

Dusty: You sure?

[Door slams]

Alison: What are you doing here?

Chris: Just came by to check on you.

Alison: Why?

Chris: It's called a follow-up. You were in the hospital, remember? 'Cause you were supposedly sick? Patients are supposed to come by for a follow-up. But since you aren't able to leave the house because of the ankle monitor -- Emily asked if I would come see you. Hey. What happened?

Alison: I have to go to jail, and my mom and Emily are freaking because they know that I won't make it, and I have to get out of here.

Chris: And go where?

Alison: I don't know. Away.

Chris: They'll find you. If you're lucky. And if not, you'll wind up with somebody like that loser in the diner who took your wallet.

Alison: I can't go to jail, Chris.

Chris: Why not?

Alison: Because I'll open my mouth at the wrong time and somebody will stab me with a toothbrush.

Chris: Look, when I was in med school, we did a rotation in a prison clinic. Minimum security, like the one you'll go to. I'm not saying that it's club med, but it's not that bad. A lot of the people there are trying to fix their lives. You know, get an education, stay in touch with their kids. It doesn't have to be the horror show you see in movies. And you're tough. You'll do six months, no problem.

Alison: Emily just reminded me that I didn't last two days in the Oakdale PD.

Chris: This is different. Okay? You'll have high school classes, a job. Who knows? Maybe you'll even find some people that you can talk to.

Alison: Criminal people?

Chris: Girls not that different than you, who can't stand rules, and broke one too many. Big picture, Alison -- get your GED. Spend some time getting really good on a computer. Do some thinking. This isn't the worst thing that can happen.

Alison: Maybe. Well, I -- I slid my ankle thing off.

Chris: So slide it back on.

Alison: I can't. My ankle's all swollen now.

Chris: Lucky for you, I'm a doctor. I've got stuff in this bag that could take down a sprained ankle on a polar bear. Come on. Let's get you squared away.

Alison: Thank you.

Chris: You're welcome.

Rose: Oh, if you're here to crack the whip, I'm gonna crack your head.

Craig: Rose, I come in peace.

Rose: Oh, really? Is that why Rosanna is having lunch with Barbara "I wanna gouge your eyes out" Ryan?

Craig: Rosanna's handled, Barbara's handled, everybody's handled except you, and I think you can go home now.

Rose: Do you want me to go?

Carly: Yeah, I'll be all right. Thanks.

Rose: All right.

Carly: And thank you for the beautiful flowers.

Rose: You're very, very welcome. No problem. So I will see you tomorrow, Carly, okay? Bye.

Carly: Bye.

Rose: And you -- try to behave yourself.

Craig: Always a pleasure, Rose.

Rose: Yeah, ciao.

Craig: Yeah, ciao.

Mitzi: Rosie, I'm so glad I caught you.

Rose: What's the matter?

Mitzi: We got a world of trouble, Rose.

Carly: So Barbara's out, and Rosanna's handled?

Craig: We set a date. Rosanna couldn't be happier.

Carly: You think so? Then how come she was on this phone not two minutes ago, telling me that nothing's changed? That's right, Craig. Barbara is still in.

Aaron: Alison's a friend. Do I trust her? Not a chance. Do I care if something happens to her? Yeah, I do.

Lucy: So if she climbs out a window and escapes from jail and calls you from the highway, you'd help her?

Aaron: I would tell her that I'm gonna call her sister and then hang up. Her sister can tell Munson and they can deal with it.

Lucy: Are you just saying this to make me feel better?

Aaron: No. I'm saying it because I love you. And you're the only one that matters to me. So let's stop talking about Alison and get you out of that chair. All right. Ready?

Lucy: Yeah.

Aaron: Slowly. You're getting good at this.

Lucy: Well, I've been practicing. Step back.

Aaron: You sure?

Lucy: Yeah. I want to try to walk to you.

Aaron: I don't know, Lucy. I don't know about that.

Lucy: Well, Gloria has me on these parallel bars, and I can go the whole way by myself.

Aaron: Yeah, but without the parallel bars?

Lucy: I just want to try.

Aaron: Okay. Careful. Ready?

Lucy: I did it! I really did it! Oh --

Aaron: Oh, no -- oh.

Rosanna: Lucy?

Aaron: Okay, Lucy?

Rosanna: Aaron, what are you doing? Are you okay?

Lucy: I'm fine.

Rosanna: Are you all right?

Lucy: No, I'm fine. Really. I fall all the time in rehab. Besides, if I want to walk down the aisle, I have to practice, right?

Rosanna: Walk down the aisle?

Lucy: At your wedding.

Rosanna: Right. Oh. Oh. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I just got -- scared. You sure you're all right? Aaron, I'm so sorry I snapped at you, really. I trust you. I do.

Aaron: It's okay, really.

Rosanna: Let me help you.

Aaron: You okay, Luce? Huh? No bumps, no bruises?

Lucy: No, just dirty hands.

Rosanna: Well, about that wedding that you mentioned. Your father and I have set a date.

Lucy: Really? When?

Rosanna: Two weeks.

Lucy: Two weeks?

Rosanna: Is that too soon?

Lucy: No, it's great. I'll just have to work really hard.

Rosanna: You sure you won't mind having an official stepmother?

Lucy: Are you kidding? I thought you were holding off because of Aaron and me. I know it's been kind of a problem, you having to run interference for us.

Rosanna: Sweetie, it's so obvious how much Aaron cares about you. And that's all that matters to me. And as for your father, well -- let's just say that he and I are working things out.

Craig: Rosanna called you?

Carly: Just now. She seemed to know that you were headed here. She seemed to know that you were gonna tell me that you'd "handled" her, so she made this big point of saying that she still has Barbara in her pocket, and "may the best woman win."

[Craig chuckles]

Craig: Okay. So she wants to go behind my back.

Carly: This isn't funny, Craig. Or charming or cute or endearing. If you and Rosanna want to play "who gets the last laugh," do it someplace else. This is my life we're talking about! My career, my future --

Craig: Carly -- Carly, Rosanna's gonna lose here, because you are a brilliant designer.

Carly: Craig, in case you haven't noticed, I'm lying in a hospital bed, with a high-risk pregnancy, and 18 people telling me what I can and cannot do. It is not so easy to be brilliant under these present circumstances!

Craig: I have complete faith in you.

Carly: You're not listening, Craig. What if I can't do it?

Mitzi: The landlord from the pet grooming place, he left you a message. He got another offer on the space.

Rose: Wait -- no, no, no -- he can't do that. He promised me.

Mitzi: Which is why he called. You have till tomorrow to sign the lease and bring him a check.

Rose: I don't have the money! I mean, I'm gonna get the money, 'cause I got investors, you know, lined up. But --

Mitzi: What if you call Paul? You know, explain the situation.

Rose: No! No!

Mitzi: Just until you get your other investors on board. Then you can pay him back.

Rose: I can't let him get involved with this. I gotta keep -- I gotta do this on my own.

Mitzi: Even if it means losing the space?

Rose: We're not gonna lose the space. I know somebody who can help me.

[Heavy breathing]

Molly: What?

Dusty: I need to talk to you about something.

Molly: So you can't touch me and talk to me at the same time?

Dusty: I mean it. I want to tell you something.

Emily: Oh, good. Mom. Come on in.

Susan: Hi. I think I broke every speed limit from here to Chicago. Hi. Honey, how are you?

Alison: I'm okay.

Susan: I'm gonna get you another attorney. Your father recommended a firm in Chicago.

Alison: You talked to daddy?

Susan: Well, I couldn't very well leave him out of this. Anyway, he plays golf with one of the partners.

Alison: Forget it. I don't want another attorney.

Emily: Honey, now is not the time to throw away your father's offers here.

Chris: I'll check on you tomorrow, Alison.

Susan: What's he doing here?

Alison: No, no, no, no. I -- I want you to stay and hear this. The reason that I don't want another attorney is because I'm gonna take the deal.

Susan: What? Is this your idea?

Emily: No, of course not.

Alison: This is my idea. Because this is my life and my mess, and it's my job to clean this up. And I'm taking the deal.

Susan: What did you say to her?

Emily: Nothing! I told her we were going to get her an attorney.

Susan: This is Hal's doing, isn't it?

[Speaking over each other]

Chris: Sure.

Emily: Mom, Hal's not even here. He's at a basketball game with Will.

Alison: Thanks.

Susan: This is Hal's doing, through Margo or Tom.

Emily: He made it very clear that this is our decision.

Lucy: I'm really gonna have to step it up a notch if the wedding's in two weeks.

Aaron: Do me a favor, Lucy? I know you can do just about anything you put your mind to. But maybe you should check with Gloria first. I mean, I don't want you pushing yourself too hard.

Lucy: I'll ask her. But I know exactly what she's gonna say -- "go for it."

Aaron: Okay.

Lucy: Besides, I want my dad to know everything you've done for me. When I walk down the aisle, he'll have to accept you.

Aaron: Come on, let's go. Let's get you out of this chair, on your feet. Two weeks isn't much time. There you go.

Lucy: We can do it.

Craig: If you think about it, Rosanna has paid you an enormous compliment.

Carly: I'll bite.

Craig: Listen. Sure, if she thought Barbara's work was any good, she'd pay her. And she's not. She coerced her into getting her drawings so she'd have a plan "B." She wants your drawings. We all do.

Carly: Well, that's just peachy. Now if I could only come up with something.

Craig: Don't let all this nonsense confuse you. Okay? You -- you are a creative person. And creative people -- well, sometimes they get overwhelmed by possibility. But the one thing we know is work. You get to work, you'll feel better in a couple weeks.

Rose: Dusty. I know. He already said that he was going to help me. He's so loaded, he's not gonna miss the money.

Mitzi: Rose -- are we talking about the same person here? Mr. Liplock?

Rose: We straightened that out.

Mitzi: Yeah, only after he admitted he had a thing for you.

Rose: I'm marrying Paul.

Mitzi: Yeah, well, then why get in bed with another guy?

Rose: I am not getting in bed with him.

Mitzi: You might as well be, all right? Because if you let him help you, you're opening the door.

Rose: That door opens, I slam it shut. Let me handle this. I got no other options.

Mitzi: I would kill for your options, all right? I just don't understand why you won't take --

Rose: Let me just get the money to the landlord. All right? Then I can go to my other investors to get more money. Meanwhile, I don't lose the space.

Dusty: I'm not looking for a relationship.

Molly: Great. Neither am I.

Dusty: I mean, given my situation, I can't. So -- if we're gonna, you know, enjoy one other, we gotta be discreet.

Molly: You married?

Dusty: No.

Molly: Kids?

Dusty: Come on.

Molly: But there's somebody else?

Dusty: No, it's work. It's work-related. You know.

[Phone rings] Various business deals hinge on my being unattached.

Molly: So is that work checking up on you right now?

Dusty: That's Tokyo. They don't know what time it is.

[Laughter] So is this gonna work for me?

[Phone rings]

Molly: He's busy. Sayonara.

Dusty: I like that.

Molly: Where were we?

Dusty: Right here. Right here.

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