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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 3/10/03

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Rose: What? I got something in my teeth again? What? What'd I do?

Mitzi: I just can't believe I'm sitting here staring across this table at a perfect stranger. All right? I'm just stunned.

Rose: Oh, please don't --

Mitzi: I -- I mean it, Rose. I mean, if I didn't know better, I would think that you were Lily or drunk or just plain dumb! Because the Rose D'Angelo I know would have told Paul about "lusty Dusty" and his wandering lips.

Rose: Hey, Paul and Dusty go way back -- way back when they were kids. You know Paul, he's got those crazy parents. And Dusty's one of his best friends in the entire world. And I'm not gonna be the one to ruin that. And he apologized.

Mitzi: Oh, yeah. That makes it better. An apology like that is just another way of saying, "I made a mistake, now shut up about it and maybe it won't come back to bite me."

Rose: That's fine. I got no problem with that. And you know what, I gotta take some responsibility for that kiss.

Mitzi: This I gotta hear. Your fault?

Rose: I don't know. I mean, maybe I come across as one of those broads, you know, who doesn't look like she has any commitments or doesn't mind a little kiss and run.

Mitzi: So what are you saying? You're gonna let the kissing bandit off the hook because you're just so darned cute?

Rose: Hmm-mm. Mm -- no. No, Paul and I have to stop being boyfriend and girlfriend.

Dusty: So you and Rose just don't --

Paul: We just don't talk about it.

Dusty: The most important event of your life and you just don't talk about it.

Paul: Well, it's just been easier to leave it alone until it's -- we're both sure it's what we want.

Dusty: So now you're both sure that it's what you want?

Paul: Well, you know, we've been watching her the past few weeks, trying to -- you know, trying to tune into her, trying to figure out, is she still the right woman, is this the right time? And every time I ask that question, every single time, the answer is always yes. She is the right woman. It is the right time. And she -- she wants to be my wife. I can feel that now.

Dusty: Good.

Paul: So that's why I'm gonna go in there tonight, I'm gonna sweep her off her feet. I'm gonna take her to Java Underground, gonna dance a little, drink a little wine. And then I'm gonna ask her to be my wife.

Dusty: What? Hey! Hey! Congratulations, man! I couldn't be happier for you -- if marriage is, you know, what you really want.

Margo: Okay, I'm here. And just for the record, we're up to our eyeballs at the station. So let's just hear it. What kind of trouble are you and Katie in now?

Henry: Listen, I've called, I left messages. I show up here in person and no one came to answer the door.

Margo: Well, Henry, they have a life. Maybe they're out.

Henry: The car is parked out back.

Margo: They're a married couple. Maybe they're doing what married couples do and they don't want to be disturbed.

Henry: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, you're right. Yeah, sure. Of course, why should I worry? I mean, if the woman whose very life Katie saved is not concerned that something horrible has befallen her, fine. All I'm asking you do is help me break in so I can find out for myself.

Margo: All right, Henry, if this is one of your schemes --

Margo: Schemes? Schemes? Wait a second, detective. You have the wrong impression of me, okay? I don't scheme. I plan, I visualize, I make dreams come true.

Margo: Uh-huh.

Henry: No, wait -- and I swear, I come here in friendship. So you know what? I'm just gonna stand right here and just let you go ahead and blow the lock off. All right?

Margo: I have a spare key.

Henry: Well, that's not as much fun, but I guess it does the job.

Margo: Katie? It's Margo. Are you here? Oh, gosh! Katie!

Henry: See? I knew it! I knew it! Burglarized!

Margo: Katie? Honey? Honey? Honey, what happened? What happened? What's wrong?

Henry: Didn't you hear me out there? I was banging on the door. I was ringing the doorbell.

Margo: What happened? Tell me what happened?

Katie: He's gone. Margo, Simon's gone.

Margo: Oh, sweetie.

Tom: Any word from Emily yet?

Hal: Well, Tom, you know emergency rooms. They won't let you use cell phones inside. And I'm sure nobody wants to leave Alison until they're sure that she's stable.

Tom: Looks like we're about to get a late bulletin.

Hal: Hey, just talking about you. Any word on Alison?

Emily: Well, they still don't know what made her so sick so fast. So I -- I left her with mom.

Tom: Well, are they admitting her?

Emily: They've already put her in a room.

Hal: They're doing tests and everything?

Emily: Yeah. And if you ask me, she caught some virus in that disgusting cell. Being in that place, that's what made her sick, Hal. She cannot go back there!

Tom: Look, I'll do whatever I can do. But I'm not gonna promise you anything. It doesn't even look like Evelyn's gonna budge on this case.

Emily: All right. Well, there has to be something you can do. File another motion! Get another trial going or something. I don't care what you have to do, she cannot go back to that cell. She's wasting away, Tom.

Hal: She knows how hard we're all fighting for her, honey.

Emily: What if she stops fighting for herself, Hal? What if she gives up? You have got to make that judge see that locking up a sick, fragile girl is nothing but cruel. I mean, they've gotta see how -- how fragile, how vulnerable she is. And maybe the court will have -- maybe they'll have mercy on her. I don't know.

[Playing "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne]

Alison: Look who needs a manicure. Maybe I'll get one of those little candy stripers to do it for me.

[Knock on door]

Alison: Just a minute! Yes?

Guard #1: Your mother's here.

Alison: Thanks.

Susan: How's my little sweetie?

Mike: Hey. I've been trying to call you at Monte Carlo for about an hour. Where have you been?

Carly: Are you checking up on me, Mike?

Mike: No. But when you go off by yourself at night, it'd be nice if you told people where you were.

Carly: For your information, I have been going out on my own for quite some time now.

Mike: Okay. You wanna tell me what's wrong?

Carly: Yeah. I'm sorry. I guess I'm still a little upset after my run-in with Molly.

Mike: She met you at Monte Carlo?

Carly: No. I -- I ambushed her at the Lakeview. I went over there fully intending to plead your case for you --

Mike: Hey, you -- you didn't have to do that. Look -- it's -- it'll take a lot more than pleading to get Molly back in my life, so.

Carly: I know. You're right, it -- was a bad idea.

Mike: Why do you say that? What'd she say?

Katie: It's like Simon's just disappeared off the face of the earth. I've called everyone I can think of. Nobody's seen him. The airlines won't give me any information. I put his picture up at the bus station and the train station -- nothing.

Margo: When's the last time you saw Simon?

Katie: He didn't come home and I waited up all night. And then, I started looking for him this morning.

Margo: He's been gone for two days and you didn't call me?

Katie: I didn't want to bother you because I knew that Simon would come back eventually. He will. He can't stay away from me that long.

Henry: He didn't call you?

Katie: Not yet.

Henry: And you didn't see any signs of foul play? I mean, no blood stains, suicide note --

Margo: You know, I know you're really trying to help, but --

Henry: No, look -- I hate to be the one to slap her back into reality here. I mean, actually, I think of that as my calling. But, honey, you need to see what's going on, okay? Simon's gone and this time it's for good. I need you to face facts.

Katie: No, no! Simon is not "gone." He's just laying low until Bartleby Shears gets out of this country. Once Simon finds out that Bartleby's in jail, he'll be back and everything will be fine.

Margo: Honey, Bartleby Shears isn't in jail. I let him go.

Katie: You did what? Are you telling me that that maniac is just walking the streets a free man?!

Margo: No, now listen to me. He showed me that he had an airline ticket for New York that night. And I checked with the airlines, confirmed it, so I thought to just let him get on the plane and then he'd be out of your way, wouldn't bother you or Simon anymore.

Katie: Oh, my God, I can't believe this!

Margo: Honey, I'm sorry! But he hadn't committed a crime. I couldn't hold him. Listen, I'm sure that he's long gone.

Katie: No, that's why I can't find Simon. Bartleby has my husband. Hopefully, he didn't do anything horrible to him.

Paul: Call me crazy, but I thought my best friend would be, I don't know, happy for me? What do you mean, "am I sure marriage is what I want"?

Dusty: Hold up. I am happy --

Paul: Yeah.

Dusty: -- If you're happy.

Paul: Yeah, I am happy. Rose makes me happy. Why's that a problem? Is it a problem? Is it Rose? Tell me. Let me know.

Dusty: No, it's not a problem. Hey, hey, relax. She is a great girl, and you are lucky that you found her.

Paul: But --

Dusty: It's marriage. I mean, maybe if we didn't grow up with loser fathers and betrayal and countless divorces, I'd think differently. Maybe I'd be the kind of guy who wouldn't run at the very mention of the word. So I'm asking you, is this the real thing?

Paul: I'm crazy about her, man. Your answer.

Dusty: And I couldn't be happier for you. Now, what do you want me to do for you?

Paul: Ah, all right. Tonight, you're my wing man. You're the gallant best friend who takes Rose's best friend home while I take Rose out for a little one-on-one time, a little quality time.

Dusty; Done.

Paul: Thank you.

Dusty: You're marrying a hell of a woman. You know that?

Paul: I know that. One of a kind, and she is all mine. And you know what? You never know. One of these days, maybe you might find a girl that might change your mind about settling down, too.

Dusty: Maybe.

Mitzi: You're sick of being Paul's girlfriend?

Rose: Mm-hmm.

Mitzi: Well, what are you gonna do about it?

Rose: I'm gonna tell him that I'm ready to be his wife.

[Mitzi screams]

Mitzi: Finally! Oh, listen, you know what? Don't even worry about me, okay, 'cause I can get myself moved out of Cal's place.

Rose: Oh, please. Oh, my.

Mitzi: Since you're ready to move Paul in.

Rose: Who ordered all this food?

Mitzi: It's disgusting. We're never gonna finish this.

Rose: Oh, you know, tonight we eat, tomorrow roughage again. Oh, it's really a lot of food. Where do you start? How about a wing?

Paul: Good evening, ladies.

Rose: Paul, hi.

Paul: Hey, Mitz.

Mitzi: Hi. What a surprise.

Paul: You remember Dusty?

Mitzi: Who could forget Dusty.

Rose: What's a nice guy like you doing in a place like this?

Paul: Leaving.

Rose: What?

Paul: You want to make tonight a night you'll never forget? Come with me.

Carly: Trust me, Mike. You -- you don't want to hear when I dropped in on Molly today.

Mike: Why'd you waste your time, you know? She's -- unfortunately, she's through with me, and there's not too much that you or anybody else can do to change that. So it's end of story.

Carly: Actually, she was singing another tune today.

Mike: Really? What'd she say?

Carly: Uh, well, not much. She wasn't listening. She wasn't listening to reason or anything. She gets that from the other side of her family.

Mike: Okay, what went on between you two?

Carly: I -- I guess I lost it. I accused her of being the reason that Jack was in such a rush to file for divorce, and things -- things got pretty ugly. I barely had time to even mention your name, as a matter of fact.

Mike: Well, I appreciate you trying to plead my case, but you know, that's a little bit too much stress for you and the baby, so --

Carly: Right. You know, I think you're right. I don't -- I don't feel so well. We don't have any crackers left or ginger ale.

Mike: Sit tight. I'll run to the store, all right?

Carly: Oh, would you? Thanks. Take your time. You can come out now, Molly. The coast is clear.

Molly: So I see you're still having problems telling the truth.

Carly: That's funny, I was just thinking the same thing about you. Because if it's true that you don't care about Mike anymore, then what are you doing sneaking around here?

Susan: I hope you like these pajamas. I -- I got them in the gift shop.

Alison: Well, anything's better than this paper-thin disaster.

Susan: Are you feeling any better? Hal sent the food to the lab, but they can't find anything that would've caused food poisoning.

Alison: Well, tell them to check it again, because I know I have something. My pulse was racing, my hands were really sweaty. I was just -- I was just really dizzy. I couldn't catch my breath.

Susan: But you were complaining of stomach problems.

Alison: Well, that -- that was one of the symptoms, sure. I was nauseated, but I was also really dizzy and confused. Everything was happening at once. I felt like I was dying.

Susan: Classic symptoms of a panic attack.

Alison: Really?

Susan: Mm-hmm.

Alison: Well, I mean, that makes sense, right? Panic attack. That would mean that they would have to send me to the psych ward, doesn't it?

Emily: Hey. Oh, Alison. Your coloring looks so much better, sweetie.

Alison: Well, I'm probably just flushed -- flushed. I mean, I could be getting a fever, right? I should probably stay in bed until we find out how bad this is gonna get.

Emily: Well, you know what? You're not going anywhere, okay? At least not -- not tonight. Can I talk to you for a minute outside.

Susan: Sure.

Emily: You just sit tight and rest, okay?

Susan: What did Tom say our chances are?

Emily: Well, he said he'd try again to make a case with the D.A., but he didn't sound very optimistic.

Susan: Why not?! She can't go back to jail. Or God forbid, she get convicted and sent to some huge state facility that's even worse.

Emily: Okay, let's just slow down. Let's take it one thing at a time, all right? Let's go find Tom and Hal and see what they have to say, all right? Come on.

[Phone rings]

Chris: How are you feeling?

Alison: Awful. I've never felt sicker in my life.

Chris: I don't see anything in here that suggests food poisoning. Maybe acute gastroenteritis.

Alison: A stomach ache? My mother says that I have classic symptoms of a panic attack. You know, tightness in my chest, sweaty hands, dizziness.

Chris: A panic attack? That's one diagnosis. But I've got another one. It's called malingering.

Alison: That sounds serious.

Chris: It is.

Alison: What does it mean?

Chris: It means that you're faking it, big time.

Rose: You want to take me out now?

Paul: Yes.

Rose: On the town? I can't. Look at me, the way I'm dressed.

Paul: You are beautiful.

Rose: I can't.

Paul: Well, you have to, because I'm not giving you another choice.

Rose: We just ordered enough food for a football team.

Dusty: I'm starving. I'll eat it.

Mitzi: Uh, you know, I think that you ought to keep your mitts off other people's food.

Rose: You know --

[Rose groans] I can't go, 'cause then Mitzi's gonna have to call a cab, and the cabs in this town are terrible.

Dusty: That's okay. I'll volunteer. I'd be happy to take Mitzi home -- assuming that you want these lovebirds to fly off together. That's what I assume.

Mitzi: You know what people say about assuming.

Rose: Oh, I don't know, I don't know.

Paul: Baby, baby, baby, you are making this very, very hard for me to sweep you off your feet. Now we are leaving Mitzi in very capable hands here. She's got a ride home with a very responsible adult. Our problems are solved, okay?

Rose: What has gotten into you?

Paul: Love. Can we go now?

Rose: Are you sure you're okay with this?

Mitzi: I've eaten with worse.

Rose: That's true. Okay.

Paul: Can we go?

Rose: All right.

Paul: All right, guys.

Rose: Bye.

Paul: Thank you, Dusty.

Katie: So you just need to put out an APB on Bartleby Shears. Once we find Bartleby, we find Simon.

Margo: Honey, I'm trying to find out if the guy actually left the country right now.

Katie: Well, of course he didn't. He came back here and kidnapped Simon.

Henry: Did Simon say anything to you the last time you saw him?

Katie: I don't really want to talk about it. He didn't mean it anyway, so it doesn't matter.

Margo: Why? What did Simon say?

Katie: He said that he didn't love me anymore.

Margo: Oh, baby.

Katie: And even though he said that he was leaving me like he left all of his other wives, it's not true. Simon loves me. He wouldn't just throw me aside and use me. He's changed.

Margo: You know what? Let's concentrate on you right now. When's the last time you had something to eat?

Katie: I don't know. I'm not hungry.

Margo: Katie, when's the last time you had your medication.

Katie: Margo, when are you gonna put out an APB and find my husband?

Margo: You know what? I can do that from the restaurant when we sit down and have dinner, okay?

Katie: No, I'm not going anywhere. I have to be here in case he calls.

Henry: Katie, please, I'm begging you. I'm begging you, okay? Face the facts. Simon is gone, all right, and he's not coming back.

Katie: No, no, no. Henry, not another word against my husband, please. He was so good to you. He loved you. He treated you like family and stuck up for you. He gave you a job and brought you in when nobody else would. So just, unless you have anything helpful to say, leave.

Margo: All right, all right, all right. That's it. We're gonna take her to the hospital right now, right now.

Katie: No, no, no, no, no, no. I can't go to the hospital. I have to be here in case Simon gets home. Please!

Carly: Last time I saw you, you were telling me that you were gonna do whatever you wanted to do with that handsome night porter in the expensive designer shirt.

Molly: So why didn't you tell Mike?

Carly: Because it would have hurt him, and I think there are too many people around here that are really hurting.

Molly: All right. Well, for what it's worth, thanks.

Carly: Mol -- the guy in the shirt. Be careful, okay?

Molly: I know how to take care of myself, Carly.

Carly: I know that. I know. It's just that Mike still really cares about you, and if you think there's a chance, any chance at all, that the two of you might get back together, don't tell him about what I walked in on at the hotel today.

Molly: You are giving me tips on my love life? Carly, you who thinks, "oh, let's just keep it a secret. Maybe they won't find out?" Hasn't worked for you very well, has it?

Carly: I am just trying to help.

Molly: Well, let me give you a tip, okay? Before you try to fix my life by pointing out the errors of my ways, look at your own life. Look at how your lies have cost you your best friend and the only man that ever truly loved you.

Carly: Please don't! Don't get so high and mighty with me, Molly. What happened between Mike and me was a mistake. It was a stupid, drunken mistake that happened in the heat of the moment. Completely different from how you handled your affairs.

Molly: What? Excuse me?

Carly: You jumped into bed with my husband out of spite, for revenge.

Molly: Okay, revenge. You got your revenge when you decked me at the Lakeview. Which, by the way, had nothing to do with me really, did it? It was about your husband, how you couldn't even believe, couldn't even imagine the fact that he would go off and find somebody else, move on. Why -- why not? Who can blame him with the way you treated him? You went and you had a baby with somebody else, and then you lied to him about it.

Carly: Molly, for the millionth time, you are right. I am -- I am disgusting, aren't I? I'm a horrible, despicable human being, and you are completely justified in helping my husband break his marriage vows. He filed for divorce. Did you know that? He's yours for the taking. Is that what you want to hear?

Molly: Carly, I don't want Jack. He doesn't want me, okay? We never slept together. We didn't. He saw right through me, so we did nothing. We kissed. That's it.

Carly: Really? You know, he tried to tell me the same thing. But I saw you, remember? I saw the two of you together.

Molly: No, let me tell you something. You know what you saw? You saw him letting me down easy one more time.

Carly: But you said it. You said yourself.

Molly: I said it. Carly, forget what I said, okay? Forget what you saw, forget what it looked like. Fact is, we didn't sleep together because he turned me down. Yeah. It's unbelievable, but no matter how many times you break that man's heart, he can't get you out of his mind.

Carly: You didn't sleep with Jack?

Molly: No, Carly. It was a lie from beginning to end. The truth is, your husband couldn't dishonor his wedding vows.

Carly: Then why did he file for divorce?

Molly: Because he's angry, he's hurt, he's disappointed. Do you need me to go on? Because I can. Carly, believe it or not, I've been trying to talk to Jack, trying to get him to see past this and forgive you.

Carly: Why? Because you think that he and I should live happily ever after, or because I'm living with Mike?

Molly: Well, okay, maybe some of my motives are a little bit selfish, but we're selfish sometimes, you and me. You okay?

Carly: Yeah, yeah. The baby's just doing her nightly can-can routine, I think.

Molly: I'm gonna take that as my cue to get out of here.

Carly: Molly, thanks for telling me the truth about you and Jack. I never intended for any of this to happen. I never wanted to hurt anybody. And I miss you so much.

Molly: You know that nothing can ever be the same between us ever again.

Carly: I was afraid you'd say that, even though I know it's true. I lost the two most important relationships in my life that night. But it doesn't mean that you have to lose Mike.

Molly: Oh, I think it's a little too late for that.

Carly: Too late, huh? Well, you told me to tell Mike that you were moving on, moving on with your life, moving on with other men, and you come rushing over here at this hour of the night. Why, so you could watch me break his heart, or because you wanted to stop me?

Molly: You know what? It's none of your business really.

Carly: Would you quit being so defensive and just admit it? You still love him, and you know that he still loves you, so why don't you stop wasting valuable time and just tell him?

John: Henry, Margo. Hey. You're not feeling so hot, huh?

Katie: I'm fine. I'm not going to the hospital.

Margo: No, no. She hasn't eaten, and she's weak, and she's clammy.

Henry: Yeah, she said something about headaches.

Katie: I just need to sleep. Will you please just let me sleep?

John: She's dehydrated.

Katie: Oh, no. No more water. I'll get sick.

John: Look you need to be in a hospital, okay?

Katie: Okay, but if I have to drink a lot of water to stay out of the hospital, then that's fine. I'll drink as much as possible. But I'm not going anywhere.

Margo: Simon has headed for parts unknown, so she's afraid if he calls that she won't be here.

John: Oh, oh. Listen to me. Crying over a broken heart is one thing, but dying over one is quite another. Now your liver is already compromised.

Katie: Look, I didn't think about my liver.

John: No, because you're too busy thinking about Simon. If he's indeed walked out on you, then he's not worth dying over.

Katie: He's gonna come back. He always does. He promised.

John: You believe that? You believe that with every beat of your heart?

Katie: Yes.

John: Good. Then he won't mind what I'm about to do. Henry, will you give me a hand getting her out of here?

Katie: No, no, no. Please --

John: Come on, let's go. Come on, let's go.

Margo: Katie, it's for your good. Let's just go. Come on.

John: No, no, no, no.

Katie: No, no, no. Please. I want to be here if he gets back.

Alison: I'm not faking anything, and if you were a real doctor, you'd know that.

[Chris laughs] My mother will be back soon, and she'll come back, and she'll tell us the real diagnosis.

Chris: Funny thing happens when you're a doctor's kid. All those medical books and magazines laying around? That's power. You can either use that power for something good, like getting so good at diagnosing yourself that by the time you're 12, you have a better diagnosis than your pediatrician, or you can use that same knowledge to, I don't know, keep you home from school on the day of the big math test, keep you from having to go to gym class or getting you a little sympathy when things aren't going your way.

Alison: Nobody asked you to be my doctor, so why don't you just leave? Because if you think you're helping, you're not.

Chris: If you're having panic attacks, they'll put you on medication, anti-depressants.

Alison: So?

Chris: So it's not good to take medication when you don't need them. And then there's all the constant observations to make sure they're prescribing you the right pills, make sure they're not doing irreparable damage to your vital organs.

Alison: I don't care. Don't you get it? I don't care what happens to me. I don't care if I get addicted or if I grow another head. Just please tell them I'm sick. I don't want to go back there.

Chris: Don't get worked up about it.

Alison: You have no idea what it's like. It's cold, and it's damp, and they won't even turn off the lights. Every time that you turn around, there's another drunk or some total perv rolling in. Please, don't send me back there.

Emily: Hey, sweetie.

Hal: How are you doing? How is she doing, doc? I hear that we can rule food poisoning out of the equation, so can you think of anything else that could be wrong with her?

Rose: All right, all right, all right. What gives, Paul Ryan?

Paul: What do you mean?

Rose: You dragged me away from a meal with Mitzi -- and a meal fit for a king, thank you very much. And you say you're gonna sweep me off my feet.

Paul: Are you feeling swept?

Rose: I'm feeling very swept, but you haven't told me why.

Paul: Well, since you always seem to be a few laps ahead of me, I thought I'd try to surprise you for a change.

Rose: I'm surprised. I'm confused. Have I forgotten an anniversary or something?

Paul: No, it's not so much the day as it is the place. This is the spot where our plans and dreams went off-track last year.

Rose: Oh, sprinkle it with holy water, already. Our engagement party.

Paul: Yes.

Rose: Our engagement party that I had -- I couldn't come to the engagement party 'cause I had to go after my pop.

Paul: And we were so close. We were so close to having everything. Had a family and enough friends here to support us. We were committed to one another to live the rest of our lives together through thick and thin, and then all of a sudden, you were gone.

Rose: So that's why you brought me back here, to relive the worst moment in our relationship?

Paul: No. No, no, no, no, no. Completely opposite. Exact opposite. I brought you here to the place we'd almost lost each other, because it is time that we bury the past once and for all.

Dusty: Can I ask you a question?

Mitzi: Free country. You can ask. Doesn't mean I'll answer.

Dusty: What do you think about this whole marriage thing between Rose and Paul?

Mitzi: I beg your pardon?

Dusty: Well, you know Rose better than anybody, right? I mean, what do you think she would say if Paul were to propose to her today?

Mitzi: Why? You starting a poll or something?

Dusty: No. I just don't think she's the commitment type. Know what I mean? Am I wrong? What do you think?

Mitzi: I think that you ought to keep your nose out of other people's business is what I think.

Dusty: Well, I'm only asking you because I love Paul like he's my brother. And Rose is fantastic. She's funny -- but smart and very tough.

Mitzi: And taken, Dusty. So just stay the hell away.

Emily: So what's the diagnosis, Chris?

Alison: Well, what's he know? He's barely a doctor.

Chris: It appears Alison's showing classic symptoms of a panic attack, and I recommend she stay with us for at least another 48 hours.

Emily: Well, is it -- is it serious?

Chris: I'd like to keep her under observation, make sure she doesn't show us any other symptoms.

Alison: You're the doctor.

Hal: What can you do for a panic attack?

Chris: I'll prescribe a mild sedative to help her get some sleep and check back on her later in my shift, see how she's doing. Try and take it easy, okay?

Alison: I will, I promise. Thanks a million, Chris.

Emily: Yeah, thank you. Thank you so much. I knew it. I knew it. I knew you got sick from being in that wretched place, you poor thing.

Alison: Please don't let them send me back there, Emily.

Hal: Don't you worry about that right now. You just concentrate on getting better.

Alison: If I get better, then they'll send me back to jail. I have to think about how to stay out of there for the next 48 hours.

Emily: What if we told you there is a way?

Alison: What are you talking about?

Tom: She's talking about the fact that you hired a darn good lawyer.

Susan: Somehow, someway, he talked Evelyn into letting you come home after you get released from the hospital.

Alison: You're kidding? Tell me she's not kidding. Are you serious?

Tom: It's all official.

[Emily laughs]

Emily: You're a miracle worker.

Alison: This is the best! Isn't it?

Emily: What's wrong, Hal?

Hal: Well, the good news is that Alison doesn't have to go back to jail before her trial. But there is a catch.

Carly: Do you love him?

Molly: Yeah.

Carly: Well, good, because I happen to know he still loves you.

Molly: Please, Carly. I can't hear that from you, okay? Especially while you're living here, sharing the house, the place I used to live with the man that I loved.

Carly: You want me to leave? I can -- I can leave here.

Molly: Don't do it for me. Do it for you. Just like if Mike wants me back, if he really wants me back, it's got to be his choice, not by chance. Do you understand that?

Carly: Yeah, I guess so.

Molly: Good. One more thing. Stop being his messenger, okay?

Carly: Yeah. I'm sorry. I know that we're not friends anymore, but do you think this means we're not enemies either?

Molly: I think that our family has seen so much hurt and negativity that we can find a way to peacefully coexist.

Carly: That's a start, right? Well, good night, cuz.

Mike: Hey. I was just thinking about you. Must be reading my mind.

Rose: So you want to bury our past?

Paul: Forever.

Rose: You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that. Bringing me back here to the scene of our crimes, turmoil and tears, I was -- I was afraid you were gonna make me relive that again.

Paul: No, sweetheart. You know I'd never do that. The only thing that I want us to relive is the happiness that we felt the last time we were truly connected to one another. So I brought you back here hoping that we could pick up exactly where we left off the night of that engagement party. Do you think that's a possibility?

Rose: I think the night is filled with possibilities.

Paul: You ain't seen nothing yet.

Alison: House arrest? That's what I've been operating under my entire life.

Emily: Well, then it won't be such a stretch.

Hal: Except that this time, you will be electronically monitored instead of physically.

Tom: You will have a small transmitter strapped to your ankle.

Alison: No sweat. I'll wear pants.

Tom: Yeah, and you have to play by the rules.

Alison: Which rules?

Tom: Well, you'll have to stay in the house except for prearranged excursions, and you'll have to report to your arrest officer once a week.

Alison: I can't go anywhere? I can't -- I can't see my friends or anything?

Emily: Well, your friends are the least of your worries, Alison.

Alison: No, they're not. I still have to do a lot of work before I get Lucy and Aaron to forgive me.

Susan: Excuse me, miss. What you need is a distraction-free environment where you can think and rest. You said you'd do anything not to go back to jail. Well, this is it.

Hal: If you break the rules of the monitoring, Alison, they will pick you up, and they will put you back in jail without a second's thought.

Alison: Well, I'll do whatever I have to do. I'm not complaining. I promise.

Susan: Well, you'd better not be. Thank you very much, Tom.

Alison: Yes, yes. Definitely. Thanks. Thanks to all of you guys, for going to bat for me. I promise I won't let you down. I'll be the perfect little prisoner. Just -- just you guys watch me.

Katie: I need to ask you a favor, and you can't say no. Can you please just go and stay at the cottage while I'm here so you can take care of Snickers and be there in case Simon calls?

Henry: Yeah. Whatever you need.

Katie: I'm really counting on you.

Henry: Yeah, that's been happening a lot lately.

Margo: Katie --

Katie: Oh, Margo, did you find out any information about Bartleby?

Margo: He never used that plane ticket to New York.

Katie: I knew it! Did you put out an APB?

Margo: Honey, I didn't have enough reason to hold him.

Katie: Why not? Your brother-in-law is missing. That's reason enough.

Margo: Listen, Simon booked a flight to Chicago with a connecting flight to Los Angeles that night, and according to the flight records, he made both those planes. From there, he took a flight to Thailand, and that's where the trail stops cold.

Katie: Well, that's just because Bartleby made this all happen. That's what he wants us to believe.

Margo: I did some checking around. Simon took everything.

Katie: Everything? What everything?

Margo: Your checking, all your savings.

Katie: What?! No, no, no, no, no. We both promised that we would never touch that savings. No!

Margo: Honey, is that your account number? I'm sorry.

Katie: God. No, I can't believe this. He took my heart, he took my soul, he took my future. He had to take all of my money?! Oh, my God! Margo, he was telling the truth when he said he didn't love me. Why would he do this to me?

[Katie sobs]

Henry: No, not yet.

Molly: I -- I actually came by to see Carly. We had to clarify some issues.

Mike: She had a good visit? Good. You know, I don't think I've ever seen two friends like you and Carly. You know, the way you guys make each other laugh and finish each other's sentences, it's like you know what the other person is thinking. Closer than sisters, you know?

Molly: I guess we were.

Mike: Kind of hurts to lose that. You know, someone you can talk to and see everyday and confide in. The person disappears, you start realizing how many holes there are in your life.

Molly: I'd better go.

Mike: Wait. All right, uh --

[Mike laughs] This is gonna sound a little crazy, but you wanna -- you wanna get some lunch or something one of these days maybe?

Molly: Give me a call?

Mike: Good, I will. Drive safe, all right?

Molly: Night.

Mike: Good night. Hey, got your ginger ale.

Carly: Oh, thanks.

Mike: You want a tall glass, no ice?

Carly: Yeah, thanks.

Mike: All right.

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