ATWT Transcript Tuesday 3/4/03


As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 3/4/03

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[Isaac clears his throat]

Molly: You're a great dancer.

Dusty: So what have you been up to since I pushed you in the Snyder pond?

Molly: Well, I still have a problem staying out of water. Bathtubs, hot tubs, skinny dipping.

Dusty: I missed a lot.

Molly: You have no idea. How about you?

Dusty: I like water. But I don't know.

Molly: Really?

Dusty: Really.

Molly: From the buzz at the party tonight, I kinda gathered that you are disgustingly rich.

Dusty: I do all right.

Molly: Not to mention, I can tell for myself you're amazingly handsome.

[Dusty sighs]

Dusty: You're getting carried away. Don't do it.

Molly: You won over, I think, most of the women in Oakdale already.

Dusty: Except one.

Molly: Rose D'Angelo?

Dusty: One in every crowd.

Molly: Well, let me tell you something. This one, right here, is a lot more fun. A real live wire.

Dusty: A live wire in a hot tub could be fatal.

Molly: Could be fun. You want to come? I mean, that is, unless you can think of something even hotter we can do.

Jessica: Ooh!

Ben: Shh. He might hear you.

Jessica: Marshall's probably been asleep for hours.

Ben: That could explain why he hasn't called you since we left the club, but it takes all the excitement out of hiding out in the dark.

Jessica: Oh, does it?

Ben: Ooh, well, not all the excitement. Mm. Have I told you what a great time I had with you tonight?

Jessica: Mm, so did I.

Ben: Yes. Slipping away from the crowd.

Jessica: Mm-hmm.

Ben: Dancing with you. Feels like old times.

Marshall: Jessica -- sorry. I didn't realize you had company.

Jessica: No, it's okay.

Ben: How's it going, Marshall?

Marshall: Uh, I thought you were alone. I'll talk to you later.

Jessica: Wait a minute, Marshall. Is something wrong?

Marshall: I spoke to Lien. She said she's been advised by the Brazilian Consulate that Zara's remains are being shipped from Brazil.

Jessica: That must've been a difficult thing to hear.

Marshall: I just keep wondering if it's the right thing to do, you know? I mean, you know, bringing her all the way back here to the States. It just -- it seems just selfish somehow.

Jessica: No, no, no. You're bringing her home.

Marshall: Bringing her to a home she's never known, to a father who -- sorry. I'm just thinking too much about things I can't change, I guess. Good night.

Ben: You want to go up and talk to him, don't you?

Jessica: I really think I should. You know, he needs somebody to listen right now, to help him through this next step. Do you trust me just to do that?

Emily: Hey, I thought I heard you moving around up there.

Hal: Yeah, I was checking in on Will for about the hundredth time. Finally sleeping in his own bed. I wish to hell you could have the same kind of peace about Alison.

Emily: I just can't stop picturing her alone in that jail. Oh, God. I know what she did was wrong, you know? I know that. But what is she doing in that place, Hal? I mean, there are criminals in that place.

Hal: I know.

Emily: Can I get you some hot chocolate?

Hal: No. As a matter of fact, yeah. But make mine to go, would you?

Emily: Okay. Uh, to go, huh?

Hal: Mm-hmm.

Emily: Where are you going to, huh? This late at night?

Hal: I just thought I'd drop in on a friend.

Emily: A friend? Should I be jealous? Do you want marshmallows?

Hal: I don't know. Does Alison take her cocoa with marshmallows?

Emily: You're going to see Alison? Right now, you're gonna go to the jail, now? You don't have to do that. You don't have to do that, because you should be getting some sleep and resting up.

Hal: Emily, I can't sleep with you so worried about Alison.

Emily: Thank you. I love you so much.

Hal: Oh, well, that's good. Because I feel the same way.

Emily: Okay. Let me go get some of her things, because I think she's gonna need a couple of sweatshirts --

Hal: Hey, don't worry. I've got it all covered.

Emily: You do?

Hal: Right here.

Emily: Okay. Thanks. Um, tell our little girl I love her so much and -- put your coat on. And that we're thinking about her, and we're gonna try to figure out a way to get her out of there, okay?

Hal: I'll tell her that. I'll tell her that, and I'll tell her that over and over and over.

Emily: Thank you. Thank you. Okay.

Hal: I'll see you later.

Emily: Okay, go. I love you.

Darlene: And I want to know the minute that my lawyer gets here!

Bernie: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

Darlene: Come on. Cut me some slack. I got a big day ahead of me. I can't be in here all freaking morning. Hey, Bernie. Why don't you snag me a couple of those jelly doughnuts you always got stashed in the back there? I can be real nice! Ugh. What do we have here? First day in the lock-up, huh? Ah, don't sweat it, hon. You'll get used to it. You won't be half as jumpy next time, huh?

Alison: There won't be a next time!

[Phone rings]

Emily: Hello?

Aaron: Emily, hi. It's Aaron.

Emily: Aaron, do you have any idea what time it is?

Aaron: Yeah. And I just saw Hal take off.

Emily: Where are you?

Aaron: I'm closer than you think.

Emily: Hey, listen, Aaron. I got to call you back later. I've got a lunatic at my front door. Would you get in here? It's freezing outside. All right, let me take a wild guess. This has something to do with the conversation Alison and Lucy had tonight. Am I right?

Aaron: Well, how'd it go? I mean, did Alison set her straight?

Emily: Alison told me she told Lucy the truth. And I believe her.

Aaron: Yeah, well, Alison's got a way of making people get the wrong ideas. I've gotta find out what she said.

Emily: Will you slow down? Listen to me. It's the middle of the night, okay? You can ask all the questions you want in the morning. But now go home, sleep.

Aaron: Emily, I'll get my sleep when I get my answers.

Rosanna: Lucy. Why don't you just try to get some sleep, hmm?

Lucy: I can't. I mean, now that I know nothing happened between Aaron and Alison, or Aaron and anyone, it changes everything.

Rosanna: Why don't we just talk about it in the morning?

Lucy: I was kind of hoping you could talk daddy into letting me see Aaron. I mean, he listens to you. And -- where is daddy? Is he still at work?

Rosanna: Yes, it seems so.

Lucy: Must be really important if he's still there.

Rosanna: Listen, if you go to bed now, I promise you that you and I will have a full conversation about this first thing after breakfast, okay?

Lucy: Okay.

Rosanna: Let me help you out of here. Got it from here?

Lucy: Yeah. Good night.

Rosanna: Good night.

Craig: Good God, woman. Do you have any idea what time it is? How dare you not call and tell me you're sitting up waiting for me?

Rosanna: I assumed it was some unforeseen emergency.

Craig: Yeah.

Rosanna: Glad to see you're not beaten, bloodied or bruised.

Craig: I am. I was trying to get the fall line out. The emergency was Carly. The Carly kind of the personal kind.

Rosanna: Lovely. Well, the next time Carly has an emergency of any kind that precludes you from coming home or forces you to wander in after 2:00 in the morning, do us both a favor, okay? Don't come home at all.

Craig: Before you once again subject me to your knee-jerk, anti-Carly hysteria, maybe you'd better hear me out.

Rosanna: I'm listening.

Craig: Jack Snyder filed for divorce.

Rosanna: A divorce? Well, bravo. He's finally seen my sister for the viper that she is. What were you doing? Consoling the newly dumped newlywed?

Craig: I was trying to get her to concentrate on her designs.

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: Well, it's nice to know that my sister takes a higher priority than your daughter or, hmm, your fiancée.

Craig: Come on! You would have called. You had everything under control here.

Rosanna: You know, you always do that. You always just assume that Lucy is okay or that I am following your orders or that everything is just going to magically take care of itself. But it's not. I am the one who is standing here, looking in that little girl's sad eyes, trying to make everything better for her.

Craig: And you're doing a great job.

Rosanna: No, I'm not, not since you forced me to promise to keep her and Aaron apart.

[Craig laughs]

Craig: I know that's not an easy promise.

Rosanna: It's not!

Craig: Something happen?

Rosanna: Yes. I had to take her to the police station. Alison told her the truth, that nothing happened between her and Aaron.

Craig: Well, I hope that little tart didn't try to say that I had anything --

Rosanna: No, no. Your name was kept out of it -- lucky for you. Your hands are clean. [Craig laughs] but I think you should think about it. You no longer have a leg to stand on if you insist on keeping Lucy and Aaron apart.

Craig: I am not gonna let that horn dog hurt Lucy again, all right? But we need your help. You know, when I'm not around, we need you to keep Lucy safe, away from that disaster. I need you to hold the line here, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Why, so you can tend to Carly?

Craig: So I can tend to business, all right? And Carly, yes, is a major part of that business.

Rosanna: You are so full of it. You know that I run a business twice the size of Monte Carlo, and I have never felt the need to stay up all night pampering employees through a personal crisis. Especially not ones I have slept with!

Craig: She's our designer, Rosanna! What do you want me to do?!

Rosanna: I want you to leave. I don't want you here tonight. I know I should be the one to go, but I think that Lucy needs someone who's actually sympathetic to her needs. And right now, that would not be you.

Craig: You're gonna lecture me on fatherhood and throw me out of my own house?

Rosanna: Yes. Consider it done.

Alison: You've got the wrong idea about me. I'm not here because of a career choice.

[Darlene laughs]

Darlene: That's what I said the first time. What are you, 20?

Alison: 17.

Darlene: I was like 19 when I got my first conviction. You're already ahead of me, girlfriend.

Bernie: All right, look alive. Your "lawyer" is here.

Darlene: Oh, you're a sight for sore ones! I thought you were gonna leave me in here to rot to death.

Man: Hey, we're losing a fortune as it is.

Darlene: Oh, I'm sorry, honey. I'll do better next time.

Man: And we all know how good you can be, huh?

Darlene: Hey, I want you to meet my new girlfriend. I call her "Amber."

Man: Amber? It's a pleasure.

Alison: That's not my name!

Darlene: Isn't she cute? A real firecracker.

Man: Let's get you out of here and back where you belong, huh? Come on.

Darlene: Hey, if you ever need any help on the street or you just need a friend, you give us a call, okay? Yeah. I'll see you later, Amber.

Alison: No, you won't! You don't know me! You don't know the first thing about me!

Molly: So you're up for just a couple of hours of no-strings-attached fun?

Isaac: Molly? Molly!

Molly: Okay.

Isaac: I need you over here.

Molly: I think I better go find out what my friend wants to scold me about. And I'll talk to you in a bit?

Dusty: I'll be in my office.

Molly: I'll meet you right back here? Isaac, before you rain on my parade, let me just say something in my defense, okay? I'm just looking for a little fun.

Isaac: And you look beautiful tonight. And if you want to flirt with this guy if he's gonna make you forget about Mike, it's fine. I won't try to stop you.

Molly: Thank you.

Isaac: But what do you really know about this Dusty guy?

Molly: Nothing, Isaac, which is one of his greatest virtues. So you know what? I'm gonna powder my nose, and then I promise you, we will get out of your hair and out of your club. But thank you for worrying about me. Thank you.

Isaac: Deal. I tried, Jake. Rose, we're closed.

Rose: No, you're not! The door was wide open. Is the guest of honor still lurking around here?

Isaac: Matter of fact, he is.

Rose: Oh, good. Neon sign was going. I figured, you know, the party's still rocking.

Dusty: Rose? What are you doing back here?

Rose: Excuse me. Well, I was thinking -- that I might forgive you, Dusty Donovan.

Dusty: If you're trying to keep me off-balance, you're doing a bang-up job.

Rose: Oh, good! 'Cause I don't want you to get comfortable. Guy like you gets comfortable, he starts taking liberties.

Dusty: I'm willing to come clean.

Rose: Well --

Dusty: Which I mean, if you think we ought to tell Paul that I had some stupid impulse to kiss you --

Rose: See, no, no. Not gonna tell Paul about the kiss.

Dusty: And what made you change your mind?

Rose: I had a moment of clarity. Have you heard about that? moment of clarity. Paul wants us to be friends. He wants us to be one big, happy family that he never had and always wanted.

Dusty: Yeah, but if you feel weird keeping secrets from him --

Rose: No, no. "Secret," that's not a good word. No, it's not about secrets. It's about something that happened that never should have happened in the first place.

Dusty: You know, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Rose: Maybe you were having a little flashback about your past with Lily. I don't know. Maybe I'm so irresistible. But you know what? We've got to put this stupid thing behind us, because I'm losing beauty sleep, and that's not good.

[Dusty laughs]

Dusty: You know what? You're one of a kind.

Rose: Oh, thanks.

Dusty: I owe you.

Rose: Oh, you owe me nothing. You got Barbara out of here without blood and tears. That's good. No, maybe I'll give you a day of indulgence at my new salon when it opens. It's gonna be unisex.

Dusty: Sounds -- sounds beautiful. I'd love to come by.

[Rose laughs]

Rose: You're a funny guy. You know that? You're very, very funny. [Rose mumbles] Oh, and another thing. If that thing that never happened happens again, not only am I gonna tell Paul, I'm gonna turn you from a rooster to a hen in like one shot. And then Paul's gonna come after you. With parents like he's got -- [Rose laughs] that won't be pretty. Deal?

Dusty: Deal.

Ben: In the morning, I'm gonna be in the OR, and I won't have time to worry about Travers taking advantage of your soft heart.

Jessica: Oh --

Ben: Okay? Now before you say it, it's not a matter of me trusting or not trusting you, regardless of what you heard me tell Isaac at the club tonight.

Jessica: Okay. I guess you've got a point. Macho man is probably up there kicking himself that he let us see him all vulnerable and upset. So I'll leave him alone and let him come to me when he's ready to talk -- in the morning.

Ben: You know, hey, great idea! Glad you thought of that! I hate to say it --

Jessica: Don't say it.

Ben: No, I have to say it. Neither one of us is going to be any good to anybody tomorrow if we don't bring this date to a close.

Jessica: I wish you didn't have to go.

Ben: Me, too. You wanna walk me to the door?

Jessica: I'd be delighted. Walk this way.

Ben: This way. [Jessica laughs] I have a confession to make.

Jessica: Oh, dear. What? What is it?

Ben: What is it? You said that after Zara's remains are interred here in Oakdale, and the trial is over, and your "cosmic debt" or whatever it is that you're calling it, you said that's gonna be paid in full?

Jessica: Absolutely.

Ben: Well, I don't know. It kind of seems to me that Travers has some kind of hold on you, and I've got this bad feeling that he's gonna be around for awhile. Can you convince me that I'm wrong?

Prisoner: I got rights, you know! I wanna make my one phone call!

Alison: Hey, I wanna see my man! He's gonna come bust me out of this hellhole! You just wait! You just wait! You're gonna regret this, believe me! Will you just get me out of here?!

Ritchie: Amber! Behind bars again? This is getting to be a real bad habit.

Alison: Hey, Ritchie. I knew you'd come to bail me out. Will you just get me out of this place?

Ritchie: You know, this is the fifth time this week you've been picked up. What do you think, I'm made out of money? What?!

Alison: It could happen to anybody. You know that. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong guy. Come on, I'll be better next time, Ritchie. Come on. Will you just get me out of here now?!

Ritchie: Sorry, kid. You are costing me money.

Alison: But you said I was your best.

Ritchie: Yeah -- at getting arrested. Look, I just came to wish you luck, because this time, when you get out -- if you get out -- you are going to have to look me up. Take it easy.

Alison: Wait, wait! You can't leave me like this?! You can't leave me! You can't! You can't leave me! Ritchie!

Hal: Alison?

Alison: Hal. What are you doing here?

Hal: Bernie, you think you could open the cage for a second?

Bernie: Anytime, lieutenant.

Hal: Nobody's been getting much sleep tonight because we've all been thinking about you. Got you a few things. Let's see what we got here. Oh, I stopped by Al's, picked up a burger and some fries, 'cause prison food is not so good here. And -- oh, but you could start out with some fresh cocoa made by Emily herself with marshmallows on the side. A nice, soft blanket that you can actually sleep under. It's good to have in here. Air freshener, needs no explanation. An extra sweatshirt, in case you need it. And real important around here is earplugs. Listen, Alison, I know the first night's the hardest. Hey, everything is gonna be okay.

Alison: No, no, it isn't! I know what I did was wrong! I know, and everything I've ever done has been wrong, but -- just punish me, and I'll do a zillion years of community service! I'll do whatever! I'll do whatever! You can take all of my rights away! I don't care! I don't care! Just don't let me stay in prison! Please, please! Hal, please, please.

[Alison sobs]

Lucy: I thought I heard my father.

Rosanna: Yes, I'm sure you did.

Lucy: Where is he?

Rosanna: He left.

Lucy: Well, did you get to ask him about Aaron?

Rosanna: As a matter of fact, I did.

Lucy: Well, what did he say? It's not like I'm asking to run off and elope with him. I just want to see him again or talk to him.

Rosanna: You know what? You're right. If you want to talk to Aaron, you should talk to him. Call him.

Lucy: Right now?

Rosanna: You have his cell phone number, don't you?

Lucy: Yeah, but it's not even light out.

Rosanna: Well, fine. I mean, if you want to wait six or seven hours, it's fine with me, but I just thought you might --

Lucy: Are you kidding? Give me the phone. Are you sure my dad's gonna be okay with this?

Rosanna: Why don't you just let me handle your father?

Craig: I already spoke to one of the owners, Lily Snyder. She assured me my old suite hadn't been leased.

Walter: With all due respect to you and to Mrs. Snyder, I'm still gonna need somebody's authorization to let you in.

Craig: Walter, Walter, Walter. I'm a desperate man here, Walter. I am desperate to get some rest away from angry, vengeful, resentful women.

Walter: I can get into big trouble, sir.

Craig: Okay, Walter, look, your name is not gonna come up, okay? There you go, huh? Okay.

[Both scream]

Barbara: What are you doing here?!

Craig: My skin is crawling in profound disgust. What are you doing in my apartment?

Barbara: This isn't yours. This is mine. Now get out of here. Go find your own home.

Craig: I have a home.

Barbara: Oh, yes, I can't forget. Fairwinds. What happened at Fairwinds? Did the pipes burst? Did the heater go on strike? Oh, no, no, no, don't tell me. Ms. Cabot finally came to her senses and kicked you out on your keister?

[Craig sighs]

Craig: It's none of your business.

[Barbara laughs]

Barbara: Oh, no, you're kidding? Oh, Craig, this is too perfect. Rosanna kicked you to the curb? [Barbara laughs] you have just made my night!

[Barbara laughs]

Rosanna: Aaron, this is Rosanna.

Aaron: Yeah?

Rosanna: I have someone here who would like to speak to you.

Lucy: Aaron? It's Lucy. Are you still there?

Aaron: Yeah, yeah. I'm right here.

Lucy: I talked to Alison tonight. She told me everything. Nothing happened between the two of you, and I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry that I didn't believe you when you told me yourself.

Aaron: Lucy, as long as you know that nothing happened, it's all that matters.

Lucy: I'm sorry, anyway. Sorry for putting you through all of this, for pushing you away. I just hope you can forgive me. Thank you. Thank you for always being there for me, even when I was being completely unreasonable. Are you still there?

Aaron: Yeah, yeah. I'm right here. Right here.

Lucy: Are you all right?

Aaron: Lucy, I'm so much better than "all right." You have no idea.

Lucy: Me, too. I'd better go. I'll talk to you in the morning.

Aaron: In the morning? Yes, that would be great. Yes, I'll talk to you in the morning.

Lucy: Good night.

Aaron: Good night.

Emily: Well, what did she say?!

Aaron: She wants to see me in the morning.

Emily: Oh, Aaron, that's great.

Aaron: Wait -- wait a minute. Wait a minute, it is morning. Oh, my God, Emily, thank you for everything. I've got to go!

Emily: Oh, no, no, no. You cannot go over there now. It's really too early.

Aaron: This is the best time.

Emily: Aaron!

Jessica: After we've laid Marshall's daughter to rest and I win this case and Marshall is no longer my responsibility, I promise you that life will change, and you will see that the only man who has any kind of hold on me is you. Now, as of convincing you of that obvious fact, well, you're just gonna have to trust me. And trust this.

Rose: You look like you got your hands full there, so I'm gonna get back to my car before it turns into a pumpkin.

Dusty: I hate to tell you, Cinderella, but it's past 12:00.

Rose: Just my luck. Let you two get back to whatever it is you were gonna do there and -- have fun.

Molly: Oh, I'm planning on it, Rose.

Rose: That's fantastic. Isaac, great party.

Isaac: It's who I am. It's what I do. Good seeing you again. Drive safe.

Rose: Okay, good night, now. Good night.

Dusty: Good night.

Molly: Care to share? What, I'm just supposed to ignore the -- you staring at Rose like that? You don't have a thing for her, do you?

Dusty: Rose happens -- Rose happens to be the identical twin of the first woman I ever loved, and she's marrying my very, very best friend. So I'm curious and intrigued. What are you?

Molly: Curious and intrigued.

Dusty: Oh, yeah? About what?

Molly: Because you're just such an amazing dancer, I was just kind of thinking, you know, hoping that we were gonna pick up right where we left off.

Dusty: Where was that?

Molly: We were going to spend a couple of sweaty, mutually gratifying hours together. Unless you've got so many offers in the meantime you forgot.

Dusty: Oh, that offer? [Dusty laughs] come on. [Dusty sighs] I was hoping we could take a rain check.

Craig: Rosanna and I couldn't be happier.

Barbara: Oh, right. Which explains why you've slunk back to your old bachelor pad, tail between your legs.

Craig: Circumstances beyond my control are preventing me from staying at Fairwinds tonight. Why did you come back here, all the bad memories?

Barbara: Well, you see, my bad memories really revolve around our marriage. Actually, coming back here is quite different -- alone. Almost like coming home. Besides, I need a place with enough space for Will.

Craig: You mean Hal is actually letting you associate with the poor kid?

Barbara: What are you doing?! What are you doing?! You're not staying here!

Craig: Think again, swamp thing.

Barbara: I insist that you leave right now, Craig!

Craig: I will, as soon as I get some rest. Leave me alone, will you?

Barbara: Craig, you close your eyes and you will regret it. Do you understand me? Craig! Craig, I want you out of here right now! Craig! Craig!

Alison: If they send me off to prison, I'll never come out again.

Hal: Alison, Tom's a great lawyer. He's working very hard to cut you a deal. And, you know, you've got some really good people in your corner. Some pretty powerful ones, too. Even me.

Alison: Why? Why does anybody care about me after what I did, especially you? I'm the reason that Will was in that coma. I'm the reason that they sent him to that psych ward. You have every reason to hate me.

Hal: Alison. Alison, you confound me. You confuse me. You drive me crazy. You drive me nuts. But hate you? No. I love you, kid.

Alison: You love me?

Hal: You're part of my family. Of course I love you. Hey, Bernie? It's gonna be all right. Just hang in there, okay?

Alison: Thank you, Hal.

Hal: See you. See you soon. Just try and get some rest.

Alison: Good night.

Prisoner: Hey! Get me out of here!

Alison: Would you just put a sock in it already?!

Aaron: I'm sorry, but I couldn't wait.

Rosanna: Yeah, so I see. Come in.

Aaron: Hey, Lucy. Oh, God, this feels like a dream. I just had to -- to hear it one more time. You really believe me? I mean, you're sure now that there's no way there could have been anybody else for me since I met you?

Lucy: Alison confessed to everything.

Aaron: So you remember me?

Lucy: I remember you.

Aaron: And you know that I'm not a sleaze?

Lucy: No, you're not a sleaze. Besides, that would make me a sleaze's girlfriend, and I wouldn't want to be that.

Aaron: It's like we still have a chance between us.

Lucy: Actually, that depends on Rosanna.

Molly: The acoustics must be really bad in here, because I could have sworn I heard the distinct ring of rejection, and I've got to tell you, I really hope I'm wrong. Because I can handle about anything but rejection right now.

Dusty: What kind of guy in his right mind would reject a woman like you?

Molly: A stupid one? One that doesn't know what's good for him, a glutton for punishment. Shall I continue?

Dusty: No, 'cause I said "rain check," not "rejection," not "cancellation." Rain check.

Molly: So this sudden change of heart doesn't have anything to do with the sudden arrival of Rose?

Dusty: No. I'm exhausted. And I love the sweet agony of anticipation. It's a weird thing about me. You kind of get a good chance to fantasize, you know? Take your time.

Molly: If that's the way you want to play it, you're gonna have to wait for that kiss, okay? But you can fantasize about it all you want, big guy. Sweet dreams, Dusty.

Barbara: I want you out of here! Don't you go to sleep!

Craig: Go away!

Barbara: You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna call the police, Craig.

Craig: Call the national guard! They'll come and find a hysterical harpy who's lucky to have a man in the same zip code, all right?! Go get some beauty sleep, which you sorely need, and let me get some rest! Hit the lights, will you?

Rosanna: I think we should table this discussion, all right? Your father could come back here any minute.

Lucy: Just tell me. Are you gonna help us stay together?

Aaron: Please, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Do you realize if her father comes home that she won't even be able to attend your funeral? Now, I think you should go, Aaron. Please, it's for the best.

Aaron: All right, all right. I'll go, I'll go. But I'm gonna see you soon, okay?

Lucy: We'll make it work somehow.

Aaron: Okay. All right. Thank you, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Good night.

Aaron: Okay.

Lucy: Please, Rosanna. Please help me with Aaron.

Rosanna: You can't make me choose. That isn't fair.

Lucy: My father isn't fair.

Rosanna: Again?

Aaron: Yeah. You know, it's been -- it's been so long since we've been like this. I can't say good-bye.

Lucy: Neither can I.

Aaron: So I was thinking, there's gotta be a better way to say, like, "Hi" and "Welcome back" and stuff, so --

Lucy: What did you come up with?

Aaron: This --

Lucy: I'll call you as soon as I wake up.

Aaron: Okay. Good night, beautiful.

Rosanna: Good night.

Lucy: Please help me with Aaron, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Does this mean you will be in my wedding, you will choose a proper gown, and you will stand with me at the altar?

Lucy: I will, I will. What are you gonna do?

Rosanna: I will do whatever you want me to do.

Marshall: Jessica. Oh, Jessica, I missed you.

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