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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 2/28/03

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Paul: Hey. It's a party, not oral surgery.

Rose: I told you I didn't wanna come.

Paul: He's a friend of mine.

Rose: Which is the only reason that I'm here, honey.

Paul: He's also a friend of Holden's, a friend of Lily's. We all like him. You saw that.

Rose: Does that mean that I gotta like him, too?

Paul: It's just strange that you don't. You've known the guy, what, a couple of days. Why are you so dead set against him?

Rose: Just a feeling I get. All right?

Paul: What? What is this feeling?

Rose: Look, back in Atlantic City, I would deal with all kinds of people all the time. And I developed this kind of radar. I just know when something's not right with somebody.

Paul: So you're saying there's something not right with Dusty?

Rose: It's just a feeling I get.

Paul: Fine. I'll make our excuses, and we'll be on our way.

Rose: Paul --

Holden: You can't have it both ways.

Rose: Hi.

Holden: Hi. You either give the guy a chance or you just, you know, write him off and let Paul deal with it.

Rose: You're right.

Holden: Hey.

Dusty: Hey.

Rose: Hi.

Dusty: You look gorgeous.

Rose: Oh, thanks.

Dusty: It's good to see you.

Holden: Do you want to tell me what he did to you?

Rose: Nothing. Thank you, Holden.

Dusty: Where's Rose?

Paul: Actually, something came up. We're gonna have to bail.

Rose: Oh, don't listen to him. That thing that came up? I took care of it. We can stay.

Paul: That calls for some champagne. Stay right there. Thank you.

Dusty: Listen, I want to thank you.

Rose: For keeping my mouth shut? The only reason I didn't tell Paul what happened is because I know how upset he would be to find out his good friend is such a louse.

Dusty: Rose, I never meant anything.

Rose: How dumb do you think I am? Huh? You've been messing with me since the day you got here. And I don't like it.

Dusty: And it won't happen again.

Rose: That's right it won't happen. Because you touch me, if you look at me even funny, I swear to you, I will not only tell Paul, I will make sure that you wear small pants for the rest of your life. You got it?

Dusty: Have we met?

Molly: You threw me in the Snyder pond when I was 10.

Dusty: Hey. Molly Conlan?

Molly: The very same.

Dusty: Oh, no, not the same. You look very -- very wonderfully different.

Molly: Yeah. You, too.

Carly: You want to talk about our marriage?

Jack: It's about time, don't you think?

Carly: Yeah. Absolutely. I've wanted to call you so many times.

Jack: Then why didn't you?

Carly: Well, you weren't exactly open to talking. I understood that. This isn't easy for me either. So --

Jack: Where's Parker?

Carly: He's at Hal's. I thought I'd wait to move him in here until I knew how permanent this was gonna be.

Jack: Is this permanent?

Carly: No. No. I just meant -- you know, where I'd be when the baby comes. It's soon, Jack. Just a few months.

Jack: That's why I'm here.

Carly: Good. I was hoping --

Jack: You know, 'cause babies don't wait. So we need to decide, you know, make some decisions, settle things.

Carly: Absolutely. What were you thinking?

Jack: That we should talk about getting a divorce.

Katie: Where are we going?

Simon: We're not going anywhere. I'm leaving alone.

Katie: See, that's your problem, Simon. You think you're such a tough guy, but, really, you're not.

Simon: Keep the gear. That's fine. I'll see you later.

Katie: I know about Bartleby. I thought that might get your attention.

Simon: What about him?

Katie: You're scared he's gonna hurt me. That's what this whole thing is about, isn't it? That's why you want everybody to believe that we've split up, that you don't love me anymore, that you're going to leave me. You're scared that he's going to use me as leverage.

Simon: What did you do?

Katie: I took care of it. He's gone.

Simon: Where?

Katie: Back to Australia. I had him arrested. Margo called Immigration, something about a visitor to the USA making threats against a U.S citizen. Anyway, he's being deported right now. So, why don't you unpack? I'll freshen up. And then you can thank me for saving our marriage. Where are you going?

Simon: There's nothing to save, Katie. I've already told you that. Our marriage is over.

Katie: I was prepared for this -- that you wouldn't appreciate me interfering with Bartleby, but you're just angry right now. You're going to get over it.

Simon: I don't love you anymore. That's why. You know, it's that -- it's that look. It's that make-me-feel-guilty look. I'm sick of it. I'm tired of pretending to be someone I'm not. I just -- I just want to move on.

Katie: It doesn't make sense. Simon, you said you loved me. You said you loved me. Everything was perfect until Bartleby showed up.

Simon: Just drop me a postcard when you figure it out.

Katie: No! I know you love me!

Simon: Just let me go!

Katie: No! I won't let you go, Simon. I won't let you go.

Simon: I'm so sorry.

Bonnie: What is she doing here?

Lisa: Who? Your mother? I invited her.

Bonnie: And if Ben shows up?

Lisa: Darling, that's their problem.

Bonnie: Look, I do not want a scene in the middle of my party, Lisa.

Lisa: Oh, then I suggest you try to behave yourself.

Bonnie: Me? What did I do?

Lisa: Darling, you haven't spoken to your mother in weeks.

Bonnie: Did she put you up to this?

Jessica: Hello.

Lisa: Jessica, it's so good to see you.

Jessica: It's good to be seen. What a great party. Thanks for inviting me. Hello, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Mom.

Lisa: See, that wasn't so difficult, now was it?

Jessica: I've got some good news.

Isaac: So, how are we doing, ladies?

Bonnie: Well, that depends. My Mom here just said she has some good news. Has Marshall Travers moved out of our house?

Jessica: No, but --

Ben: Hey, you left this in the car.

Jessica: Thank you.

Isaac: You two came together?

Ben: Yes, Jessica's my date. But I was just parking the car, you know?

Jessica: That's what I was trying to tell you. See? Everything's working out fine.

Bonnie: Excuse me. I have to go check on the caterer.


Dusty: So that is you on the news?

Molly: Every night.

Dusty: Every night?

Molly: Every night.

Lucinda: Darling, this lady is the Oakdale station's brightest star. Brightest star. How are you doing?

Molly: I'm good. Didn't my good friend here used to work for you, Lucinda?

Lucinda: Oh, long, long ago. He just doesn't remember. He hasn't missed me. I mean, no hugs, no kisses --

Dusty: I was waiting for my cue, lady. Come here.

Lucinda: Oh, right. It's good to see you.

Dusty: It's good to see you, too.

Lucinda: Good to see you. What are you doing back in town? I mean, not that I'm complaining. I'm not. You know -- you know, I could use you at the office. I don't have Rose anymore. I need young blood. Not that you need me anymore, now that you've made your fortune. This guy -- he got out, right, just before the dotcom debacle.

Molly: Oh. So he's smart and sexy.

Dusty: Right. Right.

John: It's true. Here you are. The rumors are true.


Dusty: Sorry for all the messages on your machine.

John: No, no, no. It's my relentless schedule. I can't believe you're back here in Oakdale after conquering the world.

Dusty: Well, you know --

Lucinda: You know, really, tell us. Really, what brings you back?

Dusty: Well -- who needs gay Paris when you have Oakdale? Huh?

[Laughter] Am I right?

Nancy: John raised him, you know? He's the only father Dusty ever really knew.

Kim: And now he's back and all grown up.

Nancy: And doing very well, I understand. And a wonderful sense of humor.

Rose: Oh, yeah, he's a real pip. Why don't you guys go catch up with him? I'll talk to you later, all right?

Nancy: Thanks, darling.

Paul: Thank you.

Rose: For what?

Paul: For being you.

Bonnie: Excuse me. Can I steal this man for just one minute, please?

Rose: Of course. Yeah, go ahead. I'll -- I gotta catch up with Mitzi.

Paul: All right.

Bonnie: Thanks.

Paul: So, who am I protecting you from this time? Isaac or Marshall?

Bonnie: My mother.

Rose: Is my face cracking?

Mitzi: Your face is perfect. What are you talking about?

Rose: I'm just afraid my cheeks are gonna fall off with all the fake smiling that's going on.

Mitzi: So don't smile.

Rose: Well, then Paul would know how I really feel about his friend.

Mitzi: Who? Dusty?

Rose: Don't -- that guy -- his eyes have been all over me -- all over me all night long. The other night at the Lakeview, Paul goes to take a phone call, he kisses me.

Mitzi: Wait. Paul?

Rose: Dusty. Dusty. Follow along, please.

Mitzi: Kissed you?

Rose: Before you say anything, this was a serious kiss. The kind the nuns would send you right to hell for.

Mitzi: So you enjoyed it?

Rose: No. No. Of course not. Would you please follow along here? I'm stuck with this guy now. Paul's so happy he's back in town. Dusty's song and dance -- "Oh, I'm sorry. Such a mistake." You know what? This was done on purpose. I have no idea what I'm going to do.

Mitzi: Uh -- introduce me?

Dusty: Hi. I just want to say that -- I know you're upset about last night still. And, again, I want to say that I was out of line, and I hope that we can start over.

Katie: You still love me. I know you do. And I love you so much. If you're in trouble, we'll fix it. If you need to go somewhere else, have a change of scenery, we can go somewhere.

Simon: Do you know what I want? Do you know what I want? I want to wake up with someone different. A brunette. A redhead, maybe. Are you getting the picture yet?

Katie: Prove it.

Simon: Watch me walk away.

Katie: No. After you kiss me good-bye.

Simon: No.

Katie: What's the matter? You think I'll still get to you?

Simon: No, I'll pass.

Katie: No! You're scared to kiss me because you know I'll be able to tell what you feel.

Simon: I just don't want to, that's all.

Katie: Why are you trying to make me hate you!?

Simon: Because every woman ends up hating me in the end, Katie! Didn't you know that?

[Door slams]

Carly: You want a divorce?

Jack: It doesn't matter what I want. We've gotta play the hand we're dealt, right? And with you pregnant and nobody knowing whose kid it is --

Carly: Don't -- don't you dare blame this baby, Jack!

Jack: Hey, I'm not blaming the baby!

Carly: Because I've been there. I was there with J. J. and, no, I didn't like it, but I got over it. We stayed together, Jack!

Jack: Yeah, for what? A minute and a half?

Carly: Because you wouldn't forgive me for something that happened when I thought we were over! You called off our wedding!

Jack: Okay! Okay! You see, this -- this is why I didn't want to talk.

Carly: You still don't. Coming here and telling me you want a divorce isn't talking, Jack. It's "sign here, lady. The deal's done."

Jack: Maybe that's what I feel.

Carly: It's not what I feel.

Jack: You see, I really -- you never want anyone to walk. You want Craig banging at your door. You want -- you want Mike always there when you need him. And you want me at your feet. Well, you know what, lady? That's not what I want! That's not what I want out of life! So, yeah, I'm gonna make some changes. I mean, we're not living together. You don't sleep with me. That baby's more than likely not mine. So what's keeping us together, Carly?

Carly: A promise. The day we got married, we made a promise that we would stick, no matter what. So, why don't we do that, or at least try, before we give up and walk away?

Rose: Do you mind?

Dusty: I just wanted a little privacy so that I can apologize to you.

Rose: You've already apologized. If you're gonna do it again, let's do it in front of people. Last time we had a little privacy, you kissed me.

Dusty: I'm not going to kiss you. Even if you beg me, I wouldn't.

Rose: You make me sick.

[Dusty laughs]

Dusty: Come on, relax. It was just a kiss.

Rose: If it was just a kiss, you wouldn't mind if Paul knew about it.

Dusty: Okay, look, I'm here to see friends and family. I know I made a mistake with you. And I'm trying to make up for it.

Rose: I'll let you know exactly how I felt about you touching me the day we met. So don't tell me you made a mistake. You chose to cross the line. So either you think I'm not worth respecting or you're used to getting what you want.

Dusty: No, you've got the wrong guy.

Rose: No. You don't know me. You don't know me at all. 'Cause you know what? I'm not some hometown honey who's never heard a line. I'm from Jersey. Hundreds of guys like you -- you make a little money, you think you can get whatever you want. But, honey, I am not for sale. 'Cause you've got nothing that I want.

Molly: And here I thought everybody loved Dusty.

Dusty: Oh, well, Rose loves me. She just doesn't know it yet. How about you?

Molly: That depends. Do you dance?

Bonnie: Now do you see why I want to expand the kitchen? If we had our own chef on staff, none of this would have ever happened.

Lisa: Okay, I will talk to Isaac about it. But you must try to give your mother the benefit of the doubt.

Bonnie: Will you stop defending her, please?

Jessica: I agree. There's no reason that you should have to take any more abuse from my daughter.

Bonnie: Excuse me? I've made myself absolutely clear on this issue, and I'm not about to change my mind. So either you two can respect my point of view and back off or else listen to me repeat myself over and over again.

Ben: Whoa, whoa. Where's the fire?

Bonnie: Right here if you want to argue with me.

Ben: Hey. I'm not trying to argue. I know that your mother misses you.

Bonnie: Look, let me ask you something. Why are you putting up with this?

Ben: What? Travers staying at your mom's place?

Bonnie: Yes.

Ben: He just lost his daughter. The man is recovering from major brain surgery.

Bonnie: Fine. You saved his life. So he can move in on your girlfriend?

Ben: No, no, no. Bonnie, he is staying in the guest room. Your mother's his attorney. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Bonnie: He wants my mother! And he's going to do whatever he can to get her, even if that includes milking his daughter's death, exploiting his legal situations, creating a medical crises. It doesn't matter. He's going to do whatever he can to rope her in.

Ben: Jessica and I are seeing each other. Okay?

Bonnie: And you think that's gonna stop him? How naive can you possibly be, doctor?

Paul: So, things working out with Dusty? I saw you talking to him over there.

Rose: What is it with that guy? I mean, you haven't seen him for years. Why is he so important to you?

Paul: I don't know. I guess it's like you and Mitzi. You know, over the years, we've bailed each other out so many times -- no matter how much time passes, we just, you know, pick up right where we left off. I know he'd never let me down.

Jack: The truth is, Carly, we're never going to get past these doubts.

Carly: Speak for yourself.

Jack: Hey, you -- if you trusted me, you never… You would've waited me out, done your nails, showed up at the Lakeview in your wedding dress knowing -- trusting that I would be there. But you didn't. What'd you do? You got drunk. And the whole town knows what happens after that. So what -- that's it, right? That's it. What? We're not -- we're not worthy, ready, able. Maybe we're just not marriage material. Maybe we've been hurt too many times. Maybe we just need somebody else. What I do know is that this is over.

Carly: I never thought I'd see this. You just told a lie. Jack Snyder told a lie. You don't believe we're through, Jack. If you did, you would have brought the papers for me to sign. This is a test. You want me to fight for you, don't you?

[Phone rings]

Bartleby: I was expecting your call.

Simon: You might've checked in, saved me the trouble of coming down to the coppers to bail you out. Where are you? The airport?

Bartleby: You know where I am. I hate jails. The smell of them, living in your own stink.

Simon: Well, all's well that ends well.

Bartleby: Your wife had me arrested. And, for that, she's gonna pay.

Simon: Listen, don't hurt her, mate. Look, there's no need. I'm already doing the job for you.

Bartleby: It's too late for that, both of you.

Simon: Listen, man, I let her go. All right? She's gone. I left her. She's out of the picture. Just -- just meet me at the airport, please.

Bartleby: I wondered why she was balling her eyes out. She won't cry for long.

Simon: Don't do this.

Bartleby: If you warn her, I'll know.

Simon: Please.

Bartleby: Tell you what -- if you hurry, I might just let you watch her die.

Ben: I wish Bonnie would just cut her mother some slack.

Isaac: I'm with Bonnie on this one, bro. Your girlfriend is living with her ex-lover.

Ben: They're not involved.

Isaac: Uh-huh. And you're sure that he's not creeping around in the middle of the night with that old "oops, my towel robe opened up"? Hmm? The man is a dog, and you know it.

Ben: I trust Jessica.

Isaac: Do you?

Ben: I'm working on it.

Isaac: Sorry.

Molly: The man can dance.

Dusty: So can the woman. But I've gotta make the rounds. So can I find you later?

Molly: Maybe -- if you make it worth my while.

Dusty: I do aim to please. Nice perfume.

Molly: You disapprove?

Kim: Well, no. Not as long as you don't throw that dress and that body at one of my sons.

Molly: They're completely safe, Kim. Trust me.

Kim: And you have to show up for work in one piece.

Molly: I'm just trying to have some fun, not that it's any of your business.

Kim: I don't really think I deserve that, do you?

Molly: I'm sorry. You don't. I know you're just looking out for me.

Kim: It's just, as a friend of yours, I can't help but wonder what's going on.

Molly: Nothing. Kim, honestly, nothing. I survived losing Jake and Mike and Carly. And I'm just looking for a little company where love will never have to be a part of the equation.

Jack: I'm not playing games here, Carly. I just figured I owed you a conversation before I took the next step.

Carly: No. That's not it. Oh, you're mad at me and you can't see your way through it. But you're not ready to walk away. If you were, why would you pack up all of my things and then leave them at the house? Why would you say all that stuff about not wanting me, not wanting this baby and then show up at the sonogram? You came here because you want me to -- I don't know -- convince you, fix it, make it all better.

Jack: You break my heart on a regular basis. I can't live like that anymore.

Carly: I can't live without you. I won't. I backed off because I saw how mad you were. But if this is where it gets me, then I'll move back in.

Jack: No.

Carly: Jack, you've gotta give me a chance. You can't make a decision like this all by yourself, especially when it's not even what you want.

Jack: But it's the way it has to be, Carly.

Carly: No. You don't believe that, Jack.

Jack: Carly --

Carly: I can't give this up, Jack.

Jack: No, no.

Carly: You can't give this up, Jack.

Jack: Listen -- this was never the problem.

Carly: Then it's a great place to start.

Bartleby: A little to your left, love. That's the ticket. Are you trying to get yourself killed?

Simon: Let's go. Our plane leaves in an hour.

Bartleby: Oh, no, I've got to teach your wife the last lesson she'll ever learn.

Simon: You'll have to kill me first.

Bartleby: I'd love to, son. I really would. But you and I've got business to attend to.

Simon: Not if you hurt Katie, we don't.

Bartleby: That's a risk I'm gonna have to take, isn't it?


Bartleby: Anything happens to me, and you're a dead man.

[Grunting] You know, if you're a good boy, I might let you go to her funeral. Now we're both dead.

[Heavy breathing]

Henry: Nicole Kidman without the nose. Coulda been her twin. I was this close to paradise, Simon. Boy, the auburn gates were flown wide open. And then you have to call me and-- is that mud on you? I just had this baby detailed.

Simon: I killed him.

Henry: Me. Me -- my heart is in pieces. Miss auburn is booked until next Thursday. What is that on your -- is that blood on your face?

Simon: I had to protect Katie.

Henry: You're serious?

Simon: I don't have much time. People are gonna be coming after me. I've gotta get outta town. Henry, I've gotta disappear.

Henry: No. No, no, no. No, no, I'm not hiding another body.

Simon: I've already buried him.

Henry: Uh, okay, all right. All right, so you buried him already. What exactly am I doing here?

Simon: I need you to give this to Katie -- when she's completely over me. A year from now, you be the judge of when the time is right.

Henry: That's the "dear Katie, I've always loved you" letter?

Simon: Yes. Look, I know it's cruel, but otherwise, she will come after me. They will kill her. You've got to give it to her.

Henry: No. No, Simon, what is cruel is you trying to convince her that you weren't such a bad guy after all.

Simon: I love her more than anything.

Henry: We're both gonna regret this.

Simon: Thank you.

Henry: Where are you going now?

Simon: I need one last look.

Ben: Jess, wait. If you're ready to go, I'll grab our coats. I'll drive you home.

Jessica: No, no, that's okay. You don't have to do that. I can call a taxi.

Ben: Why? Because you just heard me tell Isaac that this mess is not easy for me? If you'd stuck around, you'd of heard me tell him that it's worth it.

Jessica: But is it? I mean, after everything we've been through? I don't know. Maybe Bonnie's right. Maybe Isaac's right. Maybe I'm just fooling myself. Maybe letting Marshall stay with me is asking for trouble.

Ben: Travers is trouble. There's no way around that.

Jessica: But what are we doing, Ben? I mean --

Ben: We're spending time together. We're trying to trust each other again. Talking it through. And maybe with some luck, we're gonna have some fun along the way. Look, you and Travers have a trial ahead of you. And when that's over --

Jessica: He's on his own.

Ben: Okay. I can live with that. Can you?

Jessica: Definitely.

Ben: Okay. What about Travers? He's called you, what, how many times tonight?

Jessica: Three.

Ben: So now, if you stay, we'll go for four. Hmm?

Jessica: You're terrible.

Ben: C'mon. Dance with me.

Paul: So you and your mother made up yet?

Bonnie: Not until she gets rid of Marshall. He's gonna hurt her. I know he is. She can't see it. She's so stubborn.

Paul: You're worried about your mother, rightly so. But shouldn't that bring you two closer together? She's going to need you, especially if you're right, and Marshall does hurt her again.

Mitzi: Rose, you're thinking about this all wrong, okay? It's not the kiss and what it means, it's what it's doing to you, okay? And, Rose, it's eating you up inside, okay? You're gonna have to tell Paul, if only so you can sleep at night.

Rose: You're right. And when you're right, you're --

Mitzi: Right. I'm right.

Rose: All right, I'm gonna tell Paul.

Mitzi: Good girl.

Dusty: Will you listen to me for a second?

Rose: Get outta my way. Please.

Dusty: Rose -- please, don't tell Paul.

Rose: I feel like I'm keeping secrets from him. And I don't like to work that way.

Dusty: What secret? It's over. I stepped outta line. You put me in check. It is done. You'd only be hurting him for no reason. And I don't want that to happen.

Rose: Why?

Dusty: Why? Because he's my friend. And I know that you think that I didn't respect that friendship.

Rose: Hmm.

Dusty: Or you.

Rose: Hmm-mm.

Dusty: Let me tell you something. I have been single for a long time, and I've been away from home for a long time. And I forgot what it means to have a real friend like Paul. Where I have been, nothing lasts. You make the most of every moment, and then it's gone. That's why I came home. I want my life to count for something. I'm asking you to give me a chance. That's all.

Jack: You know what? That's not enough, Carly.

Carly: Not if you won't let me in.

Jack: You move in, and then what? We pretend we're a family for a little bit. The baby comes. We find out it's Mike's. And then we have to deal with the fact that our family is being ripped apart every single time he comes over? No, I am not gonna deal with that. Not this time. What -- what are you doing?

Carly: Going to work, Jack.

Jack: We're not done here!

Carly: You know something, Jack? People stay married through cancer and miscarriages and bankruptcy and tornadoes and famines and wars, and you're gonna give up on us because your pride is hurt? We love each other. And we're young and healthy, and we could have everything we have ever wanted if you would just --

Jack: No, I love you, Carly. I do. I --

Carly: Then what are you doing?

Jack: But I -- I can't handle this. How you make me feel. You do something to me, Carly. And I see you with these other guys, and I freak out. I can't think straight. I can't work. I can't function. And maybe that's my problem, okay? But it's brought on by how desirable you are. And how I'll never be enough for you.

Carly: Is that what you think? You think that I slept with Mike because you're --

Jack: No, it's not about Mike or Craig or whoever! It doesn't matter -- it doesn't matter who it is. Which is why -- and don't take this the wrong way, but when you got back from that spa, and the condition you were in, I was able to see past all of that, Carly. 'Cause I know who you are. I know who you are.

Carly: Don't you think I know that? Why do you think I married you, Jack? Craig -- I never felt like he really knew me. Or Mike. Or any man, for that matter. They want what they want, and that's it. That's why I never trusted anybody, until I met you. You were my one, true friend, Jack. You're my home. And if you take that away --

Jack: "Baby girl Snyder"? What if she's Mike's?

Carly: Snyder is my name. I am Mrs. Jack Snyder. And this baby is mine. Just like you are. For better or for worse. Unless, of course, a divorce is gonna do it for you. If that's what you think it'll take to get me out of your system, then you go ahead. You knock yourself out.

Ben: Hey, as always, you throw a great party, bro.

Isaac: Somebody's got to.

Jessica: Everything was wonderful. Say good night to Bonnie for me, okay?

Bonnie: That won't be necessary. Thanks for coming, Mom. It was really good to see you.

Jessica: You, too, baby girl. Thank you.

Bonnie: Good night.

Ben: Night, Bonnie.

Bonnie: So, do you think they're gonna be all right?

Isaac: They're not our problem.

Bonnie: You're very right. So right.

John: What is it about Rose D’Angelo, other than she's Lily's twin?

Dusty: We got off on the wrong foot. And she won't give me a break.

John: Oh, yeah? Some kind of record, I guess. Even for you. Been in town a couple of days, and you've made a pretty girl angry at you?

Dusty: Yeah, it's a talent that I'm sure I inherited from you.

[John laughs]

John: You better watch it, or I'm not gonna miss you when you're gone.

Dusty: When I'm gone? Who says I'm going?

John: You're gonna stay? Why?

Rose: Excuse me, Dr. Dixon. Can I talk to that person there for just a moment?

John: Sure, sure. Don't give him an inch, Rose.

Rose: Oh.

Dusty: So -- did you think about it?

Rose: Yeah, I'm gonna tell Paul, because if I don't tell him, I'll feel like I'm lying to him. And I don't like that.

Dusty: Okay. I understand. I'll tell him it's my fault.

Rose: Wait, wait, you'll tell him?

Dusty: Yeah, you shouldn't tell him. It's not your problem. No reason you should suffer. I will tell him that I was stupid, and that I apologized to you. And that I'm now apologizing to him.

[Rose scoffs]

Paul: Why so serious?

Carly: Hi, is Craig here?

Assistant: Hi. Oh, he just called. He's on his way in. It's nice to have you back, Mrs. Snyder.

Carly: Thanks. Mrs. Snyder. Don't do it, Jack.

Don't divorce me. That burns in my heart every single moment that we spend apart. I need you around for every day to start. I haven't left you alone, something about you…

Jack: Tom, hey. Yeah, it's Jack. I'm sorry to bother you at home. I need to ask you a favor. I want to file for divorce. Can you draw up the papers? Yeah, I'm sure. Thanks.

Simon: Katie? Katie -- wake up.

Katie: Oh, you came back. I knew you would.

Simon: I can't stay.

Katie: Yes, you can. It's my dream. What I say, goes.

Simon: I've got to go. If you still want that kiss --

Simon: Good-bye, my love.

Katie: Simon? Simon? Simon! Simon, come back! Simon? Come back.

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