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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 2/25/03

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Paul: To absent friends.

Rose: Oh, they'll be here. You know, you know Lily. It's very hard for her to get out of the house, now she's got the new baby.

Paul: Well, Dusty's staying in a hotel. What's his excuse?

Rose: I'm sure he'll have one. I'll be sweet. I'll be nice. He's a great guy. Everybody loves him. He's not here because he wants to break up my sister's marriage or monopolize all your time. No, he's coming back because he lo-o-o-ves Oakdale. Oakdale, of course. What?

Dusty: I want you to run away with me, Lil. Got you. I got you. How was that? I probably should have kissed her, right?

Paul: Be my guest.

Rose: Don't even think about it.

Paul: Oh, relax, Rose. Dusty doesn't bite.

Hal: Mm-mmm. Caffeine stopped working a couple of hours ago.

Jack: You been here all night?

Hal: Alison turned herself in. We've been waiting to get in front of a judge.

Jack: You should have called me, Hal.

Hal: Well, I had to be here, anyway. Emily's in there with Susan and Alison.

Jack: Yeah, I hear they want to try her as an adult.

Hal: Oh, the good news just keeps on a-coming.

Jack: Well, I'll do what I can to get Evelyn to back down.

Hal: Look, Jack, I know this is your case --

Jack: And you don't want any part of this, trust me, with Barbara kicking up dust.

Hal: She showed up at the house with Slocomb and Thompson.

Jack: Yeah, I -- I heard. Listen, you concentrate on Will. Leave Alison to me.

Hal: Thanks. Hey, may I help you?

Chris: Lieutenant Munson. I heard Alison turned herself in. I'd like to talk to her if that's okay.

Hal: Listen, Chris -- I came down on you pretty hard at the hospital the other day. I know you caught a lot of flak for digging into Will's case, but you were right. Now my boy's in the clear because of you. We owe you.

Tom: Hold on.

Susan: She's been up all night. How can she make a good impression on no sleep?

Alison: The judge isn't gonna care what I look like.

Susan: But he is gonna care about your attitude. And if you're all cranky and exhausted, you might say something. You might snap and say something you don't mean.

Alison: I'm not gonna snap at anybody or say anything stupid, okay? Word of honor. If you even know I had a word of honor in me.

Craig: I never met a woman who didn't like breakfast in bed.

Rosanna: Well, there's crumbs.

Craig: Sweetness? I thought you were having your physical therapy session.

Lucy: I was.

Craig: Well, where's Gloria?

Rosanna: Are you all right? You look a little tired.

Lucy: I didn't get much sleep. I kept thinking about Aaron. I saw him the other night.

Craig: When?

Rosanna: How was it?

Lucy: Confusing. He was in the gazebo, and he -- he admitted he let Alison kiss him.

Craig: He did a lot more than that. He slept with her. You saw it yourself.

Lucy: No, I said I saw them together. Sleeping. Well, he said it was a setup. That he passed out and Alison must have --

[Craig laughing] -- I don't know, probed in there with him.

Craig: Come on.

Lucy: Well, I wouldn't put it past her. I mean, look what she's done. She lied about the fire, about Will, about Aaron. I mean, who's to say she's not lying about this, too?

Rosanna: So you believe him?

Lucy: All I know is that when I look at Aaron -- I see them lying there. I don't want to see him anymore. It just feels too awful. No, please, I just -- I'm sorry. I just need to be alone.

Craig: Well, so much for Aaron Snyder.

Rosanna: I wouldn't celebrate just yet.

Craig: Oh, she's not gonna take him back.

Rosanna: And if she finds out that Alison set him up?

Craig: Alison has her own reasons for wanting the world to think she slept with him. What is she gonna say?

[Cell phone rings] Yeah?

Emma: Hi, Craig. Is Rosanna there? This is Emma.

Craig: Emma? How nice to hear your voice. Yes, Rosanna's right here.

Rosanna: Hello. Is everything okay?

Emma: Yes, everything's fine. I'm at Lily's, and I was just about ready to give the baby a bath, and I thought maybe if you'd like to give me a hand.

Rosanna: Oh, that sounds like a bribe if I've ever heard one.

Emma: Does it?

Rosanna: Emma, you know that I would love to see you under any circumstance. So thank you for the invitation. I will be right over.

Emma: Well, she's on her way over. The rest is up to you.

Lily: Hi. I'm so sorry that we're late.

Dusty: Worth the wait.

Lily: Oh, thank you.

Dusty: And who is this? Married man with five children.

Lily: Yeah. We were ready to go out the door, and then Natalie decided that she was hungry again.

Dusty: Look at you.

Holden: What?

Dusty: What have you been doing? Lifting weights?

Holden: Yeah. They're called Luke, Faith and Natalie. Good to see you. How have you been?

Dusty: Great. Good to see you, too.

Paul: Good friends.

Alison: Look, I turned myself in, or I would have if Hal's ex-wife hadn't showed up. That's got to count for something, right?

Tom: Well, of course I will stress to the judge that you're cooperating and that you admit to setting the fire, but I -- I think you may need to prepare yourself. This may take some time.

Susan: But we've already been here all night.

Emily: Look, we're lucky she wasn't locked up in a holding cell, mom.

Alison: Well, once I get in front of the judge, I can get out on bail, right?

Tom: That's my goal.

Susan: How can they hold her? She's a minor.

Emily: Yeah, but she's being tried as an adult.

Susan: Tried? They can't put her on trial if she's already admitted it.

Tom: Look, I think what Emily's saying, and she does have a point, is that the rules are a little different.

Susan: Oh, look -- we all acknowledge that Alison made a mistake. She's come forward to say exactly that. She's gonna have to do, obviously, some counseling, make some restitution --

Emily: Mom, you don't have a say in this.

Susan: Why are you being so negative?

Emily: I'm not being negative. I'm just saying that this is all out of our hands.

Susan: They can't possibly put a 17-year-old girl in jail with a bun -- with no regard for her background and her schooling.

Tom: You know, I think we're getting way ahead of ourselves here.

[Knock on door] Come.

Guard: The judge is almost ready for you.

Tom: Thank you. Okay.

Susan: There must be something we can do.

Tom: You are, Susan. You're supporting her and loving her.

Emily: Do you have a brush? Give me a brush.

Susan: I think I have one.

Emily: Here, sweetie. Watch your hair, honey. Watch your hair.

Alison: Mom, mom --

Susan: Well, hold still.

Alison: I'm not 2.

Susan: Yes, you are. Yes, you are.

Emily: It's okay.

Alison: It's gonna be okay.

Susan: I know. Of course it is. There. Got you all beautiful. The judge will probably sentence you to the cover of In Style.

Alison: Do you think covers count as community service?

Tom: Susan, could I have a word?

Emily: Listen to me. Tom is an incredible lawyer. You're gonna make bail.

Alison: You don't have to fake it with me, Em. They look at my record. I'm a loser.

Emily: You are not a loser.

Alison: I'm gonna get the max. There's no way around it.

Hal: I've gone up against the powers-that-be more than once, and I haven't always been right, but if you don't trust yourself, what have you got?

Chris: That's why I'm here. I'm worried about Alison. When we found her in Chicago, she was so scared.

Hal: Chicago?

Chris: Didn't Emily tell you?

Barbara: Dad and I were in Chicago.

Will: Together?

Barbara: Yes, together. To see a doctor about you.

Will: Am I okay?

Barbara: Oh, you're better than okay. You didn't start that fire. Alison confessed.

Will: She said she started the fire?

Barbara: And blamed you and Aaron Snyder.

Will: Is she gonna go to jail?

Barbara: Well, they're trying to sort out her situation. And I think they will, with your help.

Will: My help? Why would they need my help?

Barbara: You're very fond of Alison, aren't you?

Will: I guess.

Barbara: And you don't want to see her make another mistake, do you?

Will: No.

Barbara: Well, then, won't you help me help her? You'll do that, won't you?

Rosanna: Hello!

Emma: Hello, hello, hello. Don't you look pretty? What a beautiful coat.

Rosanna: Cupid was kind.

Emma: Oh.

Rosanna: Did you hear? Alison Stewart turned herself in.

Emma: Yes.

Rosanna: It's all over the radio.

Emma: Jack called me.

Rosanna: Aaron. I didn't realize you'd be here.

Aaron: I -- I asked grandma to call you. I figured Craig would hang up on me.

Emma: I felt you should hear what Aaron has to say.

Rosanna: All right.

Aaron: Rosanna, I know you care about Lucy, and I know she's really glad that you guys have been working things out. That's good. She trusts you.

Rosanna: I hope so.

Aaron: Well, I need your help. You've got to make her believe that I didn't sleep with Alison.

Craig: You're not Gloria.

Jack: Very observant.

Craig: Well, I'm thrilled to see you, anyway, Jack. How's Carly? I understand you may or may not be a proud papa.

Jack: Yes, well, the one saving grace in all this, Craig, is that when I walked, she turned to Mike and not you.

Craig: Well, any port in a storm, eh, sailor? But the important thing is, she turns to me for the important stuff. Her career, money.

Jack: Yes, well, I'm here on police business. I'd like to speak to Lucy.

Craig: I'm afraid that's not possible.

Lucy: Why not?

Craig: Because, sweetness, you have a physical therapy session.

Lucy: Gloria called. She's running late. Is this about Alison?

Jack: Yes, it is. She turned herself in last night.

Lucy: The fire, right?

Jack: She's being arraigned this morning and tried as an adult.

Craig: You serious? Well, Jack, what does this have to do with my daughter?

Jack: I just want to ask her a few questions about various statements Alison made in St. Louis.

Craig: Lucy has had some trouble with her memory since the accident, Jack.

Lucy: But I've remembered what Alison told me.

Craig: Yes, you've made a lot of progress, and I don't want you to set it back. All right? Which is what could happen if you get pressured here. Jack, I'm afraid I can't let you do this.

Lucy: I think I should tell him what I know.

Craig: Not until you're recovered.

Jack: After what you told me, Craig, we can talk about this here or I can bring her down to the station.

Lucy: No, I'll be happy to talk to you, Detective Snyder. Right here, right now.

Craig: All right. Keep it to a minimum.

Jack: So, Lucy, why don't you tell me what happened in St. Louis?

Lucy: Well, Alison and I were arguing about Aaron. About who had done more for him. And that's when she blurted out something about setting the fire. I was so horrified. I mean, everything we had gone through -- anyway, she -- she admitted she set the fire to make Aaron look good so he wouldn't have to go back to Seattle.

Craig: So she and Aaron --

Lucy: No, Aaron knew nothing about it.

Jack: So it was after she admitted starting the fire that you ran into the street?

Lucy: Yeah. Lieutenant Munson was trying to arrest Aaron, and I wanted to tell him that Aaron was innocent, so -- I guess I didn't see the trolley until it was too late.

Jack: Well, thanks, Lucy. The D.A. might want to talk to you.

Craig: Absolutely not.

Lucy: Why are you being this way? Don't you want the truth to come out?

Dusty: My gosh, what's going on with you? Holden had you cleaning out the stables?

Lily: Oh, not anymore. Oh, thank you. That feels so much better. I tell you, do kids get heavier?

Holden: No, parents just get older.

Dusty: Not you or your wife. She's as pretty as ever.

Rose: We should order, everyone.

Dusty: Rose thinks I'm gonna run away with you, Lil.

Holden: As long as you take the kids, you can have her.

Lily: Thanks.

Holden: I talked to Luke. And Natalie, she is fast asleep.

Lily: Why is it she only sleeps when I'm not there? I had her at my mother's last week, and she slept for four hours straight.

Dusty: How is Lucinda, anyway? Is she -- has she come around to accept you as a fit husband for her daughter?

Holden: Sure. Just last week.

Dusty: Well, she still writes me, "dear Dusty, when are you gonna come back and rescue my daughter from the life of bliss?" Seriously, I'm so happy for the two of you. Cheers. To Lily and Holden.

Lily: Old friends.

Paul: To new adventures.

Lily: Rose is opening a beauty salon.

Dusty: She's obviously an expert on the subject.

Lily: And she's a wiz at business. She worked at Worldwide, and the profits went through the roof.

Dusty: Really? Why'd you leave the fast lane, Rose?

Rose: I was good at it, but I wanted something that was just my own.

Dusty: You and me both. And Holden stole her away. Lily, is there any chance you'd take me back? Please? Is there room at the house?

[Laughter] I'll share my drink with you.

Hal: Well, I was out of town myself. I was in Chicago, as a matter of fact.

Chris: Yeah, I know. Emily tried to reach you. Alison had apparently gone to see her dad, who wasn't around. Not unusual, from what I hear. Anyway, when we finally tracked her down, she was scared to death.

Susan: Chris? I'm very grateful to you. Emily told me about that scary guy you found with Alison.

Chris: He backed off as soon as we got there. There was some jerk hitting on Alison.

Susan: Hitting on her? Sounds like he could have kidnapped her if Chris hadn't saved the day.

Chris: Alison, how are you doing?

Alison: What are you doing here?

Chris: Just came to check in on you.

Tom: I think we should head on over to the hearing room.

Chris: You mind if I tag along?

Alison: Sure. Unless -- can they make you testify against me that I said I wasn't gonna run away and that I did?

Chris: I don't think so.

Tom: I think the judge will understand your need to speak with your father.

Alison: Like he even cares.

Emily: You've got so many fans, Alison, you don't know what to do with all of them.

Tom: What do you say? Let's get this show on the road, huh?

Emily: Okay. Come on, sweetie.

Hal: Emily?

Emily: I'll, um -- I'll call you after the arraignment.

Hal: Why didn't you tell me she was in Chicago?

Craig: Sweetness, the truth has come out. Alison has confessed, and you've corroborated her confession, so unless she decides to plead innocent, I can't imagine there's gonna be a trial, do you, Jack?

Jack: That's not my call, Craig.

Lucy: But if there is, then wouldn't --

Craig: Well, let's cross that bridge when we come to it. All right? Jack, unless there's something else?

Jack: If the case does go to trial, you'll receive a subpoena to testify.

Lucy: I'll be happy to testify.

Jack: Well, thank you for your cooperation, Lucy. Craig?

Craig: Mm.

[Craig sighs]

Lucy: Why are you being so protective of Alison?

Craig: I'm protecting you, sweetness. You know nothing about trials. The photographers, the reporters, the lawyers trying to break you down. It's awful under the best circumstances. And you're still recovering.

Lucy: But if it did go to trial, it wouldn't be for months. I'll be fine.

Craig: I appreciate you wanting to do the right thing, sweetness. It's very brave of you. But do you really want to testify against your best friend?

Lucy: Best friend? You want me to be friends with a girl who set a fire and blamed it on someone else? Alison put me in this wheelchair, and you want me to be her friend? I wouldn't trust Alison if she was the last person on earth.

Craig: You're right, sweetness. She is not to be trusted. Thank you for reminding me.

Lucy: Where are you going?

Craig: To tie up a loose end.

Rosanna: You know I sympathize, Aaron. I do. And I know that you and Lucy have a very close bond. And it hasn't been easy for either one of you. But I'm sorry. I won't speak to her on your behalf.

Aaron: What, because of Craig?

Rosanna: Well, I won't lie to Craig. No, but that's not the reason why. Lucy is very vulnerable right now.

Aaron: That's why this is so wrong, Rosanna. She needs me.

Rosanna: Just listen to me for a minute. Her memory is very spotty right now. She's in pain. She still can't walk. And it was very painful for her the other night seeing you and Alison together.

Aaron: But what Lucy saw is not what she thought. I never touched Alison. It was all Alison's idea to make it look like we were doing something we weren't.

Rosanna: Well, that may be the case, but I don't know that for sure. And Lucy is very fragile. I'm not going to pressure her.

Aaron: But I was helping her, Rosanna. You know I was.

Rosanna: Yes, I do. But you know what she said before. She trusts me, and I value that. And I won't do anything to compromise that trust. Because if I try to influence her, I'd be no better than Craig.

Emma: Rosanna. Rosanna, Aaron is telling the truth.

Rosanna: You know, I accept that he may believe that he was loyal to Lucy, but he was also drunk that night, and he passed out. The only person who really knows what happened is Alison.

Aaron: Then I have to get Alison to admit the truth.

Rosanna: And you would trust Alison? I certainly wouldn't.

Aaron: Well, I wouldn't, either, but she's in a lot of trouble right now. I'm sure she's looking for a way out.

Emma: Where are you going?

Aaron: To give Alison another chance to do the right thing.

Emily: I left you a message.

Hal: "Call me." And from that, I'm supposed to get that my son is off the hook, that Alison is on the lam, that --

Emily: No. You were supposed to call me back, which you didn't. Look, I would never deliberately keep anything from you. You know that.

Hal: I was in Chicago.

Emily: Yeah, with Barbara. Hello.

Hal: Oh, so this is about Barbara. No, this is about you not...

Emily: Okay, now that is ridiculous, and you know it. I was worried about Alison. Ask Jack, okay? He set up a wiretap. She called. She was desperate, so I asked my mother to take the boys. And I brought Chris with me in case anything went wrong. We went to Chicago, we found Alison, we came home. End of story.

Hal: And the moral of the tale is don't tell Hal because he might lose it and shoot your sister.

Will: I don't want to talk about Alison. She's my friend.

Barbara: She's also the one that started the fire that put you in a coma.

Will: She didn't mean to.

Barbara: And she also didn't mean to make you take the blame. She didn't mean for you to spend weeks in a coma.

Will: She was scared.

Barbara: Do you remember the porcelain blue heron that I used to have on my desk in my office? Yeah. You were 4 years old, and you broke that. And when I asked you about it, what did you say?

Will: That I did it.

Barbara: Right. You took responsibility. And as I recall, you also did without TV for a couple of days just to make sure that you learn not to run through the house. But I was very proud of you.

Will: Mom, I just want to go home.

Barbara: Okay, honey. And we'll do that. As soon as I fill out all the paperwork, I will take you to your dad's house.

Will: You promise?

Barbara: Yes. If that's where you want to go, that's where I will take you. But we do have to talk about Alison. She needs help. She needs to learn to take responsibility.

Will: Why can't her mom teach her that?

Barbara: Would that she could. Anyway, I want you to help me do that one thing, all right?

Dr. Michaels: Help you with what, Barbara?

Tom: Now we've got to be able to reach some sort of accommodation.

Evelyn: Alison pleads to arson, and I'll consider dropping the --

Tom: Arson? She never intended to burn down the barn. She was trying to create a what? A romantic scenario involving Aaron Snyder as the hero. She creates a little smoke --

Evelyn: A little smoke?

Tom: Come on. It wasn't malicious. She didn't know anybody was in the barn. She never intended --

Evelyn: She lit oil-soaked rags and threw into a pile of hay. If that's not intentional, I don't know what is.

Susan: Well, we all know what she did was wrong. Whatever her motives, it was very reckless. It was shortsighted. But she's still a child!

Evelyn: Well, that's the problem, Dr. Stewart. She's not a child.

Susan: But you can't call her an adult. Can you? I mean, she's still trying to figure out her life. What she needs is therapy and support, and an opportunity to turn her life around. She's willing to do that. Please, please, don't take this away.

Evelyn: Look, I know this is difficult for all of you, but the law is clear.

Chris: For adults, yes. But Dr. Stewart's right. Alison's not an adult. She's an adolescent. And adolescent nervous systems are immature. They lack impulse control and judgment. That's what we're talking about here -- an impulsive, foolish act.

Tom: Alison belongs in family court.

Evelyn: Tom, I'm not gonna argue venue with you. And there's plenty of precedent.

Chris: You sentence her as an adult, you might as well tear up her future, because she won't have one.

Craig: Hello, I'm Craig Montgomery.

Guard: I know who you are, Mr. Montgomery.

Craig: Good. Then you don't mind if I have a word with the young lady?

Alison: If he lays a hand on me, bust him.

Guard: Five minutes.

Craig: Thank you.

Alison: What do you want?

Craig: I want to make sure you're all right.

Alison: I'm so on to you. You're here because you heard I was gonna be in front of a judge, and you're afraid that it might come out about you and me trying to get Lucy to hate Aaron.

Craig: Who would believe you?

Alison: Lucy.

Craig: Lucy told me not to believe a word you say, because you're a liar.

Alison: You know what I'm gonna do if I go to jail? Spend all my time figuring out how to make you pay.

Craig: Now, Alison, I make a much better friend than enemy.

Alison: You gonna buy me a judge? 'Cause that I could use. That can make me forget all the conversations we had about setting Aaron up.

Craig: Why don't I buy myself a warden, make sure your prison cell isn't lonely? Or Emily could lose her job, or Susan her license. You know what I mean? Huh? Good. Have a nice day.

Alison: Aaron!

Craig: Oh, Aaron. Alison, you lucky girl, you. Huh?

Aaron: How's Lucy?

Craig: She's better than ever. Alison, good luck.

Aaron: What was he doing here?

Alison: I don't know. He was just coming down the corridor, and he wanted to see how I was. Who cares? The important thing is that you're here.

Aaron: Well, I'm not here for you, Alison. You have to fix that mess you made. Tell Lucy that nothing happened between us.

Craig: There you are. Gloria said she saw you on the way in.

Rosanna: How's Lucy?

Craig: Gloria's putting her through her paces.

Rosanna: Mm.

Craig: So, what's going on with Emma?

[Rosanna sighs]

Rosanna: Aaron was there.

Craig: At Emma's?

Rosanna: At Lily's. Emma was baby-sitting.

Craig: Oh. And did he ask you to intercede on his behalf?

Rosanna: Yes, he did.

Craig: And what did you tell him?

Rosanna: I told him that I would not lie to you, that he would have to sort out his relationship with Lucy on his own.

Craig: He has no relationship with Lucy.

Rosanna: Be that as it may, or not. I believe that he was not lying, that perhaps there was no sexual relationship with Alison.

Craig: Yeah, whatever. But it's beside the point, don't you think?

Rosanna: I don't think so. I'm just trying to warn you. The truth might come out. I mean, especially now that Alison has turned herself in, and she has a taste for confessing. Who knows what she might say? And with Aaron pressing --

Craig: No, I already talked to the pouting little princess down at the courthouse. She's not gonna try and implicate me.

Rosanna: Did Aaron see you with her?

Craig: Yeah, but it doesn't matter. She knows what's gonna happen if she tries to cross me. It's all under control.

Rosanna: I don't think so. Lucy is very unhappy.

Aaron: It's your own fault, Alison. All of it -- the fire, the barn.

Alison: Yeah, I know. I'm a terrible person.

Aaron: Look, look, I don't know why you did what you did.

Alison: Yeah, you do. I'm not blaming you. I'm just saying it's bad enough without you rubbing my face in it.

Aaron: So here's your chance to clean it all up.

Alison: By talking to Lucy? I don't think so.

Aaron: Fine.

Alison: No, no, no. Wait, wait, Aaron. I can't run after you. I'm in custody. He's licensed to kill. It's not that I don't want to work things out with her, but I can't. She doesn't even like me anymore.

Aaron: I'm not asking you to make friends with her. Just tell her the truth.

Alison: That you kissed me and you liked it?

Aaron: No, no, no. You kissed me. And she already knows about that, because I told her.

Alison: Fine. I'll tell her that I kissed you, and you liked it.

Aaron: Alison! Can you stop screwing around? You're in a lot of trouble here. Don't you want to do something right for once?

Alison: Why do you think I set the barn on fire? I wanted to do something good for you. I was trying to help you.

Aaron: Fine, fine. You want to help me? Talk to Lucy.

Hal: You know, the guys are gonna think you got designs on your husband.

Emily: No, I would just like to murder him in private. Number one --

Hal: Here we go.

Emily: -- I would never think you'd shoot my sister. Do you have a temper? Yes. Were you a tad obsessive about Aaron Snyder? Yes. But you're not a violent man, or an angry man. You just drive me nuts sometimes.

Hal: So that accounts for?

[Emily sighs] Listen, Emily, I can understand you wanting to break the news in person, but why not meet me in Chicago? We could have looked for her together. Was there a number two?

Emily: I didn't want to meet with you. Okay? That's the truth. In fact, I didn't want to say anything to you until I found Alison, because I tried that one-on-one thing with you. Remember thanksgiving? I went to see you. I begged you to come home. I begged you to ease up.

Hal: So, like I said, you didn't trust me.

Emily: No. I didn't trust Alison. I was afraid she'd take one look at you and bolt.

Hal: Mm. You may be right.

[Emily sighs]

Emily: Don't you get it? None of this matters. None of this is important. I mean, the only thing that is -- I mean, all of this is because of you. She -- the way you reacted when you saw her, the way -- the way you handled the arrest. You know, she looked at you, and she knew that you cared about her. I think that's why she was able to turn herself in, you know? That's why she realizes that she's gonna be punished, and she has to grow up. She respects you.

Hal: Oh, she did her part, too, you know, coming forward.

Emily: No, you did your part.

Hal: Well, I did --

Emily: You protected her.

Hal: -- What I could, Emily. But, you know, there may be a limit. I wouldn't count Barbara out, yet.

Emily: You do not have to tell me about Barbara.

Hal: Well, at least Will's in the clear. That may help.

Emily: You know what? I don't ever want you to think that I don't trust you. I may choose to do things on my own from time to time, but --

Hal: Me, too.

Emily: You are where I park my life, my heart. And, come on, I brought Daniel to live with us. He adores you. And we've had our bumps along the way, right? But we knew that going in. And we've got history and baggage, and all kinds of people gunning for us. I mean, it's a miracle we still like each other. We do still like each other?

Hal: Mm. That answers your question.

Emily: Oh, if I didn't have to go down to that courthouse right now --

Hal: Ah, that's what they all say. Ooh. I'll see you later.

Emily: Mm. Count on it. Oh!

Lily: Well, this has been fun, but we really should get home, right?

Holden: Yes, but we will see you tomorrow night.

Dusty: You don't have to throw me a party.

Lily: Oh, we want to do that. Everybody in town's gonna want to see you.

Holden: And since we couldn't invite all of Oakdale into our living room --

Lily: Almost, but we decided to have it at the Java Underground. That wasn't there when you were here last time. So you know where it is?

Dusty: Yeah, no, it's okay. I'll find it.

Lily: Good.

Dusty: I'm sure I'll uncover every secret that this town has to offer me. It will be like I never left. I can't believe it. We're all here together, back in Oakdale.

Paul: Yeah, you especially. After the life you've had, why not retire in Paris or Majorca, whatever?

Rose: You're retired?

Dusty: No, I'm taking a break.

Paul: No, he's being modest. Our old pal here made a killing in the market, and he used that money to set up an investment house, where he made another killing. So now he's just weighing his options. Fishing or skiing?

Dusty: And I'd trade it all for a wife and family. I would. You guys have the life. You've made good choices. You've done what's important, and you didn't chase the stupid stuff.

Holden: Still, it's gotta be pretty exciting. You know, that wheeling and dealing.

Dusty: No, it's overrated.

Rose: He's right. I mean, Holden, you can see what you created. You've got your wife and kids, and you've got all those beautiful horses. Chasing money, that's why I left Worldwide.

Dusty: That's well-said.

Rose: Thank you.

Dusty: You'd better be careful, Rose. I might fall in love with you, too. Check, please. No, no, I got this.

Lily: No, you're the guest. Please?

Dusty: No, you're taking care of the champagne tomorrow. This one is on me.

Holden: Take your time there, gorgeous.

Lily: Why, you hear that? He called me gorgeous. You should come around more often, Dusty.

Dusty: Tomorrow night?

Lily: Tomorrow night. Good.

Holden: I'm gonna get the car.

Lily: Okay. I'll be right there. And you, I would like you to maybe do something with my hair for the party?

Rose: Yeah, I've got an idea.

Paul: Hey, listen, Dusty. When Rose and I get married --

Dusty: Did you -- you set a date?

Paul: Well, we're working on it. Working on it.

Dusty: Good.

Lily: I'll see you tomorrow, both of you.

Rose: Good night.

Paul: All right, I should call Will. Watch her and make sure she doesn't steal the silverware.

[Dusty laughs]

Dusty: So do I pass the test?

Rose: Well, Lily loves you. Holden, Paul.

Dusty: And what about Rose? You think we can be friends?

Barbara: Lynn, we weren't expecting you.

Dr. Michaels: So I see. Well, Will, I'm sure your mother has shared the good news with you. The reason you couldn't remember setting the fire is you didn't do it. You were lighting matches, and that's dangerous and maybe not the best way to handle your feelings, but you're not responsible for that fire.

Will: I guess so.

Dr. Michaels: So your mom wanted you to help her with something?

Barbara: Well, I think he looks awfully pale. Don't you think so? He's been in here for so long, and I know I was pressuring him a little bit. He's such a stickler for the rules. I just thought maybe I could take him outside for a walk.

Dr. Michaels: Well, Will's right about the rules. We don't tend to let patients go outside in the middle of February.

Barbara: Oh, I -- I know that. It's just that it's -- it's so beautiful outside, and I know it's very cold, but I could bundle him up. So what do you say, Lynn? May I take my son for a walk?

Craig: Of course she's unhappy. She just found her boyfriend in bed with her best friend. But she'll get over it as soon as she's up and walking.

Rosanna: What if she doesn't walk? Gloria thinks she's depressed. She's not focusing on her exercises the way she used to.

Craig: She's 17. She'll mope around for a few days, and then she'll snap out of it.

Rosanna: And what if she doesn't? What if this thing with Aaron keeps her from focusing on her therapy? It could have dire physical consequences.

Craig: Rosanna, how many boyfriends did you have at her age?

Rosanna: 432.

Craig: And you survived.

Rosanna: 431 of them. But the first one, the true love, the first love --

Craig: Are we talking about Mike Kasnoff?

Rosanna: We are talking about Aaron and Lucy.

Craig: All right, so you fell for Mike Kasnoff, and you survived. All's well. And Lucy will recover, too. Mark my words. We'll take her on a trip. In a month or two, she'll run down a beach and fall for the first lifeguard she sees. Huh? Don't worry. Be happy

Chris: It's not that I don't understand your frustration. Adolescents are difficult to handle.

Evelyn: Hey, I'll take them over interns any day.

Tom: Evelyn, Chris means no disrespect. We're all just trying to figure out a way to salvage Alison's future.

Evelyn: She set fire to a barn in which two children were playing, injuring both of them, one of which lingered in a coma for weeks. She allowed Aaron Snyder -- the same Aaron Snyder whom she reportedly loves -- to be arrested for the crime, and then she breaks him out of jail and runs. She helped cause Lucy Montgomery's accident, and she even allowed Will Munson to be placed in a psych ward.

Susan: And she acknowledges all of that.

Tom: We are asking for compassion. Evelyn, there's got to be some program we can get this kid into.

Evelyn: I'm sorry, Tom.

Susan: We don't have a prayer.

Alison: I'm going to jail, Aaron, and Lucy's in a wheelchair. How am I supposed to talk to her?


Aaron: You'll get bail.

Alison: Says who? I'm a flight risk. The only way I get bail is -- never mind.

Aaron: What?

Alison: No. You don't care about me.

Aaron: Alison, what? What do you need?

Alison: Testify for me, Aaron. Tell them that the only reason I set the fire is because I love you. Do that, and I'll tell Lucy the truth.

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