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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 2/21/03

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Marshall: 599, 600. First set done, ten more to go.

Jessica: Marshall Travers, I do believe that's the funniest thing I've ever heard you say.

Marshall: Hey, you gotta laugh to keep from crying. Here, let me help you with that.

Jessica: Oh, thanks.

Marshall: So -- any headway with those arrangements?

Jessica: I spoke with the authorities in Brazil, and we're arranging to have Zara's body shipped to the States.

Marshall: You know, I could help you cut through some of the red tape.

Jessica: No, you are not supposed to be working, much less working out. We don't want you to end up back in the hospital.

Marshall: Look -- I can't lie around this house all day. I mean, there's so many law journals and magazines. I mean, there's only so many of those you can read.

Jessica: A little cabin fever?

Marshall: I'm just not used to somebody else doing legal work for me.

Jessica: Speaking of which, Evelyn is fast-tracking your trial date.

Marshall: Good. Waiting for the inevitable's a drag, too.

Jessica: Your inevitable acquittal, I hope you mean. Now if I can just bargain for a little more time to prepare --

Marshall: Well, I guess anytime spent here alone with you isn't wasted.

Jessica: Excuse me.

Marshall: Ben didn't call. I know you've been trying to reach him.

Jessica: Yeah, I left him a couple of messages. You know, I want to talk to him in person, tell him face-to-face that you're staying here.

Marshall: Why? You don't think he'll take it amiss, do you? Okay. Right. When Ben finds out I'm here, it won't matter how he's told. That brother's definitely gonna explode.

Bob: Hey, Ben, welcome back. How was the trip?

Ben: Hey, thanks. Florida was excellent. Curtis enjoyed every sun-loving, fun-loving, scuba-diving minute.

Bob: Well, you were overdue some family time.

Ben: Yes, I was.

Bob: Listen, have you talked to Jessica?

Ben: No, I just got back, so we haven't had a chance to talk. Is something wrong?

Bob: Not that I know of. But she called several times before I was able to tell her that you were out of town.

Ben: Oh, okay. She say what she wanted?

Bob: No, no. Listen, if you don't mind my saying this, if I was still single, and a beautiful woman was calling me every ten minutes, I wouldn't ask any questions, I'd just call her up.

Ben: Is that how it was with Kim?

Bob: Well, yeah, I made my presence known personally as often as possible.

Ben: Personally? Okay. So, I sense a little piece of advice being given there.

Bob: I hope you brought her a gift. And not a t-shirt.

Ben: Oh, no.

Alison: I appreciate you buying me dinner and everything, but I really have to go.

Ritchie: But nothing in life is free.

Alison: Let go of me!

Ritchie: Hey, where do you think you're going? I know you're on the run. I know who you are. I know where you come from. And, better yet, I know who to call to rat you out.

Alison: You don't want to do that.

Ritchie: Then you better be nice to me. Do you know what I mean by nice?

Chris: Back off!

Ritchie: Hey, man, I've got my own -- hey!

Emily: Alison, stop. It's over, Alison. You're coming home.

Jack: What's going on here, Mol?

Molly: I'm just trying to keep you from making a major mistake in this ongoing hell that you call your life.

Jack: Well, you've got that right. It is hell. And going to Carly's sonogram appointment doesn't exactly qualify as a reprieve.

Molly: Don't be selfish, Jack. It doesn't suit you.

Jack: Selfish?

Molly: This baby could be yours.

Jack: Could be. Might be. 1 in 1,000 chance it actually is. Are you picking up on the operative words there?

Molly: Okay. But this 1 in 1,000 chance is a very real chance. Are you willing to risk that? Not seeing your baby the very first time you're able to possibly see it?

Jack: If this baby was mine, you bet, I would be there. But there's still a chance it may be Mike's. I'll pass on walking in on them holding hands in the doctor's office.

Molly: So what?

Jack: Well, everybody's got an agenda here. That's what. And it's making me sick. Carly's playing house like nothing happened. Mike is marking his territory every chance he gets, staking claim on the baby, moving my wife into his woodsy little cottage. And let's not forget you. You're on a mission here, too. Carly and I get back together, Carly's out of Mike's life. That's exactly what you want.

Molly: I'm not ashamed to admit that's part of it.

Jack: Okay. Well, I am sorry, I can't oblige you there. I don't want to think about Carly or anything remotely connected to her. And call me crazy, that includes looking at a picture of a baby that may have been conceived by somebody else.

Molly: Maybe.

Jack: I don't care. I am not setting myself up to be kicked in the teeth one more time.

Molly: That could happen. Or going could be the first step to something you've wanted your entire adult life -- a family.

Dr. Schiller: It's nice to meet you, Mr. Snyder. Are you ready to get a look at your new baby? It'll just be a moment while the technician sets up. As I said, I'm running a little bit behind.

Mike: Take your time.

Dr. Schiller: Carly tells me you're a police detective.

Carly: There's a slight misconception that I think we should clear up here.

Dr. Schiller: What's that?

Carly: This isn't the father.

Mike: Carly --

Carly: What I mean to say is, he isn't my husband. Dr. Schiller, Mike Kasnoff.

Dr. Schiller: So you're not Detective Snyder?

Mike: No, but I am the baby's --

Carly: Mike and I -- well, I guess we're pretty certain that this baby was conceived the night before I got married. And it was on that night that I thought that my wedding was canceled. I don't even understand this myself. I cannot expect you to understand this.

Dr. Schiller: I understand. We're not sure who the baby's father is.

Carly: Right. Well, it's either Mike here or my husband.

Dr. Schiller: Well, the most important thing is that mommy and baby have a healthy nine months together, right?

Mike: Absolutely.

Carly: Thank you.

Dr. Schiller: And I'm sorry for the full house tonight, as I said. I'll call you in as soon as I have a sonogram machine ready.

Carly: What was that?

Mike: What?

Carly: You getting all proprietary, announcing that you're the father.

Mike: Well, it's not like it's out of the question. I mean, the odds are it's mine.

Carly: You know, I feel like you're really forcing my hand here. Please don't do it again.

Mike: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.

Carly: Yes, you did. You're staking a claim, and I just want you to stop it. Or the next time you hear anything about this child, it'll be -- you'll be reading it in a birth announcement in The City Times.

Ritchie: Man, I think you broke my nose!

Chris: Did you hurt her! I swear to God, if you hurt her --

Ritchie: She was trying to skip out on the bill.

Alison: That's a lie! He offered to buy me dinner. And I only said yes because I was starving.

Chris: Get out.

Alison: You jerk!

Emily: Alison, get back. Are you okay?

Alison: Yeah.

Emily: Look at you. Thank you. Are you all right?

Alison: Thank God you guys showed up. But could I borrow some money, too? I'll pay you right back. I just need to get out of here and get some bus fare.

Emily: Honey, you're not taking a bus anywhere. You are coming home.

Alison: So that Hal can throw me in jail? No. He'll hate me for letting Will --

Emily: I will talk to him, all right? I will do everything I can. But this has got to stop!

Alison: No, you stop!

Emily: Will you take a look around, please?! Take a look around! This place is disgusting, Alison! Some pervert was trying to have his way with you!

Alison: I'm sorry, okay? But I didn't realize it was gross. It used to be really nice. I'll just be more careful next time.

Chris: There's a warrant out for your arrest, Alison. You wouldn't get very far.

Alison: And who do I have to thank for that? Hal's loyal wife. What, did he ask you to come and get me?

Emily: No. No.

Alison: Like you wouldn't do anything to help your cop husband, even if it means selling out your own flesh and blood.

Emily: That is enough! And for the record, I am here because I want you safe, Alison! And if that means I have to drag you out by your damn hair to get you to come home -- no more running! Go.

Mike: Look, I'm -- I'm sorry, all right? I was -- I was just trying to make things easier. But obviously I wasn't, all right? So, if I'm stressing you out, just tell me if you want me to leave.

Carly: I don't want you to leave. I want company while I stare at the walls and freak. But just ease up on the daddy talk, okay? Just be here, that's all.

Mike: What's got you worried?

Carly: The sonogram. They're really great, but they reveal things, if something's wrong with the baby.

Mike: Carly, the baby is fine.

Carly: You just don't know that until they say so.

Mike: I'll do whatever you need, all right? You want me to go in there with you, I'll go in there with you. If you want me to wait out here until you're done, I'll do that, too. All right? No pressure.

Carly: Would you just -- just hold my hand for now?

Mike: Yeah.

Carly: This doesn't mean we're engaged or anything.

Mike: No, no. You're a married woman.

Carly: So they say.

Molly: Jack, there are moments that a guy like you needs to be part of -- Lamaze classes, buying baby stuff, feeling your boy or girl kick for the first time. These are things that make you a daddy before your child's ever born.

Jack: If this baby is mine, missing out on a Lamaze class or a craving for sardines isn't gonna make one bit of difference. Because once the child's born, then it will be a part of my life until I die.

Molly: Okay, that's true. But you're missing out on knowing what it's like to be part of the whole picture, Jack. I mean, it's not enough that Mike slept with your wife, but now you're gonna hand him this huge chunk of potential bliss, too?

Jack: You want Mike back, go get him. You want to make Carly pay for what she did, plan away. But just don't get me involved.

Molly: See, that's my whole point. You're not involved.

Jack: You keep telling me about all these moments I'll be missing.

Molly: Because I love you, okay? Right now, you are my very best friend, and if I could channel Jake McKinnon right now, we'd be kicking some sense into your head.

Jack: Okay, well, then -- what does it matter about the moments I'll be missing? I'll catch up once the baby's born.

Molly: No, you won't. Jack, the only thing we're promised is the minute we're in right now. You're a cop. You're the one person in the world that should know that better than me. Don't miss this minute, Jack. You need to let your child hear your voice, to let him or her know that their daddy is there. And you have the right -- you have the -- the right to tell that child "I loved you from the start, from the first minute I felt you kick, from the first minute that I heard your little heart beat."

Jack: You never give up, do you?

Molly: It killed some part of me giving Abigail up for adoption. The only thing that I had to hold on to was that time that I was pregnant with her. That was my life-saving miracle, Jack. And I want you to have the same thing. So, no, I'm not giving up, not on this.

Jack: Okay. I'll go. I get kicked in the teeth again, I'm coming after you.

Molly: I'll make sure I'm some place you can find me.

Jessica: I was hoping you'd be back by now. But, well, I've already left you a few messages, so if you could just call me when you're not busy --

[doorbell rings] um -- I'll talk to you soon, I hope. Ben --

Ben: Hey.

Jessica: I just left you another message.

Ben: Well, now you can tell me in person.

Jessica: Yeah, it's just that I --

Ben: I hope it's okay me coming by here now without calling first.

Jessica: No, yeah, absolutely. I'm glad you did.

Ben: Got back into town, I got your messages. I figured I'd come by and --

Jessica: Good, no, it's good. I --

Ben: Should I just wait out here?

Jessica: Sorry. Sorry, come in. Listen, um, there's something I need to tell you.

Marshall: Hey, Dr. Ben. How you doing?

Jessica: Uh -- I wanted to tell you this in person, Ben, that for the time being, Marshall is staying here.

Marshall: And loving it.

Marshall: Jessica, you know, if you'd like me to explain --

Ben: Why don't you keep your mouth shut?

Jessica: No, I don't really need you to explain anything, Marshall. So why don't you go upstairs and put a shirt on?

Marshall: Why not?

Ben: Is that why you were calling me? To let me know that -- that you and Marshall were making something official?

Jessica: No, no, Ben. There is nothing official between us but legal issues. Evelyn is like a steamroller in the D.A.'s office. She wanted to put Marshall in jail while he waited for trial.

Ben: I know, I was there when you stepped forward to become his attorney. So how did we get from that -- to him sleeping here?

Jessica: Well, he's in the guest room, Ben. I mean, there is nothing going on here, period. It was either he be released into my custody or recuperate from brain surgery in county lockup. And since he's reeling from the death of his daughter, I just --

Ben: Couldn't let him rot in jail.

Jessica: No. No, I couldn't. I couldn't.

Ben: How long is he staying here?

Jessica: Just until the trial is over.

Ben: So you two, you're not -- this is solely a practical, professional arrangement for the purpose of keeping him out of jail?

Jessica: Absolutely. Yes, yes.

Ben: Okay. Before I forget -- I brought you something.

Jessica: That's it?

Ben: No. Well, you haven't even looked at it.

Jessica: No, no, I'm not -- about Marshall, that --

Ben: Is there something more that I should know?

Jessica: No, no, I told you everything.

Ben: Okay, great then. That's it. Open your present. You know, I really have missed you.

Chris: She must be exhausted.

Emily: She's been through so much. Thank God we turned around. Thank God we went back to that diner. How's your hand? That creep said you broke his nose. Don't you doctors take some kind of oath not to -- not to do things like that?

Chris: I probably should have told him I was a doctor. I could've offered him a two-for-one deal. You know, bust him up, then fix him up. And that was the lamest joke I've ever told.

Emily: What? I'm sorry, what?

Chris: Nothing. You tell me.

Emily: She honestly thinks that I don't love her. I mean she thinks that I'm dragging her back to Oakdale to make things right with Hal.

Chris: She was desperate and scared. She didn't mean that stuff.

Emily: She doesn't get it. She doesn't understand how close I came to letting her go. Running away with her.

Chris: You don't mean that. Hal's gonna freak that bad, so you can't go home either? Come on, no, he's just burnt. He's trying to salvage his life, Will's life. He'll recover. You all will.

Emily: He's got so much good in him. Hal, you know, he's got a good heart. But he gets stuck on this track, and -- I mean, that's what happened. That's how Steinbeck got to him. That's how Barbara whipped him into this frenzy. Because they know the right buttons to push. The number one button -- children come first.

Chris: He's not gonna turn this into a contest between Alison and Will.

Emily: You have no idea. When Hal was chasing Aaron, you know, across the country, I felt that things were getting dangerous, so I stood up to him. And I told him, "you're obsessed with vengeance." And right then and there, the iron curtain came down. I saw it in his eyes. He just -- my opinion meant nothing to him if I didn't agree. Alison meant nothing because she was with Aaron. Our marriage meant nothing. Because I didn't stand by him.

Chris: But you got past it.

Emily: He's gonna make me choose again. And I'm afraid, once again, I can't be on his side.

Mike: Jack.

Jack: Mike.

Mike: She didn't get a nap today. She gets a little tired. Carly. Carly.

Carly: Jack. Hey.

Jack: Changed my mind. Thought I should see how the sonogram goes.

Carly: I'm glad you're here.

Jack: Well, it could be my baby. So I wanted you to know that I was gonna be here. Until the end, no matter what happens. I just thought you should know that.

Carly: Thank you.

Mike: If you're gonna stay, Jack, I'm gonna take off.

Jack: No, Mike -- I want you to stay. Because there are some things we need to get out on the table. As long as there's a question about who the father is, there's always gonna be confusion about who should do what. And that's not right.

Mike: What do you suggest?

Jack: I want the paternity issue settled. Immediately.

Carly: Tonight?

Jack: Well, isn't there some kind of DNA test a doctor can perform? If there is, let's do it and find out whose baby this is right now.

Jessica: I love it.

Ben: But you're not smiling.

Jessica: Well, I guess I'm just kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Now, I know the situation with Marshall is extreme, and I would understand you being livid about it, but you're not. And since you're not, it's a little unsettling.

Ben: Ah, yes, so, how to explain my calm, cool behavior, huh? Well -- that day at the hospital when you volunteered to be Travers' attorney, my first thought was, "you're getting hooked by him again." And then I went kinda crazy. And I snatched Curtis out of school, and we went down to Florida to float with the dolphins for a few days.

Jessica: Because you were angry.

Ben: Yeah. And because I didn't want to fall into any of the old traps. I meant what I said that day, Jessica. If you want me, I want to be in your life. But if you decided that it's Travers that you --

Jessica: No, I haven't. I haven't done that.

Ben: So you kinda leaning toward me?

Jessica: It looks that way.

Ben: Yeah, well, didn't think you could resist for too long. You know, I mean, I'm just too fine and too smart, too funny. I make too much money. That's it. I'm too --

Jessica: Hmm-mm, don't forget crazy.

Ben: Oh, yeah, well, you make me crazy.

Jessica: Oh, I make you --

Ben: I make you crazy, too. But it's really good to just be back here with you and -- see you with fresh eyes again.

[Phone ringing]

Marshall: You two carry on. I'll get it. Hello? Oh, great. I'll tell her. Your dry cleaning's ready.

Ben: Well, thank you. That'll be all.

Marshall: Very funny. Very funny. So, everything's cool out here?

Ben: Couldn't be better.

Chris: So you're prepared to stick to your guns and do whatever you have to do to protect Alison. Sounds fair. What's Hal expect?

Emily: Unconditional loyalty. He's like that Chinese zodiac sign. You know, the -- I don't know, the rooster or the ox or one of those, I forgot. You just can't cross their paths without paying the price. He's got this idea of right and wrong carved in marble.

Chris: The scales of justice will be carved in his headstone.

Emily: You know what? He's a cop. So don't joke about him dying.

Chris: I'm sorry.

Emily: It's okay. You know, I think the only way I'm gonna score any points with Hal is if I tell him the whole truth about Alison. And if I do that -- I mean, if I did that, we'd be riding in the back of a police cruiser, right?

Chris: That was gonna be my next question. Why didn't you call him?

Emily: I did. I left him a message. I -- I didn't want to leave him any more information, because if I did that, I -- I'd probably be taking Alison home in handcuffs right now. I know she sounds tough. And she acts tough, but she's not. And if she spends one night in jail, she's not gonna make it.

Chris: So bottom line, Hal's gonna blow a gasket, regardless.

Emily: Yep.

[Emily chuckles] You know what? Let him. Let him. Because I'm standing by Alison.

Chris: I know it's not the best defense in the world, but she didn't mean for anyone to get hurt in that fire.

Emily: Of course she didn't mean it! She's in love with Aaron. She's over the moon for that boy. And everything she's done since then -- everything has been motivated by immaturity and youth and just plain not knowing what the hell to do. And I don't know about you, but I remember what it's like to be 17.

Chris: The brain's not fully developed at that age. The neuro pathways -- teenage decision-making skills totally stink.

Emily: I mean, scientifically, is that something that, say we have to go to court, is that --

Chris: Not everyone buys that theory.

Emily: Yeah, but it's the truth. And we all know it's true, right? You know what? If Hal leaves me because I'm standing by my sister -- well, then I'll just find another way to go on.

Jack: So anything we do at this stage to determine who the father is could endanger the baby.

Dr. Schiller: There is some risk, yes, especially since Carly's miscarried in the past.

Jack: Well, could you give us a percentage?

Carly: No, Jack! I don't care if something happens to one in a billion babies. I'm not doing it. No, it's my body, Jack. It's my baby. I'm not doing it.

Jack: Carly --

Dr. Schiller: This seems to be settled. I'd like Carly to take a moment to collect herself before the sonogram. Could you gentlemen wait outside?

Mike: Of course.

Jack: Yes.

Carly: Thank you. This is such a mess. I have no idea how I got into this mess.

Dr. Schiller: Carly, you're having a baby. That's all that matters. Let those two hash out who gets to hold it first. But this is your child. That's enough to think about.

Carly: It's okay, sweetheart. We're gonna be okay.

Mike: What's wrong with you?

Jack: Excuse me?

Mike: Don't you think she has enough stress without having to worry about a paternity test on top?

Jack: I had questions, Mike. I had no intention of subjecting Carly to anything dangerous. I would've pulled the plug before Carly.

Mike: Yeah, I saw how relieved she was. Why can't you just wait?

Jack: Because, Mike, if this is my baby, I don't want you spending one more minute playing substitute daddy to my wife and my kid.

Ben: I honestly do not have a problem with him staying in here.

Jessica: Well, that is surprising, to say the least.

Ben: I mean, come on, look at the poor guy. He's -- what? He's been shot, had two major brain surgeries that you're still recovering from, not to mention recovering from the loss of a daughter. And he's going on trial. Come on. You're the best attorney around. I'd have to be a pretty shallow man not to appreciate what you're trying to do for him.

Jessica: Thank you, Ben.

Marshall: Yes, thank you very much. Jessica, you wanted me to remind you about that call to the state department.

Jessica: Oh, right, yeah. I have to make a call to D.C. before they close up shop.

Ben: Okay.

Jessica: Okay.

Ben: Don't let me keep you.

Jessica: Okay, my notes are upstairs.

Marshall: Thanks for coming by, Ben. You look rested.

Jessica: Well, wait, you're not leaving, are you?

Ben: I can stay.

Jessica: Good. It'll just be a few minutes. Thank you.

Ben: Yeah.

Marshall: You're good. Sympathy for my plight. The magnanimous understanding lover man. Well played. Well played.

Ben: No, this isn't an act. I really do feel sorry for you, Travers.

Marshall: Save it.

Ben: Why? You accept pity from Jessica, why not from me?

Marshall: What Jessica feels for me is not pity.

Ben: Oh, I know what you'd like me to believe. You want to know how I see it? You're scared of goin' to jail, so you let Jessica be your nurse. And if that's supposed to make me feel jealous, you miscalculated.

Marshall: I don't need to make you jealous. I don't need anything from you.

Ben: Look, why don't you just get yourself healthy, so that Jessica can kick your sorry behind to the curb without feelin' an ounce of guilt?

Marshall: You're not gonna win, Dr. Ben. Not over me.

Ben: Look, Jessica loves me.

Marshall: But she lives -- with me.

Jessica: Well, don't stop talking on my account. What's going on in here?


Marshall: Just chatting.

Ben: Nothing.

Susan: Alison? Oh, Alison! Oh, honey, I'm so happy to see you. You don't know how grateful I am that you're okay.

Alison: But --

Susan: Oh, no, no, no. No "buts," no yelling, no threats, no lectures, nothing. Is that all right? Just let me stand here for a second and love you.

Alison: Mom --

Susan: Oh, what'd you expect? Huh? Don't answer that. Are you okay?

Alison: Mom, mom, you're going all doctor on me.

Susan: Well, you look positively malnourished. Come over here. I -- I heated up some of Emily's soup for you.

Emily: I owe you big.

Chris: No. Just glad everything's over. For Will, at least.

Emily: Well, mom and I are gonna do everything we can for Ali, but -- thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for everything.

Alison: So when is Hal coming home?

Emily: That's a good question. But you are gonna need a good lawyer, so I'm gonna call Tom.

Alison: Should I start packing for prison, or what?

Susan: Tom's not gonna let it come to that. Why don't we take you upstairs and get you cleaned up, okay?

Alison: You don't trust me for a second by myself, do you?

Emily: Uh, no.

Susan: No.

Susan: At least she's home.

Emily: Yeah, she's home. Okay.

[Hal sighs]

Hal: Home. And my favorite soup's on. And my favorite wife thrown into the bargain.

Emily: Hi.

Hal: Oh, I missed you.

Emily: Me, too.

Hal: Dreamed of you.

Emily: Me, too. I missed you so much.

Hal: Let's put the soup on hold. I'll race you upstairs.

Emily: Hal, no, wait, Hal -- I have some -- I have something to tell you. I found something out last

Hal: Well, what is this about?

Emily: Will's innocent. He didn't start that fire.

Mike: You go weeks without showing any interest in Carly or her baby. Then suddenly, you show up, and you demand a DNA test. I just -- I don't agree with that.

Jack: Well, I don't give a damn about you, Mike. Acting like the kid is yours doesn't make it yours. So until we're 100% sure, I will treat my wife and the baby the way I see fit.

Mike: I was there for Carly because you weren't. Just as simple as that.

Jack: Does that include the night before my wedding? Boy, it's hard to be the righteous do-gooder when the truth gets heavy, isn't it?

Mike: I'm not trying to cast stones, Jack. I'm just trying to make sure that Carly does not go through this alone. So I plan on being there for her and her baby. That being said, if you ever upset Carly again --

Jack: You self-righteous SOB -- don't even think about lecturing me.

Mike: Then be a husband, if you're sure that's what you want.

Dr. Schiller: Detective Snyder, we're ready to do the sonogram. Would you care to join your wife?

Jack: Yeah. I would.

Waiter: Maybe something from the restaurant, Mrs. McKinnon?

Molly: Oh, no, thanks. If I'm gonna eat by myself, I might as well do it in the privacy of my own room.

Waiter: Lousy day?

Molly: And what a better way to end it than sitting in a bar, drinking coffee, pouring my heart out to the bartender, no offense.

Waiter: Wishes are on the house. Where would you rather be?

Molly: May lightning strike me for saying this -- but with a certain man, my man, believing he still loves me. No, wait, whoa -- before you work your magic on that, I'm not that I want it to come true. You're a man. Wouldn't you be smart enough to come crawling back to me? Oh, well, okay, yeah, but I'd have to let you first. I'd have to let you.

Carly: I thought you might've gone home.

Jack: Came here to be with you. I'm not backing out now.

Carly: I hate you like this. Obligated. Dutiful. Acting like I'm some kind of penalty for some oath you took.

Jack: They call it a vow.

Carly: Oh, really? So -- so then we're -- we're married now then. Are we working on the "for better or worse" part?

Jack: I didn't mean to upset you, Carly. I didn't come here to stress you out, or the baby, for that matter.

Carly: What's going on with you, Jack? Why was it so hard for you to come here tonight?

Jack: It's simple, really. I was scared, Carly. I start loving this baby again, and then find out it isn't mine, I'm not sure my heart could take it twice in one lifetime.

Carly: I think there's more. This baby isn't some disembodied soul looking for a daddy. It's connected to me. I think it's me that you're afraid to start loving again, Jack.

Nurse: Sorry for the wait.

Jack: Yeah, ready when you are.

Nurse: There's a beautiful sound.

[Sound of baby's heartbeat]

Ben: So, we'll talk.

Jessica: Yes.

Ben: I'll call you.

Jessica: You better.

Marshall: An airport gift? What is this, some kind of joke?

Jessica: No, it is not a joke. And you can stop sneering.

Marshall: I mean, I just think someone like you deserves something that required a little bit more, I don't know, thought.

Jessica: Well, you know what? This is a very thoughtful gift from a very thoughtful man, so you can just stop right now. 'Cause I know what you're trying to do, and I'm not going for it.

John: Barbara, were you looking for me?

Barbara: Well, hello. No, I'm not, as a matter of fact. I'm waiting for my son, and Will is having dinner. And rules are rules, and so I wait.

John: So you've heard the good news?

Barbara: About Will's release? Yes, I'm thrilled. Though it's kind of a mixed blessing. We still have to contend with the legal system.

John: Well, then you haven't heard. Well, Chris found out who was responsible for the fire. He was right all along, and it wasn't Will.

Barbara: Are you sure?

John: Someone else confessed.

Barbara: Who?

John: Alison Stewart.

Hal: If this is another of Chris Hughes' crazy theories, I don't want to hear it.

Emily: Will you please just listen to me? All right? This isn't some shot in the dark theory. I know for a fact Will didn't start that fire.

Hal: Then who did? Some mysterious person just comes forward and confesses after months of pain and suffering? Okay, let's hear it. Who's the new suspect? Parker? Nancy Hughes?

Alison: Hal --

Emily: Alison, I am talking to Hal. Could you go up to your room, please?

Alison: No, Emily --

Emily: Alison, please, go to your room!

Alison: Enough people have taken the blame.

Hal: What the hell is going on here?

Alison: I did it. It was me.

Hal: What was you? What is she talking about?

Alison: I let Will take the blame. But I'm the one who started the fire. It was me.

Jack: Look at him go in there. I think we got a gymnast.

Carly: A real tumbler.

Jack: Hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute. What was that? What was -- I thought I just saw something there.

Nurse: No, that's her foot.

Carly: It's a girl.

Jack: A little girl.

Carly: It's a girl. Can we get a picture of this beautiful girl?

Jack: That's great, Carly. Girls are great.

Nurse: Whose profile is that? Mom's or Dad's?

Carly: Well, I -- I think that it's much too early to tell something like that. I mean, you can barely even make -- make it out.

Jack: You know, I think Kasnoff's waiting outside.

Carly: But you're here.

Jack: It's a once in a lifetime thing, Carly. If this is Mike's daughter, I mean, he has a right to see his baby for the first time. I'll send him in.

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