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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 2/20/03

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Henry: What happened to this -- the nice cad that fell madly in love with that irritating but oh-so-adorable wife?

Simon: Just keep your mouth shut and your lens open. Good, here she is.

Henry: Bambi? You hired Bambi?

Simon: At your recommendation.

Bambi: Hi, hanky.

Henry: Hi.

Bambi: So what do ya think?

Henry: I think you look like a Vanderbilt.

[Bambi scoffs]

Bambi: These ain't jeans I'm wearing.

Henry: Well, you can't put a price tag on class.

Bambi: Oh! My sweetie always says the sweetest things.

Simon: Listen, listen, listen. Bambi, just lose the gum and go.

Carly: No, he doesn't always move on command. You have to be patient. Oh. Did you feel that?

Mike: Wow.

Carly: Yeah, it's incredible, isn't it?

Mike: Oh, it's more like a miracle.

[Carly laughs]

Jack: As you might have heard, the investigation into the barn fire's taken a new twist.

John: Yes, I did. I heard. Alison Stewart?

Jack: Yes, Chris Hughes got wind that she was involved.

John: Yes, yes, yes. Just think, all those years of med school that could have been avoided with one trip to the police academy.

Jack: Is Chris around? I'd like to ask him a few questions.

John: No, he's not. His supervisor gave him a couple of days to straighten out his priorities.

Jack: John, I thought you were --

John: His supervisor? Yes. Yes, I am. You see, Chris has to decide what he wants to be when he grows up.

Jack: Any idea where I might find him?

John: No clue, detective.

Jack: As always, you've been a great help, John.

Emily: All right, wait. We got to be careful, all right? Because if Alison feels cornered, she could take off for God knows where.

Chris: Then we don't corner her. You think there's any chance she could still be in her father's neighborhood?

Susan: That's where she was last.

Chris: Okay, then that's where we start. Look, I know it's a long shot, but I'm not Hal, and Iím not a Chicago cop. If Alisonís broke and scared, I might start looking pretty good.

Emily: I think he's right, mom.

Chris: But in case her instinct when she first sees me is to hop the "l" or flag down a stranger --

Emily: We should increase the odds in our favor --

Susan: How?

Chris: You man the phones.

Emily: And I'll ride shotgun. We are not coming home until we find Alison.

Alison: Hi. I saw your sign, "help wanted"?

Waiter: You ever bus tables?

Alison: Sure, all the time. I could really use this job. And I could start right away.

Waiter: You got to wait until the boss comes.

Alison: Didn't this used to be an ice cream parlor?

Waiter: Look, kid, food here, pool tables are in the back.

Alison: No, but my dad used to take me when I was younger, and they had the best homemade ice cream.

Waiter: You want ice cream? Get lost.

Stop 'cause I really love you

stop I've been thinking of you

look in my heart and let love keep us together

you you do do do

you belong to me now ain't gonna set ya free now

when those girls start hanging around talking me down

Alison: Great, it's dead.

Ritchie: No! I can't promise you ice cream, but they do make a decent burger here. If you don't mind grease? I can order you the special of the day? It's on me, sweetheart.

Let love keep us together

Alison: My name isn't sweetheart.

Ritchie: Well, you looked sweet to me. Hey, what's the matter? Is the phone dead?

Alison: I just forgot to charge it.

Ritchie: You see, maybe I can help.

Alison: Do you have a charger?

Ritchie: Out in my car. Come on, I can hook you up.

Alison: That's okay. I'll just use a pay phone.

Ritchie: Wait, wait, wait. Hey, hold up. I'm sorry, you're very smart. You should not talk to strangers. So let's not be strangers. My name is Ritchie. What shall I call you?

Alison: Gone.

Ritchie: Good luck with your phone -- whatever your name is.

Alison: Okay, I'm Natasha.

Ritchie: Natash -- oh, that's a very pretty name for a pretty girl. Trying to get in touch with your folks? Are they close by?

Alison: No, my dad died --

Ritchie: Oh, gosh, I'm sorry. And what about your mom?

Alison: She's -- she's in jail.

Ritchie: That's too bad.

Alison: Yeah. But I try to get up to see her a couple times a year.

Ritchie: From where?

Alison: Virginia Commonwealth. That's where I go to school. I got a scholarship there.

Ritchie: Oh. Well, how long is your mom in for?

Alison: 40 to life.

Ritchie: Oh, God. That's harsh.

Alison: Not as harsh as what she did to that cheat of a boyfriend. Mom was always good with a butcher knife.

Ritchie: So where's she at, your ma?

Alison: You know, that woman's place. And that's what she gets for falling in love, nothing but trouble. She hates being locked up. I -- I mean she'd -- she would just give anything to be able to go home.

Emily: Okay, Mom, my cell phone will be on.

Susan: Call me as soon as you get to Larry's neighborhood.

Emily: All right, all right. My coat, where's my coat?

Susan: Back of the chair.

Emily: Okay, thank you. The boys should sleep through the night, mom, all right?

Susan: Oh, they'll be fine. I just hope you find Alison before the police do.

Emily: Alison -- she's not gonna go near anyone in a uniform. Are you sure you're gonna be okay alone?

Susan: How many times have I walked the floor worrying about you and Alison?

Chris: Let's hope it's the last.

[Susan scoffs]

Susan: He doesn't know Alison. Ooh! What do I tell Hal if he shows up?

Emily: Start with the truth. Tell him that Will didn't start the fire.

Susan: And the rest?

Emily: Tread water till I get back, okay?

Susan: I'll try.

Emily: Oh! And Alison -- listen, Alison, if she calls, tell her to stay out of sight and wait for us outside of Larryís house.

Susan: Will do. But I am not turning on that call-tracing thing that Jack left.

[Emily laughs]

Emily: My mom, the rebel.

Susan: I don't want to give them anything else to use against Alison. They don't have to know she called.

Emily: I know, I know. All right, we'll be back in a little bit.

Susan: Good luck, baby.

Emily: I'm proud of you, mom. I really am. Because I know how tough it is for you not to play by the rules.

Susan: I can live with that. I just can't live without my girls. Call me as soon as you find her.

Emily: Okay. Come on, we got to go. Let's go.

[Door closes]

Mike: You haven't touched your drink. You want me to get you something else?

Carly: No. No, it's fine.

Mike: What's wrong?

Carly: Nothing.

Mike: Look, Carly, there's a good chance that Iím the baby's father. I just -- I want to be a part of this. I want to be a part of things.

Carly: You know, you might want to wait until the jury comes in on the paternity, you know that?

Mike: I don't want to do that. All right, if I am the father, I don't want to wait for some blood test to give me the okay to fall in love with my baby. I want to make that call myself. What is it?

Carly: I called Jack. I reminded him about the sonogram, and he told me to be sure to call him and let him know how it goes. I told him the baby was moving the other day, he wouldn't even come near me.

Mike: I'm sorry. I know that I'm not your first choice, but if you don't want to go alone, I would love to come with you.

Carly: It'll just complicate things.

Mike: How could things get any more complicated? That's not too much to ask, is it?

[Carly sighs]

Carly: I'd like it if you came.

Mike: Good. Brace yourself.

Carly: Hello, Molly.

Molly: Why aren't you off making more promises to Jack you'll never keep? Or did he finally get wise and kick you out for good?

Henry: Hey, Simon -- Simon, Katieís crazy about you, pal. Look, if you want to break her heart, you go right ahead. Be my guest. But don't expect me to chisel it out of her chest for you.

Simon: I was doing this for Katie.

Henry: Most guys hire a divorce lawyer.

Simon: I don't want a divorce.

Henry: Is there not enough pain in it for you?

Simon: Don't argue with me! Not tonight.

Henry: Why? Are you paying Bambi by the hour?

Simon: Would you prefer to see Katie heartbroken or dead?

Henry: Are those my only two choices?

Simon: I'm serious, man.

Henry: You listen to me, you better start talking, or my feet are walking.

Simon: Come here. Wait, wait -- stop. Come here. All right. I knew this guy from the old days.

Henry: "The old days"? The old days back in days when you were wooing rich women that were just dripping with appreciating assets?

Simon: No, way before then. His name is Bartleby Shears. He ran a gang back home. Now if anyone stood out of line, he'd take them out of the equation. Just cut them out.

Henry: "Cut"? "Cut" as in filleted? As in swimming with the fishes filleted?

Simon: Yeah. And now he's in town hounding me about some rich woman in the south of France who would be the perfect mark for someone with my experience. I do the job. Cut him in on the action.

Henry: So, tell him you don't do that kind of work anymore, Simon. Tell him you've gone legit.

Simon: It's a pretty big mark, Henry, and he doesn't take no for an answer. I either do the job or he kills Katie.

Henry: Talk about -- that's an overachiever there, huh? What's the big problem here, Simon? Go ahead. Fleece whatever you have to --

Simon: You know Katie. She's gonna follow -- Katie would follow me to the ends of the earth. She would follow me and get herself into more danger. I don't want that to happen.

Henry: And this guy -- this guy would break our pretty little Katie?

Simon: Yeah. Listen, even if I took care of him, I know the guys he's got waiting in the wings just dying to take over. It's not gonna end. I need Katie to stay put. I need her here to keep her safe.

Henry: Come on, man. Are you sure?

Simon: Henry, please, please. I am begging you here. I need you on this.

Henry: All right. All right, all right. My lips are sealed.

Simon: Okay.

Henry: I'll go warm up my zoom lens.

Simon: Thank you. Bambi?

Bambi: Oh.

Simon: Just wait. All right?

Henry: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Simon: All right. Roll camera.

Bambi: So, you keep saying you're pretty good with a stick.

Simon: Yeah, not bad.

Bambi: I could use a few pointers.

Simon: And I'd be glad to show you how to play.

[Bambi giggles]

Bambi: I bet you're good at lots of games.

Simon: Oh, yeah. Some more than others. Come here. All right. First, you line up your shot. Hold the stick gently. That's it. Whoa, whoa, whoa -- not too tight.

Bambi: Is this part of the game?

Simon: Yeah, only the most important part. Then we pull the cue back -- shoot. Wow, there you go. You're a natural.

Bambi: I'm a natural at lots of things.

Simon: Oh, baby, you're driving me crazy. Ditch your -- ditch your husband. Then you can come with me.

Bambi: I can't.

Simon: Why not?

Bambi: I'd be broke. It's in the prenup. He'd divorce me and I'd be out millions. How about you?

Simon: Nah, nah. My wife's got nothing I want.

Bambi: Oh, bet you've got plenty of what she wants.

Simon: Marriage is a cage, babe. You were just smart enough to get yourself trapped in a solid gold one.

Katie: Get your filthy hands off my husband, you skank! Simon, let me go! Come here!

Simon: Settle down.

Katie: Come here!

Susan: Alison.

Jack: Hi.

Susan: Hi.

Jack: Any news on Alison?

Susan: No. Any news from the Chicago police?

Jack: Not yet. Is Chris Hughes here?

Susan: Shouldn't he be at the hospital?

Jack: Well, yeah. I just came from there. John told me he'd been suspended. I was hoping to find him here. Emily around?

Susan: Uh, she's running some errands. I'm watching the boys.

Jack: Did Alison have a room here?

Susan: She uses the spare room sometimes. She keeps a few things here. Not a lot.

Jack: Would you mind if I had a look around? I always just wonder if there's something we missed.

Susan: Oh, go ahead. But don't wake the boys.

Jack: No, I won't. Susan, can you think of anywhere else in Chicago Alison would have gone besides her dad's?

Susan: If I could, I'd be there.

[Phone ringing] hello? Oh, hi, Margo. No, Danielís fine. We put the kids to sleep early tonight. No, there's no news. Yes! Yes, Iíll accept the charges.

Alison: Mom, it's me.

Susan: Where are you?! Are you okay?

Alison: I can barely hear you.

Susan: Emily is on her way.

Alison: What?

Susan: Are you near your dad's house?

Alison: Near where?

Susan: Honey, stay there. Emily will find you.

Alison: I just called to say good-bye.

Susan: No, Alison! Stay where you are. Emily will be --

Alison: I don't want to go to jail, mom.

Susan: Nobody's sending you to jail.

Alison: Is Will okay? I should have told you what happened. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the fire.

Susan: Alison, this phone is tapped. Call your sister's cell phone. Tell her where you are.

Alison: But, mom, I can't call a cell phone collect.

Susan: I love you.

Jack: Are you crazy? We were this close to finding her!

[Susan sighs]

Susan: I didn't want her hauled away in some police car.

Jack: At least she'd be safe, Susan. She'd be home.

Susan: Not that way!

Jack: There are worse things out there that could happen to Alison tonight. I hope she doesn't find out what they are.

Ritchie: Natasha, Iíve got a surprise for you. Dinner's served.

Alison: I'm sorry, but I can't pay.

Ritchie: I didn't ask you for any money. It's on me, I told you.

Alison: Why are you being so nice?

Ritchie: Because I've been in your shoes. Out on the streets, broke, alone -- you ought to sit down. It's getting cold. So you get in touch with your college?

Alison: Yeah. I talked to my R.A. and she's really worried about me. But I told her I'd get back as soon as I could.

Ritchie: You got a plan. Now that's good. I haven't got a lot of dough, but I still think I can get that cell phone working.

Alison: Really? Oh, that would be really cool. Maybe we could just plug it in here.

Ritchie: No, not without slipping Lou a few bucks. Are you holding out on me?

Alison: Give me that back! Give that back! Help! He just stole my purse.

Waiter: Take it outside, Ritchie.

Alison: I'll scream my lungs out!

Ritchie: I wouldn't do that if I were you. Lou hates loud broads and he'll throw you out on your can.

Alison: Give it!

Ritchie: No! Let me just look through it a little bit and just, you know, see through things.

Mike: You want to throw insults at somebody, throw them at me.

Molly: I was getting to you.

Mike: Look, we need to talk.

Molly: We talked last night, Mike. You said you wanted me back. You said that you were never gonna give up on us.

Carly: That pay doesn't look that good, Moll.

Molly: Would you shut up?

Carly: She was always pretty good at the last word.

Mike: Do you mind if I talk with her?

Carly: Oh, please. Go ahead. Be a glutton for punishment.

Mike: Molly?

Molly: Would you leave me alone? I'm supposed to have a meeting with Ken.

Mike: You don't get to hit and run like that.

Molly: Oh, I'm sorry. Did I upset your girlfriend?

Mike: Nothing has changed since last night.

Molly: When you -- when you said to me that we were so connected that you saved my chewed-up pen, was that because you thought that'd be a way for us to get back together? Why do you keep getting back with Carly? You know what? I don't want to know the answer to that.

Mike: She's going to get a sonogram later, and Jack wasn't interested in going to the doctor's.

Molly: Really? Maybe it's because he's too busy pulling the dagger out of his heart.

Mike: Hey, he had a chance to do the right thing.

[Molly scoffs]

Molly: Mike, Jack has done the right thing his whole life. And where has it gotten him? His first wife was a psychopath, and Carly's a slut. Why should he risk falling in love with a child that's probably not even his.

Jack: And what if it is? Huh? Jack's a big boy. If he can't separate his feelings for the baby from his anger at Carly, fine. He's the one who's got to deal with that. But I will be a part of this child's life. If you're gonna hate me for that, fine. Hate me for it. But backing out of that baby's life because you can't handle it? That is not an option.

Molly: Isn't all this deja vu making you dizzy?

Mike: You will not give an inch, will you?

Carly: Mike, we've got to go.

Mike: I'm ready.

Molly: That's getting to be your motto.

Carly: What's yours, Mol? "Twist the knife at every opportunity"?

Molly: I don't want to keep you guys from your family bonding time, so --

Mike: Going to the sonogram was my idea.

Molly: I don't care.

Mike: Come on, Carly, we don't want to be late.

Kim: Hi. How did that go?

Molly: I can't believe I ever thought she was my best friend. I guess I'm gonna have to start interviewing a new one.

Kim: Well, that could be interesting. I always figured in this life, if you actually have one good friend, you're lucky. I'd say that you and Carly have filled your quota. You two are closer than any two women I know --

Molly: Were, Kim. Were.

Kim: Oh, baloney. Baloney. You two need each other, and you know that. The only question is, when are you gonna get busy and do something about it?


Simon: Settle down. Settle down.

Katie: Let go of me, Simon. Yeah, you better run. Grab that cheap fur, hit the streets where you belong.

Simon: Stop it.

Bambi: See you around, Simon.

Katie: Yeah, right. Never again, if you want to live.

Henry: Relax, relax, relax, she's gone, Katie. She's gone.

Katie: And what are you doing here? What are you two cooking up?

Henry: Cook? Me, cook?

Katie: Simon, talk, or I'll flatten you, too.

Simon: I'm not letting you go. You're not flattening anyone. Now, settle down. Will you settle down?

Katie: Don't try and talk me out of this, Simon. Don't try and talk your way out of it.

Simon: What -- out of what? I'm not having an affair.

Katie: I know that. You're setting up another con, aren't you? You're after her money and Henryís your new little sidekick.

Simon: Yeah, that's right. Yeah, I'm sorry, babe, but you just walked in on my latest scam.

Emily: You know what floored me the most about you? How someone so young could be so mature.

Chris: Mature? I think you've got me confused with my father.

Emily: No, no, you had most of the real important things figured out long before I did. Trust me. Oh, God, I was out of control back then.

Chris: Yeah, but that was the fun part. So much fun. Why did we stop?

[Emily laughs]

Emily: Oh, I don't know. I guess the Mrs. Robinson thing was getting a little old.

Chris: Oh, you liar.

Emily: Okay, I -- needed more than just fun. And I found that with Hal.

Chris: So Hal's not fun?

[Emily laughs]

Emily: Hal is the best kind of fun, thank you very much. He's the kind of Ė heís the kind of fun that lasts. You know? No matter how tough it is out there, you always know that you've got these big arms to wrap around you to help you through.

Chris: Sounds really good.

Emily: Oh, man, good doesn't even come close. You'll find that someday.

Chris: Not under John Dixon's thumb.

Emily: Oh, come on, you won't be his slave forever.

Chris: It just seems like it.

Emily: There. Oh, I'm sorry. That's it. That's Larry's house. The split ranch on the right. Right there.

Chris: Any sign of her?

Emily: No. Wait. Hold on. No. Shoot, that's not her. Where is she?

Chris: How well do you know the neighborhood?

Emily: Not well, believe me.

Chris: Can you think of anyplace else she'd want to go?

Emily: Oh, yeah. This pizza -- pizza parlor she used to go to with Larry every time she would come down here.

Chris: On this block?

Emily: I don't know. I don't know. They used to walk there, so it can't be too far from here, right?

Chris: Let's see what we can find. Don't get discouraged.

Emily: I'm scared, Chris. Where could she be?

Jack: I don't suppose you got her. Damn. No, I'm headed to the station right now. 30 more seconds, Susan, we would have had her.

Susan: Good.

Jack: You're not helping her, you know that?

Susan: You don't want to help Alison. You want to arrest her.

Jack: Another stunt like that, Susan, and you're gonna be arrested for obstruction.

Susan: I don't care.

Jack: Look, I know this isn't easy.

Susan: Oh, Jack, don't patronize me. You don't know what this is like. Regretting every mistake you've ever made with your kid, every harsh word, every slammed door, every silence, and you can't take it back. You can't.

Jack: Chris and Emily are in Chicago, aren't they? I'll take that as a "yes."

Susan: Jack, please -- she's just gonna run. If she sees --

Jack: I'll download Chris's license and alert the Chicago police. If Alison calls back, please, Susan, keep her on the line.

Susan: I'm not making any promises.

Jack: Neither am I.

[Door closes]

[cell phone rings]

Emily: Hello?

Susan: Em, Alison just called. She sounds really, really scared.

Emily: Mom, we just drove past Larry's. She wasn't there. Did she say where she was?

Susan: I don't know. Jack was here, and he tried to trace the call, so I told her what was happening and made her hang up the phone. She said she called just to say good-bye.

Emily: Look, it doesn't mean she's going anywhere if she's not gonna call you back. We'll head downtown, mom, and drive around until we find her.

Susan: Call me the minute that you do.

Emily: We will.

Susan: I love you.

Emily: Me, too, mom.

Chris: Where to?

Emily: Downtown.

Chris: Where downtown?

Emily: I have no idea.

Chris: We hit all the tourist spots.

Emily: She's ducking the cops. She's not gonna be hanging out at the Sears tower. Oh, man, I wish Hal were here.

Chris: As husband or cop?

Emily: Both.

Chris: I thought Hal was part of the problem.

Emily: No, not -- not problem. How would you react if someone put your kid through the kind of hell that Will's been through these past few months, huh?

Chris: I'd want revenge, I guess.

Emily: You guess?

Chris: At first. But if I were married to you --

Emily: Why are you smiling at me?

Chris: Hal's still in Chicago, right?

Emily: Yeah. He's with Barbara, and they're meeting with Will's psychologist about this case. And, yes, their trip's taking a little longer than expected, so --

Chris: I have this vision of stopping at the next light and having them cross in front of us.

Emily: Really? Well, I have this vision of you hitting the gas and aiming the car straight for Barbara Ryan.

Chris: Remind me not to get on your bad side.

[Emily laughs]

Emily: You know what? Just shut up and drive, okay?

Chris: He's with his ex-wife. You're with your ex-lover.

Emily: What is it with you and memory lane, all right? It was another time. Another Emily.

Chris: So what does this Emily do for kicks?

Emily: Well, for starters, I've given up seducing young, male employees.

Chris: That's too bad for them.

[Emily laughs]

Emily: You know what? Now I get my kicks lighting fires and watching the snow fall and curling up on the couch with Hal and the boys and a big, giant gallon of mocha almond fudge ice cream. Ice cream. Ice cream. Alison. Alison is a total ice cream junkie, and she used to go to this place with Larry. Let me think. Hang on. It's at the corner of Clark and -- what is the name of this place? Homer's. Homer's ice cream. That's the name of it.

Chris: Do you think you can find it?

Emily: Yeah. You know what? It's on a side street. I know that much. It's on a side street, and there's big sign, a red sign, and there's this big ice cream cone that swings out and this little, tiny door, just for the kids to walk through.

Chris: It shouldn't be hard to miss.

Emily: I've got to find it. She's got to be there. She's just got to be.

Alison: Give me my purse! Please. You loser. Go away.

Ritchie: Is that any way to talk to the guy who bought you dinner, Alison Stewart?

Alison: Okay, fine. You're the honorary chief of detectives.

Ritchie: And you're a long way from Oakdale. You got a big crib over there at Courtland place, do you?

Alison: Drop dead.

Ritchie: Something tells me you're in big trouble, Alison Stewart.

Alison: It's none of your business.

Ritchie: Well, I'm making it my business. I'm not a stranger to trouble myself, kid, so you better let me know. In case you haven't noticed, ol' Ritchie has a way of finding out stuff.

Molly: And then Mike said that he'd be willing to find Carly someplace else to live.

Kim: Well, then, doesn't that show you that he still loves you?

Molly: And all I wanted to do was go run and jump in his arms.

Kim: Well, why didn't you?

Molly: Because for the life of me, Kim, I cannot let go of the anger and the hurt. I mean, if it was just one of them to forgive -- but both of them? And then there's the baby. I don't think I can ever accept her having his child.

Kim: Honey, do you still love Mike?

Molly: I don't want to. I mean, if it had been anybody but Carly --

Kim: Yeah, but it wasnít. So you either have to deal with it or you have to let it go.

Molly: Mike's already playing daddy. And poor Jack, Jack is building up walls that nobody's gonna ever be able to break down.

Kim: Okay, let me get this straight. Jack loves Carly, Carly loves Jack, you love Mike, Mike loves you. So except for hurt feelings and pride and a taste for revenge, the stuff that's really important, none of that's really changed. And actually, it's entirely possible that Jack and Carly are gonna get their family back together again.

Molly: Jack's too afraid to even think that this baby could be his.

Kim: Oh, if Jack loves Carly, he's gonna love the baby. How could he resist it?

Molly: You see, you almost had me until that part, Kim. Because I deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, compared to Jack.

Kim: Okay, are you Jack's friend?

Molly: Of course.

Kim: Well, did it ever occur to you, maybe he needs a little shove in the right direction? Are you gonna sit around and let bitterness bring you both down?

Molly: You know, we were supposed to be discussing the format changes in the 6:00 telecast. Well, shouldn't we devote some time to business here?

Kim: Business can wait. Life can't. If I were you, I'd be on the phone calling my pal Jack.

Molly: Jack, hey, it's me. Can you meet me at the Lakeview lounge?

Jack: Yeah. I could use a break. Everything okay?

Molly: It will be. The faster you get here, the faster we can fix it.

Jack: I'm on my way.

Katie: What are you doing?

Simon: Settle down.

Katie: What are you doing, Simon?

Simon: Her husband's loaded, isn't he? Big oil guy.

Katie: Right, and she lives in Oakdale?

Simon: No, Chicago. We just thought it would be safer to meet here.

Katie: Safe?

Simon: Yeah.

Katie: That's funny. Those days are over.

Simon: Yeah, I was trying to get her in a compromising position so I could threaten to take the video to her old man if she didn't pay up. Henry was doing all the taping for a cut of the action.

Katie: Well, that's disgusting.

Simon: It's what I do.

Katie: No, it's what you did.

Simon: I tried to leave it behind, Katie, but I can't. I'm good at it. It's the only thing these days to give me a real rush.

Katie: This is Bartleby, right? I mean, he got you thinking about this life again.

Simon: No, no, no, no. Don't blame this on him. I started missing the action way before he showed up.

Katie: You said you hated that life.

Simon: Hated what? What part of it is to hate? I hated seeing the world, huh? Hated staying in five-star hotels? Hated driving cars that cost five times as much as that cramped, little cottage where we're living?

Katie: Don't you dare talk about our cottage.

Simon: Oh, if you love it so much, you can continue to live there.

Katie: Or what? Go on the road with you?

Simon: Did you hear that? Did I invite her? I didn't invite you, did I?

Katie: And since when does a wife need to be invited?

Simon: Don't suffocate me.

Katie: And don't stand here like I'm supposed to understand what the hell is going on here. You've got something to say to me, Simon, say it!

Simon: Go home, Katie.

Katie: Not until you tell me why you're acting like such a jerk.

Simon: I tried to lead the life that you want me to, but it's holding me back. What do you want from me, huh? What do you want from me?

Katie: I want you to be the man that I fell in love with.

Simon: Oh, yeah, yeah. This is the point where I remind you that we only got married so I could stay in the country. Yeah.

Katie: Don't you dare throw that back in my face.

Simon: Yeah, it was convenient, you know? A means to an end.

Katie: Not the second time. You gave me the wedding of my dreams. You love me.

Simon: Love doesn't give you the right to erase who I am. I miss the old days. I want --

Katie: You miss being a creep?

Simon: I miss feeling alive.

Katie: Fine. Fine. You want to be two-timing thief, go right ahead. Fleece the whole world for all I care, but don't ever, ever come crawling back to me!

Simon: Don't worry, I won't. I hate this!

Henry: Hey. I guess you won't be needing this, huh?

Simon: She'll be back.

Henry: Yeah, right. What part of "get lost" don't you understand?

Simon: She'll go home, and she'll cool off.

Henry: Cool off, huh? So will the sun, but not any time soon.

Simon: She'll go home, she'll think about it, she'll say she understands and that she wants to run cons together.

Henry: Well, the family that strays together --

Simon: Listen, mate. We've got to think of something big, something so big that she will never want to see me again.

Jack: Okay, I'm here as fast as I could. What's wrong?

Molly: Jack, what do you know about Carly's sonogram appointment?

Jack: It's in a couple of minutes?

Molly: Yeah. Mike's with her.

Jack: Figures.

Molly: Jack, you should be at that appointment, too. If you don't go, it's like handing Carly and the baby over to Mike for the duration. If that's what you want, fine. But if not, you'd better get over there before it's too late.

Dr. Schiller: Hi, Carly. I'm sorry. I'm running a little bit late, as usual. Feeling okay?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, great. The baby's very active.

Dr. Schiller: That's what I like to hear.

Carly: Oh, Dr. Schiller, this is Mike.

Mike: It's nice to meet you, doctor.

Dr. Schiller: You too, Mike. I assume you're both excited about getting a peek at the baby.

Mike: Yeah.

Carly: Things are a little bit complicated. Mike is my --

Mike: I'm the baby's father, and I'm very excited to be here.

Chris: You're sure it was off of Clark?

Emily: I'm positive. Positive. It's just, ugh, this neighborhood has changed so much.

Chris: I don't see Larry bringing a kid down here.

Emily: All right, maybe it's the next block.

Chris: This street dead ends at the light.

Emily: All right, I just know that it had that sign. I know that for sure.

Chris: It was a lot of years ago, Em.

Emily: There. Look over there. That's it. That white building over there?

Chris: Yeah, the storefront.

Emily: That's it. I'm sure -- oh.

Chris: What's that sign say?

Emily: Pool.

Chris: It looks like some kind of diner, too.

Emily: Oh, boy. I don't like the looks of this place. Let's get out of here.

Chris: I'm gonna check it out. You stay here.

Emily: No. No, no. Forget it. This is not right. Just -- we're wasting our time, Chris. Just keep driving.

Alison: Look, sleazebag, my R.A. knows I'm on my way home. I told her exactly where I am, so don't get any ideas.

Ritchie: I didn't see any money in that purse.

Alison: I've got to go.

Ritchie: Where do you think you're rushing off to?

Alison: What do you want? What, my earrings? I got them for Christmas. They're worth, like, 100 bucks.

Ritchie: I don't like earrings.

Alison: Well, what do you like?

Ritchie: 17-year-old girls. We're gonna have a little party tonight at my place, Alison. You're coming home with me.

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