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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 2/18/03

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Rose: Thank you. He's always good.

Paul: I wouldn't go that far. How 'bout Titanic?

Rose: You're not gonna dis my movie, are you?

Paul: You see? You see? That's the Italian in you. Me, I prefer happy endings.

Rose: I love happy endings.

Bartender: Your table's ready in the dining room, sir.

Dusty: You know what? I think I'm gonna stay right here. I -- I like the view.

Aaron: Lucy, I'll leave if that's what you want. But don't listen to Alison. You've just found out that she's been lying to you, to both of us, for months now. So ask yourself -- why wouldn't she lie about tonight? Lucy, she's the one that set that fire and put us both through so much hell. You can't trust her.

Lucy: I trusted you. How could you do that? How can you say you love me, then sleep with Alison?

Aaron: I didn't.

Lucy: I saw you, Aaron. You were under the sheet, both of you.

Aaron: Look, Lucy, I know what it looked like, but you have to believe me.

Lucy: Just go. I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Craig: Let's go, Aaron. Let's respect Lucy's wishes. Good-bye.

Aaron: Lucy, just think about what I said. Please?

Lucy: How could this happen?

Rosanna: I don't know. But I promise, I'm going to make it all right.

Chris: Why do you want to see Will?

Alison: I have to have a reason? He's family. He's my -- step-whatever.

Nurse: This has gone on long enough. I'm calling security.

Alison: No, no, no, no, no. No cops. I'll tell you whatever you want to know. Just in private, okay?

Chris: I'll take care of this, okay? Thank you. Okay, what's going on?

Alison: I told you. I need to see Will.

Chris: It's in the chart, Alison. You're not allowed to see him.

Alison: But he has to go to court tomorrow, and he's really nervous, and I just wanted to come and calm him down.

Chris: On a good day, Alison, you couldn't calm down a corpse. And right now, you're jumping out of your skin. So how 'bout you start over with the truth? Tell me about the fire.

Alison: You know, you're right. I shouldn't be here.

Chris: Where else are you gonna go, Alison? You have to talk to Will. Why? 'Cause you need to convince him to stick with his story that he set the fire. Only he didn't do it, did he? And now that Lucy's remembered the truth, you're not convinced that he'll keep covering you.

Alison: Lucy is not a reliable witness. She's had problems with her memory before, and everybody --

Chris: Oh, come on, Alison! Who're they gonna believe? You or Lucy Montgomery? It's over -- all the lying, the running. You almost convinced yourself, didn't you? But now that Lucy's remembered the truth and talked to Will, it's time to give up. You set the fire, didn't you? And you've been letting Will take the blame.

[Alison sobbing]

Alison: I didn't mean to hurt Will. That's the worst part. The very worst part.

Chris: So you did set the fire.

Alison: Yes. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for everything.

[Alison sobbing]

Susan: Okay, it's Alison, isn't it? What has she done now? Is she all right?

Emily: Sit down, mom.

Susan: Aw -- you're scaring me. Come on.

Emily: All right, I don't have proof yet, all right? But I have reason to believe Will didn't start that fire. I think Alison did.

Susan: What?

Emily: Emma's barn. The fire.

Susan: I heard you. Well, if Will is accusing her, then Barbara must have put him up to it. We'll just call an attorney to straighten this --

Emily: This is not coming from Will!

Susan: What do you mean?

Emily: Lucy Montgomery's come forward. Apparently Alison confessed to her right before her accident in St. Louis, and that's why there's this delay, because Lucy is still recovering her memory in bits and pieces.

Susan: What are you saying? Lucy? Who has amnesia? And an agenda a mile long? You'd take her word over Alison's? How can you believe this nonsense?

Emily: Mother, believe me, I'd give anything not to believe it. But God help the both of us, I'm beginning to think it's true.

Alison: I never meant for Will to get hurt or blamed. I didn't even know he was there.

Chris: I believe you.

Alison: So what now? You gonna call the cops? Get me thrown in the loony bin?

Chris: You need to make things right with the people in your life -- Will, Lucy, your mom.

Alison: There's nothing I can do to make her change her mind about me.

Chris: Your sister told me a little bit about what happened before -- the boarding school from hell, the judge. You must have been pretty angry.

Alison: Thank you, Dr. Phil.

Chris: So you weren't angry?

Alison: You're all alike, aren't you? Doctors, judges, teachers. You've read, like, one book, and you think that you know everything.

Chris: So explain it to me.

Alison: I didn't start the fire to work out my problems. I burned down the barn for Aaron Snyder. Because I love him.

Craig: He's gone. Sweetness? It is better you found out about all this sooner than later. Hmm?

Lucy: Yeah. I'm going to bed.

Craig: Yeah. I can help you.

Lucy: No.

Craig: Hmm?

Lucy: It's okay. Thanks for everything, Rosanna. I know it really didn't turn out the way I hoped, but at least I remembered, right?

Rosanna: Yes, you did.

Lucy: And thank you for helping me remember the good things about Aaron, too. That really meant a lot. I just wish it didn't hurt so much, you know?

Rosanna: Listen, you've had a really rough day. Why don't you just try to take it easy tonight, you know? Settle in with a good book, watch some stupid TV. Just take your mind off things. We'll -- we'll figure it all out tomorrow, okay? And I'll come up in a little while and help you settle in.

Lucy: Okay. Good night.

Rosanna: Good night.

Craig: I love you.

Lucy: I love you, too, daddy.

Craig: "Thank you for helping me remember the good things about Aaron"?

Rosanna: Look, I listened while she pieced together her memories of the last year, and those included Aaron.

Craig: And this doesn't seem to be a problem, helping her remember "the good things"? Driving her to seek him out, when you know the one thing I want is him out of her life? Will you put that down? You are angry at me?

Rosanna: What did you think would happen when you set this whole thing in motion, hmm? Did you think Lucy would be happy? Grateful to have her heart broken? I know I promised you not to undermine you in your agenda, but now that I've seen what it's done to her, you've seen for yourself, how can you even begin to defend it?

Bartender: Table five is free if you want to hear what she's saying.

Dusty: If I wanted to listen to a woman, I wouldn't be sitting here by myself.

Rose: See, that's the thing about Di Caprio -- you don't know whether you want to tuck him in or take him to bed.

Paul: Speaking of which --

Rose: You tired?

Paul: No.

Rose: Hmm. Are you sure that we're ready for -- for that?

Paul: Positive.

Rose: All right, so what if we -- I don't know --

[Cell phone rings] Well, there. You're very busy right now. You're busy.

Paul: All right, all right, I'm very busy right now. Hello? Yeah. All right, sure, I'll be right there. It's the front desk. There's a message for me. It's probably Will's attorney.

Rose: Oh, well --

Paul: I'll be right back.

Rose: All right, I'll be here waiting for --

[Rose sighs] Ooh.

Dusty: Guess who.

Rose: Who the hell are you?

Dusty: I'm so sorry.

Rose: You don't sneak up a woman and plant your lips on her neck unless you want a stake through the heart. You got that, count?

Paul: You okay, Rose?

Rose: Yeah.

Dusty: Paul?

Paul: Hey, Dusty! Man, good to see you. I just got your message, man. How the hell are you?

Dusty: Good, I'm good. But you've got to rescue me here, because apparently I'm in the wrong.

Rose: You know this guy?

Paul: Yeah. I'm sorry. Rose D'Angelo, this is my long-lost cousin here. How many times removed is it? I lost count.

Dusty: Too many. Dusty Donovan. I'm really very sorry. Lucinda wrote to me about finding Lily's twin, but I had no idea "identical" was gonna be so -- identical. I'm sorry. I thought you were Lily.

Rose: Yeah, right.

Paul: Dusty was Lily's first love.

Rose: Yeah. Holden know about that?

Dusty: Yes. It's so remarkable. You look -- just like her.

Rose: Yeah.

Paul: But unlike Lily, I can promise you, Rose's bite is a hell of a lot worse than her bark.

Dusty: So -- will you accept my apology? I'm sorry.

Rose: Sure. But say I was Lily -- what are you doing planting your lips on a happily married woman?

Rosanna: For your information, I did not conspire against you with Lucy. I listened to her. I tried to support her.

Craig: By running to the store for poor, flu-ridden Emma? Don't pretend this was all innocent. At some point, you crossed the line and started to support that hormone-charged, motorcycle-riding, felonious punk.

Rosanna: That's not true. I don't care about Aaron. I care about Lucy.

Craig: Well, I can see that.

Rosanna: And so what if she needs him right now? I mean, he's just a boy.

Craig: No, he's not. He is the last thing she needs in her life. And the sooner he is out of it, the better!

Rosanna: Yes, sir.

Craig: Look, this is not between you and me. I'm very glad that you have settled your differences with Lucy, and I am very glad that you care about her. But she is my daughter, all right? And I don't need you working against me. I get enough of that from Sierra.

Rosanna: Fine. You know what? As a matter of fact, I did lie to you. But it had nothing to do with Aaron Snyder. Lucy was trying to put together her memories about the fire. And you've just been -- she can't turn to you, so she turned to me.

Craig: Well, I am very glad that she can do that, but there are limitations.

Rosanna: Fine. I'll just tell her that she can't confide in me anymore, that I can't keep her secrets. In fact, I can't even comfort her. Because my only loyalty is to you. And that will hurt her. And it will hurt me. But if it's what you need, so be it.

Aaron: It's just me. Just me. No, Lucy, don't go. Please don't go. Come on, I was hoping you'd come out here.

Lucy: Why? So you could try to convince me again I didn't see what I saw?

Aaron: Luce -- if I had seen you with somebody, I'd feel just the way you do. Look, I got drunk. That was my fault, Lucy. That was my fault. But the rest of it, that was all Alison.

Lucy: So Alison took off all your clothes and -- all the rest of it, by herself?

Aaron: I went to the office by myself. I shut the door to change my shirt, and, I don't know, I must have just passed out.

Lucy: And then what?

Aaron: I don't know, Lucy. I have no idea. I don't know. She must have come in and gotten undressed.

Lucy: Come on, Aaron, no girl would have done that.

Aaron: Alison? Alison Stewart? The girl who set a barn on fire to let me take the rap? She let Will get locked up in a psych ward. I mean, that's what kind of girl she is. She'll do anything to get what she wants. Look, Luce, I'm not saying it was such a bright idea to drink all those beers.

Lucy: Then why did you?

Aaron: Because I'd given up. I didn't know what else to do. You wouldn't believe me, because Alison already told you about some lie with some girl in North Carolina. I thought if I drank, then I wouldn't care so much. That I'd forget about you for a couple hours. Lucy, it was a stupid mistake, and it didn't turn out the way I wanted. I'm so sorry.

Lucy: So you've never been with Alison before?

Aaron: Never. No way. Look, all these lies with this girl in North Carolina and -- and finding us in bed together -- she's trying to get you to give up on me. Don't let her.

Alison: The fire was -- was like a gift to Aaron.

Chris: A gift?

Alison: So that he could be a hero, and they wouldn't send him back to Seattle. And it would have worked if Will hadn't been there, and Hal hadn't started sniffing around.

Chris: So, I don't understand. You went to the barn to burn it down?

Alison: I went to the barn to find Aaron. And then I saw these rags lying around. I don't know. I -- I just -- thought I'd be doing him this huge favor.

[Alison remembering]

How can they send you back to Seattle if you're a hero? It was just supposed to be a little smoke, just so he could rescue me, but I don't know, there must have been gasoline on the rags and -- I never meant to burn down Emma's barn or hurt Will or Luke. I didn't even know they were in there. I just wanted Aaron to save me. And maybe think about what it would be like if I were to die. Just so he could stop obsessing about Lucy.

Chris: Then Aaron was accused, and you got scared, and the whole thing snowballed.

Alison: So now what are you gonna do?

Chris: First, I want to tell you that I believe you, Alison, and that your mother will, too. It's gonna be all right. I'm not saying that there won't be consequences, but your family will stick by you, and I'll help any way I can. So, how are we gonna do this? 'Cause I promised your sister that I'd call her as soon as I found you. And you need to call your mother.

Alison: No, no, no, I can't talk to her. You call her. I'll lose it if I talk to her.

Chris: Okay, okay, I'll have them both come down. You explain the situation. I'll help you.

Alison: I don't think anybody's ever done anything for me just to help me. It's like they've always wanted something.

Chris: I started out wanting to help Will, and now I guess I want to help you.

Alison: Thanks.

Chris: You stay right here. I'll be right back. You've done the hard part, Alison. You admitted what you did.

Alison: They're not gonna care what he thinks. He's just an intern.

Susan: But she's doing so much better. She's going to that technical school. And she's working at that garage. No pay, but she's getting academic credit. And she's still volunteering at the hospital. Honey, I'm telling you, she is so different from when she ran away.

Emily: Mom, you've no idea how much I wish that were true, but the way I see her life still revolves around Aaron Snyder --

Susan: Well, she has a crush on him.

Emily: Mother, the job, think about it. It's just another excuse to be close to Aaron.

Susan: Honey, you can't blame her for that.

Emily: Well, you know what? It gets a little dicey if Alison's the reason his girlfriend's in a wheelchair.

Susan: Wait a second. Lucy Montgomery ran out in the middle of the street and got hit. She can't be blaming Alison for putting her in a wheelchair.

Emily: She's not concerned about herself. She's concerned about Will.

Susan: And -- and Alison isn't? She's been visiting him every day at the hospital. What is she supposed to do?

Emily: Mom, think about it. What -- what if she's only there to keep an eye on Will? To make sure he keeps his mouth shut? This vulnerable little boy who's recovering from injuries that put him in a coma?

Susan: You're saying that my daughter -- our daughter -- would manipulate a sick kid?

Emily: What are you doing?

Susan: I'm calling Alison. So she can defend herself. No answer. Did the Montgomerys come to you?

Emily: No, Rosanna called, looking for Hal.

Susan: Rosanna. Chris Hughes left a message. Uh -- Alison's at the hospital with him, and he said that we should come there.

Emily: Oh, good, good, good. I thought -- I thought that she'd be there. I -- I had to talk to you, and I couldn't leave the boys, so I asked Chris to go to the hospital and see if Alison had stopped in to see Will.

Susan: You -- did you tell him about this?

Emily: Oh.

Susan: He's an intern. He's not even a friend of Alison's. What if he tries to confront her?

Emily: Would you calm down? All right? We know she's there. He's got her there.

Susan: Honey --

Emily: What are you doing?

Susan: Call that woman next door. And get her to stay with the kids.

Emily: Mom, I can't --

Susan: Do it! Because if she's in as much trouble as you say she is, I don't want Chris Hughes anywhere near her. I don't trust him.

Chris: I left a message for your mother. Alison. Alison!

Nurse: Don't tell me she got away.

Chris: Call security. Tell them to stop Alison Stewart before she leaves the building.

Aaron: We were so close, Lucy. We were so together. It felt so good. And after we -- we lay in the straw and look up at the moonlight -- Lucy, we were so happy. It was everything we wanted. It's just killing me that you can't remember. How Alison could turn this whole thing around -- I'm not like that, Lucy. I would never hurt you. Why would I? All I want to do is be with you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I'm pushing you.

Lucy: I should go in.

Aaron: Lucy? Just think about it, please. I love you.

Rosanna: I think you're being shortsighted. Because Aaron Snyder isn't the point. He's just a symptom. He's her first -- her first crush, her first love. Her first, not her last. Unless you keep attacking him. And then it will be your worst nightmare come true. She will be defending him for the rest of her life. But if you back off, let her find out for herself who he really is, it'll play itself out.

Craig: And how do you know this?

Rosanna: Because I was once 16, with a rich father who thought he knew best.

Craig: I know that you sympathize with Lucy, but I cannot let --

Rosanna: She needs a woman's care. She -- her -- she doesn't have a mother right now. Her mother is a million miles away. She needs me. She needs me to help her remember her past. And I am helping her, and she is remembering.

Craig: Yeah, but what happens if she remembers how she thought she felt about this guy?

Rosanna: Well, I can gently remind her of your point of view. That he hurt her in the past, and you don't want her to hurt again. I'm sure she will understand that.

Craig: What if she asks you to keep a secret?

Rosanna: Well, I will tell her that part of growing up is learning how to stand up for yourself, even if it means squaring off against mean, old dad.

Craig: Yeah, that's me.

Rosanna: Well, it'll be just you for a time being, until she is confident enough in her own choices. And she doesn't have to fight them through you first.

Craig: I know you're smart.

Rosanna: Well, thank you very much. So let me help her remember who she is. That's what you want. You don't want a broken-spirited little girl who has to be dependent on you for all of her choices, do you? You want your old Lucy back. The strong, fearless girl who defied her own mother so she could live here in Oakdale.

Craig: Why is this so important to you?

Paul: Babe, uh, Dusty was just joking around. If you knew him a little better, you'd know he was just --

Rose: It's fine. I'm just not comfortable with guys sneaking up behind me, getting chummy like that. Back in Atlantic City, we nipped things like that in the bud, bud.

Paul: Yeah, she was a dancer in Atlantic City.

Rose: Yes.

Dusty: Well, then you know that you have nothing to fear from a guy like me. I'm just back in town, because I miss everybody, especially this guy right here. But I'm gonna leave you two, and I left my number at the front desk.

Paul: Yeah, yeah, I got it. You know, hey, hey, Dusty, why don't you -- why don't you join us? All right? Right? Yeah, I promise you Dusty will keep his lips to himself.

Rose: Of course he will. But I gotta go.

Rose: A girl needs her beauty rest. I got a meeting with the bank in the morning, so I gotta run.

Paul: All right, I'll -- I'll take you home.

Rose: No, I got my car. You stay here and catch up with your cousin here. So, nice to meet you -- Dusty.

Dusty: The pleasure was all mine. Obviously.

Paul: You know what? I'll be right back.

Dusty: Okay.

Rose: Dusty? I mean, what a name for a grown man.

Paul: His name is Dustin. We've been calling him Dusty since we were kids. You sure you want to go home?

Rose: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, you just stay here, and you catch up with -- with your cousin.

Paul: Come here, come here.

[Rose sighs]

Rose: Just keep reminding me, okay?

Paul: Oh! What's up?

Dusty: Hey. I'm sorry -- sorry I chased her away.

Paul: No, man, you know, we'll, you know, we'll survive. She's -- oh, so, man, how the hell are you, man? It's been, what, years?

Dusty: It's been a long time. I've been great. I've been busy. I -- let's see, I had this little investment thing going up in Chicago.

Paul: Ooh, not tech stocks.

Dusty: No, I got out just in time. With enough stocked away so that, believe it or not, I don't have to work.

Paul: Well, that's one less thing, right?

Dusty: Yeah, for a while. So thought I'd visit. And I'm just looking, looking for something to keep me busy or someone to keep me busy. I'm still the most eligible bachelor in town. Did you know that?

Paul: Oh, no, I will warn the local talent.

Dusty: Please do. So how 'bout you? Are you and Rose -- ?

Paul: Uh -- yeah, yeah, we're -- we're getting there.

Dusty: Well, that's good, getting there. That's half the -- half the fun. It's been a long time.

Paul: Yeah, man, it's good to see you.

Dusty: How's your mother? I liked her. She was always such a nice lady. How's she doing?

Paul: You've been gone a long time, Dusty.

Chris: Alison, it's Chris. I know you're scared, but this isn't the answer, okay? Please call me at the hospital as soon as you get this.

Bob: What's going on down here? I just heard that Alison Stewart was making some kind of commotion.

Chris: She was. But I already talked to security. They're looking for her. Everything's gonna be okay.

Susan: Where's Alison?

Chris: Look, don't panic. She's gonna be fine.

Bob: Nurse, would you call security, tell 'em to keep me posted? Why don't we go to my office, Susan?

Susan: We're not gonna go anywhere until your son tells me what's going on.

Chris: Alison told me what happened. She went to the barn looking for Aaron, and when he wasn't there, she got this idea -- to set the fire and let him rescue her. He was apparently about to be sent away, and this was her last-ditch effort to win him a reprieve.

Emily: It was all about Aaron.

Susan: Where is she? I need to talk to her.

Chris: That's the thing -- she was afraid to call you. But obviously, you had to be told, so, I offered to do it. She apparently decided to take off. My cell was in my locker, and when I got back, she was gone. I called security. They're looking for her.

Susan: You just let her go?

Chris: No, I told her to stay right here, and that I would be right back.

Emily: This isn't his fault, mom.

Susan: Yes, it is his fault. Who do you think you are? You wring a confession out of a disturbed teenager, and then you just -- she ran away before, did you know that? She could be halfway to Chicago by now!

Chris: Look, I got her number from the office, okay? I left her a message on her cell.

Susan: Oh, and you expect her to call you back? Why do you think she ran away, doctor? You had no business talking to her in the first place.

Bob: Susan, I know this is upsetting --

Susan: Yeah, it's upsetting! He's an intern. He's not even a psychologist. He has no training. He's not even a friend of Alison's. Oh, no. She's out there all alone.

Emily: Listen, we're gonna find her.

Chris: She's right, dad. I blew it. But it's my mess, and I'm gonna clean it up.

Bob: Look, look, you handled it as well as anybody could. Alison Stewart is problematic at best.

Chris: She's just mixed up.

Bob: She needs professional help. This is a job for the police.

Chris: I just didn't think that it was my place to call them.

Bob: You're right. I'll call them. You make amends to Susan, and then take yourself out of this.

Rosanna: Well, your daughter is important to me because she's -- well, she's your daughter. And I thought we were getting married. At least until you decided that you didn't trust me anymore.

Craig: No, no, no, don't change the subject, which happens to be Lucy and why you're so concerned her well-being.

Rosanna: Well, you know, she just got out of the hospital, and so did I. And I feel for her. And you know, she's really opened up to me. And I can see why you love her. She's very sweet and kind.

[Craig laughing]

Craig: Since when did you value sweet and kind so much? What happened to the nefarious vixen I fell in love with?

Rosanna: Excuse me, she's still here.

Craig: Well, I hope so. I mean, our whole relationship is based upon mutual acceptance. I accept you're a sneak. You accept I'm astute. What would happen if you ever reformed?

Rosanna: Well, that's not going to happen. I'm simply branching out.

Craig: A second ago, you were questioning my motives. Having second thoughts?

Rosanna: Look, you -- you know that little box I had with the cufflinks and such?

Craig: Yeah.

Rosanna: Well, I just threw it out. Because I found the one I want. And the nice thing is that he wants me, too. And it's having an extraordinary effect on my knees.

Craig: So I'm why you're so besotted with my daughter?

Rosanna: Well, partly. And partly because I've sort of lost hope of ever having a child of my own, and -- Lucy's turned to me and said she needed me. So I just sort of surrendered, I think. To you and to this house and living here and getting married to you. And loving your child. It's a little -- strange coming from me, I'm sure, isn't it?

Craig: No, no, no. You'll always have that. You hide it well.

Rosanna: Is it okay with you? And Lucy?

Craig: As long as you remember that I am her father, and I have the right to set certain limits. And it's okay for her not to like them. Part of being a kid, disagreeing with daddy.

Rosanna: Right, daddy.

Craig: And she will still like you, even if you have to you lay down the law from time to time.

Rosanna: Thank you for sharing her with me.

Craig: What's mine is yours, babe.

Rosanna: You know what, Montgomery?

Craig: Hmm?

Rosanna: I think you've made me something I never thought I'd be -- happy.

[Craig chuckles]

Rosanna: This is a good thing. Making me happy.

Craig: I don't know. I've never done it before.

Rosanna: Oh, sure you have.

Craig: Yes, but not -- happy consistently. There's not a man, woman or child or goldfish I can make happy consistently.

Rosanna: You make Lucy happy.

Craig: She loves me. That's different.

Rosanna: I love you.

Craig: And you don't even have to. That's a miracle.

Rosanna: Stop. You sit down right here. You are completely, wonderfully, huggably lovable, hmm?

Craig: Well --

Rosanna: When you want to be.

Craig: Lovable, maybe, yes, sure. But consistently happy-making, no. I make people consistently cringe. You see them when they see me coming, right?

[Rosanna laughing]

Rosanna: Stop. You just did a perfect bar-bar.

Craig: I know.

Rosanna: But do you know what?

Craig: Hmm?

Rosanna: Come here. I'm not Barbara. Or Carly. Or Sierra. Or even Jack Snyder.

Craig: Yeah, I know. Isn't it amazing? Here we stand in the wreckage of Oakdale's best bets. Carly and Jack? I cannot tell you how many times I was told "we were meant to be." "Couple of the year." Kaputsky, baby. Mike and Molly? Splitsky. And here we are.

Rosanna: The baddies.

Craig: The baddest. I'm happy. Wholesome, even. That was a parenting discussion we just had.

Rosanna: I know. I noticed that.

Craig: What's happening to us?

Rosanna: I guess we finally got lucky.

Craig: Where're we going?

Rosanna: Upstairs.

Craig: Why?

Rosanna: So I can make love to you for 1,000 years.

Craig: Oh. Good.

Emily: Here, drink this.

Susan: You have no idea how much I wish this weren't water.

Emily: No, you don't.

Susan: Yes, I do. But I don't want to add fuel to the fire.

[Susan sighs] Chris, I -- I'm sorry for blowing up at you.

Chris: Understood.

Susan: But you know, I was wondering, if you thought she was telling you the truth -- I mean, it occurred to me that she might've concocted this story. You know, with herself as the heroine.

Chris: No, she was trying to impress Aaron Snyder. She hoped that during the rescue there'd be some sort of romantic moment, where he'd finally realize that Alison was the girl for him. Or at the very least, he'd be grateful for making him a hero and helping him stay in Oakdale.

Susan: I don't understand. She's such a -- a great person. She's so bright and so -- so funny and so pretty. And how could she think so little of herself?

Emily: Stop. Don't do this. Don't do this to yourself. Okay? She needs us to stay strong for her.

Susan: She needs us to find her. But where is she? Where did she go?

[Knocking on door]

Alison: I know that you're really mad at me right now. And I don't blame you. But I couldn't take it if I thought that you'd never forgive me. I don't mean now, just -- someday. Please -- please, tell me that you'll try to understand. 'Cause I did it all for you, Aaron.

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