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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 2/17/03

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Jack: Here, you're gonna need some food and rent and stuff.

Carly: I can't.

Jack: Yes, you can. I want you to. For Parker then.

Carly: No, Jack. We'll be all right, really.

Jack: You sure you have enough cash?

Carly: I've got some saved from before.

Jack: Enough for rent?

Carly: Jack -- we're gonna be staying with Mike. Just for now, just until I get back on my feet. Unless you have a better idea in mind.

Jack: It sounds like Mike has all the alternatives covered.

Carly: Would you prefer that Parker and I pick out a nice, cardboard box in a back alley?

Jack: Oh, stop it, Carly.

Carly: No, Jack, you stop it! I'm moving into Mike's cottage, not Mike's bed.

Jack: Yet.

Carly: No snide remarks, please.

Jack: The guy makes a pitch for me to save my marriage, and then he invites you to move in. It's classic timing.

Carly: He's trying to be my friend.

Jack: Oh, Mike's everybody's friend. He's always there when you need him. How long do you think he's gonna bunk on that couch, Carly?

Carly: I'm used to the rest of this town thinking the worst of me, Jack. But not you. You take my stuff, you give it away. You burn it. I really don't care.

Jack: No, no, we are not gonna do this. We are not gonna end it like this. Not like this, Carly.

Molly: Do you know where the mother of your child is right now? She's with Jack, begging him to give her one more chance.

Mike: Good. I hope he does.

Molly: You're not just a little bit upset that she's already bailing on your family plans here? Crawling back to Jack so soon?

Mike: No. But I am curious as to what you were doing in Milltown.

Molly: Seducing Jack. That is, until Carly showed up and ruined my good time.

[Phone rings]

Rosanna: Hello.

Craig: How's Emma?

Rosanna: Oh, she's just awful. Right now I'm online at an all-night pharmacy.

Craig: She doesn't deserve you.

Rosanna: It shouldn't be much longer. Thank you so much for understanding.

Craig: Oh, I understand perfectly. I am home and Lucy is not. So unless she is nursing

poor chef Emma with you, I'm going to call the police.

Rosanna: Well, relax, Craig, please. Don't call the police. Lucy's with me.

And we're not at Emma's.

Craig: Really? What is going on, Rosanna?

Rosanna: We'll talk when I get home.

Craig: Lie to me if you have to, but do not involve my daughter.

Rosanna: Well, Lucy involved me. She needed a ride.

Craig: Where? And why does the name Aaron Snyder come to mind?

Rosanna: Craig? Hello? Craig --

[Crackling sounds] You're breaking up. I can't hear you.

[Making static noises] Craig, I'm gonna have to call you later, darling. I love you. Bye.

Craig: Rosanna? Rosanna? If you are helping Lucy chase that hairdo --?

[Door opens]

[Crashing noise]

Alison: What was that?

Lucy: Didn't anyone ever tell you to lock the doors? Anybody could walk in.

Aaron: Lucy, what the hell is going on here?

Lucy: It's pretty obvious, Aaron.

Aaron: Not to me.

Alison: It's okay, Aaron.

Aaron: No, it's not okay.

Lucy: More like disgusting.

Aaron: Lucy? What did you do?

Alison: Maybe we should get dressed first.

Lucy: Don't bother.

Aaron: No, no, Lucy, wait. Lucy, wait. Lucy, wait.

Lucy: You said you loved me!

Aaron: I do. I didn't do anything.

Lucy: Oh, please.

Aaron: I don't even know how I ended up here.

Lucy: Please don't insult me.

Aaron: Look, I'm serious. I had a few beers. I don't even know.

Lucy: No more lies, Aaron. It is over. For good this time.

Aaron: Please, Lucy, don't leave.

Alison: She's not gonna understand that we had a little too much beer.

Aaron: Shut up, Alison. Look, Lucy, I must have passed out. Look, I swear, I did not have any sex with her, I swear. Nothing happened.

Alison: Don't waste your breath, Aaron.

Lucy: You've been waiting for this night a long time, haven't you, Alison? Well, I hope you made the most of it. Because Aaron's not gonna have anything to do with you once he finds out what you did to him.

Alison: Well, if you're talking about what I just did to him, I think he already knows.

Lucy: I know what you told me in St. Louis. I remember all of it.

Aaron: What do you remember?

Lucy: Alison and I did fight before the accident. But not about you cheating on me with a girl from North Carolina.

Aaron: Wait a minute -- you're the one that told her that stupid lie?

Lucy: Yeah. Because she didn't want me to remember the truth. She didn't want me to remember that she was the one who started the fire.

Alison: That's insane! And she accuses me of making stuff up?

Lucy: She confessed to me, Aaron.

Alison: She just barely remembers her own name.

Lucy: I couldn't believe what she put us through all those weeks, letting you get arrested, making us run from the police. I was just so devastated and angry that I wasn't looking where I was going and I ran out into the street because I had to tell you, Aaron. I had to tell everyone. And then, when I woke up in the hospital, my memory in pieces, she used it to confuse me. She never wanted me to remember.

Alison: Why are you saying all these things? Will started the fire.

Lucy: I talked to Will. He told me everything.

Alison: They wouldn't let you in the hospital and --

Lucy: He told me you practically blackmailed him into keeping your secret.

Aaron: What did you do to that kid?

Alison: Nothing!

Lucy: You told him you'd be put in prison for it, but they'd never do that to a kid his age. That's how you convinced him to keep telling people that he did it. He was so scared of you getting locked up that he kept your secret.

Alison: I wouldn't do that, Aaron. Aaron, please, you have to believe me.

Lucy: You think Hal will believe you?

Alison: You can't tell Hal. That's not true, Lucy. None of that is true.

Lucy: Well, we'll see soon enough. He's my next stop.

Aaron: No. Lucy. Lucy, wait. Lucy, wait.

Alison: Aaron, please. Please don't leave me!

Emily: I'm sorry that took so long.

Chris: The boys okay?

Emily: Yeah, they're fine. They've got 100 trucks up there, and they both want the same one. Are you really drinking that?

Chris: It beats what's in the doctor's lounge.

Emily: Here, let me -- I just wish you could have found out more about Lucy's visit with Will.

Chris: Well, I'm sorry. She and Rosanna were in a big rush to get to Alison.

Emily: Yeah. Well, I've been thinking about what you asked me earlier -- is it possible that Alison started that fire -- I don't know what to think, you know? It's the last thing I want to believe, Chris, but with Alison, things have been so strange with her lately.

Chris: What kinds of things?

Emily: She's obsessed with Will, you know? She -- she's buying him things all the time and she's constantly wanting to visit with him, and that's so not Alison. You know, Alison's life is all about Alison.

Chris: So what, are you saying there could be a motive?

Emily: Has Dr. Michaels said anything to you? Off the record, of course. Did -- did Will say anything about Alison?

Chris: You know I can't discuss that.

Emily: Oh, come on. Don't give me that. People discuss things in that hospital all the time. That's why they have those little signs in all the elevators. Lucy visited Will tonight for a reason. Chris, if there's a chance that Alison started that fire, I have to know before Hal does. I have to know before anyone.

Aaron: Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, wait. Wait, wait, please don't go. Please don't go. You have to believe me. I did not have sex with Alison.

Lucy: I know what I saw, Aaron.

Aaron: No, you didn't. Nothing happened.

Lucy: You and Alison naked didn't happen? The two of you sleeping together didn't happen? That stupid heart on your chest didn't happen?

Aaron: Look, look, look, look -- I got wrecked because you said it was over between us. I started with the beer, and the next thing I know, I'm waking up, Alison's next to me, and then you walking through the door, and -- I don't know what to do. Please.

Lucy: You know, Aaron, I came here tonight to tell you that I was wrong about you. That I should have trusted you, because when I remembered what Alison and I were fighting about, I remembered something else, too. How much I used to love you.

Aaron: Hold on to that, hold on to that, Luce. You love me, and I still love you so much. We can get there again.

Lucy: I'm leaving. Please let go of my chair.

Alison: Lucy! Please, don't go to Hal.

Lucy: You know what? You two deserve each other.

Rosanna: What's going on in here? Lucy, are you okay?

Lucy: No. Can we go?

Aaron: There's been a horrible mistake.

Alison: Lucy's mistake.

Rosanna: If I were you, little girl, I'd put some clothes on and keep your mouth shut.

Lucy: I want to go to Hal Munson right away.

Alison: Lucy, I'm begging you. Please. Hal will kill me. He'll shoot me off to jail. Please don't do this to me.

Lucy: You did it to yourself, Alison.

Alison: Aaron, you have to help me. Lucy's totally lost it.

Aaron: I never touched you, Alison, okay? I never saw you draw this sick heart on my chest. And I never saw you take your clothes off. You lied about us having sex tonight, and you lied about the fire.

Alison: I didn't --

Aaron: You didn't what? After all the lies, convince me, Alison. Convince me how I should ever believe another word you ever say.

Mike: All right, you can't keep your hands off Jack. You happy about that? Want to tell me a little bit more? See how mad I get about this?

Molly: I just came here because I want to warn you that Carly and Jack are not over.

Mike: I hope she stays in Milltown.

Molly: You're bluffing.

Mike: Really? Then why did I go over there and try to beat some sense into Jack, huh? Why did I try to convince him to forgive his wife? Because Carly still loves him. She never stopped loving him. But he can't see that. Now, I don't blame him, but packing up her stuff like she was some part-time boarder, that was wrong.

Molly: Wrong for him, but right for you.

Mike: You said you weren't coming back.

Molly: Yeah well, here I am, just in time to clear out my stuff for my replacement.

Mike: I'm not replacing you with Carly. She's pregnant. She is alone, and if I can help her, I will. All right, she's my friend and I'm not gonna apologize for that. I love you, not Carly. That's not gonna change, not now, not ever.

Jack: I didn't mean to tear into you like that. I'm sorry. You and Parker are gonna need your things.

Carly: I hate shuffling him around.

Jack: Want me to talk to him?

Carly: That'll just confuse him more.

Jack: Carly -- if you want I can help you get some of that stuff down.

Carly: I thought for a second you were gonna ask me to stay. You can't blame a girl for dreaming. Jack, I'm not trying to make a home with Mike.

Jack: Not now. But after you've been there a while, who knows --

Carly: I'm pregnant and exhausted. And most of the time I'm biting people's heads off. And I'm miserable the rest of the time, and I feel like hell, and I look like hell --

Jack: No, you don't. You look beautiful. Just like when you carried Parker. Pregnancy agrees with you, Carly. Which just proves my point. Mike is not gonna want to sleep on that couch forever.

Carly: He's just gonna have to get used to it.

Jack: You know what he's gonna get used to, Carly? He's gonna get used to having Parker around and making plans for the new baby. And pretty soon, you guys will all start feeling like a family. I know how it goes.

Carly: You are my family, Jack. No matter how many ways you say it's over, nothing is gonna change that. You are my husband, and for me that still means forever.

Craig: You turned off your cell phone.

Rosanna: Did I?

Craig: Where's Lucy?

Rosanna: She's taking her coat off.

Craig: What is going on, Rosanna?

Rosanna: Emily and Hal are on their way over.

Craig: And why are we entertaining the Munsons?

Rosanna: I don't have a lot of time to explain. Lucy remembered some things about the fire.

Craig: What things did she remember?

Rosanna: I'll tell you when Hal gets here. But there's something I have to tell you first, before Lucy comes in the room. We went over to Burt's garage. She saw Alison Stewart in bed with Aaron.

Craig: Really?

Rosanna: Yes, and you can wipe that smug look off your face. She was crushed. This is Lucy's first love. Don't you know what that does to a girl?

Craig: Personally, no. But for you, I will act as if it is the end of the world as we know it.

Rosanna: Lucy was devastated.

Craig: I know. I know. But as hard as this may be right now, it's for the best. And now we can move on.

Emily: We got here as fast as we could.

Rosanna: Well where's Hal?

Emily: Chicago, he had a meeting.

Chris: Emily asked me to come along.

Rosanna: This is ridiculous. I needed to talk to Hal. This is a police matter.

Emily: Rosanna, please, if it involves Alison, I need to know what's going on before you talk to the cops. Just tell me why Lucy was so anxious to talk to Will. Was it about the fire?

Rosanna: I'll talk to Jack, I will talk to Margo, I will talk to anybody at the O.P.D. but I will not talk to you. Alison Stewart is a criminal and she should be treated as one.

Craig: Well, listen, before my daughter gets involved with the police, I want all the facts.

Rosanna: Well fine, but if Emily doesn't go straight to Hal, we have to call the police ourselves.

Chris: Did Lucy remember something about the fire?

Lucy: I remembered everything. And I remember Alison telling me she started it. She lied to everybody. She let Aaron, and then Will take all the blame.

Alison: I don't want you to hate me.

Aaron: Then come clean. Please, I have to know what happened.

Alison: All I wanted was to be close to you tonight. Is that a crime?

Aaron: No, no, but you went about it all wrong. Look, Ali, I have to want it too. And I'm sorry, I don't.

Alison: Like the story of my life. Why is everything so easy for Lucy?

Aaron: Nothing's easy for anybody. Look, nobody just gets a free ride. Lucy is in a wheelchair --

Alison: And you still love her. Free ride? I can't even get on the bus.

Aaron: Oh, stop with the self-pity! Tell me what you did.

Alison: Nothing!

Aaron: Nothing? Okay, "nothing" sent me to jail? "Nothing" sent little Will to a psychiatric ward? It almost killed Lucy in an accident! Damn it, you owe me the truth, Alison! You owe everybody!

Alison: Okay. Okay, I did lie. But not the way you think. I was just so sick of watching you and Lucy holding hands and whispering sweet nothings into each others' ears, and acting like you two were the only people on earth to ever be in love. I couldn't stand it, so I told her I set the fire for you. So you could be a hero! I just did it to shut her up. I did it so she could know how much I love you too!

Molly: You keep saying that. You keep saying how much you love me, but I think it's really funny how you can pack up all that "love" into just a few cardboard boxes.

Mike: Every single one of those boxes holds a memory for me.

Molly: That's what we are, Mike, memories. That's it.

Mike: You'll always be more than that to me. God, I wish it weren't. You know, I wish I had this switch I could just run it off and I wouldn't have these feelings any more, but I can't. Now if you slept with Jack because you were trying to get even with me, fine, it worked. But if you slept with Jack because you think that he's the man for you --

Molly: I didn't sleep with Jack. And we made it up. It was a lie, okay? We wanted to hurt you. We wanted you to feel angry and betrayed. We wanted you to feel exactly how we feel.

Carly: Come on, where is it?

Jack: Did you lose something?

Carly: An appointment card. I made a doctor's appointment weeks ago, and with everything going on, I don't know where it is.

Jack: Is this it?

Carly: Where'd you find that?

Jack: Under the bed in this book.

Carly: "What to expect when you're expecting." I could write my own version of that. It's an important appointment, you know, I didn't want to miss it.

Jack: For the sonogram, right?

Carly: Yeah. I didn't write it on the calendar and I didn't know when it was.

Jack: Listen, Carly, I know we decided we were going to go the sonogram appointment together, but --

Carly: Yeah -- but. That's okay. Don't worry about it. Is there any more stuff upstairs?

Jack: Yeah, there's a few things.

Carly: I'll get out of your way.

Jack: Uh -- Carly? Let me know if you need a hand.

Aaron: So you lied when you told Lucy you started that fire?

Alison: Yes!

Aaron: And you didn't really do it?

Alison: No. No.

Aaron: And Will did? You are pathetic.

Alison: Don't say that, Aaron. They were going to send you back to Seattle. I knew you'd be miserable and I would miss you so much --

Aaron: So you torched my grandma's barn?

Alison: Why couldn't you look at me just once the way you look at her?

Aaron: Lucy doesn't lie. And Lucy would never hurt anybody.

Alison: But didn't you ever feel like there was no one in the world who understood you?

Aaron: Yes, all the time. 'Till I met Lucy.

Alison: Aaron, Aaron. Where are you going?

Aaron: I'm going to see Lucy. Hopefully I can get her to believe me again.

Alison: No, no, please don't go. Please!

[Door slams]

[Alison sighs] What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? Will! Will has to help me. He has to help me.

Emily: Lucy, exactly what did Alison say to you when you confronted her?

Lucy: She denied it.

Craig: No.

Emily: Well, maybe there's more to it --

Rosanna: Oh, God. Don't try to rationalize this, Emily! Alison is an arsonist.

Emily: Don't lecture me, Rosanna, okay? I need to know more about what happened before I can go to Hal or to anybody else. I'm sorry, sweetie. I'm so sorry for all the pain she's caused you. Let's go.

Lucy: I'm sorry I ruined your night with Rosanna, daddy.

Craig: Oh, baby, we don't -- we don't care about that. I'm just sorry you had to get hurt like this.

Lucy: He was in bed with her --

Craig: I know, I know.

Lucy: He said he loved me. It was just another one of his lies, wasn't it?

Craig: Yeah, yeah. He is a liar and a fool. Because he could never find anybody as beautiful and sweet and wonderful and glorious as you.

Lucy: You're just saying that because I'm your daughter.

Craig: No, no, no, I'm saying that because it's true.

Rosanna: Honey, I have had my heart broken. I know how much it hurts, but it will get better.

Craig: Yes, yes, the hurt will go away. We will do everything we can to make that happen. I promise.

Lucy: Okay --

[Lucy sobbing]

Mike: That -- that's a nice try, Molly, but what's the point in changing your story this late date? You think that I'm gonna forget what I saw when I walked in -- I saw you and Jack together that night?

Molly: Mike, listen to me. I'm not saying that we were totally innocent. Yeah, we almost did something that night, but we didn't. We didn't go through with it.

Mike: So I show up and you just lead me to believe the worst?

Molly: Yeah, 'cause I was mad. And I am still really mad. And so I wanted to get back at you, so I let you think that I slept with Jack, yeah.

Mike: I don't believe Jack went along with that.

Molly: Well, he didn't want to. He hated the idea, but he knew that I needed my pound of flesh.

Mike: You say nothing happened, nothing happened.

Molly: Oh, my God. Why am I defending myself to you?

Mike: You don't have to defend yourself. We're even.

Molly: Even? Even, we're not even! We are not even close to being even.

Mike: I understand if you slept with Jack. I forgive you.

Molly: There's nothing to understand, Mike.

Mike: Fine. You know, fine.

Molly: You are impossible, you know that?

Mike: You're no day at the beach yourself! You think having Carly here is gonna change what is in my heart for you? I love you. That's true. That is real. That is not gonna change. Look -- I don't have a lot, but I promise you that I would give up everything that I had just to kiss you, just to hold you one more time, just to have the slightest chance that one day you'll forgive me.

Molly: Maybe there is a chance.

Mike: Don't say that unless you mean it.

Molly: No, Mike. Maybe I can forgive you, but there's something you have to do first.

Mike: Anything.

Molly: You have to tell Carly to take a hike and go to some place else to live.

Carly: Why can't you just admit that you miss us, Jack. I do -- so much. I would give anything for just five minutes of before.

Jack: Before you slept with Mike? Before you conceived a baby that's probably his? I mean, because for me, Carly, I can't remember more than that.

Carly: I remember it all. And at our best, Jack, we were damn good.

Jack: Then why are we here.

Carly: I guess we just lost faith in each other.

Jack: We?

Carly: I wasn't the one who called off the wedding, Jack. I didn't spend time looking for an invisible affair with Craig --

Jack: Okay, I was wrong to be jealous of Craig.

Carly: And I was more wrong when I turned to someone else after I thought I'd lost you for good.

Jack: Pretty much.

Carly: Well, there is no way I'm gonna let one drunk and incredibly stupid night with Mike erase all of the wonderful memories I have with you.

Jack: Well, hopefully you'll make more living with Mike.

Carly: Now, you listen to me, Jack Snyder -- I've traipsed around this globe from Montana to Hong Kong and then back again and there's only one place on this earth that I have ever really lived and that's right here with you. I've had more perfect days in this house, than I have ever had in my entire life.

Perfect days watching you play with my son. And perfect nights resting in your arms. I have lived every dream I've ever had about a real home. So it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if I hang my hat at Mike's or in Timbuktu, Jack. The only place I will ever really live is with you.

Jack: You see, when you talk like that, it takes everything in me not to grab you and keep you here.

Carly: Say it. Just say the word, Jack. That's all it'll take. Don't fight what you know is best for both of us. Tell me to come home, Jack. Please.

Rosanna: How's Lucy?

Craig: We talked. She's upset. But she will mend. That hairball is out of my life, Alison is out of my life and you and I finally have time for more pleasurable pursuits.

Rosanna: Wish I could share your certainty.

Craig: I'm not saying that Alison isn't a loose canon. Might even throw her to the wolves.

Rosanna: Are you worried she might give you up?

Craig: Not at all. But there are many ways to punish someone. She doesn't have to go to jail.

Rosanna: Don't you even think about protecting her. Lucy expects us to stand up for her, to see this through. I was there. I saw what happened first-hand. I care about Lucy, and I will not let you manipulate the situation so you can save your own skin.

Craig: I'm not manipulating anything. I will handle the situation as I see fit for my daughter.

Rosanna: You mean, for yourself.

Lucy: You guys aren't arguing because of me, are you?

Craig: No, of course not, baby.

Lucy: Dad, I asked Rosanna to help me. If she hadn't driven me to that garage, I would have found another way to get there.

Craig: Listen, I am not angry at Rosanna. I'm just sorry you got hurt so badly.

Aaron: So am I, Lucy.

Jack: I miss everything there is about you. Everything I took for granted. All the little things that I never gave a second thought. Like how -- you brush your hair at night or how we both -- we walk down the hall to check on Parker to make sure he hasn't kicked off his covers again. I miss knowing how -- how safe he is in this house, and how he sleeps just like you sleep, on his side with his hand tucked under his cheek.

Carly: Jack.

Jack: I miss your footsteps racing down the stairs, but most of all, you know what I miss most? Resting my head on your body and believing that that baby you're carrying was mine. But from now on, your footsteps will be at Mike's and Parker will have a new room, and if I'm really lucky, if I'm really lucky, I'll get used to sleeping alone and I won't stop and check in his bedroom to see if his covers are still on him. I guess that's what I got for taking things for granted, right? I'm gonna take your stuff out to the car. And Mike can help you unload it.

[Door slams]

Mike: All right, I'll do that. I'll find Carly another place. But I asked you before, if I did that, would you be ready to move back in?

Molly: First I need to know that you are absolutely willing to tell Carly that you've changed your mind.

Mike: I'll do anything to keep us together, if that is the only thing that's holding us apart.

Molly: Then there's the baby. I mean, this kid's gonna be a part of your life forever, right?

Mike: Yeah, like Abigail's a part of yours, you know? And Parker's a part of Hal's.

Molly: Well, what do we do? I mean it, Mike. What do we do? Do we just have joint birthday parties and holidays?

Mike: We can work it out.

Molly: This -- what about the things we can't work out? I mean, wasn't it about seven years ago that you got Carly pregnant the first time, and then now -- I mean, what if this seven-year itch strikes again? I can't live like that. I can't live my life wondering what's gonna happen, what are you and Carly gonna do next.

Mike: You're afraid. I get that.

Molly: You know, cheating wasn't an option with Jake. I mean, I know that man wasn't perfect, but I always knew, as bad as things got, that I was the only woman he would ever want.

Mike: All right, we were a lot of things, Molly, but we weren't married.

Molly: So that makes it okay?

Mike: No, no. That doesn't make any of it okay. Do you remember in New York, you know? And you said that you -- you were scared to fall back in love? Well, what I didn't tell you is that I was just as scared as you were, you know? It was like the first time I saw you, you brought up all these feelings that I -- I had never felt in my entire life, you know? It's like you walked into my life and everything else just took a back seat. I just kept thinking, "man, she is so perfect."

Molly: Oh, I'm so far from perfect.

Mike: But I just kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, you know? And you lied to me about that Burn unit thing, and I just thought, "man, see? I was right. Nothing this good can last."

Molly: Enter Carly.

Mike: Yeah, enter Carly. I was hurt, and -- I thought I was looking for -- looking for a way out. I just -- oh, man, I don't want a way out. You are the woman that I love, all right? Not -- not Carly.

Molly: I can't stop being haunted about the fact that you two pretended to be pals and then wound up in each other's arms, Mike. So -- I'm making this really simple decision. It's not that it's gonna keep me from stop -- stop hurting.

Mike: What's that?

Molly: I've decided that I don't love you.

Mike: Just like that, huh?

Molly: Just like that.

Mike: All right, well -- decide whatever you want. It's not gonna affect me.

Molly: It's not?

Mike: Nope, because I've decided something, too. And you're gonna have to get that through this head of yours. 'Cause what I've decided is -- that there is no way that I am giving up on us.

Alison: Come on, I've got to see Will Munson right away.

Nurse: I'm calling a guard.

Chris: Nurse, what's going on?

Alison: I have to see Will, but this cow won't let me in.

Chris: Nurse, I'll handle it. Thank you.

Alison: I've got to see Will.

Chris: Why?

Alison: That's none of your business.

Chris: Keep your voice down.

Alison: I'll scream my head off if you don't get someone to let me in there right now.

Chris: How does getting kicked out of here help you, Alison? You need to see Will. I get it. But not like this. You've got two choices -- getting the boot or letting me help you.

Alison: There's no way you can help me.

Chris: How do you know? Talk, Alison. Tell me why you need to see Will so badly or you're out of here now.

Craig: Aaron, breaking and entering again?

Aaron: The door was open.

Rosanna: This is not a good time, Aaron.

Aaron: Lucy? Please --

Craig: You're trespassing.

Aaron: Look, I don't want to start any trouble, okay? I'll go if that's what Lucy wants.

Rosanna: I think it's best.

Aaron: Lucy -- Lucy, I love you. If you could only remember how it was between us, how much I loved you, how much we loved each other, please just hear me out. And then I'll go.

Molly: What are you doing with this? We're not going steady anymore.

Mike: I was hoping that you'd take it back.

Molly: No. I think you should keep it. Little something to remember me by.

Mike: I kept a couple things to remember you by. Just -- remember that pencil you used for the crossword, the one that's chewed on all the time? I kept that. And you know, the -- the napkin basket that we got at that flea market. It's just stuff that, you know, I didn't think you missed, but, you know, when I look at it, just makes me feel connected to you.

Molly: That chewed-up pencil connects us?

Mike: Well, I mean, whatever you touch connects us. Look -- just -- just take this with you. You know, like, maybe once in a while you'll look at it and you'll remember how good we were together. Maybe it'll make you come back home to me.

Molly: Mike, stop it. I already told you I don't believe in destiny. I don't believe in silly superstitions, either. I believe in the truth, okay?

Mike: The truth is that I will always love you.

Molly: Then stop breaking my heart.

Jack: It's freezing.

[Door closes]

Carly: Thanks for taking that stuff.

Jack: Yeah, no problem.

Carly: I'll get the rest of it next week.

Jack: No hurry, Carly. Just -- I want you to know, I didn't sleep with Molly.

Carly: That's what you said. Here. I guess I won't be needing this anymore. Good-bye.

[Door closes]

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