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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 2/13/03

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Aaron: Here you go.

Alison: Do me a favor, okay? Aaron, don't get sick on me.

Aaron: What, are you kidding me? I'm fine. I've never felt better. Geez. Let's just say I'm celebrating my liberty, my liberation and my freedom -- freedom from all the pressures that everybody puts on you. Go to school, huh? Get a degree, get married and have a bright future. Who needs it?

Alison: I know. Sometimes I think my mom expects me to have my whole life mapped out, from now until they stick me in my grave.

Aaron: Right. You know, Lucy never got how hard that was for me. You know, she was like this princess. Yeah. Let's just say I don't -- I don't have the royalty gene.

Alison: Me either.

Aaron: What?

Alison: I'm not a princess. I'm someone like you. I mean -- if that matters.

Lucy: I just need to see a patient at Memorial hospital right away.

Gloria: Lucy, I'm not sure what's going on with you, but your physical therapy is important, too. Your grandmother made her concerns very clear.

Lucy: I know she thinks I've been slacking off. But isn't my mind just as important as my body? I mean, I think I've remembered some things. And I need to know if they're real.

Gloria: Remember our last two sessions we were supposed to have?

Lucy: Okay, I missed them.

Gloria: Yes, you did. So I can't take no for an answer this time. Let's get to work.

Lucy: Okay. But this is going to be the fastest workout we've ever had.

Carly: It would be so easy to let somebody else take over, but I can't do that, Mike. I have got to stop making the same mistakes. I need to be clear about what I want. And not just what I want in the present, but what I want in the future. Because a heck of a lot of that future involves me being a mommy again. I need to think about what I'm doing.

Mike: Okay. Here's what you are doing. You're staying with a friend. Okay? We're not going to be playing house. I'm not gonna expect you to do things that you can't deliver on. And you're definitely not using my toothbrush. All right? Come on, do we have a deal?

Carly: Do you know that Craig did say something useful when he showed up in Cancun. He said for me to get my priorities straight, stop bouncing from one thing to another.

Mike: Then maybe it would be good for you to stay here for a while. I'm not giving credit to Craig for that idea, but all right.

Carly: At least I'll have one thing in my life settled.

Mike: Well, let's make some room here. I guess -- we can kind of clear the deck a little bit.

Carly: You do that. And I think that I will go and see Jack. It's time for me to face the music.

Mike: All right. Well, you call me if you run into any trouble, okay?

Carly: With Jack? No. Believe me, he is not going to mind me moving out of that house, out of his life. That's what he wants. I don't blame him.

Molly: Take me, Jack. Make love to me.

Jack: Molly -- Molly, this isn't gonna help. You know that.

Molly: How can you possibly still be in love with her?

Jack: I don't know.

Molly: My God -- what does that woman do to guys? Honest to God, I never thought I'd be hearing this myself, but I believe Rosanna now. I agree with her. She was right. Carly is ruthless. You should have been there at the Lakeview, Jack. When Craig and Mike were sitting there, making sure not one tear ran down her little face while she was busy punching mine.

Jack: Let's just calm down a little bit, okay? Just calm --

Molly: No, I'm not gonna calm down! If you wanna calm down, fine. But I was physically attacked! Okay? And the only reason I didn't haul off and drop her butt to the floor is because she's pregnant. But the gloves are off now. So if your wife or lover, whatever you want to call her, if she wants a fight, what she's gonna get from me is an all-out war.

Jack: Don't think for a second that I don't understand how you feel.

Molly: Yeah, I know you do, buddy, because you were cheated on, too. I just -- I seem to be the only one between us who's willing to show how angry I am.

Jack: Oh, I'm plenty angry. But I've been down that road before, Mol. It's a dead end. Once I was so mad at Craig for hitting on Carly, I went down and I beat him up. I kicked his butt to the state line. And you know what? It didn't change a thing.

Molly: But I bet it felt damn good while you were doing it.

[Jack sighs] Sometimes that's enough, Jack. Do you ever think about the night that you came over to my hotel room? Do you ever wonder what it would've felt like if we'd actually done it?

Jack: Yeah, I have.

Molly: I know you do. Because you look at me differently now, Jack. I mean, I know we were faking it to get back at everybody, but you gotta admit -- there's something real between us.

Jack: Not if it's for all the wrong reasons.

Molly: Why does everything have to make perfect, logical sense, especially now? I mean, everybody seems to be living their life for themselves, taking what they want. Why can't we?

Jack: Okay. So what you really want is me?

Molly: That sounds like a challenge.

Jack: Then take it on. If sex with me is going to make you complete in any way that matters, even for an instant, let's go.

Alison: What?

Aaron: You're like a pit bull.

Alison: That's nice.

Aaron: No, I'm serious. It's like you just won't back off. How many plays did you just make at me, and I just keep saying no, and you just still keep coming at me?

Alison: Get over yourself.

Aaron: No, sweetheart, get over me. "I'm not a little princess"? Well, that's a classic.

Alison: You know, you're a freaking idiot! You know that? Yeah, go party by yourself. I'm gonna get out of here.

Aaron: No, Alison. Ali, Ali, Ali -- come on.

Alison: Get -- let go of me! Let go of me!

Aaron: Okay, Alison, I was just joking when I called you a pit bull. Okay? Pit bulls are cute. All right already. Why are you getting all sensitive on me? I thought we were having a good time.

Alison: Do you think I just throw my heart out there for you to just kick it around? I'm not your very own personal clown, Aaron. And I'm not your dog either.

Aaron: Okay.

Alison: You think watching you chase after Lucy, even when she pushes you away, is easy for me? I'm totally waiting to be something other than Alison, the friend. I'm never Alison, the person anybody wants. But fine. You know, Aaron, I'm used to that. But when I show you my heart -- when I'm being real with you -- the least that you can do is treat me with a little bit of kindness. You'd do that for Lucy in a minute. So why can't you just be a little kind to me?

Rosanna: How much longer are we gonna have to wait for a table? I thought you had some pull around here.

Craig: Well, why don't we just skip dinner and head home? Hmm?

Rosanna: I like the sound of that -- home.

Craig: Speaking of which, I haven't seen much of Lucy today. Has Aaron stopped storming the gates? Has he given up?

Rosanna: Aaron -- is nowhere to be seen. And Lucy's pretty confused by it all. Poor dear.

Craig: Ah, she'll get over him. You two are really starting to get along, aren't you?

Rosanna: Well, yes. I like your daughter very much.

Craig: And why not? Who would have thunk it a year ago? You and I engaged, you forging a relationship with my daughter, and all of us living in Fairwinds family style. Life is strange.

Rosanna: And wonderful.

Craig: To the strange wonders of the world.

Rosanna: You know, I've never been this happy. I was telling Lucy that the other day.

Craig: Oh, yeah?

Rosanna: Mm-hmm.

Craig: I'm happy, too. Yeah. I've never been this -- this open with anybody. I always kept my guard up, even with Sierra. But this -- this unconditional love thing -- thank you.

[Phone ringing] Let it ring.

Rosanna: Um, I have to take it. I know the number. Hello?

Lucy: I'm sorry to interrupt your dinner. But can you come home? I remembered something, Rosanna. I think I remembered it all. But I need your help. Please come home.

Rosanna: Craig and I were just about to get a table. Are you all right?

Lucy: I remembered the fight I had with Alison in St. Louis.

Rosanna: Really? It's Emma. How can I help?

Lucy: We weren't fighting about Aaron sleeping with another girl. It's worse. I don't know whether I should believe it or not. I can't tell you this over the phone. Could you just please come home? You and daddy could go out for dinner another night? Please? You promised I could depend on you.

Rosanna: And you can. Look, just stay calm. I'll be right there.

Lucy: Just you, okay? Daddy might mess everything up.

Rosanna: I'm on my way.

Craig: You're leaving?

Rosanna: Emma is sick as a dog. She can't get out of bed.

Craig: She has a whole litter of Snyder's to take care of her.

Rosanna: She needs me.

Craig: I need you.

Rosanna: Well, you're not sick in bed.

Craig: I would like to be stuck in bed.

Rosanna: Emma was there for me when I had my hysterectomy. I have to go. You stay here. You have dinner.

Craig: Alone? She probably just has a touch of the flu or something. And me -- I already feel my life ebbing away at the very thought of your absence.

Rosanna: I promise, I will rejuvenate you later tonight.

Craig: Fine. Be gone. Give Emma my best.

Rosanna: I will.

Craig: Yes, Luther's Corners, please. First name Emma, last name Snyder. Never -- never mind. Never mind. This is new frontier, Craigy. Trust is the name of the game.

[Lucy remembering]

Aaron: Lucy, even if you don't remember I want you to remember this - that I would never lie

to you. Never.

Lucy: Please hurry, Rosanna. I think I may have made the biggest mistake of my life.

Aaron: Come here. Look, taking my anger out on you was not cool at all, all right? I totally respect you and your heart.

Alison: Really?

Aaron: Yes. Ali, there's a lot of things I admire about you.

Alison: Okay, you don't have to go overboard. I forgive you.

Aaron: I'm gonna have to ask you to do the same thing for me. You have to respect my heart. 'Cause lately, I've been hurting.

Alison: I know.

Aaron: It's just, you know, weird thinking that every time we're alone together, we're gonna hook up or something. And every time we're vibing on each other, it's just --

Alison: What's wrong with me feeling that way? Aaron, we know each other, and we like each other. And now that Lucy's out of the picture, that's no excuse. So -- there's really nothing holding us back, is there?

Molly: What if I tell you I do want you? And not for the wrong reasons?

Jack: I wouldn't believe you. Molly, when did I suddenly become the man of your dreams? You were just railing about how Mike was the only man you loved after Jake.

Molly: I never told you you were the man of my dreams. I just said that you were the right man for the job at the moment, and you don't want the job.

Jack: As good as it might be, no, I don't.

Molly: You know what you are, Jack? You're a damn goody-goody.

Jack: Mol -- don't think for a second that I am not attracted to you. I mean, you've been on my hot list ever since I was 16.

Molly: Don't age me. That's --

Jack: No. I mean, remember when you only had eyes for Holden? Look, a guy cannot score with a woman he's admired that long just because his wife ran out on him.

Molly: Or because she's angry at her boyfriend.

Jack: Forget the sanctity of marriage, I've got the sanctity of a crush to uphold.

Molly: You dog! You -- you keep -- it's not fair. You get to reject me and make me laugh all at the same moment.

Jack: You're an incredible woman, insanely beautiful, smart, funny.

Molly: Are you coming on to me?

Jack: We can help each other get through hell, but let's not confuse an already impossibly confusing situation.

Molly: Okay. You win. You don't get to make love to me. Are you happy?

Jack: Well --

Molly: But I want to make something perfectly clear. You are an amazing guy.

Carly: Hi, honey. I'm home.

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