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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 2/12/03

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Brady: Always always always always always always

I just can't live without you I love you I hate you

Aaron: What the hell was that?

Brady: Don't say anything you might regret. You weren't moving, so I thought I'd see if you were still breathing.

Aaron: Brady Rudd. What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be sleeping through one of your classes or something?

Brady: I'm just passing by. Drove up from St. Louis to meet with some fat-cat alum in Bay City. Guy was supposed to give me some cushy summer job.

Aaron: Oh, my God -- did you see him already or what?

Brady: I never got the chance. He blew me off. So I thought I'd stop and see my best bud. I can't make this trip a total waste, right?

Aaron: Oh, man, it's so good to see you, bro. Wow.

Brady: Hey, how's Lucy doing? Couldn't believe it when I heard about her accident. All of us back at school are thinking about you guys.

Aaron: Yeah, she's not walking yet. But she's doing a lot better. She's getting stronger.

Brady: She'll get there. And when she does, you've got to make a return trip to campus so we can party our brains out.

Aaron: Yeah. Yeah. We're sort of not a couple anymore.

Brady: Get outta here. You two were, like, so close. What happened?

Aaron: Dude, it's a long story.

Brady: Oh, come on, Aaron. We've known each other since we were, like, 10. We used to tell each other everything. Maybe I can help.

Lucy: The fire. Alison and the fire. What? What happened?

Rosanna: Lucy, hello?

Lucy: Oh, there you are. Hi. How was Chicago?

Rosanna: Extraordinary, as usual. And I brought you some of those fantastic mints from Marshall Fields. But let's not spoil our appetites. I got a phone call from your father, a little message saying that he's back in town as well, and he would like to meet his two favorite girls for a Valentine's day dinner. What do you say? You'll come, won't you? Lucy, are you all right?

Lucy: Do you remember how you promised me that you'd help me figure out what Alison and I argued about in St. Louis?

Rosanna: Yes, of course I do. Has that book I gave you been helping you at all?

Lucy: I've been doing the exercises, but so far, no results.

Rosanna: Well, I'm sure it must be difficult with Alison's version of the truth dancing around in your head.

Lucy: Yeah, but maybe she's right. Maybe we were arguing about Aaron sleeping with another girl. I need to know for sure. Can we talk about it some more? It seems to help when I say things out loud. You could ask me some questions about that day, and I could see if I could come up with anything.

Rosanna: You want to do it right now?

Lucy: Please? It's really important?

Alison: Why do you want to talk about the fire?

Chris: I was asking Lucy what she remembered about that day, and something she said got me thinking.

Alison: Are you kidding? Lucy barely remembers her own name right now. She's not the world's greatest source for information.

Chris: She was pretty clear about the fire. Who was where, when. I was retracing what the police had done and --

Alison: You're double-checking on the cops?

Chris: I just want to make sure that they have the right person.

Alison: Of course they do. They've questioned, like, 1,000 people, so why don't you just go empty a bed pan like a good intern and stop poking your nose where it doesn't belong?

Holden: Jack, why the rush?

Jack: Four months, Holden. Carly has been carrying around a baby that's probably not mine for four months. And I'm rushing?

Holden: Okay, what happens after Carly has the baby? She's gonna need somebody to help her out. Why don't you just let me help you take these boxes back --

Jack: The movers are gonna be here any minute, Holden. There's no time.

Holden: Forget about the movers. When they get here, tell them you changed your mind and give them a big tip.

Jack: And then what?

Holden: Then you calm down. You let all this anger that you have settle.

Jack: Oh, so I don't have a right to be angry?

Holden: You're about to throw your whole life out the window, and I don't want to see you do that.

Jack: Yeah, well, I don't want to send Carly the message that I've been sitting around here, waiting for her to come home.

Holden: Okay, so sending the right message is packing all her stuff up?

Jack: Yeah, better than "come on in, walk all over me, your personal doormat," yes.

[Doorbell rings] Hey, man, come on in.

Mover: All right, is this everything you want to put in storage?

Jack: Yeah.

Mover: All right. Just got some paperwork for you to fill out.

Holden: Just hang on a second. Okay, so you pack Carly up and you ship her out, then she gets wind of what happened with you and Molly. Are you ready for whatever message she sends you back, Jack? This is gonna be an eye for an eye, and everyone winds up blind.

Jack: Hey, buddy, hold on a second. Just give us a minute.

Mover: I got four other jobs today, man, so --

Jack: I understand that. Listen, one minute, seriously. I'll take care of you. Don't worry about that.

[Door closes]

Holden: See? That was easy, right? Because you really don't want those boxes to be taken away. Come on, Jack, you know I'm right.

Mike: Molly.

Molly: Bartender?

Mike: I don't want to upset you. I just want to talk to you for a few minutes.

Molly: Yeah, well, I've got someplace I have to be, so --

Mike: I saw Jack earlier.

Molly: Great.

Mike: This situation of ours is getting out of control.

Molly: Ours or yours, Mike?

Mike: I don't want to fight with you, please.

Molly: No, you just want to do what you like and interrogate me for doing the same thing.

Mike: No, I don't want to argue about who's right or who's wrong, and I certainly don't want to interrogate you about Jack. Obviously, you're -- you're free to do whatever you want.

Molly: Yep, I am. Just like you. Bartender? Matt?

Mike: The baby that Carly's carrying is innocent.

Molly: Babies usually are, Mike. And?

Mike: Can we just -- just back off for a little bit, all right, and give up on getting even with each other. It doesn't help. Carly could end up losing the baby from all this stress. Please, what do you think? Can we at least be civil for the sake of a child.

Molly: Spare me, Mike. I just had an earful from Kim Hughes about Carly and about the joys of family, and I don't need you, of all people, trumpeting her cause, too.

Mike: I'm not trumpeting anybody's cause, except for a little baby that hasn't been born yet.

Molly: Guess you would be worried about it, since you're the one who made it.

Mike: Maybe.

Molly: No. According to Carly, you are front-runner in the daddy derby. So why don't you guys just leave Jack and me out of it? Oh, wait, I forgot. We have been left out of it, for months now.

Mike: You're not this cold, Molly. Come on, I know you're not.

Molly: You know nothing.

Mike: Look, whoever the father is, the baby is definitely Carly's, which means he or she is your flesh and blood, too.

Molly: So?

Mike: You know what? You can hate me, hate Carly, fine. But one day, that baby's gonna need its aunt, Molly.

Aaron: Who knows how this whole memory thing works? Anyway, however Lucy's tried to put things together, she's got it stuck in her mind that I cheated on her in North Carolina.

Brady: Obviously, you told her she's got it wrong.

Aaron: Well, I tried, but she wouldn't hear me. And we were doing so well after she got out of the hospital, too.

Brady: I can't believe I'm hearing this. I mean, I've seen lots of friends hook up, but you two, you were the real deal.

Aaron: We still can be. If only she remembers, man. Look, I was not with another girl on that trip. She's the only one. She can't even remember anymore.

Brady: Maybe I could talk to her.

Aaron: Come on, Rudd, she hardly knows you. Okay, who's to say she even remembers you? And if she does, then what?

Brady: Well, then I tell her there's no way you could have been with anybody else, 'cause she was all you talked about when we met up in St. Louis.

Aaron: Brady, it doesn't -- nothing's gonna convince her --

Brady: Sure it will. If you'd have been with some random chick, you would have told me, right? But you didn't. You just talked about Lucy, and how much you love her. You need someone to put in a good word for you?

Aaron: Yeah, I guess so. You'd do that?

Brady: For you? Heck, yeah. What's her address?

Aaron: All right, all right. This is where she is, all right? I'm also giving you the address of the garage I work in. Meet me there after. Tell me what went down.

Brady: Cool.

Aaron: Yeah, Brady? Thanks, man. You might just end up saving my life again.

Lucy: The reason I think this might work is because something's different. I've been feeling things I haven't felt since I woke up in the hospital.

Rosanna: Really? Well, that's wonderful. Like what?

Lucy: I've been seeing flashes and images, like my mind is trying to do something all on its own. And these memories keep bubbling up, and I don't think I can catch them all on my own. Does that make any sense? So you'll help me, right?

Rosanna: Oh, absolutely. I'll do whatever I can. I just wonder why you feel so urgent about it.

Lucy: I don't know. But I've felt this way ever since Chris Hughes was here.

Rosanna: Oh, really?

Lucy: Yeah. He was checking up on me. He also asked me some questions about the fire at the Snyder barn.

Rosanna: Did he do something to upset you?

Lucy: No. Not exactly. But after he left, I got the sudden feeling that Alison and I weren't arguing about Aaron that day in St. Louis. I don't know if there's a connection.

Rosanna: Well, I think you're on the right track, focusing on the argument with Alison. What's your most vivid memory?

Lucy: Certain words. And Alison's face. But I just can't put them together.

Rosanna: You know what? What if I downloaded all the information that I can find on Washington University in St. Louis?

Lucy: You mean, like, campus photos?

Rosanna: Yes. School landmarks, buildings. Perhaps if we can re-create the place where you were that day, you can remember more about the argument with Alison.

Lucy: I knew you'd think of something.

Rosanna: I'll get right on it. Lucy? What exactly is it that you hope to find out?

Lucy: Well, most of all, I want to know if Alison is telling the truth about Aaron cheating on me. I'd also like to know if this fire at the barn fits in somehow. I mean, there's got to be a reason that I've been getting these flashes ever since Chris asked me about it.

Rosanna: I see.

Lucy: And if Alison and I weren't fighting about Aaron cheating on me, and Aaron was telling the truth, then maybe --

Rosanna: Maybe you can open your heart to him again?

Carly: Margo, hi.

Margo: Hey.

Carly: Can Parker here ask you a favor?

Margo: Well, hey, there, little partner. I bet you had a blast down in sunny Mexico, huh?

Parker: Yes.

Carly: I haven't been able to locate Hal.

Margo: Yeah, well, he's kind of got his hands full with Will's court date coming up.

Carly: I see. Would you -- would you keep an eye on Parker for me? Just until Hal can pick him up?

Margo: I'd love it. Come here. How about you and I will rustle up some doughnuts and we can make milk mustaches, huh?

Parker: Okay.

Margo: Okay?

Carly: Okay, thanks. I owe you. All right, now, you be good, okay? You be one of the good guys for Margo, and mommy will see you later, all right?

Parker: All right.

Carly: I love you. How 'bout you start on those doughnuts now, huh?

Margo: Carly, are you sure you should be driving? You seem a little wound up.

Carly: I'm okay. I just have a little score to settle with my cousin. You probably know about that.

Margo: No. Should I?

Carly: Ask Jack. He'll fill you in.

Chris: Whoa, Alison, chill. I've only come in here to ask you what you remember about the day of the fire.

Alison: Yeah, well, I already told the cops everything I know. How many times am I supposed to go over the same stuff?

Chris: I was just trying to make sense of it all.

Alison: Will is Hal Munson's kid.

Chris: Yeah.

Alison: And Hal called you off the case himself, right?

Chris: How do you know that?

Alison: Well, you've seen me in that heinous candy striper uniform. I practically live at the hospital when I'm not here, and believe me, news travels fast.

Chris: I know Hal was upset. I won't intrude on him or Emily again. I was just trying to put all the pieces together.

Alison: Why? Why do you care so much?

Chris: I want to help him when he faces the judge. I'm just not convinced that he set the fire that burned down that barn.

Alison: Well, I don't know what you expect me to say.

Chris: Maybe something you heard or saw that didn't seem important at the time. You were the first one to yell "fire," right?

Alison: Oh, I get it. You want to get Will off so you can be a big hero to Hal and the family. So what am I? The nearest target?

Chris: Alison, I can't believe you just said that.

Alison: First they went after Aaron, and now you're going after me? Well, I didn't do anything, so leave me alone.

Rosanna: Lucy, this young man says he's a friend of yours.

Lucy: I know you, don't I?

Brady: Yeah. We met last fall. I'm Brady.

Lucy: Right. Brady -- Ruddy. Yeah. You're a friend of Aaron's. I remember.

Brady: I knew you couldn't forget me.

Lucy: Rosanna, this is Brady Ruddy. He's known Aaron for years, right?

Brady: We grew up together in Seattle.

Rosanna: Rosanna Cabot.

Lucy: Yeah, Brady helped us out a lot on the road.

Brady: Exactly. You sure you're not just faking this bad memory thing?

Lucy: I wish.

Rosanna: Well, Mr. Rudd, it's lovely to meet a friend of Lucy's. I'll give you two a moment alone.

Brady: So you remembered me. That's good.

Lucy: Yeah. Mostly just your face and your name, and Aaron liking you. If you ask me anything we did or talked about, forget it. A lot of things that happened on the road, I get mixed up. But I see people, and I remember feelings, and I got a good feeling from you.

Brady: That's cool. Really. Look at these wheels.

Lucy: Nice, huh?

Brady: I'm really sorry about what happened.

Lucy: Thanks.

Brady: But you're making progress?

Lucy: Yeah. I've actually been on my feet a few times. I'm really wobbly, but walking's definitely on the agenda.

Brady: Aaron says you're amazing, how you're keeping at it.

Lucy: Did Aaron also tell you we split up?

Brady: Yeah. I stopped by his place earlier. Look, Lucy, there's no way to ease into this, so I'm just gonna say it, okay?

Lucy: Go ahead.

Brady: He told me that you think he cheated on you with another girl while you were on the road.

Lucy: That's right.

Brady: No, Lucy, there's no way Aaron slept with another girl while he was on that road trip.

Lucy: Well, how do you know that?

Brady: Because all Aaron ever talked about was you. And you're still all he ever talks about.

Holden: Jack, you ship those boxes, you're saying unequivocally, the marriage is over.

Jack: Holden, the marriage is over.

Holden: And what happens if the baby turns out to be yours? Can you honestly tell me that if that's the case, that you're not gonna want to give this another shot?

Jack: Come on.

Holden: Jack --

Jack: Shut up, please? Just -- shut up. Listen, buddy, I'm not gonna be needing you today after all. Here. Take a long lunch.

Mover: Thanks.

Jack: Yeah, no problem. That's a big mess.

Holden: You're doing the right thing.

Jack: You keep telling me that.

Holden: Want me to help you get these boxes back upstairs?

Jack: No, Holden, they stay packed and they stay right there. Carly can deal with them herself.

Holden: Okay, fine. But you just keep reminding yourself when she gets back here, it's more than just the two of you.

Jack: You don't think I know that? How important babies are? I lost one with Julia. I just lost J. J. That just about crushed me. And miracle of miracles, Carly was pregnant, and I was an idiot enough to think that this was gonna do it, that I was finally gonna be a dad, a real dad. What is it with me and kids, huh? Is this a pipe dream or what?

Holden: No, no, it doesn't have to be. I'm gonna go, all right?

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Molly: How dare you stand there and try to lay a guilt trip on me after what you've done, Mike?

Mike: Molly, this is your family, all right? Carly's baby may need you one day. What about Parker, huh? On thanksgiving, yours was the first hug he asked for. It would break your heart to lose him.

Molly: Do you really think me never speaking to Carly again would keep Hal from letting me spend time with Parker?

Mike: You've got this all figured out, don't you?

Molly: It's not that complicated, Mike.

Mike: No, it will be if you and Jack keep up this little game to pay Carly back. I am not inventing the fact that there's a real risk here. All right? Carly's had a miscarriage before. Do any of us want to feel responsible for another one?

Molly: How dare you? How dare you imply that I would knowingly risk a child's life? I've been there, Mike. And I would never wish losing a child upon anybody, not even Carly.

Mike: I'm not saying you'd do it intentionally.

Molly: You know, Jack and I, we didn't make this situation. So the fact that you would pin the responsibility of this child's life on me -- you know, if this weren't so unbelievable, I'd be laughing my head off right now.

Mike: You're not gonna see this any other way, are you?

Molly: You mean like through the eyes of a whore? Maybe I will. You know, maybe I will. You know, Kim came to me earlier, warning me about the gossip being spread around about Jack and me, 'cause she was concerned for me. But now I wonder why I ever gave it a second thought, because it's really seeming like behaving like an irresponsible slut is the way to win people over in this town. Excuse me.

Mike: Where are you going?

Molly: Not that it's any of your business, but I think I'm gonna pay Jack a visit.

Craig: Carly? Where are you off to?

Carly: Well, you just pop up everywhere, don't you, Craig?

Craig: Rosanna and I are meeting for dinner. What about you? Here to reminisce about the old days?

Carly: Let's not do this. You know exactly why I'm here. I have a beef to settle with my cousin, and she will pay.

Craig: What -- what about your job? Your career? Monte Carlo? When did "taking the fashion world by storm" become "get my cousin"?

Carly: I have every intention of finishing my line for Monte Carlo. But please, excuse me. I'd rather not participate in the personal growth seminar.

Chris: I didn't come here to accuse you, Alison.

Alison: You could have fooled me.

Chris: But if you ask me --

Alison: I didn't.

Chris: -- You're behaving like someone who knows more than what she's saying. What did you see, Alison? What is it about that fire that has you so freaked out?

Alison: Know what, Chris? Go to hell!

Emily: What's going on here? Why are you harassing my sister?

Carly: What's going on between you and Jack?

Molly: Gee, Craig, why didn't you just plaster it on the front page of The Intruder?

Craig: I think Carly and I were just about to go inside --

Carly: No we weren't. I asked you a question, Molly. What are you doing with my husband?

Molly: Nothing you haven't done with my boyfriend.

Carly: What happened between Mike and me wasn't payback, Molly. It wasn't vengeance. It wasn't even planned. But what you did -- please. And I know you're the one who instigated it, because I know my husband, and he is not the kind of man that would go out of his way to get somebody back.

Molly: If you even had a clue what kind of man your husband was, you wouldn't be standing there blaming me for the sorry end of your pathetic excuse for a marriage.

Carly: What did you do? Cry on his shoulder until his willpower faded?

Molly: No. I just looked at him, he looked at me, and it was like somebody lit a big book of matches on fire, Carly. We were all over each other before we knew what hit us. You know what that's like, right? Heart's pounding, totally consensual sex? It is your best event.

Carly: Shut up.

Molly: No, you asked and I'm gonna finish, all right? The reason that I didn't say no, I couldn't say no when Jack was ripping my clothes off, was because you know what, Carly? He's not half bad. That's right. There wasn't a part of me that wasn't taken care of. I might even say he's the best I've ever had. So you best be sure that we'll be coming back for more.

Carly: I said shut up!

Lucy: How could you know who Aaron did or didn't sleep with? You weren't in North Carolina.

Brady: I didn't have to be. The guy talks to me, Lucy, about everything. If he'd been with another girl, I'd know it.

Lucy: Well, maybe he felt too guilty to talk.

Brady: Everything that's come out of Aaron has been nonstop Lucy. Did you know he was planning your future together? He'd never in a million years cheat on you.

Lucy: It was really nice of you to come and see me, Brady.

Brady: Can't we talk about this a little more?

Lucy: I've got a lot of reading to do, and my physical therapy --

Brady: Look, Lucy, Aaron's nuts about you, even after everything that's happened.

Lucy: You're a really good friend to him. But I think you should go.

Brady: Okay. But I hope you'll think about what I've said, 'cause it's true. Good luck, Lucy. We're all pulling for you.

Rosanna: Well, I downloaded every picture of Washington University that I could find, et voila.

Lucy: Thank you so much, Rosanna.

Rosanna: You know, your friend Brady seemed to have a lot on his mind. I got the feeling it was more than just a casual visit.

Lucy: It was a sales call.

Rosanna: Really? What was he selling?

Lucy: Aaron. So I asked him to leave.

Rosanna: I thought you were starting to feel like giving Aaron the benefit of the doubt.

Lucy: I was. But I don't know. It's -- just when I think I know what I'm feeling, everything -- shifts.

Rosanna: Look, maybe if you look at these pictures, you'll be able to pinpoint the place where you and Alison had the altercation, all right? Maybe then you'll remember what the argument was about and you'll -- you'll know whether Aaron is telling the truth.

Lucy: You believe Aaron, don't you?

Rosanna: That's not for me to decide. But if he is telling the truth, you may owe him and his friend Brady an apology.

Rosanna: Does anything look familiar?

Lucy: Not yet.

[Phone rings]

Rosanna: I'll get that. You study those pictures. Hello? Yes, this is Mr. Montgomery's residence. How can I help you? I'm sorry. What airline did you say this was? I see. Yes. Thank you very much.

Lucy: Is everything all right?

Rosanna: I don't know.

Lucy: Well, who was on the phone?

Rosanna: Some airline representative. They're going to be sending your father's bags over from the airport -- from Air Mexico.

Lucy: Air Mexico? But I thought daddy went to L.A. He said he had work there. He goes there a lot on business.

Rosanna: Yes, well, I don't think this was a business call. I think he went to visit an old friend. Lucy, will you be all right while I get ready to meet your father for dinner?

Lucy: Sure. You don't mind if I don't go? I'd like to look at these photos.

Rosanna: Of course not. Don't worry. It'll all start coming back to you.

Lucy: Thanks. Come on. Show me something I remember.

Alison: Emily, thank goodness. Can you make this moron stop grilling me about the fire in Emma's barn? He's asking me all these questions, even about Will.

Emily: Wait a minute. Hal told you to back off, Chris. Which part of that didn't you understand?

Chris: There are unanswered questions, Emily.

Emily: Do I need to call the hospital?

Chris: I wish you wouldn't do that.

Emily: Well, you know what? If you don't apologize to Alison and walk out of here right now, I will do that. I mean it.

Chris: Don't bother, Emily. I'm outta here. I'm sorry if our talk made you uncomfortable. But I'm not gonna let this drop. Good-bye, Emily.

Emily: What was that about?

Alison: I don't know. It's like he's on a mission to prove Will didn't start the fire, so he's gonna start blaming somebody else.

Emily: Well, you don't have to worry about him.

Alison: But if he keeps on --

Emily: It doesn't make a difference, all right? Listen, Will has an appointment with the juvenile court judge, so no amount of last-minute detective work from Chris Hughes is gonna make a difference, okay?

Alison: So is he gonna go home with you and Hal?

Emily: Well, from what the doctor's saying, it sure looks that way.

Alison: Oh, finally. So then it's over. If he's going home with you guys, then whatever Chris wants to obsess about, it won't matter.

Emily: No, it won't matter.

Alison: Thank you so much, Emily. He was really starting to scare me.

Aaron: Brady -- I thought you were gonna meet me at the garage later?

Brady: It didn't take as long as I thought.

Aaron: Lucy wasn't home?

Brady: She was home.

Aaron: So, you saw her?

Brady: Yeah. She seemed pretty cool. Didn't seem to mind I was there.

Aaron: And?

Brady: And I did what we talked about.

Aaron: And she could have cared less?

Brady: I'm sorry, man. It didn't seem to do much good.

Aaron: Was she mad?

Brady: I'm not sure. Does she get quiet when she's mad?

Aaron: Yeah. Yeah. She sort of clams up. Just end of conversation, end of story.

Brady: In that case, I think you're in pretty bad shape.

Molly: There's more where

Carly: There's more where that came from, honey. Just remember that the next time you think about throwing your disgusting self at my husband!

Molly: See, I didn't have to throw myself at anybody. It was mutual, honey. Mutual and hot. And that's what makes you crazy. That Jack finally realized he doesn't have to save himself for some plastic, blonde, pathological liar the rest of his life!

Mike: Molly --

Craig: Ladies, ladies, ladies -- ladies, as much as I enjoy shared feelings, do we think the entrance to the Lakeview is an appropriate place?

Carly: Will you shut up!

Craig: Settle down.

Carly: I will settle down when that woman stays away from my man!

Molly: Your man? You don't have a man. Wake up. You are manless. Unless this one wants your damaged goods.

Mike: Don't say something you're gonna regret.

Molly: Let go of me. Don't you ever touch me again. Excuse me. I have a date -- with Jack.

Craig: Come on, Carly. She's baiting you.

Carly: Did you hear her? She's going to my husband right now. And she just blurted it out like it's no big deal, like it's nothing at all. And I don't understand this, because I know my husband. He is not this kind of man. He is not this kind of man! Don't you have a date with your wife or whatever the hell she is?

Craig: Yes.

Mike: What did he do? Hide behind the bushes just waiting to make trouble?

Carly: He flew all the way to Cancun just to make trouble. But you know something? Lately, he's been treating me better than Jack has.

Mike: How do you figure that?

Carly: In his own self-centered way, he cares. He came to Cancun, and he talked to me like I'm his friend. He told me to let go of all this with Molly and start over.

Mike: Don't try to tell me Craig Montgomery's walking the high road.

Carly: He has done it before, Mike. But you know what? I almost did swallow all of this when I was packing up in Cancun, I said to myself, "I'm gonna go straight to Milltown, and I'm gonna say to Jack, "now, we both messed up. Let's forget it and move on." But now, Molly's headed over there, and I don't think I can face them together.

Mike: Where you gonna go?

Carly: I don't know. I still have a key to my old apartment. But it's Molly's lease, and she'll probably hire some goons to have me evicted in the middle of the night.

Mike: Why don't you come stay with me at the Lake house? Just until you get things sorted out?

[Bell rings]

Jack: Hey. Hey, Molly. What's going on? Molly, honey -- what -- what is going on?

Molly: I want you, Jack. I need you right now.

Carly: I think your heart is acting before your brain. Do you realize what you just asked me?

Mike: Yeah, I do. Come stay with me at the Lake house.

Carly: Why? Kick things up a notch for Jack and Molly's benefit?

Mike: No, of course not. But I do want you to have a place where you and the baby can feel protected.

Carly: And what are you going to do? Are you gonna make me some herbal tea and play classical music to my belly?

Mike: If that's what it takes to settle you down, yeah. I mean, don't you think this baby deserves a calm environment for his next few months while he's in there?

Carly: I don't know.

Mike: Sure, you do. You know you want this baby safe, and you know I'll make sure that happens. Come on, the last few months have been hell. Let me do something right by you.

Carly: You are a good man, Mike Kasnoff.

Mike: Then why do I feel like the biggest jerk in the world?

Carly: Because you are a good man, Mike Kasnoff.

Mike: Are you moving in or aren't you?

Bartender: Neat, right?

Craig: Yes, thank you. Oh, and would you call the dining room and tell Teluse we'd like to be seated as soon as my lady friend gets here?

Rosanna: Your lady friend? I like the sound of that.

Craig: Yes. Happy Valentine's day.

Rosanna: A bit premature, don't you think?

Craig: Have I ever been premature? I missed you.

Rosanna: Isn't that nice? By the way, the airlines called, and they said that your bags will be delivered to Fairwinds this evening.

Craig: Oh, well, they didn't call me. They were supposed to call my cell.

Rosanna: Well, they diligently tracked down your home number, senor. You know, I should buy stock in Air Mexico. They're quite thoughtful.

Craig: Yes, they are.

Rosanna: As am I. Therefore, I'm going to give you a whole five seconds to tell me why you tracked down Carly to Cancun. And if I don't like your answer, I'm going to eat your heart right out of your chest.

Emily: You know what I think? I think that by tomorrow evening, Will's gonna be at home, plopped in front of the computer playing dragon fortress, and I'll be in the kitchen trying my hand at Hal's fried chicken. So, you promise you'll stop by?

Alison: To see my nephew/step-brother? Of course.

Emily: You know how much Will really loves you, don't you?

Alison: Yeah, I love Will a lot, too.

Emily: Okay. See you around.

Emily: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm off the hook. Aaron! Aaron, what are you doing here? You scared me half to death.

Aaron: Burt keeps a stash of beer in here.

Alison: What are you doing?

Aaron: What's it look like I'm doing?

Alison: Are you crazy?

Aaron: Not anymore. I was crazy for Lucy Montgomery, but maybe I can drink myself sane.

Alison: What happened? What makes you say that?

Aaron: She made up her mind. She doesn't want me in her life. So, I've made up mine. No more Lucy. Are you gonna join me or are you gonna go? I mean, those are your options.

Alison: Join you, I guess.

Aaron: Good. I'll get you a beer.

Alison: This day just gets better and better.

Lucy: Wait a minute. I know this place. I told Alison something about Aaron and me, and she was jealous.

You were the one who decided you had to tag along and make everything 1,000 times more complicated for us. Why couldn't you have just let us go?

Alison: I had reasons, Lucy, plenty of reasons. But you just can't see

them, because you don't see anything that isn't Aaron Snyder!

You've never done anything  worse than stay past your curfew! You've never had the -- you've never had to live with anything as terrible as knowing you burned down the barn!

Lucy: Aaron didn't do it!

Alison: I'm not talking about Aaron! I'm talking about me!

Lucy: Oh, my God. It's Alison. Alison started the fire.

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