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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 2/6/03

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Bartleby: Aren't you gonna ask me why I'm here?

Simon: I've already asked you twice.

Bartleby: I'm here to catch up with me old mate, of course. I haven't seen you in -- what was my sentence? 10 to 15 years. Out in 8 years, 28 days, 5 hours and 32 minutes.

Simon: Wow. You must have been a really good girl.

Bartleby: But imagine my disappointment. I get out, pop over to see my best mate, only to find out he's long gone. He's left the city, he's left the whole damn country. Travel agrees with you, though, mate. I'll give you that. You've put on some muscle, haven't you, Simon? You were always such a wiry kid. I guess that's how you managed to get in and out of all those tight spots.

Simon: Yeah, well, you know what happens when you're away in prison? Times change.

Bartleby: Don't be smart. You always managed to end out on top, especially if it meant giving me up to the police to save your own hide.

Simon: Look, what do you want me to say? You want me to say I'm sorry, huh? I'm sorry, all right? But the cops already had a long list of stuff we pulled together.

Bartleby: Together, right. Only who paid the price? Not you, just me. No, you take off to the States, start a new life, set up house with the missus. I spent eight years in prison because of you.

Simon: Well, do me a favor, will you? If you're gonna kill me, take me out to the woods. 'Cause we just put in a new carpet.

Bartleby: No, mate, I'm not here to knock you off. I'm here to offer you a job. And you're gonna take it, because you owe me.

Ben: You once told me that you know where you stand with Travers. Well, now you know where you stand with me. If it's -- if it's really him that you want, I'll walk away. But if it's me that you want, I'm here.

Jessica: Ben, Marshall has never been my friend. He has never made me homemade soup or sung "midnight train to Georgia."

Ben: Chorus and verse.

Both: With choreography.

Jessica: Mm-hmm, exactly. Exactly. He has never sent me flowers on a Wednesday just because.

Ben: But you're still attracted to him.

Jessica: You know, when I look to my future, the person that I see there with me is you. I have missed you so much, but I don't know --

Ben: Hey, hey, hey. Can we just take it slow? See where it goes. Nobody's going anywhere.

Aaron: You're beautiful, as always.

Lucy: Aaron. Thanks for coming over.

Aaron: I wasn't sure you'd ever want to speak to me again.

Lucy: Look, I don't want you to get the wrong idea about why I called. I just figured if I was gonna end things, it would be better to do it in person.

Aaron: Wait a minute. Are you -- you breaking up with me?

Lucy: Aaron, I'm sorry.

Aaron: I didn't cheat on you, Lucy. Not in North Carolina, not -- not ever.

Lucy: Aaron, I remember.

Aaron: Remember what?

Lucy: I remember you kissing a girl right in front of me, and I got upset.

Aaron: No, Lucy -- Lucy, we already went through this. Okay, that was Tanya Cole, another girl I knew in Seattle. Lucy, my life didn't even start until I met you.

Lucy: I'm not saying these things to hurt you. I just -- don't feel the same way you do. Besides, you're too experienced for me. I'm not ready to be with someone like you.

Aaron: But you were ready. We both were.

Lucy: What do you mean?

Aaron: Lucy, on the road, we found this barn to hide in. We had known for a long time that we loved each other. That night, it was like a promise that would last forever.

Lucy: So we were alone and spent a romantic night.

Aaron: No, Lucy, it was more than that. Look, if you didn't really believe in me and trust me and love me, you would never --

Lucy: What? Just tell me. What happened that night?

Aaron: Isn't it obvious? We made love.

Bob: Listen, you're not 100% yet, so we will schedule some outpatient visits for you. And don't you get out of that chair until you leave this building. Good luck.

Marshall: Thank you.

Jessica: Thanks, Bob. So you ready to go?

Marshall: Did you see Ben?

Jessica: We found each other.

Marshall: That answer could be taken a couple of different ways.

Jessica: Ben and I have made a start.

Marshall: Toward what?

Jessica: We don't know yet. We're just -- seeing what happens. But that does not preclude me from helping you with Zara's funeral arrangements or anything else I can do.

Marshall: You know -- that's all right, Jessica. I'll -- I'll make arrangements to transfer Zara's body myself. But thanks anyway, I mean, you know, for -- for coming to D.C. with me, for coming to the hospital all the time, for everything.

Jessica: Yeah. Am I getting the brush-off here? Evelyn, Margo, what are you doing here?

Margo: Marshall Travers, you're under arrest.

Bartleby: Now that you're all grown up, I hear you've found a new con. Seducing rich women.

Simon: Oh, you're a little out of touch, Bart. You see, I'm married now.

Bartleby: I could remove that little obstacle if you like, easy as I could snap this furry, wee neck.

Simon: I'd rather you didn't.

Bartleby: Good. Europe it is, then.

Simon: Yeah? What's over there?

Bartleby: Oh, a very nice con. Lots of money. Not half bad looking. Desperate for love. Should be a walk in the park for you, Simon. Just think, in two months, I could be 10 million pounds richer.

Simon: What's my cut?

Bartleby: I'll let you keep breathing, Frasier.

Simon: No, I think you'll have to find someone else there, Bart. You see, I'm a little rusty. Maybe we can figure this out some other way.

Bartleby: No, it's my way, period. So dump the wife, get your passport, and let's catch a plane.

Simon: If I do this, what happens afterwards?

Bartleby: Depends. If you muck up, I'll just kill you and be done with it. If we score, I might give you back to the wife, if she'll have you.

Alison: Excuse me. I hate to break up the make-out session, but we need to talk.

Craig: No, we don't. I thought I'd made myself clear.

Alison: Well, I guess I'm dense.

Craig: I guess you are. How did you get in?

Alison: I'm not your problem. With Aaron around, you should have a pack of Rottweillers guarding the gate. He's with Lucy right now.

Craig: Impossible.

Alison: You heard it here first. And after the guard dogs, you might want to install some security cameras.

Rosanna: What are you doing? Where are you going?

Craig: I'm going to toss him out on his ears.

Rosanna: And have Lucy come to his defense?

Craig: I don't want him alone with her.

Rosanna: Darling, I don't know what you're so worried about. Your plan has been an unqualified success. Lucy believes what she's been told. Aaron's not gonna change her mind now.

Craig: I thought you were staying out of this.

Rosanna: I will. I have work to do.

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Rosanna: I'll see you later.

Craig: Yes.

Rosanna: Alison.

Alison: Bye. How am I supposed to keep Aaron's mind off Lucy when you can't even control him?

Craig: Everything is working just fine, Alison. As soon as Lucy rejects Aaron, I think he's going to need a hug. Don't you? So why don't you go make yourself presentable, all right? Good-bye and good luck.

Alison: Aren't you gonna go in there and stop him? Aaron can be very convincing. If I were Lucy, I would take one look into his gorgeous eyes, and I'd believe whatever he wanted me to believe.

Lucy: I don't believe you. You're just trying to confuse me.

Aaron: No. That is the last thing I want.

Lucy: Well then, why are you making everything so complicated? Why can't you just admit you slept with that girl?

Aaron: Because that would be a lie, Luce. Is that what you want? You want me to lie to you?

Lucy: You just did. I mean, come on, Aaron. Do you really think that I would have made love in some barn? I wouldn't do that. My first time would not be like that. I've been raised to be careful. I would not just go crazy and risk getting pregnant.

Aaron: Look, I took care of you. We were protected. Now, come on, Luce. Who do you think I am?

Lucy: I don't know who you are. I guess that's the problem.

Aaron: You know, it's killing me that you can't remember what we felt for each other. But you loved me. It was the first love in your life.

Lucy: Was I yours?

Aaron: Yes, yes, Lucy, yes. Yes.

Lucy: Well -- if we loved each other as much as you said we did, then I'm sorry you messed it up.

Aaron: Luce, why can't you believe me?

Craig: Aaron, I think it's time to leave.

Margo: Accessory after the fact, criminal conspiracy, obstruction of justice.

Marshall: One minute. You could have called me, Evelyn. I would have come down whenever you asked.

Evelyn: Would that be after fleeing the jurisdiction?

Jessica: So wait a minute. You're gonna punish the man for having a heart? He went to reconnect with his daughter that he has never known, and he was this close to finding her, and he finds out she's dead.

Evelyn: Margo explained the circumstances of Marshall's trip to D.C. However, nobody bothered to alert the D.A.'s office that he was leaving the state.

Jessica: Evelyn, it was a stressful situation. There was so much going on at once.

Margo: Mr. Travers was ordered to remain available for questioning, Jessica.

Evelyn: So now he goes into custody.

Jessica: What, you're gonna put him in jail?

Evelyn: You bet. And Jessica, I don't get where you come off being so indignant. You know the law. You used to care about it.

Jessica: Margo, we're friends. Now --

Ben: What's going on here?

Marshall: I'm being arrested.

Jessica: Okay, Evelyn, if I vouch for Marshall, can we keep him from being put in jail?

Evelyn: Jessica, what do you want from me? You baby-sat him all the way to D.C.

Jessica: And back. One came back. Which shows he is not trying to flee the jurisdiction --

Margo: Jessica, you are not impartial, and you know it.

Jessica: Let me see the warrant.

Margo: I'm sorry. No.

Jessica: Excuse me?

Evelyn: What aren't you getting, Jessica? You have no standing here.

Jessica: I do if I'm Marshall's lawyer.

Evelyn: Oh, are you?

Jessica: I am.

Evelyn: Then tell it to the judge.

Margo: All right, Mr. Travers, let's go.

Jessica: Wait a minute. Is there press outside?

Evelyn: I made a few calls.

Jessica: Oh, Evelyn.

Evelyn: This town needs to know that Marshall Travers is finally gonna have to answer for his crimes.

Marshall: You know, Evelyn, can't we at least talk about this?

Jessica: Marshall, don't say another word, okay? Not until I talk to the judge. I have to do this.

Ben: I know.

Craig: Aaron?

Aaron: Mr. Montgomery, I know you want me out of here.

Craig: Aaron, my daughter wants you out of here.

Lucy: There's nothing more to say, Aaron.

Aaron: Even if you don't remember what we did together or who I am, how come you keep believing in the worst?

Lucy: I'm trying very hard to figure out what's right for me. And something tells me this is right.

Aaron: Are you sure? I mean, you look in your heart.

Craig: Aaron, my daughter has asked you to leave. If you care for her at all, you will.

Aaron: I'll go, okay? Luce, even if you don't remember anything else about us, I want you to remember this -- I would never lie to you. Never.

Alison: One chance is all I'm gonna get with him. One chance to make him see me. One chance to make him love me.

Simon: I'm gonna need some more time.

Bartleby: For what? Tearful good-byes?

Simon: No. To consider your offer.

Bartleby: You seem to think this is negotiable. Maybe I didn't make myself clear enough. You're doing the job, mate.

Simon: Listen, man, I just can't pack up and leave now, can I? There's a lot of things to take care of here --

Bartleby: I didn't get dumber in prison, Frasier. I know exactly what you're thinking. Pack up the little wife and make tracks. Oh, it might work for a while, but she's got family here. A brother and a sister. She'll leave a trail, and sooner or later, I'll catch up with you.

Simon: Listen, mate, the cops tried every dirty trick in the book. What do you want me to do? What do you want, a written apology? You want me to go in the kitchen and bake you a cake?

Bartleby: "Oh, I'm sorry I left you to rot in prison for eight years, but that's the game." Doesn't work for me somehow. Look, what do I have to do to convince you I mean business? I mean, it would be an awful shame to have to kill one of God's wee creatures, but I will if I have to. Do I have to, Simon?

Simon: No, no, look -- I know you're serious.

Bartleby: Good. No worries. The rabbit gets to live. So does your wife -- or not.

Katie: Hello?

Simon: Hey, babe, what are you doing home so early? What are you doing?

Katie: Well, checkups go quick when you're healthy. Ah, this must be your friend from back home.

Bartleby: Ma'am, the pleasure is all mine.

Katie: Well, come on, Simon. Aren't you going to introduce us?

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