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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 2/5/03

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Barbara: Something wonderful has happened. I just spoke to Chris Hughes and he's been studying Will's case and he doesn't think that Will started the fire.

Hal: And what does Chris Hughes know about all this?

Barbara: Hal, he can be an expert witness for us. He could prove that Will's been innocent all along.

Rosanna: Yes, you are right. I care very much about Lucy. After the way we started, I never dreamed we'd be as close as we are now.

Craig: Well, that's probably the only good thing that come out of her accident -- a second chance to be with you.

Rosanna: I'd like very much to make the most of the situation, but you're not making it easy.

Craig: What?! What? I praise you to Lucy every chance I get.

Rosanna: Yes, I'm sure you do. But you're also plotting with Alison to get rid of Aaron. And I have to be honest with you, sweetheart, I am rooting against you on this one. I really hope that Lucy doesn't fall for your little scheme.

Aaron: You know what I did about what?

Lucy: Don't play innocent, Aaron. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

Aaron: Can you give me a hint?

Lucy: You went off with another girl when I wouldn't have sex with you!

Aaron: Whoa! Whoa, where did you get that from?

Lucy: Of course, you were counting on me not remembering. But it's all come back. We were in North Carolina. You wanted me to sleep with you. I told you I wasn't ready, so you found someone who was.

Aaron: Okay, Lucy, this is crazy. Okay?

Lucy: When I figured out what had happened, I went to Alison and I asked her why she hadn't told me. And she defended you. I got angry and we had a fight. I wasn't looking where I was going and I got hit.

Aaron: Lucy, look, I can see that you believe that, but you're wrong. Hey, who's been putting these ideas in your head? Lucy, somebody's been poisoning you against me. Now tell me who it was.

Simon: Well, he doesn't sound so familiar. Um, did he tell you what he was looking for or -- ?

Lily: He asked some questions. He wanted to know your wife's name. He wanted to know where you lived. I said I didn't really know you that well. But he said he'll find you on his own.

Holden: Any idea who this guy might be, Simon?

Simon: No. Oh, he's probably just an old buddy from back home doing some traveling. No problem.

Lily: No. We just didn't want to make a big deal out of it. Obviously, we just thought you might want to know.

Simon: Well, you did the right thing. No, thanks for telling me. So -- who wants a drink? Cup of tea, brandy -- take the chill off.

Katie: Oh, I'll make some tea.

Lily: Yeah, let me help you with that tea.

Holden: Anything you want to tell me now that Katie's gone?

Simon: No. No, like what?

[Holden laughs]

Holden: You know, maybe I misread it, but there was this look on your face when Lily told you about this guy from Australia, and it seemed like it really bothered you.

Lucy: No one is putting ideas in my head. I'm finally remembering things on my own. I'm also starting to realize there are things you want me to remember and things you don't!

Aaron: No, Lucy, that is not true. Okay, all I want is for you to get better.

Lucy: You made it seem like we were this perfect couple! When, obviously, you were chasing after other girls.

Aaron: No, Lucy! I wasn't. You're probably thinking of Tanya Cole. You remember Tanya Cole from Seattle? Yes? Look, she's old news. But she came to Oakdale. She started a lot of trouble for us.

Lucy: I remember Tanya. But in North Carolina, it was someone else. I don't have to take your word for it, Aaron. I can ask other people.

Aaron: Lucy, there was nobody else! I swear! Not in North Carolina, not anywhere. You have to believe me.

Lucy: Maybe what you're saying is true, but maybe it isn't. And I can't take that chance. Not now.

Aaron: So what are you saying?

Lucy: I think we should take a break from seeing each other.

Aaron: No! No, I will not agree on that.

Lucy: Well, I have to protect myself, Aaron. I don't know what's true and what isn't.

Aaron: Look, Lucy, I would do nothing to hurt you. You know that.

Lucy: I have to go.

Aaron: No, no, Lucy! I'll take you through every day we were on the road. Hour by hour and minute by minute. There was no other girl.

Lucy: I've heard what you said. Now will you please get out of my way!

Aaron: Lucy, I'm not letting you leave here thinking that I cheated on you.

Lucy: What are you gonna do? Keep me here until I believe every word you say?!

Aaron: Yes, because what I'm saying is the truth.

[Lucy scoffs]

Lucy: Well, fine, I'll just walk out of here on my own!

Aaron: No, Lucy! No, Lucy -- Lucy? Are you all right? She fell. Lucy! Lucy!

Chris: Dad? Do you have a minute?

Bob: Sure. What can I do for you?

Chris: Remember that chat we had about Will Munson and the fire?

Bob: Of course. I told you to let it go.

Chris: Well, that was very good advice.

Bob: What happened?

Chris: I was at the Lakeview with mom, and I happened to mention my theory that Will Munson might be innocent.

Bob: You "happened" to mention it?

Chris: When Barbara Ryan showed up. I know how upset she's been about Will, so to my way of thinking, why not give her a little hope? I know now that it was a mistake.

Bob: I knew that from the beginning. Why didn't you listen to me?

Chris: Because I was trying to do the right thing for a kid who's too young to defend himself.

Bob: You're not a cop. You have no proof.

Chris: The proof is in Will's file. Only everybody's so busy trying to figure out why he set the fire, nobody's bothered to make sure he's the one who really did it.

Bob: Are you gonna debate this with me? You had no right or reason to say anything about Will Munson, particularly in front of his mother.

Chris: You've known Will his whole life. Doesn't it bother you that he could be locked up in a psych ward for no reason at all?

Bob: I admire your concern for justice. But a doctor has to think before he speaks. You haven't learned that yet. It's about time you did.

Barbara: I ran into Chris and Kim at the Lakeview. And Chris said that he thinks that Will admitted to starting the fire not because he did it, but because he thought that was the only way to make things right.

Hal: And what made Chris come to this conclusion?

Barbara: He was reading over Will's chart, and in it, he saw that Will never mentioned anything about gasoline-soaked rags, and yet the fire marshall thinks that that's how the fire spread, and if so, then why didn't Will mention anything about it?

Hal: That question has already been asked, Barbara. The rags were probably somewhere nearby while Will was tossing the matches.

Barbara: Probably? That doesn't justify what our son has been through, Hal.

Hal: If Chris Hughes thinks that Will made a false confession, he would have gone directly to the police.

Barbara: Exactly. That's what he needs to do. He needs to go to the police. He needs to go on the record. He needs to make an official statement.

Hal: Barbara, I am the police, and from what you've told me, I'd have Chris Hughes out of my office before he could warm up a chair.

Barbara: You know what? We're getting ready to go before a judge, and there's no guarantee that Will is going to be released into our custody. Now, if there's something I can do to help this situation, I am going to do it, Hal.

Emily: Chris has no credibility here. The D.A.'s gonna take him apart, Barbara.

Barbara: I'm not listening to either one of you. If Chris is willing, I'm bringing him to the hearing.

Hal: We haven't even hit the courthouse yet, and she's already turning it into a circus.

Rosanna: I am not saying that Lucy and Aaron belong together. They are very different, and perhaps they don't have what it takes to make it for the long haul. But if that is the case, their relationship will die on its own. Why do you have to get involved? Why can't you just wait for that, instead of concocting some sort of plot against them?

Craig: Isn't this the pot calling the kettle black?

Rosanna: Yes, I have pulled some tricks in my day, it is true. But I am trying to move on from that.

[Craig cackles]

Craig: Well, you want to squeal on me?

Rosanna: I won't have to. Sooner or later, Lucy's going to figure out for herself that Aaron did not cheat on her.

[Craig laughs maniacally]

Craig: Well, whatever. But that's Alison's deal. She can take the blame.

Rosanna: Whether she wants to or not?

Craig: Listen, I didn't twist little Sheba's arm to get involved in this.

Rosanna: Moral uncertainties aside, I promised not to get involved or to work against you, and I won't. But I have to tell you, I strongly disagree with how you're handling this situation.

Craig: Okay, fine. You disagree. But when Lucy forgets about Aaron, and she starts to walk, and she starts excelling in school again, then -- I will expect an apology.

Rosanna: That's it? An apology? Kind of meager, I was kind of hoping you'd ask for a little more.

Craig: Oh.

Alison: Oh, sorry. I'll wait outside.

Craig: No, no, that's okay, Alison. Come on in.

Alison: Are you sure?

Craig: Yeah, Rosanna's on our side.

Rosanna: No, I'm not.

Craig: Well, she's agreed not to get in the way.

Alison: I just came back from the garage. Lucy and Aaron were having a big fight about his other women.

Craig: Ah, excellent.

Alison: Lucy was really upset. But it's for her own good in the long run, right? Isn't that what you told me?

Craig: Well, sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

Rosanna: I'm going to bed. Good night. Alison.

Alison: Good night. What's her problem?

[Phone rings]

Craig: Yes? Yes. I'll be -- I'll be right there. Lucy fell. They've taken her to the hospital.

Simon: Look, I need to get some wood for the fire. Do you want to give us a hand?

Holden: Sure. What's going on?

Simon: Look, I tell you this, you promise not to tell anyone, not even Lily?

Holden: Done.

Simon: Look, the guy that Lily was describing sounds a lot like a bloke called Bartleby Shears. I knew him back in Sydney.

Holden: Was he a friend?

Simon: More like a manager. Look, when I went from the farm to the city, I was part of a group of street kids. We picked a few pockets, ran card games, roughed people up for money, that sort of thing. Bartleby was the organizer. He took a cut and kept us in line when we needed it.

Holden: How long were you involved with him?

Simon: Less than a year.

Holden: So what could he possibly want now?

Simon: When I was 17, I got busted breaking into a locker at the bus station. The cops worked me over. I wound up pointing the finger at Bartleby. They arrested him. They got him on every charge from robbery, assault, corrupting minors, every single charge they could pin on him.

Holden: So he did some time, then?

Simon: Well, I left Australia before the trial, but yeah, I assume so, yes.

Holden: So then he's probably here to settle the score.

Simon: A distinct possibility, yes.

Holden: How could he possibly know that you --

Simon: I have no idea. I have no idea. Look, Tom's been doing some legal work for me back home. Bartleby's pretty connected, maybe he got wind of it that way.

Holden: Doesn't sound like he's here for a friendly visit, that's for sure.

Simon: Bartleby Shears lives his life on the fringes of society. He does what he wants, without any fear of the consequences. Now, if it is him, I'm not the only one who should be watching my back. No one in Oakdale is safe.

Bob: Hey! I know you.

Kim: Hi, darling.

Bob: Hi. If you're nursing the idea that I can go home now, I'm afraid I have a few more hours of work to do around here.

Kim: Well, that doesn't surprise me. Actually, I was in visiting Will.

Bob: How is he?

Kim: Oh, he's not too miserable. I don't really know why. Somebody that age, being cooped up in the hospital for a month, you'd think he'd be ready to break out of here by now, especially if -- if he shouldn't have been here in the first place.

Bob: Does that mean that you agree with Chris that it's possible that Will didn't start the fire?

Kim: Honey, I don't know. I realize how upset you are that Chris got involved in this. I just wish I'd never said anything to him about it.

Bob: Well, he's an intern. He doesn't have the authority. And I really wish that he hadn't shared his theories with Barbara.

Kim: Well, on that, we do agree. Do you think this is going to get him in a lot of hot water professionally?

Bob: Well --

Chris: Hey. What's the world coming to when your parents start talking about you behind your back?

Kim: Hi, sweetheart.

Chris: This is worse than when I got dropped off at peewee soccer, and I overheard you guys planning on getting me a two-wheeler. Spoiled the whole surprise.

Bob: Mm-hmm. Your mother has a right to worry. You know, if Barbara decides to use what you said as part of the defense for Will's case, it's gonna put you in the spotlight. Not a great spot for an intern to be in.

Chris: Especially when that intern's supervisor's John Dixon. I know.

Kim: Oh, what about John? Does he know all about this?

Bob: I don't know, but he'll probably be the first one that Barbara button-holes about it.

Chris: Sounds like I should try to get to him before Barbara does.

Kim: Good. Good for you. The thing is, prepare yourself. There's no guarantee that'll buy you any mercy.

Chris: I know, mom, but better he hear it from me.

Bob: Hey, you've come a long way since we got you that two-wheeler.

Chris: So does this mean you're not mad anymore?

Bob: No, I'm not really angry. It's just that I wanted to convince you that you should count to ten before you shoot your mouth off. You've got to accept the pecking order around here, just like I do at home. Your mother rules the roost, and I just follow along quietly.

Kim: Oh, since when?

Chris: What have I started here? Look, I'd better go find Dr. Dixon. I'll leave you two to hash this out.

Bob: Listen, wait -- I know you're perfectly capable of facing John Dixon. But if you'd like some moral support, I'm available.

Chris: Seriously?

Bob: Think of me as a human flack jacket. I can't stop the bullets from flying, but I may be able to stop them from doing too much damage.

Chris: Thanks, dad. I'd really like that.

Craig: Gloria, where's Lucy?

Gloria: She's in with Dr. Dixon.

Alison: Is she okay?

Gloria: It doesn't seem to be serious.

Rosanna: Oh, well, even so, you did the right thing. With her condition as it is, it makes no sense to take chances.

Craig: How'd it happen?

Aaron: It was my fault.

Craig: Well, I'm sure it was more complicated than that.

Aaron: She was trying to get away from me.

Craig: Why?

Aaron: Well, she -- she thought I did something I didn't do. I tried stopping her by holding on to the wheelchair. Before I knew it, she was trying to get up and out of it. Look, I couldn't even catch her, it happened so fast.

Craig: You didn't force her into anything? John, John? John, how's Lucy?

John: A little shook up. Otherwise, she's okay.

Craig: Any damage from the fall?

John: No, the scans are all negative. Look, she's gonna be okay. Nothing to worry about.

Rosanna: So we can bring her home tonight?

John: She's probably going to experience a little soreness, so I would give her a hot bath, and then get her into bed.

Craig: Thank you, John. I'm glad you were here.

John: Me, too.

Craig: Lucy? It's dad.

Rosanna: And Rosanna.

Lucy: Come in.

Aaron: You should have heard the things she was saying to me, Alison. I mean, the girl thinks I cheated on her.

Alison: Whoa, how did she come up with that?

Aaron: She says she remembers it. Tell me, how does a person remember something that didn't even happen? You know it's not true, Alison. You were with us the whole time.

Alison: And not only that, but I know you'd never act that way.

Aaron: I know. Do you think you can say something to her?

Alison: I -- I don't know, Aaron. If she didn't believe you, is she really gonna believe me?

Aaron: Come on, please, please. You have to help me get her back.

Rosanna: I can do that.

Craig: You sure you're all right? If you feel any pain at all, I can have somebody here in 15 minutes.

Rosanna: How's that?

Lucy: Good, thanks.

Rosanna: Okay.

Lucy: I'm fine. Really, I didn't mean for you guys to have to come all the way down here.

Craig: Well, listen, there's no reason to be sorry about anything. The only thing that matters is that you weren't hurt.

Lucy: I was trying to walk. I didn't really get very far.

Craig: Aaron says you were trying to get away from him.

Lucy: He lied to me, daddy. I don't want to see him anymore.

Holden: You know, you don't have to handle this Bartleby guy by yourself. If you need any help --

Simon: I know. I'll let you know. Thanks.

Holden: All right, so what do you do now? What's your next move?

Simon: I'll stay alert. Take the citizenship test. And once I pass, Katie and I are gonna be out of here quicker than you can say "God Bless America."

Holden: And what happens if Bartleby makes a move before that?

Simon: I'll deal with him. Shall we?

Holden: Let's do it.

Lily: Well, that took a long time. Did you have to cut down the trees first to get that wood?

Simon: No, I was telling Holden about Australia.

Katie: Oh, really? What about it?

Simon: Oh, you know, just the usual things. How crocodile meat tastes a lot like chicken.

Lily: Is that true?

Simon: Absolutely, 100% truth.

Katie: Are you buying any of this?

Lily: Of course not.

Katie: Okay, so, boys, why don't you tell us what you were really discussing out there?

John: I got your message. You wanna talk to me?

Barbara: Hi, I do. I'm sorry I called. I wouldn't have done that if it weren't important.

John: No, no, that's fine. What's going on?

Barbara: Would Memorial allow Chris Hughes to testify as an expert witness at Will's juvenile court hearing.

John: An expert about what?

Barbara: He's working in pediatrics. He observes children, and he knows that sometimes kids take the blame for things they didn't do, John.

John: You can't be serious now, Barbara. Now wait a minute. Chris is not qualified to be an expert about Will's case, let alone anyone's case.

Barbara: But if he's able to help Will --

John: Barbara, Chris knows nothing about Will's case. All he did was manage to read a couple of reports, of which he was not authorized to read in the first place. Excuse me. Chris -- Barbara tells me that you have been talking to her about Will's case.

Chris: Well, yes.

John: Did anyone give you authority to talk to her about this case?

Chris: No, sir.

Bob: We've spoken about that, and Chris understands --

John: I don't think Chris understands anything. How do you go about dispensing this expert advice about something that's totally beyond your experience?

Alison: Talking to Lucy about this could backfire real easy, Aaron. She's gonna know you asked me to do it.

Aaron: I know. I know. But we can't just sit here and do nothing. I don't understand how she got this idea in her head. I mean, Lucy thinks I cheated on her, and she won't let go of it.

Alison: You could write her another letter.

Aaron: You really don't want to do this, do you?

Alison: No, Lucy's my friend, too. I just don't like being in the middle.

Aaron: Do you know what this feels like, Alison? This feels like the end.

Alison: Well, not necessarily. You never know what's going to happen.

Aaron: I mean, Lucy and I keep getting to this certain point in our relationship, and something always happens to drive us apart. I used to be able to find a way to win her back, but this time -- this time, I don't know.

Alison: Okay, okay, I will try to talk to her.

Aaron: You will? But I thought you said --

Alison: I will -- I will try, that's all. Just as long as you understand that she might not believe me.

Aaron: Yes, I understand. Look, you're the only hope I have left.

Craig: I don't think this is the time to make any decision about Aaron, Lucy. Why don't you wait until the morning and --

Lucy: I don't have to wait. My mind is made up, and I don't want to talk about it.

Alison: Can I come in?

Rosanna: Actually, this isn't a good time, Alison.

Alison: Hey, Luce, how's it going?

Lucy: Fine, I guess. Can we go home?

Alison: Aaron's out there. He wanted me to ask if you would see him.

Lucy: No, I can't, Alison. Not tonight. I can't.

Alison: Okay. Okay, I'll let him know.

Craig: I'll talk to him.

Lucy: Daddy, please -- will you just let me handle this?

Craig: I'm not gonna embarrass you. I just wanna clear a few things up.

Alison: I'll go with him. Lucy, I'll call you tomorrow. I'm really glad you're all right.

Rosanna: Look, I don't know what Aaron said to get you so upset. And I'm not going to ask. I'm just gonna suggest that you don't close any doors until you have all the information.

Lucy: There's something I think Aaron did. He denies it, but I can't be sure he's not lying. I can't be sure of anything, and I don't know how I'm gonna find out.

Craig: Alison, I don't need any help with this.

Alison: Well, that's not what you told me when you hatched this idea.

Craig: You've done your job, Alison. Why don't you go home?

Alison: You sure know how to make a person feel appreciated.

Craig: Try not to take everything personally. Aaron?

Aaron: Hi. How's Lucy?

Craig: She's okay. It wasn't too serious.

Aaron: Oh, thank God. I was so worried about her.

Craig: We all were. She did ask me to give you a message, though. She said she doesn't want to see you anymore.

Simon: Ever notice how ungrateful some people can be, Holden? Here we are, out in the cold, gathering wood, and all we get is grief.

Katie: Oh, come on, Simon. Don't give me the hurt routine. I just wanna know what you guys were talking about. As simple as that.

Simon: Holden?

Holden: What?

Simon: Shall we?

Holden: It's up to you.

Simon: Well, look, Holden, being the romantic that he is, he just gave me a few ideas for Valentine's day, and I think --

Katie: You were talking about the Australian guy. Just tell me.

Simon: No, I wasn't talking about any Australian guy. I have no idea who this guy is.

Katie: It's not the lying I mind so much. It's that he's so bad at it.

Lily: They all are. Get used to it.

Simon: Okay, look. Honey, all I did was I just asked Holden if he would drop by and check on the cottage when we're in Australia. I didn't want to mention it because then you'd be all concerned and afraid about break-ins.

Lily: Is that true?

Holden: Of course that's true.

Lily: Okay, all right. Hey, guys, we'd better drink that tea before it gets cold.

Simon: Okay, I'll build the fire.

Holden: I'll help him.

Chris: Barbara, I'm sorry. I should've never expressed an opinion about Will's case.

Barbara: It sounded like a lot more than an opinion, Chris. You were very certain.

Chris: I spoke out of turn. I hope you'll forgive me.

John: I don't think she has to --

Bob: Let's not turn this into a national disaster, John. Chris has apologized --

Hal: I figured you'd be here. What is she doing? Recruiting the entire hospital staff to be at Will's hearing?

John: Barbara is here because she's been misled by an intern.

Hal: You had a lot of gall. What you did was totally irresponsible.

Bob: Hal, back off. If there's any reprimanding to do, it'll be done internally.

Chris: I overstepped my boundaries. It wasn't my place to get involved.

Barbara: I see. So now you've changed you're opinion about my son?

Chris: I think we've established that I'm not in a position to answer that question.

Bob: Barbara, Chris has apologized. Will you accept it, and then we can all move on?

Hal: I'm with Bob. We don't need additional problems at Will's hearing. I can repeat that, if you like. Much louder.

Barbara: I know how loud you can get, Hal. And you know how much I love my son.

Hal: You know, I've had a lot of aggravation in my life over these last few months. I didn't need this.

Bob: Well, what do you say we skip this for a while, and we'll talk about it in the morning.

Chris: Dad, wait. You're my supervisor, Dr. Dixon. I'll accept whatever punishment you think is fair.

Lucy: Alison told me that while we were on the road, Aaron had sex with this girl in North Carolina. I told Aaron I remembered it myself, because I didn't want to get Alison in trouble. He swore it wasn't true.

Rosanna: Do you believe him?

Lucy: I don't know who to believe. I mean, how can I know anything until I get my memory back?

Rosanna: Well, if that's the case, perhaps you shouldn't push Aaron away just yet.

Lucy: But I had to beg Alison to tell me about it. She didn't want to, because she didn't want me to be mad at Aaron, so how could she be lying?

Rosanna: Do you remember anything about Aaron cheating on you?

Lucy: I remember we argued about a girl once. It was a long time ago, before we were on the road. I just feel so alone right now, like there's nobody I can trust.

Rosanna: You can trust me.

Aaron: Does Lucy blame me for what happened tonight?

Craig: She didn't use those words exactly.

Aaron: Only a few hours ago, she said she wanted to see me. She said I was helping her get better.

Craig: Lucy is frustrated. Aaron, I think it's time you give her some space. Let her memory come back on its own.

Aaron: What do you mean, space?

Craig: No contact whatsoever.

Aaron: I can't do that.

Craig: Well, I realize it's not your first choice. But it's what Lucy wants, and we have to respect that.

Aaron: I'll come by tomorrow and talk to her. I mean, maybe by then, she'll be able to talk to me --

Craig: No, it starts now. If you come by the house, I turn you away.

Aaron: There's no way this can be a good thing.

Craig: Oh, buck up. Lucy wouldn't have come this far if it wasn't for you. So I have to sign some papers so they can release Lucy. Good-bye.

John: Chris, I'm not going to punish you at all -- all right.

Chris: Thank you. I hope that someday you can forgive me for what I did today.

John: Just forget about it, okay. Because no self-respecting doctor is gonna hold it against an intern who's still learning.

Chris: That's very kind of you.

Bob: I agree. That's very generous of you, John.

John: However, I am going to note this on your record, and if you try to pull another stupid stunt like this, I will make an official reprimand, and that will be public.

Chris: Whoa -- just when you think he's human.

Bob: He's your supervisor, and he's a fine physician. You can learn from him.

Chris: Sorry. Man, that's all I've been saying today.

Bob: You made a mistake, Chris. And you took action to correct that mistake. That's the sign of a good doctor or someone who could be one someday.

Barbara: I need to talk to you.

Hal: No, you don't.

Barbara: I'm not very happy about the fact that you followed me down here tonight. I have just as much right to fight for our son as you do, Hal.

Hal: Barbara, I've never had any doubt that you've always wanted what's best for Will. But going to court is a big step, and we need to be prepared.

Barbara: What do you think I'm doing? If we could bring some new evidence into court, then maybe --

Hal: We will be sitting with a judge, Barbara. He'll know that we're divorced. He'll have our whole family history laid out in front of him. And he'll be watching us very, very carefully, so we need to be civil with each other, Barbara.

Barbara: Are you accusing me of starting trouble here tonight? Because I had the best of intentions until you and --

Hal: What about now?

Barbara: What do you mean?

Hal: Do you still have the best intentions regarding Will?

Barbara: What kind of question is that? You know that I do.

Hal: Well, then you listen to me, and you try to take this in, Barbara. You and I are gonna have to convince that court that we are dedicated to Will's rehabilitation. That we are willing to put our son's needs ahead of our own problems. If we make any mistakes anywhere along the line, we could blow Will's chances of coming home.

Barbara: They can't lock him up again. He needs his family.

Hal: It's their game. We play by their rules or we lose.

Barbara: Okay. We go into court, and we are Will Munson's loving and devoted parents, nothing more.

Hal: That's all we gotta do. And if we can pull it off, we'll go home with our boy.

Craig: Gloria? Are you here? Ah, there you are. Did you run Lucy's bath?

Gloria: Yes, I did. It's all ready. Are you feeling better?

Lucy: Yeah, thanks.

Craig: But not half as good as you'll feel after that bath. Right? Right?

Lucy: I guess. Can we go?

Gloria: Sure.

Craig: No, no. Just a minute. Now, baby, I know you're home now, and I want you forget about your troubles for a while. Okay?

Lucy: I'll try, daddy. Thanks.

Craig: Now do you feel any pain? Is there anything I can do?

Lucy: You've asked me that every five minutes since we got in the car.

Craig: All right, I'll stop. Okay, but if you want to talk, you know who to come to.

Lucy: I sure do.

Alison: Aaron?

Aaron: Go away. I'm not in the mood.

Alison: I wanted to make sure you're all right.

Aaron: Well, I'm not.

Alison: Do you want to go for a soda? A couple of places are still open.

Aaron: I want you to be honest with me. Did you tell Lucy I was seeing another girl? Did you put those ideas in her head?

Alison: Aaron -- I'm your friend. And Lucy's, too.

Aaron: Whatever. Forget it. I just don't understand why there are certain things she remembers and certain things she doesn't. Now she's remembering things that didn't even happen!

Alison: I'm sorry, Aaron. I'm sorry she hurt you. But I know that things will work out.

Simon: Thanks for coming by. Good seeing you.

Lily: Thanks a lot. Thanks for the tea.

Simon: Holden, good seeing you, mate.

Holden: Thanks.

Lily: Sorry again for coming by so late.

Simon: No problem.

Holden: Come on, honey, let's go. Come on.

Lily: Good luck on everything.

Simon: All right guys. Drive safe. Bye-bye.

Katie: 'Night.

Simon: Well, that was fun.

Katie: Yeah.

Simon: So how about we go upstairs now for the real fun?

Katie: Not until you tell me the truth.

Simon: About what?

Katie: About the guy, the Australian guy that Lily met. Is there some reason to be concerned?

Simon: None at all. No.

Katie: Come on.

Simon: Look, I don't wanna talk about -- any more about subject of mysterious Australians or anything. How 'bout we go upstairs and start practicing how to have a baby before we forget how?

Katie: Oh, yeah -- like that's going to happen.

Simon: You want to take the chance?

Katie: No way.

Simon: Jump on. All right.

Lily: Are you sure everything's all right with Simon? He's acting kind of --

Holden: Yeah, Simon, he's fine. There's no reason to worry. Can we go?

Bartleby: Thank you very much, Mrs. I knew you would lead me right to him. I'll be seeing you soon, Simon. And we'll settle the score my way.

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