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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 1/31/03

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Bob: It's not your call, Chris.

Chris: Look, somebody's gotta step up for this kid. Will Munson didn't start that fire.

Bob: You can't possibly know that.

Chris: Look at the file.

Bob: I don't have to. I have complete faith in Dr. Michaels.

Chris: You should. What she's written here proves that Will didn't do it.

Bob: Well, if that's true, it'll all come out in family court.

Chris: Meanwhile, the kid hangs by his thumbs.

Bob: Let me have the file. And you get back to work. Or, as I said, I'll write you up myself.

Alison: So why do they think you didn't do it, Will? How do I make them believe that you did?

Lucinda: All right. All right. I canceled my lunch with Anthony Morris --

Lily: Good.

Lucinda: -- Who's adorable and a business partner. But where is Rose? Where is my ex-vice president? She's late.

Lily: No, you're late. I wanted to talk to you for a few minutes before she got here.

Lucinda: Oh. Then help me talk her out of this hair business? Good. Because, I mean, I didn't knock myself out teaching her about the executive suite to have her fall back on -- on hair blowouts, hair washing.

Lily: I don't think she's gonna be doing the washing of the hair. I think she's gonna find some people to pay to wash the hair.

Lucinda: Honey, at the end of the day, she's a pink-collar girl. And she could have been in the executive boardroom.

Lily: You know what? Let's not talk about what you want for Rose. Let's think about what Rose wants. You should support her on this. Yes. And back her.

Lucinda: No.

Lily: Why?

Lucinda: Absolutely not. Did she put you up to this? I'm not going to subsidize a misadventure. Now, Lily, I am glad that Rose is back. I'm glad. But I want her back where she belongs.

Lily: Fetching coffee for you? Carrying your train? Following you around?

Lucinda: No, my darling. Using her mind. She has a mind. And she was using it at Worldwide. Now, is that so wrong? I wanted her to grow.

[Lucinda sighs ] I cannot do something that I know is wrong for Rose. And for us.

Rose: Then it's a good thing I'm not hitting you up for a loan, then.

Ben: You're staying here?

Jessica: Well, what choice do I have, Ben? I mean, Marshall just found out his daughter is dead. You saw how devastated he is. He's -- he's in worse condition now than he was when we left Oakdale. Do you want to stay here with him?

Ben: No, I can't.

Jessica: Okay, then. I mean, he might need medical attention --

Ben: Washington has excellent hospitals. Nurses, too, as far as that goes.

Jessica: I'll see you back in Oakdale.

Ben: Wait, Jess -- Jessica. Look -- I'm not handling this well. I know that. Maybe I forfeited every right I have to ask for your patience and understanding.

Jessica: Then why are you here, Ben? Why did you come to D.C.?

Ben: Believe it or not, I came to apologize for my attitude lately. And tell you that I realized something. I'm ready to forgive you.

Jessica: Really? Well, that's mighty big of you. Thank you. If you don't have anything else to say to me, then have a safe flight.

Marshall: So what time's your flight? Jess?

Jessica: I'm not leaving here until you're ready to travel.

Jack: So what's your name?

Joan: Joan.

Jack: Okay, Joan, what'll it be?

Joan: Oh, a mimosa.

Jack: Very nice. A mimosa for the lady, please. You can hit me again.

Joan: Whoo, you're a serious drinker.

Jack: Well, I intend to get seriously drunk. If that makes me a serious drinker --

Joan: What's her name? Well, whoever she is, I can take your mind off her.

Jack: You think so?

Joan: Mm-hmm. Why don't you come up to my room and find out?

Jack: I'm mar -- I'm married.

Joan: Me, too.

Molly: You want another chance. Same way you gave me another chance, Mike? You know, maybe I missed your call. Did you call that night to find out my opinion before you kicked our relationship to the curb?

Mike: Molly, I will say it as many times as it takes. I made a mistake.

Molly: You made a baby. In all the times that we had sex, Mike, you never once forgot to use protection. And I thought that was really sweet. I thought you were taking care of me, that you really cared about me. But little did I know you were just being cautious so you wouldn't get caught.

Mike: Come on, that's not fair.

Molly: And then along comes Carly, and you just let 'er rip. You had no conversation, no contraceptives --

Mike: I was drunk!

Molly: You were drinking the night we met, and you managed to find your way to the couch. And I thought, "what a gentleman." Wrong! I just didn't know you were saving yourself for Carly.

Mike: Molly, I -- you're angry, all right? And you're hurt. And you're jealous. And maybe this is too soon, but you have got to know how sorry I am.

Molly: Well, you should be. 'Cause you blew something really great. And for what? She's not in love with you. She's in love with Jack, for all the good that does him now. You had a choice that night, and you chose her.

Mike: That's not true. I am here because I want you. I always have, and I always will.

Barbara: So? Was John right? Was Hal meeting with Lynn Michaels?

Paul: Nice to see you, too.

Barbara: Please tell me, for heaven's sake.

Paul: Yes. Hal did have a brief meeting with Dr. Michaels.

Barbara: He lied to me. I knew it. He lied to me. He told me that he was gonna involve me in every aspect of Will's treatment.

Paul: All right, we have no idea this has anything to do with Will's treatment.

Barbara: What else could it be, Paul?

Paul: I don't know. Maybe Hal needed a prescription filled or a referral. Maybe it was police business. I don't know.

Barbara: So Lynn Michaels thinks that Will deliberately set that fire. Are they going to press charges?

Paul: Hal didn't tell me what they discussed, and I couldn't press him for it. And you just need to calm down.

Barbara: How can I? Do you know what happened this morning? They called me. They have scheduled Will's court date. He has to appear in juvenile court. And I know that Lynn Michaels is gonna testify against me, and Margo. And they're gonna scrape up everybody else they can in town to malign me. And I know that's why Michaels wanted to see Hal, so he will testify against me. He'll do it. He'll do anything he can to get Will away from me.

Paul: Mother, as far as I understand it, Will is to meet with the juvenile court judge to determine whether or not he can go home.

Barbara: To Hal's house. Don't you see? This is all a plot to take him away from me. They want to declare me unfit and take my son away from me. And you've got to stop them.

Alison: "Patient can't make connection between having played with matches and actual start of fire." So -- so I help him fill in the blanks. Then they think he did it, and I'm in the clear.

Emily: Alison? What are you still doing here? You're not supposed to see Will.

Susan: Why?

Emily: Dr. Michaels wants to limit his visits for a while. She had a few concerns.

Alison: Did you talk to Hal?

Emily: Yes, I did. And, you know, he understands that you don't want Will to think that you're abandoning him. But it's out of his hands. This is Dr. Michaels's decision.

Susan: I'll talk to Lynn.

Alison: You will?

Susan: Yes. Let me see if I can catch her.

Alison: Oh, you're the best.

Susan: Oh! I don't know what I did to deserve that, but -- I accept.

Emily: Okay, wait. I'm confused. After Hal explained to you why you had to leave, you found a reason to come back again?

Alison: This may come as a shock to you, but Hal is not my boss. I have every right to be in the psych ward or wherever they want to send me.

Emily: Oh, I see. So someone sent you to the psych ward?

Alison: Sure, whatever.

Emily: You wanna try again, Alison? What are you up to?

Jessica: You hungry?

Marshall: Why is it that people feel the need to feed grief? They hear there's been a death in the family, and they show up en masse with fruit pieó, as if rhubarb and cinnamon are gonna change anything.

Jessica: When someone dies, Marshall, people -- people need other people around. So, you show up. With a pie or a cake or -- just something that gives the person who's grieving, the person who's in shock, something to do. You know, so they go in the kitchen. And they get plates and forks and knives and put on the tea kettle. It's just a little -- a little bit of the continuum of life. A little bit of hope. It lessens the load. Lets you know you're not alone. And that life -- life is good.

Marshall: Well -- I can think of a few better ways to remind me that life is good. We've got a hotel room. A nice, soft bed. And Dr. Ben's on a plane. Help me, Jessica. Show me I'm not alone.

Molly: You're only here right now because Carly took off for Cancun.

Mike: Oh, come on, Molly.

Molly: You talk to her before she left?

Mike: No.

Molly: You worried at all about the baby?

Mike: When the baby's born, we'll figure out the paternity. Until then --

Molly: You know that Jack kicked her out, right?

Mike: He'll reconsider.

Molly: No, I doubt it. So now she's jobless, homeless and pregnant. You still not worried about her?

Mike: I'm concerned about her as a person, as a friend.

Molly: Yeah, she was my friend, Mike, my cousin. And you picked her. You've always been loved, haven't you? By your parents, your sister, your brother, your girlfriends. Everybody's always loved Mike, right?

Mike: I've been lucky.

Molly: Yeah, well, some people haven't always been that lucky. 'Cause my parents had little or no use for me. And my boyfriends were all users. And I never had a real girlfriend until Carly came into my life. Until we started hanging out together. And nobody loved me until Jake. And he loved me so much. He showered me with love. And then he died. And I wanted to die with him. And then I met you. And I thought, "wow. Could I possibly get that lucky twice?" And that would be a big fat no. 'Cause you walked out on me. And you took Carly with you. So, see, now I'm worse off than I was when Jake died. So, no, Mike, okay? You don't get another chance.

Mike: Molly --

Molly: No, okay? This conversation's over. This relationship is over. Now get out.

Mike: You're wrong about us. We can make it. And I'm gonna prove that to you.

Lily: We have the utmost confidence in you. Don't we, mother?

Lucinda: Of course I have faith in you, Rose. That's why I installed Rose at Worldwide. And that's why I will not back this hair business scheme.

Rose: Do you have any idea what kinda money these places pull in, these salons? I mean, maybe a chain of salons, beauty products?

[Lucinda clears her throat ]

Lucinda: Frederic Fekkai you ain't, honey.

Rose: Well -- not yet. But look at my business plan. And then we'll talk. Come on. Take a look. And I found a space.

Lucinda: Where?

Rose: You know that pet grooming place on Winsdale? Went outta business.

[Lucinda laughs ]

Lucinda: That augurs well.

Rose: The owner dropped dead. But it's got all the right hookups for the sinks and the hoses. It's wired for heat lamps and blow-dryers. It's perfect.

Lily: That's great.

Lucinda: It's gonna take a mint to refresh and refurbish this.

Rose: Page six, "refurbish." Check it out. And I already called Mitzi. She is an expert on hair, nails, the whole thing.

Lucinda: Yeah, that's why she's perennially broke. Wait a minute. You're gonna give her how much?

Rose: She's worth every penny.

Lucinda: Now, sweetheart, really. You could have found somebody local for much less money.

Rose: Local? I don't want local. Local, ew. I want glamour! You know, I want showbiz. I want personality. I want Mitzi. I don't want anybody walking outta my place a nobody. You come to my place, you find your inner star. Where is that, "inner star"? No, no, no. "Inner star."

Lucinda: "Inner star."

Lily: Rose, you're gonna be great at this. You know what you want. You have a business plan. You're great with people. Don't you agree, mother?

Rose: All right, I lied. I wanna know what you think right now. Not later -- right now. You tell me what you think, and then we'll call it a day.

Lucinda: All right. How much do you think you're gonna need?

Jack: I think you need to take a walk.

Joan: Why? Because I'm married? Look, you were honest with me. I was honest with you.

Jack: Yeah, what about your husband? Were you honest with him? He know you're in a bar looking to get lucky?

Joan: Look, you don't know me, my situation. You have no right to speak to me like this.

Jack: Look, hey, I'm sorry. You're right. Look, I'm having a bad day! Joan? Aw, she's not coming back.

Bartender: I just set 'em up.

Jack: Yeah, so you can take 'em away. I've done enough damage.

Mike: Whatever you've got on draft.

Jack: Oh, I can't catch a break, can I?

Mike: I'm not following you, Jack. Molly's staying here.

Jack: Ah, she moved out? Good for her. .

Alison: So let me get this straight. First the problem is that all I cared about was myself. And now that I care about someone else, your stepson, who's stuck in the psych ward --

Emily: Okay, so the new-and-improved Alison is hanging around the psych ward when she knows Will is not available to see her. Because?

Alison: I just wanted to get some information, okay? I mean, Hal gets called down here in the middle of the night --

Emily: After dinner. But go ahead.

Alison: And he's in the huddle with the big, bad shrink. And nobody will even tell me why. I can't even ask Will, because now, all of a sudden, he's off-limits.

Emily: Sweetie, what do you want to know?

Alison: Is Will going to jail?

Emily: No! I mean, even if he did start the fire.

Alison: What do you mean "even if"? Are they saying that he didn't do it?

Emily: I don't know. They haven't determined the sequence of events. Whether he knowingly started the fire or not.

Susan: It's all set! Lynn said you can see Will one more time and explain to him that you can see him after he goes home.

Alison: Thanks, mom.

Susan: She's better. Don't you think? Nice to see her so happy.

Emily: Happy? Of course she's happy. Alison's always happy when she gets her way. The question is why is it so important for her to see Will?

Marshall: I knew you'd send Ben away. Ow! What the hell did you do that for?

Jessica: I would've slapped you, but you just had brain surgery. Now, look -- I understand it's hard for you to accept what's happened. But I am not gonna try to help you bury your feelings, Marshall. You just found out your daughter is dead --

Marshall: And a nice man wouldn't want to make love to a beautiful woman? I'm not a nice man.

Jessica: Well, that's pretty obvious right now. But, nonetheless, you still are a man in pain.

Marshall: You wanna know why I hooked up with Zara's mother? Because -- I wanted her. Neia was the most enticing woman on campus. All the men wanted her, which made her even more desirable. But -- she wouldn't give me the time of day. Until I said those magic words -- "I love you." And she puddled, just like you. So -- we can either get it on, or you can go home. But one thing's for sure -- I am not sitting around the kitchen table, putting on a kettle.

Jessica: I didn't puddle, Marshall. I slapped you. Yes, room service. Would you send up a pot of tea for two people, please? And you wouldn't happen to have any humble pie, would you? Oh, well, that is unfortunate. Okay, apple will do. Thank you.

Marshall: You're as stubborn as my father.

Jessica: And I wish he were here right now. Because we're gonna have a wake, Marshall, in honor of 15-year-old Zara Travers.

Marshall: You don't even know her. Why are you doing this?

Jessica: Because a child has died, Marshall. And that needs to be paid attention to. Especially a child who lived on her own, never knew her family, may have died alone. Comfort must be given to the parent who never knew her and is afraid to grieve. And, frankly, I feel a little responsible, because I forced you to stand up to Steinbeck.

Marshall: It wasn't your fault.

Jessica: Well -- whatever. Whatever the case may be. I need to mourn Zara. And so do you.

[Knock at door ]

Molly: Mike, go away!

Jack: I'm not Mike.

Molly: Hey.

Jack: This sucks.

Molly: Like your mama's vacuum. You drunk?

Jack: Eh, getting there. Beats crying.

Molly: Somebody's gotta do it.

Jack: I saw your ex downstairs. He is your ex--

Molly: Is there any hope for you and Carly?

Jack: She thinks so. Then again, she always thinks so. So, are you gonna offer me a drink?

Molly: Jack -- I went down that road when I lost -- you remember it wasn't pretty. I've got lots of coffee. One lump or two?

Jack: Dump in the whole bowl. Mike was heading for the bar.

Molly: He -- he was up here trying to plead his case. And I shot him down.

Jack: So why are you sobbing into your caffeine?

Molly: 'Cause I love him. Same way you love Carly. hi Jake

Susan: You've been living with Hal Munson too long. You're seeing ulterior motives where they don't exist.

Emily: No, maybe I've learned the hard way never to accept anything Alison says or does at face value.

Susan: What are you talking about? She's getting her diploma. She's volunteering here at the hospital.

Emily: Excuse me. She's only going back to school, mother, because it was court-ordered. And she is volunteering at this hospital be -- because of Will. She's volunteering at this hospital because -- this has something to do with Will, I just can't figure out what that is.

Susan: What does it matter? If she's getting her diploma, I don't care what --

Emily: Has she ever been tested for add?

Susan: First she's a criminal, now she's got attention deficit disorder?

Emily: Listen, I'm serious. She totally fits the profile. She has the shortest attention of anybody I know. She daydreams. She doesn't listen to anybody but her --

Susan: I hate to burst your bubble, Dr. Stewart Munson, but she is exactly the way you were at that age -- riddled with hormones and nasty more often than nice.

Emily: Thank you, mom.

Susan: You're welcome. Honey, she's happy. We should all be happy.

Emily: Happy? Happy, happy, happy. What are you up to, Alison?

Paul: Sure you don't want something to eat?

Barbara: I'm not hungry. But thank you for the tea.

Paul: Listen, mom, you really have to make an effort to stop losing your cool. For Will's sake.

Barbara: Of course I do. And you're gonna help me do that, aren't you? I mean, you'll testify on my behalf if it comes down to that, won't you?

Paul: It won't come to that.

Barbara: But you'll be at the hearing, won't you?

Paul: Yeah, of course.

Barbara: Because Lynn Michaels -- I don't know what's happened to that woman. I've known her since before Jennifer was born. She used to be my friend. And now I just don't know. She's turned against me for some reason. And she's going to blame me for all of this, I know she will. And you've got to stand up for me. You've got to stand by me. Make sure that I don't lose my son. You're on my side in this, aren't you?

Paul: I'm on Will's side. Will's my brother, and I will testify on his behalf.

Barbara: "Will's brother"? Will's brother who left him in that barn, if anyone's to blame around here. No, don't go. Listen, listen -- he needs us. We're an imperfect family, but he needs us. We're his family.

Paul: No, what Will needs is to get back to normal.

Barbara: Normal? You think Hal is normal? And Emily? Well, I'll tell you something, son. This is Rose talking, isn't it? She and Emily are thick as thieves.

Paul: Are you -- ? Okay, all right, mom, I'm gonna break this down for you, make it very simple. Rose is off-limits. That will change when you change. And as far as Will's concerned, I will do whatever I can to support him.

Barbara: Even if it means he goes to live at Hal's?

Paul: I will support the findings of his doctor and the court.

Barbara: Oh, Paul -- I'm beginning to think your father was right about you.

Paul: Enjoy your tea.

Lucinda: Oh, Raul, three spoons, please.

Lily: Have you ever gotten through lunch without dessert with this woman?

Lucinda: I'm doing it for you, my darling. And it's fat-free, all right? We need something sweet at the end of the meal, the end of the day, the end of life. We're celebrating! And it's too early to break out champagne.

Rose: Oh, never too early for that. But you know what? I do need your support. I would really appreciate it from you.

Lucinda: Well, I do support you, Rose.

Rose: Good.

Lucinda: I do. I've tried to teach you everything I thought was fruitful. But if you want hairbiz, hairbiz is what you'll get.

Rose: Well, thank you. But I do have to tell you, this is something that I want to do on my own.

Lucinda: Dear, you don't think that you're going to be able to get a bank loan?

Rose: Well, right or wrong, my whole life I've taken care of myself. The second I get in Oakdale I walk around with my hand out to everybody.

Lucinda: That's not true, you've earned your way with us, all the way.

Rose: Well, thank you. You know what then? I'm gonna keep it this way. And you know what? You two, you're not out of the woods here. I want you both to show up at the salon. As soon as Mitzi gets here, we're gonna have some pictures before and after, right there in the window to prove it. [Lucinda laughing ] yeah, you.

Lucinda: I have used the same hair stylist since the first day I set foot in Oakdale.

Rose: Yeah, I can see that. I mean, I mean, yes -- mm, no offense. I'm sorry. No, no. But you, when I get my hands on you, Holden's not gonna be able to recognize you. Speaking of which, I gotta go. I got to go meet Paul.

Lucinda: What about -- honey, the dessert? Ooh.

Rose: Oh, ooh. He's sweet enough for me, thank you very much.

Lucinda: More for us.

Lily: You know what? I have to take a rain check. I'll be back.

Lucinda: Honey?

Lily: Mike? Hi, hi.

Mike: Hey, Lily.

Lily: Where are you headed?

Mike: To do something stupid. Molly's staying here.

Lily: Yeah, I heard. I heard about that.

Mike: I guess it's all over town.

Lily: Well, you know.

Mike: I thought I'd try and talk to her, not that she's ready to listen to me.

Lily: That's gonna take some time.

Mike: You mad at me, too?

Lily: Do you want me to be? It sounds like you're mad enough at yourself for the both of us.

Mike: I've done some stupid things, Lil, but this --

Lily: Want to talk about it?

Jack: Wait a minute. So what does that mean? You're gonna take him back?

Molly: Hell, no.

Jack: I hit him. Did he tell you?

Molly: No.

Jack: He came down to the station to get me to forgive Carly.

Molly: Well, I hope you hit him really hard.

Jack: Well, yeah.

Molly: Good.

Jack: Anyway, Hal gave me a mandatory two-week vacation, kicked me out of the station, told me I needed to calm down.

Molly: How in the hell are you supposed to calm down when your wife is getting closer to maternity clothes every day?

Jack: Thank you very much.

Molly: You know what I can't take? I mean, if it had -- I'm not saying that I would have forgiven him or even taken him back if it had just been that one night. But the fact that there's a baby involved -- I am so glad you're here.

Jack: Yeah, me, too.

Marshall: Neia and I had this master plan. Law school, then great jobs. Money. Marriage. A house in a nice neighborhood. Children.

Jessica: So what happened?

Marshall: She got pregnant her junior year.

Jessica: You told me that you didn't know that she was pregnant.

Marshall: That's 'cause I let you think that. See, I knew that -- that if I told you the truth, that she wanted the child, and I didn't, that she left me, and I didn't follow her -- if I told you that -- I tried to tell myself to do the right thing, and she didn't, that I just let it go, I knew you'd think less of me. I think less of me. If I'd married Neia, she'd still be alive. Zara would still be alive. Instead, I got degrees, my big reputation, bank accounts, a bullet in my head and nothing but endless appeals to look forward to. Brilliant.

Jessica: You were very young, Marshall.

Marshall: Everybody's young. But, no, see, I was selfish, driven, blind maybe. But always out for number one. Still am.

Jessica: Did you ever see a picture of Zara?

Marshall: There's one right here in my jacket pocket.

Jessica: She's beautiful. She looks just like you.

Marshall: Oh, God, what have I done?

Paul: I didn't order that.

Bartender: Take it up with your girlfriend.

Rose: Hey! You weren't supposed to tell him that! I'm trying to be mysterious.

Bartender: I told her to lose the umbrella.

Paul: No, it's all right. It's festive. Hey.

Rose: Hi. So, if you don't like umbrellas, what do you like, stranger?

Paul: I'm looking at her.

Lily: Thanks.

Mike: So do you hate me?

Lily: Well, is that my only option?

Mike: No.

Lily: I think you hurt a lot of people, including yourself. What's going on with Carly?

Mike: Carly's pregnant. Odds are it's mine. Jack kicked her out. She's gonna need help. I'll want to share custody. I'd say it's a mess.

Lily: Wow, yeah.

Mike: Yeah.

Lily: Well, at least you're doing the right thing.

Mike: The right thing?

Lily: Yeah.

Mike: I lost Molly.

Lily: For now.

Mike: It's funny. I mean, because I was so happy, you know, before all this happened. I was glad things were working out. I just -- it's like I felt immune, you know? I just figured, you know, hey, if things don't work out with Molly, it's gonna be a lot harder on her. I mean, I'm the one who rescued her.

Lily: Hmm, it's funny how that works.

Mike: Well, do you know how much it cost her? Opening up to me after Jake died? You know, letting Abigail move to California? She even stood by Carly. How could I be so callous, so reckless? Yeah, I was mad at her. You know, I felt justified. I told myself it was over. She lied to me, I was gonna do whatever. Now I know why women hate men.

Lily: Well, they're not all bad, you know.

Mike: I just want her back. You know, I want another chance.

Lily: Well, then you're gonna have to be patient.

Mike: Patient? She won't even let me near her.

Lily: Did she take everything with her when she left?

Mike: No. She left some stuff, which, you know, I can deliver.

Lily: Yeah, one piece at a time. It could take weeks.


Molly: I always figure it's the sugar you're after when you're getting drunk, 'cause it cheers you up.

Jack: Yeah. For me it's the salt. You cheered up?

Molly: My body is just off. I can't do anything right. And I've got these spasmy things going on in my neck.

Jack: Oh, wow! You've got knots in your knots.

Molly: Told you. Ah!

Jack: Oh, okay.

Molly: No, no, no, no, don't stop. Why are we the ones in pain? They should be the ones in pain.

Jack: They're in pain. The difference is they deserve it.

Molly: You know, I keep replaying everything in my head with the new soundtrack, what it all meant. And I realize that it's like I was living with a spy.

Jack: With a liar.

Molly: Did I tell you I took off my rings, Jack? Yep, cleared the decks. Here comes Molly the idiot ready for her new life.

[Molly sobbing ]

Jack: Hey, no, no. Cut it out, no. There's no more crying, okay? We are gonna do something about this, Molly.

Molly: Like what?

Alison: So how's it going with Dr. Michaels?

Will: Okay.

Alison: You tell her about the oily rags?

Will: What oily rags?

Alison: In the barn. The ones Aaron used when he worked on his bike.

Will: You mean the ones he used to throw in a can and then take outside?

Alison: Right. Only, the day of the fire, he dropped a couple in the straw, where you were lighting those matches.

Will: What do you mean?

Alison: Well, you said that you lit those matches, right, and then you stomped them out. Only, a few of them fell into the straw, and then the straw started to smoke, and then the rags caught on fire.

Will: I never said that.

Alison: Yeah, but that's what happened. I'm -- I'm not saying that you meant to do it or anything -- it was an accident -- but that's what happened. First you lit the matches, and then the rags caught on fire.

Will: That's not what happened.

Alison: Yeah, Will, it is.

Will: How would you know? Alison, did you start the fire? Was it you?

Rose: So -- what is your favorite football team?

Paul: You know my favorite football team.

Rose: Yeah.

Paul: You know my favorite pasta.

Rose: Yes.

Paul: You know my favorite indoor sport.

Rose: Mm-hmm.

Paul: All these things you know about me, Rose.

Rose: Mm. I just thought we were trying to get to know each other here, that's all.

Paul: No, no, no. The idea is for us to spend time together. You know, I think we're both a little shy. We're a little -- a little uncertain. It's been a while. A lot of things have happened. And I don't think pretending like we don't know each other -- listen. We love each other. We just need to spend the time, okay?

Ben: Yeah, I'll tell her, Lien. And I appreciate the advice. Maybe if I'd gotten honest with you way back when, who knows? Yeah, well, you're a good friend. Thank you.

Marshall: Okay, Jess, let's do this one more time, okay? All right.

Jessica: It's all right, Marshall.

Everything's gonna be all right. How's your head?

Marshall: Better, thank you.

Jessica: Good. You should try to get some sleep.

Marshall: Jessica -- I need to tell you something.

Jessica: Marshall, try to sleep.

Marshall: No, I need to admit this, because I'll deny it when I wake up.

Jessica: What?

Marshall: I've only told two women in my life that I loved them. Both times, it was true.

Jack: What's this?

Molly: Oh, it was a cozy little session when Carly had Mike trying on clothes for your wedding.

Jack: Nice.

Molly: Yeah. It really made me happy, too.

Jack: Okay. Choose your poison. There you go. You want me to go first? I'm ready. Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Molly: No. No, no.

Jack: Hey, Molly. Hey, Molly, hey. You burn yourself?

Molly: I don't care. How could he do that to me, Jack? She was the only family I had, and I loved her so much.

Jack: It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be all right.

Molly: I hate him.

Jack: I know. Hey, hey.

Molly: I hate him.

Jack: It's gonna be okay.

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