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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 1/30/03

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Marshall: Dorothy, something tells me we're not in Oakdale Memorial anymore.

Jessica: Good morning. How do you feel?

Marshall: Like a house fell on me. What time is it?

Jessica: It's early. The Consulate's not open for like another hour.

Marshall: Oh, good. How did you sleep on that couch?

Jessica: Just fine. Fine. How about you? Seriously, though, how are you feeling?

Marshall: A little light-headed, but I can't even take my medication until I put something on my stomach.

Jessica: I knew you would say that. Voila. Breakfast is served. What?

Marshall: You reading my mind?

Jessica: Well, it's not that difficult.

Marshall: All right. Look into my eyes and tell me what I'm thinking right now.

Kim: Christopher Hughes, that is the third time you have checked that watch in the last five minutes. I must be a really miserable breakfast date.

Chris: You're the best date I've had in months. Come to think of it, you're the only date I've had in months.

Kim: Thank you very much. Oh, it's just that I -- I actually thought I'd get to see you once in a blue moon when you came back to do your internship.

Chris: Speaking of which --

Kim: Uh, wait --

Chris: I know, slow down.

Kim: No, no --

Chris: I'll get heartburn.

Kim: Yeah, yeah, that, too, but before you leave, I have a favor to ask of you.

Chris: Shoot.

Kim: Well, I have been getting phone calls from Barbara and making all kinds of accusations against Hal and Dr. Michaels. She says that they're conspiring against her to keep her away from Will.

Chris: Sometimes you've got to consider the source.

Kim: No, be nice, be nice. I know Barbara has a tendency to overreact, but in this case, I really think that Will needs both of his parents. And I really would hate to think that she's being cut out of the picture entirely.

Chris: You want me to look around, see what I can find out?

Kim: Well, he's your cousin. It's normal that you'd stop by and check up on him. If you have the time.

Chris: No sweat. I'm on my pediatric rotation now, anyway. Will's a pediatric psych patient, so I'll just rotate around the psych ward.

Kim: No problem for you, then?

Chris: Not for me.

Kim: Okay, great. Just find out what you can now. Do not overstep the bounds. No wing-walking, okay? I don't want you to get into trouble.

Chris: Trouble? Me?

Kim: Yes, you. Go, go, go.

Emily: Hey.

Alison: Emily. Why are you back so soon? How's Will? What did he say?

Emily: Actually, I didn't see Will. He's still in session with Dr. Michaels. But I left him your comic books on his bed with the little note, "with love from Alison."

Alison: Thanks.

Emily: Want to go to breakfast?

Alison: Why can't I see Will anymore? Like totally out of the blue? Did I do something wrong or say something wrong?

Emily: Why would you think that?

Alison: Well, Hal practically kicked me out of here last night. He told me that Dr. Michaels said she didn't want me to visit Will anymore. What did Hal say to her to make her think that? I'm good for Will. He loves my visits.

Emily: Sweetie, listen, I think Will is just at a critical point in his therapy.

Alison: Well, what does that mean? That he's remembering things, like about the fire?

Emily: I don't know. I just think that Dr. Michaels doesn't want any outside influences, you know, distracting him from --

Alison: So now all of a sudden I'm a bad influence? Well, how did that happen? Does -- does Will blame me for something?

Emily: What on earth would he blame you for?

Alison: Look, all I know is that it would totally bite if -- if Will thinks that I'm abandoning him like the rest of his family did. Can't you just talk to Hal?

Emily: You know what? I really don't want to get involved in this, Alison.

Alison: If I'm on the "do not admit" list, at least let me talk to the little guy and see him and let him know that if I'm not gonna be around much anymore, it's not because of anything he's done. Can I at least do that?

Emily: Why don't you ask Hal yourself, okay? We'll go see him after we have some breakfast.

Alison: I've already eaten, and I've got all this paperwork to fill out now that I'm cutting back on volunteer hours. But I don't want to hold you up. Just call me after you talk to Hal.

Emily: All right, all right. You take care. I love you.

Alison: Bye.

[Door closes] Will's file. I've got to find that file.

Margo: Man, poor Jack. I mean, of all the stupid -- and Carly has done a lot of stupid things -- but I mean, this is a man who loves her more than life itself, and this is how she shows her devotion? To go to bed with -- to sleep with another man? And not just any man, her best friend's boyfriend.

Hal: I'm trying to think of her as a decent person who just made a really stupid mistake.

Margo: Oh, come on, passing off another man's child as Jack's? That's not a mistake. For Carly, that's -- that's a habit.

Hal: Hey, don't get me started.

Margo: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's just that, you know, he's got to be devastated. We should call him or something.

Hal: You know what? Forget the phone call. Why don't we just go over there, tell him to take as much time as he needs.

Margo: All right. Well, we'll find some excuse to show up. We'll bring some food over or something.

Jack: Morning, all. Anybody for a doughnut? I've got jelly, glaze, crueller, so fresh they'll melt in your mouth. Have at it. So -- anything interesting going on here?

[Molly remembering]

Mike: Molly, Molly, I will love you forever.

[Alarm clock goes off]

Molly: Hey, Jake. You said that I should let somebody else love me. Well, I tried it, and look what happened. I wish I never met him. I wish --

[knock on door] who is it?

Mike: Molly, it's me. Can we talk? Come on, Molly, I need to see you. Just, please open the door.

Molly: Who is it?

Mike: Molly, it's me. Can we talk? Come on, Molly, I need to see you. Just, please open the door.

Lien: Don't you just love sitting on the runway, how it takes forever to cruise the 50 feet to the terminal? Can I have those?

Ben: Yeah, go for it.

Lien: Thanks. You find out where Jessica's staying?

Ben: Yeah. Bonnie said she's at the Montrose Park Hotel.

Lien: Oh.

Ben: You know it?

Lien: Yeah, it's really close to the Brazilian Consulate and not too far from my office.

Ben: Oh, you think we can get there before Jessica and Marshall leave this morning?

Lien: Well, I'm parked at the airport, and I know a few shortcuts. Take us about, I don't know, 20 minutes, give or take.

Ben: You know what? I'm gonna call the hotel.

Lien: Okay.

Ben: Yeah, hello. Can I please speak with Marshall Travers? Wait -- no. Jessica Griffin. Can I get her room, please? Wait, wait, excuse me? No. Never mind. Jessica and Marshall are sharing a room.

Lien: Hmm. Well, he did just take off from the hospital against medical advice, right?

Ben: Mm-hmm.

Lien: So he's sick, he's weak, he's under a lot of stress. Ben, it only makes sense that she wouldn't want to leave him on his own.

Ben: She couldn't get two rooms with an adjoining door?

Lien: Oh, relax. Pardon me for being blunt, but it's not like the man can do anything anyway.

Ben: Right. I know that. I know that. I mean, I'm not coming along so I can check up on Jessica, in spite of how it looks.

Lien: Mm-hmm.

Ben: I trust her, completely.

Jessica: You sure you want me to do this?

Marshall: I trust you.

Jessica: Because I'm positive that there are people here in this hotel who can do it for you.

Marshall: Pay for pleasure? I'd feel so cheap. You do it.

Jessica: All right. If you want to meet your daughter with cuts and abrasions all over your face, that's totally up to you.

Marshall: Tell the truth. You didn't want to shave me because you were afraid I'd make a move.

Jessica: The truth? Even if I was crazy enough to allow you do it, there's precious little moving you could do.

Marshall: Well, you do your worst. My life is in your hands.

Jessica: Mm-hmm. One slip, lights out.

Marshall: I trust you. You do know what you're doing, don't you?

Jessica: Time will tell.

Marshall: Take nice, long, slow strokes. All the way down, up and all the way down. Can you handle that?

Jessica: I think it'll go smoother if you would just shut up.

Marshall: You're good.

Jessica: At everything I do.

Marshall: I remember.

Alison: All right, Dr. Michaels. Where's Will's chart? It's got to be here somewhere.

Chris: Hi. We haven't met yet. I'm Dr. Chris Hughes.

Nurse: As in the son of --

Chris: I won't tell anybody if you won't. Looks like you've got your hands full here.

Nurse: Oh, I'm used to it.

Chris: You know, I think you're just the woman that can help me with something. I'm looking for Will Munson's chart.

Nurse: Dr. Michaels, you've changed so much, I barely recognized you.

Chris: The little guy used to be one of my patients while I was on my neurology rotation. Now that I'm in pediatrics, I just wanted to get up to speed on his progress. He's a great kid.

Nurse: You like kids?

Chris: What's not to like? I used to be one myself. Matter of fact, I'm thinking of making pediatrics my specialty. Gwen. Do you have children, Gwen? What a coincidence. Me, neither. I bet we have all sorts of other things in common, too.

Hal: Jack?

Jack: What's a guy got to do to get his case files back? It's an injustice --

Hal: We weren't expecting to see you around here for at least two weeks, Jack.

Margo: Yeah, Jack, what are you doing here?

Jack: I'm trying to do my job, unless crime's taking a holiday and no one's told me about it.

Margo: Well, no, you're the one who's due for the vacation.

Jack: No, thanks, but no, thanks. I've got a big backlog I want to try to make a dent in.

Margo: Well, maybe you misunderstood. Jack, go on. Go home.

Hal: Take some of the vacation time you've got coming to you, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. Take some time off to do what, Hal? Think about the fact that I should be on my honeymoon? Stare at all the toys and trucks that Parker's got laying around the house? Have constant reminders of -- of how I stood by, oblivious for months while someone made a complete fool out of me? It doesn't sound like a vacation to me, Hal.

Hal: So go someplace.

Jack: You know, going away is not gonna fix this, Hal. I'm not a husband, I'm not a father. I'm a cop. Let me do my job. You two got something to say over there?

Cop #1: Not me.

Cop #2: I'm cool.

Jack: Good. Get back to work. I'm fine. Now, back off and let me get some work done.

Mike: Molly, I have been looking for you all night. I just want to talk, that's all. Can we just talk? Hey. You are a tough lady to track down.

Molly: Yeah, that was the general idea.

Mike: Mind if I come in?

Molly: What do you want, Mike?

Mike: I wanted to see you.

Molly: Well, you have.

Mike: I want to make sure you're all right.

Molly: No. No, I am not quite all right, no.

Mike: Can we talk about this?

Molly: Because why? You gonna say some magic words, and it's gonna make everything okay between us? Is it gonna take away what you did to me? Do you really think that you have anything to say that's gonna make a difference, Mike?

Chris: Thanks, Gwen. I won't forget this. I'll see you around, okay?

John: Dr. Hughes, I was under the impression that you were assigned pediatrics for this rotation. Am I incorrect, or are you quite out of place up here?

Chris: I was on my way downstairs. Just checking up on one of my patients.

John: Really? One of your patients? I wasn't aware that you had been assigned patients in psychiatry. Since when are you so interested in Will Munson?

Chris: I am doing my pedes rotation.

John: Not in psychiatric you're not. And since you are not his primary care physician, you have absolutely no business reading his chart.

Chris: The patient also happens to be my little cousin. I was just checking up on his progress.

John: Tell me something, Dr. Hughes. When was the last time you spent more than five minutes with the boy? A patient's psychiatric records are confidential material to be shared with him and his doctor, no one else. And unless you've been called in for a consultation on this case, you have absolutely no right looking at his chart. Whether you're family or not, what you have done is completely unethical. The rules do not exist for someone else, Dr. Hughes. They exist for you, and I don't care about your relationship with your family or how they relate to the staff or patients of this hospital. What you show is a complete disregard for regulations here.

Chris: I'm sorry for overstepping.

John: It's not the first time. It better be the last. What do you want me to do? Should I write you up and let some panel decide whether you have any business at all becoming a doctor?

Jessica: So how'd I do?

Marshall: Not bad -- for a woman. Want to go two for two? You can help me take a shower. I'll lather, you rinse.

Jessica: What happened to that sincere declaration you made last night, or was that just your medication talking? "I meant it, Jessica, when I let you go."

Marshall: It's true. I said I'd give up on trying to win your heart. Didn't say anything about curling up into a ball and dying. We're strictly friends. Friends joke, friends flirt.

Jessica: Yes, well, my friend, why don't you just jump into the shower, and I'm gonna call housekeeping and see if your suit is ready.

Marshall: Tell them to put a rush on it. I want to be at that consulate as soon as those doors open.

Jessica: Yes, this is room 812. Is Mr. Travers's suit ready? Oh, it's on the way up? Great. Thank you.

[Knock on door] wow. Sorry, I'm just trying to find a couple of singles.

Ben: No, don't worry about it. Even took care of the tip. You can pay me back later.

Jessica: Lien?

Lien: Surprised?

Jessica: Well, that's an understatement. How are you?

Lien: I'm good. How are you?

Jessica: Good, good, thanks. Ben, what are you doing here?

Ben: Well, it's kind of a long story.

Jessica: Well, let me have that, and come in.

Lien: Thank you.

Jessica: So did you -- did you just get in?

Lien: Yeah. Fresh off a plane.

Jessica: So why are you here? What is this about? Is this about Zara?

Marshall: Jessica? Would you mind helping me change my dress --

Jessica: Marshall Travers, this is Lien Hughes, Tom and Margo's daughter I was telling you about.

Lien: Pleased to meet you.

Marshall: Pleased to meet you. Jessica told me all the work you've been doing on trying to bring Zara home to me. Thanks. Good to see you, doc.

Ben: And the great escape artist lives.

Jessica: So we were just about to go over to the Consulate.

Lien: Oh, I was afraid of that. I'm glad we caught you before you left.

Ben: Jess, could we talk to you in private for a second?

Marshall: If this involves a heartfelt plea on the doctor's part, then I'll leave you to it. But if this involves my daughter, start talking.

Magda: Hey, Detective Snyder, right? Hi. Sorry. I don't know if you remember me. How could you forget? The security specialist over at Monte Carlo.

Jack: Yeah. How's it going?

Magda: Great. Couldn't be better, actually. You know, the judge, he let me off with, you know, probation and just a fine, and I don't have to serve any jail time.

Jack: Good deal.

Magda: Yeah, and I couldn't have done it without you. You know, the words of advice you gave me, it's like, you know, I'm the new Magda, you know? It's like I'm debt-free, clean slate.

Jack: Well, good luck with that.

Magda: Thanks. I'm like shedding my old skin, which is why I need to unload this. It's that camera that I -- I took from that -- that guy snooping at Monte Carlo.

Jack: Yeah, that rings a bell.

Magda: Yeah, well, the action on that film is probably worth a lot of money, but I don't want any part of that life right now, so -- it's all yours.

Jack: You think I'm interested? You think I want that? Will somebody get this nut job out of my face?! Is that asking too much?!

Mike: I know that you don't want to hear anything that I have to say, but I can't stop thinking about you, and I'm not gonna go away until I say what I have to say to you.

Molly: Make it fast.

Mike: Mind if I come in? It's crazy how much attention a guy can get holding a conversation in a hallway. Thanks.

Molly: What do you want, Mike?

Mike: I want you to come home.

Molly: Home? I don't have a home anymore.

Mike: Yes, you do. With me.

Molly: When that alarm went off, Mike, and I woke up from my two hours of sleep and I didn't have a clue where I was, I reached for you. And then I remembered, Mike's not there anymore. Mike will never be there anymore.

Mike: I haven't gone anywhere. All right, the cottage is still there, and I want you there with me.

Molly: Well, I want you gone, okay? So go. Go back to New York. Go to St. Tropez, Venezuela, wherever. I don't care. Just get out of my room and stay out of my life.

Mike: I can't do that.

Molly: All right. Do you want me to give you some pointers in moving on with your life? Every time you think of me, see yourself making love to my cousin. Then picture her getting larger and larger everyday, okay? And then picture yourself in that delivery room, holding that new, little life, that baby that might have your eyes or your smile, okay? It works like a charm. Trust me, I know, because that's what I see every time I think of you.

Mike: Molly --

Molly: And as Carly gets bigger and bigger, I will become smaller in your life until I don't exist anymore.

Mike: Molly, do you have any idea how bad I wish I could take back what happened? I can't defend what I did, and I'm not even gonna try. All right, it was wrong. I was wrong.

Molly: You're unbelievable. You yelled at me. You stood there, Mike, and you yelled at me, telling me that I was a horrible human being because I made a donation to get you a job that you were dying to have. And then you and Carly --

Mike: I know. Look, you have every right to be angry with me. All right, furious.

Molly: Thank you very much.

Mike: No, no, no, but I will not let you shut me out. I'm not gonna let you throw away our future. I'm not.

Molly: "Our future"? We don't have a future.

Mike: Why? Because I slept with someone else? Is it because it was Carly? Because she's pregnant?

Molly: All of the above and then some, okay? Mike, if you wanted to hurt me, ripping out my heart would've hurt less.

Mike: I was mad, and I was hurt, and I let things get out of control. But that is not who I am.

Molly: How do I know that? How do you know that, Mike? Because you've been a bachelor for so long that obviously a grown-up, full-blown relationship was too much for you to take.

Mike: That is not true. Come on, I loved every minute that I spent with you. It's like a light turned on when I met you. You know, being together in that cottage, that is the best thing in my life. I want you and only you. You've gotta believe that.

Molly: I used to believe everything you said. The guy who couldn't lie.

Mike: So now you know I'm human. All right, I am not a saint. I'm not superman.

Molly: I didn't need you to be that, okay?! I just needed you to be real and honest.

Mike: Come on, I never lied to you about how I feel. You know that. I've never loved anyone the way that I love you. I'll do whatever it takes. I'm not gonna give up on this. There has got to be a way to restore your belief in love, your belief in me. Look, Molly, you don't have to forgive me. Just come home.

Margo: Jack, come on. You've got to just keep it cool, okay?

Magda: What did I do?

Margo: Listen, why don't I walk you out to the car, huh?

Magda: I thought that --

Jack: No, you didn't think! That's the problem with people like you. You don't think about what your actions do to the people around you! That's why you were facing jail time in the first place!

Magda: Yeah, but --

Jack: No, you know what? I don't want to hear it, 'cause you know why? I've heard it all already. Judge should've locked you away, because you know what's gonna happen? You're gonna walk out there, and you're gonna con the first poor sucker that comes down the pike!

Margo: Jack, that's enough. That's enough. Now, please. Listen, I'll just walk you out.

Magda: What did I say?

Margo: Let's just go. Let's go, let's go. Jack, Jack --

Jack: How long, how long? How long did you know what was going on, huh? From day one, right? Why am I not surprised?

Emily: I'm so sorry.

Jack: You're sorry? Oh, you're sorry, too. That's great. Sorrys are just great. Your wife knows how to keep one hell of a secret, Hal. You better watch that. You gotta watch out for a wife who keeps secrets from her husband. You never know what she's capable of.

Hal: All right, that's the last line you've crossed today. Jack, get in here. Now that was uncalled for, Jack. That's why I said I needed you to take some time off.

Jack: You know what I needed, Hal? I needed some honest friends to tell me what was going on instead of whispering behind my back. That's what I needed.

Hal: The situation was very complicated, Jack. There was a marriage at stake! There was a baby on the way!

Jack: That so-called "marriage" was nothing more than a lie! The baby isn't even mine. It's one thing when a certifiable lunatic dumps a baby on your lap and sends your life into a tailspin. But when it's the woman you love, the woman you dreamed with and planned with? The woman who promised she'd always love me, never lie to me --

Hal: Look, things are gonna be okay, buddy.

Jack: You're not my "buddy." You've already proven that.

Hal: You don't work here for two weeks, detective. That's an order.

Jack: Gladly.

Emily: Jack --

Marshall: You've obviously got something to say, and I wish somebody would say it. What are you doing here?

Lien: Mr. Travers, this isn't going to be easy for me to say. When you were told that your child was located, that wasn't the end of the story. Your daughter -- I'm so sorry, Mr. Travers, but Zara is dead.

Ben: Lien found out yesterday afternoon, and she flew to Oakdale to tell you face to face, but you had already left.

Marshall: What is this? Did he put you up to this?

Jessica: Oh, Marshall, Lien wouldn't lie about something like this. Neither would Ben.

Marshall: Oh, you think so?

Ben: Marshall, I know this must be a shock to you.

Marshall: What's the matter? Huh? You didn't have the guts to kill me on your operating table, so instead you decide to do it like this?!

Lien: Mr. Travers, I have reliable sources in Brazil that have told me exactly --

Marshall: No, no, no. She isn't dead. She cannot be dead!

Lien: Mr. Travers, I'm sorry.

Marshall: Steinbeck told me Zara was in Teresina.

Jessica: Yes, yes. And you said that your sources at the Consulate confirmed that she was in Sao Benedicto in Teresina.

Lien: Sao Benedicto isn't a neighborhood or a district in Teresina. It's the cemetery.

Jessica: Oh, my God.

Marshall: No, no. No, no, no, no. There's got -- this has got to be a mistake! There must -- there must be a mistake.

Lien: I know. That's what I was hoping, but -- so I -- I petitioned for the death certificate. This is, uh -- this is the faxed copy. The notarized copy will be in my office in a few hours.

[Marshall sobbing]

Chris: I know you have me pegged as some kind of reckless maverick intern who thinks he's above the law, but I'm trying to prove --

John: On a good day.

Chris: But I'm trying to prove to you that I'm not.

John: By reading a patient's confidential file? You are aware of the rules, aren't you, Dr. Hughes?

Chris: Yes, sir.

John: You know, we demand and we expect the very best from our in-house officers, here. Now if that is too far beyond your reach, perhaps this is the wrong hospital for you. Now, I don't know if you're thoughtless, if you're reckless or what, or you have a messiah complex where you think that you're the only one that can cure the world --

Bob: Good morning, doctors. Is there a problem that I can be of some help with?

John: Chris was late for his pediatric rounds this morning.

Chris: I'm sorry. It won't happen again.

John: See that it doesn't. Because I will be watching.

Bob: Late for rounds? I don't think so. You want to tell me what that was really about?

Chris: Dr. Dixon caught me going through Will's chart.

Bob: Psychiatric records? You know that those records are off-limits to everybody except the psychiatrist.

Chris: But I've treated Will before, and I'm on my pediatric rotation --

Bob: Chris, you know the rules. You choose to just ignore them?

Chris: I was already thoroughly chewed out by Dr. Dixon. He threatened to write me up for it.

Bob: What possessed you to do something like that?

Chris: Mom's worried about Will. She asked me to check around, see what I could find out.

Bob: Well, I'm sure she assumed that you would talk to someone on the treatment staff and ask that question, not that you would invade confidential records. I could write you up myself.

Chris: Yeah, well, before you do, there's something you ought to know, something I read in that file.

Molly: Do you know that before I heard the knock on the door I was -- I was actually thinking about that dive bar where we met in New York?

Mike: I'll never forget that.

Molly: And how I thought that Jake sent me there for some, I don't know, some date with destiny or something. And so when I heard that knock on the door and I was half asleep, I wanted it so badly to be Jake, to give me an explanation for it all or to just give me a sign that everything was gonna be okay.

Mike: It still can be.

Mike: How, Mike? Is something magically gonna happen to make everything wrong right between us? Because let me tell you something. Magic doesn't exist. I learned it the hard way. No, it's true. Magic, destiny, love -- none of those words mean anything. It's just something somebody made up a long time ago to make the emptiness go away.

Mike: That's ridiculous.

Molly: But it wasn't love, okay? It was desperation. Because I was too much of a coward to face life without Jake.

Mike: Don't do this.

Molly: No. It had to be. I mean, how else could I have wound up with somebody else so soon after he died? I've been thinking about this all night. I have lied awake trying to make sense of it all. Meeting you, thinking that I found the answer to everything. You know, I don't know. Maybe I just needed to feel alive and loveable again. Or maybe I thought that I was honoring Jake's wishes about moving on. But somehow, I made you into some romantic hero with some standards that not even you could live up to.

Mike: I'm nobody's hero now, I know that. But I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you. I'll restore your faith in me, if you just let me.

Molly: Mike, it's not all your fault, okay? It's mine, too.

Mike: How is any of this your fault? You are the most loving, amazing person that I have ever met.

Molly: Oh, yeah? Do you really think so?

Mike: Yes.

Molly: Then how did you do it? How did you do this? Okay, if I am so amazing, then how did you take my love and throw it away? I mean, if you really had to be with somebody else, why not some nameless, faceless stranger? I mean, of all the women in the world, Mike, why did it have to be Carly?

Chris: The first thing that got me suspicious were the burns on Will's fingers when he was admitted. I told Katie and Simon about it when they were investigating the fire. Something wasn't making sense. The cops say gasoline was used as the accelerant. But Will's never said a word about dousing the place with gas. In every report, Will says he lights the matches, then stomps them out. Every time, story never changes. So why --

Bob: You're a physician. You're not a detective.

Chris: We both search for reasons why. And I want to know why he can't remember any details. Something's wrong.

Bob: That's why he's in therapy, to get in touch with his emotions so he'll remember why and precisely how he set the fire.

Chris: I don't think he will remember, because -- look, just -- take this to Dr. Michaels. Discuss the case with her.

Bob: I'd have to have a darned good reason to do that.

Chris: I think Will's totally confused and got himself painted into a corner. I don't think he started that fire, dad.

Jessica: Listen, thank you for traveling the extra few hundred miles to tell Marshall in person.

Lien: Of course. I wish we could do something more.

Jessica: Well, we did everything we could.

Lien: All right. I'd better get back to my office and see what the rest of the world is up to. And I will check on that death certificate. Oh, it was so good to see you.

Jessica: Good to see you, too.

Lien: I wish it was under better circumstances.

Jessica: Yeah, well, so do I.

Lien: I wish things turned out differently.

Jessica: Me, too.

Lien: Um, good luck with -- with everything. I'll see you down in the lobby.

Ben: Thanks, Lien.

Jessica: Um, it was good of you to come with Lien.

Ben: Well, she showed up at Memorial and told me about Zara, and I just -- I knew I had to be here.

Jessica: It's just one of the things that makes you a wonderful doctor and a good friend.

Ben: Jess, I'd like to be more than a friend. Maybe we can talk about that when we get back home?

Jessica: Yeah, sure. We can talk about that.

Ben: Good. Well, I'll go with Lien to her office, see if those papers have come in from Brazil, and then I'll swing back by here and the three of us can fly back to Oakdale.

Jessica: Uh, no, Ben. Thank you, thank you, but I really don't think Marshall's in any condition to travel, not yet. And I can't just leave him, not when he's like this.

Bartender: Hey, what'll it be?

Jack: A beer.

Bartender: Microbrewery, imported, stout, light --

Jack: Whatever's the best beer for a boiler-maker.

Bartender: Domestic. One boiler-maker, coming up.

Joan: Most guys would think it's a little early for that.

Jack: I'm not most guys.

Joan: So I see. Whew. Looks like trouble just blew in.

Jack: You looking for trouble?

Joan: Could be.

Jack: Then look no further. Have a seat.

Mike: I will never be able to make sense of what I did or why I did it, all right? I was an idiot. And I am more sorry than you will ever know. I do not blame you for hating me.

Molly: I don't want to hate you. I don't want to feel anything about you.

Mike: And I can't feel anything but you. I can't think about anything but you. I love you, and I still want to share a life with you.

Molly: We can't.

Mike: We can, if we stick together and work through this. All right? You say you don't believe in destiny, but I do, and we were destined to meet.

Molly: Well, then it is destiny that we're breaking up, too.

Mike: Okay. You want to talk about signs, huh? When we met in New York, I didn't come to Oakdale on some whim. I was drawn here, and do you know why? Because the first time I saw you, I knew you were the one. I knew that before I even knew your name. We belong together, all right? Don't turn your back on this. Give us another chance.

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