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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 1/23/03

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Jessica: You should just relax and recuperate. I will go to Washington on your behalf.

Marshall: You'd do that? Why? My dad told you about Ben, huh?

Jessica: Well, yes, he did, but that's not why. Zara needs to be found. She needs to know her father.

Marshall: Thank you, Jess.

Jessica: Ben, I was just giving Marshall some good news about his daughter.

Ben: If you'd excuse us,

Jessica: Ben, I was just giving Marshall some good news about his daughter.

Ben: If you'd excuse us, Jessica, I'd like to talk to Marshall.

Jessica: I'll stop in later and -- and give you an update.

Marshall: Thanks again, Jessica.

Ben: So how many times do I have to ask the same question, not get an answer?

Marshall: What question is that?

Ben: What's the real deal between you and Jessica?

[Knock at door]

Lucy: Aaron.

Aaron: Hi. It's okay that I'm here, right? I mean, you called me, right?

Lucy: It's just that --

Aaron: Look, if you want me to go, then -- I mean, I don't want to hurt you again.

Lucy: No, Aaron. I'm really glad to see you.

Alison: "I don't need you, Alison. Get lost, Alison. I'll handle this myself." But look what happens. They all come crawling back sooner or later.

Craig: I think we can do without the attitude.

Alison: Well, you need my help with little Lulu or not?

Craig: I do.

Alison: Well, tell me what you have in mind.

Craig: Not until we've set boundaries.

Alison: What does that mean?

Craig: It means don't ever try to put one over on me.

Alison: You make it sound like I have a reputation.

Craig: You do.

Alison: I love it.

Craig: I can tell. But the reason I'm talking to you is because I believe that you and I have a mutual interest in Lucy's welfare.

Alison: Well, we do. You know how close Lucy and I were -- are.

Craig: Right.

Alison: And Aaron, you think he's keeping her from getting better, right?

Craig: Aaron's been helpful in helping her remember certain things, but I think it's time she concentrated on walking.

Alison: Totally. She doesn't need to remember everything, right?

Craig: I have my reasons for believing that, Alison. What are yours?

Alison: What do you mean?

Craig: I don't think Lucy needs to remember certain events with Aaron that might traumatize her, but I'm her father. What are your reasons for keeping her in the dark?

Alison: I didn't really mean I hoped she wouldn't get her memory back.

Craig: Yes. But is it because you want Aaron for yourself? Or is there something else you don't want Lucy to remember?

[Phone rings]

Emily: Munson residence.

Carly: Hi, Emily. It's me.

Emily: Hey, you.

Carly: I'm so glad you're there.

Emily: What's the matter? You sound frazzled.

Carly: Well, Hal just left here a little while ago, and he -- he had his detective's cap on.

Emily: He's suspicious? About what?

Carly: Well, he -- he brought Parker upstairs, and Molly and I were talking, and we didn't know that he'd come back down. And I'm -- I'm just afraid that he heard us say something.

Emily: The "who's the daddy" conversation?

Carly: Yeah. And Craig's name came up. I don't know what he heard or if he heard anything, but

he had that look. You know, that confused but curious.

Emily: You know what? Hal's pretty direct. I mean, he would have come right out and said it. Maybe he didn't hear as much as you think.

Carly: Well, I don't know. Emily, if he presses you for details, please -- please cover for me. Because you know Hal, he will go straight to Jack.

Emily: Hey. I've got to call you back, mom. Hal's here. Okay, bye. Hey, you.

Hal: Hi.

Emily: How are you?

Hal: Great. I just got off the phone with Will. He and I are having breakfast tomorrow morning.

Emily: Oh, that's nice. That's nice. In fact, I -- I did some of his laundry and put it in his backpack. You can take it to him tomorrow.

Hal: Yeah, and guess what else? When I was dropping Parker off at Carly's, I found something out.

Emily: Oh, really? What's that?

Hal: Carly's having a baby. With you guys being such good friends, I guess you knew that already, huh?

Emily: Yeah. I mean, of course I knew. I mean, she asked me not to say anything, so my hands were tied.

Hal: Yeah. Well, I guess that's why Jack didn't mention anything, either.

Emily: Oh, I'm sorry. You're not mad, are you?

Hal: Oh, no, no, no. They have a right to keep their own business to themselves as long as they like.

Emily: But --

Hal: Oh, you can tell something else is bugging me, can't you? Well, I guess I ought to come right out and say it, huh?

Emily: Okay. Shoot.

Hal: Is Carly's baby Jack's or somebody else's?

Alison: You don't think I want Lucy to remember everything?

Craig: I know you don't want Lucy to remember everything. The question is why.

[Alison remembering]

Alison: I had reasons,

Lucy -- plenty of reasons!

But you just can't see them, because you don't see anything that isn't

Aaron Snyder! You've never done anything worse than stay past your

curfew! Never had the cops after you, never had to live

with anything as terrible as knowing you burned down the barn!

Lucy: Aaron didn't do it.

Alison: I'm not talking about Aaron! I'm talking about me!

Alison: You nailed it the first time, Mr. M. I mean, call me insane, but I can't help it. I have a crush on my best friend's guy.

Craig: I know.

Alison: But of course, I wouldn't put any moves on him or anything while Lucy was interested. But -- and now that she can't remember much, and you don't want her to -- I mean, hey, I'm only human. I like the guy, and -- and I think one day he could like me back, if he wasn't so caught up with Lucy.

Craig: I think you and Aaron make a great pair.

Alison: So you don't mind if I help my own case a little?

Craig: Well, that's why we're here, isn't it?

Alison: Right. If Lucy doesn't remember everything, you get to keep her to yourself without her ever knowing she and Aaron did the dirty, and --

Craig: Oh, what a way you have with words, Alison.

Alison: Yeah, whatever. And if she doesn't remember how close they were, I get a shot with a guy who's perfect for me. You and I both score, big time.

Craig: I think we understand each other.

Alison: Well, I like this. No wonder you're such a big-shot business guy. Now we need a -- oh, what do you call it in your friendly neighborhood boardroom? Oh, a business plan. So what's our business plan to keep Aaron and Lucy from getting closer and closer, which is what they're probably doing even as we speak.

Lucy: Daddy's not here.

Aaron: It's the same. I haven't been up here in a really long time.

Lucy: You just missed Rosanna Cabot. You know her, right, dad's fiancee?

Aaron: Well, maybe things have changed. Rosanna Cabot is living here now?

Lucy: No, but she's going to move into Fairwinds with dad and me. She's really cool.

Aaron: Since when?

Lucy: What do you mean?

Aaron: Rosanna Cabot is anything but cool, Lucy. You two never got along.

Lucy: Well, I know we had this fight once, but --

Aaron: Once? More than once. Lucy, Rosanna is a scheming little snake. I mean, she tried everything to break us up.

Lucy: Really? I don't trust her?

Aaron: No way. A matter of fact, you don't even like her. You guys were never friends, Lucy. I mean, at least you never used to be.

Lucy: God, I wish I could remember.

Aaron: Isn't there anything at all, you know, that can help you bring back a memory of her, like a picture or some kind of a feeling?

Lucy: Well, I had this flash before when I remembered that one fight, but when I asked her about it, she didn't try to lie or anything. She said we had our bad moments, but she wants that to change.

Aaron: She said that?

Lucy: Yeah, and she acts so nice, so concerned about me.

Aaron: And you're sure this is not like an act?

Lucy: Well, she took up for you when daddy thought I shouldn't see you.

Aaron: You're kidding?

Lucy: No, so maybe she has changed.

Aaron: Yeah. Yeah, maybe.

Lucy: Please be patient with me, Aaron.

Aaron: No, I am, Lucy. I am. Look, I'm not pushing you for anything.

Lucy: Well, I know I'm gonna remember everything that's really important. I swear. I'll remember who I care about and who I don't and who's my friend and who isn't.

Aaron: I know you will.

Lucy: And the reason I know I'm going to be okay is that -- well, sometimes I get these feelings.

Aaron: What -- what kind of feelings?

Lucy: The feelings you wait your whole life to feel. You know, when I get them, I think finally I'll know this for myself.

Aaron: When do you feel this way?

Lucy: Whenever you're around. Don't go away.

Aaron: No, no. Lucy, however long it takes, if it's 100 years, I don't care. I'll stay right here.

Isaac: You know, I'm not your boss, baby. I'm your partner, remember? And if you can find a way to keep cutting costs, I say run with it. It will make me happy.

Jessica: Looks like all's well in paradise.

Bonnie: Oh, mom. Hey. How's Marshall?


Jessica: Much better, thank God.

Bonnie: Well, that's good news.

Jessica: Isaac, you'll be happy to know that Marshall apologized for accusing Ben of foul play.

Isaac: And you believe him?

Jessica: Yeah, I believe him.

Isaac: Then Ben must be happy.

Jessica: So what were you two putting your heads together about?

Bonnie: Mom, don't do that.

Jessica: I -- I'm sorry. I don't mean to pry.

Bonnie: Come on, mom. You know that's not what I meant. I mean, Ben's name comes up, and you do the most obvious u-turn I've ever seen.

Jessica: It's nothing.

Isaac: I'll be in the back calling that distributor, okay?

Bonnie: Okay, mom, he's gone. So do you want to tell me what happened between you and Ben?

Jessica: I just can't seem to do anything right. And today, I got the sinking feeling that I'm never gonna get him back.

Marshall: Jessica was happy for me, and she gave me a hug. If there was more to tell, I'd tell it. You know I would. So, no, Dr. Harris. What you saw was a friendly thank you. She -- she just agreed to be my legal advocate.

Ben: Your advocate?

Marshall: I need help getting the Brazilian Government to send Zara to the U.S. To be with her biological father.

Ben: Who's Zara?

Marshall: Zara, my daughter.

Ben: So you're talking about you. You're the biological father.

Marshall: Yes.

Ben: So what exactly is Jessica supposed to be doing for you?

Marshall: She'll go to Washington. There's -- there's supposed to be a lot of red tape to go through with the Brazilian Consulate.

Ben: Did she offer to do this, or did you ask?

Marshall: She offered. I was grateful. And that's the only sentiment you witnessed -- appreciation.

Ben: So what was it, some kind of deal? Jessica agrees to bring your daughter to the United States. In exchange, you back off with your accusations that I tried to kill you?

Marshall: What in god's name is the matter with you?

Ben: Excuse me?

Marshall: I mean, the wounded lover routine, it's -- it's getting tired. I mean, how many apologies, how many mea culpas, how many reassurances do you need before you shed your self pity and realize that you've got an extraordinary woman waiting for you to embrace her?

Ben: You know, travers, you have got some nerve. All I want is for the woman that i know is extraordinary to stay the hell away from you. It's a simple request.

Marshall: You don't even know how big a mistake you're making with Jessica, do you?

Ben: Travers, stay out of my business.

Marshall: You opened the door.

Ben: My mistake. Won't make it again.

Marshall: You know, she's not going to stick around forever, waiting on you to get off your high horse. And when she finally does walk away, I'll be there.

Emily: Is the baby Jack's? What kind of question is that?

Hal: I think it's a logical one. Don't forget, I've been on the receiving end of one of Carly's baby games.

Emily: Who else's baby would it be, Hal?

Hal: I don't know. I just heard Carly and Molly talking.

Emily: You were eavesdropping?

Hal: Oh, no, not intentionally. But I heard them talking about a disparity in the baby's due date and something about Rosanna Cabot and Craig Montgomery finding out.

Emily: Well, you probably heard something out of context.

Hal: Out of context?

Emily: Yeah. I mean, as far as I know, Carly is not playing baby games. I mean, she's not playing games with anybody about anything really.

Hal: Well, and I'm not out to get her. I mean, she's a friend of mine, and I care about her. But Jack is a friend of mine, too, and I don't like the idea of a buddy of mine being played for a fool.

Emily: If that's what's really happening, Hal, and that is a very, very big if.

Hal: So tell me, and I'll back off. What do you know about Rosanna Cabot and the disparity in the due date?

Emily: Nothing. I told you. Would you stop looking at me like that?

Hal: Fine. Well, maybe I should just go straight to Jack and find out myself.

Emily: No, no, no. Don't -- don't -- don't do that. Don't -- don't go to Jack.

Hal: Well, then just tell me, Emily. What's going on?

Bonnie: Just tell me, why do you think everything is so hopeless with Ben? Did you see him?

Jessica: Not before he saw me.

Bonnie: Doing what?

Jessica: Hugging Marshall.

Bonnie: Oh, no, mom --

Jessica: It was not a romantic moment between me and Marshall.

Bonnie: Then what was it?

Jessica: It was an emotional one. I told him we might have found his daughter. Then Ben walked in and sent the temperature of the room plunging to sub-zero.

Bonnie: But you do see that every time Ben turns around, you are in Marshall's company, mom. I mean, come on. How would you feel if it were the other way around?

Jessica: I made Marshall a promise.

Bonnie: Break it.

Jessica: Even if I could, I wouldn't. A helpless child's life is at stake.

Bonnie: Okay, mom, I'm not trying to be hard. I'm really not. But if you keep seeing Marshall for whatever reason, how can you actually expect Ben to get past this?

Jessica: How many times can I say I'm sorry? How many times can I reassure Ben that he is the only one in my heart? But he won't listen. And you know, after a while, it's like -- it's like reciting the telephone book.

Bonnie: Do you want me to stay?

Jessica: No, it's fine.

Bonnie: Hi, Ben.

Ben: Hey.

Bonnie: How are you? Listen, if you'd excuse me, the ledgers are calling my name.

Jessica: So did you talk to Marshall?

Ben: Yeah. I asked him if he'd made a deal to help him out legally if he got off my back.

Jessica: Look, I had already found out that Marshall had apologized to you, and I offered to help him get his daughter back.

Ben: Jess, I don't need your help dealing with the likes of Marshall Travers.

Jessica: I offered to save a little girl from the streets and God knows what else. And I probably would have done it even if Marshall hadn't made amends to you, which he did. But you know what? I'm not going to apologize for it or for anything else anymore.

Lucy: It's not fair. You have all these memories of me and us that I don't have. And now, if you're pledging your undying loyalty, I can't help but think there's something that you want me to remember, something really important.

Aaron: No, no, no. Lucy, there's a lot of special things.

Lucy: Tell me the one that means the most to you.

Aaron: They all do. I mean, I want to bring them all back to you. But if you don't remember everything for yourself, then -- then you're not gonna feel the memories, too, and you won't feel what we had between us. Lucy -- Lucy, something's wrong?

Lucy: I'm letting you down.

Aaron: No, you're not letting me down. Look, I told you, I'd wait 100 years if I had to. Hey, I came here to make you feel better, okay? And I'm doing a pretty bad job, right?

Lucy: No, don't say that. I love having you here.

Aaron: I wish we could go for a walk or something, but the weather's terrible outside.

Lucy: I'm sorry we're stuck inside.

Aaron: No. Stop saying, "I'm sorry." Look, I'm just feeling for you. I mean, you must be going nuts in here. You've been trapped in for weeks. How about we take a spin around the hotel?

Lucy: What, like go rolling up and down the hallways?

Aaron: I'm gonna take you for the ride of your life, baby.

Lucy: Wait, Aaron -- Aaron, what are you doing? This is insane!

Aaron: That's the whole idea! Hold on, Lucy! Here we go!

Carly: Come on, Emily. Call me back. Tell me I don't have anything to worry about from that husband of yours.

Jack: Hey, there, beautiful wife of mine.

Carly: Hi. What is that?

Jack: T-ball so Parker can practice his swings.

Carly: Um, in the house?

Jack: No, you goof ball, in the yard when it gets warmer. This way we can have some real quality time, so he doesn't feel left out when he finds out there's a new baby on the way.

Carly: You're a spectacular father, you know that?

Jack: Well, Parker makes it easy. Hey, did Hal drop him off?

Carly: Yeah. Hey, Parker! Come on down here and see what Jack brought you. So, hey, do you think that -- that now might be a good time to tell him about the baby?

Jack: Yeah, of course. Let's do it together. Hey, buddy! Look what I got for you for when our snowman melts. You know what this is?

Parker: No.

Jack: It's t-ball, so you can practice your baseball swing. Look at this. You'll be hitting like Sammy Sosa in no time. Pow!

[Jack laughs] what do you think? I got you a glove, too.

Carly: And you know what, Parker? Pretty soon, you're going to be able to share your t-ball set with a brand-new baby brother or baby sister. And you'll be the expert. You'll be able to show them how to do it. Won't that be fun? Won't it be really cool to have a new baby around?

Parker: You mean Jackie?

Hal: Come on, Emily. What is going on with Carly and this baby?

Emily: It's complicated, all right? And you're putting me in a very difficult position. You know I don't like to betray people's confidences.

Hal: And I don't want you to. But if I tell you that I want to go and speak to Jack, and you tell me not to do something that I think is right -- I can't let that go, Emily. I know what a friend you are, but I am, too, and I can't let it go.

Emily: Why not?

Hal: Because Jack is living in a dream world right now. He's planning his honeymoon. He's as happy as I've ever seen him.

Emily: I know, so why ruin that for him?

Hal: Because, Emily -- what if this -- if there is a chance that this baby is not his, Emily, look, if it were me, I know that I would want to know the truth.

Emily: What if Carly doesn't know what the truth is?

Hal: She doesn't know if the baby is Jack's?

Emily: It probably is. But she's not 100% sure, so what good would come from alerting Jack to any -- he'd be devastated, and he's so happy, Hal.

Hal: All right, Emily, you start talking right now, or I'm going straight to Jack.

Emily: When Jack broke up with Carly the day before her wedding, she was devastated. She had too much champagne to drink and sort of had a one-night stand.

Jack: Uh -- J. J. um -- no. Listen, I guess I didn't explain that very well, did I? Listen, do you remember how I told you that J. J. had to go home to his real mommy and daddy? Well, we were just taking care of him for a while.

Carly: Come here, sweetheart. You sit down right here. Well -- this time, you are a very lucky fellow. You want to know why? Because you are going to have a baby brother or baby sister all your own. And do you know where that baby is right this very minute? Right in mommy's tummy, if you can believe that. And this tummy is the same place that you were before you were born. And in a few months, the new baby will come out of mommy's tummy, and you will have somebody to care for and look out for and stick up for. What do you think of that? Pretty cool, huh?

Parker: Yes.

Jack: Once again, ma saves the day.

Parker: Who's the daddy?

Hal: Carly slept with somebody else the night before their wedding?

Emily: I told you, she had too much to drink, and she was convinced that Jack was through with her.

Hal: Oh, well, that makes it all better. She was upset. How could she do that to Jack, Emily?

Emily: "How could she do that to Jack?" He's the one who broke up with her. He called off the wedding, remember?

Hal: Didn't she know he was gonna take it all back? That's what Carly and Jack do. Carly and Jack fight. Carly and Jack make up.

Emily: Well, maybe she took it to heart this time. She was devastated, Hal.

Hal: How can you make it sound so understandable? Carly was upset. Well, shouldn't there be a couple of steps between "I'm upset" and "I don't know if the father is Jack"? Or who? Who could the father be? And why is she so worried about Rosanna Cabot? Start talking, Emily.

Emily: All right. All right, all right, all right. The baby -- the baby, if the baby isn't Jack's, then -- then the baby -- then the baby is Craig Montgomery's, and if Rosanna found out --

Hal: Stop right there. The baby can't be Craig's.

Emily: Why not?

Hal: Because Craig wasn't in Oakdale the night before Jack and Carly's wedding. He was with me, on our way to St. Louis. Try again, Emily.

Ben: There's got to be 1,000 attorneys out there who are more qualified to handle a case like this. Why do you have to be the one to save the day?

Jessica: Like I said, I am not apologizing for deciding to help Marshall.

Ben: I haven't asked you to. Jessica, I got this feeling like he is slowly drawing you back into his web, and somehow, you seem more than willing to get caught.

Jessica: I am not "willing to get caught." But you know, I have to tell you, being with Marshall right now, sometimes it feels like a vacation. You want to know why? Because it's a reprieve from all the accusations that I get from you. At least with Marshall, I know where I stand.

Aaron: Yoohoo!

Lucy: You're crazy, Aaron Snyder. You almost dumped me going around that corner.

Aaron: Well, next time, I'll bring the helmet.

Lucy: What helmet? Wait, don't say anything. I think I remember. It was -- it was black, with stickers on it, right? You gave it to me so I could ride on your motorcycle.

Aaron: Yes, yes, you remember.

Lucy: Yeah, I can -- I can see you giving it to me, and I was so -- God, I remember. Thank God, I remember. It's you, Aaron. You're like this magical potion or something. You make me feel so -- like me again. Promise to stay around.

Aaron: I promise. I will.

Craig: I'd like to find a way for Lucy to be the one to call it quits.

Alison: Well, it won't be easy to find something that would make her push him away, but it will be easier than trying to get Aaron to break up with her. It'll break her heart, you know?

Craig: Her heart will mend better if she does the breaking.

Alison: I've got it. It seems to me that the best thing that we've got going for us right now is that Lucy doesn't remember much about Aaron. I mean, she has no idea how in love with him she was, so what if I see it that she only recalls the really bad stuff?

Craig: What bad stuff?

Alison: We can think of some.

Craig: Go on.

Alison: Well, what if we get her to believe that he's the reason she had the accident? Then we can "arrange" for her to find out that he did something so rotten that she was gonna break up with him. She was running across the street to have it out with him and that's -- that's when she got hit by the trolley. That would paint him in a bad light, wouldn't it?

Craig: But you -- you could never pull that off.

Alison: You want to bet?

Hal: So Craig couldn't have slept with Carly the night before the wedding, because he was on the road with me. Any other candidates for the daddy pool?

Emily: All right, look, if it's not Craig, then I don't know who it is.

Hal: Are you lying to cover up for Carly?

Emily: Will you stop playing detective with me, all right? I hate it when you treat me like one of your perps. Stop it.

Hal: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come down so hard on you.

Emily: I'm telling the truth. I don't know the whole deal with Carly, okay?

Hal: Okay. I believe you. I'm sorry.

Emily: What are you doing?

Hal: Calling Jack. I don't see any other way to get to the bottom of this.

Emily: What do I have to do to get through to you? For all we know, the baby is Jack's.

Hal: But you said that Carly wasn't sure.

Emily: But -- she believes it is. And she loves Jack with all her heart. Who are you to question that? And this baby, how this baby's gonna be born into a family that will treasure it. Isn't that what really matters?

Carly: Who's the daddy?

Jack: You're busting my chops all ready, kid? I'm the daddy, of course.

Carly: Yes, of course. Of course Jack is the baby's daddy, honey.

Jack: Do you understand what we're saying?

Parker: No.

Jack: Okay. Well, here -- oh, let's see. Do you remember when I married your mommy?

Parker: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Mm-hmm. You were there. You walked her down the aisle. Do you remember that? Okay. Well, when two married people are having a baby, then the husband -- that's me -- is always the daddy. Or at least that's the way it's supposed to be. Anyway, do you get what I'm saying now?

Parker: Yes. Can I go play now?

Carly: Yes.

Jack: You can go play now.

Carly: Yes, of course you can, sweetheart. Go on up.

Jack: I think that went well.

[Carly laughs hysterically] what?

Marshall: Hi, Margo. I -- I owe you a thank you. Jessica said you had a lot to do with locating my daughter.

Margo: Oh, yes, well, finding lost loved ones is one of the more rewarding aspects of my job, but asking people to butt out isn't. I'm here to ask you to rethink allowing Jessica to go to Washington for you.

Marshall: I wasn't aware it was any of your concern.

Margo: It absolutely isn't. And if Jessica knew I was here, she'd probably deck me.

Marshall: Then why betray your friend?

Margo: Betray? Because it's for her own good, Marshall. Because if you don't push her away, she's not gonna have the strength to walk away on her own.

Marshall: She's a grown woman.

Margo: Yes, and you know very well that you have some sort of pull on her, and whether that's guilt about your missing daughter or some deeper feelings for you, I don't know. But I do know that despite all of this, she does want to do the right thing by Ben Harris.

Marshall: Why should I be worried about that?

Margo: Because staying involved in your life is keeping her from her own. Come on, Marshall. You say you care about this woman.

Marshall: I do. Deeply.

Margo: Then you've got to help her let go. She loves Ben. She wants to be with Ben. Do the right thing.

Marshall: The "right thing" is what landed me here in this hospital bed with a bullet in my head.

Margo: So -- so -- saving Paul Ryan and standing up to James Steinbeck, they're gonna be the last unselfish acts, huh? Dig a little deeper, Marshall. Make a stand for this woman you say you care so much about. Just send somebody else to Washington. If you really think that Jessica Griffin is so important to you, then let her go. Let her work things out with Ben.

Ben: What, are you still -- you still have feelings for Travers?

Jessica: That is not what I am saying. You're not even listening to me.

Ben: I am trying, Jessica. I don't get it. You're not making sense to me. Look, all right, all right, look. let's -- let's just back up a little bit. Give me one more shot.

Jessica: When I say that I know where I stand with Marshall, it's because he accepts me at my word. When I tell him that I want to be with you, he accepts that. It's that simple. But you know, now I have to even ask, do you still want me? I mean, am I just chasing phantoms here?

Ben: Oh, come on, Jessica, you have to know how I feel about you.

Jessica: Oh, how should I know that? How should I know that, Ben? I mean, you barely can look at me, and when you do, the look in your eyes -- can you tell me what you want from me?

Ben: Yes. Here's what I want -- don't go to Washington on behalf of Marshall Travers.

Jessica: I can't believe you're asking me to abandon a helpless child.

Ben: Then believe that I'm asking you to abandon a trip to Washington to represent your ex-lover.

Jessica: Ben -- I ask you to tell me what you wanted from me. From me, Ben. And how can you bring Marshall's daughter into the equation and expect me to respond?

Ben: There's got to be an Immigration expert that you can call in to work on this.

Jessica: Yes, there are. Yes, there are, and I intend to call on them, 'cause I'm gonna need a lot of help with this. But I -- I gave my word. I made a promise. I keep my promises.

Ben: Do you?

Jessica: This one I will.

Ben: Jess, come on. Jessica, all right, I shouldn't have said it like that, Jess. I'm sorry --

Bonnie: My mom just left?

Ben: Yeah.

Isaac: What's going on?

Ben: I think Jessica just walked out of my life for good.

Aaron: Today was a blast, Lucy. Laughing and hanging out together. I've been wishing for this day ever since you woke up in that hospital.

Lucy: What?

Aaron: I should let you rest. I mean, all the racing around we did today and stuff.

Lucy: But I'm not even tired, Aaron. I feel incredible, alive. I'm so glad you came back into my life. Don't go away again, okay?

Aaron: I promise I won't.

Craig: This plan of yours could be a major coup, Alison.

Alison: With major perks for me.

Craig: If you can pull it off.

Alison: Leave it to me, Mr. M. I'll have Lucy doubting Aaron by the end of the week.

Craig: This is your chance to show me what you're made of.

Alison: And I will. And when I'm done, you'll be worshiping the ground I walk on.

Emily: Hal, you go telling Jack he might not be this baby's father, he's gonna lose his mind.

Hal: Well, that's his right, his choice, and he should get to make it.

Emily: Yeah, and he'll dump Carly before he ever knows the truth. That he might be that baby's father.

Hal: Well, maybe Carly and Jack are strong enough to get through this. But don't you think she should be honest with him, Emily, for both their sakes?

Emily: Yeah, but what if this baby turns out to be Jack's after all, Hal? Then you've -- you've created this big mess for nothing. And we don't need to do that. Just leave well enough alone.

Hal: I don't want to see Jack get hurt. And I don't want to see Carly get hurt either. But I don't think that I can just close my eyes to this.

Emily: Well, Hal the cop can't. But Hal the man, Hal the friend, Hal the husband with the great big squishy heart can.

Hal: Emily, if I find out that that baby is not Jack's, I will play the bad guy here. Now you can warn Carly yourself.

[Carly laughing]

Jack: Did I miss the joke?

Carly: No, I'm sorry, honey. It's not -- it's really not funny at all.

Jack: Do you want to let me in on it?

Carly: I'm, uh -- I guess I'm laughing because it's -- it's easier than crying.

Jack: I don't get it.

Carly: No, your face. When Parker asked you who the father was. Um, it was priceless.

Jack: Yeah, kid's a joker all right.

[Carly laughing]

[phone ringing]

Carly: Hello?

Emily: Carly? It's me. Listen, Hal knows the score.

Carly: Oh.

Emily: But he's not gonna say anything, all right? I talked him down. Just, whatever you do, stay out of Hal's way.

Carly: Okay. Um, yeah, okay. Well, I'll meet you for lunch, and then we'll go to the stylish stork. And we'll buy everything off the racks. Okay. Bye-bye.

You are a good man. You know that? I think that you are the very best man that I have ever known, and that's the God's honest truth.

Jack: Where did that come from?

Carly: My heart. In yet?

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