ATWT Transcript Friday 1/17/03


As The World Turns Transcript Friday 1/17/03

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Alison: How's the game?

Will: It's good. I figure, in a couple of days, I'll be able to beat the stupid computer chip.

Alison: Well, there's plenty more where that came from.

Will: You're not candy-striping today?

Alison: Nope. I've got a secret. I've got a date.

Will: Oh. So, who's the poor slob?

Alison: Oh, you little monster! I'm gonna get you for that. So, how's therapy? You're doing like I said, right?

Barbara: What kind of secret instructions are you giving my son?

Will: Mom, she didn't do anything.

Alison: I just told him to hang tough. That's all. Check you later, Will.

Barbara: Oh, no, you're not going anywhere until you tell --

Will: Mom, let her go!

Alison: There's security cameras all over this place. And I hear that there's an empty bed in the grown-up section of the psych ward.

Barbara: You are a disgusting little --

Will: Mom, let her go! She's my sister!

Barbara: She's not your sister!

Will: She's my friend!

Barbara: I don't care what she is.

Hal: What's going on in here?

Will: Mom, let her go. Please, just leave her alone.

Dr. Michaels: Barbara -- I don't know what this is about, but you need to get yourself under control. I don't want to have to have you removed. Will, are you all right?

Alison: Aaron, hey. I'm ready when you are.

Aaron: Ready for what?

Alison: For lunch. What else?

Aaron: You're kind of dressed up for some burgers and fries, huh? Listen, I'm sorry, but I have to bail.

Alison: Why?

Aaron: I scored an interview for a job. And if I run now, I won't be late.

Alison: So what are you doing here? Oh, don't tell me -- looking for Lucy.

Aaron: Well, I was thinking last night, and I decided to write her a letter.

Alison: Well, I'm sorry, but you're about an hour late. Her dad took her home.

Aaron: Oh, man. Well, what should I do?

Alison: Why are you even asking me? You'll just ignore me and do what you want to do, anyway. But I have to say something, Aaron. Writing letters? It's like the final act of a desperate man.

Aaron: Well, it's too late to take it back now.

Alison: No, it's never too late. You can always go to the nurses' lounge. There's a shredder in there.

Aaron: No, Alison, I gave the letter to the nurse. Okay? She promised me she was going to give it to Lucy. Lucy's either read it by now or she's thrown it away.

Craig: Ah, Lucy, this is your new physical therapist, Gloria --

Gloria: Just call me Gloria. Nice to meet you.

Lucy: Hi.

Craig: She's gonna be staying with us for a while.

Gloria: I've drawn up a tentative schedule.

Lucy: We can start when we move into the new house. I just got out of the hospital. And I haven't been here in months. I just need to get settled. Okay, dad?

Craig: It's okay. It's -- the trip from the hospital was a bit taxing.

Lucy: It wasn't taxing. And unlike my legs, there is nothing wrong with my hearing. I just -- I didn't expect the bellboys and the people at the front desk to look at me like that.

Craig: Well, I'll talk to them.

Lucy: You don't need to talk to them. It's not their fault.

Craig: Well, they should know better than to stare.

Lucy: I'll be better tomorrow. It looks like I'm not the only one who has some adjusting to do.

Craig: That's right.

Lucy: I think I'll go take a nap now.

Gloria: Well, maybe when you wake up, we can get started on your exercises.

Lucy: Tomorrow.

Craig: Whatever you want, sweetness. All right, now I have to go do some work. But I'll see you for dinner, okay? Okay? I love you. Thank you, Gloria. You have all my numbers?

Gloria: Want some help getting into bed?

Lucy: No. That's okay. Thanks. I'll yell if I need you.

Molly: Hey! You home for lunch or just to see me?

Mike: I lost something.

Molly: These?

Mike: Ah, great. Thanks.

Molly: Hey. Are you all right?

Mike: Yeah. Why?

Molly: You seem a little bit stressed. And last night, you were tossing and turning in your sleep. Did something happen?

Mike: You know how it is when things start piling up, you know? Look, I gotta run, all right?

Molly: Bye.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Hello?

Molly: Hey. So what do I call you now? Proud papa-to-be? Or do I just keep it simple and call you daddy?

Jack: As long as you keep it a secret, I don't care what you call me.

Molly: I absolutely will not tell anyone. And, you know, it must be really easy for you cops to keep your lips zipped.

Jack: Are you kidding? This is killing me. I want to tell the world. But Carly's superstitious or something. So whatever mama wants, mama gets. Listen, she's not awake right now, but I could take a message.

Molly: No. Jack, actually, you're the one I wanted to talk to.

Jack: What's up?

Molly: Mike was upset or something when he got home last night. And I'm just wondering -- you guys didn't have some sort of stupid barroom fight or something like that?

Jack: No. Everything was cool between Mike and me. But he almost beat the spit out of Henry Coleman.

Paul: This has to be the first time in your life you've ever been early.

Rose: Hello, stranger.

Paul: Hey. You know, we met right here in this very airport.

Rose: And you hugged me before you even knew my name.

Paul: I asked you for money, too.

Rose: Yeah. You need a couple of bucks? 'Cause I could -- I could really use a hug.

Paul: Ah. Well, you look incredible.

Rose: Oh! You're a sight for sore eyes yourself there, my friend. I took an earlier flight. How did you know that I was gonna be here?

Paul: I wasn't gonna come at all.

Rose: Oh, no?

Paul: But I had to see you.

Rose: I know you didn't forget what I look like.

Paul: You're more beautiful than ever. Which makes what I have to say all the more difficult, Rose. I --

Rose: You sound like it's the end of the world.

Paul: I -- I've been thinking.

Rose: Oh, no, you've got questions. And do you wanna know -- why I stayed away so long, why I kept out of touch and what I'm doing back here?

Paul: And -- why you're still wearing my ring?

Rose: Well, because you put it there. And you said you'd always be mine. I hope that's still true.

Barbara: I am sorry if I upset Will. But I had to get Alison out of here. Do you understand? She is so nasty. She's such a bad influence for Will right now, Hal.

Hal: What did she do?

Barbara: She was giving Will instructions on how to deal with his therapist.

Hal: Well, then let's discuss that with Dr. Michaels and stop yelling at people in front of our son. You know, Barbara, when I was called in on this meeting, I could've come alone.

Barbara: I know that. I was only thinking about protecting Will. That's all.

Hal: Oh, good. Well, let's keep things calm from now on. And no more outbursts, no more yelling. If you have a problem, you go to Dr. Michaels or you come to me. But Will has enough to deal with.

Barbara: Okay, okay, okay. I'm trying. I really am trying, you know?

Hal: Hey, champ. How are you doing?

Will: I've got a group. So, it should take about an hour. Are you guys gonna still be here?

Barbara: Well, sure we are. If you want us to do that, that's what we'll do.

Will: Okay, I'll be back.

Dr. Michaels: I'm glad you could make it, Hal.

Barbara: So, what do you need us for, Lynn?

Dr. Michaels: I actually wanted to speak to Will's father in a professional capacity. I'd like you to supply some details for me about the fire.

Hal: Why?

Dr. Michaels: Because I think Will is hiding something.

Burt: Not much of a resume, but this letter from Simon and Katie Frasier? You come highly recommended. Glad Simon could send me a good mechanic. Had a hard time replacing him. Is she your girlfriend?

Aaron: Huh? No. No. This is just a friend.

Burt: Too bad. Simon and Katie made a great team. Katie didn't know too much about cars, but she sure kept this place clean, orderly, spotless. Gave it a touch of class. Sure was nice having a woman around.

Alison: Wrench! Crowbar! One quart of oil! Antibacterial wipe!

[Christina Aguilera's "dirty" plays]

[Christina Aguilera's "dirty" plays]

Aaron: Oh, man, Alison. You are beyond amazing. Like the way you sparked

those plugs --genius!

Alison: It was nothing. I had a great teacher.

Aaron: I'm sure you could teach me a thing or two. Your technique is awesome.

Alison: But what about Lucy?

Aaron: What about her? I forgot about her.

Alison: But I was so scared that she might tell you the truth about the fire.

Aaron: She told me 'cause she thought I'd be mad enough to hate you forever.

Alison: You don't?

Aaron: You started that fire to make me a hero so I could stay in town and be with you.

You never meant to hurt anybody, especially your kid brother.

Truth? It's the coolest thing any chick has ever done for me.

Alison: But they threw you in jail.

Aaron: And you helped me escape.

Alison: And they threw Will in the psych ward.

Aaron: And you got to visit him every chance you had.

Alison: And now Lucy ended up paralyzed.

Aaron: Who the hell cares? She's rich. She'll get over it.

Alison: Aaron - you're so forgiving.

Aaron: Everything you've done, you did it because you loved me.

And I love you, too.

Burt: I don't know. We've got a lot of work to be done around here. We get really busy. And you're not a fully qualified mechanic.

Aaron: Well, I'm only a couple weeks away from getting my certification.

Burt: The best I can do is offer some kind of an apprenticeship and then hold out for a certified mechanic.

Alison: I have an idea! What if I work with Aaron for free? That way, you get two mechanics for the price of one.

Jack: No, I'll come right over. Sure. I'll see you in a bit. Hey, sleepyhead.

Carly: I can't help it. This baby of ours is wiping me out. So Parker's at preschool?

Jack: All under control. Except for Mike, maybe.

Carly: Meaning?

Jack: Well, Molly just called. She's worried something's wrong with Mike.

Carly: Why would she say that?

Jack: I don't know. She said he was acting weird this morning. I told her we met for drinks last night, and I had to pull him off of Henry Coleman.

Carly: Mike?

Jack: Yeah. Do you have any guesses about what's upsetting him?

Carly: No. No, I don't have a clue.

Jack: Okay, listen, I gotta run. I promised her I'd swing by before work.

Carly: Okay.

Jack: I'll see you soon.

[Phone rings]

Mike: Hey, this is Mike. Sorry I can't take your call

right now. But if you leave your name and number, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


[Machine beeps]

Carly: Think, think, think, think. Okay, baby of mine -- if Henry tells Mike about the pregnancy test he found, then everything falls apart. Because Mike is going to start to think that maybe you are not Jack's. And he's going to figure out what that $50,000 of blackmail money was really for. And then he's going to spill the truth to Jack and Molly. And life as I know it will be over.

[Doorbell rings] what now?

Craig: I don't think there's ever been a lovelier day. Do you, Mrs. Snyder?

Barbara: Are you saying my son is a liar?

Hal: She didn't say that, Barbara.

Barbara: That's what the intent was.

Dr. Michaels: No, Will is not a liar. No.

Hal: You feel that he's holding something back?

Dr. Michaels: I'm afraid that Will may be trying to disassociate himself from the act of setting the fire.

Hal: Meaning?

Dr. Michaels: Well, he has admitted to setting the fire. That's why we're all here. But it's my job to determine whether this was a malicious act.

Barbara: There isn't a malicious bone in his body!

Dr. Michaels: When I ask him to take me through that day step by step, he admits to playing with matches, dropping them into the straw, stamping them out with his feet. Then he remembers later, when Aaron rushed into the burning building. But he does not connect the act of playing with the matches to the fire getting out of control.

Barbara: Because he doesn't remember. End of story.

Dr. Michaels: No, it's not a gap in memory. It's a gap in logic. Will's refusing to take responsibility for being the cause of the fire. So no matter whether we find out that it was accidentally set or whether it was arson, Will's recovery cannot progress if he does not accept the fact that there are consequences to his actions.

Hal: You said you wanted me to give you details on the fire?

Dr. Michaels: Yeah. Things like where Will was standing in the barn or things that Luke Snyder might have overheard him say, the fire marshal's report.

Barbara: And what good will that do?

Dr. Michaels: Well, it'll help me get Will to talk more and fill in some gaps.

Barbara: And then what, Lynn?

Hal: You know what it means, Barbara. It means if Dr. Michaels finds that Will deliberately started that fire, he will be found guilty of arson. And then he will be in some hospital or some juvenile facility for a very long time.

Alison: And since I'm in vocational school now, I can even use this as an internship for extra credit.

Burt: Studying auto mechanics, are you?

Alison: I sure am.

Burt: A pretty little thing like you?

Alison: Well, you should see me strip an engine. And you won't even have to pay me. It's a win/win situation. So -- so what do you think?

Burt: Looks like Aaron's got himself a job and an assistant. You're both hired. Fill this out, get it back to me. You start today.

Aaron: Thank you. Uh, thanks, Mr. --

Burt: Burt. Just Burt.

Aaron: Okay, thanks a lot, Burt. What did you do that for? You don't know the first thing about fixing cars!

Alison: Well, how hard could it be, especially if I have a teacher like you? It won't be that bad. And think about it this way -- you owe me.

Aaron: What?

Alison: Well, I had to take off the first semester because we were on the run, and my mom's already been getting on me about summer school. And this way, I can learn to be a mechanic and -- and I can get my GED. That way, my mom will get off my back.

Aaron: Ali, this is not a teaching situation, okay? I have no time. I can't teach you.

Alison: Well, you wouldn't even have this job if I hadn't volunteered to be your right hand. And first I broke you out of jail, and now I got you this job. Could you just give me one little thing in return?

Aaron: I could've gotten the job on my own, okay? But you and your big mouth had to just come in and --

Alison: And you know what? I can keep you from being depressed about Lucy kicking you to the curb. We can have so much fun. And I so need this job. Please be a pal?

Aaron: All right, all right, all right. You can start tomorrow, okay?

Alison: Well, what about today?

Aaron: Today, I need you to do me a favor, okay? Last night, I wrote another letter to Lucy. I need you to take it to her.

Aaron: "Dear Lucy --

that sounds too formal for us, like you're some stranger I have to be on my

best behavior with.

Like I don't know you. Maybe you don't want to know me right now, and that's

okay, too -- for now. 'Cause all I want is for you to walk again.

And if that means you end up walking away from me, then I'll deal.

And the whole memory thing? It's cool to forget who I am. Just don't forget who

Lucy Montgomery is."

Lucy: Who is she?

Aaron: "They keep talking to you and about you like you're this good girl, a princess. But there's no way in this world that that's all you are. When you were 6, you heard a comet was flying overhead at 3:00 in the morning, so you went to check it out. And you made about a million wishes, and nobody found out about it. You never told anybody about your night or that shooting star. And when your dad got you your first pony, you never told him that you already bribed your brother into teaching you how to ride. You said it was like flying. Maybe that's why your favorite ballet move was the jete."

Lucy: Because that's like flying, too.

Aaron: "Throwing yourself into the sky. And if you can fly, Luce,

then walking is a piece of cake."

Gloria: Ready to take that nap?

Lucy: Actually, I was thinking maybe we could go through some of those exercises right now.

Gloria: You don't need to take that day off?

Lucy: I need to walk.

Molly: Hey. Thanks for coming over right away.

Jack: You know, I was thinking, this thing with Henry, I shouldn't have said anything.

Molly: No, I'm glad you did.

Jack: But it's Mike's business.

Molly: Yeah, but see, if Mike's upset with Henry, it's all because of me, so it's my business, too.

Jack: What -- what does Henry have to do with you and Mike?

Molly: Do you remember that break-in in my apartment a couple months back?

Jack: Henry?

Molly: Henry. Rosanna paid him to break in to find a copy of the check that I wrote for the new Burn unit, and then she threatened to tell the truth unless I did it first.

Jack: Yeah, but that was a couple months back, right? Mike doesn't seem like a guy to keep a grudge. If he'd be mad at anybody, he'd be mad at Rosanna.

Molly: Yeah, wouldn't you think? But, no, they're getting along famously since she had her operation.

Jack: No. No, this -- this thing with Henry, it -- it seemed fresh and personal.

Molly: Did Mike say anything to Henry?

Jack: He said Henry wrecked his life.

Craig: Lucy's back from the hospital.

Carly: How is she?

Craig: Scared she's never gonna get out of that wheelchair again.

Carly: And you?

Craig: I'm setting up her gym over at Fairwinds.

Carly: Fairwinds?

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Carly: What are you trying to do, scare her out of the wheelchair?

Craig: It's her new home.

Carly: Ooh, you're chock full of news today, aren't ya?

Craig: And you don't even know the half of it. What would you say if I told you that Monte Carlo was a go-go again?

Carly: No.

Craig: Yes!

Carly: Since when?

Craig: Ever since Rosanna re-gifted it to me yesterday.

Carly: Now what did you have to do -- no, forget it. Don't tell me. I don't want to know.

Craig: Well, I was hoping you would tell me, since you went to see her yesterday.

Carly: Well, yeah, I saw her, but --

Craig: Well, whatever you said, she was in a fantastic mood when I arrived for our marital proposal discussion. And now Monte Carlo's mine again, no strings attached.

Carly: Whoa! And you didn't even have to marry her. Well, congratulations. Good luck. Good-bye.

Craig: I asked her to marry me.

Carly: Oh, God.

Craig: And guess what she said.

Carly: Oh, don't tell me.

Craig: She said yes. So, sister, you'd better get ready to welcome me to the family, 'cause we're gonna be in-laws.

Rose: This is a lousy place to have this conversation. I want to go home.

Paul: You know what? I think we've waited long enough, don't you? I mean, I was forced to wait for four months while you were off doing whatever you were doing.

[Talking over each other]

Rose: And boom, boom, boom, it's over? I mean, I love you.

Paul: So where were you the past few months?

Rose: Trying to figure out the last couple of years. One day, I'm kicking up my heels in Atlantic City. The next thing I know, I'm not the daughter of an Italian-American couple. I'm adopted. I've got an identical twin. I've got a diamond worth a fortune. And after a zillion other insane moments, my pop almost ends up getting killed in a foreign country. And it was like I'm a speeding train, and I couldn't stop. It didn't have brakes, you know? And I couldn't breathe. So when my pop got better, we went to Italy, and we got off the train.

Paul: And forgot about the fiancé you left waiting --

Rose: I did not stop thinking about you for one second, not one day that I was gone. That's not cutting it, you know, obviously, but it's true.

Paul: So what now?

Rose: I've got a list of a million things. I've got to see Ms. Walsh.

Paul: Ms. Walsh? I was talking about us! What's next for us?! I mean, in your journey of self-discovery, did you not even remember who the hell I am? I'm the guy who asked you to be his wife 'cause I don't want to spend the rest of my life without you in it. So you tell me, Rose. You tell me, what am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to stand here and listen to you say, "oh, I thought about you every single day," but you never, ever, ever wrote me a letter to tell me so! From where I stand, that doesn't make me a guy whose -- whose ring you want to wear. It makes me a nonentity. So whatever place I had in your heart wasn't nearly as important as the place you had in mine.

Rose: And where was that place when you went on trial for murder? Yes, yes. I knew about that. I even booked the next flight. But did you call? No. So I started asking myself, "did he ever need me? Did he ever love me at all?"

Paul: You know -- I never stopped loving you.

Rose: Then why?

Paul: Because I wanted you to come back when you needed me, not because I needed you.

Rose: What difference does it make?! You need me, I need you! It doesn't matter! We love each other! Or -- at least we used to. I mean, is that why you left me hanging there before when I said that I loved you? Because you figured out you don't need me anymore?

Paul: I still love you, Rose. I never stopped.

Rose: Then why are you so sad?

Alison: Tell me you didn't write Lucy letter number two before you knew how she reacted to letter number one.

Aaron: I had to.

Alison: Because you wanted to prove what a loser you are?

Aaron: No. I'm just -- I'm used to telling her everything, and you know, at least in a letter, I can express the way I feel. What, wrong move?

Alison: No. I'm just -- just saying. What if she doesn't want to read it?

Aaron: Well, that's a chance I'm willing to take.

Alison: I can't. I can't do this, Aaron.

Aaron: Why not?

Alison: Because if I have to come back to you empty-handed, I'll just -- I'll just die. I can't do it, no.

Aaron: Ali, I'm a big boy now, okay? Whatever happens, I'll be able to deal with it. Look, who knows? I mean, maybe Lucy's changed her mind. She's willing to see me now.

Alison: You should give her some space.

Aaron: And you should give her this letter. Look, it will take me a lot longer to teach you to be a mechanic than it'll take you to deliver this. I mean, unless of course you like that cushy job at the hospital being a candy striper.

Alison: You don't know the first thing about girls, Aaron. If she shredded up the first one, which she probably has, this one's going up in flames.

Aaron: Can't blame a guy for trying.

Alison: Okay. Wish me luck.

Molly: Now, see, if -- if Henry is wrecking Mike's life, Mike's life is my life, and there's no way I'm gonna let that little weasel mess me up twice in one lifetime.

Jack: No, Molly, guys don't like their girlfriends fighting their battles for them.

Molly: Maybe you're right.

Jack: Of course I'm right.

Molly: So you know what? I'll just give Mike a call.

Jack: No, what you're not gonna do is you're not gonna blow this whole thing out of proportion. Listen, I already feel like a complete heel for even mentioning it. This is gossip, Molly. I don't gossip. So this is how we're gonna play this. I didn't say anything. You didn't hear anything. Can you do that for me?

Molly: So you just want me to ignore the fact that I know there was a near barroom brawl between my boyfriend and the bane of my existence?

Jack: Please.

[Molly groans]

|Molly: Fine, Jack. Have it your way. I won't do anything to break the he-man code of conduct.

Jack: Much appreciated.

Molly: So what am I supposed to do, just -- just sit here and wait until Mike finally breaks down and tells me what's going on?

Jack: Or you could ask your new favorite cousin-in-law for some help, I guess.

Molly: Aw, Jack, I knew you'd come through.

Jack: I'm the best. I know, I know.

Molly: Yeah. So how's my favorite cousin, my favorite very lucky cousin?

Jack: Exhausted 24 hours a day. But I guess that's to be expected. It's like she skipped over the whole morning sickness thing, which from everything I read is supposed to be a first trimester symptom. So I was thinking, Mol --

Molly: -- That every pregnancy's different.

Jack: Or that Carly's further along than we thought. I mean, she could have conceived right after we got married, which means I'd be a daddy even sooner.

Molly: Yeah, but only your doctor will know for sure.

Jack: We'll find out the due date in a couple days.

Molly: Keep me posted?

Jack: Ah, try and stop me. I've got to run.

Molly: Bye.

[Phone rings]

Mike: Hello?

Jack: Mike, it's Jack.

Mike: Hey, Jack. How's it going?

Jack: Listen, I was wondering if you could meet me at the station?

Mike: Sure. There's not any kind of problem, is there?

Jack: No, no problem. I'll see you in a few?

Mike: All right. I'm on my way.

Lucy: How did I do?

Gloria: You did great.

Lucy: So what's next?

Gloria: Now you rest.

Lucy: But I'm not even tired yet. I mean, couldn't we add some more pounds to the weights? Or, um, you could teach me some exercises I could do in the chair.

Gloria: Well, I'm glad that you got over whatever funk you were in before, but pushing too far is just as bad as not pushing at all. So we'll try a little moderation, okay?

Lucy: Okay.

[Knock at door]

Gloria: Expecting anyone?

Lucy: Not really.

Gloria: Hi.

Alison: Hi. Is Lucy here?

Lucy: Over here, Alison.

Alison: Hey, girl. Remember me? Well, how's your memory doing? Any luck?

Lucy: Yeah, actually, everything's going great. I got a letter from Aaron.

Alison: Oh, really? Well, what does it say?

Lucy: So many beautiful things. And it reminded me of things I hadn't thought of in ages.

Alison: Well, that's -- that's so great. Like what?

Lucy: Stuff from my childhood, mostly. But I could tell it was just the beginning. Finally, I can believe that I'm gonna remember more and more as the days go by, and it's all because of Aaron. Could you tell him that I'm feeling a lot better than I was? I'd really like it if he would come by.

Alison: Uh, I don't know. He has a new job and everything, and I mean, his free time's sucked up, so --

Lucy: But you'll see him, right?

Alison: Yeah, I guess.

Lucy: Well, did he know you were coming by today? Did he send any messages or anything?

Alison: Sorry, but -- but letters really aren't his thing. I'm surprised you got one letter from him.

Lucy: Well, what if I wrote him a letter back? Would you give it to him for me?

Alison: Sure. What are friends for?

Lucy: Great. I'll be right back.

Barbara: So, Hal, what did it feel like, giving all the pertinent information to Dr. Michaels so she can convict our little boy of arson?

Hal: We have to get to the truth about what happened.

Barbara: You pick the oddest times to be a cop. Will doesn't need a cop right now. He needs his father. He needs you. He loves you, he trusts you, and he needs to count on you --

Hal: That's enough, Barbara. It doesn't help Will if we keep denying that he is responsible for what happened.

Barbara: We almost lost him once.

Hal: We buried our heads in the sand! I chased Aaron Snyder halfway across the country because we couldn't look at the facts!

Barbara: You already have the facts! You know that boy better than any shrink ever could. You know what's in his heart. You know what he's capable of, and he didn't start that fire! Now, I'll tell you, even Luke Snyder says it was impossible that he started that fire.

Hal: Luke Snyder is a kid.

Barbara: Well, what if the kid is right?!

Hal: That's just wishful thinking, Barbara.

Barbara: Well, I wish the truth would come out. Because I believe Will is innocent. And you know what, Hal? I respected you a lot more when you did, too.

Craig: I'm gonna have to start listening to you more often. Telling me to go for it and marry Rosanna was -- inspired.

Carly: Well, great. You had to wait till now to start listening to me?

Craig: The power of love is -- it's a miracle.

Carly: Well, yes, this is true. The fact that you love Rosanna and Rosanna loves you -- that is a miracle. Now, don't you have someplace to be? Because I really have better things to do --

[Craig laughs]

Craig: Yeah, you do. Get back to the drawing board. 'Cause Monte Carlo rides again.

Carly: I can't do it.

Craig: Why not?

Carly: I told Jack I quit.

Craig: So you change your mind.

Carly: I'm -- I'm going on a honeymoon.

[Craig laughs]

Craig: You're telling me that you're gonna put this entire business on hold because you have to go somewhere and snuggle some more with Jack?! Need I remind you that I wouldn't have lost Monte Carlo in the first place if you hadn't have slept with Mike Kasnoff? And if I hadn't have saved you --

Carly: Please! You didn't save squat! All you did was dig a deeper grave!

Craig: And I pulled us both out of it. So you give me one good reason --

Carly: I'll give you the same reason that I gave your fiancée! I'm pregnant!

Craig: Pregnant, huh? You're kidding.

Carly: Would I lie about something like that?

Craig: Does Jack know?

[Craig chuckles]

Carly: Yes. Yes, Jack knows! And Molly knows, and Mike knows, and Rosanna knows. And now you know, too.

Craig: Pregnant, huh?

Carly: Yeah. That's why I went to the hospital yesterday to talk to Rosanna, to tell her that I wanted her to be a big, important part of this baby's life.

Craig: Welcome her to the family?

Carly: Something like that. I feel bad for her. You know, she can't have babies of her own. And I want Parker and this new baby to have an auntie.

Craig: No, you told Rosanna so she wouldn't hear it from anyone else.

Carly: Don't be ridiculous. I told Rosanna because she's my sister.

Craig: And you don't want your sister asking questions. So she starts connecting the dots? The way I do? Hmm? So -- is this baby Jack's, or is it Mike Kasnoff's?

Mike: What are you doing here?

Henry: The police requested my presence here, so here I am. Look, trust me, I'm no happier to be here than you are to see me. So as soon as I'm sprung, you'll see me no more. Okay?

Mike: Requested your presence for what?

Henry: I wish I knew.

Mike: If you said anything to Jack about me and Carly, I swear to --

Henry: Look, I wouldn't, okay? I didn't. Never even crossed my mind. Look, I'm gonna go stand over there, okay? So you'll never even know I'm here.

Jack: That won't be necessary, Henry. If you'll step inside, gentlemen?

Lucy: So when do you think you'll see Aaron again? I mean, to give him the letter.

Alison: Uh -- not -- not for a few days, with his new job and everything. So, what else is new? New mansion, new haircut, new outlook on life.

Lucy: And new personal physical therapist. I mean, who knows? Maybe I'll be able to stand on my own by the time I see Aaron again.

Alison: That really would be something, wouldn't it? Well, I bet you have a lot to pack, so I'll just get going.

Lucy: Thanks for taking the letter for me. It really means a lot.

Alison: Anytime, really. Bye.

[Alison sighs]

Alison: Anytime? In your dreams.

Rose: You know, in my fantasy, when we saw each other, it'd be a lot more fun than this.

Paul: Yeah?

Rose: Yeah, I'd think about us seeing each other after all this time. And go back to your place, tear off all our clothes, have sex like a million times. And then we would -- talk.

Paul: I used to have that same fantasy, too.

Rose: Used to?

Paul: You disappeared from my life, Rose.

Rose: Yeah, 'cause you went through hell, and it wasn't my hand that you wanted to hold. I mean, you had everybody lying for you, about how great you were doing. And you know what? Don't start pointing fingers at me, 'cause you never called.

Paul: You know what? Marriage is about two people who want to share each other's lives for the rest of their lives, not take some four-month hiatus where you can just freeze everything and then automatically pick up exactly where you left off.

Rose: You know what? You're right. You're absolutely right. So you know what? That just leaves us with one question -- what do we do with this?

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