ATWT Transcript Tuesday 1/14/03


As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 1/14/03

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Aaron: So -- how's Lucy doing?

Alison: I'll give you a call after I get through med school. How should I know?

Aaron: You haven't heard anything?

Alison: They might be releasing her soon, I think. I don't know.

Aaron: When? When? Like today? Tomorrow?

Alison: Trust me, the candy striper's the last to know.

Aaron: Not when the candy striper's Alison Stewart. Come on. Ask around. See what you can get.

Alison: Well, if I hear anything, I'll let you know. Okay? Now -

Realtor: Which leads us back into the parlor, with its dramatic windows and spectacular views. The unforgettable fireplace --

Craig: Yeah, I'll take it. How soon can the seller vacate? Hmm?

Barbara: Never, if it's you.

Craig: Does the contract include an exorcism, 'cause with karma like this --

Realtor: Mr. Montgomery --

Craig: You know, an active haunting by my ex-wife.

Realtor: You mean that you -- you and Ms. Ryan?

Barbara: We all make mistakes. Mine were just a bit more expensive.

Realtor: I'm sure we can work something out.

Barbara: Sorry you've wasted your time, Craig. I think you know the way out.

Realtor: Mr. Montgomery's offered a significant percentage above the asking price. And since he's getting remarried --

Craig: Actually, that's just a vague possibility at the moment.

Realtor: But you were just telling me --

Craig: It's just an idea I'm tossing around.

Barbara: Would you give us a moment alone, please?

Realtor: Of course.

Craig: What, you want to negotiate? Name your price.

Barbara: Only if you name the woman who's agreed to be the next Mrs. Montgomery. So tell me, Craig, who's the bride-to-be?

Emily: Carly? Hey.

Carly: Please tell me you're alone.

Emily: Yeah, I am. But don't rub it in. What's -- come in. What's the matter?

Carly: Ah. I just told Jack that I'm pregnant.

Emily: How much did you tell him?

Carly: Well, I left out the part about the baby probably being the result of a one-night stand I had with my cousin's boyfriend.

Emily: Good, good, good. That's exactly what I would have done. So, how is our proud papa?

Carly: Oh, please don't make me feel any worse than I already do. Somehow, I managed to convince him to keep the baby a secret for now. But you should have seen his face when I told him. He's not gonna be able to be quiet for long. And that's when my problems really start. Because then -- then I'll have to deal with Mike.

Jack: No. No, it's for my wife. She's the one who needs the pampering from head to toe.[Pounding at door] No. No, she's really not into the whole spa experience, but -- yeah, come on in. But I heard you guys have masseuses come to the house? Right. No, that sounds great. Yeah. Well, I want to make this really special for her, because she's -- you know what? Let me check on a few things, and I'll get back to you. All right? No, thanks for everything. Bye. Carly's running errands. But if I can help you out with anything -- Mike? Come on, dude. I know you're in love, but there's a whole world out here. You know what I'm saying? Hello? Mike?

Mike: Yeah. Yeah, I was just checking out your reading material here.

Jack: You weren't supposed to see this, dude.

Mike: "Dad's guide to the pregnant wife"?

Jack: If you tell Carly you saw this, she'll brain me. So I'm gonna have to swear you to secrecy. Nobody knows about this. It's supposed to stay that way.

Mike: So it's true?

Jack: Yeah. Man, we're having a baby -- my baby and me.

Mike: Carly's really pregnant?

Jack: Incredible, huh? Completely blew my mind, too.

Mike: When'd you find out?

Jack: Last night. She told me last night.

Mike: Last night, huh?

Jack: Yeah, just before you and Molly came over.

Mike: Yeah, Molly thought something was going on.

Jack: Was I that obvious? I've had this stupid grin on my face ever since she told me. No matter what I do -- there it is.

Mike: When's the -- when's the little one due?

Jack: I don't know. Her first ob appointment, she had to leave early. So we're not gonna get the complete lowdown until her next appointment. You know, the sonogram, the whole nine. I can't wait to hear the baby's heartbeat.

Mike: You seem really psyched, Jack.

Jack: I have never been this happy in my entire life. I mean, talk about a miracle. One minute, my heart's just about ripped out of me because I gotta give J. J. back. The next minute, I've got this whole new life to look forward to. It's taken all the strength I have not to run out of here and tell the whole world. You know what I'm saying?

Mike: Carly wants to keep it a secret now?

Jack: For the time being. For the -- so you'll keep this under your hat till we go public?

Mike: Count on it. Look, man, I gotta get out of here. All right?

Jack: All right. Cool. Hey, wait. Wait. Why'd you stop by?

Mike: Nothing special. I was in the neighborhood, you know?

Jack: I can't believe it. I'm gonna be a dad.

Mike: Congratulations, man. That's -- that's great news.

Jack: Thank you. See ya.

Mike: Yeah.

Emily: What's Mike gonna do, anyway? You tell him the baby's Jack's, the baby's Jack's. It's not like he's gonna dispute it.

Carly: Yet. He knows that we didn't use any protection, Emily. He was there. And he knows how to count just as well as Rosanna. So when he finds out the baby's due date, he's gonna start to wonder.

Emily: Okay, can't you fudge the due date?

Carly: And then what happens in May when I give birth to a nine-pound preemie?

Emily: Rosanna rips out your heart with her bare hands.

Carly: Thank you.

Emily: All right. Look -- you didn't come here for tea and sympathy. Right? And you're in no condition for tequila. You came here because I can keep my eyes on the big picture. So here's my take on things. You can handle Mike. He's a lamb, right? Rosanna, the she-wolf -- she's the one you gotta be worried about.

Carly: Mm. And Craig thought he was saving the day when he took the blame for being my mystery man. He would take the heat. Rosanna would be upset, but she'd get over it.

Emily: Until she whips out her calendar and does a little math.

Carly: And then she's gonna think that Craig is my baby's daddy.

Emily: Oh, boy. Problems don't get much worse than this, do they?

Carly: They do if you're me. Rosanna asked Craig to marry her. And I think I convinced him to accept.

Barbara: So you're engaged. What poor, unfortunate woman have you entrapped now, Craig?

Craig: I'm not actually engaged. I was posing a hypothetical question to a realtor.

Barbara: Ah? Is it Rosanna Cabot? No, no, no. She's far too bright to make that mistake. It's Rosanna, isn't it? Unbelievable. Not enough that she hands you B.R.O. on a platter. Now she has to bankroll your new home?

Craig: Actually, no. I am buying this house for my daughter.

Barbara: Ah, they finally threw you out of the Lakeview.

Craig: No. Lucy was injured in an accident, and she needs a home space to recover.

Barbara: But why this home? Because it's mine. That's why.

Craig: No. This is one of the few places in Oakdale with enough space, security and privacy. Walls to keep out the riffraff.

Realtor: Ms. Ryan?

Barbara: You're still here?

Realtor: I was halfway to my car when I realized I hadn't shown Mr. Montgomery the charming cottage out back, or the gazebo, not to mention the garden.

Barbara: Get it through your head, missy! I am not selling to him!

Craig: You better consider the offer.

Barbara: I don't need your money, Craig.

Craig: Of course you don't. What you need is absolution. And not even your family can provide that. Wonder what Paul will think when he finds out you've turned down an overly generous offer.

Barbara: My son will understand.

Craig: Yeah. Yeah, and he will think your heart still clings to James Steinbeck. You're not gonna get too many more offers on this mausoleum. You better think twice before turning mine down.

Aaron: So -- is anybody saying when you might get released?

Lucy: They're keeping that kind of information to themselves. Probably afraid they'd tell me, and I'd just forget. Could you take me back to my room now, please?

Aaron: So, I'll see you soon. Okay?

Lucy: Okay.

Aaron: Okay.

Alison: I've got a break coming up soon. You wanna go get some lunch?

Aaron: Did you see that? She talked to me. She really talked to me.

Alison: That's great. But now that's she talked to you, maybe one day she'll know who we are. But -- let's go get some lunch.

Aaron: No. No, you go ahead. Look, her dad's not around, and she knows I'm out here. And when I told her I'd see her soon, she said, "okay." So maybe --

Alison: Maybe she'll want to talk about the weather. Ask about the news.

Aaron: Ali, at least we'll be communicating. At least I'll be able to spend some time with her. Go ahead. Go eat. I'm just gonna -- I'm just gonna hang here. Okay?

Alison: Aaron -- you want Lucy to remember you? Let her remember the you she likes. She didn't start liking you because you ran after her like some sick puppy dog. She liked you because you were cool. So be cool. Be intense, quiet. Wait for her to make the first move.

Aaron: Well, I could just stick my head in the door --

Alison: She said "hi," Aaron. Not, "come on up and see me sometime." Not, "come in and stare at me and make me all nervous like some crazy stalker." And if you do, you know Craig's gonna come in, 'cause that's what he does. And then he's gonna start accusing you of terrorizing his little angel. But go for it. If you wanna risk it all, go for it. I'm not standing in your way.

[Aaron sighs]

Aaron: I hate it when you're right. But at least that almost never happens, so that's cool. But -- hey, I'm gonna go home. So -- if Lucy asks about me, just --

Alison: I'll send out a news flash. Or would you prefer smoke signals? I'll -- I'll let you know, okay?

Aaron: Thanks, Alison.

Alison: Yeah.

Aaron: Okay.

Alison: What are friends for?

Paul: Hey. You okay? Brought some lunch.

Barbara: Oh, that's very sweet. Thank you.

Paul: What's the deal with the house?

Barbara: I got an offer.

Paul: Well, that's good news. Finally.

Barbara: Not this offer.

Paul: What, are they trying to lowball you?

Craig: It's not the offer, Paul. It's the buyer.

Barbara: Here I'd thought you'd be gone by now.

Craig: I was gone, out to see the gazebo, gardens, et cetera.

Barbara: Now do you understand?

Paul: What's the game this time, Montgomery?

Craig: I promised her mother I would buy our daughter a home. Real home -- space, security, privacy. Fairwinds affords us that, and we can afford Fairwinds.

Barbara: Thanks to Rosanna Cabot.

Craig: Lucy had an accident. She's in a wheelchair. We need room for physical therapist equipment.

Paul: I'm sorry. I didn't realize -- but she's okay, right?

Craig: Well, her doctors say that, with time, exercise --

Barbara: I'm very sorry about Lucy. No sale. Not to him.

Paul: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Mom, you've wanted to sell this house for ages, right? Why does it matter who's buying it?

Barbara: You know -- I was thinking that maybe you'd want to keep it. Keep it in the family. It would be my wedding gift to you and Rose.

Emily: Craig and Rosanna are already a match made in hell, Carly. Did they really need your help?

Carly: It made sense at the time.

Emily: Yeah, if you've got some sort of death wish. Why didn't you just tell him to dump her? And then she'd be out of his life, and you'd no longer be the competition.

Carly: I -- don't know what to do anymore, all right, Emily? Craig came to me. And I just wanted him to be happy. The same way I want Mike and Molly to be happy. Most of all, I want Jack to be happy. He is my life.

Emily: I know, honey.

Carly: That night with Mike was -- it was stupid. But it was not cheating. Not really. There was nobody to cheat on. I thought that Jack was gone. I thought I'd lost him forever. How was I supposed to know that we would actually get married and start a life together?

Emily: You couldn't have known.

Carly: And now that we have that life, I'd like to keep it! Thank you very much. I'd like to be his wife. I'd like to have his babies.

Emily: Okay, I know I've said this before, but isn't there a small chance that this could be Jack's baby? It's just a small chance?

Carly: It's not likely. One mistake. One lapse in judgment. And if I make one wrong move, then I hurt Mike and Molly and Jack and Craig. What do I do?

[Emily sighs]

Emily: All right. I have one more idea. It's pretty radical.

Carly: I'll do anything.

Emily: Go to Rosanna.

Carly: Except that.

Emily: Go to Rosanna.

Carly: No way! You are nuts! She hates me!

Emily: Do you want her to find out that you're pregnant on her own? Hmm? Think about it. She'll think that you've got something to hide, and she will go straight to "maybe it's Craig's" without missing a beat. But if you go to her --

Carly: Oh, forget it!

Emily: -- And tell her straight out --

Carly: The woman just had a hysterectomy, Emily. I can't walk in there flashing my pregnancy glow, talking about babies. I'm not that insensitive.

Emily: A hysterectomy? She had a -- wow. Wow, I mean, you never think of Rosanna having a heart, much less other human organs. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. That's awful.

Carly: Too bad it wasn't a sisterectomy.

Emily: Ask her to be the godmother.

Carly: Um --

[Carly laughs] Emily, while I appreciate and often bow to your conniving, diabolical mastermind, do you realize that you're suggesting that I invite Rosanna into my life for, like, ever? That I invite her into my family. She'll show up at family functions, at recitals, at school plays.

Emily: Yeah, but, you know, I'll bet you she'll be a great gift giver. Seriously, she will make it her moral duty to protect this child. This can't fail, Carly.

Carly: It is brilliant. But it's too creepy! I can do a lot of things, but I can't do that.

Emily: Well, sorry. This is what you're stuck with when you don't have much choice.

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: Sorry.

Emily: Go ahead.

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: Hello?

Mike: Hey, it's me. Where are you?

Carly: I'm having tea with a friend. Why?

Mike: I need to see you right now.

Carly: Sounds important.

Mike: Will you come to me here, or do I need to come to you?

Carly: I'll be there in a flash. Oh, my God. Mike knows.

Emily: Are you sure Mike knows about the baby?

Carly: Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Emily: Okay. Shadow of a doubt. He can't know for sure unless you actually say something. I mean, he might suspect something, but -- just don't say anything to him, all right? And remember what I told you about Rosanna.

Carly: I refuse to crawl to my sister and invite her into my life for all eternity. Emily, please don't suggest it again.

Emily: Go crawl.

[Carly growls]

Emily: Hi.

Carly: Hi.

Hal: Hey, Carly.

Emily: Hi, sweetie.

Carly: Hello.

Emily: Yeah.

Hal: Do I hear the pitter-patter of little footsteps?

Carly: Huh?

Emily: Parker. He's talking about Parker. Right?

Carly: Oh, Parker.

Hal: I thought maybe you brought him by for a visit or something?

Carly: No, no. He's at pre-K. Now, how's Will?

Hal: Oh, he's all right. He hates being in the hospital. Bored to tears. But he's hanging tough.

Carly: Right. Well, give him my best, okay? I'm gonna go.

Emily: Let me know if you need anything?

Carly: All right, thanks.

Emily: Okay. Good luck.

Hal: She all right? She looked a little flushed or something.

Emily: No, she's fine. She's fine. It's just that winter chill, you know? So how'd things go with Will and Dr. Michaels?

Hal: Well, Dr. Michaels said that he was having a hard time. But she thinks he'll open up pretty soon. Which kinda worries me, actually.

Emily: Why?

Hal: 'Cause it means that, in a couple of days or a couple of weeks, I'm gonna have some shrink telling me that I'm the reason that Will is the way he is. That's why.

Emily: No. No, no, no. Will was absolutely fine until he was snatched out of his house, away from his father, his friends, everyone he knows and loves. The only one who ought to be afraid of what that doctor might say isn't you, Hal. It's Barbara.

Craig: A wedding present to your son? And to Rose, who you personally banished to some European gulag?

Paul: Craig, please. And, mom, I'm not sure -- I'm not sure Rose would be comfortable here with Fairwinds being so closely associated with my father.

Barbara: Oh. Of course, honey. I didn't even think of that. I should have realized --

Craig: Here is my final offer. You can take it or leave it.

Paul: What happened, you strike oil in the rose garden?

Craig: I'd like to complete the deal and move in today, if possible.

Paul: Take it.

Barbara: You're sure?

Paul: Positive.

Barbara: Sold, to the highest bidder.

Craig: The only bidder.

Barbara: I'll be packed up and moved out as soon as --

Craig: I'm getting a construction crew in today to clean the place up, get the ramps set up for Lucy, get that old elevator working.

Paul: You know -- Craig, you know, that's a good idea. And while you're at it, you might get them to close down the tunnels underneath the house. My father's in prison, but he's still alive. And if he escapes, you never know.

Craig: Paul, part of your mom's paranoia or just more daddy dearest?

Paul: Full disclosure, Craig. For Lucy's sake.

Barbara: I'll have my lawyer call your lawyer.

Craig: Do that.

Barbara: I should have asked sooner if you and Rose would want the house. But I should have realized that she wouldn't want to be here. I'll have to look for another wedding gift.

Paul: Yeah.

Barbara: Everything all right?

Paul: Yeah.

Barbara: Rose hasn't changed her mind, has she?

Paul: No. She'll be back very soon.

Barbara: Good. Well, I guess I have to go about house hunting for myself. Which is not going to be very easy, given all of Hal's stipulations. I don't want to make him any angrier than he already is.

Paul: What's Hal want? A place for Will that's not Fairwinds, where he can have his own room? Is that it? Well, that's easy enough. You just find something near Hal's place, near the school, near Will's friends. And then everybody will be happy.

Barbara: No, it's not going to be quite that easy.

Paul: What else is there?

Barbara: Hal will disagree with whatever I choose. He's looking for lapses in my mothering skills so he can dispose of me, Paul.

Paul: You're being paranoid.

Barbara: No, I am not! He's trying to take Will away from me, and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

Holden: Oh, man. It's gotta be below freezing out there. Can't believe I still have ten fingers left.

Aaron: Was it that cold?

Holden: I guess plan "g" didn't work. Still thinking about Lucy, huh?

Aaron: You know, I'm starting to wish I had amnesia, too. You know, at least I'd be able to focus on something else.

Holden: Sorry, but I'm not gonna administer a healthy dose of brain trauma just to help you out. Anything short of that, I'll see what I can do.

Aaron: Keep me from making stupid moves. Nothing dumb and nothing desperate. 'Cause I'm about this close from blowing it with Lucy.

Holden: What do you mean?

Aaron: I -- I've been willing to do all kinds of weird things. See, I have all these plans, you know? Ignoring her father, volunteering at the hospital. You know, I even wanted to fake an emergency. Yeah, it's crazy. I'm willing to do just about anything to see her.

Holden: Why don't you just take a step back and not see her for awhile?

Aaron: Just go cold turkey? I mean, just wait for her to call me? Play hard to get? What is this?

Holden: Yeah. Keep you from getting arrested. It'll certainly keep you from ticking off Montgomery.

Aaron: I can't do that, Holden! I can't stay away. I mean, she's my girlfriend, my best friend.

Holden: Just give it a try. Just -- do something with yourself for 48 hours. And then drop by and say hello.

Aaron: And you think that's gonna work?

Holden: Give it a shot.

[Doorbell rings] you wanna get that? My fingers are still defrosting.

Aaron: Alison. Come on, come on. It's freezing outside. How ya doing?

Alison: Thanks. Hi, Mr. Snyder.

Holden: Hey, Alison. How's it going?

Alison: Great.

Aaron: So what's up?

Alison: I have some news that you might like to hear. They're releasing Lucy from the hospital this afternoon.

Aaron: Are you serious?

Alison: Would I lie?

Aaron: This is terrific!

Alison: What's terrific about it? Now, if you want to see her, you're gonna have to knock on her dad's door to do it. It was easier before, when you could just go into her room when she was a patient.

Aaron: Well, at least we know Lucy's getting better. Right? I mean, the hospital wouldn't let her go if she wasn't. This is great. This is great news. Thank you, Alison, so much. Thank you.

Craig: Hey! How's my favorite girl? Hmm?

Lucy: Fine, I guess. They're talking about letting me go home today.

Craig: You know, most people would smile when they hear that. You know? So what's the matter?

Lucy: I saw Aaron today.

Craig: What, he was here? Was he here, bothering you?

Lucy: No. He was out in the hall, hanging out with Alison.

Craig: What, he was hanging outside your door?

Lucy: I was thinking about letting him visit me again. I know you think he has some sort of hidden agenda, but he seems so sweet.

Craig: Well, I wanna be fair here, so I'm not gonna bring up his past with the police or other women. But out of the hundreds of rooms in this hospital, how is it that he ends up on your floor, outside your ward?

Lucy: I guess he just wanted to see me.

Craig: No, no. He wanted you to see him, all sad and lonely, so you would take pity on him, ask him to stick around for awhile.

Lucy: What if I wanted him to stick around? I mean, he's not the only one who's lonely here.

Craig: Well, you know -- and I have just the thing for that. Do you remember how I was saying I was house-hunting?

Lucy: You found one?

Craig: A mansion called Fairwinds. Do you remember it?

Lucy: Fairwinds -- does it sit on a hill, with high walls?

Craig: Yes, yes, that's the one.

Lucy: Didn't you say it was, like, haunted or something?

Craig: Well, once we get our hands on it and sage it and paint it, get a top designer --

Lucy: Yeah, but isn't it a little big for just the two of us?

Craig: Well, that's my other bit of news. How much do you remember about Rosanna Cabot?

Emily: How do you like your pizza?

Hal: In a triangle.

Emily: Really? You're in luck. Can I get you anything else?

Hal: Yeah. Do you think you could do your husband a favor? Do you think you could go a little easier on Barbara?

Emily: Excuse me?

Hal: She is trying, Emily.

Emily: Trying what? You're the one who told me Will kept apologizing to his mother at the hospital. That he asked you to "take care of her." That isn't normal, Hal.

Hal: If everything were normal, Emily, Will wouldn't be in a psych ward for 30 days of observation.

Emily: No, that isn't -- that isn't what I meant. All I'm saying is Will didn't develop this overprotective attitude toward Barbara all by himself. Kids are taught that sort of thing. They get it drummed into their head, month after month. "You're all mummy has now." "Oh, mommy needs you." "Mommy doesn't know what she'd do if she were ever to lose you."

Hal: You think she brainwashed him.

Emily: She's scared him into thinking that he alone has the power to keep her from falling apart. Barbara's the one who belongs in a padded room. All Will needs is a break, for Pete's sake.

Hal: We've got to accept there's not gonna be a quick solution to this, Emily.

Emily: Barbara is gonna milk it for all it's worth. I know her. Thank God for Dr. Michaels. Because you know what? She's smart. She's a very smart woman, and she sees through people. And she's gonna see through Barbara, and she's gonna take official action.

Hal: Official action?

Emily: Yes! Like saying Barbara is declared unfit. Because it could happen. And if you ask me, the sooner, the better.

Hal: Do you have any idea what that would do to Will? How many times does this kid have to lose his parents?

Emily: Your son will be fine. Look -- don't blame me, all right? This isn't my fault!

Hal: I'm not blaming you, Emily.

Emily: Yes, you are!

Hal: I'm trying to be fair.

Emily: No, you're not! You are lecturing me once again. "Be nice, Emily. Stop making waves, Emily. Barbara's trying, Emily." Which translates -- "keep your opinions to yourself." Well, you know what? Consider it done.

Barbara: Ever since I let Hal take Will out of the hospital when he was released, he has been acting as if he has sole ownership of him. He's been laying down the law with me, rolling over me.

Paul: That doesn't sound like Hal. You know, maybe he's just -- he's just afraid for Will, and he's being overprotective.

Barbara: No, no. Of what? I mean, am I so volatile that I shouldn't be allowed to be near my own son? You should've seen how Will acted after I accidentally found out that Hal had taken him back to his house after he was out of the hospital. He came running down the stairs. He came running into my arms. And Hal could see that. Hal could see how much Will loves me. And he needs me, and he wants me to be with him. And if he's planning on churning up my mistakes to take it out on me so I can't be near my son, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do --

Paul: Mom, stop. Just stop. Relax, okay? Don't do this.

Barbara: Don't do what?

Paul: No one is doing anything -- here. Come here. Just stop talking like this! You know, this is how you got yourself in trouble to begin with. You started plotting against people who hadn't done anything to you.

Barbara: You're right. Oh, my God, you're right. You've gotta save me. You've gotta save me from making the same mistakes so Hal and Emily won't take Will away from me.

Paul: Hal would not do that.

Barbara: Well, Hal might not, but Emily will. That's what I did to her. I took her away from her child. And that's what she wants to do to me. That's what it feels like. Please, please. You've gotta come with me. Please come with me and go see Will and prevent me from making the worst mistake of my life.


Carly: That was some phone call. Did you have raw steak for lunch?

Mike: Is it mine?

Carly: Is what yours? I really don't know what you're talking --

Mike: I know that you're pregnant. I want to know if the baby is mine.

Carly: Well, Mike, in this part of the country, it is customary to say "congratulations" and/or "best wishes." The baby is Jack's. You remember my husband?

Mike: That night we were together, we didn't use any protection.

Carly: You don't have to worry, Mike. Jack and I had perfect timing. The baby's his.

Mike: Sit down.

Carly: No. I should go.

Mike: Just for a minute. All right, now, I was thinking -- that day at the church, after that christening, you were about to tell me something, and Jack and Molly walked in. And then you --

Carly: That was just about the christening and --

Mike: Just hear me out on this, okay? Look -- I still do not regret the night that we were together. All right? Because being with you -- that came out of an impulse that I will never apologize for. It was about a lot more than sex. All right? That was about two old friends who'd been hurt, and we took care of each other. All right, it wasn't about Jack or Molly. It was about us, not being afraid to share some honest emotion. Now, you can be that honest with me right now. If it's true, you have to tell me. We lost a baby together. Don't make me lose another. Is the baby mine?

Carly: Mike -- the baby is Jack's. I -- I don't know how else to tell you.

Mike: Okay.

Carly: You almost -- you almost sound disappointed. How did you hear about it?

Mike: From Jack. It's a long story. When's the due date?

Carly: Well, I think that's something that the father ought to hear first.

Mike: I'm only asking because, if the due date puts the conception date near the night that we made love, Rosanna's gonna have a field day.

Paul: I'm not sure what you're asking me.

Barbara: I'm asking to save me from giving Hal and Emily any more ammunition that they could use against me. If I go by myself, they're gonna be watching me so closely. They will misconstrue every innocent remark that I make. If I -- if I hug Will too long, they'll say that I'm overbearing. If I don't hug him long enough, they'll say that I'm cold and distant.

Paul: No, no one is gonna think that.

Barbara: Not if I have you with me. Then I'm just a loving mother with two sons. Please, Paul. Let them see me in that context, with you supporting me.

Paul: No one's said you're a bad mother.

Barbara: Huh. Wait till Will's been in therapy for a month. They always blame the mother. Now, I know that I've made my mistakes. I freely admit that. But I know that Hal and Emily can't wait to tell Will's psychiatrist all about all of them.

Paul: You know what, mom? We'll cross those bridges when we come to them.

Barbara: We?

Paul: I'm not gonna let anybody keep you away from Will. He needs every single one of us right now.

Hal: Did I ever tell you how much you remind me of your sister sometimes?

Emily: Thank you. You're in my way.

Hal: Good.

Emily: This isn't gonna make me stay, Hal.

Hal: Would you stay if I told you that you were right? You're right, Emily. You're 100% right. Everything that you said. Barbara has been destructive. She has been manipulative. And you're right to get mad when it seems like I'm siding with her. But that's all it is.

Emily: She's an unfit mother, Hal.

Hal: And you can scream it in the privacy of our own home. You can tell it to me in our car on the way to the market, Emily. It can be the first thing that you whisper to me in the morning and the last thing at night. But I will not have it declared in an open court.

Emily: Why not?

Hal: Because I can only solve one problem at a time. I need Will to get better. And I need him to come home. And then I will find a way to deal with Barbara's deficiencies. Look, his life has been in a tailspin too many times. I need to get him back on his feet.

Emily: Then I get to kick her to the curb? Hey, look, you said I could be honest when we're alone. I'm just being honest.

Hal: Thank you.

Emily: And, you know, I still get to think whatever I want about Barbara Ryan.

Hal: Oh, yes, you do.

Emily: I mean, if I want to drive around the block 100 times with the radio blasting in my ears and me screaming my lungs out to get her out of my system, I can.

Hal: You be my guest.

Emily: Huh.

Hal: We okay?

Emily: We're getting there.

Holden: Okay, guys. I'm gonna go grab some lunch. Alison, you wanna join us?

Alison: Thanks, but I should get going.

Holden: Okay. What about you? You want the usual?

Aaron: No, I'll grab something later.

Holden: All right. More for me. See you guys.

Alison: I think I might know how you feel. I mean, I miss Lucy, too. But the real Lucy. I'm so used to the Oakdale three, you know? All of us hanging out, goofing off.

Aaron: Yeah. I miss that, too.

Alison: You guys are the only real friends I have. And now that Lucy doesn't even remember that, it's like -- just a part of us is missing.

Aaron: Yeah. That's it.

Alison: But if I spend one more night cooped up in that hospital or playing catch-up with my schoolwork, I think I'm gonna go out of my mind.

Aaron: Oh, it's not like you have far to go to get there.

Alison: Yeah? Yeah, well -- would it be total sacrilege if we actually did something tonight?

Aaron: Something like what?

Alison: Get a burger? Catch a movie?

Aaron: I don't know.

Alison: It was a question, innocent question. I'm not proposing, you loser. I'm just bored stiff. I mean, aren't you?

Aaron: I guess so.

Alison: And plus, we'll be too busy eating and stuffing our faces with food to talk to each other. Okay?

Aaron: I can talk.

Alison: Okay. So, good. So -- we'll do something.

Aaron: Cool.

Lucy: She's pretty, right? Your friend Rosanna?

Craig: Yes, exceedingly.

Lucy: Kind of strawberry blonde?

Craig: I'm thinking about marrying her.

Lucy: Wow.

Craig: Yeah, I know. It sounds abrupt. But she and I have been through an awful lot.

Lucy: Do you love her?

Craig: I do.

Lucy: She makes you happy?

Craig: She does.

Lucy: Then I think you should marry her.

Craig: What about you?

Lucy: What about me? I'll be going away to college soon. And Fairwinds is enormous, right? Plenty of room to stay out of each other's way, if it comes to that. And if we both love you, why would it?

Craig: You really don't remember, do you?

Lucy: Oh, I get it. You expected me to say something like, "either she goes or I go."

Craig: No, no, no. I expect you to speak your mind, which you did. Thank you.

Lucy: Anytime.

Craig: But -- before I make any final plans, I have to run it by the other women in my life. Katie and Margo. If I'm suffering from any kind of temporary insanity, they'll set me straight.

Lucy: But you love Rosanna, right? Why are you looking for reasons not to marry her? Isn't love the best reason to just do it?

Carly: Am I supposed to go through my entire pregnancy being terrified that Rosanna's going to implode? I am sick to death of my life being ruled by that woman!

Mike: Hey, I believe you when you say that the timing's wrong for this baby to be anyone else's but Jack's. But the second Rosanna finds out about this --

Carly: I know. She'll go into full-blown paranoid hysteria. Watching. Counting.

Mike: She'll probably hire a private eye to stake out your doctor's office.

Carly: I know how to handle Rosanna.

Mike: How's that?

Carly: She'll be godmother.

Mike: You almost look like you're serious about that.

Carly: I -- I am. She's gonna have to know that I wouldn't invite her into this baby's life unless I was 100% sure it's Jack's.

Mike: That's a good point.

Carly: Yeah. I have to go. I've got ten places to be at once.

Mike: Whoa, whoa. Um -- congratulations. I'm very happy for you.

Carly: Thanks, Mike.

Carly: I'll see you -- I'll see you later.

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