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Katie: Guess who's been shopping?

Simon: Yeah, for how many people?

Katie: Just two. I have the best book on how to survive the Australian outback. It was on sale. Can you believe that?

Simon: Listen, Katie, about this trip, we've gotta talk --

Katie: And I found the perfect thing for -- Australia in January. I know, you're speechless.

Simon: Listen, honey, take it back. Just take everything back. Take the whole lot back. The entire trip's been called off.

[Door slams]

Lily: What'cha writing?

Aaron: Well, you know how this whole house is filled with pictures of us doing stuff? You know, like pictures of us brushing the horses and pictures of Emma cooking and stuff like that?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Aaron: Well, it's like everywhere I walk, I'm reminded of what this family means to each other. So I was thinking, maybe if I did the same thing for Lucy --

Lily: Mm, she'd remember what you two meant to each other.

Aaron: Right. I mean, I don't have a lot of photographs of stuff, you know, us being together, but I have a lot of memories. And I keep carrying them around in my head, trying to figure out how to get 'em in hers. So then I thought, "why not make a list?"

Lily: May I? "Meeting me in the barn to study for the GED. Riding on my motorcycle for the first time. Playing baseball with Luke."

Aaron: And I'm gonna go over this a hundred times with her if I have to. Sooner or later, I'm gonna find that thing that brings her memory back.

Lily: You know what, Aaron? This isn't a good idea.

Alison: We didn't fight in st. Louis.

Lucy: But I have such a clear memory of it. You were saying something like, "you -- it's all about you," and you had such an angry look on your face.

Alison: Then you remember wrong.

Lucy: No, Alison! You were yelling at me the same way you were just yelling at that patient. Why were you yelling at me?

Alison: Oh. Oh, I know what you're talking about. It was dumb. It was nothing. I was just mad at you because you stole my lipstick. That's all.

Lucy: I steal stuff?

Alison: Believe me, you're not always perfect. Fine, fine, you just borrowed it, but only because there was a bunch of gorgeous college guys around. But it's over -- forgiven and forgotten.

Lucy: Why didn't I just ask you to lend it to me? Would you have said no?

Alison: Of course not.

Lucy: Then I don't know why I did it. It's weird. I'm sorry.

Alison: No, don't apologize. It's forgotten, totally forgotten. Just know that no matter how many fights we're in, we're still best friends. Remember?

Sierra: I'm sorry, Craig. I know that your ego would love to believe that I am jealous of whatever it is that you've got going on with Rosanna, but I can't oblige you. Because the truth is, I don't give a damn about you and your bimbo du jour.

Craig: Then why were you eavesdropping outside her door?

Sierra: I needed to speak with you, and I was just waiting for the appropriate time to interrupt.

Craig: You never could lie, Sierra.

Sierra: Excuse me?

Craig: You're angry about what's happening between me and Rosanna. That's why you want to take Lucy back to Montega.

Sierra: To punish you? Craig, this isn't about you. This is about our daughter, and making sure that she has a safe place where she will be allowed to heal in peace.

Craig: It doesn't matter how safe it is if she doesn't want to be there, and she doesn't want to be there! All right? Now, if you're taking Lucy back to Montega just to get back at me --

Sierra: There is something that you need to understand -- I am not jealous. I have never been jealous of your flirtations, and that's all Rosanna is.

Craig: If that were true, why are you so angry?

Rosanna: Craig?

Mike: How you doing?

Rosanna: Well, that depends. If you've come here as Carly's emissary, I've suddenly taken a turn for the worse and can't have visitors.

Mike: And if I came by just because I wanted to see you?

Rosanna: Then I'm okay. And you can stay.

Jack: You've got something, don't you?

Margo: Yeah. A child was stolen from a hospital in Arizona.

Carly: When?

Margo: September. A couple by the name of Chronister. They brought their 7-day-old son into the emergency room. Apparently, the father and the son both had hives, so the E.R. doctor took blood from both of them to run allergy tests, and when he turned his back, someone stole Mr. Chronister's infant son.

Margo: Well, it couldn't have been J. J., because J. J. doesn't have any allergies. Does he, John?

Margo: It gets worse. Some of the hospital staff noticed a woman leaving the hospital with a child. She was described as tall, thin, with dark hair.

Jack: Julia. Julia stole the baby.

Rosanna: Oh! Those are my favorite candy!

Mike: That's right. Forget Swiss chocolates. All you ever wanted was caramel chews and Mary Janes.

Rosanna: Mary Janes! Okay, the word is out -- I'm a cheap date.

[Rosanna laughs] oh -- oh, I haven't looked at these since I wanted to grow up and be Betty. Turns out I'm a blonde Veronica.

[Rosanna laughs] playing cards. I used to kick your butt at gin rummy.

Mike: Gin rummy, that's right. All right, now, am I totally insane, or did you used to wear ribbons in your hair once in awhile?

Rosanna: I can't believe you. Here I am, feeling all old and used up, and -- you make me feel like a teenager.

Mike: Yeah, well, that's what I was going for.

Rosanna: How did you know I was here?

Mike: I'm the foreman of the Burn unit, you know. When you entered the hospital, tongues started wagging, so --

Rosanna: Did they wag about why I was here?

Mike: No, but you are on the gynecology floor, and you did have surgery. I just hope it's nothing too serious.

Rosanna: What it is, is personal.

Mike: Something you and I haven't been with each other for a long time.

Rosanna: What's the real reason you're here, Mike?

Mike: I thought you might be lonely.

Rosanna: Lonely, or defenseless? After all, I can't run away if you start berating me about all the things Molly accuses me of, or if you're here to stand up for Carly.

Mike: You know what? I almost didn't come here. 'Cause I was hearing these voices inside my head, and they were telling me that's exactly why you'd think I was here. But I told those voices to shut up. What are you gonna tell yours?

Rosanna: I'll deal.

Mike: All right.

Lucy: I wish I could remember more than just one stupid fight. I wish I could remember the good times between us, but -- if we're best friends, I will, right?

Alison: Totally.

Dr. Engler: Alison, I need a hand with one of the other patients.

Alison: Right. Well, I'll see you soon -- pal.

Dr. Engler: You gonna be all right here alone for a few minutes?

Lucy: Yeah, I'll just -- practice my wheelies.

Lucy: Who are you?

Lucy: Aaron, it's not forever. Just until I learn to walk again.

[Lucy sobbing]

Dr. Engler: Lucy? What's wrong?

Alison: Did you remember something?

Dr. Engler: Run up to her room and get her parents. Now! Go!

[Lucy sobbing]

Sierra: Your infatuation with Rosanna means nothing to me.

Craig: So you keep telling me -- telling me --

Sierra: I care about Lucy, period. And I believe that she has a better chance at recovering if she is home with me. And if you weren't so selfish, you would know that.

Craig: If I weren't so selfish? Our daughter and her doctors have told you that this is where she needs to be, and you're not listening to this!

Sierra: Because I know as soon as she leaves this hospital, her physical therapy sessions are gonna be squeezed in between your late-night dinners with Rosanna and some business you're trying to get off the ground. And you know something? That is not good enough! None of this is good enough.

Craig: I can't let you take her.

Sierra: She's my daughter, too, and you've had her for a year --

Craig: It's not enough!

Sierra: Not enough! She can't walk, her memory is gone -- how much does she have to suffer before it's enough?

Craig: I thought you weren't gonna get caught up in blaming me for Lucy's accident.

Sierra: Then why don't you tell me that it's not your fault? Go ahead. Look me in the eye and tell me.

Craig: No, I won't. Because I can't. She ran off. I couldn't protect her. Couldn't find her soon enough. Couldn't stop Hal and see the trolley. That's why I can't let you take her. Because I'm the reason she's broken. That's why I have to be the one to fix her.

Sierra: You know, whenever I see her in that wheelchair, I cannot believe that I ever allowed you to convince me to let her stay here in the first place.

Craig: Sierra, I need her.

Sierra: I need her, too. I needed both my children. But Bryant died in your care, and now we don't know when Lucy's gonna be able to walk again. And now you want her to stay here as your -- you want to be her sole protector?

Craig: Well, you stay. You stay, too.

Sierra: I can't. I have responsibilities and people who need me. Why don't you come back to Montega?

Alison: Lucy's having a meltdown in the physical therapy room.

Sierra: What, is she hurt?

Alison: No, no, no, but she can't stop crying. The doctor wants you.

Craig: I'll be right there, Sierra. No, no, come here. Now, if Lucy's having a meltdown, what do you have to do with it?

Carly: So we have some time with J. J. before the results come back?

Margo: I'm sorry, no. The Chronisters don't want to wait.

Carly: We can't just give J. J. to people unless we're certain that they're his parents.

John: There are other ways.

Margo: The chronisters have a court order requesting J. J.'s foot and fingerprints can be checked against the prints on file, of their child. And then an expert will compare the two sets.

John: We can do that right now, Jack, if you're ready.

Jack: How do I get ready to lose my son, John?

Margo: But, Jack --

Jack: Do it.

John: Okay. Okay, J. J. You'll be good. You'll be good.

Simon: Look, I'm sorry, honey, about before. I shouldn't have snapped. It was out of line.

Katie: What's with these Australian phone numbers? Did you talk to someone? Is that why we're not going?

Simon: Listen, it's just I've done some things I really didn't want you to find out. That's all.

Katie: Oh, come on, honey. I love you. All of you. I thought we'd been through that before.

Simon: Listen, isn't it enough that I was once accused of killing my wife?

Katie: But you weren't guilty.

Simon: Yeah, well, I'm guilty this time.

Katie: Talk to me, please. You know you can.

Simon: All right, when I was about 18, some buddies and I were running a scam. I was a decoy. Little bit of fun, you know? Something to do. But then things went wrong -- a cop spotted what was going on. He came over. I panicked, and I shoved him.

Katie: You assaulted a Police officer?

Simon: I didn't assault -- I barely touched him, and -- yeah, I guess I assaulted him. He seems to think so.

Katie: So you have a record?

Simon: No, I don't. I never paid for what I did. I took off, Katie. Got the hell out of there. The cop gave up, and I thought that was it. I'd gotten away with it, end of story. But my mate, Mack, says that there's a warrant out for my arrest.

Katie: What? That was so long ago, and no one got hurt. Don't they have a statute of limitations in Australia?

Simon: It doesn't matter, because the cop that I shoved is now a judge -- the Honorable Lawrence P. Carruthers. Mack says his nickname is "Lock 'em up Larry."

Katie: So he's just out to get you.

Simon: Yep. So if I ever set foot on Australian soil again, the only place I'm gonna visit is the inside of a jail cell.

Alison: You think I upset Lucy? That's real nice, considering I'm practically her personal cheerleader.

Craig: If you didn't cause Lucy's meltdown, who did?

Alison: No one. I think she's just freaked out about being in a wheelchair. Mr. Montgomery -- are you going to let Aaron keep seeing Lucy?

Craig: Why wouldn't I?

Alison: Well, you looked kind of upset after you found out they -- you know.

Craig: They what? Made love, according to you?

Alison: What, you think I made it up?

Craig: Well, I think you have a very good reason to.

Alison: What? What makes you think I would do something like that?

Craig: You're hoping I'd send Lucy back to Montega to keep her away from Aaron.

Alison: All I'm trying to do is look out for her. She's my friend.

Craig: I think you want her little boyfriend -- bad. Hmm? Now, if I find out that that mongrel slept with my underage child, I will throw him back to the dogs. But if he didn't and you made this up just so that I would send Lucy back to Montega, I'll be very, very angry with you.

Sierra: It's not gonna be as hard as it was today. You're just getting started.

Lucy: I hate this chair, Mom. I hate being in the hospital! I just want to go home!

Dr. Engler: Well, then, you'll be happy to know that Dr. Harris is already setting things up with a physical therapist and a neurologist in Montega. I'll be right back.

Lucy: Montega? Haven't you listened to a word I've said?

Sierra: I have. Your father thinks I haven't, but I have. I've heard you say how hard it is that you're unable to walk and how embarrassed you are that you have to use this wheelchair. I've heard you say that you don't want anybody to see you like this and that you want to recover in private. But, you know what, sweetheart? Hiding out is the worst thing you can do. That's why I don't want to leave you in Oakdale. Your world is smaller here -- you have fewer friends, that hotel suite. In Montega, you are surrounded by people who have known you since you were born. They're rooting for you. They love you. And your friends are driving now. They're gonna take you to the beach and --

Lucy: I told you, Mom, I don't know them anymore. I don't want to be surrounded by people who remember me running and windsurfing and riding horses. I don't want to be pitied by girls I used to beat in track meets. Please, Mom. Let me stay in Oakdale.

Sierra: How can I do that? How do I leave you here when you are so hurt and you have so much to overcome?

Lucy: I don't know.

Sierra: Well, some things are too hard -- even for me.

Lucy: Mom -- you can do anything. I mean, right after my accident, I kept drifting in and out of this dream, where you're charging through jungles, fighting guerrillas, standing up to dad. And somehow, in the middle of all these battles, you turned to me and said, "you are my daughter." I am your daughter. This is my battle, Mom. Let me fight it my way.

Sierra: I'm scared to leave you.

Lucy: I'm scared to be left. But I have to do this.

Sierra: Lucy -- I love you. And I am so proud of you. And if you feel in your heart that you'll recover quicker if you stay with your dad, I won't make you come home.

Lucy: Thank you.

Sierra: But you have to promise me that you are not gonna curl up into a little ball and hide.

Lucy: I promise.

Sierra: That you will continue with your recovery and that you will remember that you are a vibrant, wonderful girl. And you will not let this wheelchair stand in your way of doing all the things that you love -- like going out for pizza with Aaron all those kinds of things. What? What is it?

Lucy: No Aaron. I can't see him right now. Daddy's gonna have to keep him away.

Craig: No, sweetness. You're gonna do that for me.

Lily: Look, it's great that you want to help Lucy, but there are other ways to help her. Less direct ways.

Aaron: Like -- ?

Lily: Like -- spending time with her. You know, if someone asked me the best thing I love about Holden, I wouldn't talk about the things we've done together.

Aaron: What would you talk about?

Lily: His smile. His eyes. The way he talks to the children. The way he listens to me. You know, instead of trying to make Lucy remember the past, just show up. Be part of the present. She'll figure it out.

Aaron: And you think that'll work? Like, you know, like, she'll gradually --

Lily: Fall in love with you again? I'll tell you, Snyder boys are very hard to resist.

Aaron: Yeah?

Lily: Yeah. So go. Go on. Go and be with her.

Jack: So, if the test comes back a match, how long do we have with J. J., a couple days?

Margo: Oh -- no. More like a couple of hours. The Chronisters have made plans to come to Oakdale, just in case. I'm sorry, Jack. I hate this.

Jack: I know.

John: Julia wanted to hurt you, Jack. Obviously, she did. Good thing she didn't the boy.

Jack: Thank God for that.

John: He'll never know how lucky he was to be dropped at your doorstep. But your friends and neighbors know that. You did well by the boy. I can't think of anyone who would've done better.

Jack: Thanks, John.

Carly: Maybe J .J. wasn't stolen. Maybe the blood tests were wrong, and he belongs to Julia and some other man. Maybe -- maybe if everything goes right, we can keep him, Jack. But please -- what we cannot do is give up hope.

Rosanna: Gin.

Mike: Again. What are you doing? Are you dealing from the bottom of the deck?

Rosanna: You know what, Mike? When you're nice, nobody's nicer. Thank you very much.

Mike: You're welcome. I know. Look at us. We're actually having a civil conversation.

Rosanna: Yes, I should have parts removed more often. Just so I don't hate myself in the morning -- why are you being so nice to me?

Mike: 'Cause my mama raised me right.

Rosanna: Oh.

Mike: Seriously? 'Cause, a long time ago, you and I used to mean a lot to each other. That's gotta count for something, right?

Rosanna: And when I leave here and I'm no longer sick, or weak -- what then?

Mike: Then we try to keep this good thing going. All right? Even with all the not-so-good stuff that's been going down between us, it'd be really nice if we could smile when we see each other.

Rosanna: Well, I'd like that.

Mike: It's a deal. This Craig Montgomery -- he's treating you right?

Rosanna: It's not like -- it's not like we were. But he's -- he's really great.

Mike: All right, then.

Molly: Rosan -- oh, my -- it's not enough for you to steal my memories, but you have to steal my man, too?

Sierra: This is why I'm being so reluctant to leave you in Oakdale. Getting your father to keep Aaron from seeing you isn't gonna help anyone, especially you. Lucy, you have been injured. That doesn't mean that you get people to start running interference for you.

Lucy: I'm just trying not to do more than I can handle. This is hard enough by itself.

Sierra: But I think it will get harder if you start giving up the things and people that you love.

Lucy: What if the people you love give up on you?

Sierra: Do you really think that that's gonna happen? Do you honestly think that Aaron would walk away from you?

Lucy: It'd be better than him sticking around because he feels sorry for me. I mean, I don't want his pity, Mom.

Sierra: Lucy -- all right. I will tell your father that you don't want to see Aaron right now. And I will figure out some way to break the news to Aaron.

Aaron: Lucy?

Craig: Aaron. She's down in physical therapy. But just for a few minutes, though. Why don't we hang out for a little while? We can catch up. Huh?

Aaron: Well --

Craig: Then you can go see her later.

Aaron: What -- what do you want to catch up on?

Craig: Oh, it's just that I really never got to know you, Aaron, and things happened so fast. I judged you harshly, and then -- bam. My little girl runs off with a guy I hardly know. It's just -- I've lost so many chances with her, maybe you can help me fill in the -- the empty spaces.

Aaron: What -- what do you want to know?

Craig: Well -- more about the big adventure. Lucy was out on the road with you for so long. And there's so little I know, and she can't tell me, so -- maybe you can tell me.

Aaron: All right. Well, when we left Mrs. Walsh's house, we drove all night. And when we got to Webster University, we were kind of wiped out.

Craig: Yeah. But how did you survive? I mean, even a cheap, sleazy motel costs something.

Aaron: We only stayed in motels a couple nights. And mostly we'd crash in other places.

Craig: Like?

Aaron: Like in a boxcar, one night.

Craig: Oh, yeah, yeah, I heard about that. I mean, it got cold some nights. Didn't you ever sleep in the car for heat?

Aaron: Well, it wasn't usually that bad. I mean, we crashed at a dorm, fraternity house. We even -- other -- a lot of places. A lot of places.

Craig: Yeah. And I guess there's cabins or -- a barn, maybe?

Aaron: Yeah, that's right. We did stay in a barn one night.

Craig: So, you and Lucy slept in a barn. Just once?

Aaron: Yeah. Yeah, just once. I think it was Tennessee.

Craig: Yeah. Well, it doesn't really matter where it is.

Aaron: No, it doesn't matter. Mr. Montgomery, thank you very much for letting me see your daughter. A lot of dads wouldn't be this cool.

Craig: Well, if it makes my little girl happy. Why don't you go down and see her? She's probably done by now.

Aaron: Okay. Aren't you coming?

Craig: Ah, no, I don't think she's gonna want to see her old man with you around. You go ahead. I'll be down later.

Aaron: Thanks a lot, Mr. Montgomery. You know, Lucy's right -- you really are full of surprises.

[Craig chuckles]

Craig: Yeah. Yeah, I guess I am. And I've got one that's about to go off in your face.

Katie: Simon, this trip could be incredibly important to you.

Simon: Yeah, maybe, but it's not worth going to some rundown sheep farm to find out.

Katie: But when you're at that farm again, you're gonna remember when you were that sweet little boy.

Simon: No, I'm not. Just forget --

Katie: Honey, it's gonna be good for you. You need this. You need to get that perspective. Yeah, you were on the wrong road for a while. You were a crook for a while. But before that, you were a sweet, innocent little boy, much like you are right now, except for -- shorter.

Simon: Listen, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but trust me -- some things are just not worth going back for.

Katie: But it's your home.

Simon: You are my home. What are you doing with a guy like me?

Katie: Having the time of my life. Tom!

Simon: No.

Katie: He can do this. He can clear this all up!

Simon: No. No, you're not calling Tom. I'm not going back to Australia, okay? I'm not gonna risk losing you, not even for -- a day.

Rosanna: I don't know what you're talking about, Molly. I haven't taken anything of yours. And by the way, I am not up for this.

Molly: Don't you have to go to planet megatool and pick up a bucket of bolts or something? What are you smiling at?

Mike: You. I've just never seen Molly the overjealous lover before. It's kind of cute.

Molly: Don't you even tell me that I'm cute. I just caught you kissing --

Rosanna: The enemy?

Molly: -- Another woman! You know, I ought to take those overactive lips of yours and tie 'em in a knot!

Mike: Ooh, the only thing that's overactive is your imagination. All right, I heard Rosanna was in the hospital. I thought it might be a good time to bury the hatchet. That's all.

Molly: Oh, well, give it to me so I can bury it -- in her big, fat head.

Rosanna: You know, this is a hospital, and I am recovering. So why don't you take your trailer park behavior where it will be appreciated, Molly dear?

Molly: I need an answer first, Rosanna. Why'd you do it? Why did you have to buy the apartment that I shared with Jake?

Jack: This couple from Arizona -- I hope they're good people. I hope they love J. J. as much as I do. That they love each other. But above all, I hope J. J.'s their son, because I can't handle what happens if he's not.

Carly: We already agreed, Jack. If he's not theirs, we will keep him. We will raise him, and we will love him --

jack: That's a fantasy, Carly. If J. J.'s not the Chronisters' son, someone out there is still missing a baby. It's not like I can stop looking -- and looking. That could take weeks, Carly. More time that ends with me having to say good-bye to him.

Carly: Unless we can't find anybody. Then we can adopt him.

Jack: Oh, yeah, and always know that when he's 2 or 7 or 10, someone could come to our doorstep and say, "you have my son"? How the hell am I supposed to give him up then when I can't fathom it now?

Carly: I hate that this is happening, Jack. I don't want you to have to say good-bye to J. J. I don't want you to lose your boy. I don't want you hurt, Jack.

Jack: I know that. But there's nothing you can do. This is gonna hurt like hell. But I'll survive -- because I still have you.

Simon: I still can't believe that you were ready to leave your family and friends so that I could go home. You're amazing. If nothing else has come out of this trip, I realize once again what a lucky man I am. If it's at all possible, I think I love you even more.

Katie: I love you, too.

Simon: Now, can we just let it go, please? Just forget about the entire thing? I have.

Katie: Absolutely. Actually, I think I'm gonna start taking some of these things back.

Simon: Yeah, all except for this little number here. I think I'd like to wrestle crocodile Katie for a little bit.

Katie: Ooh.

Simon: She looks like fun.

Katie: Yeah, she is fun, Simon. Best part about it is she doesn't take "no" for an answer. Tom? Hi, it's Katie. Yeah, listen, um -- Simon's having some legal problems, and I was just hoping you could help make them go away.

Molly: Did Rosanna happen to mention that to you, Mike? While you were busy burying the hatchet, did she tell you that she bought my penthouse?

Rosanna: I didn't think it was headline news. I make a lot of real estate investments.

Mike: Are you planning on living in Molly's apartment?

Molly: Yeah, you remember that interested buyer that was willing to spend more money than the asking price so that she could move in very quickly? Well, look who's sporting the big smile.

Mike: What's happened to you, Rosanna? When did you start stooping so low?

Sierra: Oh, honey, are you all right?

Lucy: Just embarrassed.

Dr. Engler: No need to be. Your mom and I are the only ones who saw. We'll never tell.

Craig: Don't tell me you're here to see Rosanna?

Carly: Hmm?

Craig: Rosanna.

Carly: Oh. Did she have her surgery? Is everything all right? How's J. J.?

Jack: He's fine. Didn't hurt a bit.

Craig: Is this little Jack?

Carly: Craig --

Craig: Hey. Well, let's see the guy. You look a lot saner than your wacky mom. But, Jack, what's with the hair? I'd think with you and Julia as parents, he'd have darker hair. He looks like one of my kids.

Jack: Maybe he is.

Craig: Huh?

Jack: He's probably not Julia's or mine. We just found out he was stolen from his parents.

Craig: Oh. Oh, I'm sorry, Jack. I was just saying hello. I had no idea.

Jack: Yeah, neither did we. Listen, if you two need to talk shop, that's fine with me. I need to head home.

Carly: Jack -- if you'd like me to take the baby -- if you'd like to be alone --

Jack: No, I -- want to spend every minute with him that I can.

Carly: I should go.

Craig: No, no, no, no. That you can't fix. You're better off concentrating on a problem you can do something about.

Carly: What are you talking about?

Craig: If Rosanna invokes the Carly clause, Jack is probably going to find out that you enjoyed a special night with me.

Carly: Which, of course, I didn't do.

Craig: Well, I may not have been the chosen one, but you had an affair. And Jack is probably going to find out. I don't think he's gonna care who it was. Do you?

Carly: What is your point?

Craig: We can probably still save our company and our jobs, and maybe even your marriage. But it is gonna cost you. And it's gonna cost you big.

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