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Emily: How's Will?

Hal: Face down in his bed, sobbing his guts out. He's never gonna trust me again, Emily, and I don't blame him. I promised him he could come home, that I would take care of him, that I'd look out for him. And now I've gotta send him out to a psych ward? This is because of me. Any other kid with a clean record, they're horsing around, they start a fire -- family counseling, max. They're doing this to him because of me. The father does time in the monkey box, the son's gotta be crazy, too.

Emily: But he isn't crazy. And neither were you, for that matter. Okay, so Steinbeck messed with your mind for a month or two, but it's -- it's different. It's not bad blood or bad parenting. It's just bad luck.

Hal: I let Will down.

Emily: Just stop. Let's look at it this way, okay? He had a tough year. Barbara was injured. So were you. So was he. And he got bounced around a lot. And, okay, it wasn't the best thing for him. But you know what? He's got a ton of people who love him and care about him, and he's gonna get through this. We're all gonna get through this.

Emily: I don't want you worrying about me and Hal, okay? We'll be fine. And no matter what happens, mom and I are always going to stand behind you.

Alison: You better mean it, Emily.

Bob: After Dr. Harris performed the craniotomy, he removed the bullet intact. I'd say that things are going about as well as can be expected.

Oliver: So when can we see him?

Bob: Well, when he's brought to the ICU, he can have visitors.

Jessica: Is it too soon for a prognosis, Bob?

Bob: Well, that's a question for the surgeon.

Rosanna: What do you think?

Emma: Oh.

Rosanna: This should put the color back in John Dixon's cheeks.

Emma: Trust me, his cheeks are pretty rosy all ready. Well, look, I'll tell you what -- I'll pack these for now. And then later, I'll pick you up something a little more restrained.

Rosanna: Oh, please, you don't have time for that. You need to take care of Lily and the baby.

Emma: Don't ruin my fun. I can barely remember how long it's been since I've shopped in one of those fancy lingerie places.

Rosanna: What did you buy?

Emma: It was red silk. I didn't have it on very long.

[Laughter] Anyway -- you know, my most favorite thing to sleep in in all the world is one of my husband's old shirts. Why don't you bring one of Craig's shirts with you to the hospital? It could be a great comfort.

Rosanna: I didn't do it, Emma. I didn't tell him.

Emma: Oh, God Lord, Rosanna.

Rosanna: I wanted to, I did. But I just -- well, I couldn't. It's turned out to be unnecessary.

Carly: You did what?!

Craig: Would you please keep your voice down?

Carly: You told Rosanna that you and I -- that, the night before my wedding, I was with you?

Craig: Well, we've been there before. It is conceivable.

Carly: Please don't talk to me about what's conceivable. I'm in enough trouble. So now I slept with you? What possessed you, Craig? How could it possibly be a good idea to tell my sister that I slept with her boyfriend? Could you explain this to me, please?

Craig: You came to me, sweetheart.

Carly: I am not your sweetheart -- clearly something you're having trouble accepting.

Craig: Did you or did you not ask me to keep your secret and keep Rosanna away from Jack at all costs?

Carly: This is what it cost?

Craig: Rosanna went straight to the police station. She would have told him the minute she saw him. What am I supposed to do?

Carly: I don't know, Craig. Ask her out to lunch? Fake a heart attack? Propose to her? I don't know. You're a creative man. You couldn't come up with any other way to distract her?

Craig: So -- so I hit a wall.

Carly: With your ego!

Jack: I can't believe you're telling me that J .J. may not be mine. That, under the circumstances, I'm recommending you take another paternity test.

Nurse: Here's daddy. He was such a good boy. Just make sure he drinks plenty of liquids to prevent dehydration.

Jack: Okay. Thanks.

John: Nurse, would you get me another DNA test kit?

Jack: No. No, no tests. J. J.'s my son. And nobody's gonna tell me different.

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Alison: You're back.

Emily: Alison? Hey, come on in.

Alison: No, thanks. You guys look busy.

Hal: You don't have to run, Alison.

Emily: It's okay. He's not angry.

Alison: Yeah, tell that to my wrists.

Emily: Would you just come in? We want to talk to you. Come in.

Hal: How's Lucy?

Alison: Like you care?

Hal: As a matter of fact, I do care, Alison. How is she?

Alison: She's not good. She can't move her legs. She only has half of her memory back. She's a mess.

Hal: I'm really sorry to hear that.

Alison: Please.

Hal: I mean it, Alison. I was wrong chasing you guys across the country, which means I'm partly at fault for what happened.

Alison: Did you apologize to Aaron?

Hal: Not in so many words, no.

Alison: Well, he didn't do it.

Hal: I know that now.

Alison: Does that mean you're not gonna press charges for me breaking him out of jail?

Hal: And stealing my keys?

Alison: No, I didn't steal 'em. I just borrowed them.

Hal: I will talk to the acting D.A. Since I'm not interested in pressing charges, I'm sure that she will let it slide.

Alison: Does that mean I'm free?

Hal: Free? Alison, you're one of the most expensive kids I ever met. I'm gonna go check on Will.

Alison: Will? He's here?

Emily: Yeah, he's upstairs. But he's not -- he's not feeling so well.

Alison: What? I thought he was better now.

Emily: Well, he's made a lot of progress. Hal took him to a couple of specialists and got him some physical therapy. But since it appears he started that fire --

Alison: It was an accident.

Emily: Well, unfortunately, the court doesn't see it that way. So they're insisting that he be checked into Memorial's Psych ward for a complete evaluation.

Alison: What? No! You can't do that!

Hal: We don't have any choice.

Alison: Fine. Then I'll stop them, if you won't. Nobody's putting Will in a psych ward while I'm around.

Ben: It's really too soon to tell if the bullet did any lasting damage. But your son is a fighter, Mr. Travers. And I'm sure that will help him through what may be a rather difficult recovery.

Oliver: Well, my son and I owe you a great deal, Dr. Harris.

Bob: We're ready for him right in here.

Oliver: That's the way he slept when he was a little boy. Face of an angel.

Jessica: Yes.

Oliver: Are you sure it's over between you and my son?

Ben: Marshall's awake now. He can have one visitor at a time.

Jessica: Oh, no, you go. I'll see him later. Ben -- can we talk for a minute? Please?

John: You don't have to worry about hurting your child, Jack. It'll be just like the last time. We take a swab from his mouth --

Jack: And they'll take a tube of blood from me, and they'll send it down to the lab. And you know what will happen, John? It'll come back a match.

John: Well, then it wouldn't hurt to do it again.

Jack: Yeah, based on what? Something you wouldn't have even noticed if I hadn't brought him in with a high fever? Based on your theory of this scoliosis? Who's to say that Julia doesn't have an aunt somewhere with a bad back, or me? If it's so hard to detect, maybe no one detected it.

John: Kristen, I'll call you if we need you. Okay? All right, listen -- we both know what Julia is capable of.

Jack: Yes. Well, she can't change my DNA, John. I was here. The nurse stuck my arm. She put the tube in the tray.

John: Julia is a trained nurse. Suppose she switches samples. Suppose she --

Jack: I'm gonna make this really easy for you. No tests. J. J.'s mine. Now I'm gonna take my son home.

Emma: Rosanna, what happened? I mean, you told me earlier that the two of you were getting closer and that -- that you trusted him enough to tell him about this hysterectomy.

Rosanna: Well, trusting him turned out to be an error in judgment on my part. Suffice it to say, Craig turned out to be the disappointment everybody said that he would be.

Emma: Rosanna --

Rosanna: If you don't mind, Emma, I would very much appreciate it if we could not talk about it.

Emma: Yes, I -- I can see that. Rosanna, I'm so sorry. Well, now, I want you to know that I am here for you in any way I can be, okay?

Rosanna: Okay. Thank you. It's a really great comfort to know that. Can you do me a favor? If Craig drops by the house perhaps to see Lily or whatever reason, could you tell him that I'm on a business trip and out of town or something? I just feel like I could be a little vulnerable after the surgery. And I don't think I could quite handle getting into a big fight with Craig, you know?

Emma: Okay. Now, look, I am going to drive you to the hospital.

Rosanna: No, no.

Emma: I'll get you settled in.

Rosanna: No, no, no, I'm fine. I'm really fine. I'm not sick. I have a car. Someone's going to drive me there. I'm all taken care of. Besides, going to the hospital and checking in is just a lot paperwork. It's a big bore.

Emma: No, it's not. I am going to drive.

Rosanna: No, no. Lily needs you. She has the new baby. And, besides, you have to buy me something to wear at the hospital. Nothing flannel, though. You have to promise me that.

Emma: Well -- okay. I'm gonna keep my cell phone on.

Rosanna: Okay.

Emma: I'll be by later. Now, you call me, meanwhile, if you need to talk. You promise?

Rosanna: Absolutely.

Emma: Okay. All right. See you in a bit.

Rosanna: Okay.

Emma: Call me. Promise?

Rosanna: I promise. Don't worry.

Carly: I say, "no, I won't sleep with you. It's over. I'm marrying Jack." So what do you do? You fix it so that I have to pretend I slept with you!

Craig: You think I wanted this? You think I wanted Rosanna to --

Carly: Yes!

Craig: You weren't at the police station. She was possessed. The only way to throw her off was to toss her something hotter than what she already had. And believe me, lunch at the Lakeview wasn't gonna cut it.

Carly: Did she believe you?

Craig: Yeah.

Carly: Are you sure?

Craig: She invoked the Carly clause.

Carly: Monte Carlo?

Craig: Yeah. It's probably something like Cabot Motor ware or something.

Carly: I've lost my business, my designs. And when Jack hears that you and I -- what is it exactly that we did? We went swinging from the rafters over the sewing machines? My marriage will be over. Thanks, Craig. You're a big help.

Alison: It was an accident, and Will's the one that got hurt. How could anybody even think about punishing him more after that? Can't he just go through counseling or something?

Emily: Will needs to face up to what he's done. I just wish I could be there with him when he does. And we're gonna -- we're gonna fight for that, sweetie.

Hal: Meantime, he's locked up with the saddest bunch of people I ever met. After I promised him a happy ending. He needs a home, Emily. He needs me. I let him down.

Will: It's okay, dad. I'll go to the hospital if I have to.

Alison: I'm so sorry, Will.

Jessica: I know you're exhausted, but this will just take a minute.

Bonnie: Ah, mom -- would you like some tea? How about you, Ben?

Jessica: Sure, sweetheart. Thank you.

Ben: Nothing for me.

Bonnie: Okay.

Jessica: I just wanted to thank you. I know how difficult it would be to separate the case from the person. I certainly have had clients that I didn't admire. And given our situation --

Ben: Look, the surgery is over. It went well. Travers is alive. I'd rather not belabor the point.

Jessica: Right. I -- I just wanted you to know that I respect --

Ben: Don't. Don't -- you respect me? I respect you. But that's not what I want from you. You know that. And I know that you're really not ready to give me anything more. So let's not stand here and lie to each other.

Craig: You know something? Your selfishness is breathtaking.

Carly: My selfishness?

Craig: Yes. You are not the only one who took a hit here, Carly. I had an awful lot riding on Monte Carlo. And I was rather fond of your sister.

Carly: Oh, please.

Craig: Yes, I like your sister, all right?

Carly: So, you like my sister.

Craig: Yes. And I shouldn't have hurt her like that, especially not for you. But there you were in trouble. And once again I come riding to the rescue.

Carly: Rescue? I'm out of a job, thanks to you. And once Rosanna goes to Jack with this little fantasy of yours about the two of us doing whatever you said we did --

Craig: She's not going to Jack.

Carly: Says who?

Craig: You really don't know the first thing about your sister, do you?

Carly: I know enough to know I can't trust her. I know she's out to wreck my marriage.

Craig: No, your marriage is safe, thanks to me. And I'm out in the cold, thanks to you.

Carly: You really don't think she'll go to Jack? Thank you.

Craig: Don't mention it.

Carly: I'm -- I'm sure that you can find some way to convince her to give the company back.

Craig: Believe it or not, that is not first on my list.

Carly: You really do like her?

Craig: Well, it's nice to spend some time with a woman who respects me -- or was.

Carly: She'll come around.

Craig: No, she won't. That's one of the reasons I respect her.

Carly: Oh, come on, Craig. The two of you have been licking each other's wounds, among other things. This is not a relationship that's based on respect. Besides which, this is Rosanna we're talking about. The woman cannot let go of anything. She's not gonna let you get away.

Craig: Unlike you, who lets everyone get away? Huh? Because you're incapable of being truly intimate. And that is the truth, my friend. I step aside so you can marry the man of your dreams, and you sleep with Mike Kasnoff. And now what? What is next? You're always hiding behind a dream or a lie or something. You know, you never give yourself completely. Unlike your sister, who is one of the most open and vulnerable and loving women I've ever met.

Carly: I think I'm gonna be sick.

Craig: Thank you.

Carly: So you really want her back? Well, I know the guaranteed, sure-fire, foolproof way to get her back. Plant yourself in her hospital room and do not leave until she crumbles under all the attention.

Craig: Her hospital room? What are you talking about?

Carly: She didn't tell you that she needed surgery? So much for honesty.

Craig: What are you talking about?

Carly: She needs a hysterectomy. And she's a little -- she's a little twisted about it. She's afraid that she won't feel like a real woman anymore. She forgot to have a kid. Now she can't. She's afraid that you won't want her.

Craig: And I just told her I slept with you?

Carly: It's not my fault.

John: Just under 100, Jack. I want you to keep your eye on him. With an ear infection, that's gonna happen. The temperature's gonna bounce up and down and up and down. If that happens, you give him the meds as indicated on the bottle. He'll be fine in the morning.

Jack: And if he isn't?

John: Well, bring him back in here. Have you thought any more about this paternity test?

Jack: Why are you pushing that, John? Is it because of what happened with you and Parker?

John: Okay, Jack, you may not want to take the blood test --

Jack: No. No blood test.

John: Will you let me nose around in the medical histories a little bit more? I may find some evidence of infantile scoliosis. I can check your records. And I'll double-check Julia's --

Jack: Look, we came in here because J. J. was spiking a fever. And now, all of a sudden, you're talking about scoliosis and another paternity test? First things first. Let's take care of the ear infection, and then we'll see.

Carly: John, you want to do another paternity test?

Jack: Oh, that's just great. Thanks a lot, John. That's the cherry on my day. The good doctor will fill you in.

Carly: Jack! Wait, honey --

John: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. It's a very difficult thing to hear.

Carly: You think J. J. isn't Jack's?

John: In most cases of infantile scoliosis, it's a hereditary condition. And that's why Susan and I were so adamant about going through Jack and Julia's medical history to see what we were up against, to see if there was any incidence of this condition at all.

Carly: He's accepted this baby, John. And given the way it was conceived, that wasn't an easy thing to do. And now you're suggesting to him that he may have made a mistake? That he's fallen for it one more time, that J. J.'s just another one of Julia's games? Do you have any idea how that must make him feel?

John: Listen to me for a minute. Suppose this child isn't Jack's. Now, he devotes himself to the child. He gives his life to the child. A couple years down the road, she shows up with a court order and says, "come on, I'm taking the child back." Where the hell are you then?

Carly: I am certainly not the one to go to him and tell him this.

John: I understand. It's a very --

Carly: I will never be able to convince him of this idea -- that J .J.'s not his, that Julia's an even bigger monster than we thought. That this idea isn't making me happy. That I'm not delighted by the prospect.

John: There's no way he can blame you.

Carly: Oh, no? I didn't want that baby. Julia's son. But I got over it. He's a sweet kid. And there are some bad feelings left. And he knows that. And so, deep down, he's gonna hate me because he'll know that his loss is my gain. And she wins again.

John: Listen to me. It's better to know this. Kristen -- I want you to get any and all medical records we have on Jack Snyder and Julia Lindsey Snyder and everything we have on little J. J. Snyder. Okay?

Nurse: Yes, doctor.

Jessica: Ben? Ben, can we just go someplace and sit down and talk for a minute?

Ben: I've got a full schedule. I really can't talk anymore today.

Jessica: Of course not. I -- I understand.

Oliver: I know he'd like to see you.

[Monitor beeping]

Marshall: Jessica?

Will: Hi.

Alison: Yeah. It's just -- it's been so long since I've seen you. And you were in that hospital and --

Will: And I'm better. But I'll go back to the hospital if I have to. I don't want to get anybody in trouble.

Hal: Well, first we're gonna get a lawyer.

Will: What good will that do?

Hal: Well, the person who made this decision about the psychiatric evaluation is brand new on this job. Now, there's no way that they've had time to review all the facts in this case. So, I'm gonna have Tom Hughes petition the court. Now, we'll see if the judge thinks that you need 30 days observation. Now, I can't promise you anything, son, but we're gonna give it a try. Okay?

Will: Okay.

Emily: Hey, Will, you hungry? You didn't touch your lunch.

Will: Nah, I'm just gonna head up to my room.

Alison: Are you kidding? Think, Will -- pizza, burgers, fries? I mean, you're gonna go to the hospital. And their idea of lunch is yellow cheese on white bread with a side of green jello. Yuck.

Emily: Listen to her, she's got a point. And I am perfectly willing to make a run to Al's.

Hal: Hey, mocha milkshake. And I can fire up the grill.

Will: Really?

Hal: Really. Hey, Alison, do you want to join us?

Alison: Sure. And I'll stay with Will while you guys go shopping. And we'll be here when you guys get back.

Hal: Will, I'm counting on you.

Alison: See, that means he doesn't trust me. But we'll fool him. We'll be here.

Hal: I'm counting on you.

Alison: Okay, here's the plan.

[Phone rings]

Rosanna: Hello? Oh. Yes. Can you tell him to wait a minute, please? I will be right down. Thank you.

Craig: Going somewhere?

Alison: So, you have no idea how the fire got started?

Will: No. But I remember lighting the matches, so I must've started the fire. But I still don't know how. I mean, I stomped the matches out. But I guess the shrinks can hypnotize me or something to make me remember.

Alison: Listen, shrinks are just doctors who hate blood. And they can't make you do anything. You act all vulnerable like you can't wait to tell them what's bothering you and -- oh, and cry. They love that. Then you just thank them for helping you so much. And you'll be home before you know it.

Will: You think?

Alison: I know. And I'll stop in and coach you. I'm still working at the hospital, so -- so you'll be fine. Trust me.

Marshall: Hey. You're okay? You weren't hurt?

Jessica: No. Scared to death. But I'm fine.

Marshall: Good.

Jessica: What you did, going after Steinbeck at the docks -- was incredibly foolish and heroic and unbelievably reckless.

Marshall: That's me -- Half right, Half wrong.

Jessica: Marshall, you know I care about you.

Marshall: Don't go breaking my heart, okay? I've already got a pretty big hole in my head. You love Ben, Jessica. Let's just leave it at that.

Jessica: Promise me you will take care of yourself. You won't give up.

Marshall: Me? Never. Go on, get out of here. Get some rest. Good-bye, Jessica.

Carly: Did he wake up?

Jack: No.

Carly: Good. Sometimes, when they're sick, they get so wrung out, he might sleep for a couple of hours.

Jack: We're gonna have to keep Parker away from him.

Carly: Ear infections aren't contagious --

Jack: So he can rest!

Carly: You wanna blow up at me? You can blow up at me, Jack. But it's not my fault if Julia did whatever she might have done. I said "if." I was just as thrown by what John said as you were.

Jack: The only difference is, you were happy about it.

Carly: That's not fair, Jack. I admit I was a little thrown when Julia showed up at our wedding and dumped him in our laps. Who wouldn't be? But I got over it. And I've been trying. But, Jack, I know you don't want to give him up.

Jack: You'd give him up in a heartbeat, wouldn't you? Admit it.

Carly: Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, and you're not there. And then I see you walking in the hall with him. It's such a tender thing. It's such a good thing, the way you care for him. That's why I love you -- that gentle part of you. And anybody who brings that out in you is okay by me.

Jack: What are you saying, Carly?

Carly: He's a beautiful child. And, okay, it wasn't the easiest thing in the world to have an infant along on our honeymoon. But it gets easier every day. And Parker has a little brother. We always said we wanted a houseful.

Jack: You're saying you'd keep him? No matter what?

Carly: He's a part of you, and that makes him a part of this family. And our family is the most important thing in the world to me, Jack -- no matter what.

Rosanna: As a matter of fact, I am going somewhere. I'm going on a business trip. And I will be gone for at least a week or so. So, if you'll excuse me --

Craig: No, no. You pack more to go to the gym.

Rosanna: I had the bellman come and take my other bags down already.

Craig: Why didn't you tell me you were having a hysterectomy? Shut the door.

Rosanna: Who told you? Emma?

[Phone rings] Hello? I'm sorry. Could you please tell the driver that I will be down in one minute?

Craig: Hello. This is Craig Montgomery. Please tell the driver we won't be needing him. I will be taking Ms. Cabot wherever she needs to go. Thank you.

Rosanna: How dare you barge in here?!

Craig: To take care of you?

Rosanna: I don't need you to take care of me. I can take care of myself fine. Just -- stop it. I hate you.

Craig: All right, I treated you badly. But I am not letting you walk out of here alone and check into a hospital for major surgery by -- that feel good?

Rosanna: No. As a matter of fact, nothing feels good. Do you have any idea how angry I am?

Craig: No, tell me.

Rosanna: I've done everything right. I exercised. I didn't exercise. I took the pills. I didn't take the pills. I did everything the doctors told me to do -- and nothing worked. All I wanted was a chance to have a family. To have a baby. Other women get to have husbands and go on maternity leave and throw parties for their children. Even Carly, the slut, gets that! She even gets a baby just thrown into her lap. Little Jackie jr. comes out of nowhere. But me? I get tumors and biopsies and surgery. And I don't like to feel sorry for myself. I know other women have it much worse. I'm not gonna die. I'm gonna live. I can live my life any time -- any way I want to. But I can't wake up one morning and say that I'm pregnant and spend the rest of the day planning how I'm going to tell my husband. Thank you very much. Do you have any idea how awful it is to be alone all the time? To not belong to anyone?! Why does everybody else get to belong to someone and not me?!

Ben: How's he doing?

Bob: He's asleep. I see that you increased his pain medication.

Ben: He mentioned he was in pain.

Bob: You did a great job, Ben. A craniotomy is a difficult procedure under the best of conditions. Considering your history --

Ben: Yeah. Well, look, I need to check in on Lucy Montgomery. Page me if there's any change.

Bob: Sure. Oh, one thing. You know, his pressure dropped when you upped his meds.

Ben: Well -- that's to be expected. He'll stabilize.

Craig: Why didn't you tell me?

Rosanna: You had a lot going on.

Craig: I don't want any more children. So if you're worried about me not wanting you because you can't present me any more heirs, that's not the case.

Rosanna: Carly told you, didn't she?

Craig: Well, not that it matters, but I'm glad somebody told me.

Rosanna: No. You thought you would come over here and give me a little tea and sympathy. Then I might reconsider Monte Carlo.

Craig: No.

Rosanna: Get out.

Craig: No, Rosanna, I don't care about Monte Carlo! You want to trash it, go ahead. I will always find something to do. I don't need to be in the fashion business. I don't need Carly. I need you. I need -- I need the way you look at me like that. So that's why I'm here -- because you matter to me. And I'm not going to let you go through this alone. All right? So just forgive me long enough to get you to the hospital and get you through the surgery, okay?

Rosanna: I thought you had Lucy to look after.

Craig: Well, luckily enough, you're both in the same hospital. So I don't have to add a commute. All right? So -- come on, let's just -- let's get you there. Huh?

Rosanna: Wait, no. Wait a second. Can I have a hug?

[Phone rings]

[J. J. cries]

Jack: So much for sleeping for a couple of hours.

Carly: You get him. I'll answer the phone. I'll start the bath.

Jack: Thanks.

Carly: Hello?

John: Carly, it's John.

Carly: No, John, I'm sorry. But Jack and I just got to a really good place. I'm not gonna let you get him spinning again.

John: Look, I don't enjoy this any better than you do. But I've been going through these medical records again. And, well, it's all there. I was just looking for the wrong thing.

Carly: What's all there?

John: The proof.

Carly: No.

John: Jack's blood type is "O" negative. Julia's blood type is "B" positive.

Carly: So?

John: So the baby's blood type is "AB" positive. That's a medical impossibility. An "O" negative father and a "B" positive mother cannot produce an "AB" positive child.

Carly: Well, but they did. It happened.

John: No, it didn't. The blood submitted for the paternity test was "A" positive.

Carly: I don't understand.

John: It wasn't Jack's blood. Julia switched the samples, just like I thought she had.

Carly: Oh, my God.

John: Carly, there may be parents out there that are mourning over this child. Lord knows where she got it. She could have kidnapped it from a hospital. She could have snatched it out of a nursery, anything. Jack has to be told.

Carly: No.

John: Listen, if you're uncomfortable doing this, I will talk to him for you.

Carly: No. No, I will. I'll talk to him. I just need -- I just have to find the words.

John: I'm terribly sorry about this, Carly. Will you tell Jack, if he has any questions at all, that he should give me a call?

Carly: Jack -- you know that baby you love so much? He isn't yours. And we can't even fight for him because he probably belongs to somebody else. So you're gonna lose him. And if you -- if you thought that you and I could make up for this somehow, guess what? I'm carrying someone else's child.

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