ATWT Transcript Friday 12/27/02

As The World Turns Transcript Friday 12/27/02

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Alison: Hi. Sick of this place yet?

Lucy: It's you.

Alison: I thought you didn't remember me.

Lucy: No, I remember you now. You set the barn on fire!

Alison: No! No!

Lucy: It's all coming back to me. You did it! You burnt down the barn!

Alison: No!

Lucy: You lied to me! You lied to all of us!

Alison: No, I swear! I can explain! I can --

Hal: Explain, Alison. Explain how you almost killed Will.

Aaron: Explain how you let me take the blame.

Lucy: All these weeks on the road, you never said anything!

Hal: Weeks of Will lying in a coma!

Alison: No! I'm sorry!

Lucy: How could you do it, Alison?

Hal: Tears won't help you now --

Alison: I'm sorry! No! You have to believe me! You have to believe me!

All: No, never!

Aaron: Alison? You really shouldn't zone out like that in a hospital.

Alison: Oh, you scared me half to death.

Aaron: What were you thinking about?

Alison: Nothing. I shouldn't even be here. It's family only, right? I mean, except for you.

Aaron: Well, they just took Lucy downstairs for tests.

Alison: I better split.

Aaron: No, wait. Alison, wait. I think seeing you is exactly what Lucy needs.

Hal: Okay, here we are. Look familiar?

Will: It's so quiet.

Hal: Well, why don't we make some noise?

Will: Emily?

Hal: Emily?

Will: We're home!

Hal: Emily? Oh, I guess they -- they must have gone out or something.

Will: Okay, well, I'm gonna go check out my room.

Hal: Well, it's just like you left it. Take it easy on those stairs. I'll bring your bag up in a minute, okay? Hey, Margo, it's me. Listen -- are you gonna stop yelling? Obviously not.

[Hal sighs] Hey, listen, listen -- I'm home. Why don't you just drop by and rip me apart in person? And while you're at it, maybe you can tell me where Emily is because I just --

Emily: She's right here, Hal.

Mike: I don't know where you're going with this, but Craig's conversation had nothing to do with Carly.

Molly: With Craig, everything is about Carly.

Mike: That is not my problem, is it?

Molly: Well, do you think you could possibly have lined up to be our problem? If there's one thing you should know, it's that keeping secrets can do you in every time.

Mike: It's not a secret. Craig is jealous.

Molly: Of your history with Rosanna?

Mike: You know what he's like.

Molly: I've seen him pull the same thing with Jack.

Mike: Okay, then if you've seen him pull the same thing with Jack, why is it so hard to believe he'd pull the same thing with me?

Molly: Well, I don't believe it.

Mike: Baby, let it go! Okay, I do not want to keep having this fight over something that doesn't even have anything to do with us. The money that I borrowed from Lucinda was a private thing. As was my conversation with Craig.

Molly: You know what, Mike? I think the whole privacy thing sort of gets thrown out the window when you give somebody your class ring. I mean, are we only supposed to share what you want to share?

Mike: That's not what I'm saying.

Molly: I know what you're saying.

Mike: You know what? Explaining just makes it worse. We're happy, aren't we? Why is that not good enough for you? Molly!

Jack: Hi.

Carly: Are you okay?

Jack: I am so far from okay.

Carly: I know, Jack. I am so sorry. I --

Jack: But that helps. Chalk up my rotten mood to James Steinbeck. Hey, buddy. How you doing?

Carly: So that's -- that's all that's got you down? Having to deal with Steinbeck?

Jack: Isn't that enough?

Carly: Tell me that you don't have to go back to the station. Tell me that you can stay here with me the way we planned.

Jack: I'll see what I can do to arrange it.

Carly: Really? Just you and me, Jack, shutting out the world -- can we do it?

Jack: Let me see if I remember how. Yes, it's coming back to me.

Rosanna: Excuse me, where's Jack Snyder?

Cop: Uh, he's transporting an inmate to federal prison. Are you okay?

Rosanna: I'm fine. When will he be back?

Cop: I can check

Rosanna: You do that. Is there a place where I can wait for him?

Cop: Sure. You sure you're okay?

Rosanna: Yes, I'm fine. I just need some water.

Cop #4: There's some in there.

Rosanna: Hello. Dr. Schiller, please. No, I can't hold. I need to refill my prescription. Hello?

[Rosanna sighs]

Rosanna: What are you doing here?

Craig: I thought I'd start by keeping you from making a huge mistake.

Rosanna: I am telling Jack the truth.

Craig: The truth is wearing a pretty tricky shade of gray these days.

Rosanna: Really? It seems pretty black and white to me. Carly cheated on Jack the night before her wedding.

Craig: At least we agree on that much.

Rosanna: And if you are here to defend her -- did you say that you agree?

Craig: In part, yes. Carly slept with someone besides Jack the night before her wedding. But it wasn't Mike Kasnoff.

Rosanna: Well, you and Carly have been pretty busy playing "let's pretend." How long did it take you to cook up this scenario? One minute, maybe two, after I left her place?

Craig: Carly has no idea I'm here.

Rosanna: Carly is the only reason that you're here.

Craig: What? What? What is it?

Rosanna: It's nothing. I just have a bit of a headache, that's all. I was just about to take something for it.

Craig: What -- this is pretty heavy stuff.

Rosanna: It's a pretty heavy-duty headache.

Craig: How can you be sure that Carly was with Mike Kasnoff the night before her wedding?

Rosanna: How can you be sure that she wasn't?

Craig: Rosanna --

Rosanna: I've been through this before!

Craig: Rosanna --

Rosanna: Do you remember?

Craig: Mike Kasnoff was not with Carly that night.

Rosanna: And you know this because?

Craig: Because -- I was.

Alison: Forget it. It'll be like, "Hey, Luce. How's it going?" And she'll be like, "fine. Who are you again?" And then I'm bummed. She's bummed.

Aaron: Well, we've got to try, Alison. I mean, she doesn't even remember all of us being on the road.

Alison: Really?

Aaron: Yeah, it's like none of it ever happened. That's why I want her to see you. I mean, we went through a lot together. You guys are real tight. If she sees you, it could bring back some stuff.

Alison: But if anything makes it worse, I'd never forgive myself.

Aaron: Okay. Well, if you don't want to see her now, then cool. Would you stick around a while?

Alison: Sure.

Aaron: Okay. 'Cause I have something to say. And you're the only person I can talk to about it.

Alison: I'm all ears.

Hal: We just got here. Just now. Will's upstairs.

Emily: You never said good-bye. Hal, you never told me where you were taking Will. Or when you were ever coming home.

Hal: I know. I know.

Emily: No, you don't know! You were the one making all the decisions. I was the leehind.

Hal: I know, honey. I'm so sorry.

Emily: Don't "honey" me!

Will: Emily!

Emily: Will, hey! Look at you! You're good as new.

Will: Yeah, well, Dad took me to this place with these guys in a bunch of white coats.

Hal: He had a full Medicare

Will: Felt like Barry Bonds. You know, exercise machines, whole nine yards.

Hal: Yeah, physical therapy.

Emily: I figured.

Will: Where's Daniel?

Emily: Daniel's with his dad.

Will: His toys, too? His room's like almost completely empty.

Emily: Daniel and I sort of moved out for a while.

Will: Why?

Emily: Because it was pretty lonely without you guys.

Will: Well, now you can move back in, right, Dad? I mean, we can all be together again.

Carly: You'd better be serious about not going back to work today. You and I have not had much time together alone.

Jack: That's why I'm calling Fredericks.

Carly: Well, I don't care if I have to tie you down, Jack. I am not letting you out of my sight.

Jack: Well, it sounds so good so far. And no answering the phone.

Carly: Give me your cell .

Jack: Let it ring off the hook -- oh!

Carly: Just give it to me.

Jack: ???? ()

Carly: Who was it?

Jack: No name. Just....

Carly: Did he leave a message?

Jack: Look, it. .

Carly: Are you hungry? Jack:?

Carly: I'll fix you something.

Jack: Let me go wash up.

?????? Something missing here

Carly: I'll think of something decadent.

Jack: You know I'm gonna need that to call Fredericks. His number's in there.

Carly: Ok just one call. Okay, detective?

Jack: ??????

Carly: And s hope c ca gag order on Rosanna.

Rosanna: Okay, this -- this is one of your best..??. You want me to believe that you interrupted your need to find Lucy to stop in for a quickie with Carly?

Craig: I met up with Hal after I left Carly that night.

Rosanna: Busy boy. Busy.

Craig: You have to understand, Rosanna, that Carly and I were both at rock bottom. We just had little or no hope that life would --

Rosanna: Do you think I've completely left my brain at the door?

Craig: Well, why do you think she's so desperate for you not to find out?

Rosanna: How many reasons do you want?

Craig: What, you think she's afraid of losing Jack? She's got that lug wrapped around her finger.

Rosanna: She chose Mike deliberately. Because she knew it would hurt me!

Craig: If it was Mike, she'd be rubbing it in your face! Look at the big picture here. Huh?

Rosanna: The big picture?

Craig: Yes! Losing Jack is just a bump in the road. Molly's friendship -- tough. Big deal. But losing Monte Carlo is a knife in Carly's heart. No glamour. No big time. You know? She's stuck in Milltown for the rest of her middle class life. Please forgive me, Rosanna. I wish there was some way to show you how much I regret this. I --

Rosanna: What's the matter with you? Are you insane?!

Craig: It meant nothing.

Rosanna: I hate you!

Craig: I would never hurt you. All right?

Rosanna: Just get out!

Craig: You're the woman --

Rosanna: Get out of my life!

Craig: Rosanna, don't do anything you're gonna regret here.

[Phone ringing]

Rosanna: Oh, look. What a coincidence. It's Jack!

Craig: No --

Rosanna: No, give me my phone!

Craig: No. No!

Rosanna: Give me my phone!

Craig: No! Not till you hear every word I have to say.

[Phone ringing]

Emily: How's Will?

Hal: He's out like a light. Still gets pretty tired these days.

Emily: He looks pretty good, though.

Hal: Well, the doctors say he's close to 100%.

Emily: Why didn't you tell me where you were taking him? I am your wife.

Hal: Emily, I had no choice.

Emily: No, you had a ton of choices. After Will admitted to setting that fire, you had a choice to tell me where you were taking him. You had a choice to call me or e-mail me or get a message to me somehow. You had a choice to act like a husband and not a complete stranger.

Hal: Emily, this isn't about phone calls.

Emily: No, it isn't. It's about promises, Hal. It's always about promises. What's the matter with you? Don't you get it? You were it for me. You were my truth, my stability, my four walls. Cozy fire. A roof over my head.

Hal: Gee, I sound sturdy.

Emily: You were perfect. So why'd you have to shut me out? Hmm? Why'd you have to treat me like I was the enemy? I was always on your side, which means I was on Will's side.

Hal: I was a damn fool.

Emily: Finally, you get something right.

Hal: Emily, I was wrong not to trust that we could get through this mess together.

Emily: You know what? Words hurt. And those things you said to me at that motel room -- you practically said we were over.

Hal: We will never be over. Emily, I made all the wrong choices. I was dangerous to those kids. I was dangerous to myself and to us. I was so scared of the truth, that all I could do was run from it.

Emily: Oh, you don't get scared.

Hal: Hey -- don't put me up on a pedestal, because it's pretty lonely up there without you, Emily. I get just as scared as the next guy. And right now, I'm quaking in my boots because I think I've messed up so bad, you'll never forgive me for what I did.

[Knock at door] Oh. Great.

Emily: I'm getting it.

Hal: Great, great.

Emily: Hi, Margo.

Margo: Hi, Emily. Hal called. He's expecting me. You remember Evelyn Hart. Do you mind if we come in?

Hal: What's going on, Margo?

Evelyn: I understand you've brought your son back into this jurisdiction.

Hal: If that means if I brought him home, yes, I did. He's upstairs sleeping.

Evelyn: And I assume Margo won't have to check?

Hal: What's this about?

Evelyn: Hal, you've acted with complete disregard for the law and for your position on the force. Give me one good reason why I should allow Will to stay in your custody.

Jack: Here you go. It's all yours.

Carly: Did you talk to Fredericks?

Jack: I did. He agreed to cover for me, so --

Carly: Good.

Jack: How's J.J.?

Carly: Good. I just checked him. Did that other person call back?

Jack: I tried the number. There was no answer.

Carly: I'm glad. I don't want your mind on anybody or anything else but me.

Jack: Mm.

[J.J. crying]

Jack: Hey, what's going on, buddy?

Carly: Oh, he's been kind of cranky all morning, actually.

Jack: He's running a fever, honey. He's burning up!

Carly: Let me feel him.

Jack: Get him out of there. I'm gonna get that thermometer. What's Dr. Arksmid's number?

Carly: A little warm. Roberta said that he had a bit of a tummy ache.

Jack: Here, let me check it.

Carly: Jack, babies get temperatures, you know.

Jack: Let me check it.

Carly: It doesn't mean that there's anything --

Jack: Oh, good boy. Oh, honey, it's 102. Get his clothes on. We're gonna go to the E.R.

Carly: For 102?!

Jack: Listen, I don't know what's going on. It could be serious! You never know. Are you coming with me or not?

Molly: No fair. Stupid jealous idiots deserve to freeze to death.

Mike: Come on. You can't really be jealous of your own cousin.

Molly: I'm not crazy about the fact that you two slept together. Even though it was a long time ago.

Mike: I can't change my past.

Molly: I know that. And it's not like I think you still have a thing for each other. Maybe I just -- there's no way I can understand how any woman would let you go.

Mike: Carly and I didn't run that deep. But Rosanna and I did.

Molly: Deep enough to get to Craig?

Mike: Obviously. I don't wanna keep fighting over things that happened so long ago.

Molly: Like those stupid pictures?

Mike: What pictures?

Molly: Those pictures. The pictures, when you dressed up in that wedding gear for Carly.

Mike: They upset you? You sure covered it pretty well.

Molly: Didn't I, though? I know that Carly would never do anything to hurt me. But my head was ready to explode imagining her measuring you and pulling at you and you ripping off your shirt, and clothes strewn all over the floor --

Mike: It wasn't like that.

Molly: Oh, yeah? Then why couldn't you come home and say, "Molly, I did the corniest favor for your cousin today"?

Mike: I didn't think that much about it. If it bothered you, why didn't you just say, "Hey, Mike, I hate that you took those pictures."

Molly: Did you just throw that back in my face?

Mike: Yes, I did. Look, Carly is totally and completely in love with Jack. And I am totally and completely in love with you. And fortunately, Rosanna's off making Craig's life miserable.

Molly: We hope. Look, Mike, I'm the last person that should be talking about keeping secrets. But, okay, all right? It did bother me. It bothered me that you didn't tell me about the loan with Lucinda or about the thing with Craig. And somewhere along the line, didn't we agree that whatever was going on with one of us was going on with both of us? Maybe I'm just being insecure or paranoid or just plain crazy, but I can't help feeling that there's something more between you and Carly.

Mike: You're not crazy. All right? The truth is, I haven't been completely honest with you. And if you're picking up on it, then maybe we should talk about it. There is something between me and Carly that I'd like to talk to you about. Can we go inside so I can explain this?

Rosanna: Give me my phone, Craig, or I will scream so loud all of the cops that are in the precinct will come into this room. Oh, that's funny. That's hilarious. You really think that's gonna keep me from calling Jack?

Craig: For the moment. Look -- I don't like that you had to find out about Carly and me like this. But it was one isolated moment of madness, of self-pity. How -- how can I show you how much I regret this?

Rosanna: Don't. Really, don't bother.

Craig: I -- it was one stupid, little mistake. Don't let this ruin both our lives.

Rosanna: Fine. I will just ruin Carly's life, and then we can just call it even. Shall we?

Craig: You hate her that much?

Rosanna: Yes, I hate her that much! And you know that! And you slept with her?!

Craig: Because I was jealous. I was jealous of your first love. All right? When I left, I was in a bad place. And I found Carly. She was in a worse place. And -- the inevitable happened. But I'm glad it did. Because -- I learned something.

Rosanna: What, that you can find that on any street corner?

Craig: That I love you. When Lucy was about to die, you were right by my side. You held me up. You kept me from losing hope. If that's not from love, I don't know what is.

Rosanna: Why do you care so much about Carly?

Craig: Ruining Jack's life isn't exactly high on my list. But building a life with you is more important than ruining somebody else's happiness.

Rosanna: I know it's not exactly fair that Jack should have to suffer for all of this. It seems that his only crime is really just being as big a fool as I am.

Craig: No, no. I'm the fool for not seeing what I have with you. Can we please put this behind us, please?

Rosanna: I would like to start over. I would. But since you have admitted that you have violated the Carly clause in the Monte Carlo contract, full ownership of the company reverts to me.

Craig: Rosanna --

Rosanna: So you are going to have to get out. You're going to have to clear out your desk and tell your slut to take her things and take her designs and get out before I change the locks!

Aaron: Maybe it's some kind of weird denial, but right now, I think not being able to remember is scaring her even more than not being able to walk. So, I figure, the best thing I could do is try to bring some stuff back. So, on Christmas eve, I tried something. I kissed her. And it worked. She remembered the time I kissed her at the Country Club.

Alison: Did she remember anything else?

Aaron: No. Not yet. But I thought, if we talked about that night, when, you know, she and I -- in the barn, in Memphis --

Alison: You want to talk about having sex?!

Aaron: Alison, it was important to both of us.

Alison: Well, yeah, I guess the first time's a big deal. But did you ever think that maybe she didn't want to remember? Like, maybe she only did it because she was scared and on the run. I mean, maybe subconsciously or whatever, she feels like it's not something she would've normally done.

Aaron: You think she regrets it?

Alison: Well, you can't regret what you don't remember, but what if she remembers, and she has some weird reaction, and she tells her dad --

Aaron: Yeah, I know. I'll be dead.

Alison: Yeah, and tossed in Lake Michigan.

Aaron: I don't know, Alison. But if things don't get better soon, I have to try.

Alison: Fine. It's your funeral.

Aaron: I'm gonna head down and check on Lucy.

Alison: Tell her I said hi.

Aaron: Are you sure you don't want to tell her yourself?

Alison: I don't want to make any waves.

Aaron: Since when? See ya later.

Alison: I don't know, Aaron. Make Lucy remember one thing, who knows what else she'll remember? Maybe it's time Craig finds out his perfect little angel isn't so perfect after all.

Jack: How's J.J.'s fever?

Susan: It's just over 100. He has a mild ear infection.

Jack: I guess I overreacted.

Susan: No, perfectly normal for a first-time parent. I put him on an antibiotic.

Jack: Can I take him home?

John: Not until I get a peek at him.

Susan: Actually, I wanted your okay to x-ray J.J.'s spine.

Jack: Why? What's wrong?

Susan: It's nothing serious. I just see a slight curvature.

Carly: What does that mean?

John: Infantile scoliosis?

Susan: I'm pretty sure. But I need that x-ray to confirm it.

Jack: Well, that sounds serious.

John: Well, now, listen, it's not as -- it's not as serious as it sounds. It just means that we simply have to watch him as he grows older to make sure that his spine stays --

Susan: In most cases, it corrects itself.

John: Yeah. And it probably will with him. Well, why don't I go over to the X-ray, then? I'll see you later.

Jack: Thanks, John and Susan.

Susan: Hey, J.J. Hi.

John: So what's up? You didn't ask me all the way over here just to okay an x-ray.

Susan: No, I didn't. After I examined J.J., I went back to check on Jack's and Julia's medical histories. And there's no record of either of them having infantile scoliosis.

John: Are you sure?

Susan: Checked and double-checked. And we both know, with this condition, there's always a very strong family history. So, if my suspicions are correct --

John: Yeah, if your suspicions are correct, then somebody's gotta have a long talk with Jack.

Evelyn: I agree with the fire marshal's report that this was a deliberate case of arson.

Margo: Hal, Evelyn wants Will evaluated here in Oakdale.

Evelyn: And by an independent panel of psychiatrists.

Hal: All right, no problem. You just tell me when and where. I'll bring him in.

Evelyn: I've filed a court order to have Will admitted into the psychiatric ward of Memorial Hospital for a mandatory 30 days observation.

Hal: Oh, no. No way you are taking my son out of his home. Do you hear me? Will stays with me.

Margo: Hal -- listen, Hal, you can't fight this --

Hal: Just take your damn court order and get out of my house.

Margo: Hal!

Evelyn: If you attempt to take Will away again, I will have you arrested.

Hal: Evelyn, I have been in that ward! I know what it's like to stare at the ceiling day and night until you just wish you would die. I am not gonna do that to my son.

Evelyn: You have 48 hours to comply.

Margo: Look, Hal, do you want me to bring him in?

Emily: No, we -- we will take care of it. Thank you.

Margo: Nobody wants for this to happen, Hal. Okay. Let's go.

Hal: I won't do it, Emily. I won't send Will away again.

Mike: Carly and I met in a bar.

Molly: That sounds familiar.

Mike: Yeah, and I was -- I was doing pretty bad. You know, Rosanna and I had just broken up. And I was drowning myself in a fifth of rye. We were both pretty drunk that first time. I had no idea that she was Rosanna's sister.

Molly: The first time?

Mike: When we got together again, that's when Carly --

Molly: Got pregnant --

Mike: Yeah.

Molly: -- With Nora.

Mike: And you know the rest. Carly lost the baby. And -- it was a rough time for both of us.

Molly: Maybe -- maybe that's what I see, Mike. Because sometimes I catch a glance at the two of you, and it's like you're sharing something that the rest of the world knows nothing about.

Mike: That sadness stays buried inside you somewhere. But it doesn't ever leave you.

Molly: At least I know I'm not imagining things. 'Cause you and Carly -- you share a secret, in a way. Thank you. Thank you for being so honest with me.

Craig: So that's it? I'm canned? We're history? And you do what?

Rosanna: Survive?

Craig: A lonely way to live.

Rosanna: Beats playing the fool.

Craig: For love?

Rosanna: I don't love you, Craig.

Craig: I felt it. In the hospital. I feel it now. Forget Carly. I have. Don't throw our lives away for one stupid mistake.

Rosanna: 1 or 100?

Craig: What does it matter, if we love each other?

Rosanna: You love me? Why? Why do you love me? 'Cause I'm rich?

Craig: Why does anybody fall in love?!

Rosanna: No, I asked you a question. Why do you love me? And I think I deserve to hear this. For once in your miserable life, be sincere.

Craig: Rosanna, all the toys in the world don't compare to the feeling I get from you, knowing that I'm the one you need. Huh? With Carly, it's always her. It's her ambitions, her career, her success. With Sierra, I was just the royal poodle. She didn't, you know, need me to make her feel whole. But you do. I matter to you. We matter to each other. And that's what's important to me. If you'd just put away this baggage with Carly, you'd admit how important I am to you.

Rosanna: He says humbly.

Craig: He says sincerely. All right? Because you just don't let me take from you. You let me give. You let me give my comfort. You let me give my support. You let me give all my opinions about how I don't even care what the rest of the world thinks. And that's good. That makes me feel good. That makes me feel real. And that real me -- that's what you need. And that's why I love you, too. Hmm? And what you want, by the way, more than revenge or getting back at me for any stupid indiscretion, is for me to step up and to take your hand and be the man that makes you happy for the rest of your life.

[Cell phone ringing] Is it waterproof? Should've thrown it out the window.

[Rosanna laughs]

[Cell phone ringing] If it's Jack, I don't have anything more to say.

[Cell phone ringing]

Rosanna: It's my doctor. I think I canceled a -- forget it.

Craig: Your doctor?

Rosanna: Forget it. Good-bye.

Craig: Rosanna? Don't leave town. Don't --

Rosanna: I'm not leaving town. Just leaving you.

Nurse #2: Use your call button if you need anything, miss Montgomery.

Lucy: Thank you.

[Monitor beeping] I'm glad you're still here.

Aaron: Hi, Luce.

Lucy: Where's your friend?

Aaron: Uh -- Alison is your friend, too, Lucy.

Lucy: Then why didn't she want to see me?

Aaron: She feels a little -- weird.

Lucy: What's she like?

Aaron: Alison?

Let's see, Alison -- well, she's kinda hard to describe. She can get a little crazy sometimes. But she's one of the bravest people that I know. And she's loyal. If she's your friend, she gives 1,000%. And she's done that for the both of us.

Lucy: Do I like her?

Aaron: Yeah. Yeah, you like her, when she's not driving you nuts.

[Aaron chuckles] Lucy -- Alison's a good person. She's funny. And she's unpredictable. And she's totally -- she's totally wild. But I like her a lot.

Hal: I'll talk to dr. Michaels --

Will: Forget it, Dad! You lied to me.

Hal: Will, I never --

Will: You said I still had a family!

Emily: You do! You have tons of family.

Will: Then why can't I stay with you guys?!

Hal: Will, it's not as long as it sounds.

Will: You're lying again! You're just mad because of the fire! You don't even want me!

Hal: Will! Will, come on. Will, please --

Emily: Let him go.

Hal: I never should have come home.

Emily: You know what? We will get a lawyer. And we are gonna fight this order with everything we have.

Hal: "We"?

Emily: Yeah, we.

Hal: Does that mean you're moving back?

Emily: Do you remember what we said to each other at the altar?

Hal: Best day of my life. And I'm afraid I've given you a lot more "worse" than "better" lately. And, honey, I am sorry from the bottom of my heart.

Emily: It's about promises. It's always about promises.

Hal: I know that.

Molly: I should talk to Carly.

Mike: About what?

Molly: Because I've been acting really weird lately. Because I know she's had a ton of stuff dropped in her lap. And the guilt she must be feeling over what she did the night before her wedding would break most people.

Mike: You know what? I think the best way to help Carly is just forget this ever happened.

Molly: But we usually talk about everything. And I have been really distant lately. Because of my secret worrying about her having feelings for you. The point I'm making here is that Carly and I are like sisters. And I have been giving her a really hard time about J.J.

Mike: How so?

Molly: I've been making her feel like she's not even trying to get along, to have feelings for this baby. Will you help me help Carly? Let's take the kids for the afternoon and let her and Jack have some alone time?

Mike: Sounds good to me.

Molly: You are such a doll. Are you sure you don't mind?

Mike: Yeah, I'd love to.

Molly: Before I call Carly, I have some making up to do right here. Thank you. Thank you for helping me not to be afraid of the truth.

Carly: Come on, Craig. Pick up your phone.

Craig: Well, I would, but they ask you to shut 'em off at the door. What are you doing here?

Carly: J.J. has a fever, and Jack went nuts. So what did Rosanna say? Did you get her to keep her big mouth shut?

Craig: It's complicated.

Carly: No, no. There is nothing complicated about duct tape.

Craig: I don't think she's going to talk.

Carly: And how did you perform that miracle?

Craig: By telling Rosanna you didn't sleep with Mike Kasnoff that night. You slept with me.

John: I just read J.J.'s films, and we definitely have a case of infantile scoliosis.

Jack: Ah, so does he need a brace, surgery? What?

John: No, no, no, no. Like I said before, most children, they outgrow this thing. So -- all you have to do -- well, keep an eye on him, and I'm sure he'll grow out of it, too.

Jack: Okay, John, can I take him home?

John: Of course. Any time you want. But stay in touch with the pediatrician.

Jack: Will do.

John: And one other thing I wanted to talk to you about, Jack.

Jack: Hmm?

John: In the vast majority of these cases, it is a condition that is inherited. Susan and I went over your medical records, as well as Julia’s. I noticed that neither one of you have had this.

Jack: Maybe Julia’s mother, an aunt, uncle?

John: Well, that's a possibility, yes. But usually it's -- the link is much more direct. I think you should have another DNA test.

Jack: Wait a second, john. What are you trying to tell me? That J.J. isn't my son?

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