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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 12/23/02

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Katie: Is that you, sugarplum?

Simon: Well, it depends on who you're expecting.

Katie: Well, it's either my gorgeous, sexy, dark-haired husband or -- that other sexy white-haired guy that makes house calls this time of year. It is! It's Santa Claus!

Simon: Oh, why don't you come over here and sit on Santa's lap? Huh?

Katie: Ooh, no problem with that.

Simon: Oh, careful, careful. You're still on the mend.

Katie: Oh, I've never felt better. Go ahead. Feel me.

Simon: Oh, Santa likes naughty girls. Do you like that, huh? Is that what you want for Christmas? Huh?

Katie: Is that mine?!

Simon: Oh, that -- how did that get there? Yes, it is.

Katie: Oh, my God!

Katie: Oh, my God. Simon, this is -- this is absolutely gorgeous. You made this? For me?

Simon: Well, it's not so much for you, but it is for your doll collection, yes.

Katie: You made this for all my dolls? Oh, my God, it's -- s so -- I -- it's so --

Simon: So, so? Come on. Do you like it?

Katie: Yes!

Simon: Do you? Good, 'cause I've spent hundreds of hours on it. I've got more splinters than I can count. So where are your dolls? Come on. Let's get those dolls and move 'em on in. Where are they?

Katie: They're not here. I -- I sold them.

Carly: Have I mentioned to you recently how happy I am to have you back in my life?

Mike: Yes, you have. Have I told you the same?

Carly: Well, I think that 50 grand pretty much says it all.

Mike: There's nothing that I would not do for you. All right, whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Craig: Well, well -- well. When Jack's away, his mouse will play.

Carly: Craig --

Craig: Rosanna told me you two had hooked up. I thought, "impossible." Rumors. And yet, here you are. Getting your groove back on company time.

Mike: It was a hug between friends.

Carly: Don't try to explain it to him. He wouldn't understand. Craig never hugs anybody without giving them the shaft.

Mike: Nothing happened between us. He needs to know that.

Carly: Mike, I'm serious. Don't waste your breath.

Craig: Don't take her too seriously, Mike. She likes to give orders. But then, I guess you knew that already, didn't you?

Mike: You know what? If you can't treat the lady with respect --

Craig: Carly's repulsed by respect. She likes to live on the edge. And what could be edgier than sleeping with her cousin's boyfriend the night before her wedding?

Carly: Don't be disgusting.

Craig: I'm being honest. Would you mind leaving us alone, please, Mike?

Mike: Yeah, I do mind.

Craig: Then get over it. I want to talk to my business partner. You've had your time with her. Now give somebody else a chance.

Carly: That is enough! Mike -- I can handle him better alone.

Mike: You sure about that?

Carly: Yes. I'll be fine. Thank you. That was unforgivable. But then perhaps you can't be held responsible for your bad behavior these days. I know how worried you are about Lucy. How is she?

Craig: The same.

Carly: She will pull through, Craig. She's strong.

Craig: I'm not here to talk about Lucy. I'm here to talk about our company. And how can I leave anything in your hands when they're stuck in the cookie jar?

Carly: What is that supposed to mean?

Craig: Given your reckless personal life and your new penchant for grand theft, I think it's time we dissolved this -- partnership.

Jack: It's Detective Snyder. I'm headed north on route 22. If Detective Hughes is out there, I'd love to hear your voice right now.

Margo: Yeah, Jack. It's Margo.

Jack: What have you got for me?

Margo: Steinbeck called Travers. Travers told Jessica that they were meeting at the docks. We're on our way there right now.

Jack: I'll turn the team around.

[Sirens wail] And I'll meet you there.

Margo: Great.

Jack: Margo -- be careful. When Steinbeck's trapped, someone always dies.

James: You disappointed me, Marshall.

Marshall: Take a number, Steinbeck. There's a long line of people ahead of you.

James: I had very high hopes, and you let me down.

Marshall: Well, considering the source, I'll take that as a compliment.

James: I asked just one little favor.

Marshall: You demanded too much! I couldn't lie just one more day. I couldn't live like that!

James: So -- in exchange for a good night's sleep, you're gonna let your daughter die?

Marshall: What kind of father would I be if I'd let a monster own my soul?

James: What kind of father are you now? What kind of father have you been?! Listen -- I know, no matter what kind of life one leads, there's no comfort, no peace, in burying your own child. So -- you think I'm a monster, do you? Huh?

Marshall: In the "pg" version. You know, you oughta spend the rest of your days in jail for what you've done to me, your family, the people in this town!

James: That's it? That's your closing argument? It's not very impressive! So where's my judge? Where's my jury? Huh? Are you my executioner? Huh? The cops out there, hiding in the bushes? Waiting for your signal?

Marshall: You're paranoid, James.

James: No.

Marshall: Yeah. Look, just tell me where my daughter is.

James: Oh, I get it, Marshall. I get it. I tell you what you want, and I die in a hail of bullets! Is that it? Go ahead! Make your move! Do it! Now! Make your move!

Jessica: You see anything?

Margo: No, not yet. Yeah, got 'em. Jack, it's Margo. Do you read me?

Jack: Loud and clear. Where are you?

Margo: Dock five. We've got Steinbeck and Travers under surveillance.

Jack: What do we have for weapons?

Margo: I don't see anything yet. But, Jack, if we're gonna make our move, now's the time.

Jack: I've got your back.

Margo: What's your ETA?

Jack: Give me five. And, Margo, don't make a move without me. We don't wanna take any chances.

Jessica: So what do we do now?

Margo: Wait.

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Margo: If Jack doesn't get here soon, I may have to take Steinbeck out myself.

Jessica: No, no! You have to wait until he tells him where he can find his daughter!

Margo: If I see my chance, I'm taking it.

Jessica: Margo, he sacrificed everything for that little girl.

Margo: I am not letting Steinbeck get away again. The minute Jack gets here, I'm moving in.

James: I hope I don't have to pat you down.

Marshall: I was thinking the same about you.

James: Good. Nothing up my sleeve.

Marshall: And I'm unarmed. And alone, as you asked. Now tell me where my child is.

James: Tell me about my travel plans.

Marshall: A boat will be here in 20 minutes. Now --

James: Easy!

Marshall: It's just a flashlight. When you see the beacon on the water, flash this three times. They'll pick you up.

James: And why should I trust you?

Marshall: Because you have something I want. My daughter. Tell me where she is, James.

James: I see. You come in here with some story about a bogus boat and a $2 flashlight, and you want that kind of information? Not exactly a fair trade!

Marshall: I'm telling the truth!

James: Just like you did in court, right?

Marshall: It's a quick escape, and it's guaranteed. Now, James, I want you to show me a recent picture of my daughter. I want you to tell me where she is --

James: Easy!

Marshall: -- The name of the place where I can find her!

James: Well -- you can go far beyond that. You're gonna go far beyond a bogus rescue boat and your betrayal. Are you prepared to pay exactly what I demand?!

Simon: All right, what are you talking about? You -- you sold all your dolls? What did you do that for?

Katie: Because it's Christmas. And I wanted to get you something so special, so out-of-this-world. Something that is so perfect for you, so personal, that you would have forever.

Simon: Okay, but there -- all of your dolls -- there were -- there were a lot of dolls. What did you do?

Katie: It's okay. It's all right!

Simon: No, honey, it's not okay. You loved those dolls. Look, whatever this gift is, we'll return it. We'll take it back, and with the money, we'll buy those dolls back, every last one of them.

Katie: No, I don't want them back.

Simon: Then what's going -- what's this about?

Katie: I ruined Christmas for you.

Simon: Come on!

Katie: You built this beautiful piece of art for me with your bare hands. And I've ruined it! I've made it totally useless. I'm so sorry.

Simon: Honey, it's not useless, okay? We can do something with this. It's not -- you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna go outside into the woods and round up all the homeless pixies and donate it to them as a shelter. It's a homeless pixie shelter. Okay? And then I'm gonna go out and get you a gift that you can actually use.

Katie: No! Stop it right there. You are not getting me another gift. I love this! It is so beautiful and amazing. And you made it with your own hands for me. Promise me you will not go and buy me some stupid --

Simon: I am going to get you another gift.

Katie: No, you're not! Promise me! I love this!

Simon: All right. I promise I will not buy you another gift.

Katie: Good. Because I love the one I have.

Simon: All right, enough, what did you get me with -- with all your doll money?

Katie: Well -- merry Christmas. You better like it, or I am sleeping out in the woods tonight.

Mike: You're sure this self-timer thing works?

Molly: Last time I used it.

Mike: Hey! Where'd all this come from?

Molly: You haven't heard? I was drafted. I'm one of Santa's elves.

Mike: Hmm, nice try. If you were, Santa'd never get any work done. He'd never leave the north pole.

Molly: They're all for J. J.

Mike: Why are you playing Santa for Jack's baby?

Molly: He's our Godson. So besides all the moral and spiritual duties, we're supposed to spoil him rotten. And -- because I called Jack, and I volunteered.

Mike: What a sweetheart you are.

Molly: Well -- I saw that Jack had a million things on his mind and on his plate lately, and I had a week off, so I figured I would lend a hand. You know? Finger. And Carly can't be depended on lately, anyway, so --

Mike: Well, if Jack's got a lot on his plate, Carly's got just as much. Hey, I'm just saying, it can't be easy trying to juggle a new marriage and a baby that drops in her life out of nowhere. All right. Ow.

Molly: Sorry about that finger -- and about ragging on Carly like that.

Mike: I'm sorry. I just never heard you talk about Carly like that before.

Molly: Yeah, well, it's a cousin thing. Or maybe it's just a girl thing. You know, I'm mad about her. She's crazy about me. And sometimes we just get crazy and mad.

Mike: I think my boot-tying days are over.

Molly: Sorry. But your tree-trimming days have just begun.

Mike: Yeah.

Molly: Yeah.

Mike: We've done good, kid.

Molly: Yeah, I think, Mr. Kasnoff, you have found your calling. And you know what? This is our first big project together.

Mike: Yeah, I think, next year, we go bigger. Wider. Taller. You know, more ornaments. Next year, is gonna be amazing. And collect the kisses that are due me

I love the winter weather

[Molly laughs]

Carly: You want to pull out of Monte Carlo based on Rosanna's lies? Boy, does she have you whipped.

Craig: She was right about you and Mike Kasnoff.

Carly: She's a gossip -- with a nasty imagination. Nothing ....

Craig: First you steal from me. Then you insult my intelligence?

Carly: I've always insulted your intelligence. Fine. Believe what you want.

Craig: All the sermons about Jack. The man of your dreams, the ever-loving g-man.

Carly: Would you shut up?!

Craig: " For "gullible"? He hasn't caught to you yet, has he? But he will. Then we'll see what I see. A woman who uses that pout and those lips, those eyes and -- whatever to get what she wants. You're disloyal to the man you say you love, disloyal to your cousin, deceitful to your business partner. Good to know how much we a mean to you.

Carly: What are you talking about? If you are gonna stand there spitting insults at me, don't I at least have a right to know why? I'm serious, Craig. I don't have the foggiest idea what you are talking about!

Craig: I hear there's $50,000 missing from the safe.

Carly: Did you? And so you and Rosanna, therefore, just assume that I have something to do with it? You're calling me a thief?

Craig: Henry Coleman was blackmailing you and you id him. Now, what information could that have been for? Covering up your prenuptial fling with Molly's boy toy? You're denying that as passionately as you deny taking cash from the safe.

Carly: You think there's money's missing? Why don't you count it?

Craig: I will. And if there's anything missing, you're responsible.

Carly: Shall I help you count it? You seem to have trouble with numbers lately. And if we are really partners the way our contract says we are, why shouldn't I be able to borrow few thousand dollars whenever I want? So

Craig: Money's here.

Carly: Really? Every single dollar? Because I forgot to mention the buck that I borrowed to get a muffin or at Java. I wouldn't want to throw things out of whack.

Craig: The teller stamps on the bands around the money -- this is stamped today. Is that why Mike Kasnoff was here? To replace the money you stole?

Carly: I didn't steal anything.

Craig: And what'd he do? Blew off a bulldozer to pay you for a night of sex? That's a lot of buck for a bang. Hope you were worth it

Simon: Well, I'll tell you one thing. It's not as big as mine. It's -- ah!

Katie: Just rip the sucker open, will ya?

Simon: Alright, just relax!

Katie: Come on!

Simon: Ay. Well, what do we have here? Well, it's a beautiful leather wall for all my $1 bills. Fantastic.

Katie: The present is inside. Open it.

Simon: Oh, it's inside.

Katie: Come on! Hurry up!

Simon: Relax. I'm getting into it. What is this? I don't get it. This has got something to do with the sheep farm.

Katie: I had Tom help me with everything, with the currency exchange and all the legal jargon.

Simon: Yeah? And what does it mean?

Katie: It means the lien on your sheep farm, your family's farm in Australia? It's gone. Lien no more. It's been paid in full.

[Simon laughs]

Simon: All right, this is some kinda joke, right?

Katie: Merry Christmas, sweet heart. We are the proud new owners of an Australian sheep farm, free and clear.

Molly: Hi! Merry Christmas.

Messenger: Merry Christmas. If you could just sign right here --

Molly: Great. What do I get? Thanks.

Messenger: Thank you.

Molly: Bye. Whoo. Worldwide Industries?

Mike: Who was it?

Molly: It's a card or something from Lucinda. Do you mind if I open it? Hmm? Can I?

Mike: Whoa, whoa. You know what, don't open that. That's just -- that's some papers and stuff. All right?

Molly: A loan agreement? I'm so -- you know, I didn't know what it was. I thought it was a card or something..

Mike: No sweat. Lucinda's lawyer probably just sent it over.

Molly: So you took out a loan from Lucinda?

Mike: Yeah.

Molly: Mike, you know, you could've asked me. I would've given it to you.

Mike: The fastest way to screw up a relationship is to borrow money from someone you love.

Molly: Okay may be this is not my business, but you're not in some kind of trouble, are you?

Mike: No, I just -- kind of living the life of a nomad for a while. You know, I got some unpaid debts and some things I wanted to square away. You know? To try to get respectable. That's all. You're not angry, are you?

Molly: I just wish you would've felt like at least you could've shared that with me.

Mike: I'm not shutting you out of my life. I'm just, you know, trying not to bore you with debts. That's all.

Molly: Nothing about you could ever bore me. Look, if I'm being nosey, just tell me to butt out. But I really can't help it, 'cause I'm just --

Mike: You are worried. I know. That's why I didn't bring it up. It's just automatic buzz-kill, all right, don't worry. Everything's ok. Everything's taken care of.

Molly: Are you sure?

Mike: 100%.

Molly: Which will probably be the interest you end up paying Lucinda. But I'm not worried.

Mike: Good. Good. You get comfy right here by the fire, all right? I'll get a couple slices of pan pie. I'll be right back. Okay.

Carly: Are you calling me a whore?

Craig: On the list of things I could have called you, you lucked o.

Carly: I have heard that word whispered, and I've heard it shouted at me and you know something? I have never learned to shrug it off. I hate that word, Craig. It's a word people use when they've concluded that you're not living up to their expectations. Well, to hell with you. And to hell with your expectations! Don't touch me!

Craig: We've argued before, but we always moved past it. Is that what this thing with Mike Kasnoff is? You getting back at me?

Carly: Craig, have you not heard a word I've said to you over the past 2 1/2 years? I love Jack!

Craig: Well, I love the way you show it, dispensing sexual favors to your cousin's boyfriend. Hey, hey.

Carly: You just hate the fact that hell it wasn't you.

Craig: Don't ever confuse me for Mike Kasnoff or Jack.

Carly: Jack is ten times the man you will ever be. So is Mike, for that matter. If there's a loser in the making, Craig, it's you.

Craig: And you must know what a sore loser I can be.

Carly: Craig, where are you going?

Craig: To pay Mike Kasnoff and Molly a visit. Holidays are a time for visiting!

Carly: Craig

Craig: Merry Christmas, Carly.

Carly: Craig -- please don't do this, Craig. Craig!

Mike: Got a hand to help me here?

Molly: oh, what about two? To tickle you with.

Mike: Oh, hey, hey!

[Cell phone ringing]

Molly: Hey, no cell phones! I call foul.

Mike: Oh, will you kill me?

Molly: If it lasts longer than a minute, yeah, I will.

Mike: All right, time me.

[Cell phone ringing]

Mike: Hello?

Carly: It's me. I don't know if he was bluffing, but Craig may be on his way over to see you.

Mike: For what?

Carly: He knows, Mike. He knows everything.

Molly: Is everything okay? Because you have 30 seconds.

Mike: Yeah. Go on.

Carly: He figured out that the money in the safe was replaced today. He's gonna blow everything out of the water. He's gonna ruin you and Molly and me and Jack. And you've gotta find a way to stop him.

[Molly imitates a buzzer]

Molly: Time is up! Say good-bye, Mikey.

Mike: All right, you know what? I'll talk to you later, all right?

Jessica: What is he saying?

Margo: I don't know. But I'm not waiting much longer. You give Steinbeck an inch,

he turns it into 40 yards of rope, and he hang us all.

Jessica: Where's Jack?

Margo: All right, Marshall has got one minute to get his information. Jack's got one minute to get here. No matter what, I'm going in.

James: I'll give you what you want but I need something in return.

Marshall: Name it. What, Money? Property?

James: Your soul.

Marshall: I lost that the day I met you, James.

James: Is that a yes, Marshall? That a yes? I need to hear the word! I need it official, Marshall! I need it official!

Marshall: What, you want my soul? Then take it. Just tell me where Zara is!

James: She's in a city called Teresina.

Marshall: Teresina?

James: Yes, Tere --

Margo: Freeze, Steinbeck drop to the ground!

Jack: You heard what she said! Get down, now.

James: Quid pro quo, Marshall. Quid pro quo.

Marshall: What? What?

Margo: Marshall, back away from him!

James: A promise is a promise!

Jack: Get --


Jessica: Marshall!

Margo: This is Detective Hughes. I need an ambulance at tier six, dock five. We've got a man down.

Jessica: God. Oh, no. Marshall? Marshall? Oh -- oh, please! Please don't let this happen! Oh please! Don't let him die!

Margo: If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you without co before questioning. You understand your rights?

James: Yes.

Margo: Oh, James Steinbeck, I have waited a long time for this day. I'll see you at the station.

James: Guess I need a new lawyer.

Jessica: Is he all right? Is he gonna be all right?

Jack: His pulse is pretty strong. EMT should be here soon.

Jessica: All he wanted was to find his daughter Jack. He wasn't trying to hurt anybody. He just -- he just wanted to protect the child that he'll probably never know now. I mean, is that so unforgivable? Is that so wrong, Jack

Jack: No. No. I guess -- that's not so wrong

Jessica: Come on, Marshall. Come on. You hang in there. We got him. Got Steinbeck. So you've gotta hold on, and you gotta get better. And find your daughter. And who knows? May be you'll be one of the good guys you know, you owe me that much. You owe a lot us. And yourself. And I know you can do it. I know how stubborn you are.

Jack: Let them get in there and do their job. Come on, let him get in there. Come on.

Jessica: Marsha -- fight, Marshall!

EMT #1: Gunshot wound to the head?

Jack: Yeah. He's -- he's still breathing. His pulse is pretty strong. Come on.

EMT #2: Let scoop and run.

Katie: Say something.

Simon: I just can't believe it. I mean - you did this for me. You paid off the lien on the sheep farm?

Katie: Honey, I would do anything for you. When you first talked about your family's farm, what it was like to grow up there, I just heard something in your voice. And I imagined you there, playing as this innocent, sweet little boy. And I wanted you to have that to go back to, whenever you want to.

Simon: Yeah, but your dolls, honey -- I mean, they -- that was such a huge part of your childhood, too. I mean, I can't believe you sold them for this. I mean, you loved them.

Katie: I did. They were a very important part of my life. But they're just dolls. They're not you. I've outgrown them. I have you now. And I love you more than anything.

Simon: Hey, I love you so much.

Katie: So -- when do we meet our sheep?

Molly: Who was that?

Mike: Oh, that was just Carly wishing us a "merry, merry" and all that. You know what? What do you say we go to dinner tonight? You know? Go to Chicago, find some little secluded hideaway? We'll get some nice dinner, some expensive wine.

Molly: Right now?

Mike: Yeah. What happened to being spontaneous?

Molly: Well, I think it's a great idea -- for some other time. Because, Mike, it's almost Christmas. And you promised me that we were gonna get cozy and break out the snifters and warm up the brandy and hunker down, just the two of us. Unless you forgot.

Mike: I guess I did.

Molly: How could you forget?!

Mike: All right, all right, all right. It's just -- it's for a good reason. It's just -- Christmas has never -- you know, never meant very much to me. I've just -- I've never had anyone to celebrate it with, you know, to make it special.

Molly: Now you have me.

Mike: Exactly. There's nothing I want more than to spend from now until New Year's with you wrapped in my arms. This whole season's gonna be the best ever. And I will not let anything interrupt our celebration.

Molly: That is exactly what I wanted to hear. So -- why don't you put on this bow, get under that tree, so I can start unwrapping my present?

[A car pulls up outside]

Molly: Is everything all right?

Mike: Yeah. You know what? Why don't you go ahead and get that bottle of brandy and get everything ready? This'll take just a minute. All right? You wanted to see me?

Craig: I was hoping you could explain the $50,000 that was mysteriously replaced in the Monte Carlo safe.

Mike: Thought we had taken care of everything at the office, Craig.

Craig: You're referring to the night you and Carly turned the office into a swingers club?

Molly: Mike? Is that Craig's car outside?

Craig: Molly's home? Terrific. There's so much to tell her.

Molly: Honey? Is that Craig at the door?

Craig: Mollster!

Mike: You know what? I'll be just a minute, all right? I'll be right back.

Craig: Shouldn't cut your ladylove out of the equation. Perhaps she can help with the missing money.

Mike: It's not missing anymore, is it? Carly borrowed it, yes. But when she did, she knew I was gonna replace it.

Craig: Why did Carly need $50,000? Why couldn't she come to me or her cousin? Why did you feel the need to bankroll her?

Mike: It's complicated.

Craig: Simplify it.

Mike: Look, I need to get back inside. And you should be with your daughter, so --

Craig: Molly! I'm waiting!

Mike: What the hell are you doing?

Craig: Listen, if nothing happened between you and Carly, if everything has a reasonable explanation, then what does it matter what Molly hears? Huh? Ah. Well, then you've made everything perfectly clear, haven't you? Trying to keep it all in the family? Sisters, cousins? Hey, I've been there. I had Carly. Rosanna. Tell me, is Molly as insatiable as they are?

Molly: Okay. So who's gonna tell me what's going on out here?

Simon: I gotta tell you, that ranch, as I remember it, makes our first apartment at Burt's garage look like luxury housing.

Katie: Yeah, but I bet it's quiet and peaceful. Surrounded by nature.

Simon: Yeah, it's peaceful, all right. But have you ever smelled raw wool after it's been in the rain for a few weeks? Whew. Stinks.

Katie: It seems to me like you're not so into this.

Simon: Of course I'm into it. What are you talking about? I can't -- wait to go back. It's an incredible place. But -- you know, the timing's not so good, is it?

Katie: Okay. But soon, then, right?

Simon: Yeah. Yeah, soon.

Katie: Simon? Do you hear what I hear?

Simon: No, what?

Katie: Exactly! Suddenly, and finally, the world has gone silent. Come here. Look. I got my Christmas wish.

Bob: Ben -- Marshall Travers was just admitted through ER. Gunshot wound to the head.

Ben: They catch the shooter?

Bob: Yeah. It was Steinbeck. Travers is having a CT scan as we speak, to determine the extent of the injuries. He's unresponsive.

Ben: Ah, well -- sounds like he's gonna need surgery.

John: Look, we would love to have you consult on this, but --

Bob: Ben, I'm aware of your personal issues with Travers.

Ben: Look, I wanna operate. I'm the best chance you have at saving Travers' life. I mean, that's what we're all about, isn't it? Saving lives. More than your own weight.

Bob: Ben, you're the best neurosurgeon we have.

Ben: So what's your hesitation?

Bob: It's all the hours that you've been working lately. I mean, you're carrying a lot more than your own weight.

John: If you have any doubts whatsoever, Ben, please, we can have somebody choppered in from St. Louis, Chicago.

Ben: That's not an option. Gunshot wound to the head? Time is of the essence in a case like this. I wanna do this, Bob.

Bob: Okay. I'll alert the surgical team.

John: All right, he should be back in the trauma room any minute. I'm with the results of the CT scan.

Bob: All right. Travers is all yours, Ben.

Ben: Hey. Are you all right?

Jessica: He has a daughter, Ben. He doesn't know where she is, how she is, what she -- what she even looks like. You know? And everything -- everything he did, the good and the bad, he did for his little girl.

Ben: The man worked for James Steinbeck. Everybody who deals with Steinbeck ends up in jail, in the ER or in the morgue. So I'd say Travers got what was coming to him. Excuse me.

Jessica: Ben -- Ben, wait. Listen, hate his actions, but don't hate the man. Please, try to help him.

Ben: I -- I'm always trying to do the right thing. You used to know that about me, Jessica. So even if I do hate Travers and what he did, I'm going to try to save his life.

Katie: It's snowing. It's not even snowing -- it's practically a blizzard out here. Ah, it's so beautiful. It's just like our wedding.

Simon: It wasn't forecasted to snow.

Katie: Well, who cares what they say? Look how beautiful it is. Just look at it.

Simon: It's just a few passing flurries. Let's go inside.

Katie: No, no, no, wait.

Simon: Come in. It's freezing, honey! Come inside! What are you doing? Come inside now. Hey! Do you know what Santa does to bad little girls?

Katie: Does that look like a passing flurry to you, mister? Huh?

[Katie laughs]

Katie: Ah, no, no, no. Put me down. Put me down.

Simon: Thought you'd get away from me, didn't you?

Katie: Put me down.

Simon: I'll put you down, all right, butt-first into the snow.

Katie: Oh, really? No, you can't do that. No, no, no, no, no.

Simon: Give me one good reason.

Katie: Because, if you do, then when we get inside, you'll have to warm it up yourself.

Simon: Good idea. Let's skip the snow. And we'll go inside, and I'll give you the rest of my Christmas gift.

Katie: Mm. Merry Christmas, Simon Frasier.

Simon: Merry Christmas, Katie Frasier. Mwah!

Katie: Hurry, hurry.

Margo: James Steinbeck, you are being charged with murder one in the shooting of Brandy Taylor and with attempted murder in the shooting of Marshall Travers. If his injuries should prove fatal, those charges will be amended to an additional charge of murder in the first degree.

James: It's gonna be tricky, isn't it, Margo, prosecuting without a prosecutor?

Margo: Well, why don't we let the new D.A. decide whether to prosecute.

James: Just wake me when it's over.

Jack: You don't care that you're facing two murder convictions?

James: Whatever, Jack. My life without Barbara's gonna be no life at all, whether I'm in a prison cell or walking the street a free man.

Jack: Okay, well, in that case, we'll find you a cell that's cold and dark and make sure you stay there a long, long time.

James: I guess -- my life's in your hands.

Jack: Don't tempt me.

Margo: Oh, get him out of my sight.

James: Merry Christmas. Best to the kids.

Molly: You boys know the rules. No fighting at Christmastime, or Santa comes, and he takes everything back. So what's going on?

Craig: Oh, a long story, Moll.

Molly: But it's Christmas, and it's freezing outside. So if you have something to say, let's hear it.

Craig: Well, there is something I wanted you to hear. But I wanted you to hear it from me. Merry Christmas. See ya, Mike.

Mike: Sorry about the interruption.

Molly: Yeah. So do I get to hear what this is really about?

Mike: Yeah. But not tonight. All right? Tonight is about hot toddies, hot kisses. Waiting for Santa to come and see good boys and girls like you and me.

[Carly gasps]

Craig: You missed the fireworks.

Carly: You didn't!

Craig: Mike isn't a very good liar.

Carly: You told Molly?

Craig: No. I didn't. For you, since I know exactly where I stand with you now.

Carly: I don't know what you mean.

Craig: I thought that I would be the one you turned to when you had a need. But I won't forgive this.

Carly: You mean "forget." Don't you? You won't forget this. Because you have to forgive me, Craig.

Craig: Do I?

Carly: Don't tell Rosanna. You want to be the one I turn to in my hour of need? Well, I need you now. I need you more than I have ever needed you before. So hate me. If you have to. Harass me. Torture me. I don't care. But please don't let Rosanna ruin things for Mike and Molly. Or for me and Jack. I'm begging you, Craig.

Craig: I used to like it when you begged.

Carly: Dammit, Craig! Please! If I ever meant anything to you -- if you ever loved me at all -- please, please don't let me get hurt.

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