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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 12/19/02

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Lucy: Mom?

Sierra: You were asleep. But everything's okay.

Lucy: I keep forgetting. When I wake up, I don't remember where I am.

Sierra: I know. But that's gonna get better, and as soon as you are strong enough, we're going home.

Lucy: Home?

Sierra: To Montega.

3E026BFF.JPGCraig: I need your help, Aaron.

Aaron: Yeah, come on in. So is Lucy really getting better or not?

Craig: Oh, she's conscious. She's not complaining of much pain. She's glad to see her mother. Her mother's with her now. But she's having memory problems.

Aaron: Yeah, Alison told me that. I've been trying to see her at the hospital, but the doctors say it's family only.

Craig: Well, the doctors aren't aware of how close you and Lucy are, but I'll make sure you get in.

Aaron: Why are you doing this for me? 3E026C30.JPG

Craig: I'm doing it for Lucy. I'm not gonna lie to you, Aaron. I wish Lucy had never met you. But she did. And you're important to her. So important that she ran away from home. There's no denying that. Or that I was wrong about you. You didn't set that fire. You obviously care about my daughter.

Aaron: Alison said she doesn't seem to remember me.

Craig: Oh, she didn't -- until today. She said your name and -- smiled.

Carly: "Take one daily throughout pregnancy." What we need is a wrong daddy vitamin. Oh, and a get out of jail free card wouldn't hurt, either. [Phone ringing] Monte Carlo.

Jack: Hey, Monte Carlo. What'cha up to?

Carly: Trust me, you don't want to know. What about you?

Jack: I'm just calling my best girl to tell her how much I love her.

Carly: Uh-oh. I know what that means.

Jack: I'm pulling a double shift. Margo's been doing too much.

Carly: Well, she shouldn't be working at all, as sick as she's been. Just -- do me a favor, would you, and wake me up when you come home? I'd kind of like to feel your arms around me

3E026C6F.JPGJack: Mm, well, that can be arranged. Hello?

Carly: Yeah?

Jack: Just don't work too hard.

Carly: You know me.

Jack: And I love you, anyway.


Carly: I got to go. Where's Molly?

Mike: She's at work. And that was Jack on the phone, which means you and I can talk.

Carly: Do we need to talk?

Mike: Yes, we do. And you know why.

Judge: Are you prepared to continue, Ms. Griffin? 3E026CA2.JPG

Jessica: Yes, your honor, but if I could request a ten-minute recess --

Judge: We've only just reconvened, Ms. Griffin. We must move things along. The -- your request is denied.

Jessica: I appreciate that, your honor, but I could really use a moment.

Judge: There will be no recess. Bailiff, bring in the jury.

Marshall: Wait! Your honor, I'd like permission to address the court.

Judge: Mr. Travers, this court has been convened for the sole purpose of judging the guilt or innocence of Paul Ryan in the murder of Brandy Taylor. Do you wish to speak to that subject?

Marshall: Yes, I do, your honor.

Judge: You may proceed.

Paul: What the hell's going on?

Jessica: We'll see. We'll see.

Marshall: Your honor, Ms. Griffin is prepared to argue that Paul Ryan is innocent. She won't convince the jury. She has no proof. Which is why I have to come forward. Your honor, Paul Ryan is innocent. He should have never been charged.

3E026CD9.JPG[Courtroom reacts]

Judge: You're prepared to substantiate your allegations?

Marshall: I wasn't present in the hotel room when Brandy Taylor was shot and killed. But I know for a fact that the accused is not the murderer. The man who committed the crime is in the back of this courtroom. His name is James Steinbeck.

Bonnie: He was just here.

Isaac: I'll call Jack Snyder.

Marshall: Mr. Steinbeck has apparently left the courtroom, your honor, but he can't be more than 30 seconds away. If you could instruct the bailiff, your honor, to notify the Police Department --

Judge: Mr. Travers, you are out of order. D.A. or not, you may not act as a one-man grand jury and indict a new defendant. 3E026DE0.JPG

Marshall: Your honor, I'm prepared to offer evidence -- evidence that will surely result in an indictment of Mr. Steinbeck. I'll be glad to sit down with the Police Department and make a statement, but -- first, I'm resigning as District Attorney.

[Courtroom reacts]

Marshall: And as my last act as D.A., I'm dropping all charges against Paul Ryan.

Paul: I don't understand.

Jessica: It's over.

3E026E0F.JPGJudge: Let the record state that T. Marshall Travers, acting as District Attorney for the State of Illinois, has withdrawn all charges against Paul Ryan. Mr. Ryan, you are free to go.

Judge: Court is adjourned. And, Mr. Travers, I will deal with you later.

[Marshall sighs]

Marshall: Zara -- please forgive me.

Craig: Lucy's long-term memory doesn't seem to be affected. It's her short-term memory that she's having difficulty -- she recognized her mother. But it's this past year. That's where we're having trouble. She's having trouble getting the pieces together of this past year, and that's where you come in. Because, Aaron, this past year for Lucy has been about you.

3E026E4D.JPGAaron: So you need my help?

Craig: Lucy needs your help. And, yes, I need your help. I need you to help her remember she loves you, Aaron.

Aaron: You love your daughter.

Craig: Yes, I do. And that's what this has always been about. That is why I hounded you and dug up your past, because I didn't want you around. Instead, I got another child in the ICU. But -- this one survived. But I need your help, Aaron. Will you help me?

Aaron: I'll do anything for Lucy. You should know that by now. Come on, Craig. Let's go see the most beautiful girl in this world.

3E026E8E.JPGCarly: Don't tell me Henry came after you, too.

Mike: He wouldn't dare.

Carly: What was that supposed to mean?

Mike: That I wish you would have called me when Henry first approached you. I could have had a little talk with him.

Carly: Oh, Mike, this is so far beyond talking. Rosanna's on a warpath. And she told Craig.

Mike: No, she wouldn't.

Carly: She did. I was standing right there. The man was worried sick about his daughter. Lucy was in surgery at the time!

Mike: His daughter?

Carly: Yeah, she was in an accident. It doesn't look good. Rosanna saw me coming. And she's jealous. So she told Craig that you and I slept together. Just in case he was gonna cry on my shoulder, she wanted to head him off.

Mike: All right, and he believed her?

Carly: I don't know. I denied it, of course, but Rosanna's not gonna let this go away. I bet by now she's already told him about the $50,000 that I stole. Which is why I'm here, waiting for the axe to fall. Better here than at home.

Mike: I told you, you're not alone on this, all right? I'll take care of the 50 grand..

Carly: And how are you supposed to get your hands on $50,000 -- 3E026EC2.JPG

Mike: That's my problem. But Rosanna will not have that to use against you. Drink your water and just calm down, and we'll talk about this, all right?

Mike: You feel better?

Carly: Wow. If I don't have to go to jail for embezzling $50,000, yeah.

Mike: You won't. All right? But I want to know the rest.

Carly: What do you mean?

Mike: You were about to tell me something yesterday when Jack and Molly interrupted us. What was it?

3E026FDF.JPGMarshall: Mr. and Mrs. Taylor -- I know this may seem a bit confusing, but you have my word -- justice will be done

Isaac: All right, Jack put an APB out before I could get off the phone. I could hear him hollering in the background. And he also said he would look after your mother. He's sent a couple guys.

Paul: Okay, all right, good. 'Cause that's the first place he'll go.

Bonnie: Wait, wait, wait -- can we just take a minute to take all this in? Paul, you're a free man.

Paul: Jessica, you're telling me I can just -- I can just walk out of here?

Jessica: You can just walk out of here.

Kim: Paul?

Paul: Hey!

Kim: Congratulations.

Paul: Thank you.

Kim: Oh, honey, it's so exciting. I just -- 3E026FFC.JPG

Paul: I won.

Kim: I'll say you did. I just was out looking for your mother. I promised I'd keep her posted.

Paul: What, she was here?

Kim: She seems to have gone.

Paul: She was here? I told her to go home.

Kim: No, no, when I came in, she was out in the corridor.

Paul: I wish she would go to the Police station, 'cause that's the safest place she could be.

Kim: Well, I'm sure she's fine. It's full of police, this building. I'll go look again.

Paul: Okay. You know what? I'm gonna go -- I'm gonna go check in with Jack, okay?

Jessica: Great. I'll come over to the station. I just need to finish a few things here.

Paul: Thank you.

Jessica: You're welcome.

Paul: Bonnie, Isaac, you saved my life. Come here.

Isaac: She saved your life. I'm just --

Bonnie: Congratulations.

Paul: Hey.

Isaac: I'm just arm jewelry. Okay, all right, all right.

3E027017.JPGPaul: All right, Jessica, I'll be in touch.

Jessica: Okay.

Isaac: I just hope they find Steinbeck sooner rather than later.

Bonnie: Yeah, well, I hope that they put T. Marshall Travers in jail, where he belongs.

Jack: A.D.A. Hart's on her way over with Travers.

Commissioner: Well, he'd better damn well have some answers.

Jack: You get ahold of Barbara Ryan?

Cop #1: No such luck.

Jack: I've got Lopez over at Fairwinds with the team. Call him and remind him to check the tunnels. We have to find Barbara Ryan, and fast. Fast.

3E02703C.JPGMarshall: Detective Snyder. Any luck finding James Steinbeck?

Jack: That's Police business.

Evelyn: Marshall, the commissioner is waiting.

Jack: Anybody wants me, tell them I'll be right back, okay? Hey, hey, hey!

Paul: Hey.

Jack: He's a free man.

Paul: Yeah, thanks. Feels good, man. Look at me. No cuffs. I'd have been down here sooner, but I got swamped by the press.

Jack: What can I say? Everybody loves a winner.

3E027063.JPGPaul: My mother here?

Jack: Not yet.

Paul: But you're checking on her, right?

Jack: Well, she's not at John Dixon's, and we've got some people over at Fairwinds

Paul: You check down in the tunnels?

Jack: Yeah, and we've got a team looking at the hotel where she was staying with Will. If you have any ideas --

Paul: She was in the corridor outside the courtroom when James bolted. I think

Mike: What aren't you telling me? 3E027086.JPG

Carly: Isn't this bad enough? I stole $50,000. Rosanna is on to us.

Mike: There's more. I know there is. You're scared. I see it every time you look at me.

Carly: Yes, I'm scared! Of course I'm scared. I'm scared that Jack is gonna find out. I know he's gonna find out, and then he will leave me. And I will have nothing left. Rosanna will take the company away from me, Molly will hate me for the rest of my life, and I'll be out in the street.

Mike: They're gonna be upset with us, yes, but they'll probably forgive us. In any event, you'll never be on the street. I -- I'll take care of you and Parker.

Carly: If only it were that simple.

3E0270AB.JPGMike: Then what aren't you telling me? Why'd you pay Henry $50,000 for one night that we can explain? It just doesn't make sense.

Carly: What can I say? I panicked.

Mike: There's more. There's more than just Henry's word against ours. All right, now, why are you so scared?

Emily: Oh, my God.

Sierra: Aaron -- Aaron. 3E0270E4.JPG

Aaron: I am so sorry for all of this. I never should have let Lucy get in and come along.

Sierra: Listen, from my experience, you don't let Lucy do anything. You just get out of her way, and you hope for the best.

Aaron: Still, this whole thing got out of hand.

Sierra: I understand you've been exonerated.

Aaron: Yes, ma'am, I have.

Sierra: Well, then, if I'm not mistaken, you are still a hero. A boy who saved two children from a three-alarm fire.

Aaron: Ms. Esteban, you're about the fairest human being I've ever met.

Sierra: Well, let's not let that get out, shall we? No, I'm sure that both of us wish this never would have happened.

3E02710D.JPGCraig: Is Lucy awake? 'Cause I'm sure Aaron is anxious to see Lucy.

Sierra: Yes, she is. But she may not remember you right away. Just go slowly. Give it time.

Aaron: Okay, I will. Thank you so much.

Sierra: I wish you well.

Sierra: Well, you've certainly had a change of heart.

Craig: What, about Aaron? Well, you just said he was a hero.

Sierra: You are so transparent.

Craig: What? What? It was Hal Munson on the case. I was just trying to calm down the situation. Ask Aaron. He'll tell you Holden and I kept ol' Hal back as long as we could.

Sierra: No, the only reason that Hal Munson was fixated on Aaron is because you've been trying to hang something on this poor boy for the past six months.

Craig: You said yourself we should keep an eye on him and Lucy. 3E027139.JPG

Sierra: An eye, not a posse.

Craig: Okay, I was wrong. Aaron loves Lucy, Lucy loves Aaron, and woe betide the parent who tries to keep them apart. I got that.

Sierra: Meaning?

Craig: Meaning you were right. Lucy should be allowed to see Aaron, all right? Particularly while she recovers. They need to be together.

Sierra: In other words, here. In Oakdale.

Craig: Oh, yeah. That's where Aaron lives, yeah. While she recovers, yes.

Sierra: You are not going to use this boy to keep Lucy here. I won't allow it.

[Monitor beeping]

3E02726E.JPGAaron: Lucy? Hey. Do you remember who I am?

Lucy: Aaron.

[Monitor beeping]

Aaron: Hi. You in pain?

Lucy: Sometimes. Not now. That blonde girl who was in here --

Aaron: Alison?

Lucy: You know her?

Aaron: Yeah. Yeah, she's a friend, Luce. She's your friend, too. The three of us hung out a lot together.

Lucy: She said something -- that I'm supposed to remember, but I don't. 3E0272A9.JPG

Aaron: It's okay. It's okay. It'll come to you. Lucy -- do you remember riding on that motorcycle?

Lucy: No. I don't think so.

Aaron: We rode all the way to Webster University. Just you and me. And you had your own helmet. I got it for you.

Lucy: For Christmas? No. It's not Christmas yet. My mom said it was soon.

Aaron: It's next week. It's next week.

Lucy: Next week. Right. I keep getting everything mixed up.

Aaron: Lucy -- it'll settle down, Luce. It will. Just give it some time.

Craig: Do I want Lucy to stay here in Oakdale? Of course I do. And if I could manipulate you or Aaron -- or heck, if I could get Dr. Ben Harris to insist that she stay in the hospital -- I would. But I can't. So all I'm left with is the truth. And the truth is that our baby is hurt. And she needs all the help we can give her.

3E0272E4.JPGSierra: Well, she will recover in Montega just fine, thank you.

Craig: No, no. She needs familiar faces, Sierra. She needs her friends. She needs to see Alison, Aaron, her teachers. And me. Even her grandmother. That's what she needs. She needs to remember things that happened in the recent months before the accident. She doesn't -- that's what she's forgotten. She doesn't need to remember you or Montega. You know? That's just what John Dixon said. You take her out of Oakdale, you could set her recovery back.

Sierra: Well, I don't happen to believe that John Dixon has the last word here.

Craig: Sierra, Lucy came to be with me because she wanted to grow. Correct? And she was afraid that you weren't gonna let her do that.

Sierra: The decision has been made. As soon as Ben Harris tells me that she is strong enough to travel, I am taking Lucy home.

Craig: That is not fair.

Sierra: Fair? Craig, I have given you over a year. And it has been one disaster after another. Either Lucy's calling me or you're calling me. My mother, Lily. I hop on an airplane. I fly up here to try to save my child. That's not good for her, and it is terrible for me. I am constantly waiting for the phone to ring. I got one foot out the door. And then I come here, and I try to manage your crisis. You're a walking catastrophe, and I just -- I just can't do it anymore. I'm done.

Emily: Carly! You around? It's Emily! 3E02731C.JPG

Carly: Hi.

Emily: Hi, Mike. How's my favorite diva?

[Carly whispering]

Carly: Get rid of him.

Emily: No, I will not try on your clothes. I already---- would you please tell her that I'm a sorry excuse for a model?

Carly: At least I can trust you to tell me when a dress is hideous.

Emily: Well, that's true. That's why they call me "Emily Sunshine." Or Emily "Sunshine" Munson, if I could ever find my husband. Anyone see him? Hmm? His name's H..

Mike: If I run into him, I'll send him home, which is where I'm headed.

3E02733C.JPGEmily: Hey, don't let me chase you off.

Mike: Here's your hat. What's the hurry? Thanks for the investment advice. I know just where to get the money.

Emily: Hey. Is Monte Carlo going public? Because if that's the case, I'm in. This is a very talented girl.

Mike: That she is. I'll see you tomorrow.

Carly: Hey -- give Molly my love.

Emily: Hey, any time you need a room cleaned -- so how're you doing?

Carly: Just peachy.

Emily: The baby?

Carly: Oh, the baby's fine. It's everything.

Jack: Steinbeck's outta leverage. No way your mother would've gone with him. 3E027368.JPG

Paul: No, not willingly, no. But if he threatened her -- Jack, look, she's afraid of him.

Jack: Let's not forget she stabbed him in Singapore.

Paul: All right, believe me, I hope you're right.

Jack: If anything, your mother has the upper hand. Steinbeck was just accused in open court. Travers is turning state's evidence against him. We got -- hey! There she is.

Paul: Hey, Jessica.

3E02737F.JPGJack: You do good work, counselor.

Jessica: Well, thank you, sir. I believe you have some personal effects that belong to my client.

Jack: This woman, she just doesn't let up, does she?

Cop #1: Detective Snyder?

Jack: Yeah. Excuse me.

Jessica: So any sign of your father?

Paul: No, not yet. You think he knew Travers would sell him out?

Jessica: I think Travers fully expected to have to take the stand. And then when the judge ruled against my motion -- but I'm just glad he stepped up and did the right thing.

Paul: Jessica, I owe you an apology. I lost faith in you. Gave you a hard time when you needed my support the most. And I was wrong. Marshall Travers does actually have a streak of decency left in him.

Jessica: You don't have to apologize. 3E0273A8.JPG

Paul: Your strategy worked, though. Marshall cracked. But why?

Jessica: His father came up here from Atlanta to talk to him. Brandy Taylor's parents were sitting in the courtroom. I couldn't swear it was either of those things. I don't know why Marshall made the sacrifice.

Paul: I do.

Isaac: Yeah, I know it's not over. And Steinbeck is still out there. But from time to time, you gotta kick back and relax, or you're gonna burn out. And with the charges dropped and Paul a free man -- and, best of all, I admit, Marshall Travers down for the count. I mean, you see him in court, standing up admitting that he's a lying, conniving, cheating sonofa -- what are you doing?

3E02749D.JPGBonnie: Getting ready to open?

Isaac: Yes, I can see that. Why?

Bonnie: It helps me think.

Isaac: About?

Bonnie: My mother. She won this case, and that is terrific. I mean, not just for Paul, either. For her. Because I know her practice will take off now -- if that's what she really wants. And I wouldn't even be surprised if they asked her to come back to be D.A. At least until they hold some special election, of which she'd win. Now her career is right back on track. It's just her love life that we have to fix.

Isaac: We have to fix what?

Bonnie: They need us. They are in love, Isaac. 3E0274D8.JPG

Isaac: Who?

Bonnie: Your brother and my mother. And I know it kinda went off track for a bit. But with Marshall running around town telling the entire world that he is a lowdown, dirty snake in the -- call him. Call him! Call Ben. Call him at the hospital. And tell him everything that happened. And then tell him that we're going to have a certain little celebration, and then he can come up -- what are you doing?

Isaac: Would I be happy if your mother and my brother were back together? If it makes them happy, yes. But this is gonna take some time. It's gonna take awhile for Ben to get past the hurt. And if you and I try to push things --

Bonnie: I know. I know. I just --

Isaac: You want to see your mother happy. I want to see Ben happy. But most of all -- most of all, I want to see you and me happy. Hmm? So why don't we just make this a private celebration?

3E027503.JPGBonnie: Mm. Can't we just call him -- just call him and tell him about Paul? Please?

Isaac: He reads the paper.

Bonnie: Okay. Okay, no, you're right. I just -- I want him to know that Marshall is out of my mother's life.

Isaac: That's up to your mother.

Paul: I think we both know why Marshall fell on his sword. 3E02753B.JPG

Jessica: I don't think anyone knows, least of all Marshall.

Paul: Jessica, he's in love with you.

Jessica: Well, it really doesn't matter why he did what he did. But he did it, and you are finally free. Now, with any luck, they'll find your father and put him where he belongs. Jack, any word on Steinbeck?

Jack: Not yet.

Paul: What about my mother?

Jack: Did you check your messages?

3E027552.JPGPaul: On my way down here, yeah.

Jack: Well, check 'em again. And we're gonna want to check your suite at the Lakeview.

Paul: Good. Good idea. It'd be just like my father to hole up there.

Jack: You mind calling Lisa and telling her you okayed it?

Paul: Yeah, absolutely.

Evelyn: They just made me acting D.A.

Jessica: Congratulations.

Evelyn: Jessica, I don't want the job, and I told them that. So don't be surprised if you get a call.

Jessica: Well, Evelyn, it's a little soon --

Evelyn: Just think about it, okay? 3E02759A.JPG

Jessica: So -- how does it feel?

Marshall: To throw my career away? I can build another. But to admit to the world that I'm complicit in a murder, Brandy Taylor's murder? That wasn't part of the plan. Yes, I charged Paul Ryan knowing he was innocent. I put him through hell.

Jessica: Because Steinbeck was using your daughter as a bargaining chip.

Marshall: Yes, my daughter. Knowing that I'll never be able to find Zara, or save her, know her? It feels -- it feels like -- like I deserve this, this pain. But she doesn't. She doesn't deserve the life I've condemned her to. And I guess that's my cross to bear.

Jessica: And you chose to bear it. You stopped lying. Why?

Lucy: So you and me -- what am I forgetting?

Aaron: Well -- last summer? We spent a lot of time together. You used to like to take long walks by the pond at my grandmother's farm. We used to go swimming at the Country Club. You actually went swimming. I was working most of the time.

3E0275E5.JPGLucy: Swimming -- in a pool?

Aaron: Yes, there you go. The pool at the Country Club.

Lucy: And that girl was there.

Aaron: Alison, yes.

Lucy: Wait. Can you ride motorcycles on grass? I'm remembering grass.

Aaron: The pasture. There you go, yes. Your dad didn't like us on the main roads, so we used to ride around on the farm. You're remembering. See, you're doing it. You've just gotta give yourself a chance, Luce.

Lucy: Ask me something else.

Aaron: Okay, what about St. Louis, hmm? We were there last week. You were coming to meet me at Washington University. And that's when you got hit by the trolley.

Lucy: I don't remember any of that.

Aaron: Hey, that's okay. Hey, if it was me, I wouldn't want to remember that, either.

Lucy: The barn.

Aaron: You remember the barn? 3E027618.JPG

Lucy: You were there.

Aaron: Yes. Yes.

Lucy: It was dark.

Aaron: Yes. We were totally alone. It was up in the hayloft. We could see the moon through the cracks in the wall.

Lucy: I couldn't see you. There was smoke. The barn was on fire.

Aaron: Yeah, yeah. You're right. You're right. There was a fire at a different barn, here in Oakdale, at my grandmother's farm. I was talking about a couple weeks ago. We were alone in this other barn in the woods. It was just you and me. And it was a very important night, very special.

3E02765E.JPGLucy: Why?

Aaron: Why was it important? Because we were happy.

Lucy: I don't remember. What if I never remember?

Aaron: Listen, no, no. Hey, you remembered swimming at the Country Club, didn't you? Huh? How about the motorcycle in the pasture? Come on. It's gonna come to you. Trust me. Just give it some time. You should sleep, okay?

Lucy: Aaron? Are we friends? We are, aren't we?

Aaron: Yeah. Yeah, we are.

Lucy: Will you come back?

Aaron: Absolutely. Don't you worry about a thing, okay?

Lucy: Okay.

Craig: How'd it go? How'd it go? 3E027786.JPG

Aaron: She knew who I was. Up to a point.

Craig: Well, see, see? I knew you'd be good for her.

Aaron: But she doesn't remember running away, or St. Louis, or any of it.

Craig: Well, the doctors say that's normal with traumatic injuries like this. The recent memories are the first to go and the last to come back. But with your seeing her every day, it's gonna be great for her.

Aaron: Yeah, and then what?

Craig: What do you mean?

Aaron: Well, I mean, I come here every day for Lucy, not you. And little by little, she'll start remembering everything. And then what? Huh? You gonna tell the staff to throw me out? You're gonna go home and tell your lawyers to cook up another restraining order?

3E0277B8.JPGCraig: All I care about is my daughter's recovery, and for that she needs you.

Aaron: Mm. And after she starts remembering everything, you won't keep me from seeing her? 'Cause I'm telling you, she won't be able to take it. Me getting her to remember everything, feel everything, and then you ripping us apart again.

Craig: I'm not the one you need to worry about here, Aaron. I'm not gonna try and keep you apart.

Mike: Thank you for meeting me, Lucinda.

Lucinda: It's okay. It's okay. I mean, you made it sound really urgent.

Mike: How's your granddaughter doing? I -- I heard about the accident. 3E0277ED.JPG

Lucinda: Well, her mother is here. Thank God her mother is here. Actually, it's touch and go. There's some nasty complications. So we've got our fingers crossed. Who am I kidding? I'm down on my knees, hoping for some divine intervention. But that's not why you wanted to see me. So what is it?

Mike: No. It's not.

Lucinda: Come on, come on. It's not a problem with Molly, is it?

Mike: No, no, we're fine.

Lucinda: Well -- what is it?

Mike: I wouldn't come to you if I had any other way to handle this.

3E027818.JPGLucinda: Oh, I'm the last resort. I'm really flattered. I would have hoped that you'd come to me first.

Mike: It's a big favor.

Lucinda: Well, darling. Come on. Out with it, out with it! None of us is getting any younger.

Mike: I need to borrow 50 grand.

Lucinda: $50,000? You must be in deep trouble.

Carly: I'm pregnant. And that is not gonna go away. Pretty soon, Jack is gonna notice. Don't you think? So then what? Do we celebrate? I don't even know if this baby is his. And so what? Do I tell him? That I don't know? And then he either leaves me, or he stays with me and we live with all the questions and the guilt and the anger and the resentment for another seven months. And then what? After the baby's born, another paternity test? I just don't think I can take this anymore. Which is why I would much rather talk about you. So how's Hal? And why don't you know where he is? 3E02784D.JPG

Emily: I don't know where he is because he doesn't want anybody to know where he is. I thought maybe you would know. I thought maybe he would call you, you know, checking on Parker.

Carly: Well, if he had, I would've told him to get home to his wife where he belongs.

Emily: So -- what was Mike doing here?

Carly: Mike was just -- we were just talking about -- Mike stopped by --

Emily: He's the father. Isn't he?

Jack: Snyder. Anything? Okay, keep at it. Yeah. No word on Barbara.

Paul: I told her to stay away from that courtroom. Why didn't she listen to me?

3E027884.JPGMarshall: Why did I stop lying? I saw your face when the judge denied your motion. You weren't going to get me on the stand. You couldn't prove my connection to Steinbeck, that he'd set up Brandy Taylor's murder. And Paul was going to take the rap. And your heart broke. I saw it. I couldn't bear to put you through anything like that, to cause you so much pain.

Jessica: So you did this for me?

Marshall: Yes.

Paul: He's got my mother. And they're long gone.

Jack: That's not a possibility. Look, I got that call like two minutes after Travers named him in court. I put out an APB right then. He's not going to escape this time, Paul.

[Bell ringing] 3E0278B8.JPG

James: Ho, ho, ho! Help the little ones at Christmas. Help the little -- oh, thank you. Help the little ones. How generous of you, ma'am. Barbara, darling, it's your husband. Don't -- no, don't hang up until you hear what I've got to say. Now, I'm coming to get you. And you're going to help me get out of town. Why? Why? Because it's Christmas, and you love me. If you don't help me get out of here, I'll kill Paul. I've gotta go, darling. See you soon. Good-bye. Ho, ho, good officer. Help the little ones. Oh, officer. Dig a little deeper, officer. Help the little ones at Christmas. Very good. Merry Christmas. Ho, ho, ho. -

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