ATWT Transcript Wednesday 12/18/02


As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 12/18/02

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Katie: Hi!

Simon: All right. I've got milk, bread, popcorn, chocolate, beer. All the major food groups represented right here.

Katie: And you got a delivery.

Simon: Oh, another one? Well, aren't I Mr. Popular?

Katie: It's from Australia.

Simon: I need to put these things in the kitchen. 3E012EE6.JPG

Simon: So what's going on here? It's like a -- it's like a doll convention. Where have you been all my life, you dirty, filthy little minx?

Katie: Hey, hey, hey, hey. She's got knickers on, and she's keeping 'em on. This is the first year I've actually had room to set out my whole collection. They were probably so claustrophobic in those boxes, huh?

Simon: Well, being a doll and claustrophobia, that's not a very good combination, is it?

Katie: "So, Simon, are you gonna open up your box?"

Simon: Yeah, yeah, I'll get around to it, doll face.

Katie: "Katie said I had to be patient, but I just can't wait anymore. Could you please open up your box?" Simon? Come on! We know it's about your uncle's sheep farm. Open it already.

3E012F26.JPGEmily: Oh, yum. Butt cookies. Oh, with cinnamon, too. Emma has been very busy.

Holden: Yes, she has. This place has been one big Christmas cookie factory ever since Thanksgiving.

Emily: Look at the tins everywhere.

Holden: Any takers?

Alison: I'm not hungry. Thanks.

Holden: Aaron?

Aaron: No, I'm fine.

Emily: What's wrong with you guys?

Alison: It's weird being back here, isn't it?

Aaron: I don't know. No, it feels kinda good, actually. It's like home.

Alison: But doesn't it spook you out, seeing the barn all burned up?

Aaron: No, it makes me sad, actually. I mean, I practically lived in that barn -- doing chores and fixing that old bike up. Me and Lucy had a lot of good times in there, too. Maybe you and I can knock it down, start a new one. 3E012F47.JPG

Holden: Rebuilding? That sounds good to me. I'd definitely say it's time to start over.

Emily: In more ways than one.

Alison: Give me a break! How can you guys talk about rebuilding and starting over when the Oakdale posse is on their way over here?

Emily: Alison, they just wanna talk to the two of you.

Alison: Oh, come on! Aaron broke out of jail with my help. They probably want to lock us up and throw away the key.

Rosanna: You just need to relax and eat something warm.

Craig: Yes, well, why can't I do that in my suite? I told Lucy I'd just change and come right back, anyway.

Rosanna: Hospital blue wears on one. I think you need a change of scenery, too. 3E012F73.JPG

Craig: You don't fool me.

Rosanna: I like taking care of you. I've never made a secret of that.

[Craig chuckles]

Craig: You're hiding me from Sierra.

Rosanna: She'll never think to look for you here.

Craig: No, she's too busy try to figure out a way to get Lucy on a plane to Montega.

Rosanna: Mm. Seeing her only daughter in that condition, Sierra's nerves have to be absolutely raw. That is the only reason why she's threatening to take Lucy to Montega.

Craig: No. No, no, no. It's me, too. She trusted me with our daughter. And Lucy ran away and ended up in the hospital.

Rosanna: I think you should give her a little while to adjust. Time has a way of softening blows, changing minds.

Craig: No, Sierra doesn't change her mind. She just digs in. If Lucy goes back with her mother---- 3E012F9A.JPG

[Craig sighs]

Rosanna: Well, Lucy's just not going to go back to Montega.

Craig: Your faith in me is very touching.

Rosanna: No, Lucy -- that won't happen. I won't let it happen.

James: Paul -- you can slay two birds with one stone. Just give your mother permission to go away with your father. She's not gonna budge without your blessing.

Barbara: Paul -- maybe we should consider this.

3E012FD5.JPGPaul: Mom, how could you possibly consider going away with this man? What about Will?

Barbara: Hal is with Will. He's in a much better position to take care of him than I am.

Paul: Did you ever think Will might need both of his parents?

Barbara: If I go ay with your father, the charges will be dropped. You'll be free. And I want that more than anything in the world.

James: Paul, it is a win-win situation. 3E012FFB.JPG

Paul: Shut up! You shut up. There's no way in hell I'm letting mom go anywhere with you. I'd spend the rest of my life behind bars before I'd let that happen.

James: Paul, think here a minute. Do you want to spend the next 50 years of your life pumping iron so you can protect yourself in those dark hallways when the lifers come after you? Huh? Barbara, do you wanna see your handsome son here, so full of promise, in the throngs of the unwashed? And it will all begin the moment they say, "guilty, guilty, guilty."

Bonnie: Oh, wait, wait, no -- Mr. Travers. Did you talk to Marshall? I'm sorry. Where are my manners? This is my mother, Jessica Griffin. Mom, this is Marshall's father, Oliver Wendell Travers.

Jessica: The Oliver Wendell Travers. I had no idea. It's an honor.

3E013029.JPGOliver: The honor is mine. You know, your daughter ought to consider a career in law. She is very persuasive.

Bonnie: Yeah, well, I got it from my mom.

[Jessica laughs]

Oliver: So, you're defending the man my son is prosecuting?

Jessica: The innocent man.

Isaac: Have you talked to Marshall?

Oliver: Yes, I have. He's inside. I don't know if what I said made things better or worse. But I said it. 3E013058.JPG

Jessica: Well, whatever you said, things can't get much worse. So thank you. Do you intend to stay for the trial?

Oliver: No. I'll follow it from a distance. The courtroom belongs to you and my son. I've said my piece. The rest is up to him. Good luck to you today.

Jessica: Thank you. Well, I guess I should get in there and try to talk to Marshall again.

Bonnie: Do you want us to be in there with you?

Jessica: No, no. No, that's not necessary. I'll be fine.

Isaac: Good luck.

Bonnie: I love you.

Jessica: I love you, too.

Bonnie: Do good.

3E0130B6.JPGJessica: I just met your father. He's quite a man.

Marshall: Bonnie and Isaac went through a great deal of trouble. But running to tell daddy has neither shaken me nor softened my position. I will prosecute Paul Ryan and put him away. And nobody, not even you, Jessica, is going to stop me.

Jessica: Well, I intend to do my best. But for Paul's sake, for my sake, for the sake of the man who raised you and watched you turn your back on everything he taught you, I'm hoping the person who stops you is you, Marshall.

Emily: Ali, will you relax? You don't even know what's gonna happen. And if you ask me, I think there's a good possibility that the charges against you are gonna be dropped.

Alison: The doom squad's here. 3E013198.JPG

Emily: Will you relax? And just -- let's hear what they have to say.

Holden: Hey, Margo.

Margo: Hi!

Holden: Come on in.

Emily: Hey, Margo.

Margo: Hi. I hope everyone knows Evelyn Hart, the Assistant District Attorney?

Evelyn: Happy holidays, everyone.

Alison: You mean, "bah, humbug."

3E0131B6.JPGMargo: No one's here trying to ruin your holidays. We just want everyone to be clear about where the Police Department and the District Attorney's office stand.

Holden: I hope you considered everything, especially Will Munson's statement?

Evelyn: I read it, yes. And although it's not a confession per se, it does raise some serious doubts about Aaron's role in the fire.

Holden: Well, what about my mother's neighbor's statement? He said that he saw Aaron driving the truck onto the property after the fire had already started.

Evelyn: Well, that was actually very compelling evidence. Which is why I'm willing, for the time being and pending further investigation -- I'm dropping the charges against Aaron.

Holden: That's great.

Aaron: Yes!

Evelyn: But -- but there's still the matter about the escape from jail. Now, we've gone back and forth on this one back at the office. 3E0131DC.JPG

Margo: But we think a case can be made for wrongful imprisonment.

Evelyn: So prosecuting may be an exercise in futility. Those charges may be dropped, as well.

Aaron: Oh, are you serious? So I'm off the hook?

Margo: Well, it looks that way, little buddy. Of course, we still have to investigate Will's statement. But the chances are about 99% that you're gonna be cleared.

Alison: You were right, Emily. Oh, did you hear that? You're off the hook! It's over!

Evelyn: Just a moment, Miss Stewart. Unfortunately, your case is another story.

3E013219.JPGRosanna: Look, I care about you. And you obviously want Lucy here. I'm just willing to do anything to make that happen.

Craig: In the past, you have suggested she go back to Montega.

Rosanna: Well, the past -- exactly, under very different circumstances.

Craig: That episode yesterday in the hospital with Carly was no fun.

Rosanna: Yes, and I'm sorry. I do regret that. I regret my timing but I promise you that I'm done with it. I'm through with letting petty jealousies and insecurities cloud our relationship.

Rosanna: Do you think it's true what they say?

Craig: Hmm?

Rosanna: Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Craig: Well, if what happened in Nashville is what happens with time apart, then -- I vote for more road trips.

[Rosanna laughs]

Craig: No, that did mean a lot to me.

Rosanna: It's nice when you confide in me. I like it. Makes me feel I could tell you almost anything.

Craig: Yeah, we're getting closer. It's good for Sierra to see us together. 3E013245.JPG

Rosanna: Sierra?

Craig: Yeah, it shows we have some consistency -- I have some consistency in my life. But I wonder if --

Rosanna: What? You wonder what?

Craig: Well, if your being next to me so much isn't hurting more than it is helping.

Paul: He lives to scare you, mom. Don't let him.

James: You know, the power of love is astonishing. After everything that's happened between you two, with Will and with Rose, you still wanna protect your mother. It warms my heart.

3E01326F.JPGBarbara: You stop goading him, James!

James: Goading?

Barbara: You're baiting him into trying saying something to hurt me.

James: I'm simply making a point.

Barbara: There's no point to be made. I know where I stand with Paul. I'm at peace with it.

Jack: Sorry to bust up the family reunion. It's showtime. You ready?

Paul: Yeah, I don't want you to come.

Barbara: I want to be there. I want to go. 3E01328F.JPG

Paul: I don't want you to sit through it. Do you understand?

Barbara: I want to be there for you, Paul. I want people see that I am your mother, and I support you.

Paul: And I understand that, and I appreciate it. But James was right about one thing. I do love you. I still care what happens to you. So promise me you will not step foot in that courtroom.

Barbara: I love you, too. You're gonna take him yourself, Jack, aren't you?

Jack: Sure.

Paul: Don't you dare try anything with her.

James: Barbara has nothing to fear from me. She's always been able to do exactly as she pleases.

Jack: You ready?

Barbara: Is that necessary, Jack?

Jack: Sorry, Barbara.

James: Barbara -- you know, when Paul said that he loved you, you've never looked so beautiful. The look in your eyes was so soft and so compassionate. Well, it gave me hope.

Barbara: And why is that?

James: That one day I would see that look, and -- it would be for me.

3E0132D6.JPGJessica: Ben?

Ben: Hey, I can't stay long.

Jessica: Well, I didn't expect to see you here after what happened this morning.

Ben: Yeah, well, I just had to let you know that, no matter what, I believe in you as a lawyer. You're one of the rarest and the best. And if anybody can pull this off, it's you.

Jessica: Thank you for saying that.

Ben: Obviously, this isn't the place or the time for a long pow-wow. I know that I have been harsh with you lately. 3E01330B.JPG

Bonnie: Just give them some time.

Ben: You keep your head in the game, and you will do fine, because you are a winner. Straight up. All right?

Isaac: You, sir, are one class act. You know that? Does this mean that you and Jessica are back on the mend?

Ben: No. It just means I messed with that S.O.B.'s head.

3E01333B.JPGDawn: Mr. Travers. I'm Dawn Taylor. This is my husband, Mac. We're Brandy Taylor's parents.

Marshall: Yes, yes. I lost my head. I apologize. I should have recognized you.

Mac: No, no. We've only spoken on the phone. That's quite all right.

Dawn: It's such a relief you're taking this case personally. We were so afraid it was gonna be in the hands of someone less experienced. We want our daughter's killer brought to justice.

Mac: We want nothing more. Do you understand?

Dawn: You'll do that for us, won't you?

Marshall: Yes, of course.

Katie: So, what's in the box? 3E01343D.JPG

Simon: Old letters, ledgers, deed information. Manuals. Wow.

[Simon laughs]

Katie: Family photo.

Simon: Oh, wasn't I cute?

Katie: Is that you?

Simon: Mm-hmm. My sister and me.

Katie: That was before --

Simon: Way, way before. There was a time, actually, way back then, when Celia was as sane as anybody. We used to get along really well back in those days. Romping down the pastures. Playing silly little games, rolling around in the mud till way after dark. I told you that we lived there till my aunt died, didn't I?

Katie: Yeah.

[Simon sighs] What are you thinking?

Simon: Ah. That before you and I moved into this cottage, this old sheep station was the only real home I'd ever known.

3E013473.JPGEmily: What does she mean, Alison's case is a different story?

Margo: The charges against her are aiding and abetting a felon.

Emily: But she just said that Aaron's not a felon.

Margo: And theft of government property.

Emily: Government property?

Margo: Yeah, the keys to the jail cell.

Alison: I just borrowed them from Hal.

Emily: Alison, just -- there's gotta be a way around this. I mean, she's not gonna be arrested, is she?

Evelyn: I don't intend to move on this until after your husband and stepson return.

Margo: And we've got people tracking them down right now. 3E013490.JPG

Emily: Hal? Hal is gonna be the one who decides if she's arrested or not?

Evelyn: That's right.

Alison: Oh, great! Just great. Now he gets to pay me back for making him chase us all over the place.

Aaron: Look, Alison was helping me. You have to work out something for her.

Evelyn: Aaron, all I can promise is that we'll look at the whole picture.

Aaron: They'll see the way it really was. Okay? I'll make sure they see it. You don't worry.

Alison: Comforting words from the luckiest felon on earth.

Holden: What about Will? What's gonna happen to him?

Evelyn: Well, we're not sure yet. Given the charges, it may be up to social services.

Alison: You'd put Will in juvie hall?! You can't do that! You can't take him away from his parents! The poor kid's been through enough already, hasn't he?!

3E0134B2.JPGRosanna: Has Sierra complained about my being around?

Craig: Well, you know -- the three of us have had our difficulties in the past.

Rosanna: She's asked you to stop seeing me, hasn't she?

Craig: No, no, no. I'm just thinking about what's in store. I can't make any mistakes.

Rosanna: And I'm a mistake?

Craig: No -- Sierra draws her lines deep in the sand. And her seeing you next to me might upset a very delicate balance. 3E0134ED.JPG

Rosanna: Well, I certainly wouldn't want to do anything to upset Sierra. I can tell that she's on edge. But my main priority here is you. I can tell that you put up quite a front. But you need somebody. And I -- would very much like to help you through this, if you let me.

Craig: How could I refuse you?

Rosanna: Good. So -- let's put our heads together and see what we can do to appease her highness. Hmm?

Craig: She accused me of forcing Lucy to live with me in my "bachelor pad."

Rosanna: Well, that's okay. So have I. We can fix that. We'll start by buying a house.

3E013522.JPGJames: Just give me a moment. Just please hear me out. Barbara, every time we've come back together, I've always given you a way out.

Barbara: No, you've always confused me. You've -- you've talked in riddles. You practically held me captive in Singapore, James.

James: But I gave you a way out. Even though you nearly killed me.

Barbara: I am sorry about that. I'm sorry that I hurt you. But you pushed me to it. You scared me to death, James! You still do.

James: Maybe that's the only way I can get your attention. I love you. I need you. I can't fathom my life without you, Barbara.

Jack: Jessica. 3E01354E.JPG

Paul: When do they call in the jury?

Jessica: Well, the judge has to rule on my motion first.

Paul: And -- yeah, Jessica, I've been thinking about the strategy. And I've tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I don't think we should go through with it.

Jessica: Well, I can't withdraw the motion. It won't look good.

Paul: Are we really worried about appearances right now?

Jessica: Paul, if it looks like I was blowing smoke, I'll discredit me and your defense. Now, just trust my instincts on this.

Paul: Well, I'm sorry to have to say this, but your instincts really haven't served you all that well. So let's say this judge does rule in your favor and you do actually get Marshall on the stand. What's to say that he's not just gonna get up there and lie?

Jessica: Honestly, I don't know what he's gonna do, but it's our only hope.

3E013583.JPGBailiff: All rise!

Judge: Be seated.

Paul: My life is in the hands of Marshall Travers.

[Paul sighs] God help me.

Judge: We recessed yesterday so that I could consider defense counsel's motion to have the District Attorney take the witness stand. I spent many hours last night weighing the merits of Ms. Griffin's motion. And I recognize that she does, indeed, have compelling reasons for wanting Mr. Travers to answer questions. In fact, if what Ms. Griffin alleges in her motion is true, Mr. Travers has a great deal to answer for. However -- while reasonable assumptions are made in the brief, the court does not act3E0136B0.JPG on assumptions but on proof. Unfortunately, for the defense, they provide no tangible evidence to back up Ms. Griffin's allegations. Therefore, defense's request to put Marshall Travers on the stand is denied.

[Courtroom reacts]

Judge: Order! Bailiff, you may bring in the jury.

James: Say, "yes," Barbara. Just say yes, that you'll go away with me. Barbara, we can cruise the Mediterranean. We can live in secluded villas with servants at our beck and call. I'll drape you in silks. You'll have the best of everything. And you know that I have the means to do it. I'm not gonna spend my twilight years alone. Not when I know, in my heart, how glorious life can be with you, how wonderful.

Barbara: You're frightening me, James.

James: Is it fear? Or is it an exhilaration? Think about it, Barbara. Your life can -- your life can take wings. You can fly. You can realize all your dreams. Just see it my way, 3E0136E9.JPGBarbara. Just see it the way I see it.

[James fantasizing]

It was fascination I know and it might have ended right then at the start

just a passing glance just a brief romance and I might have gone on

my way empty-hearted

Barbara: James! James! James! You really have gone mad!

James: Barbara -- Barbara?

Craig: Isn't buying a house together a little -- premature? 3E013738.JPG

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: I'm only suggesting I help you select the home befitting you and Lucy.

Craig: Oh.

Rosanna: Was I talking to a chair before when I told you that you could count on me? In my book, that means more than a shoulder to cry on. If having a stable home is what keeps Lucy in town, then that's what we should do.

Craig: Isn't there anything we can do for you?

Rosanna: Well, you've done so much for me.

[Craig chuckles]

3E01375C.JPGRosanna: If I think of settling, I'll let you know. Meanwhile, thank you for letting me help.

Craig: No, I was running out of ideas.

Rosanna: Well, there's one person who might be able to convince Sierra to let Lucy stay in town.

Craig: Well, Lucinda's with Sierra on this.

Rosanna: No, no, no, it's not Lucinda that I'm talking about. It's Lucy herself.

Craig: Well, I'm not even sure she wants to stay.

Rosanna: Well, of course she does. Aaron's here.

Craig: Yeah, but -- we don't have much time, and her memory's foggy. She barely even remembers him. 3E01379B.JPG

Rosanna: Well, that's because she hasn't seen him yet. I'm sure, once she sees him, of course she's gonna remember him. They were very close.

Craig: Yeah, don't remind me. So this hairball biker I chased halfway across the country is my ace in the hole? Oh, cruel irony.

Rosanna: Yes, I'm familiar with it. Come on, let's get you -- something to eat, hmm?

Craig: No. Approaching Aaron is best done on an empty stomach.

[Craig sighs] You are something, you know that? I don't know what.

[Rosanna laughs]

Emily: Alison, will you take it easy? He's gonna be okay. Nobody's gonna do anything cruel to Will.

Alison: Why do you guys always have to pick on someone and punish them? What if it was a horrible accident or a mistake?

3E0137BA.JPGHolden: A mistake? Alison, somebody could've been killed. And that barn was very important to life on this farm.

Evelyn: Speaking of which, Mr. Snyder, you need to consider what your legal course of action should be.

Holden: What do you mean?

Evelyn: Well, if Will Munson is proven to have started that fire, your insurance company can sue his family for damages.

Emily: What?! You're saying Holden's insurance company can sue me and Hal now?

Margo: Don't jump to any conclusions, Emily.

Emily: Ms. Hart here has basically given Holden carte blanche!

Holden: The A.D.A can't make that choice.

Evelyn: I only mention it as a matter of concern. Isn't Will Munson's custody still in dispute?

Emily: Yes. But Hal is still his father. And we all know what happens when insurance companies get involved.

Holden: I will call my insurance company and see what they have to say about the situation.

Emily: This is just great.

Holden: Emily, my mother doesn't have a barn because Hal's troubled kid took a book of matches to it. Am I not supposed to file a claim?

[Alison screams] 3E0137DA.JPG

[Alison remembering]

Alison: Aaron?

Thank God they haven't shipped you back to Seattle yet. I'm not too late.

So where are you?

Aaron: Alison? Are you okay?

Katie: Oh, like an angel. Well, at least we have tons of company for the holidays.

3E0138F0.JPGSimon: Hey, honey, I gotta tell you, if you're ever strapped for cash, these dolls -- they're antiques. They've gotta be worth a fortune.

Katie: Yeah? No!

Simon: What?

Katie: No, I would never sell them. God, these things were like my lifeline. When my mom and I were on the road, I would just save up all of my allowance to go buy them at second-hand stores. They were basically my friends, my buds.

Simon: Oh, there are some things about being a kid that never leave you, huh?

Katie: Hey. Why'd you put away those pictures? 3E013910.JPG

Simon: I don't know. I just did.

Katie: 'Cause, you know, I was thinking -- maybe we should take a little trip to the farm. I've never seen Australia.

Simon: Honey, you are recovering nicely, but there is no way that you are ready for a huge trip like that. No. No.

Katie: Why not? You probably have to go there, anyway. I mean, there's tons of stuff you have to take care of -- the legal aspects. There's books and ledgers.

Simon: There was a letter from the lawyer involved in all those boxes, in those boxes. I'm just gonna give him a call, you know? Get him to sell the farm. It's gotta be worth something.

Katie: You'd sell it without ever seeing it again? No, that's like me selling my doll collection to some stranger I don't even know. That place must hold tons of memories for you.

3E01393F.JPGSimon: Yeah, and a gigantic tax lien. So it's either selling the farm or coughing up $80 grand.

Katie: Okay, but don't we have at least that much in the butt-buster account?

Simon: Whoa, whoa, whoa. We would have if you hadn't insisted on investing in those tech stocks. Have you seen the market recently? What with setting up the business and redoing this place, we're hardly rolling in it. Anyway, babe, there's no way that I would use your hard-earned cash on buying some old, decrepit sheep station that's thousands of miles away. It's not worth it.

Katie: Maybe we could borrow some money from Craig or Lucinda.

Simon: No! Honey, no. There's no way I'm gonna go into debt for this. It's just not -- no! Besides, I really don't see myself rolling around in mud and chasing sheep and doing up old farms. I just -- do you want something from the kitchen?

Alison: I'm sorry. It's just -- things are getting worse and worse. Lucy's in the hospital. Will's gonna get put in foster care. Emily and Hal are gonna end up broke.

Aaron: Yeah, it stinks, Alison. It really does. But it's not your fault! And everything you're talking about is worst-case scenario. None of it even has to happen. Alison, look -- if they're clearing me, they're gonna clear you, too. Don't you believe that?

Alison: I don't know what I believe, Aaron. 3E013971.JPG

Aaron: Alison, your family is not gonna put you in jail. Trust me -- the worst is over.

Emily: Hey, Ali? Aaron, could I have a minute with Ali alone, please?

Aaron: Yeah. Keep your chin up, all right?

Emily: Oh.

Alison: Sorry, Emily. Sorry.

Emily: No. Everything's gonna be okay. Hal's not gonna press charges. I promise.

Alison: Well, how do you know that? I mean, you and Hal haven't even spoken. He can't stand me.

3E0139A6.JPGEmily: That's not true. He cares about you very much.

Alison: Right. He chased me halfway across the country to give me a big hug. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. When's the last time you even got to hug him?

Emily: Look, I don't want you worrying about me and Hal, okay? We'll be fine. And no matter what happens, mom and I are always gonna stand behind you.

Alison: You really mean that?

Emily: Always.

[Alison remembering]

[Alison gasps]

Alison: But what if I did something totally unforgivable?

Kim: Barbara? Honey? 3E0139D2.JPG

Barbara: Hi.

Kim: What are you doing out here?

Barbara: Paul asked me to -- stay away. And waiting is just killing me. I know that there's something awful going on inside there, Kim. I know it.

Kim: All right, all right. Calm down. Why don't I go in there? And let me see if I can find out what's going on, okay?

Barbara: Thank you.

Kim: Why don't you go get yourself a cup of tea or something? I'll be back.

Barbara: Okay. Thanks.

3E0139FF.JPGJessica: If your honor will permit -- the District Attorney's testimony will elicit exactly the tangible proof that the bench has found lacking in the motion.

Judge: I'm sorry, Ms. Griffin. I am not changing my ruling. Mr. Travers will not be called to the stand.

[Courtroom reacts] These proceedings will resume. Ms. Griffin, please prepare your next witness.

Paul: Now what, Jessica? Did we even discuss a backup plan? Tell me you have another witness scheduled.

Katie: I need a manly man. 3E013B12.JPG

Simon: Really? Snickers?

[Simon laughs] Ah -- there we go.

Katie: So simple. Thank you very much.

Simon: Yeah, give it. Do you want me to finish up in the kitchen?

Katie: Yes, please.

Katie: Mm. Don't worry, Simon. I'm not gonna let you lose your family's farm.

3E013B40.JPGEmily: Alison! Nothing is unforgivable. We've talked about this. Come on. You said you were gonna go to Lucy and talk to her and apologize for lying to her.

Alison: And I will, but -- there's other stuff.

Emily: Alison, listen to me. You have tested the patience of Job, and never once have mom and I stopped standing behind you, right?

Alison: I guess.

Emily: You think we're gonna stop now?

Alison: Maybe.

Emily: Maybe? Fat chance! You're stuck, honey bun. And you know what? Even though you drive us up the wall sometimes, we love you more than anything in the entire world. I guess it's just your cross to bear. Come on. Wanna go home?

Alison: Never though I'd actually say that, but -- I'd really like that.

Emily: Oh. Me on.

Rosanna: Yes, hello. I'd like to leave a message for Dr. Shiller, please? Yes, it's Rosanna Cabot. Yes, could you please tell her that I need to change the date of the surgery? Yes, the hysterectomy. I -- I will have to postpone it until after the holidays. I've had some personal commitments come up. Family commitments. Yes. Thank you.

Holden: Having those charges dropped is a pretty good Christmas present, wouldn't you say?

Aaron: Yeah. Yeah, it is. But know what? I would trade it all if it would make Lucy well again. 3E013B87.JPG

Holden: Well, I'll tell you what -- we'll have some cider. We'll celebrate a little. And we'll say a prayer for Lucy while we're at it.

[Knock at door] Hey, Craig.

Craig: Hi.

Holden: How's Lucy?

Craig: Better. Thank you. But I'm here to see Aaron.

Holden: It's kind of been a heck of a morning here. And we were just gonna have a little celebration.

Craig: Oh, they must have dropped the charges. Well, congratulations. But -- I do need to talk to Aaron about Lucy.

Aaron: Yeah. Yeah, it's okay.

3E013BAD.JPGHolden: You sure?

Aaron: Yeah.

Holden: Okay. All right. I'm gonna go call Lily, tell her the good news.

Aaron: Did I hear you say Lucy's -- better?

Craig: Yes, yes. She is a little better, thank you. And -- I know I don't have the right to ask -- but I need your help.

Paul: Jessica? Jessica!

[Bonnie whispering]

Bonnie: Mom? Mom, you've got to call your next witness. Prepare a cross-examination. Something.

Jessica: Yeah. Yes, your honor, I just --

Judge: Are you prepared to continue, Ms. Griffin?

Jessica: I would like to request a ten-minute recess. 3E013BE0.JPG

Judge: We only just reconvened, Ms. Griffin. We need to move these proceedings along. Your request is denied.

Jessica: I appreciate that, your honor, but I could really use the time.

Judge: There will be no recess. Bailiff, please call in the jury.

Marshall: Wait! Your honor, I'd like permission to address the court.

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