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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 12/17/02

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Alison: Mr. Snyder, would it be okay if Aaron and I sit together while you talk to Emily?

Holden: Yeah, sure. Is she here?

Alison: She's right over there.

Holden: Oh, okay. See you later then.

Aaron: All right.

Alison: So how are you doing? Is everything okay? Did you sleep good last night?

Aaron: Not really.

Alison: Well, it was good to sleep in your own bed though, wasn't it?

Aaron: I guess so. I just wish they'd let me see Lucy in the hospital.

Alison: Do you really want to do it? I mean, if she doesn't remember who you are?

Aaron: Do you think I care, Alison? I love her. Maybe if they'd let me see her, she'll remember that she loves me, too.

Craig: Hey, hey -- hey! You slept a long time.

Lucy: Daddy?

Craig: Yeah, yeah, it's me. It's me.

Lucy: When did you get here?

Craig: Oh, I've been here all night. Ever since you -- they brought you down from surgery. How you feeling? All right?

Lucy: My head still hurts a little bit.

Craig: Yeah?

Lucy: But you said it would be better soon.

Craig: Yeah, that's right. That's right. That's exactly what I said. That's exactly what I said. You're remembering some things now, huh? You remember why you're here? You remember where you are?

Lucy: In the hospital.

Craig: Yeah. Yeah, do you know why you're here?

Lucy: I was in an accident, wasn't I? In St. Louis.

Craig: Yeah, yeah, some of that coming back, huh?

Lucy: Sort of. At least, the part you told me. The rest of it -- it just keeps slipping away. Mom!

Sierra: Came as soon as I could, sweetie. Oh, how do you feel?

Lucy: Like I've been hit by a bus.

Sierra: Well, you're gonna be okay.

Lucy: It's weird -- I was just telling dad, some of that stuff is right there for me, but other stuff - it's like I don't even know I'm supposed to know it.

Sierra: Well, you're gonna get better with time.

Lucy: That's what dad keeps saying. He's always supposed to be right, right?

Craig: Right. Now we're talking progress.

Sierra: All you need to know is how much your parents love you.

Craig: Oh, yeah, Lucy. With all our hearts.

Jessica: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Paul Ryan should be applauded for having the courage to face the monster we all know his father to be. Paul Ryan only sought to protect his life. He did not mean to harm -- he did not -- any harm. Any harm to come to -- I didn't know you were there.

Ben: I'd almost forgotten something about you.

Jessica: Forgotten what?

Ben: How amazing you can be.

Bailiff: No, it's the D.A. That's always early.

Marshall: Couldn't sleep. Figured I might as well get a head start.

Bailiff: Here you go, Mr. Travers.

Marshall: Thank you. I am this close to finding my child.

If you make me take the stand, that hope vanishes. Please don't do it.

Jessica: Or what?

Marshall: For the sake of my daughter's life, I'll lie. I'll lie under oath.

James: Struggling with a moral dilemma, are we, Thurgood?

Marshall: Haven't I told you to stop showing your face around me?

James: You don't waste your time weighing pros and cons. If the judge rules in Jessica’s favor and they put you on stand to testify, your choice is clear.

Marshall: And that choice would be?

James: You lie, Marshall. You lie. As if it were a matter of life and death. 'Cause as far as your daughter's concerned, it is.

Marshall: Look, do us both a favor and leave.

James: I'd like to do nothing better, but I suddenly find myself in the ridiculous position of having to depend on you.

Marshall: My job is to convict Paul Ryan. It's safe to say we're nearing that conclusion.

James: Are we? Are we really? Well, then why do I have this nagging in the back of my brain? Ethically, Marshall, you are bound to me. So why am I worried that you may be tempted to play the hero here?

Marshall: I haven't done that so far. Why would I start now?

James: "Why?" Why? Jessica Griffin, that's why. You think you're gonna be able to perjure yourself in front of her? That woman is determined to control you, Marshall.

Marshall: Look, I'll do what I need to do. But speaking of ethics, I've got a question for you.

James: Really?

Marshall: After I win, and after I convict Paul of Brandy Taylor's murder, are you going to hold up your end of the deal and bring me my daughter? Or am I out of my mind to even trust you at all?

James: Just do the right thing, Marshall, and everyone will get what they deserve. You betray me, it'll be a mistake. Mistake that your daughter will never recover from.

Bonnie: Some sustenance from the outside world.

Paul: No, thanks, Bonnie. I'm not in the mood for muffins and coffee. To tell you the truth, I'm really not in the mood for company either, so if you don't mind --

Bonnie: Hey, Paul? Yesterday was a very bad day. I know that. But -- okay, it was an awful day, yes --

Paul: Jessica has made my entire defense all about calling Marshall Travers to the stand. A man who has spent the last -- I don't know how many months doing my father's bidding. I am way past losing faith, Bonnie. As of right now, your mother is no longer my attorney.

 Ben: Um, I only have a short break -- I thought Isaac was gonna make some coffee.

Jessica: No, there is. There is coffee.

Ben: Never mind.

Jessica: Well, look at me. I've got one of the best neurosurgeons in the country running scared. Glad I still frighten somebody. I thought I lost my touch.

Ben: I'm not scared of you. Cream. So who are you trying to terrorize now?

Jessica: The prosecution.

Ben: Is that what we're calling him now? I think we can say Marshall's name in conversation.

Jessica: I wasn't sure we were ever gonna have a conversation.

Ben: You just caught me going on about 36 hours without closing my eyes, so I think I'm too tired to be rude or vindictive or anything just to annoy you. So I'm gonna sit here and have my coffee.

Jessica: I was hoping I would see you in court yesterday.

Ben: Why?

Jessica: I needed a friendly face.

Ben: I wouldn't have been any help.

Jessica: I'll leave you to your coffee.

Ben: I thought about coming yesterday. Lucy Montgomery was airlifted in from St. Louis. She had a serious head trauma, spinal trauma.

Jessica: My God! Is she gonna be all right?

Ben: Yeah, I should probably just get back to the hospital.

Jessica: Listen, Ben -- listen. Look, whatever association I've had with Marshall will be over today. Once I win this case, I'll have no reason to be associated with him professionally, personally, any of it.

Ben: Look, Jessica, guys like Marshall don't just disappear into the sunset.

Jessica: Oh, yes, they do. They do if I want them to. And that's what I want, Ben. So do you think maybe we could continue this conversation after that?

Rosanna: Excuse me? Craig, hi. I, um, hope you don't think it's a little presumptuous of me. I brought you a cup of coffee. I know you've been up all night.

Sierra: Isn't it presumptuous of you even to be here?

Rosanna: Oh, Sierra, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were here. Otherwise, I would have brought you a cup of coffee, too.

Craig: Thank you. That's very nice. I appreciate it.

Rosanna: How's our dear girl doing, hmm?

Lucy: All right, I guess --

Sierra: You know, Rosanna --

John: I know how deeply Lucy is loved, but I have to tell you that three visitors at a time in this room is two too many. Lucy, I'm gonna let your mom come back in to see you, but right now, I want you to conserve your strength for a bit of a check-up, all right? You all have to leave. Let's go.

Sierra: John, do you have some kind of update on Lucy’s condition?

John: It's really a little too early to say anything definite about the spinal injury. There has been some memory loss though, as I'm sure you're aware.

Craig: Well, we've got some improvement on that.

John: Yeah, well, Dr. Harris is gonna run a few more tests and once we have those in, we'll know better as to what we're up against. In the meantime, I cannot stress enough that we have to keep the visiting thing here to a minimum. Just the family, all right?

Sierra: I completely agree with you.

John: I'm gonna let you go back in in a minute, Sierra. But, please, let the nurse finish checking her vitals, and the physical therapist make a preliminary evaluation. Okay?

Sierra: Thank you, John.

John: I know she's your baby. She's Lucinda’s grandbaby. And I can tell you all we are going to move heaven and earth to help her. All right?

Sierra: Thank you. Why are you still here?

Rosanna: Excuse me?

Sierra: Uh, well, I think it's no secret that my daughter dislikes you.

Craig: Sierra --

Sierra: No, no, no, no -- you heard Dr. Dixon. And you are not family. I would like you to stay away from my daughter. Do I make myself clear?

Craig: That is not your decision.

Sierra: Oh, wait, I forgot. That's right. You are Lucy’s other parent. The one who was supposed to be responsible for her safety and well-being. Well, we've seen what a success that has been. Haven't we?

Craig: Let's not make this any more --

Sierra: That is why I am taking Lucy back home to Montega as soon as she is able.

Isaac: I appreciate your coming to Oakdale, Mr. Travers. I only wish it was under happier circumstances.

Oliver: Well, I have no illusions about my son, Mr. Jenkins. I'm sure he doesn't even want to speak to me, but if a young man's life is hanging in the balance, I have no choice but to try to change his mind.

Isaac: Paul Ryan will be very grateful, sir.

Oliver: Thurgood is in there?

Isaac: Yes, sir.

Oliver: Well, my son and I are about to have the argument of our lives. It's just too bad it couldn't be that I just came up here to see a bears game.

Isaac: I didn't get along very well with my dad, either. In fact, if Jerome Harris had come looking to give me advice, I'd kick him to the curb, no doubt. But at least then I would know he loved me enough to try.

Marshall: You want what you want? I'll give it to you. Then you'll give me what I want.

James: "Or else?"

Marshall: Just get out of here and let me do my job.

James: Marshall, if you have to take the stand, you do exactly as I say, or I will kill you. Sir.

Oliver: Hello, son.

James: Oliver Wendell Travers. Your reputation precedes you.

Oliver: As does yours.

James: Have you come to witness your son's first trial as District Attorney?

Oliver: Actually, seeing you, it's apparent that I'm here to battle for his soul.

Ben: Why are you pursuing this?

Jessica: "This?" What, us?

Ben: You beating Travers in court isn't gonna kill the passion that he has for you or what you feel for him.

Jessica: I don't feel anything for him!

Ben: Jessica, I don't understand how I fit into all this. What am I? First runner- up? Second place in some competition that I didn't even know I was in until I saw that tape.

Jessica: Okay, you know what, Ben? Honestly, the best showing you could have in my life is third place.

Ben: Oh, wow. That's encouraging.

Jessica: Bonnie is first. My daughter is first. She almost died because of my association with Marshall, and as long as Steinbeck is running around free, I can't sleep at night. And the second person on my list is me. Because I let myself slip. I let my life fall apart. I turned my back on a man who gave me everything. And tossed it away for a man who gave me sex. And I don't know if I'll ever stop being ashamed of that.

Ben: You could start by admitting that you just did what you wanted to do.

Jessica: You know what I want? I want you. Now, Ben, I know I made a horrible mistake. An incredible mistake. And I am so sorry. But I am scared. I've never been so scared in my life. And I want you in my life, and I will love you till the day that I die. And that is the best that you can get from me.

Ben: I didn't mean to upset you before you went into court. I should have just left.

Jessica: Why can't you just accept that I love you?

Ben: Because I am in love with you! I see a beautiful woman walking down the street, you know what I think about? I think about you. I think about the way that you would move if you were wearing that dress. How you'd laugh at my jokes. Even the stupid ones. I walk by a flower shop and I think, "what would Jessica like?" I hear a song on the radio and I want to dance with you. Only you. Just me and you.

Jessica: Listen, I know it's too much to ask, but could we please just give this one more try?

Ben: "One more try?" Jessica, you say you love me and then you show that by having sex with Marshall Travers!

Bonnie: Paul, you cannot fire my mother. She believes in you, okay?

Paul: I'm not discussing this with you. You know, I'm the one facing life in prison, Bonnie! And Jessica’s best defense thus far is making my trial some sort of litmus test on Marshall’s integrity! And for what? So your mother can make herself feel better for making the mistake of sleeping with the guy?

Bonnie: Oh, that's not fair, Paul!

Paul: I don't care what's fair! She's supposed to get me acquitted and she's blowing it!

Bonnie: Just give her a chance here, okay?

Paul: You know what? She never wins when it comes to Marshall Travers. Let's face it, Bonnie. Jessica never wins. But she's always really, really sorry.

Barbara: Well, she's not gonna get the chance to be sorry about you, Paul. I'm gonna make sure of that.

Craig: I'll find you after Sierra and I have had a chance to talk.

Rosanna: Okay.

Craig: Thank you.

Sierra: You know what is it with that woman? You can't tear yourself away from Ms. Cabot's loving arms long enough to come pick me up from the airport?

Craig: I couldn't tear myself away from our child's hospital bed to be your chauffeur.

Sierra: My "chauffeur?" Bryant has been dead just a little over a year. I was in Montega when I got that horrific phone call about his accident. I flew all night and I got here too late. Now I get another call like that, and I'm terrified.

Craig: I understand --

Sierra: And I need to hear from you that Lucy is going to live, but you can't come to the airport and tell me -- you can't give me a little human comfort face-to-face because you have to be here with that woman.

Craig: I have to be here with Lucy! I didn't want to leave her alone.

Sierra: She wouldn't have been alone. There's my mother.

Craig: Your -- Lucy needed me! You want to punish me for that?

Sierra: What you need to answer for is why another child of ours is running away from you in the first place. All this time, she is halfway across the country, trying to stay away from you.

Craig: That is not true.

Sierra: And why another child of ours is lying in a hospital bed because you wouldn't listen. I entrusted you with my babies. My treasures.

Craig: We have been through this. Sierra, Sierra --

Sierra: No -- no, just don't even touch me. I don't feel like I can look at you, I yeah, your girlfriend is waiting for you.

Aaron: How did Lucy look when you saw her?

Alison: She looked terrible. What do you expect?

Aaron: No, I mean, like, with the I.V machines and tubes -- ?

Alison: Yeah, I.V and tubes and bandage ever invented is on her somewhere.

Aaron: Dammit! That should have been me. Why couldn't have this been me?

Alison: Don't say that, Aaron. Don't you think I feel guilty, too? I wish Lucy hadn't been running like that -- hadn't gotten hit. It's like a bad dream. And you try to move, but you can’t. And I saw something terrible happening and I couldn't move. I couldn't stop it.

Aaron: What do you mean?

Alison: What?

Aaron: No, it just sounds like you're saying you could have stopped Lucy from getting hurt. Is that true?

Marshall: Dad -- this is -- obviously I'm surprised to see you. Maybe we can get a cup of coffee after I'm done speaking with Mr. Steinbeck?

Oliver: Oh, I'm sure Mr. Steinbeck wouldn't mind leaving us, would you? Seeing as how I've traveled this great distance to see my son.

James: Of course not, Oliver. Our business is concluded. And I know Marshall is not gonna disappoint me. A child's life is such a fragile thing.

Marshall: What are you doing here, sir?

Oliver: I got wind that a great lawyer was in trouble.

Marshall: So Bonnie and Isaac found you. You told them about Neia.

Oliver: They asked me some direct questions. I answered them directly.

Marshall: You shouldn't have told them anything at all!

Oliver: Now that was my inclination at first. But I've been harboring a lot of anger toward my son.

Marshall: Then why get involved in my life now, huh?

Oliver: I'm involved now because you need me now.

Marshall: I don't need you. Why don't you go back to saving the poor and the downtrodden.

Oliver: Thurgood, maybe I wasn't the father you needed me to be. For that I'm sorry.

Marshall: Forget it. We've managed to stay out of one another's hair for 15 years. Why spoil a good thing now?

Oliver: One question, first -- now that you've discovered that you're a father too, do you intend on doing a better job than I did?

Alison: If you don't mind, I'd rather skip the replay where I see Lucy getting run down in the street.

Aaron: No, no. Explain what you meant. How could you have stopped this from happening?

Alison: You're twisting my words around. I'm just saying that we can't change what happened.

Aaron: Well, maybe Lucy remembers more now. I mean, you snuck in to see her in the ICU room, right? I mean, maybe I could get away with it, too.

Alison: Not with Craig Montgomery standing guard 24/7.

Aaron: Yeah, Holden called Dr. Dixon this morning asked him if I was allowed to go see her and he said the whole thing was still "family only." Which stinks, you know, since I'm closer to Lucy than her own father is.

Alison: Not if she doesn't remember you.

Aaron: I don't believe that, Alison. If she saw my face, saw the way that I look at her, heard my voice -- there's no way she would forget me. There's no way she would forget me, especially after --

Alison: I know! I know! You don't have to say it. It's not like you and Lucy are the first couple in history to ever have sex, okay? Does the whole world have to hear about it with every breath you take?

 Craig: Oh, hey, I wasn't sure you'd come back after that warm reception you got earlier.

Rosanna: You know I'm bigger than all of that, don't you?

Craig: Yeah, I do know that.

Rosanna: Just checking. Listen, I'm going to go. I'm glad that you're all right.

Craig: No, no --

Rosanna: Yeah, Sierra does have a point. It's her child in there. I can understand.

Craig: No, no, no. She's my child, too. Come on. You're staying. I need you here. We never expected Bryant to die. When I came here, he was in surgery. The prognosis was good. He was a strong kid, you know? Deceptively strong and tough -- then he died. I don't know how. And I don't know why --

Rosanna: It's going to be so different this time, you know that. Lucy's not going to die.

Craig: I have never wanted to need anything this way, that much except my children. But understanding that came too late to help me save my son. So stay, will you? I need you here.

Rosanna: I promise you, I'm not going anywhere.

Bonnie: My mother doesn't need me to defend her expertise as a lawyer, so I won’t. But I do care about you -- very much. And I just feel like if you drop my mom right now, you'll both lose. Look, I just don't want you to do something -- or let someone -- talk you into something that you'll regret.

Barbara: When I heard about putting Travers on the stand, I could barely believe it. Does she really think that putting a man like that under oath will compel him to admit that he's conspiring with your father?!

Paul: You shouldn't be here, mom. I asked you to stay away for his trial. If James finds out you're here, there's no telling what he'll do.

Barbara: He won't find out. I'm only asking five minutes, Paul.

Paul: How's Will? If you're here, who's with him?

Barbara: Hal.

Paul: Hal's back? Oh, Will must be over the moon.

Barbara: He's very happy. And that's why Hal and I decided that he and Will should go away together for a while.

Paul: Go away where?

Barbara: I really don't know. But I do know that it looses me free to help you. Please, Paul, let me.

Ben: I am out of control. I'm sorry. Are you bleeding?

Jessica: Yeah. It's just a little scratch. I hardly even noticed it. What? What, one little drop of blood, and you call a code on me? What are you looking for, gangrene?

Ben: You had a little sliver of porcelain in there.

Jessica: A brilliant neurosurgeon saved my life. Thank you. I really don't deserve all this TLC.

Ben: I don't like seeing you hurt, especially because of me.

Jessica: Too late. This cut is so small. Tomorrow, it'll be like it never even happened. That's kind of how I feel about sleeping with Marshall. It didn't mean anything. It's like it never happened. But I guess it will always be there for you.

Marshall: I can't condemn my daughter to the life she's got in Rio. Do you know what happens to street kids, especially ones her age? She's lucky to be alive at all. And the only way I can find her is through James Steinbeck.

Oliver: What about the covenant you made to the people of this city? They're counting on you. They believe in you. You made a pledge to serve them, not yourself.

Marshall: So I abandon my own child? Your only grandbaby. Right. In your world, the law comes first, even before family --

Oliver: Hey, hey. You're wrong, boy! My word always came first! I promised to love, honor and cherish your mother, and I did. I promised to take care of my child -- educate him, clothe him, feed him, to protect him for as long as I could. And I did -- and I'm still trying! You're being shackled by Steinbeck -- maybe you can save your daughter, maybe not. But what about all those other lives you're responsible for?

Marshall: Dad, I've got a daughter that I've never even seen! Does she have to die so I can serve the people?

Oliver: So you should have never taken the office. You should have never taken the job.

Marshall: That was part of the deal.

Oliver: You can always resign, can't you? All right. I'd best be getting back to Atlanta.

Marshall: What, you're not going to stick around and make me do the right thing?

Oliver: You still don't get it. I never, ever in your life made you do anything. I always wanted you to choose!

Marshall: But -- but sometimes I did things you didn't like.

Oliver: That never stopped me from being your daddy. Stand up, boy. Stand up! You have made a big world for yourself, but you're up to it. I love you always. Always.

Aaron: Wait, wait -- how do you know about Lucy and me?

Alison: She was practically bragging.

Aaron: She's not like that.

Alison: Well, I guess you bring it out in a girl.

Aaron: Stop that, Alison.

Alison: Well, what do you want me to say? I know, okay? She told me. So stop telling me what Lucy wouldn't do. Because I know what Lucy did.

Aaron: Is that what you two were fighting about? Is that why she ran into the street?

Alison: Why do you keep trying to make her accident all about me or something I did?

Aaron: All right. I'm sorry, okay? It's just -- you were just there. You were the last person Lucy said anything to. I'm really sorry. I'm acting like Hal now. I'm just pointing my finger at anybody I can.

Alison: Well, stop pointing at me.

Aaron: The truth is, if that fire hadn't started, this whole thing would have never happened.

Alison: Now you're blaming Will? He's just a kid.

Aaron: Even if Will did do it, it was just an accident. It's not like he did it on purpose.

[Alison remembering]

Alison: You have to believe me. I never meant for anything to happen. I just wanted a little fire enough to make Aaron look like a hero.

Lucy: How could you do this? Alison, how -- could you?

Alison: I just wanted to help him. I didn't want him to get sent away.

Please don't be mad at me. I never meant for anyone to get hurt. It just got so out of control.

Aaron: Are you all right? What were you thinking about?

Alison: Just what you said about the fire being an accident.

John: Medical transport is not out of the question, but I would love Lucy to stay here at for at least -- I don't know, a couple more weeks.

Craig: What medical transport?!

Sierra: I'm asking John about having Lucy moved to a hospital in Montega. Now, what were you saying? When could it be possible?

John: Well, actually, Ben Harris could tell you everything you want to know about that. But you see, I'm very concerned about Lucy’s short-term memory loss. It's going to take her a while to put together the pieces from just the past couple of days -- a couple of weeks ago.

Craig: What about her memories that go farther back than that?

John: Right. That would lay a very good groundwork for her remembering things if -- if she could remember what happened to her before she left Oakdale.

Craig: And that would be easier for her if she was here, wouldn't it?

John: It probably will be.

Craig: Yeah, well, fine, then she stays with me.

Sierra: Oh, no -- no. I am not letting my daughter recuperate at your bachelor penthouse.

Craig: She called it home -- once.

Sierra: John -- John, thank you very much. And if you could, just tell Dr. Harris I'd like to talk to him when he has a minute. Thank you. You know, you better not be gloating.

Craig: Are you gonna corral every doctor you can find until one lets you take Lucy back to Montega?

Sierra: No. I'll wait. I trust John. And all that really matters to me is Lucy’s recovery. I would never put her in danger.

Craig: You mean like I did?

Sierra: I didn't say that.

Craig: Well, I'm gonna go say good-bye to Lucy. And then you can have some time with her. Hey. Hey. So listen, I'm going to head home and get a shower and change some clothes and stuff, okay? Your mom's gonna be here until I get back. All right?

Lucy: Dad, I remembered something.

Craig: You did? What?

Lucy: Well, actually, it's someone.

Craig: Well, who?

Lucy: Aaron.

Holden: Margo and the Assistant D.A. want to talk to you guys.

Emily: Are you okay?

Alison: Yeah, fine, just a little nervous.

Emily: Everything's gonna be fine, sweetie.

Holden: I'm gonna go get the check. I'll meet you out at the truck, okay?

Aaron: All right.

Emily: Thanks.

Aaron: Look, Alison -- I know I say things sometimes that may hurt your feelings. And I'm sorry. But I'll never forget what a good friend you've been to me. Okay?

Emily: He's taken, you know.

Alison: You don't have to remind me.

Emily: Just because Lucy doesn't recognize him doesn't mean he's available to you.

Alison: I know --

Emily: So don't even go there.

Alison: I heard you the first time.

Emily: Fine, I'm trying to keep you smarter than you think you are, ma'am.

Alison: Okay. I can deal.

Emily: Okay.

Craig: Well, what do you remember about Aaron?

Lucy: I don't know. It's just a name or a face? Who is he?

Craig: Oh, it's a good thing. The doctors want you to remember all this stuff. It's part of your recovery.

Lucy: Can't you just give me a hint?

Craig: Well, uh -- is Aaron a good memory or a bad memory?

Lucy: Just kind of there.

Craig: Yeah. Yeah, I know. Well, listen. Don't push it. These things take some time, okay? All right? Now listen, why don't you take a nap now? Your mom's coming in. Okay. I love you.

Lucy: Daddy?

Craig: Yes.

Lucy: You and mom -- that's a good memory, the best one.

Rosanna: Did Sierra calm down?

Craig: Well, John Dixon has given me something of a reprieve. He doesn't want her moved until she's regained more of her memory.

Rosanna: Well, that's just a matter of time, isn't it?

Craig: Yeah. Yeah, but I've got to find a way to convince Sierra. I can't lose her, Rosanna. I can't lose Lucy.

Rosanna: Well, you aren’t. We'll just have to figure something out.

Marshall: Zara, 1989. I'm your father. And I'll never forget that.

Paul: Jessica and I have come a long way together. I need to trust her. Besides, it's too late for some dream team to come in here and try to do a better job -- especially when James is pulling the strings.

Barbara: She's taking a huge gamble, putting Travers on the stand.

Paul: A huge gamble is all I have left.

Barbara: And what if you're playing right into your father's hands, Paul?

Paul: I don't know.

Barbara: And what if you lose?

Paul: I go to prison. I appeal.

Barbara: And you really won't let me help you? Son, please. Please.

Paul: How? How can you help me? By going away with James the way he's always wanted you to?

James: Say yes to your mother's deal, son. It's the only way you'll ever be a free man again.

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