ATWT Transcript Monday 12/16/02


As The World Turns Transcript Monday 12/16/02

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 Carly: Roberta -- is the baby down?

 Roberta: Yes, he went down as soon as his head hit the pillow. It was his first day on the baby swing at the park.

 Carly: Ah.

 Roberta: Mr. Snyder mentioned you weren't feeling well.

 Carly: Oh -- it's just a sour stomach.

 Roberta: What about a little peppermint tea and toast to settle it?

 Carly: No. No, thanks. I'm fine.

 Roberta: I'm off with the laundry here. The little one goes through t-shirts like crazy.

 Jack: Okay. Yeah, I got it. Yeah, I'll be right down. Hey.

 Carly: Hi.

 Jack: That was Margo calling from the courthouse. Aaron's not running anymore. The kids are back in town.

 Carly: Oh, thank goodness. And Craig and Holden -- are they home, too?

 Jack: Yeah. Yeah. Hey, listen, I know I said tonight would be ours, but Margoís gotta go down to the hospital and look for Hal, so I've gotta go down to the station and cover for her for awhile.

 Carly: That's okay. I've got plenty to do here.

 Jack: You're the best.

 Carly: Yes.

 Jack: There's something else you should know. The kids may be back, but -- there was an accident.

 Carly: What? What happened?

 Jack: It's Lucy. She was crossing the street in St. Louis, and she was hit by a trolley car.

 Carly: Oh, no.

 Jack: Yeah. From what I understand, it's pretty serious. They airlifted her into Memorial.

 Carly: Oh. Well, Craig must be out of his mind.

 Jack: Yeah, I just thought you should know. Look, Carly, if he needs a friend right now, I completely understand.

 Carly: He's got Rosanna.

 Jack: Okay. I'll call you and keep you posted.

 Carly: Roberta! Jack went to work. Would you keep an eye on things around here? I'm gonna go out for awhile.

Craig: I'm terrified, Rosanna. I may lose her.

 Rosanna: You can't think about that right now. The only thing you can do is just have faith that she's going to be all right.

 Craig: All I see is that --

 Rosanna: Don't think about that. Lucy needs you to believe. And she's gonna pull through this.

 Craig: After Bryant died, I swore I wouldn't make the same mistakes with Lucy.

 Rosanna: No. Whatever mistakes you made with Bryant, I'm sure that you more than made up for it with Lucy.

 Craig: Have I?

 Rosanna: You've been involved in every aspect of her life. You have talked to her. You've listened to her. Even when she tried to push you away, you were there for her.

 Craig: And now I may lose her because I tried too hard.

 Rosanna: You're just so determined to take responsibility for two accidents. Aren't you?

 Craig: I was given another chance after I failed Bryant. And I failed again.

 Aaron: Come on, Alison. Tell me what you and Lucy were talking about before she ran into the street?

 Alison: I don't know what the exact words were.

 Aaron: But you know she was screaming something about me being innocent. Right?

 Alison: Well, you know Lucy. She gets really passionate. And when she saw you with Hal, she freaked out.

 Aaron: So there's nothing special she had to tell me? Something that would just make her run towards me without even looking where she was going?

 Alison: I don't know what you want me to say, Aaron.

 Aaron: I just have this strong feeling that something happened to make her react the way she did.

 Alison: Why do you think it had something to do with me?

 Aaron: Because there's more. There's something you're not telling me, Ali.

 Alison: Are you calling me a liar?

 Emily: Hal's gone?

 Barbara: He's gone. And he took Will with him.

 Emily: Without telling me? You know what? Maybe he took Will home. I'm gonna go check my messages.

 Barbara: Oh, I wouldn't bother, Emily. He didn't go home.

 Emily: You know -- you know where he went? Barbara, if you know where my husband is, you have to tell me.

 Barbara: He's only trying to protect Will.

 Emily: This is only gonna make Will's situation worse, pulling this disappearing act.

 Barbara: It sounds like you don't have much faith in your husband.

 Emily: No, I -- I believe in Hal. But his inability to listen to reason right now helped land a teenager in the E.R. with life-threatening injuries. You see, I can have faith in my husband and still see he's not thinking clearly.

 Barbara: The only thing he's thinking about is how important his son is to him. He's trying to protect his interests. And, as Will's mother, I couldn't agree more.

 Emily: I am his wife, Barbara. I need to know where he went!

 Barbara: Well, Emily, this is a family matter. And sorry to be blunt, but you're just not family.

 Judge: Is defense ready to call its first witness?

 Jessica: We are, your honor. The defense calls Thurgood Marshall Travers.

[Courtroom reacts]

 Marshall: Objection, your honor. This is highly irregular.

 Judge: The circuits were buzzing just a few months ago about the same irregularity on your part, Mr. Travers. Ms. Griffin, this wouldn't be quid pro quo, would it?

 Jessica: Of course not, your honor. With all due respect, the defense is just trying to put forth the strongest case possible. And Mr. Travers has information that would help us --

 Marshall: This is a very different situation than when I asked her to testify.

 Judge: How so?

 Jessica: Yes, please, explain. How so, Mr. Travers?

 Marshall: Your honor, may we approach the bench?

 Bonnie: She's really doing it, Isaac. She's really going after him.

 Isaac: Yeah. And I'm looking at the one person in this courtroom who doesn't seem too happy about it.

 Marshall: The defense's desire to put me on the stand has nothing to do with the case at hand.

 Jessica: Completely untrue, your honor. I believe that Mr. Travers has knowledge that would influence my client's case and prove his innocence.

 Judge: Those are very serious charges.

Jessica: I understand that, your honor.

 Marshall: And completely erroneous. The defense is attempting to embarrass me for personal reasons.

 Judge: Would you care to explain those personal reasons, Mr. Travers?

 Marshall: Your honor, Ms. Griffin and I have been involved.

 Judge: Counselors, this court is not interested in your personal issues. And this proceeding is not the venue to work them out. I will not allow a personal grudge between the two of you to guide this case.

 Jessica: That is not what's happening here, your honor.

 Marshall: Ms. Griffin's sole purpose is to damage my credibility by humiliating me. This is a wild goose chase.

 Judge: Enough! I want to take some time to weigh the merits of Ms. Griffin's request, in light of the personal animosity between opposing counsel. Ms. Griffin, you will submit a written motion?

 Jessica: Of course, your honor, immediately.

 Judge: Good. Now, please, be seated.

 Paul: What's going on?

 Jessica: We just shot our opening salvo.

 Judge: I am calling an end to today's proceedings in order that I may weigh the merits of Ms. Griffin's proposal. We will resume tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m.

 Bailiff: All rise.

 Paul: Okay, Jessica, let's say you do actually get Marshall on the stand. Then what?

 Jessica: I press him about his relationship with Steinbeck.

 Paul: Jessica, he'll lie.

 Jessica: Not under oath. I don't think so.

 Paul: Jessica, how the hell can you possibly have confidence in a man who's been my father's lackey for months? The same guy who turned your life upside down?

 Jessica: The bottom line is, he is a lawyer. The oath is sacred.

 Paul: Nothing is sacred to Marshall Travers. You better know what the hell you're doing.

 Bailiff: It's time to go now, Mr. Ryan.

 Jessica: Listen, Paul, don't worry. This will work.

 Kim: Paul, honey -- chins up.

 Lisa: We're with you all the way. You know that.

 Paul: Thank you.

 James: Thurgood, defense counsel's asked to put you on the stand. Why is that?

 Marshall: Take your best guess, James.

 James: You will not allow her to get away with this. You understand that?

 Marshall: You lay one hand on Jessica Griffin or her family or John Dixon or anyone else, for that matter, and I'll resign from my office and turn state's evidence against you so fast you won't know what hit you.

 Barbara: I only want to see my son taken care of.

 Emily: Oh, okay. So is that what you were doing when you were schlupping him from hotel room to hotel room? Taking care of him?

 Barbara: It wouldn't have come to that if I hadn't been told I had to make an appointment to see my own son.

 Emily: It came to that, Barbara because, as usual, you were being vindictive. Rather than work out something amicable, you decided to deny Hal his rights. I went out of my way to make you feel welcome in my home as Will's mother. But, as usual, you've made our life a living hell.

 Barbara: Your home? I know what threatens you, Emily. The fact that I have a permanent place in Will's life, which gives me a permanent place in Halís heart.

 Emily: I'm not threatened by you. I'm Halís wife now. I'm the one he talks to. I'm the one he shares his hopes and fears with. I'm the one who he sleeps with.

 Barbara: Then why is it, between the two of us, that you're the only one he hasn't shared his plans with? You're asking me where your husband is? Shouldn't you be asking why he came and went without even giving you the time of day?!

 Margo: Whoa. Whoa. Ladies, ladies. Ladi, hey. Hey.

 Barbara: You tramp! Arrest her, Margo, right now!

 Aaron: Alison, tell me the truth.

 Alison: I told you the truth.

 Aaron: I just want to understand what upset her so much that all of the sudden she had to scream out about me being innocent.

 Alison: You've never done anything worse than stay past your curfew. You've never had the cops after you. You never had to live with anything as terrible as knowing you burned down the barn.

 Lucy: Aaron didn't do it!

 Alison: I'm not talking about Aaron! I'm talking about me!

 Alison: Okay, okay. What I told you earlier, it was only partly true.

 Aaron: So you two were arguing?

 Alison: We were talking about how we hoped Craig and Holden got to you before Hal did. Because she was going on and on about how afraid she was for you. I just couldn't listen to it anymore. It was only making it worse.

 Aaron: And what did you say to her?

 Alison: I don't know. Something like, "if you're so freaked out, then go find him." And so she did. That's all I can tell you.

 Aaron: Alison -- you better be telling the truth. 'Cause the second she's able to talk, I'm gonna ask her myself.

 Alison: Fine. Go ahead, talk to her. See if I care.

 Rosanna: I've never had any children of my own. So I certainly can't presume to know how you feel. And I think it would be very presumptuous of me to give you advice.

 Craig: You saw how I smothered her.

 Rosanna: What I saw was an excellent father, a good father, who cared so much about his little girl that he just wanted her to be safe.

 Craig: I became a gatekeeper.

 Rosanna: You loved her. And any time she brought a problem to you, you were involved. If I were a mother, I would think that you were an exceptional father. And I think you should, too.

 Craig: I haven't had anyone to confide in in a long time.

 Rosanna: You know, you can always confide in your sister, Margo.

 Craig: No, she -- she would listen politely and tell me to buck up. There was a time -- well --

 Rosanna: What?

 Craig: Nothing.

 Rosanna: No, I know what you were gonna say. You were gonna say there was a time that you would have -- you would have called Carly.

 Craig: But I didnít. And I wasnít.

 Rosanna: No, that's okay. You can say it. I don't mind. You can talk about her.

 Craig: Rosanna, when you showed up in Nashville -- you brought me back to life. It was such a relief to feel again.

 Rosanna: You know, that's true for me, too.

 Craig: But it was richer somehow -- than before. It was more than just feelings. I felt you give me your heart.

 Craig: There's Carly.

 Rosanna: Yes, Carly.

 Craig: She must have heard about Lucy.

 Rosanna: She's not here about Lucy. Craig, I didn't want to have to tell you this now, but I think there's something that you should know about Carly.

 Carly: Craig?

 Craig: Yeah? Yes?

 Carly: I heard about Lucy. I'm so sorry. How is she?

 Craig: I'm waiting for Ben Harris to bring a report.

 Carly: Is she still unconscious?

 Craig: Yes. Yes, well -- we don't know if she's gonna make it.

 Carly: There is nothing more painful than seeing your child hurt and not being able to do anything. It is the worst part of being a parent. I -- I just wanted you to know that my heart is with you, Craig. That's all. You two were talking. I didn't mean to interrupt.

 Craig: Oh, no. Thank you for coming, Carly. It means a lot.

 Carly: I said I was leaving, Rosanna. Do you think you could stop glaring long enough for me to express my concern?

 Rosanna: I'm sorry. What?

 Carly: I don't have the energy for this game. Good-bye. I'll stop by the hospital chapel and say a prayer for your daughter.

 Rosanna: Oh, please -- oh, please, don't go. I mean, really, I'm happy that you're here. I was just about to update Craig on your intriguing social life.

 Carly: Don't do this.

 Rosanna: Craig's been on the road so long, he has no idea what happened the night before your wedding. Why don't you and I bring him up to date?

 Barbara: You know what? I want her arrested! And I want to see how the editor of The Intruder likes being on the cover of her own rag!

 Margo: You know what? Barbara, you put a lid on it or I'll bring you in for disturbing the peace. You got it?

 Barbara: Oh, my, aren't you two chummy?

 Emily: Please. Hal took Will out of the hospital.

 Margo: What do you mean he took him? Where?

 Emily: I have no idea. Barbara seems to know, but she's not telling.

 Barbara: He's only trying to protect Will, as I was trying to tell Emily.

 Margo: What is he thinking?

 Barbara: He's thinking that none of you -- not the two of you or Jack -are helping him. You've all let him down.

 Margo: Oh, so he confided in you?

 Barbara: I'm the only one left that he can trust. I'm all he has left. He confides in me. You see, Emily? You may have the ring and the soft side in bed. But when it comes to the important things, I'm still the one that Hal needs.

 Emily: Oh, that is --

 Margo: Emily --

 Ben: Barbara -- Will's already been discharged?

 Barbara: Yes, actually. Hal signed the papers and took him out. He wanted Will to get out of here and get up and moving around.

 Ben: Well, yeah. But I -- I guess it's just as well. I'm gonna need the room for Lucy Montgomery. She just got out of surgery, and we're short on beds.

 Barbara: Of course. Well, if the rest of you don't need me, I'm going to see how my son, Paul fared in court today.

 Margo: So I guess you won't be pressing those assault charges, huh?

 Barbara: Ben, thank you for everything you've done for Will. I really appreciate it.

 Ben: Assault charges?

 Margo: Really, don't give it a second thought. Really, donít. Are you okay?

 Emily: Yeah, I guess.

 Margo: Emily, you just -- you can't let Barbara get to you.

 Emily: I know. I know that. I hate admitting this, but she was partially right. You know, the last time I saw Hal, he basically told me I wasn't loyal enough. So instead of telling me where he was going, he tells Barbara!

 Margo: You know what? If Hal told Barbara where Will is, he did it just to throw her a bone, to keep her from fighting him. Believe me, Emily -- Hal doesn't get Barbara. He doesn't trust her.

 Emily: Suddenly I feel like an outsider in my own family.

 Margo: No. Can I give you a piece of advice? Emily, you hold your ground. 'Cause if you try and take on Barbaraís craziness, you're gonna lose track of your priorities. Okay?

 Emily: Are you leaving now?

 Margo: Yeah, I gotta get down to E.R. and try and find my brother. Are you sure you're okay?

 Emily: I'm fine. I'm fine, really. And Lucy -- I am so sorry. And I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that she's okay. Thanks.

 Emily: Oh, Ali! I am so sorry. Oh, gosh, I didn't mean to run out on you like that. I just -- I was trying to catch up with Hal, you know?

 Alison: Is he with Will?

 Emily: No. He's -- he actually took Will home. Can we talk about this some other time, all right? Just -- I want to hug you. Did I tell you how much I've missed you, huh? Let me look at you. Are you okay?

 Alison: Lucy's hurt so bad.

 Emily: I know, sweetie. They're gonna put her in Will's old room. Alison? Hey? What's going on with you? You look terrified. Talk to me. What's going on?

 Alison: I kind of said some things to Lucy before she got hit. Some things that I shouldn't have said. And now I don't know how to take them back.

 Bonnie: I am so proud of you. You actually had Marshall Travers sweating.

 Isaac: I do believe James Steinbeck wiped away a few beads of his own. You've got 'em on the ropes, Jess.

 Jessica: Well, let's not count our chickens. You know, the judge could very well rule against me.

 Bonnie: But you have to get Marshall on the stand. It's the only way to make the connection between him and James.

 Jessica: Sweetie, you are preaching to the choir. But it's up to the judge.

 Isaac: Well, whatever she decides, you certainly did give them a run for their money.

 Bonnie: Mom, what is it?

Jessica: I was just missing Ben, you know? Not that I have any right to expect him to come here.

 Isaac: I called him during the recess. He's with an emergency patient, or he probably would have been here.

 Jessica: That's very nice of you to say that, Isaac.

 Bonnie: Well, okay, we are going to wait right here while you pack up your things.

 Jessica: No. Actually, you guys go on without me. You know, I need a few minutes to clear my head, go over some things.

 Bonnie: Are you sure?

 Jessica: Absolutely.

 Bonnie: Okay. Great job.

 Jessica: Thank you. Mr. Travers, do you swear to tell the truth?

 Marshall: Do you have to ask? What do you hope to gain by putting me on the stand? And what do you know about Neia?

 Jessica: I know that she died. And I know that she was pregnant at the time.

 Marshall: Ancient history. I suggest you not bring that up in court. It can only lead to grief for both of us.

 Jessica: Oh, I'm not putting you on the stand to talk about Neia. I'm putting you on the stand so you can tell everyone about your daughter.

 Marshall: I don't know what you're talking about. Neia and her child died. Obviously, Bonnie and Isaac have misled you.

 Jessica: Neia died 15 years ago. But the child survived. I had the death certificate faxed to me. See? Right here. "Infant survivor, girl." You wanna tell me what's really going on here, Marshall? Talk to me. This is true, isn't it?

 Marshall: Somewhere in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, there's a little girl about 15 with my blood running through her veins.

 Jessica: And Steinbeck knows where she is?

 Marshall: Yeah.

 Jessica: How do you even know if he's telling you the truth?

 Marshall: James had proof. Enough to convince me that she was mine. Jessica, she's -- she's out there living like -- like a street urchin. That kind of thing kills kids. You know what that leads to? That leads to drugs, starvation, abuse. I owe it to her to save her from that. I owe it to her mother.

 Jessica: You can't be responsible for the life of a child you didn't even know you had.

 Marshall: I was a louse, Jessica. Cocky, self-centered. I only cared about my career, my ambition. Neia would rather run away than raise a child with me. Doesn't that tell you something?

 Jessica: It tells me that you were both young and you made mistakes.

 Marshall: No. It tells me that there's a child that I brought into this world out there suffering because of me. Jessica, I have to save her. I have to find her and make everything right. But in order to do that --

 Jessica: You have to finish what you started here? Finish it for Steinbeck? I'm sorry, Marshall.

 Marshall: I don't want your pity. I want you to withdraw your request to have me take the stand.

 Jessica: Oh, you know I can't do that.

 Marshall: You would put me under oath and force me to expose the truth about James Steinbeck?

 Jessica: That's right.

 Marshall: Do you know what that means? That means I'll never find my daughter. That means she's as good as dead.

 Emily: Sweetie, people say things to each other they don't mean all the time. Just talk to her, okay? I'm sure she'll be okay with it.

 Alison: What if I can't undo it?

 Emily: What exactly did you say to her?

 Alison: I -- I told her a lie.

 Emily: Well, apologize. You know, talk to her. I'm sure everything's gonna be okay.

 Alison: I'm so afraid now. What's going to happen to me? I guess that I'm in a lot of trouble for stealing Halís keys and breaking Aaron out of his cell?

 Emily: Well, that's pretty serious stuff, Ali.

 Alison: I don't want to go to jail.

 Emily: I don't want you to go to jail, either, honey. And I hope you don't have to. But there are lots of mitigating circumstances leading up to Aaronís escape. You know, it all has to be weighed in the balance.

 Alison: Like what?

 Emily: Like you and Lucy were right about Aaron. He didn't start that fire. And I think that's gonna go a long way with the judge and the cops.

 Alison: Oh, really? Well, how do you know? Did you talk to Hal?

 Emily: No. I mean, I tried to talk to him, but he left with Will. So, no, I didn't see him.

 Ben: All right. You've got it from here?

 Emily: Hey. How is she?

 Ben: She's got a fracture at the base of the skull, some internal bleeding, some other issues I won't be able to assess until I get the work back from the lab and radiology.

 Alison: Is she awake?

 Ben: She's conscious. Yes.

 Alison: Can I see her?

 Ben: Ah, no. It's family only at this point. Sorry. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've gotta head back down to the E.R.

 Emily: Got it. Did you hear that? Hey, that's good news. So you know what I think? I think, as soon as she's awake, you go in there and tell her how much you care about her, how much her friendship means to you. And whatever you guys said to each other before this accident, it doesn't matter. Okay? Give me a hug. Come on. You call me when you're ready, okay? You need to go see mom. She is worried sick about you.

 Alison: Lucy -- it's me, Alison. Lucy, I really need to talk to you.

 Aaron: Dr. Harris? Is -- any word about Lucy?

 Ben: Yeah. We just moved her up to the ICU.

 Aaron: Is she awake?

 Ben: She just now regained consciousness.

 Aaron: Well, that's a good sign, right?

 Ben: I'm hoping so. I won't know the full extent of the damage until I've had a chance to look at her x-rays.  But I'm praying that there is no spinal damage.

 Aaron: Wait. Is it okay if I see her now?

 Ben: Eventually. Right now, it's family only, as long as she's on the critical list. Okay? Just -- just be patient, Aaron. All right?

 Carly: Do you really think this is the right time for this?

 Rosanna: Oh, well, yes. I think Craig would definitely like to know what happened to you the eve of your nuptials. And I'm sure he'll certainly be interested in what happened since.

 Craig: I am right here, Rosanna. What?

 Rosanna: I'm sorry. I just wanted you to know that Carly -- aka Mrs. Jack Snyder -- slept with Mike Kasnoff the night before her wedding.

Craig: And why is it important to share this gossip with me now?

 Rosanna: Well -- I mean, I know what Carly has meant to you over the years. And she's certainly been your friend and your business partner. And she's certainly -- been the one-time girl of your dreams.

 Craig: I don't know what you're doing.

 Rosanna: I think that you should know that, while you were away and just hours before she donned white to walk down the aisle, she used the Monte Carlo offices to have a tryst with her own cousin's boyfriend.

 Carly: Stop the lie, Rosanna ..

 Craig: Why, when my daughter is clinging to her life, would you think I would be interested in this?

 Rosanna: Well, I'm sorry. I can just see how much her -- her condolences have meant to you. And I think that you have a right to know the truth here. That any illusion that you hold in your heart that she cares about you is a lie.

 Ben: Craig?

 Craig: How's Lucy?

 Ben: She's conscious now.

 Craig: I have to see her.

 Ben: We just moved her up to intensive care. And I'm still waiting on her test results. I'll let you know as soon as I have them. Also, you should know that she's medicated. So let her sleep as much as possible.

 Craig: Okay. All right. All right.

 Lucinda: Craig, there you are. Lucy's been moved to ICU.

 Craig: Yes. Yes, I know. I'm on my way right now.

 Holden: Craig, Craig -- Craig, for what it's worth, Lucyís a strong girl. She's gonna make it through this. I really believe that.

 Craig: Thank you, Holden. Now, Lucinda, if you don't mind, I think she'd like to see me.

Lucinda: Of course, you first, Craig. I just want to give you a message from Sierra.

 Craig: Sierra?

 Lucinda: Yes, she's coming tomorrow. The airport in the morning. Specifically, she'd like you personally to pick her up.

 Carly: Wow. That went well.

 Rosanna: He'll forgive me. You saw how it was between us before you interrupted.

 Carly: His heart is breaking over his daughter, Rosanna.

 Rosanna: Just consider it a warning.

 Carly: A warning? To do what? Stay away from you during a crisis?

 Rosanna: Stay away from Craig. He's depending on me now.

 Carly: Really? Well, after that display, I don't count on that lasting long.

 Rosanna: I'll find a way to make him understand why I had to help him see the light. When we're alone, when we're in bed together, I'm going to tell him everything.

 Carly: Doesn't mean he'll believe it.

 Rosanna: I won't leave anything out. Including a little discrepancy in the Monte Carlo books to the tune of $50,000.

 Reynold: On the next "100 Huntley Street", we will focus on the country of Sudan, the largest country in Africa, bringing awareness and support to that country during this great time of need. We're talking of feeding through farming, caring through medical and growing through education. All this week on "100 Huntley Street", our focus is, and will be Sudan.

 Craig: You can meet Sierra at the airport. I'm not leaving the hospital.

 Lucinda: Darling, I think you should -- you should pay attention and heed her request. She wants to move Lucy to Montega.

 Craig: Move her?

 Lucinda: She sounded very serious about that.

 Carly: I explained about the money you saw, Rosanna. A lot of vendors prefer cash because Monte Carlo is just starting out. It's common practice.

 Rosanna: Well, is it also common for it not to add up? I had one of your assistants count it.

 Carly: My assistant counted wrong.

 Rosanna: I don't think so. The shortage combined with that little stack of $50s on your desk, along with Henry's sudden windfall -- it's pretty obvious. And I'm sure Craig will be able to put the pieces together.

 Carly: You would trash the company he loves because you're afraid that I still have a place in his heart?

 Rosanna: It's my insurance. With Monte Carlo dead as a doornail, well, that just gets you about as far away from Craigís heart as a gal can get.

 Jessica: I will not be held responsible for the welfare of your daughter.

 Marshall: Her life is in your hands now, Jessica. If you make me take the stand, Steinbeck will never let me find her, and she'll die. It's that simple.

 Jessica: Well, if Steinbeck found her, then so can you. You can use state resources to contact relief organizations. They can mount a search.

 Marshall: If I believed that, I wouldn't be prosecuting this case. And you know it.

 Jessica: So what? You're just gonna give up? You're just gonna let Steinbeck destroy more lives?

 Marshall: What choice do I have? I am this close to finding my child. If you make me take the stand, that all vanishes. Please don't do it.

 Jessica: Or what?

 Marshall: For the sake of my daughter's life, I'll lie. I'll lie under oath.

[Monitor beeping]

 Alison: They've really got you all clamped down and wrapped up, huh? I guess it would be stupid to ask you how you're feeling. It's gotta hurt a lot, huh? I'm so sorry, Lucy. I really am. I feel like it's all my fault. The way that you ran off all upset and everything. And -- and then the accident -- I didn't mean to push you away. And I know it was the stuff I said about the fire. But I want you to know something, Lucy. I didn't mean any of that. It was all a lie. I just wanted to get to you, that's all. Make you believe that I had just as much reason to be on the run as you and Aaron. I was just trying to get to you. I mean, you know me. But you shouldn't tell anybody that I told you that, okay? Because they could think the wrong things. It should stay between you and me. Okay? Promise me you won't tell anybody, Lucy. Please? Please?

 Lucy: Who are you?

 Alison: Lucy? Lucy? It's me, Alison.

 Lucy: Who?

 Alison: Stop kidding. You remember me. You and me and Aaron -- the Oakdale three -- running from college to college in any old heap we could get our hands on.

 Lucy: Aaron? Who's Aaron?

 Nurse: Young lady, what are you doing in here?

 Alison: I --

 Nurse: This patient is critical and not to be disturbed.

 Alison: Oh, my God, Aaron. She doesn't remember.

 Aaron: Who doesn't remember what?

 Alison: Lucy.

 Aaron: We're not allowed to see Lucy yet. The doctor said she's still critical.

Alison: I know. But I had to see her. So I snuck in when nobody was watching, and I talked to her. She didn't even know who I was. Something's happened to her.

 Aaron: Are you sure she was awake?

 Alison: Yes, but she looked right through me. And she didn't even know who I was. And when I said your name, she had no idea who I was talking about.

 Craig: Sierra wants to move Lucy to Montega while she's in the ICU? I can't even talk about that now, Lucinda.

 Lucinda: Please, don't be combative.

 Craig: I stopped taking orders a long time ago. Now, if you don't mind, I'm gonna go see my daughter.

 Rosanna: $50,000 is a lot of money, Carly.

 Carly: Maybe Craig took it. Did you ever think of that?

 Rosanna: No, I didn't think of that. Why would he, when I would give him ten times as much if he asked, for a weekend? No, you are the thief here. But I am going to go to Craig and discuss it with him and let him deal with you. Oh, and, you know, if you're thinking about still stopping by the chapel and having a little quaint prayer for Lucy, I would consider throwing in an extra little prayer for myself, if I were you.

Jessica: I don't believe you. I don't believe you would truly lie under oath!

 Marshall: You've seen me do the unbelievable, Jessica.

 Jessica: You chose the law. You chose the law because of the principles instilled in you by your family.

 Marshall: To hell with principle! Yes, I believe in the sanctity of the oath. But to save a child who -- who hasn't asked for the hand that she's been dealt, who hasn't asked for that pain and hardship? I'd lie. I'd lie 100 times over.

 Jessica: Then what good are you to her?

 Marshall: I beg your pardon?

 Jessica: You would rescue your child from a life of moral decay, yet you would sacrifice your own principles to do it. How can you even look her in the eye when you find her?

 Marshall: Stop it.

 Jessica: I will not stop, Marshall. You are trying to save your child by selling your own soul. Now, is that the kind of father you want her to know? I'll see you here tomorrow. And I am going to argue with everything I'm worth to have you put on the stand. Then you can decide whether or not you're worthy of your child.

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