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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 12/13/02

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Molly: I think somebody's missing his daddy. Oh, boy -- don't tell me that Rosanna and Carly are going still at it?

Jack: Oh, I wish I knew what they're talking about in there.

Mike: Does it matter?

Molly: Maybe somebody needs to go in there and ding the bell to end the round.

Jack: No, no, no, no. That's none of my business, and I'm staying out of it. However, we do need to get the family Bible back from the minister. You up for a little errand, Mike?

Mike: Yeah, sure. Seems like you got your hands full anyhow.

Carly: Just because you saw Henry Coleman with a stack of cash --

Rosanna: Are you gonna stand there and pretend that it's a coincidence that I saw him with a stack of 50s, just like the ones in your office? I promise you, I'm gonna find out where that money came from.

Carly: So what, now you're gonna go federal on me -- audit the books?

Rosanna: Yeah, sure. Why not? It's my company. They're my books. It's my money. I can do whatever I want.

Carly: Really? Does Craig know about this little "me, me, me" arrangement? Because I don't think your boyfriend would be very happy with you checking up on his math. Do you?

Jessica: Where have you been? I need to prep him for his appearance today.

Paul: Hey. Will woke up, and he wanted to see me. And Margo was kind enough to make that happen. I'm grateful.

Margo: You are welcome. But listen, we gotta get you into the interrogation room. You and Jess have a murder rap to beat.

Jessica: Exactly.

Paul: All right.

Bonnie: Mom.

Isaac: Hey, we've got some news that I think you're going to like.

Bonnie: We tracked down Marshall's father in Atlanta. And he didn't want to talk to us at first, but then it was like, I don't know --

Isaac: He could not help himself. Obviously the man had high hopes for Marshall once upon a time.

Bonnie: Yeah, now all he has is a broken heart.

Jessica: Well, what did you find out that I can use?

Bonnie: Well, we may finally find out what Steinbeck has over Marshall. But Isaac can fill you in. I need to talk to Paul. Is he around?

Jessica: Yeah, he's in the interrogation room with Margo.

Bonnie: I'll be right back.

Jessica: If you don't want to talk to me, I understand. Bonnie can fill me in later.

Isaac: Let's not sugar-coat this thing, Jessica. Now, you cheated on my brother. And I'm not gonna get over that any quicker than Ben is. But right now, nailing Marshall Travers is more important. So, if you can deal, I can deal.

Jessica: Oh, I can deal. What have you got?

Marshall: What are you doing here?

James: I just wanted to make sure that I add a little enthusiasm to your prosecution.

Marshall: Well, feel free to pass a note into the suggestion box at the office. Now, if you'll excuse me.

James: Now, now, wait a minute -- your opening statement. I've worked out a few strategies here that may prove --

Marshall: You know what? I don't need any tips from you on how to practice law.

James: You forget yourself, Marshall.

Marshall: No, actually, I remember our earlier conversation quite well. And if you don't get out of my general vicinity, people are going to start believing Jessica Griffin's conspiracy theory. Now do yourself a favor and get out of my face.

James: No. In your face is exactly where I'm staying until you do your job. Now I want you to win every argument. I want you to make sure that every witness aids our cause. I want you to drive home every point for the prosecution, no close calls. No hung juries -- I want unqualified victory, Mr. District Attorney. Is that clear? Ah-ha. Your game face. Good, good. I'm gonna be watching. Well, well, well, well, well. My darling wife and her -- what -- lover, doctor, lap dog?

Lucy: What did you say?

Alison: Nothing -- I just know what it must feel like to do something terrible.

Lucy: No. No, that's not what you said. Oh, my God. You did it, didn't you? You set the barn on fire. It wasn't Will. It wasn't Aaron. It was you!

Alison: It was an accident -- a horrible, horrible accident.

Lucy: How could you do this? I mean, all this time and you never said anything!

Alison: I was so scared.

Lucy: All these weeks on the road, running for our lives, knowing the terror that Aaron had to be feeling -- and you just let him go through that when you knew it was all your fault?!

Alison: You have to believe me. I never meant for any of this to happen. I just wanted a little fire, just enough to make Aaron look like a hero.

Lucy: How could you do this? Alison, how -- how could you?

Alison: I just wanted to help him. I didn't want him to get sent away. Lucy, don't be mad at me. I never meant for anyone to get hurt. It just got so out of control. Lucy, where are you going?

Lucy: I'm going to find Aaron and the rest of them.

Alison: No! Please!

Hal: Do you have any idea what it feels like for a father to come so close to losing his son?

Aaron: Lieutenant Munson, please --

Hal: My son may never fully recover because of you. You want me to show you how much that hurts?

Holden: Hal -- Hal! Don't do something that you're gonna regret!

Hal: I'm doing my job. And don't you try to stop me, unless you want to be arrested right along with your kid.

Holden: He didn't do it, Hal! Will admitted to lighting matches.

Hal: What are you talking about?

Craig: Will's regained consciousness, Hal.

Hal: Will woke up? He's okay?

Holden: Yes. And he said that is wasn't Aaron who started the fire.

Hal: I don't care what you forced Will to say. You pressured him, everybody pressured him because they thought they could get Aaron off the hook. But I know who started that fire.

Craig: Fine. Hal, if you still think he's guilty let's bring him back to Oakdale and give him his day in court.

Holden: Leave him alone, Hal.

Lucy: Dad! Make him let Aaron go! He didn't do it! Didn't do it!

Craig: Lucy, no!

Mike: You guys can't still be waiting on Carly.

Molly: She and Rosanna are going extra rounds.

Jack: Yeah, I gotta get J. J. home. He's getting all kinds of fussy. He's gotta be exhausted. He needs a real nap in his own crib.

Molly: Well, I need to get out of here, too, Jack. I have to run to the station and see if I need to do anything for the 6:00 news. Otherwise I would help you.

Mike: Well, godfathers are supposed to help out in times like this, right? Why don't you take the baby home, and you head over to the studio. I'll wait for the rumble in the jungle to finish. I'll bring Carly home.

Jack: I am all over that. Tell Carly I'll see her at home. Thanks. Thanks, Molly.

Molly: And for this favor, I thank you and I owe you, godfather.

[Imitating the godfather]

Mike: Someday, now this day may never come, I'll call upon you to do a service for me. Later.

Rosanna: I am warning you. If those books are off by one dollar, I'm going to have you thrown in jail.

Carly: Why are you so determined to destroy my life? You've got millions of dollars to burn, Rosanna. Why are you trying to take what's mine? I can't believe you would actually ask me that question with a straight face.

Carly: I even tried to be nice to you.

Rosanna: There's only one reason you tried to be nice to me -- because you knew you had stolen from me.

Carly: That isn't true.

Rosanna: You were nice to me to distract me while you ripped me off.

Carly: No, Rosanna, that's not true. I am honestly sorry about what you're going through, about this surgery you have to have --

Rosanna: Oh, please, don't.

Carly: I am sorry, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Stop. Shut up! I just can't believe I actually believed you. Perfect. What did you say when Carly told you that Henry was blackmailing her because of the night you spent together?

Carly: You shut up! Jack is right outside that door. He doesn't need to hear your disgusting lies!

Mike: Jack's gone, Carly.

Rosanna: Oh, how lucky for you again. Well, he may not find out today, and he may not find out tomorrow. But he will find out eventually. And when he does, both of you will finally get what you deserve. Move!

Mike: You okay?

Carly: I'm fine. I mean, I have to be, don't I? This is my life. And I have to take it. I have to take whatever comes, don't I?

Mike: Carly?

Carly: No. It's my problem. And I can handle it. And I -- but I just can't. I just can't take it anymore.

Isaac: Marshall's father told us that Marshall was involved with some woman from Brazil named Neia. She died 15 years ago.

Jessica: Okay, and?

Isaac: She was pregnant with Marshall's child at the time. Apparently he took it pretty hard.

Jessica: Well, I'm sure he did. But how does this help my case?

Isaac: When she died, so should Marshall's connection to Brazil. But he goes down there six months ago and meets James Steinbeck.

Jessica: So you think Steinbeck knows something about this woman -- Neia, something that Marshall doesn't know?

Isaac: Well, look at it from Steinbeck's point of view. Now, he needs a hotshot lawyer -- Marshall fills the bill. He gets the goods on Marshall, dangles it in front of Marshall's face. Then Marshall agrees to be as his go-to guy. So when Steinbeck is stabbed by Barbara Ryan in Singapore and left for dead, who does he go to?

Jessica: So he calls Marshall, Marshall comes to Oakdale. He becomes the District Attorney --

Isaac: Which frees up James to come back to Oakdale and finish his unfinished business. All because he's got the goods on Marshall -- the goods that he got in Brazil.

Jessica: So let's follow the paper trail. Can you track down the death certificates for this woman Neia and her child? First, we confirm the deaths, and we can go from there.

Isaac: I'll have to hurry, because I want to be in court when Bonnie takes the stand.

Jessica: And Marshall definitely has her on his witness list. Listen, Isaac, get a copy of those certificates. If we want to win this, we've gotta play as dirty as Marshall does.

Isaac: It's been done before.

James: Well, I expected you to come to court and stand by your son, Barbara. But I didn't expect you to have the extreme bad taste to with your paramour. To use the local lingo, it's a bit tacky, Barbara.

John: Don't you get tired of all this posturing? My God, it's exhausting to watch you. You come this close from twisting the old moustache. Now would you step aside, please.

James: Dr. Dixon, don't make the mistake of assuming that I won't deal with you. I just haven't chosen to do so yet. But I have noticed that you're determined to cause your own ruin by clinging to something that is clearly mine -- my wife. So unless you want something very bad to happen, John -- you stand aside.

John: Mr. District Attorney, did you hear that? That sounds like a threat to me.

Marshall: Sounds like a personal matter to me.

John: You know something, you've been a bully around here for an awful long time, Jimmy. But everybody in this town has had it just about up to here, but nobody more than yours truly. So I'm gonna put you on notice -- you cross my path one more time, you better be ready to call 911, 'cause they're gonna have to come and carry you out on a stretcher. You capisce? And by the way, if you're looking to cut my brake lining or to slash my tires or to put a pipe bomb under the hood -- my car is the green convertible in the parking spot with the license plate that says "lap dog". Did you get that, Mr. District Attorney? That's the way you talk to Jimmy boy, because that's the kind of stuff he understands. Huh?

Aaron: No, Lucy! Oh, my God -- Lucy. Lucy -- this is your fault! You did this!

Craig: Get away from her! Get away! My God, Lucy -- what happened?

Hal: The trolley -- she just came out of nowhere.

Craig: Get an ambulance.

Hal: She was trying to protect Aaron. No, don't touch her. Don't touch her we don't know how severe her injuries are.

Alison: It'll be okay, Aaron. It'll be okay.

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge: You may be seated. Any petitions before we begin?

Jessica: None from the defense, your honor.

Marshall: Nor from the state, your honor.

Judge: The state may begin.

Marshall: Thank you, your honor. James Steinbeck. James -- Steinbeck. The very name strikes fear in the hearts of every citizen of Oakdale. Say the name -- and dormant volcanoes begin to erupt. The polar ice caps start to melt. Milk spontaneously begins to curdle. But lo and behold, James Steinbeck is here and we're all still standing. The earth is still spinning on its axis. But the defense would have you believe that James Steinbeck is the reason we're here today, that he's to blame for the death of Brandy Taylor, even though there is no evidence that he was in the room at the Lakeview where she was found. No evidence that he fired the weapon that was used to kill her. No evidence that Steinbeck had anything to do with the death of Brandy Taylor whatsoever. But the defense will insist that Steinbeck is the reason brandy Taylor is dead. And you know what? I agree. A Steinbeck is responsible for the death of Brandy Taylor -- Paul Ryan Steinbeck.

He murdered Brandy Taylor. He and he alone should be found guilty of this crime.

Mike: What was Rosanna talking about blackmail? Someone's blackmailing you now?

Carly: I was tempted to call you about it --

mike: But you didn't.

Carly: I thought I could handle it. But I guess I was wrong. I just can't do this anymore. These lies, they're driving me crazy.

Mike: I wanna help you. Now tell me what Rosanna was talking about.

Carly: Henry Coleman found a witness who can put you and me in the Monte Carlo office the night before my wedding.

Mike: Oh, man.

Carly: Yup. So I paid him $50,000 to keep his mouth shut. Yeah. 50,000 smackers.

Mike: Of whose money?

Barbara: Paul?

Paul: Mom, I appreciate your support, but you've got to get out of here.

Barbara: I won't do that. I'm not gonna have the jury see that your own mother won't support you.

Paul: Every time James sees you getting worried or looking nervous, that grin of his just gets bigger and bigger. And besides, Will needs you more than I do anyway, right?

Barbara: Well, they did tell me that after this last round of tests today, I can take him home.

Paul: Good. That's exactly what you do. And no matter how bad things look for me, we do not give in to James. Understand?

Barbara: I am so proud of you. And the selfless man that you've grown to be. I truly admire you. I hope that some day I can really deserve you.

Paul: Thank you. Go home.

Bailiff: Court is now back in session.

Lucinda: -- ASAP. And then call me back.

John: Why don't you go on ahead. I'll catch up with you later.

Barbara: Everything all right?

John: I don't know. I'm going to find out. What happened?

Lucinda: Oh, John, it's just awful. It's simply awful. Accident. In St. Louis. Lucy was crossing the street. She ran out in the street, the driver couldn't brake in time. She's got head injuries and possible spinal -- something --

John: Do you know what hospital they're taking her to?

Lucinda: Darling, they're -- they're MedEvacing her here. All right? So get your people ready at the hospital. I have already dispatched my jet to pick up any stragglers who want to come back home --

John: Have you called Sierra?

Lucinda: I haven't had time to do that, but I am hoping that Craig did. This is not fair!

John: Come on. Take it easy.

Lucinda: This is too close to --

John: Calm down! Take it easy, all right.

Lucinda: It's too close. Can't take this.

John: You don't know anything about it.

Lucinda: We cannot afford to --

John: Okay, hold on. Hold on --

Lucinda: -- Lose another young life!

John: We'll get over to Memorial as fast as we can. I'll get Ben and Bob ready, the whole team will be waiting. Come on.

Lucinda: We can't --

[Lucinda sighs]

Rosanna: Excuse me, sir. I would like a vodka neat -- twist.

[Cell phone ringing] this had better be good.

Craig: Rosanna, it's Craig.

Rosanna: Craig? You sound strange. Where are you?

Craig: St. Louis. It's Lucy -- she's been hurt. She was crossing the street and got hit by a trolley and -- she's still unconscious --

Rosanna: My God! How badly is she hurt?

Craig: They don't know. I just --

Rosanna: Tell me. Anything. I'll do anything, Craig.

Craig: Well, they've -- MedEvaced her to Oakdale Memorial. Could you meet me there? I need you to meet me there.

Rosanna: Of course. I'll be there. I'll be waiting. I promise. I'll be there.

Jessica: My client has no history of drug use, yet powerful drugs were found in his system on the night in question. Why? Brandy Taylor met my client in the bar dressed in street clothes, but moments later, was found dead in a Dracula costume? Why? Three shots were fired in Paul Ryan's room, yet, there was no sign of a struggle. Why? Then there's the question of the open window -- a window someone could easily have used to enter the room or flee the scene of the crime. But the most important question of all? Paul Ryan is a law-abiding citizen, a businessman. A man with strong family ties in this community. Ask anyone who knows him and they'll tell you that Paul Ryan is a credit to this city. This community is shocked and outraged -- stunned that he's been so wrongfully accused. Only one person isn't surprised -- Paul's father. His father, James Steinbeck, who has been observed smiling in the back of this courtroom. Smiling. Why? Because James Steinbeck thinks yet again, he's arranged for someone else to pay for his crimes -- his own son. Well, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this time, Mr. Steinbeck has it wrong. Because I will illustrate for you in no uncertain terms that the evidence the prosecution has is purely circumstantial and certainly not enough to render a guilty verdict against my client. Prepare to understand the true meaning of the words "reasonable doubt." Thank you.

Judge: Mr. Travers, you may call your first witness.

Marshall: The State calls Lisa Grimaldi.

Lisa: Well, yes, I saw Paul talking with Brandy.

Marshall: In your deposition, you called it an argument. You said Paul Ryan looked angry.

Lisa: Well, I -- I could have been wrong. I -- because -- I actually didn't hear what they were saying.

Marshall: Well, did it seem like a lovers' quarrel? A business discussion?

Lisa: Well, it seemed to be intense.

Kim: Would you repeat the question please?

Marshall: A simple yes or no, Mrs. Hughes. Did you see Brandy Taylor having an argument with Paul Ryan on the night in question?

Kim: I saw them talking.

Marshall: Did you hear Brandy Taylor say anything about Paul Ryan's carrying a firearm?

Kim: Yes. I heard her say, "you have a gun?"

Marshall: Did you call the Police?

Kim: I did.

Marshall: In fact, you called Detective Margo Hughes, did you not?

Kim: Yes.

Marshall: Did you in fact see Mr. Ryan's firearm?

Margo: I spoke to him about it.

Marshall: Did he have a permit to carry a concealed weapon?

Margo: Yes, the gun was licensed.

Marshall: Did you ask him why he was carrying a gun? And if so, what did he say?

Margo: He said his father was coming back to town and that he needed protection.

Marshall: From his own father?

Emily: Everyone knows what kind of man James Steinbeck is.

Marshall: I didn't ask you that.

Emily: Well, I'm telling you.

Marshall: Your honor?

Judge: Mrs. Munson, just answer the questions.

Marshall: Mrs. Munson, you've known Paul Ryan for a long time, have you not?

Emily: Yes. Since we were very young.

Marshall: Is it true that Paul Ryan tried to kill his father once before?

Jessica: Objection, your honor!

Marshall: The witness was there when Paul Ryan shot his father, weren't you, Mrs. Munson? He shot his father, and you saw it.

Emily: Yes.

Marshall: Nothing further.

Emily: But he did it for me, to save my life! James Steinbeck was trying to strangle me to death at the time and Paul saved me!

Marshall: Nothing further.

Judge: Order!

Emily: I wish he'd been a better shot!

Judge: Order!

Bonnie: Paul did tell me that he hated his father.

Marshall: And he didn't like Brandy?

Bonnie: He didn't trust her. There's a difference.

Marshall: According to the Police report, you were the first person in the room after the shots were fired. Did you see anyone else in the room other than the victim and Paul Ryan?

Bonnie: No.

Mike: Do I have to guess where you got that $50,000 to pay off Henry?

Carly: I bet you'd get it right on the very first try.

Mike: I guess I just never saw you as the embezzler type.

Carly: Craig keeps some cash in a safe in the office. Now Rosanna is threatening to check the books. Boy, is she going to love telling Craig. How do I get myself into these things?

Mike: I gave you a helping hand on this one. I'm sorry. I should have been there for you.

Carly: Why is it you don't seem surprised?

Mike: I had this weird feeling today. When Molly confided in me that you had slept with someone else the night before the wedding. There was this horrible moment. I'm thinking, "is she baiting me? Does she know the truth? Has she figured it out and she's just trying to get me to admit it?" The whole time I'm praying to God that she did not know.

Carly: That's human, Mike. You love her.

Mike: I do. You -- you don't know how much. I mean, I -- I couldn't stand the thought of losing the way that she looks at me, you know, the way that she smiles at me when she sees me.

Carly: So what are we gonna do? What in the world are we gonna do?

Ben: Margo is not going to railroad your son. She's gonna see to it that Will gets the benefit of the best counseling available.

Barbara: You don't know what these social workers do -- who becomes "unfit" to parent in their eyes.

Ben: Barbara, I wouldn't jump to the worst-case scenario if I were you --

John: Ben, you gotta get your team together. We've have a trauma code 1 coming in, arriving by MedEvac. Confirmed head trauma and spinal cord injuries.

Ben: What's the ETA?

John: Right now! Get down to the helipad.

Ben: All right. Do we have a name?

John: Yeah, Lucy Montgomery, Craig's daughter. It's very serious, Barbara. I'll explain later.

Barbara: Craig's gonna lose another child?

Hal: Where's my son, Barbara?

Isaac: I've got the death certificate.

Jessica: There's just one certificate.

Isaac: For Neia Bellaguese.

Bonnie: What about the child?

Isaac: There's no death certificate for the child because the child never died. I looked all over. I found no record of her death.

Bonnie: Are you saying Marshall has a 15-year-old daughter somewhere?

Isaac: It looks that way.

Jessica: So that's who he's been trying to protect.

Isaac: But can we make it work for Paul's defense?

Jessica: Well, if we can we prove Marshall's connection to Neia, then prove that Marshall met Steinbeck in Brazil and prove that Brandy was working for Marshall --

Paul: Then what? It leads nowhere.

Jessica: But we're the only ones who know that.

Paul: You're gonna try to go through this thing with a bluff?

Jessica: The only thing we have to lose is your freedom, Paul.

Paul: Yeah. And who needs that, right? Let's go for it.

Bonnie: Wait, wait, wait -- what about this little girl? If Steinbeck has threatened her, aren't we putting her life in danger by forcing Marshall's hand here?

Jessica: I can only be concerned with one life right how, and that's Paul's. And you could spend the rest of it in prison. Are you ready to concede?

[Marshall chuckles]

Marshall: You know, there's not much that's funny in my life these days, but that was a good one.

Jessica: I'm not laughing. Are you prepared to drop all charges against my client?

Marshall: What do you have, Jessica?

Craig: Thank you for coming. Thank you.

Rosanna: The MedEvac helicopter has already arrived.

Craig: Okay. Where is she?

Rosanna: The doctors want to speak with you.

Craig: Oh, Ben --

Ben: I've just completed a preliminary examination on Lucy.

Craig: All right.

Ben: And I'm gonna take her upstairs for some additional tests.

Craig: Okay. Well, can I --

Ben: Yeah, I'll take you to her now.

Craig: Okay. Uh -- Rosanna?

Rosanna: Yes, I'm coming. I'm coming.

Aaron: Dr. Dixon?

John: Yeah.

Aaron: Please, can I -- I have to go see her too.

John: Aaron, Aaron, take it easy. I know you're anxious here, but she's critical, so only the immediate family is allowed in.

Aaron: Is this true? That Lucy's in critical condition?

Lucinda: She had a head trauma, darling. And spinal problems.

Alison: Spinal problems? That doesn't mean she's gonna be paralyzed, does it?

John: Wait a minute, it's far too early to speculate about something like that.

Lucinda: Yes.

Aaron: I mean, is she awake at least? Did she say anything?

Holden: Aaron, she's still unconscious.

Emily: Alison? Oh, I'm so happy to see you! Let me look at you. Are you okay? Oh, my gosh! Mom has been so worried. And we didn't expect you until later. What's going on?

Alison: Lucy got hit by a trolley.

Emily: What? When? Where?

Aaron: She -- she was trying to get to me and -- Hal grabbed me and Lucy freaked. So, Lucy ran across the street --

Emily: Wait a minute. Hal was there? Where is he now?

Alison: I don't know. He was there when they put Lucy in the ambulance, and then he just left.

Barbara: Hal, you frightened me. I didn't expect --

Hal: Is it true? Did Will admit to setting the fire?

Barbara: He said enough to implicate himself, but who knows what he really remembers --

Hal: What exactly did he say?

Barbara: He said that he was playing with matches in the barn.

Hal: Oh. Does he remember striking the match? Maybe he just remembers seeing the matchbook. Has anyone said anything about arson charges?

Barbara: Everyone has been trying to reassure me that this is gonna be considered an accident. But Tom said something about social workers. What if they take him away from us, Hal?

Hal: Just to clarify -- Will has not made an official statement yet, correct?

Barbara: No. I've done everything I can to put Margo off and she agreed to not talk to him again until he felt stronger. But now Ben just told me that he thinks that he is.

Hal: How is Will?

Barbara: Terrified. I don't know what to say to him. Honey, look who's here.

Hal: Oh, it's all right. It's all right, son. I'm here now everything's going to be okay.

Will: I was afraid I'd never see you again.

Hal: Hey. Are you kidding me? The earth would have to split open and swallow me whole first. And even then, I'd still find a way to get back to you. I love you, son.

Will: I love you too, dad.

Mike: This thing is getting so far out of control. I wish you would have come to me when Henry first started blackmailing you. Why didn't you?

[Carly remembering]

Henry: Do pregnancy tests lie, Carly? Found this in your trash. You know, my therapist says that I should be more open to advice. So I'm just gonna ask you with whom should I discuss this joyous baby news? You or your handsome hubby?

Carly: What? Sorry.

Mike: Why didn't you?

Carly: What?

Mike: Come to me with this Henry thing? I could have taken care of him.

Carly: Oh. I thought about it. I -- I just didn't --

Mike: You're not alone. We're in this together. We at least owe each other that much, don't we?

Carly: Well, I suppose you could look at it that way.

Mike: I do. You can tell me anything.

Carly: Can I? Do you really mean that?

Mike: Yes, I do.

Carly: Because there is something else.

Mike: What?

Jack: What are you guys still doing here?

Carly: Well, after going a few rounds with Rosanna, I sort of needed a breather. And there's nothing like a church for some peace and quiet. I could stay here a week.

Mike: What about you two? I thought you guys had to go to work.

Jack: Well, I left the baby with Roberta and I had Fredericks fill in for me, so --

Molly: And they didn't need me at the station, so I figured I'd come down here and throw my man over my shoulder and take him home and cook him a hot-cooked meal.

Jack: I can top that one. I'm throwing my woman over my shoulder and taking her out so someone else can cook for her.

Carly: I'll take a rain check on that, caveman? Between the christening and Rosanna, I'm tired.

Jack: But unbowed.

Carly: So far.

Jack: Okay. I got it. Home. A nice bottle of something, a foot massage, and I'll tuck you right in.

Carly: I don't deserve you.

Jack: Yes, you do.

Molly: Yes, you do.

Carly: I love you.

Jack: Same here. Thank you.

Molly: Thank you.

Jack: Oh, and, guys -- thanks so much for today. It meant a lot.

Mike: Anytime.

Molly: You guys take care of each other tonight, okay?

Jack: Bye.

Molly: Oh, I love my cuz, but I swear to God, sometimes I think she's her own worst enemy.

Mike: What do you mean?

Molly: I don't know why she just doesn't tell Jack everything. He'd understand.

Mike: You know what? I don't wanna talk about Jack and Carly anymore, or Rosanna. Or a town that was too small when I left, and I swear it's even smaller now that I came back. You know what I want?

Molly: Not a clue.

Mike: To concentrate on you. Okay? Just you. Can I do that tonight?

Molly: Be my guest.

Marshall: I've beaten you hands down at every turn, Jessica. And you're trying to bluff me now? Please.

Jessica: You're risking disbarment. You've conspired with a known felon. Conspired to commit murder.

Marshall: Are you out of your mind? Even suggesting that --

Jessica: And all of that is compounded with the fact that you are prosecuting a man you know to be innocent.

Marshall: What proof, if any, do you have?

Jessica: I know about Neia.

Marshall: So what?

Jessica: So this is your last chance to drop all charges against my client.

Marshall: I can't.

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge: Be seated. Is the defense ready to call the first witness?

Jessica: Yes, your honor. The defense calls Thurgood Marshall Travers.

[Scattered murmurs]

Alison: She's gonna be okay.

Aaron: How do you know that, Alison? She could be in there right now fighting for her life, and nobody's going to tell me. I'm going crazy.

Alison: Well, she made it this far, didn't she? And she's got the best doctors -- and if it means never seeing you again, you know she's not leaving this world any time soon.

Aaron: Thanks. I -- I still don't get it. One minute Hal's this close to punching my face in, then Lucy comes in yelling that I didn't do it. Then, she gets hit by a -- you were with her before that. Why was she running so fast to get me?

Alison: Like I said, she loves you.

Aaron: No, no, Ali. This has nothing to do with loving me, this has nothing to do with protecting me. This was different. It's like she knew something -- she knew something that she didn't know before. I just don't know what. I don't know what she was trying to say.

Craig: Listen to me, sweetness. Listen to daddy. You have to wake up, okay? It's not your time yet. It's not your time to go, sweetness.

Ben: Craig --

Craig: She's all I have.

Ben: I know, and every resource of this hospital will be devoted to your daughter. Now I have to take her for some more tests, but I'll find you as soon as they're done.

Craig: All right.

Rosanna: Can I get you a cup of coffee or something?

Craig: No, no. No. I warned Hal Munson. Will had confessed, he wouldn't believe that. I told him somebody was going to get hurt. And look. And they told me --

Rosanna: What? What did the doctors say?

Craig: She could die. My baby could die, Rosanna.

Emily: Ah, Barbara, have you seen Hal? The nurses said they saw him. Is he in with Will?

Barbara: Not anymore.

Emily: Can you tell me where he is? Or are we just going to play games here? Barbara, where's my husband?

Barbara: He's gone. And he took his son with him.

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