ATWT Transcript Thursday 12/12/02


As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 12/12/02

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Craig: Lucy! Lucy! Lucy, will you please stand where I can see you?

Lucy: Daddy, I'm not 5, and I'm not going anywhere. I just want to make sure we find Aaron before Lieutenant Munson does.

Craig: Well, if Aaron hadn't run away, maybe we --

Alison: He'd be locked up -- or dead.

Lucy: Don't say that.

Alison: The point is, we brought you here, so it's stupid not to trust us.

Craig: Thank you for sharing, Alison.

Holden: Lucy, do you have any idea which class Aaron's friend's taking?

Lucy: Brady? Music comp.

Holden: All right, that would be section "A." It just let out.

Lucy: Bob?

Mason: Mason.

Lucy: Right. Look, we met for, like, a second a couple weeks ago. You're a friend of Brady Rudd's, right?

Mason: And you are?

Lucy: Look, we're looking for Brady. Do you know where he is?

Mason: He cut class.

Holden: You think maybe you could tell us where he lives?

Mason: No, sorry.

Lucy: Wait, Mason, no! This is an emergency! Aaron could be in danger!

Aaron: Brady! What's happening, man?

Brady: What's up, bro?

Aaron: Oh, I'm glad to see you, bro.

Brady: Yeah?

Aaron: I hitched all the way from Memphis. This is Washington University, right?

Brady: Washington University in St. Louis.

Aaron: Nice.

Brady: I managed to sneak in without a visa, even though I go to Webster. So what's up? Where's Lucy?

Aaron: She's with her father. They caught up to us in Memphis. Some cop was ready to break my bones, so I had to go on without her.

Brady: Hey, I hope it's okay I told Alison where you were.

Aaron: No, it's cool. She would have found us, anyway.

Brady: You look stressed, man.

Aaron: Big time. I've been on the road for a long time. But I think I've come to the right place.

[Phone ringing]

Hal: You have reached Lieutenant Hal Munson, Oakdale PD. Please leave a message.

Will: Dad? It's Will. I'm awake. And I'm okay, I guess. But they've been asking me a lot of questions. And I'm gonna go to jail if you don't come home. Please, dad, I really need you to come home.

John: Will, my man. How are you? Now you may not feel like it, but you are doing much, much better. These things take time, you know? It's like waking up from a long nap. You feel a little disoriented, a little upset. It'll pass, Will.

Will: Do you know where my dad is?

John: He's out of town on a case. Tennessee, I heard. They're leaving messages for him.

Will: But what about my brother?

John: Paul is fine, as far as I know.

Will: I want him to come see me.

Barbara: Hey, look what I've got for you. Some of your favorites -- pancakes from Al's.

Will: Mom, where's Paul?

Barbara: He is so happy to hear that you're doing so much better.

Will: Mom, where's Paul? I really want to talk to him.

Barbara: John, could I speak with you outside for a moment, please?

Will: Mom --

Barbara: You know what? I want you to start on those pancakes. I'll be right back in, okay? John --

John: Hmm?

Barbara: What am I going to do? He can't find out that Paul's in jail. He just can't.

Paul: So -- I know the trial starts later today.

Tom: This is not about the trial, Paul.

Paul: Will -- is he okay?

Margo: He's fine, ever since he regained consciousness. He's getting better and better.

Paul: No brain damage?

Margo: No, I think he's doing fine. I mean, he's still a little shaky, and they have to do tests on him. But I did talk to him, and he seemed aware. And his memory is good. He understood what I was saying.

Paul: So, he's okay?

Margo: I think he's outta the woods, yes. But, Paul, I need your help. I questioned Will about the fire, and he remembered playing with matches that night in the barn. Now, understandably, he's pretty upset. And you can imagine Barbara's reaction. And with Hal out of town --

Paul: You know what? Give me the phone. I'll talk to him.

Tom: We thought it might be better if you saw him.

Paul: How?

Margo: Tom and I have arranged for you to visit Will in the hospital. That is, if you don't mind the handcuffs and the Police guard.

Paul: Hell, tie a noose around my neck. I don't care. Just get me to my brother.

Molly: Okay, one cup of coffee, and we're outta here.

Mike: We've got time.

Molly: It's hard enough for Carly to show up at this christening. If we're late, she's gonna have a meltdown.

Mike: It's a miracle she's still standing. I mean, with the new business and the marriage, Jack's baby.

Molly: If Jack finds out --

Mike: If Jack finds out what?

Molly: You know how it is when you're in a relationship, when you love somebody, it's really hard to keep a secret? You may not know, because you don't do that, but I do. And I know that it makes you feel disloyal. That it wrecks the closeness. Makes you put up walls.

Mike: What's she keeping a secret about?

Molly: Her feelings about the baby. Mike, she told me -- and I'm sure this is gonna pass -- but she told me that when she looks at him, it's like she hates him.

Mike: I don't think that's a secret. I mean, Jack talked about it at thanksgiving. He said it'd take a while for her to come around. So what's she really afraid Jack will find out?

Henry: Wasn't Mike supposed to throw Jack a bachelor party? He ended up throwing you one, instead, didn't he? He brought his own stripper -- himself.

Carly: That's wrong. And I will not pay you to hide a bunch of ridiculous lies!

Henry: Do pregnancy tests lie, Carly? Found this in your trash. You know, my therapist says that I should be more open to advice. So I'm just gonna ask you -- with whom should I discuss this joyous baby news? You, or your handsome hubby?

Jack: Carly? It's all right. Hey. He's a good-looking boy, isn't he?

Carly: Oh, you're both gorgeous.

Jack: So are you. How you feeling?

Carly: Well, like we better get going, or we'll be late.

Jack: Hey, have I told you how happy I am that my son has a step mom who's so incredibly generous?

Carly: And if his father doesn't stop talking, J. J.'s gonna be late for his own christening.

Jack: You hear that, J. J.? The boss has spoken.

Henry: Carnegie, Rockefeller, Gates -- you know, they all had their setbacks or two or three. It's just part of the game.

Woman #1: But daddy's back on top?

Henry: Oh, daddy's king of the hill. And it's good to be the king. Hey, Lloyd, how 'bout three martinis here? And don't spare the olives.

Lloyd: You got cash, hotshot?

Henry: "You got cash, hotshot?" Well, I have it, don't I? What does this look like, Lloyd, huh? Arugula?

Woman #2: Well, I've always wanted to go to Arugula.

Henry: Yeah, see, now, sweetheart, you stick with me, and I'm gonna teach you the difference between salad and sand.

Rosanna: What? I'm sorry, Emma. I must have lost you there for a second. No, no, you were right to tell Carly. She was great. She really was. For a moment there, I felt like I actually had a sister. Yes, I will. Yes, I'll speak to you soon.

Henry: Wait a second. You know what? I am in such a generous mood, drinks all around, on me.

Woman #1: Ooh.

Henry: Hey, Lloyd. Here you go, man. Buy yourself a new toupee. That one looks like road kill.

Lloyd: Anything you say, Mr. Coleman.

Henry: Did you hear that? Anything Mr. Coleman wants, Mr. Coleman gets. Miss Cabot. Well, girls, I'd like you to meet my former employer, Rosanna Cabot. Rosanna, these are the girls. My accountants.

Woman #1: He needs two, because he's so rich.

Rosanna: Indeed.

Henry: So how's life treating ya there, Rosanna?

Rosanna: Always interesting. Keeping yourself busy since you weaseled out of that job I gave you?

Henry: I got a new job. Not that it's any business of yours.

Rosanna: It's always my business when a former employee goes to work for a member of my family.

Henry: You have a family?

Rosanna: Girls -- the accounting industry can be so precarious, don't you think? Ever heard of Arthur Andersen?

Woman #2: Who's he?

Rosanna: Exactly.

Henry: You're a real buzz kill, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Let me see the money.

Henry: Or what?

Rosanna: Or I will have your eyeballs gouged out and replaced with cocktail onions.

Henry: Come on. Didn't you ever hear of the expression "live and let live"?

Rosanna: Now, what fun is that? What's this? There must be $5,000 here. Why is it lying around? Is it yours? Let go of the money.

Henry: It's my money, Rosanna.

Rosanna: And where did you get it, Mr. Coleman?

Molly: I'm gonna get some more milk for your coffee.

Mike: No, I don't want to pressure you. I mean, Carly's business is her own. If she asked you not to tell me something, that's fine. I just --

Molly: No, she didn't. I mean, at least we never really talked about it. I just assumed that it was off-limits.

Mike: All right, that's fine.

Molly: Do you promise me you won't breathe a word?

Mike: Baby, if it's gonna create a problem for you --

Molly: No, it makes me feel worse not telling you. It makes me feel those spooky feelings I felt when I kept that Burn unit thing from you.

Mike: So tell me. I'm not gonna tell anybody.

Molly: Carly had an affair. Well, more like a one-night stand. You're upset.

Mike: No, I'm just -- I mean, she's been married, what, a month?

Molly: This was the night before the wedding. And Jack had broken up with her. Don't forget. And she thought that was forever. So she started drinking. And she went out. She hooked up with somebody. She won't tell me who. And she made a mistake. Don't hate her, Mike. You do crazy things when your heart's broken. You know, when Jake died, I drank too much. And she thought she lost Jack, and so she went to what comforts her.

Mike: I don't hate her.

Molly: Well, you're just horrified. No, I can tell, you are. Mike, really try not to judge her, okay? We weren't there. We don't know exactly what happened.

Mike: I'm not judging her. I'm just -- I'm a little surprised, you know? I mean, given what could happen if this got out, that she'd confide in you, you know?

Molly: Sooner or later, Carly tells me everything. We should go, okay? Mm, and don't even hint that you know anything about this.

Mike: Not a word, all right?

Jack: You okay?

Carly: Yeah. I guess we're a little bit early.

Jack: I know this is the last place you want to be right now.

Carly: No, that's not true, Jack. I'm with you. And that's where I always want to be. That's why I married you. That's what it's about.

Jack: No, would you stop being so damned noble? I know that if you could change things, J. J. wouldn't exist.

Carly: It's not his fault.

Jack: No, it isn't. And it's not his fault that our wedding got screwed up, and we didn't have a honeymoon. But here we are. And we're gonna baptize him -- together. And for you to sit here with me, despite all of that, you must really love me.

Carly: Are you just figuring that out?

Henry: I told you I got a new job.

Rosanna: Working for whom?

Henry: For Beckerman. Hiram Beckerman. He's a high roller, and he doesn't trust his wife.

Rosanna: And I don't trust you.

Henry: Well, then you know what? It's a good thing that we ended our professional relationship.

Rosanna: But, in fact, we haven't ended our professional relationship, Mr. Coleman. Because if I find out that you got this money from Carly --

Henry: Carly? Rosanna, Carly? How would Carly get her hands on money like that?

Rosanna: Yes, where, indeed? And how, indeed? But if it turns out that she did manage to scrounge up enough money in order to buy your silence --

Henry: No, shh. Actually, there's not enough money in the world to do that. You can ask the girls. I'm a very noisy kinda guy.


Rosanna: If it turns out that you are hiding proof that Carly and Mike were together, I swear to God, I will come after you.

Henry: I understand, yes, you will, you will. The cocktail olives, and the eyeballs. And I understand. It's very clear, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Good. Have fun.

Henry: Where are you going?

Rosanna: To Church. Have a nice day.

Craig: Aaron will be fine. We know he's here. That's the good news. We'll find him.

Lucy: And Lieutenant Munson?

Craig: Doesn't know what we know -- that Aaron told you and Alison he'd be coming here.

Holden: I wouldn't count Hal out. He's got the local Police working on his side.

Alison: Hey, who were the two kids Brady hung out with? The guy was really cute. He walked me over to the student center.

Lucy: Alex. And the girl's name was -- Darcy?

Alison: Dara. And they rehearsed together.

Monica: Excuse me? Are you in the study group with Alex and Dara?

Alison: Yeah. Where are they?

Monica: They said to meet them right here. But then they cut class, so I don't know.

Lucy: Do you know where they live?

Monica: They're both in that dorm across the street.

Lucy: Thanks. Thanks a lot. They all must have all cut class to help Aaron.

Alison: Which means Aaron's with them.

Holden: Okay, let's go.

Aaron: So I need a place to lay low -- till things cool down. I figure they won't come looking for me in St. Louis, since we've already been here.

Brady: And if they did, they'd look at Webster, not Wash "U," right?

Aaron: Yeah, well, I hope so. You wouldn't happen to know anybody selling a motorcycle, would you? Cheap, maybe?

Brady: Not at the moment. I'm sorry.

Aaron: That's all right, man.

Brady: But I'll keep my ears open.

Aaron: Okay. No, man, I'm not taking your money.

Brady: Come on. We go way back. Just keep it. When they do a movie of your life story, let me do the music, all right?

Aaron: All right. Thanks, man. What's up, guys?

Alex: Brady told us he was meeting you here.

Dara: I never thought I'd see you again.

Alex: Tell us what we can do for you.

Aaron: Do you think you'll be able to point me to the direction of a bulletin board? I'm looking for a job and a room to rent.

Dara: You're staying in town?

Brady: They might have a bulletin board in the student center -- wherever that is.

Dara: I know where it is. My sister goes here. I can give Aaron a tour.

Aaron: You could just point it to me. I'll be fine.

Dara: It's right over there. Let's go. Then maybe I can show you around St. Louis, since you're going to be living here. Forest Park is right across the street. We could check out the zoo, the jewel box --

Alex: Hey, Dara? Don't you have rehearsal this afternoon?

Aaron: Yeah, I don't want to tie you up or anything.

Dara: Rehearsal's not until later. In the meantime, I'm extremely available.

Brady: Down, girl. Remember Lucy?

Dara: So, you and Lucy are still together?

Aaron: I hope so. Look, guys, I appreciate you offering to help and everything. I do. But there's something that I have to do on my own.

Brady: That's cool. Let us know if there's anything at all.

Alex: Good luck.

Dara: And if you get lonely --

Aaron: I'll be fine, thanks.

Aaron: Lucy -- I hope I haven't lost you.

Barbara: Okay, you know what I got you? I got you a brand-new cd player. I brought you all of your favorite cd's. If you feel like more music, I'll pick up a list from the music store. We'll get more things. And guess what? I brought your favorite jammies. You wanna put 'em on?

Will: Mom, why won't you let me talk to Paul?

Barbara: Honey, Paul's out of town.

Will: Dr. Dixon, is that true?

Barbara: Are you implying that your mother is lying to you?

Will: Mom, you're hiding something. Okay, I was unconscious for awhile, but I'm awake now. And I want to know what's going on.

Barbara: Yes, you were unconscious. And you were very sick. Which is why you have to keep very calm right now and do exactly what the doctor tells you to do.

Will: Well, is Luke unconscious?

Barbara: You know, that gives me the best idea. I think I'm gonna go call Luke right now. Okay?

Will: No, mom, wait.

Barbara: I'm gonna call him, and I'm gonna see if maybe his grandmother can bring him here for a little visit. I think that's just what you need, a visit from a friend.

Will: Mom, I want to talk to dad and Paul! Mom!

John: My advice would be, when your physical therapist gets here for the session -- listen to me. The sooner I get you up on your feet, the sooner you can get out of here. I want you home. Then you'll be your own boss. Hmm?

Barbara: Emma? Hi, Emma! It's Barbara. Listen, Will has just regained consciousness, and he was asking for Luke. So when you get this message, could you bring him down to the hospital as soon as possible? I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

Paul: Tom, can you drape my coat over these?

Tom: Sure.

Paul: Thanks. All right.

Barbara: Paul, no!

Will: Paul?

Barbara: I told him you were out of town.

Paul: That's your problem.

Barbara: Can't we just talk about this -- ? Handcuffs? No, no -- Paul, he can't see you like this. He'll be terrified.

Carly: Wanna make a deal? I will say a prayer for you, if you'll say one for me. I can use all the help I can get, kid.

Molly: Are we late?

Carly: No, no. Right on time.

Molly: Oh, look at the gown. He's gorgeous. Jack, I hope you brought your camera.

Jack: I did. It's in the car. Listen, Emma called. She said she's sorry she can't make the ceremony, but Will Munson regained consciousness. She's taking Luke over to see him.

Carly: Oh, good.

Mike: How you doing?

Carly: Fine. Hey, Jack, did you bring the Bible?

Jack: Yeah, it's in the bag. Hi, reverend. Thank you so much for setting all this up.

Reverend Davis: A christening is one of the happiest duties of a minister. Shall we? So, Jack, you're the baby's father?

Jack: Yes, sir. Carly, the Bible? Thank you. Would you mind signing this? It's the family Bible.

Reverend Davis: My pleasure. And, Mrs. Snyder, you'd be the baby's mother?

Carly: No. Well, I guess -- sort of I am.

Jack: Uh, I am married to Carly, but I had J. J. with someone else who is very ill.

Reverend Davis: I'll be sure to include her in my prayers. All right, for our purposes, I guess that makes you the stepmother, Mrs. Snyder. Would you like to take part in the ceremony?

Carly: Well, sure. That'd be fine.

Jack: Reverend, this is Molly McKinnon. She's gonna be the godmother. And Mike Kasnoff, the godfather. They're friends of ours.

Reverend Davis: Welcome. All right, Ms. McKinnon, if you'll be good enough to hold your godson.

Molly: Absolutely. Hi.

Reverend Davis: And, Mr. Kasnoff, if you would stand right over there. And, Mr. Snyder, next to your son. And, Mrs. Snyder, next to Mr. Kasnoff. All right. Baptism is a sacred rite. It brings the child into the family of God and protects the innocent from the stain of evil.

Rosanna: "The stain of evil"? Gimme a break. Good luck.

Paul: Mom, you need to calm down. Now Will can handle this, and besides, he's been asking for me.

Barbara: How do you know that?

Paul: John told me. I passed him in the hallway. He okayed the visit.

Barbara: He had no right to do any such thing. I am the custodial parent.

Margo: Maybe that's the problem, Barbara.

Barbara: If you have any intention of interrogating my son again, I will not allow it, Margo.

Margo: I have no intention of interrogating your son. I'm here to comfort him. Someone's got to.

Will: Paul?

Paul: Hey, buddy.

Will: Paul, I need your help. They're gonna take me away.

Craig: So how well did you know these two?

Lucy: Alex and Dara? Not very well, but they seemed to be tight with Brady, so I --

Craig: Well, so if they said they've seen him, were they telling the truth?

Alison: Well, maybe if you hadn't been there we'd know.

Craig: So were they lying?

Alison: I guess we'll never know. I told you that you had to stay outside.

Holden: If they run into him, they'll pass the word along.

Craig: Well, it's Hal who needs the word. If he thinks Aaron's guilty, then Aaron's still in danger.

Alison: Don't listen to him.

Lucy: I have a really bad feeling about this. I mean, it's been a really long time. We should've heard something by now.

Alison: He's with Brady, okay. We'll find him.

Lucy: How?

Alison: His band -- didn't it used to go on the campus radio station? Well, we can go there, send out an S.O.S., and tell Brady he has to call in.

Craig: And Hal will come running.

Holden: The Registrar's office has to have a listing for Brady Rudd.

Lucy: They're not going to hand out that kind of information.

Craig: So will call Margo. She can call the school and --

Lucy: That'll take forever. Aaron needs us now. I can feel it.

Holden: I've had my cell phone on all day. If he needed us, he would have called.

Craig: Where's the Registrar's office?

Holden: I don't know. It's not on this map. Lets go find out.

Craig: Okay.

Holden: Call Margo, give her a heads-up.

Craig: All right, okay.

Alison: You turned your phone off?

Lucy: I was charging it in the car. I forgot.

Alison: Leave it on, okay?

Lucy: No messages.

Craig: Lucy?

Lucy: Coming.

Craig: Come on.

Lucy: Please call, Aaron.

Reverend Davis: I baptize you Jack Joseph Snyder, Jr. in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. You may kiss the baby.

Jack: Oh, thank you. There's my boy. There you go, buddy. Nothing can hurt you now. Thank you so much, for everything.

Reverend Davis: My pleasure. I'll go get something to sign that Bible with.

Jack: Thank you. Oh, there you go. Now you're happy, aren't ya? Lot of love in this room. He can feel it I'm sure. Hmm --

Rosanna: How touching.

Molly: Who invited you?

Rosanna: Well, I'm sure my sister would want me to be here.

Molly: Oh, right, your sister that doesn't speak to you?

Carly: No, it's okay.

Molly: No, it's not okay. First, Julia crashes the wedding. Now Rosanna crashes the christening --

Jack: Rosanna, this is a happy day for my family.

Rosanna: Yes, a baby is always a miracle. Congratulations, Jack.

Carly: This will just take a minute, okay?

Jack: You sure?

Carly: Yes.

Jack: We'll wait for you in the entry.

Carly: I didn't tell anybody about what's going on with you, so if that's what this is about --

Rosanna: No, this is not about the operation.

Carly: Okay.

Rosanna: We declared a truce, Carly. No more tricks, no more games. And now you've paid Henry Coleman to keep his mouth shut. Which tells me you got something to hide.

Paul: How's that? Is that good?

Will: Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Paul: Sure? Wow! Mom pick these out? Yeah, how 'bout I send you over some cooler ones, so your friends won't laugh at you when they come and visit?

Will: Thanks.

Paul: And just so you know -- nobody's taking you anywhere but home. All this stuff about the fire? Even if you did light a couple matches, you didn't expect the whole barn to go up. It was an accident. I'm sorry I wasn't able to get here sooner. I was -- I just found out about an hour ago.

Will: I thought you were dead.

Paul: Well, that's a scary thought. Where'd that come from? Well, glad I came by. Glad you came to the door.

Will: Why were you with a cop?

Paul: Um -- I've had some trouble with James Steinbeck. Not the kind of trouble mom and dad -- not the way they had trouble, I'm fine. But some laws were broken. I have to go to court and straighten it all out. Until it gets cleared up, I have to hang out in jail for a while.

Will: You were arrested? Wow.

Paul: Not so bad. Food's a bit crummy, kinda like what you're eating here probably. What else is on your mind?

Will: What about dad?

Paul: He's not dead either. He's -- he's out looking for Aaron Snyder.

Will: But Aaron didn't set that fire, I did.

Paul: Then we'll straighten it all out.

Will: How can I? I mean, I admitted to lighting the matches. And mom wants me to take it back, and I don't know what to do.

Paul: Did you light the matches? Then stick with that. Always tell the truth, Will. No matter what mom tells you. No matter what she says. And if there's something you don't understand or an answer you don't know, then that's what you say. Be honest, okay?

Will: Okay.

Paul: It's a shame though, sure could use some company in jail.

Emma: Tom, Margo, hi.

Margo: Hi.

Emma: You here to see Will?

Luke: He woke up.

Margo: Yeah, he's going to be thrilled to see both of you and those cookies.

Luke: Where's his room?

Margo: He's right there. He's in with Paul.

Emma: Paul?

Luke: Can we go?

Emma: Why don't you go ahead? I'll be right in in a minute. You two must be responsible for that. It's a good thing, guys, very good. Good for Will and for Paul. Barbara must be thrilled.

Luke: Grandma made 'em. They're your favorite.

Paul: Let me get outta the way here.

Will: No, don't go!

Paul: I'm just making room for the cookies.

Will: Listen, Luke, I'm sorry.

Luke: What for?

Will: Busting your model.

Luke: It's okay. My dad got me another one. It's really cool. I can show it to you when you get out.

Will: I'm sorry about the fire. I lit some of Aaron's matches.

Luke: So? That doesn't mean you started the fire.

Carly: So Henry told you I'd paid him off? You're slipping, rosebud. He obviously couldn't come up with whatever it was you were looking for and opted to lay the blame on me.

Rosanna: I saw the money, Carly. A banded stack of fifties. Just like what was in your office.

Carly: So, by that logic, I should be able to march into any bank in town and lay claim to any fifties lying around. You know, because if it's a fifty, it's gotta be mine, right?

Rosanna: Why is he blackmailing you?

Carly: He's not. My fifties were for antique buttons. Henry's fifties were for, well, I don't know, martinis, knowing Henry.

Rosanna: There are no antique buttons. Henry found something out, and you paid him.

Carly: Why are you doing this? You just can't stand to be friends? This truce hasn't even lasted a day.

Rosanna: And you're the one who broke it.

Carly: Fine, you have it your way. Jack and I will send over some flowers or kiwis or whatever after your surgery. But from now on, you stay away from me.

Rosanna: How stupid do you think I am? That money that was in Henry's hot little hand came from you. And you stole it from Monte Carlo. Which means it came from me -- Cabot money, my money. You embezzled from me, Carly.

Mike: Everything okay?

Jack: Yeah. Molly's keeping an eye on J. J. What's going on in there?

Mike: I'm not sure.

Carly: Now you've really lost it. I've stolen money from my own company?

Rosanna: It's my company. You just work there. But if you insist, we'll check the books. And if something is missing, then we'll know. And Carly? If you've stolen from me, I'll hang you for it.

[Cell phone rings]

Lucy: Hello?

Aaron: Don't say anything. It's me.

Lucy: How are you? Where are you?

Alison: That's him, isn't it?!

Lucy: Shh. Look, I'm so glad you called. We're in St. Louis.

Aaron: You're kidding! I better go.

Lucy: No, Aaron. Please, don't hang up. Look, a lot has changed since we left Oakdale. You have to give Holden a chance to talk to you. You're not gonna get hurt, I promise. Unless Lieutenant Munson gets to you before we do. He's still looking for you.

Aaron: Then I better get out of here.

Lucy: No. Just -- just tell me where you are. We'll come find you.

Aaron: I'm at Washington University, in front of -- Brookings Hall.

Lucy: Okay. Just stay there. Okay. Please trust me. Don't move.

Aaron: But Lucy --

Lucy: No, Aaron, everything's gonna be fine. We'll get there as soon as we can.

Hal: End of the road, Aaron. You can't run from this anymore. I'm gonna take you back to Oakdale and you're gonna pay the price for what you've done.

Aaron: I'm not going anywhere!

Hal: Oh, yes you are. Even if I have to take you back in more than one piece.

Paul: So, Luke, did you see the fire start?

Luke: I was up in the loft. I saw some smoke. Then I looked down and I saw a bunch of flames. But Will wasn't anywhere near where the fire started.

Paul: Then what happened?

Luke: I yelled for him. And he didn't answer. So he must have already been knocked out.

Paul: Will, what do you remember?

Will: I lit a match. It burned my fingers, so I dropped it. Then I stomped it out. Then I did it again.

Paul: And you stomped it again?

Emma: Hello! Hello, hello, hello.

Paul: Hey, Emma.

Emma: Hey, my goodness! Look at you! Sitting up in bed and everything. Oh, my. And you -- you are a sight for sore eyes. Hello.

Paul: These cookies hit the spot, Emma. Didn't they, Will?

Will: Yeah. Thanks.

Emma: We're just gonna have to keep you supplied, aren't we, Luke?

Will: I'm really sorry about your barn.

Emma: Don't you worry about that. We can always build another barn. But what's important is that you get well. Okay? We better go, let Will rest, okay?

Luke: See ya.

Emma: You take care, you hear? We never fed him. See ya.

Paul: Well, that was nice of them to stop by.

Will: Mom must have called them.

Paul: Well, maybe. But they came by anyway. And they're not mad.

Will: Yeah.

Paul: Listen, Will, I'm going to have to be going soon.

Will: No, don't go. I really need you here, Paul. Because if they start asking me questions again, I won't know what to do, and then they'll take me to jail.

Emma: So did Will apologize to you, too?

Luke: But I know he didn't start the fire. He couldn't have. Lighting a match, then stomping it out? I'm telling you, grandma, the fire wasn't his fault.

Holden: That's not too far from here. We can get there faster if we travel on foot.

Craig: You two stay here.

Lucy: No! I have to make sure Aaron's all right.

Craig: Lucy, I don't want you around if there's trouble with Hal.

Lucy: Daddy, please --

Craig: Lucy, just do it! Come on.

Lucy: Suppose Lieutenant Munson catches up with Aaron before they do. I don't know what I would do if Aaron got hurt. I don't know what I'd do.

Alison: Oh, stop being such a drama queen!

Lucy: What do you know about anything, Alison? You have no idea how I feel!

Alison: Right. I have just hiked across eight states and slept on who knows how many floors with you guys, but I'm just clueless!

Lucy: Look, I'm sorry. All I'm saying is that it's not the same for you as it is for me. Aaron and I are in love. We're committed to each other.

Alison: Please. It's not like you and Aaron are "together" together.

Lucy: What's that supposed to mean?

Alison: What? I have to spell it out for you? You and Aaron haven't had sex, okay? So how committed could you be?

Lucy: You wish it were that way, don't you, Alison? You'd wish Aaron and I were just some casual thing because it would make you feel more important. Well, I'm sorry. Aaron and I are in love. And as far as being "together" together, well, not that it's any of your business, but we are.

Alison: You're lying. You're -- lying.

Lucy: Why would I lie about something as important as that?

Alison: When? When?

Lucy: In that barn.

Alison: In the barn? That's the night we got in that fight. You planned that, didn't you?

Lucy: Of course I didn't.

Alison: Yes, you did! You wanted to be alone with Aaron, so you picked a fight with me! And you let me drive in that car. I could have been stranded in the middle of nowhere. But you didn't care, 'cause all you wanted to do was roll around in the -- how could you do that to me?!

Lucy: You! Yeah, you, you, you -- it's all about you, isn't it? Maybe you're the one who isn't reading the signs, Alison. Maybe none of this is about you.

Alison: I'm just as involved as you are!

Lucy: That's only because you put yourself in the middle of this whole thing. Aaron never asked you to break him out of jail. And we definitely didn't ask you to come on this trip. Why couldn't you have just stayed home?

Alison: Aaron's my friend too! I had to help him.

Lucy: Oh, please. You just couldn't stand to be left out!

Alison: That's not why I followed you guys. My life's upside-down now, too.

Lucy: Well, that's not my fault. You were the one who decided you had to tag along and make everything a thousand times more complicated for us. Why couldn't you just let us go?

Alison: I had reasons, Lucy -- plenty of reasons. But you can't see them because you don't see anything that isn't Aaron Snyder! You've never -- done anything worse than stay past your curfew, never had the cops after you, never had to live with anything as terrible as knowing you'd burned down the barn!

Lucy: Aaron didn't do it!

Alison: I'm not talking about Aaron! I'm talking about me!

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