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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 12/10/02

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Simon: The forager has returned. Pizza sueme -- everything except anchovies and the kitchen sink, just the way the lady likes it. Come on, where's the romance? You said you were gonna dim the lights, fire up the candles, slip into something a little more transparent. Oh, this is just great. There was a time when I would walk in the door, and you couldn't wait to get your hands on me. You said it was gonna be our anniversary every single day of our lives. Now, look at us. Look at what we've come to.

Katie: Huh?

Simon: Baby, this a mouth-watering sensation. Take a whiff of heaven. Mouth-watering, delicious, and just waiting for you to take a bite. Now let me tell you about the pizza.

Kati: You will never guess in a million years what I found.

Simon: What is it?

Katie: It's proof that you and I were meant to be together. That we will stay together in one manifestation or another until the end of time.


Carly: I paid you your hush money, you leech. You said you'd vanish, so vanish.

Henry: I will, into thin air Carly. And no one will ever know about little patty-cake, patty-cake that's in your oven, or whether the baker man was Mike or Jack. No one will ever know. But I gotta ask you a question. Did you rob a bank for this money? Because I don't want to try to pass marked bills.

Carly: Don't be ridiculous.

Henry: All right. I have to be cautious. Where does a woman like you get her talons on all those dead presidents, huh?

Carly: That is none of your business.

Henry: Because it was your business that you embezzled from, all right. Or shall we say "appropriated the funds"?

Carly: "We" shall say nothing.

Henry: Okay, fine. But I don't think your business partners are gonna be too happy to find the sudden loss of $50,000 from the company's coffers. And you know what? I wouldn't count on any understanding from Mr. Craig or Miss Rosanna.

Carly: This is my problem. Disappear! It's my problem, all right. Now, how the hell am I gonna solve it?

Jack: I thought I heard somebody. Who was at the door?

Margo: Now I know this must be really weird for you, waking up in a hospital room and having all these people staring at you like you're a rock star or something, but, honey, as weird as it may be, I hope that you're up for answering a few questions about the fire in the Snyder barn.

Barbara: Would you please take a look at him? Do you see how agitated he is? I still don't understand why we have to do this right now, Margo.

Margo: Because I need to hear Will's side of things.

Barbara: He's been conscious for what -- 20 minutes? He's been through brain surgery, seizures, everything. And the doctors still don't know if he's out of the woods. And you're here badgering him.

Margo: You know what? There are three other children who have been on the run for weeks. Now, if they are running for no other reason than to get away from Hal, I want to know about it. This has gone on long enough.

Barbara: So what harm is another day or two gonna make?

Margo: Oh, I'm not gonna discuss this with you.

Barbara: You know what? You know what? Hal wouldn't allow this. I want Hal here.

Margo: I would love nothing more than for Hal to be here. But as I've told you, he's not answering his phone.

Barbara: Then find him!

Margo: This is out of Hal's hands.

Barbara: And in yours?

Will: I wanna see dad. Why can't I?

Margo: You know what, Will? Your father is out looking for Aaron Snyder, because he thinks that Aaron Snyder started the fire in the barn. What do you think? You think Aaron started that fire? Or was it someone else?

Craig: Have you any concept of what you've put us through?

Alison: Like we didn't hear you the first gazillion times.

Lucy: I'm sorry I worried you, daddy.

Alison: Blame the one-man legal system at the Oakdale PD.

Craig: Hal might've handled things better. But it doesn't make running away a viable option.

Aaron: I'm very sorry, Mr. Montgomery. I never should've got Lucy involved the way I did. Don't please, just don't take it out on her or Alison.

Alison: I don't regret one thing I've done. I would've done it all again if I had to.

Holden: Okay, we've got five seats on the last flight out of Memphis. What's wrong with you? You okay?

Aaron: Well, I guess that depends on what happens next.


Hal: Open up in there. This is Lieutenant Munson, and I've come for my prisoner. Now open this door, or I'll break it down.

Lucy: It can't end like this, can it?

Hal: Open up! I know you're in there.

Aaron: See? This is what I was afraid of. Things don't all of a sudden just work out for a guy who's been chased a couple thousand miles by Robocop outside.

Craig: What do you want to do?

Holden: I'll talk to him.

Alison: I don't know if you got the memo, but he isn't in a talking mood.

Hal: I believe you have my prisoner.

Holden: I think that we should probably just talk about this first.

Lucy: Well, at least the good guys found us before Lieutenant Munson did.

Alison: Since when is your dad one of the good guys?

Aaron: I'm going back to jail, Lucy. I know this I'm going back. No matter what, I'm going back.

Hal: It's really very simple. Aaron fled arson charges on my turf. It is my duty and obligation to take the fugitive into custody and bring him back to Oakdale.

Craig: Hal, Hal, we've already booked flights home.

Hal: Well, I'll just take him into custody to avoid any further problems.

Holden: Well, we've already got some problems here, Hal, because there's no way that I am handing my son over to you.

Margo: Did Aaron start the fire, Will?

Aaron: Will! Will! Will!

Margo: Will?

Aaron: Will!

Margo: Will? Did Aaron start that fire? Is that a no?

Will: Aaron came through the fire to save me. I don't think he would do that if he set the fire.

Barbara: Honey, that's not -- that's not what you said before.

Will: That's because I couldn't remember before. But now I remember now.

Barbara: But, Will l --

Margo: Okay, excuse me. What do you remember now? Do you remember before the fire started? Do you remember before Aaron rescued you? Do you remember box of matches?

Will: Yes.

Barbara: Okay, okay, that's enough. That's enough. There's no more. No more questions, all right? I've gotta call my attorney. I'm calling Marshall Travers and get him over here right now.

Margo: Marshall Travers is the D.A. now. He's not your secret weapon, Barbara. Listen -- no one's pointing the finger at you here. We just want to get at the truth, okay?

Will: It's okay, mom, really.

Margo: Okay, now, do you know who had the matches?

Will: Aaron had them in his backpack.

Margo: How do you know that, Will?

Will: 'Cause I went through his bag.

Margo: Yeah? Just this once?

Will: No.

Margo: It's okay, Will.

Will: I've been through his bag many times.

Margo: Okay, did you ever take those matches out? Now it's important that you really concentrate on this one, and you answer truthfully. Do you remember ever having the matches in your hand the day of the fire?

Barbara: Honey, honey, don't answer that question.

Margo: It's all right to answer a question, Will, as long as you answer truthfully. Did you touch the matches the day of the fire?

Barbara: No, no, you're not gonna answer. You're not gonna answer, okay? Now you -- I want you out of here. I want an attorney here. I want Tom here. You get Tom here, because my son is not gonna answer any more questions without an attorney present. Do you understand? Not another word, Will.

Margo: Fine, Barbara, we'll do it your way. I'll get Tom.

Barbara: Honey, honey, you're a good boy. Everyone who knows you knows that. And if anyone tries to accuse you of anything, they're gonna have to go through me first, okay?

Katie: So when I was in the attic , my sock got caught on a nail in the floor. And when I lifted up my foot, the floor board came up.

Simon: I'll fix it tomorrow.

Katie: No, honey, you're missing the point. Under the floor board I found this.

Simon: And what is it?

Katie: It's a diary of a woman that lived here, in this house, our house, over 100 years ago.

Simon: That's very interesting. Pizza?

Katie: It's phenomenal, Simon. Listen to this. Her name? ( Katherine. Her husband's name? Sam. How much closer could you get to Simon and Katie?

Simon: Oh, that -- spooky.

Katie: It is spooky. They're so much like us it's scary. It's like reading about ourselves before we were even born. Before they met, she was young and naive.

Simon: Young, yes. Naive?

Katie: And he was wanderer with a bad reputation, an adventurer. They met. They fell in love. And nobody said it would last, but it did. They stayed together, despite all the odds. Oh, listen to this.

Sam: Okay, keep 'em closed. Still closed?

Katherine: I'm about to burst with excitement.

Sam: Okay. Open your eyes, Katherine. Everything from the rafters to the floor boards, I built with my own two hands. What do you think?

Katherine: I've never seen anything so beautiful in my whole life. Who is it for?

Sam: It's my fervent hope that you'll live here with me and our children, God willing

Katherine: Oh, Sam. This is so sudden.

Sam: I know. I know I've made a lot of mistakes in my life. But one true thing I know, I love you. And I want you by my side for all eternity. Katherine -- will you be my wife?

Katherine: I'd like that, Sam. I'd like that very much.

Katie: And look at this. Same exact anniversary.

Simon: Oh, honey, you're reading into this. Come on, that's just a coincidence. Katie: When the coincidences pile up this high, there's gotta be a pattern. What if you and I were Sam and Katherine in a past life? What if we were meant to live in this house that Sam built for Katherine and live out their true love?

Simon: And what if you're just delirious 'cause you haven't eaten a thing all day?

Katie: It's possible.

Simon: Eat.

Katie: But I want you to read. Go on. You'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

Simon: Where were we?

Jack: Having secret visitors behind my back?

Carly: Yeah, me and the local boy scout troop. They were collecting for something. I gave till it hurt.

Jack: One of the many things I love about you.

Carly: Is the baby down?

Jack: Finally asleep. I think we're gonna have a slight problem with Parker.

Carly: Why? What kind of problem?

Jack: Well, he was watching while I was getting J. J. ready for bed, and he asked when the baby is going home to his real family.

[Laughter] Yeah.

Carly: I'm sorry.

Jack: Yeah, keep laughing.

Carly: Oh, it's not funny, 'cause it could be a problem.

Jack: Yeah, do you want to have a talk with him or should I?

Carly: Well, why don't the two of you go out tonight for guys' night out? Have some ice cream and hang out. Knowing that nothing is gonna change between the two of you might make the news about Jackie go a little smoother.

Jack: That's a good idea. Hey, Parker? Could you come down here for a minute, buddy? Oh, and don't forget, Emma is gonna be dropping off that christening gown.

Carly: Yeah, I'm on it. Hey, buddy, how would you like to go and have an ice cream sundae with Jack?

Parker: Okay.

Jack: One more family tradition I wanna add to the festivities tomorrow.

Carly: What's that?

Jack: This. It's a family Bible. Everyone's name is listed in here, going back generations. I wanna make sure that Jackie's is added to the long list of Snyders tomorrow.

Carly: Well, it's too bad that Julia's name will be in there forever.

Jack: No, I'm leaving that part blank. And don't you worry, there will be plenty of space for you and me when we add our own little kiddies to the mix, when we're ready, of course. Okay, we'll see you soon. You ready, buddy? Say bye-bye to mommy.

Parker: Bye, mommy.

Carly: Bye.

Jack: Bye, mommy.

Carly: Oh, you heard that, didn't you? You've got lousy timing. And lousy taste in mothers. Do you really want to be the child of a woman who ripped off her own company to pay off a blackmailer? What kind of mother does that make me? You know, maybe it's just not in the stars for us. Maybe the sad truth is, you're not really meant to be born.

Carly: You can do this. You've gotta do this. Okay. Watches. Weddings. Wins. Men's clinic.

[Doorbell rings]

Emma: Hello.

Carly: Oh, hi, Emma. How are you? Come on in.

Emma: How are you feeling? Are you feeling better?

Carly: Fine, okay.

Emma: Good, I'm glad.

Carly: Well, let's just say I'll be feeling okay very soon.

Emma: Oh, I'm glad to hear that.

Carly: Let me take this.

Emma: Oh, thanks, thanks.

Carly: Sit.

Emma: Now, here it is. The Snyder family christening gown.

Carly: Oh, I'll be sure that Jack gets that.

Emma: Do you want to take a peek of it? You know, it's the same dress that Holden and Jack wore eons ago.

Carly: Just thinking about Jack in a dress --

Emma: Well, this is more than just a dress. Take a peek -- beautiful?

Carly: Oh, my.

Emma: Isn't it lovely?

Carly: Yes.

Emma: My mother made it.

Carly: Oh, it's beautiful, Emma.

Emma: Mm-hmm.

Carly: It's -- it's so fancy.

Emma: Oh, well, it's for a very, very fancy occasion. It's for -- it's for the celebration of life. Celebration of hope. Celebration of everything positive. A baby is the most precious gift in this world, the most precious gift.

Carly: You're absolutely right. Every new life deserves to be celebrated, Emma. No matter how it started.

Emma: Something I said?

Carly: Yes. Everything. Thank you -- for your calm and your wisdom and your words.

Emma: Well, I wish I knew what I said that was so -- so profound. Anyway, maybe this is a perfect time to ask a favor of you.

Carly: Anything.

Emma: Call your sister.

Carly: Except that. Why would I call Rosanna, Emma? The bad blood between us -- you know about that. You've seen it splattered on the walls.

Emma: Carly-

Carly: Well, what gives?

Emma: Rosanna is very sick.

Carly: Yes, you can say that again

Emma: She is facing something very, very serious. She needs a friend. She needs a sister.

Rosanna: Can you bring me the largest, most disgusting ice cream concoction you have?

Waitress: You asked for it.

Rosanna: Thank you.

Parker: Aunt Ro, aunt Ro.

Rosanna: Hi, oh, Parker. Oh, it's so nice to see the most handsome man in the whole world. Hey. Hello, Jack.

Jack: Hey, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Parker, as much as it's a pleasure and a half seeing you, looks like I'm gonna have to run. So we'll just have to catch up another time, okay?

Waitress: Here's your Mt. Vesuvius.

Jack: Wow.

Waitress: Enjoy.

Rosanna: Miss?

Jack: You don't have to leave on account of us, Rosanna, please.

Rosanna: I'm really not hungry. I don't think I could eat that.

Jack: Well, it's obvious that Parker is excited to see his aunt Ro, and we did come for -- we came for ice cream ourselves, but nothing like Mt. Vesuvius there.

Rosanna: I had no idea it was going to be this ridiculous.

Jack: Well, don't let us intrude. I mean, if you're expecting a small army or a crowd of some kind.

Rosanna: No, I was -- I was expecting you. Here. Sit down, Parker, and dig in. Perhaps you could help me get to the center of this ice cream volcano. Here's your excavation tool. Now just dig in. Oh, I hired the right man for the job.

Jack: You're really good at this, Rosanna. You see any kids of your own in the future?

Rosanna: No, Jack, I don't see any children of my own in the future. Any more questions?

Tom: Well, I hear somebody's finally awake. How's it going, Will?

Will: Okay, I guess.

Tom: Will, you look terrific. Hi, Barb.

Barbara: Hi, Tom.

Tom: Now I understand the Police wanna ask you some questions. Now they're not gonna do anything crazy, like arrest you or anything like that. In fact, you don't even have to talk to them if you don't want. You just tell me no more, and I'll send Margo back to the station, end of story.

Barbara: Doesn't that sound nice?

Tom: If that's what you want to do.

Barbara: How 'bout what I want?

Tom: Well, you have a right to protect your son from interrogation, but I wouldn't recommend that.

Barbara: Who's gonna protect my son if I can't, and you won't?

Will: I want my dad. And if answering those questions will bring him back any sooner, then I wanna answer them.

Tom: Okay. He's ready. Are you?

Barbara: Do I have a choice?

Margo: Okay, so, where were we?

Will: The matches.

Margo: The matches, yeah. So, did you have the matches in your hand the day of the fire?

Will: Yes.

Margo: What were you doing with the matches? Were you looking at them? Were you lighting them?

Will: Yes.

Margo: Okay, now, Will, it's really important that you think very carefully, and you answer as honestly as you can. Were you responsible for starting the fire that day?

Holden: This is about as close as you're going to get to my son.

Hal: You think so?

Holden: Why don't you just go back to Oakdale? We will just meet you there. Aaron will turn himself in to Jack at the station. We'll just take things from there. But I'm not handing my son over to you, and that's final.

Hal: You're both under arrest, obstruction of justice.

Alison: Game over, boys and girls. Hal just flashed his badge.

Aaron: That's it, I'm outta here.

Lucy: But you can't go.

Aaron: Well, I can't stay. Lucy, I love you, but I'm not gonna stick around to get railroaded by Munson.

Lucy: How will you get out of here?

Aaron: I don't know. I'll find a way. I'll make it, Lucy. I'll make it, just -- you gotta help me. Tell me you're gonna help me leave.

Lucy: All I'm saying is just -- couldn't you be making things worse by taking off again? I mean, you can't keep running forever.

Alison: I'm ready when you are, just point me the right direction.

Aaron: Ali, I'm going solo this time.

Alison: What about me? I'm in just as much trouble as you are. I broke you out of jail.

Aaron: Look, your sister's married to Munson. Come on, she's not gonna let him fry you.

Lucy: Where you gonna go?

Aaron: I don't know, probably back to ST. U's, meet up with Brady. Maybe he can help me. I'll stay there until things settle down in Oakdale, and then I'll come home. I'll come home to you.

Lucy: Please don't do this, Aaron. I mean think about it.

Aaron: Luce, think about this. Me sitting in the back, handcuffed in a cop car with a guy who thinks I put his son in the hospital. I'll be lucky if I make it home alive.

Hal: If you don't comply with my request, I'll have the Memphis Police intervene on my behalf. So what's it gonna be, gentlemen? Do I call for backup, or do I take charge of my prisoner?

Holden: Did Steinbeck screw with your brain again, Hal? Aaron is innocent.

Hal: If that's true, then his trial will prove his innocence, not you, not Craig, not Emily, and not Katie or Simon Frasier. Now step aside, or I'll have you both brought up on charges. Fine.

Craig: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Margo: You know what, honey? Everybody in this room loves you very much. We always have. We always will. Nothing's gonna change that, okay? Now, I know you. I know you can tell the truth, okay? You just take a deep breath.

Will: I think I might've started the fire. I mean not exactly sure yet, but I had the matches. And I must've burnt down that barn. I must have started the fire.

Katie: So, what do you think?

Simon: I think you're nuts. These two people are nothing like us.

Katie: What are you talking about? Why are you resisting this?

Simon: Because of the way it ended. This couple -- there's no way that I'm gonna compare us to this couple, no way.

Katie: Wait, what are you talking about? I didn't get to the end. What?

Simon: All right, look at -- listen to this. "Dear diary, I feel like I have had my heart torn out of my chest. My darling Sam has gone away."

Sam: Look, Katherine, it's gold. Pure gold.

Hank: Yeah, there's plenty more where that come from.

Katherine: Well, good for you, Hank.

Hank: Yes, ma'am.

Sam: They say a man can go in the valley a pauper and pan the rivers and ride out a prin.

Hank: True.

Katherine: What's this got to do with us? Why are you looking like that? Sam?

Sam: Give us a moment, will ya, Hank?

Hank: No, man, the rivers are overflowing with gold. I tell ya, it's the chance of a lifetime. Whoo!

Sam: I'll meet ya outside, Hank.

Hank: Right. Yeah, I reckon I'll wait outside.

Sam: Yeah.

Hank: Ma'am.

Katherine: You're scaring me, Sam. What's wrong?

Sam: You always know how we said it's important to follow our dreams. I'm going out west to make our fortune.

Katherine: Whither thou go West, I'll go. Where thou lodgest, I will lodge.

Sam: No, no, my dearest. The west is wild and untamed. Too rough and dangerous for a beauty like you.

Katherine: You can't leave me. You love me.

Sam: Listen, don't keep this more difficult than it is, okay? Say good-bye, my girl.

Katherine: No!

Sam: Be strong, okay? This is not forever.

Katherine: No, I'm not letting you leave me. I'm not letting you go.

Katie: No, no, wait, this can't be it. It can't just end there. There has to -- something else has to be here. Sam must come back filthy rich. They must live happily ever after.

Simon: Honey, you dropped a note. From the family minister.

Katie: What does it say?

Simon: Katherine died of diphtheria. Sam never returned.

Katie: No.

Simon: Yeah, the minister was instructed to stash this diary in the house in case he ever did come back.

Katie: So what, they never had children?

Simon: No.

Katie: No heartwarming reunion? No growing old together?

Simon: I'm sorry.

Katie: All right, I was totally wrong. That is not our destiny at all.

Simon: Exactly. We don't need to go looking for our destiny in someone else's diary, honey. We're gonna find our own destiny.

[Knocking] I'll get that. You warm up the pizza, okay?

Katie: Okay.

Simon: Hey.

Delivery man: Hi, delivery for Simon Frasier.

Simon: All right, thank you. Thanks, man.

Katie: What is it?

Simon: Special delivery. "Dear Mr. Frasier, we regret to inform you --" how would you feel about moving down under and farming sheep?

Simon: This says that I've become the proud owner of a sheep farm, thanks to my uncle Hank.

Katie: What do you do on a sheep farm?

Simon: Oh, honey, I'm not sure you really want to know. It gets kind of lonely out there. Look, you raise sheep. You shear sheep. You sell the wool. You eat sheep.

Katie: Well, if you're trying to sell me on this, you're doing a really bad job.

Simon: Aw, come on, it's great. All the lamb you can eat. You can eat lamb burgers, lamb and eggs, lamb on toast, lamb as far as the eye can see.

Katie: You're talking about being a serial killer to a bunch of sweet, innocent, fluffy, little lambs.

Simon: Baby, you'll get used to it.

Katie: No, I can't. I won't.

Simon: I know...

Katie: I can't have Margo and Craig and my nephews and Lucy and this wonderful, sweet, little cottage in the woods.

Simon: Baby, take a deep breath. It was just a joke.

Katie: I have zero interest in being a sheep farmer.

Simon: And that makes two of us.

Katie: Really, you mean it?

Simon: Thought never crossed my mind, okay? I'll look into selling it. Maybe the property's worth something. But in the meantime -- how about that anniversary celebration that you promised me?

Katie: Did I ever tell you how much I love your one-track mind?

Rosanna: Now that's a kid who knows to decimate a sundae.

Jack: Yeah, kids make life interesting, I'll tell you that. Then, of course, there's the songs and the nursery rhymes you have to relearn. I highly recommend it, Rosanna

Rosanna: I have to go.

Jack: You're leaving already?

Rosanna: Yes, could you please tell Carly that you sat down and had a half-way decent time with one of her least favorite people in the world.

Jack: You are not one of her least favorite people in the world.

Rosanna: So you're not gonna tell her you saw me?

Jack: No, of course I'm gonna tell her I saw you. Carly and I don't keep any secrets from each other.

Rosanna: You sure about that?

Jack: What's that supposed to mean?

Rosanna: Nothing. It was nice running into you, Parker.

Emma: Carly don't you remember what it was like when you felt so desperate, so lonely that time?

Carly: You don't forget a thing like that.

Emma: Well, that's exactly how Rosanna feels now. Call her, Carly, talk to her.

Carly: Well, how sick is she?

Emma: She is the only sister that you have. I mean, why be an enemy, when you could be so much more?

Rosanna: Excuse me, but that was a serious question. Why is this lying around?

Carly: I must have dropped that. Yeah, I took $5,000 out of petty cash to pay a vendor in Bay City. She deals in antique buttons and buckles and so on. Gold stuff, silver, and she only takes cash.

I think you're on to something, Emma. Why make an enemy of my only sister? Now that wouldn't be wise at all.

Margo: I am really proud of you for telling the truth, Will.

Will: I'm sorry.

Margo: Oh, no, there's no reason to be. I know that you never intended anything bad to happen.

Will: But what about my dad?

Margo: Oh, your dad, well, I'm gonna call him right now. I'm gonna tell him that you're awake, and that you're talking , and that you're fine. And, Will, he loves you so much, he's gonna be here faster than lightning.

Barbara: So what happens now? You take him to lock-down?

Tom: She's not gonna arrest some young boy that just came out of a coma. And now you, get a grip.

Barbara: You still haven't told me what's going to happen to my son. You have nothing, Margo. You have absolutely nothing. You said so yourself. He had brain surgery. He had seizures. He doesn't know what he's talking about. He's confused. He doesn't say what he means.

Margo: Barbara, he didn't sound confused to me. Oh, God. Come on, Hal. Turn your phone on.

Hal: All right, where is he? I asked you a question. Where is he?

Craig: Keep your voice down.

Hal: I'll do that when you control your children. Now where is he?

Alison: He's gone, Hal. Slipped right through your fingers. Now you'll never find him.

Hal: Damn bathroom window. I'm holding you both responsible for this.

Holden: I'm gonna see if I can find him first.

Craig: Yeah, right. Whose bright idea was this?

Lucy: After what just happened, I'm glad he took off.

[Phone rings]

Craig: Hello.

Margo: Well, thank goodness your phone is on. What's your status?

Craig: Well, we've got two pretty tired runaways standing in front of me, but Aaron's gone. And Hal's more insane than ever. He's threatened to bust Holden and me for obstructing justice.

Margo: Listen, Craig. Hal won't turn his phone on, and there's a message that I've got to get to him before he gets to Aaron. It's about Will.

Hal: Well, are you happy, Holden, you encouraged your son to add to his list of offenses?

Holden: Don't you get it, Hal? Aaron isn't fleeing from justice, he's trying to get away from you. You're out of control.

Hal: And you ain't seen nothing yet.

Holden: You're not gonna find him, Hal.

Craig: All right, well, thank you, Margo. I'll tell him.

Lucy: Where's Aaron?

Alison: Did he get away?

Holden: Yeah, for now.

Alison: Yes.

Holden: That was Margo? Any new developments?

Craig: Yes, Will's awoken, and he's admitted to starting that fire.

Alison: He what?

Lucy: Oh, thank God.

Holden: Well, that means -- that means that Aaron's off the hook for now.

Craig: Yeah. Yeah, but how do we tell Hal before he gets to Aaron again?

Carly: I will try to be kind to my evil sister. Cinderella did it. Why can't I?

Emma: And look what happened to her. I mean, she got the whole new life, big, new kingdom. You will talk to her?

Carly: I'm not promising miracles. But I'll try.

Emma: Oh, good. That's all I ask. Okay, I'll let you get back to what you were doing. I'll see you tomorrow. Tomorrow at the christening.

Carly: Yes. You know, Emma, they could use a dozen of you at the U.N.

Emma: Oh, I'm a little too busy with my own family. I knew you'd come through for your sister. I knew it.

Carly: Yeah, well, who maybe we'll end up the very best of friends. Even if it kills us.

Katie: Simon, what's with the get-up?

Simon: I'm off to Australia, love. To make our fortune.

Katie: Please tell me this does not have anything to do with sheep.

Simon: How'd you guess? You see, I want to get back to nature. Make my living with these.

Katie: Okay, when do we leave?

Simon: No, no, no, no, no. I don't think so, sweetheart. See, the outback's no place for a Sheila. You can't come.

Katie: But wherever you go, I want to be.

Simon: Oh, crikey, no. You see down there, it's rough, wild, dangerous. Wish me luck, lover.

Katie: No, no, wait. You can't leave me.

Simon: Look, you said to me that you didn't want to be a sheep rancher. But me? I was born to shear. You knew that when you met me.

Katie: "Born to shear." What are you talking about? You never said anything about that. Remember how much you love me.

Simon: Oh, come on. You knew that this wasn't gonna last forever. Shh. The sheep are waiting, with their fleeces white snow.

Katie: But everywhere that Simon goes, Katie's sure to go.

Simon: I'm already gone, love.

Katie: Simon, wait! Simon, you can't leave me. Simon, wait! Don't leave me, please. Please.

Simon: Hey, hey, what's the matter?

Katie: Forget it, buster. I am not letting you pull the wool over my eyes. I'm never gonna let you leave me, not for all the gold in California or all the sheep in Australia.

Simon: Honey, I'm not going anywhere. Go to sleep.

Tom: So you did great.

Will: What now?

Tom: We're gonna let Margo type up everything that you told her, and then we'll figure out what we're gonna do then.

Will: Is Aaron in trouble because of me?

Tom: Not anymore. I'm gonna call you as soon as I talk to the cops and the D.A. Not to worry, buddy.

Barbara: Thank you, Tom. How you doing?

Will: You think dad'll be mad at me?

Barbara : Oh, honey, he's just gonna be happy that you're awake and feeling better, and that's all there is to it, okay?

Will: I'm sorry, mom. I'm so sorry.

Barbara: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Mom's sorry.

Holden: Do either of you know where Aaron is?

Craig: We're just trying to help here. You know, if it wasn't for us, Hal would've dragged Aaron out of here in cuffs.

Holden: Don't you guys know by now that you can trust us?

Alison: Maybe they're right. If Hal catches Aaron first, he's finished.

Lucy: He went to St. Louis to meet up with his friend Brady.

Holden: Okay.

Craig: All right, well, cancel those plane reservations, let's get to St. Louis.

Lucy: It's gonna be okay now, right? I mean, now that everybody knows Aaron didn't do it.

Alison: I hope so.

Lucy: Your poor little brother. I mean, it's great that he's out of the coma, but why would he start that fire? Wonder what they'll do to the poor little guy now.

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