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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 11/25/02

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Alison: What's going on? "Positively green."

Lucy: Where do you think everyone's going?

Aaron: The stadium, probably.

Sam: Get the spirit, folks! Get the spirit! Get your mini '49ers pickaxes right here! Let's go, folks! Cheer 'em on! Cheer 'em on! All right.

Lucy: What's the game?

Judy: It's the '49ers first big pre-season basketball game.

Lucy: Basketball? Wouldn't that be fun? We could go to the game. No one would notice us. Big crowd.

Aaron: Yeah, I wish we could go, Lucy, but we're flat broke again.

Sam: You three need to make a few bucks?

Alison: Do we ever.

Sam: Well, uh, I gotta go check my other concession. If you stay here and sell these picks for me, I'll pay you.

Aaron: Really?

Sam: I run a pretty swift business when I put my mind to it. If you sell out, I'll give you a bonus.

Aaron: Cool.

Sam: There's only one problem -- your clothes.

Lucy: What's wrong with our clothes?

Sam: You'll never make any sales with those clothes. If you wanna make some sales, you gotta go green.

Aaron: Green?

Paul: Now tell me you've stopped trying to nail Steinbeck.

Bonnie: I'm still at it, Paul. I'm gonna get him, too.

Isaac: Now we've got to pinpoint the connection between Steinbeck and Marshall Travers. Once we have that, we can use that information to nail them both to the wall.

Paul: Wait -- what's all this talk about "we?"

Isaac: "We"! Us -- I'm not on the sidelines anymore, Paul. No, sir. I'm right in the middle of this thing.

Paul: No, I know. I've told both of you -- I've warned both of you time and time again, but yet, you still don't understand how serious this situation is.

Isaac: Yes. Oh, yes, we do.

Paul: No, no, no, you don't! Because right now, you would be protecting Bonnie with everything you had. Not joining forces with her and fighting my battles. Too many people around me have gotten hurt, and I've had it. I'm not risking another.

Margo: Travers is still in there with Steinbeck?

Jessica: Yeah.

Margo: All right, I'm putting an end to this right now.

Jessica: No, wait, Margo -- give it another minute.

Margo: Look, Jess, we both know that Travers is in there taking his orders from Steinbeck. Well, not on my watch.

Jessica: Well, you're probably right. But just give him a few more minutes.

Margo: Look, I know that you're still holding out hope that Travers has some decency left in him, but do you actually think he's gonna turn around and prosecute James Steinbeck at this late date?

Jessica: People come around. You never know.

Marshall: James, I've made you a generous offer. Leave town for good, and you're a free man. If not, I'm gonna charge you with kidnapping, with Barbara Ryan as the key witness.

James: Barbara will never testify against me.

Marshall: And why is that?

James: Her feelings run too deep.

Marshall: She told me she hates you.

James: Hate, jealousy, envy, and within a love as great as ours, all these emotions coexist.

Marshall: You know, I really have no interest in the details of your romantic life.

James: Nor I in yours. But, you know, there was one little bit on that videotape with you and former District Attorney, very crucial moment, she whispered in your ear -- was she about to ask you -- ?

Marshall: All right, enough! Are you gonna take the deal or not?

James: Your offer isn't even worthy of a reply.

Marshall: And why not?

James: Because I have information that is very vital to you. You prosecute me, then it's gone forever. Now, Marshall, you're gonna do as I say, so stop pretending otherwise. Got it?

Carly: What have you done to Dr. Weiskopf?

Julia: Nothing. Is everything that happens now my fault?

Carly: He was going to testify that you're still dangerous. Somehow you must have found out about that, and you fixed it so he couldn't get here.

Julia: I can't believe that I am the one having the insanity hearing when, clearly, you are the raving lunatic.

Carly: Look! She as much as admitted it to me, just now. She knows where the doctor is because she's the one who fixed it so he couldn't get here!

Julia: Carly, they're not gonna believe you. My lawyers have interviewed Dr. Weiskopf. They know that he promised me that I would get to be a part of little Jackie's life. That I would get to take him to the park. We'd watch the paddle boats go in and out on the lake. Dr. Weiskopf would never allow me to be locked up again. And I would never hurt him.

Carly: I gotta talk to the judge.

Julia: No! Wait! Carly, don't you understand? I meant every word I just said to the judge. Becoming a mother has made me a completely different person. I realize I did bad things in the past. But now, I just want to be a good role model for Jackie, to show him the importance of truth and honesty, caring for other people -- but you -- you refuse to give me a second chance.

Lawyer #1: Please step back. You're disturbing our client.

Carly: Come on! This is an act! Look at this woman. Ask her! Ask her what she did to Dr. Weiskopf.

Lawyer #2: Ms. Lindsey has no obligation to answer your questions.

Julia: Thank you. This woman has been harassing me for years.

Carly: Harassment?! She invented the term, fellas. Come on, Jack. Where's that doctor?

Jack: Weiskopf? Are you in there? Dr. Weiskopf, is that you? Oh -- oh, my God. Doctor -- doctor, you're gonna be okay. You hear me? You've got to be okay!

[phone ringing]

Carly: Come on, Jack. Pick up!

Jack: Snyder.

Carly: Jack, it's me. We got a pretty big problem here.

Jack: Yeah, I got one here, too. I found Dr. Weiskopf.

Carly: Uh-oh. Don't tell me he's --

Jack: No, he's not dead. But he's not in great shape, either.

Carly: Well, what happened to him? Was it Julia?

Jack: I don't know. He hasn't been able to tell me yet.

Carly: Well, you gotta get him here, Jack. The recess is over. The judge is about to rule.

Jack: Tell him he'll have to wait! We're on our way.

Carly: He almost threw me out of there a few minutes ago, Jack. I don't know how to get him to listen to me!

Jack: Find a way. You've got to keep stalling, Carly. Do whatever you can.

Judge Joyner: I've already heard a great deal of testimony regarding the emotional stability of Julia Lindsey. And barring any additional information at this time --

Carly: Your honor! Please wait.

Judge Joyner: Ms. Snyder, I believe you've interrupted these proceedings once too often as it is.

Carly: You said before that you weren't able to locate Dr. Weiskopf. Well, my husband did. He just found him, and they're on their way here. Dr. Weiskopf will be able to testify like he was supposed to. Please, you can't make a decision without hearing from Julia's psychiatrist. He's the only person who understands her condition.

Lawyer #1: We have no problem waiting, your honor. Especially, since Dr. Weiskopf's testimony should support the release of our client.

Judge Joyner: I would far rather Dr. Weiskopf had seen fit to get here on time. I consider his behavior thoroughly unprofessional.

Carly: It wasn't his fault. He was drugged or beaten or something. I don't know. But Ms. Lindsey kept him from being here.

Julia: What?! Is she allowed to say anything she wants about me no matter how vicious? Can't somebody do something to stop her?

Lawyer #1: Your honor, I respectfully ask that Mrs. Snyder be removed if she can't keep her outrageous speculations to herself!

Carly: This is not speculation. Julia got to him. She knew that her doctor was not gonna be here today. When I told her that my husband went looking for him, she told me it was too late. Those were her exact words, your honor. "Too late."

Judge Joyner: If you have proof, I'll hear it.

Carly: Well -- she's drugged people before! That's a matter of record. And the violence! She's done violent things to me, to other people, and now she has done something violent to Dr. Weiskopf.

Julia: Has Dr. Weiskopf been hurt? Is someone there to take care of him?

Carly: Jack is with him, Julia. They'll be here any minute. And then we can hear from the doctor just what you did to him.

Julia: I haven't done anything! Dr. Weiskopf is my friend.

Lawyer #1: You don't have to defend yourself.

Julia: I thought that this hearing was supposed to be about me proving to the court that I have been rehabilitated. But this woman has been allowed to publicly vilify me. I have tried to be fair. I brought little Jackie to his father -- and now she's ruining my last chances!

[Breathing heavily]

Lawyer #3: She's fainted, your honor. If she's been injured, you can expect a lawsuit.

Judge Joyner: Take Ms. Lindsey to my chambers. If she's not ready to continue in 15 minutes, I will cancel these proceedings.

Bailiff: Careful now. This way.

Carly: Maybe there'll be some justice after all.

Assistant D.A.: How so?

Carly: Well, it's only gonna take my husband 15 minutes to get here with Dr. Weiskopf. And once the judge hears his testimony, Julia will be sent to a place where she'll never be able to hurt anybody again.

Marshall: You know, there was a time when that information was important to me. But I've been without it for this long, I can go without it for good.

James: You know, it baffles me, how you can be so good at bluffing inside that courtroom and so bad at it outside of those hallowed walls.

Marshall: This is not a trick. Leave town or I will prosecute you, and win.

James: Good. Go ahead. Do it. Come on. Let's go! Ladies, ready when you are.

James: I'm so glad we could all be together because, uh, our District Attorney has a very special announcement.

Margo: Well, we're dying to hear it, Marshall. What's the deal?

Marshall: Uh, Mr. Steinbeck is mistaken. I don't have anything to announce.

James: Oh, I'm sorry. Had you confused with the D.A. in Detroit.

Margo: You mean you're not even gonna question the suspect?

Marshall: Mr. Steinbeck is not a suspect in the murder of Brandy Taylor. He's come down here voluntarily to assist in our investigation.

Jessica: Well, make sure Mr. Travers gets your address. I'm sure he'll want to send you a citation.

James: Oh, that won't be necessary. Cooperating with the police is one of the privileges of citizenship.

Margo: Okay, since no one's gonna jump in, I guess the pleasures of interrogation fall to me. Are you ready?

James: Fire at will, Margo.

Margo: Where were you on the night that Brandy Taylor was murdered?

James: Why do you ask?

Margo: Because I worry about your social life, James. Why do you think?

James: You don't really think that I had anything to do with that young lady's demise, do you?

Margo: Oh, it had crossed my mind.

James: Well, let's get one thing straightened out right here and right now. My son, Paul, killed that girl. I regret it. I know it. And I accept it. And I suggest that all of you do the same.

Paul: All right, give me the full story.

Bonnie: Okay, I saw Steinbeck last night at Java Underground. He scared me, yes, but then Lisa chased him away. And then I got a call that Isaac was in the hospital.

Isaac: Yeah, the brakes on my car -- they stopped working. The cops seem to think that they were rigged.

Paul: Were you hurt?

Isaac: Fortunately, no. The air-bags deployed. But I did crack a rib. And when someone goes after me that hard, well, I gotta fight back.

Paul: You know, listen to me. Last night was a warning. If my father wanted either one of you dead, you would be.

Bonnie: That's why we're not confronting him. No, we're working behind the scenes now. Hopefully, your father thinks he scared us enough to back us off. Meanwhile, we're gonna be placing him at the Lakeview on the night that Brandy was murdered. And hopefully, that will be enough information to get Detective Hughes an arrest. Of course, you do realize that as long as Travers stays D.A., Steinbeck will walk away a free man.

Isaac: Which is exactly why we've got to know the connection between the two of them. Now, if we know that, we can use it to nail both of them to the wall.

Paul: What do you need from me?

Bonnie: Do you have any idea as to when or why Travers and Steinbeck originally hooked up?

Paul: Only person who might have a clue about that's my mother.

Isaac: Do you think she would talk to us?

Paul: Maybe. But I wouldn't hold stock in her answer, and if you -- if Steinbeck finds out you upset her, then there's no telling what he'll do.

Isaac: Yeah. Stay cool, man.

Paul: Hey, one more thing -- don't tell my mother that this has anything to do with me. Okay?

Bonnie: Why not?

Paul: 'Cause I'm not sure if she can be trusted.

Bonnie: Paul, I know your mom has done a lot to you in the past, but that doesn't mean she wants to see you in jail.

Paul: Well, I'm not sure what she wants, Bonnie. But it's best not to take chances.

Lucy: Get the school spirit! Get your '49ers miners picks here! Hi, do you want one? Thanks. Thank you. Pick up your school spirit! Hey. Thanks. Hi, do you want one? Oh, thanks.

Student: Thank you.

Lucy: Thank you. Oh, hi.

Lucy: Lieutenant Munson?

Aaron: Go '49ers! Get your school spirit right here!

Alison: Thanks for the shirts.

Rick: No problem. It looks great on you. Besides, that's why we're here -- to get everybody into the spirit. "Infecting one fan at a time."

Alison: That's cute. Did you make that up?

Rick: It's our slogan. Besides, we're happy to help out the Oakdale Three. Everybody was wondering if you guys were gonna show up here at UNC Charlotte.

Alison: Really? You hoped we'd come?

Rick: You've got kind of a cult following down here.

Alison: Cool.

Aaron: Hey, Alison! Can you stop talking and start selling some picks? You do want to eat tonight, right?

Lucy: Aaron, Alison -- he's here! He's here in Charlotte!

Aaron: Lucy, calm down. Who's here? What happened?

Lucy: Lieutenant Munson. He's here. I saw him. We have to get out of here now.

Aaron: How? We need money before we can get anywhere.

Lucy: We'll have to make it someplace else.

Aaron: Lucy, we don't have any gas in the car. Okay? If we don't drive anywhere, we're not going anywhere but to jail.

Alison: Well, then we have to find our way to camouflage ourselves or something.

Rick: I think I know what you guys can do.

Alison: Really? You'll help us?

Rick: Sure. I know a way you guys will blend right in. Let's go.

Bonnie: Ms. Ryan?

Barbara: Yes?

Bonnie: The nurse upstairs told us you were down here. So, we know how upset you must be about will. We brought these flowers for his room.

Barbara: Oh. Well, thank you. That's very nice of you. I'll get them in some water. I didn't realize the two of you knew my son.

Bonnie: Well, we weren't necessarily very close. But Jennifer and I are. And I know he's a wonderful boy. We're very sorry about what happened.

Barbara: Well, thank you for coming.

Bonnie: Before we go -- we were wondering if we could ask you a few questions.

Barbara: About Will?

Isaac: About James Steinbeck.

Barbara: I knew it. You're not here for Will. You're here for Paul. Your mother can't defend him, so she sent her daughter to do her dirty work.

Margo: Okay, where were you on Halloween night?

James: Halloween is my birthday. You forgot my gift again this year, Margo. But that's all right. I went to Fair Winds to be with my wife, Barbara, hoping to celebrate the occasion.

Margo: And did you?

James: No. She never showed up. I mean, I waited for her for several hours, but she was with her son Will at the hospital. But I had no way of knowing that at the time.

Margo: Did anyone see you at Fair Winds?

James: No.

Margo: Did you make any phone calls, do anything to place you there?

James: Not that I remember.

Margo: Well, then, James, I really hate to say this, but you don't have an alibi.

James: I wasn't aware that I was in need of one, Margo.

Margo: A staff member at the Lakeview saw you at the hotel on Halloween night decked out in a vampire costume.

Jessica: The same costume your son said you were wearing at the murder scene.

Margo: Excuse me.

James: It was Halloween. Draculas are everywhere.

Margo: This person has already given us a preliminary I.D.

James: Hardly conclusive, Margo. The world is full of tall, dark-haired men.

Margo: That may very well be. But if this person positively IDs you as the Dracula in question, then I am releasing Paul Ryan, and I am booking you for the murder of Brandy Taylor.

James: You know something, Marshall? I really get confused around here. Which comes first? The warrant, the arrest, the jail, the -- why don't you clean up your legal system?

Marshall: The Police have a right to investigate. But the decision to bring charges will or will not come from my office.

Cop #4: Detective Hughes?

Margo: Excuse me.

James: You know, Ms. Griffin, the late fall light gives such a sparkle to your eyes, such a warm glow to your skin. Ever notice that, Marshall?

Marshall: You leave her alone.

Margo: Mr. Porter, please.

Events manager: Thank you.

Margo: I'm going to show you five pictures of different men. If any of them resemble the man that was in the Dracula costume on Halloween night, all you have to do is point to it. Any questions?

Events manager: No.

Margo: There's no reason to be afraid, Mr. Porter. Anything you say will be held in strictest confidence.

Events manager: Thank you.

Jack: Here. Try this.

Dr. Weiskopf: Thank you. Where's your son?

Jack: He's at my house with the nurse.

Dr. Weiskopf: And Julia?

Jack: She's at the courthouse.

Dr. Weiskopf: Is her hearing today?

Jack: Yes. Yes. And you are supposed to be there recommending that she be recommitted to an institution for the criminally insane.

Dr. Weiskopf: Oh, yes. I told you about my intentions.

Jack: Yes, that's right. We've got to get you to that courthouse, doctor. Do you think you can get up? Come on.

Dr. Weiskopf: Perhaps not just yet.

Jack: Julia's trial's started already. We've got to get you there fast or the judge will probably release her.

Dr. Weiskopf: We can't let that happen.

Jack: Exactly. Do you think your head is clear enough to state your case against Julia?

Dr. Weiskopf: I'll do whatever it takes to put her away.

Jack: Okay. Well, come on. We gotta get you on your feet. Let's get there. All right, put your weight on me. Here we go. Yeah. How's that? Better? Are you all right?

Dr. Weiskopf: Fair.

Jack: Well, good. Well, that's just gonna have to do. Come on.

Lawyer #1: Your honor, Ms. Lindsey has requested a doctor.

Carly: You can't allow that!

Judge Joyner: Mrs. Snyder, that's enough.

Carly: Julia is looking for a way out of this. She knows that my husband is gonna be here with Dr. Weiskopf, and she's panicking.

Judge Joyner: Get your client a doctor, and do it quickly. If an M.D. confirms that she's ill, we'll have no choice but to reschedule this hearing.

Carly: You can't do this. If you do this, your honor, there's no telling what Julia will do.

Judge Joyner: Mrs. Snyder, this is your last warning.

Margo: Mr. Porter, did you identify this man as the man you saw in the Dracula costume on Halloween night?

Events manager: Yes, I did.

Margo: Well, which one of the mug shots most closely resembles the man in this picture?

Events manager: I'm sorry. There's just no way I could be sure.

Margo: What if we take the mug shots one at a time? And then we'll see --

Events manager: Look, I was busy that evening with the Snyder wedding. I'm not even certain the person I saw was in a vampire costume.

Margo: But that is what you told us.

Events manager: The costume was black. That's what I remember. I mean, the person could have been dressed as an executioner or something or Frankenstein. I don't know. It's not like I was taking notes.

Margo: Well, assuming that it was a vampire --

Events manager: Look, I told you, I can't do this. The world is full of tall, dark-haired men.

James: The world is full of tall, dark-haired men.

Margo: Has this man been in contact with you?

Events manager: No.

Margo: Has he threatened you or your family in any way?

Events manager: Look, I told you, I've never seen him. Can I please go? I've gotta get back to the hotel.

Margo: Yes, go. Fine. But please call if you change your mind.

Events manager: Yeah. I don't see that happening.

Margo: I know what you did. And you are not getting away with it.

Bonnie: My mother has absolutely no idea that we're here. And, for the record, she would never willingly involve me in a murder investigation.

Barbara: Well, I know why you're here. You're here because I'm married to James Steinbeck, and you think that I'm a part of his schemes.

Isaac: No, that's not true. Now, we know he's hurt you. We were only hoping we could help.

Barbara: How?

Isaac: We need to establish the connection between Travers and Steinbeck. Once we know that, then we can use it to drive Travers out of office.

Barbara: And then?

Isaac: Then, without Travers to protect him, Steinbeck stands trial for the kidnapping of those three women.

Bonnie: And the murder of Brandy Taylor.

Barbara: Oh, I see. Paul sent you here. Didn't he? He thinks that I'll implicate James, and then he can go free.

Bonnie: I won't lie. Paul does know that we're here. But it was not his idea. It was ours.

Isaac: He asked us not to mention he was involved in any way. He's a little unsure where your loyalties lie right now.

Barbara: Paul forgets that I'm still his mother.

Bonnie: Ms. Ryan, I can see that you still love your son. And if you let us, maybe we can help him see it, too.

Judge Joyner: Bailiff?

Bailiff: Yes, sir.

Judge Joyner: Go to my chambers and find out if Ms. Lindsey has seen a doctor. I've given this about all the time I can afford.

Jack: Hey.

Carly: Oh, Jack! Thank goodness you're here.

Jack: What's going on? Where's Julia?

Carly: Julia is in the judge's chambers. She pretended to faint. So they carried her in there. How are you?

Dr. Weiskopf: Thanks to your husband, I'm fine.

Carly: Good. Well, the judge is really losing patience. I think you should talk to her right away.

Dr. Weiskopf: Oh, believe me, I have lots to say.

Carly: Your honor?

Judge Joyner: I see Dr. Weiskopf has joined us. Well, given his lateness, I have a good mind to bar his testimony.

Dr. Weiskopf: That would be a grave mistake, your honor.

Judge Joyner: Go on.

Dr. Weiskopf: When I arrived at her apartment this morning, Ms. Lindsey grabbed the cutting board and hit me over the head with it. I woke up bound, gagged, unable to breathe, barely able to move.

Jack: She reverted back to her former behavior, your honor. It's all in her record.

Dr. Weiskopf: Ms. Lindsey is a danger to herself and to everyone she encounters. She has to be confined in a secure psychiatric facility where she can receive treatment and medication.

Lawyer #3: Your honor, this man has not been sworn in.

Judge Joyner: I presume you'll repeat this under oath?

Dr. Weiskopf: I'll do whatever is required. Ms. Lindsey is highly volatile. Under no circumstances should she be allowed to be alone with her son.

Judge Joyner: Get Ms. Lindsey in here right now.

Assistant D.A.: Is there a problem?

Lawyer #2: Your honor, we move for continuance.

Judge Joyner: Denied. Where's your client? Is she feeling any better?

Lawyer #1: Ms. Lindsey's physical condition is hard to determine at the --

Carly: She's up to something, your honor. Tell them to haul her in here.

Judge Joyner: I am running out of patience with all of you. Get your client in here right now, or she'll be held in contempt.

Lawyer #3: We can't do that, your honor. Ms. Lindsey isn't here.

Carly: I knew it. You morons! You let her get away!

Lawyer #2: She asked to use the restroom and never came back. We believe she's left the building.

Jack: The baby --

Barbara: You're very convincing, Ms. McKechnie. Very sincere. But you have to understand that I don't trust very many people.

Bonnie: Just answer a few questions. If we make you feel uncomfortable, you can tell us to go away.

Barbara: And you'll tell Paul that I cooperated?

Bonnie: If that's what you want us to do, then that's what we'll do.

Barbara: All right.

Isaac: Do you know anything specific about Marshall's past?

Barbara: No.

Isaac: How about how he met your husband? Excuse me -- how he met James Steinbeck?

Barbara: I have no idea.

Bonnie: Well, we believe that, when Steinbeck came back, Travers dropped the charges because Steinbeck obviously has something over him. Do you have any idea what that might be?

Barbara: None.

Isaac: Do you think you could find out if you asked him?

Barbara: You know, this doesn't really matter. Because I'm not gonna subject myself to that man's company.

Bonnie: Okay, but suppose you did. Would Steinbeck confide in you about Travers?

Barbara: I don't know. He's not exactly predictable.

Isaac: Would you be willing to find out? Perhaps over drinks or dinner?

Barbara: Okay, no. You don't understand. I'm not gonna be alone in that man's company. I will not do it! I can't do it!

Bonnie: I understand, Ms. Ryan.

Barbara: If I did do it, he would think I had some kind of ulterior motive, or he would think that I would change my mind, a change of heart.

Isaac: But that's exactly what we want. You get the man comfortable, maybe he opens up.

Barbara: Okay, that's enough. This conversation is over. Now leave me alone, okay?

Bonnie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. We meant absolutely no offense to you, Ms. Ryan. Can you just make sure the flowers get to Will's room, please?

Barbara: Wait. I'll think of something. I'll find out what I can about Steinbeck and Travers.

Bonnie: Thank you. Thank you. And if you need any help --

Isaac: We will be at Java Underground. You can call us there. Thank you.

Lucy: Get your '49ers picks! Get your school spirit here!

Hal: Nice job. You guys are pretty good.

Judy: Thanks. You a '49ers fan?

Hal: You bet I am -- for the moment, anyway. Do you mind if I ask you a question?

Judy: No, it's okay.

Hal: Have you seen these three kids?

Judy: She sort of looks like my roommate freshman year. But, no, that's -- that's not her. Afraid I can't help. Sorry.

Hal: Yeah, me, too. Well, thanks, anyway. Thanks.

Lucy: That was close.

Rick: But not too close. We did it.

Alison: Thank you, Rick.

Aaron: Oh, thanks a lot, guys. You guys have been great to us. Thank you so much.

Lucy: Thank you.

Alison: Thanks.

Aaron: We gotta get out of here, guys.

Rick: Good luck.

Aaron: Thank you so much.

Jack: Roberta? Is Jackie with you?

Carly: Roberta?

Jack: Roberta?

Carly: Jack, the stroller's gone.

Jack: Check the kitchen.

Carly: Roberta?

Jack: Roberta?

Carly: Roberta?!

Jack: It doesn't look like anybody's upstairs.

Carly: Jack, I just remembered something. Julia said that she wanted to take the baby to the park so they could watch the pedal boats go in and out on the lake. Maybe that's where they are.

Jack: I'll check it out.

Cop #2: Sorry, Jack, no luck.

Jack: Let's check the park. Keep the doors locked. I'll be back as fast as I can.

Carly: Jack -- be careful.

Jack: I will.

Julia: Hello, Carly. Sorry I had to leave the courthouse so abruptly. I just wanted to check on my baby.

Carly: How is he?

Julia: He's perfect.

Carly: Can I see him?

Julia: No. You keep away. He's sleeping. I'm not gonna let you disturb him.

Carly: Where's Roberta?

Julia: Deadbeat nurse. Who knows? Hey, do you know how long it took me to come up with this plan? Over a year. Aren't you proud of me? I can really concentrate when I put my mind to it.

Carly: What was the whole plan, Julia? The details? I'm very interested.

Julia: Oh, well, I took my medicine, like a good girl, until I could bust out of that hole. Then Mr. Steinbeck helped me escape. And then I had sex with Jack -- over and over and over. Oh. Well, you probably don't want to hear about that part. Anyway, it did the trick. I got pregnant. And then I sent him that little stick from the pregnancy test.

Carly: Yeah, I know. He told me.

Julia: He did? Huh. I wasn't sure he would. He really is like the most perfect person. Just like Abraham Lincoln -- "I cannot tell a lie."

Carly: George Washington, actually.

Julia: Did I ask you for a history lesson? Anyway, I was so excited when you guys set a wedding date, because I knew that I was gonna bring you the best present of all -- a wonderful little boy. Yes. Yes. I knew Jack would want a paternity test. He is in law enforcement, after all. He likes proof. But once that was out of the way, I knew that he would love this child with all of his heart and that you would always hate him.

Carly: That's not true.

Julia: Sure it is. You'll look at him, and you'll see me. You'll listen to his voice -- you'll hear my voice. That's gonna be tough on you, Carly, and there's no escaping it. Little by little, you're gonna grow to despise Jack's pride and joy. He's not gonna be happy. And then your bond with the g-man will finally be broken. Your marriage will be destroyed. And I will have done to you what you did to me. Aw. Well -- I gotta go. You gonna be a good boy? Hmm? My little butterball. Yeah. Here. Catch!

Carly: Oh, God. Jackie? Jackie? You feel cold. Jackie?

[Carly screams]

Judy: I sure hope they got away.

Rick: Yeah. Those three were pretty cool. I think that guy is innocent. In fact, I'd stake my life on it.

Judy: Yeah, me, too.

Hal: I missed them. They were here. And I missed them.

Bonnie: Ah, thank you for coming with me today. It made it a lot easier.

Isaac: Oh, I was just following your lead, baby. I mean, you're the one who said all the right things, made all the right moves.

Bonnie: Yeah, well, I guess we're making a pretty good team. Oh, sorry.

Isaac: In every possible way.

Bonnie: Do you realize that this could be over tonight? Travers could be in jail, and then my mom could be rid of him for good.

Isaac: Travers and your mother? The election's been over for a long time. How are those two even still an issue?

Jessica: The events manager recanted?

Margo: Thanks to him. He must've gotten to the guy before he came over here.

Marshall: Is that what your witness said, or are you making this up as you go along?

Margo: Oh, he didn't say much of anything at all. He was instructed to keep his mouth shut.

Marshall: Then is there any proof of this at all?

Margo: Oh, yes, there is. I just don't have it yet.

James: You know, it isn't really necessary for me to say this, but I'm gonna say it, anyway. Margo, I am innocent of these charges.

Margo: I had him all set up, and you --

Jessica: Margo! Margo, Margo, don't. Don't.

Margo: You are going to pay for this, James. You are.

James: You know, I don't think Margo's been the same since her surgery.

Jessica: Are you finished with him?

Marshall: Thanks for coming in, Mr. Steinbeck. Your cooperation is appreciated.

James: Oh. You're more than welcome. I think I'll say a few words of encouragement to Margo on my way out.

Jessica: So, you -- you're just gonna let him get away with that?

Marshall: With what?

Jessica: Intimidating a witness! You gave an oath to uphold the law, Marshall. When are you gonna honor it?!

Carly: Well, if he checks in, would you have him call his home, please? Thanks. Hey. Did you find the baby?

Jack: No. He's okay. I'd know it in my heart if he weren't.

Carly: Julia was here the whole time, Jack. She came out of hiding after you left.

Jack: She say anything about the baby?

Carly: She pretended to have him. She threw him at me. It was a turkey from the fridge.

Jack: What?! Where is she now?

Carly: I have no idea. She ran out of here.

Jack: I'll call for an APB right away. I've already put out an amber alert for the baby.

Carly: Jack, you should choose one of these pictures and have the cops circulate it.

Jack: Yeah. That's a good idea.

Roberta: Hi, we're back!

Jack: Roberta, are you okay?

Roberta: Yes!

Jack: And the baby?

Roberta: Yes, we went to the park. And he's a little tired but otherwise fine.

Jack: Oh, hey! Buddy, Daddy was worried about you. It's no fun not knowing where you are. But that's not gonna happen again, I promise you. From this moment on, you're gonna get my 100%. All the love I have, all the attention you need, okay? Yeah? Oh, oh. Yeah, that's what I thought. Oh, that's what I thought.

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