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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 11/22/02

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Jessica: Detective? Word on the street is you're questioning Steinbeck this morning.

Margo: That's right. I gotta tell you -- that photograph that Bonnie came up with, it is gold. Now, if the Events Manager at the Lakeview stands by his positive I.D. of Steinbeck, then we've got him placed at the scene the night that Brandy Taylor was murdered.

Jessica: Goes a long way toward clearing Paul of murder one. Do you think we might actually be putting Steinbeck away finally?

Margo: I don't know. That's a long road. But if you were still in the D.A.'s office, we'd find a few shortcuts.

Jessica: Yeah, but I think I like our odds.

Margo: What? With Marshall Travers in the D.A.'s office doing Steinbeck's every bidding?

Jessica: You should've seen Marshall's face when I told him that Isaac's brake line had been cut.

Margo: Oh, I'm sorry I missed that. A look of shock and moral indignation. Must have been a sight to behold.

Jessica: Margo, he knows that James is responsible.

Margo: Did he say that?

Jessica: No, but I could see it in his eyes. I mean, I think the man may actually have found his moral compass.

Margo: Jessica, please. Are you really gonna walk through life holding onto the hope that this man has some kind of soul? I mean, I know -- I understand that you want to believe that, deep down, there's something decent about him because you slept with the guy. But you gotta face a few facts.

Jessica: Look, I know on the face of it, he may seem a little shady. But --

Margo: May "seem" a little shady? Well, it's time you resign yourself to the cold, hard truth.

Jessica: People's lives are on the line, not just Paul Ryan.

My daughter's safety is in jeopardy. Steinbeck has confronted

her once already.

Marshall: I tried to warn her about him. Beyond that, what else

can I do?

Jessica: Yes, you can. You can do something! Please, just do the right


Marshall: No matter what the consequences?

Barbara: Marshall? You paged me?

Marshall: Yeah. Sorry to take you away from your son.

Barbara: Will's going through another set of tests. How can I help you?

Marshall: I needed to speak with you about your husband.

[Barbara laughs]

Barbara: Don't call him that, all right? James Steinbeck is misery to me, nothing more.

Marshall: Look, I didn't come here to upset you, Barbara. Or to argue with you.

Barbara: No, you came here as Steinbeck's attorney. You've been buying suits on his retainer for months. So unless that has changed --

Marshall: It has. Steinbeck has crossed a line I can't live with. I'm no longer his advocate.

Barbara: Oh. So you and James have parted company? What now, Marshall?

Marshall: Now I go after him, with the full power of my office.

Barbara: Your predecessor had very little success with that endeavor. How do you plan on getting a conviction?

Marshall: By trying him for the crimes you asked him to commit.

[Knock at door]

Hal: It's open, Craig! I just called a friend of mine. He's a local sheriff in this jurisdiction. He says it's possible that the kids are still in North Carolina, probably headed west toward -- Holden.

Holden: Is the sheriff rounding up a posse to catch my son? Or would that take all the fun out of you stringing him up yourself?

Alison: I feel awful.

Lucy: Here. Try to sit down and get some rest. Maybe if she gets some sleep, she'll feel better.

Aaron: Yeah, I was at least hoping to get out of North Carolina before the gasket on the car totally blows. It's leaking oil like crazy.

Lucy: I know, but we had to stop anyway. Maybe she can stay warm here while we try to figure out how to get more cash.

Alison: I can't stop my teeth from chattering.

Lucy: Alison, you're running a fever.

Alison: I'll be fine.

Aaron: Alison, you need medicine and a doctor.

Alison: No, I don't! I just have a cold.

Aaron: Alison, I'm gonna say something, okay? All right, don't flip out. It's just an idea. What if we leave you here --

Alison: No!

Aaron: We'll call your mom --

Alison: Yeah, so the entire Police Force from ten different states can come in here and take me away.

Lucy: Alison --

Alison: No, please, Lucy, don't. Don't let them.

Lucy: Okay, okay. We won't ditch you, Alison. Either we all go home together, or we don't go home.

Carly: Should we be worried about Dr. Weiskopf showing up? Well, he seemed pretty eager to prove that Julia's nuttier than a pecan roll, but what if he gets cold feet?

Jack: Nah, this guy was waiting to blow the lid off Julia's act. He'll be here.

Carly: The judge is gonna want to know why he went along with Julia's act in the first place!

Jack: Weiskopf's smart. He'll find a way to explain that. And the presiding judge, Joyner? He's tough as nails. If Weiskopf declares that Julia is mentally ill and dangerous, Joyner will toss Julia in an institution before the day's out.

Carly: I hope so. But you know how convincing Julia can be when she's on her game. Get ready for a world-class performance. Here comes Godzilla.

Julia: Oh! Is that my little baby? Did you miss your mommy? Yes. Yes. Morning, Jack. Carly. Don't you worry, sweetheart. Don't you worry. That judge -- he's gonna see that mommy is so much better, and nobody's ever gonna take me away from you again. Yes.

Carly: Keep dreaming.

Julia: And then mommy's gonna buy a house right next to daddy, and we're gonna see each other every single day.

Julia: Did my little boy miss his mama?

Jack: The baby's fine, Julia.

Julia: Thank you for bringing him, Jack. You always do the right thing.

Carly: That's amazing, considering you make it so much easier to do the wrong thing.

Julia: Do we have to be so antagonistic? I might be seeing my child for the last time this morning if the judge sends me away.

Carly: I hope so.

Lawyer #1: Your case is very strong, Julia. With Dr. Weiskopf supporting you, I'm sure you'll be cleared on all charges.

Julia: You gotta love Dr. W. I mean, I never said it in so many words, but he knows how I feel. And he's the reason I'm improving so much every day.

Carly: You call this improvement? On what planet?

Julia: Jack, can you and I have a few minutes alone?

Carly: I'll wait inside.

Jack: What do you want?

Julia: I'm trying to be positive about the situation, but if I end up back in the hospital, I need you to promise me that you're gonna take care of little Jackie.

Jack: What do you expect me to do, Julia? Toss him into the wilderness to be raised by wolves?

Julia: Just promise me you're gonna learn to love him and that you will take care of him no matter --

Jack: I don't need to promise you that. He's my son. I'll protect him, no matter what. Even from you.

Julia: Then you already do love him. I knew I made the right choice.

Jack: Bringing him to me is just about the only thing in my life I'm grateful to you for.

Julia: You don't know how much it means to me to hear you say that. I -- can I just have a few more minutes with him? He's my first baby. The first one that actually made it into the world. And the thought of being without him is just -- I'm sorry.

Jack: Go see him, Julia.

Julia: Thank you. Hi. Hello. Oh, boy. Yes. I chose you well, little one. Yes, I did. You may not be quite as beautiful as my baby boy would have been, but you came through in a pinch. Uh-huh. And you made your daddy love you. Must have been those eyes. Oh, yes. Yes. They're very handsome. Hmm. Well, listen to this. Do you have any idea how happy I am to get rid of you? Yes. You and your daddy both. You did a bang-up job, kid. You did. But, as usual, the Oscar goes to me. Watch and learn, grasshopper. Oh. I love you so much. Yes, I do. Take him. Take him.

Roberta: If you don't mind me saying, I -- I know your ex-wife may be disturbed, but she clearly loves her child.

Jack: Take the baby home. And, Roberta -- lock the doors.

Isaac: Now, we're sure Steinbeck killed Brandy and framed Paul for it. The question we haven't answered is how is Steinbeck keeping Marshall on a leash so he won't prosecute? You think he's paying him off?

Bonnie: Well, Marshall certainly doesn't need the money.

Isaac: Then Steinbeck has got to have dirt on that guy like he does on everybody else.

Bonnie: Yeah, but what kind of dirt are we talking about here, Isaac? Marshall comes from a very major family. His father's a prominent civil rights attorney. Marshall himself graduated with honors from Harvard. I mean, why? Why be Steinbeck's puppet?

Isaac: I don't care what kind of pedigree Marshall has. Okay, no one is immune to Paul's father.

Bonnie: So -- Steinbeck is working Travers like he works everybody else.

Isaac: It's sun tzu, baby.

Bonnie: Isaac, will you stop with the whole "art of war" book thing. It's like "Isaac's guide to life."

Isaac: No, no, no. "Chapter six: Weakness and strength." Steinbeck uses me to get to you. He uses Brandy to get to Paul.

Bonnie: He uses Marshall to get to everybody else. Okay, so what's Marshall's button that Steinbeck pushes to get him to jump?

Isaac: That's what we gotta find out.

James: Ah, Margo! How's the liver this morning? I see the telltale shade of yellow is fading. That's good. And Jessica Griffin -- lovely. Just absolutely lovely. Well, I assume the District Attorney is here. So why don't we get this over with?

Margo: Well, you must've forgotten to tell your friend Thurgood that you hate to be kept waiting. He's late.

James: Gathering evidence to convict my son, no doubt.

Jessica: Unlike you, Marshall wouldn't waste his time trying to frame an innocent man.

James: I don't waste my time "trying" to do anything, Jessica. I succeed.

Barbara: Isn't it a little late in the game to suddenly develop a conscience, Marshall?

Marshall: Possibly, but my father always told me there's no statute of limitations on doing the right thing.

Barbara: Does your father also know the depths to which you have sunk? Now, I agree with you that James should rot in jail. But you, my friend, belong in hell. It's one thing to be an evil man and another thing to be a press agent to a madman!

Marshall: Well, what was I when I defended you? Correction -- when I gave you your life back? Look -- I'll accept the blame for protecting James at one point. But I want to rectify that now. I need you in order to make that happen.

[Barbara laughs]

Barbara: What are you asking me to do? Testify against James? Are you out of your mind?!

Marshall: Barbara, look, for the first time in a long time, I can see the light. Can't you let that same light shine on you?

Hal: You called Holden?

Craig: No, I was as surprised to see him as you were.

Holden: What's the matter, Hal? Afraid I'll put an end to this vigilante mission that you're on?

Hal: I am not about to start a fight with you, Holden.

Holden: You haven't checked in with the Oakdale P.D. in how long? You haven't called your wife. She's worried to death about you, and her sister. Instead of handling this case like an experienced cop, you stepped over the line. This is all about revenge!

Hal: I am not about to let you or anybody else interfere with this investigation. And as for "stepping over the line"? I deserve a medal when it comes to restraint with dealing with your son. I am not going back to Oakdale until I see that justice is served.

Holden: Justice? It's funny you should mention justice. Because we're finally gonna get some, I think. This vendetta of yours, Hal? It's over. Because I have eyewitness proof that Aaron did not start that fire.

Lucy: We need to get Alison some sort of medication.

Aaron: I know, Luce. But we barely have any cash for gas. I mean, forget about the parts for the car.

Lucy: What about this? Do you think we could sell it?

Aaron: Luce, Bryant gave you this key ring. I'm not letting you sell it. It's the only piece of Bryant you have left.

Lucy: He would have wanted me to use it, if I really was in trouble. Besides, it's the memories I have of Bryant that really matter.

Aaron: Are you sure? Okay, I'll find a pawn shop.

Lucy: No! In broad daylight? We can't risk somebody spotting you. I'll go.

Aaron: No, Luce. No.

Lucy: You're the big bad fugitive. I'm just a runaway. Besides, you need to stay with Alison. Aaron?

Aaron: What? Hey, you got a problem?!

Man: Not unless sitting down's a problem.

Aaron: You want to sit down, go sit down over there.

Man: Free country. Ever heard of it? It's called the U.S. of A., Man!

Aaron: Then I guess I got the freedom to tell you to get lost. You want to mess with me? Lucy.

Hal: What's going on, Holden?

Holden: One of the neighbors out at the farm saw the barn on fire right before my mother's truck pulled up.

Hal: Hmm. Let me guess. They saw Aaron in the truck?

Holden: That's right. Aaron was driving. He was coming home, and he wasn't seen on the property until after the fire had already started.

Hal: Did this neighbor happen to say who started the fire?

Holden: No.

Hal: Well, that's a surprise, considering you already have your own theory that it was Will who started the whole thing.

Holden: The burns on Will's fingertips suggest --

Hal: Until you have absolute proof, my son is the only eyewitness that I care about. And he told me that it was Aaron who put him in that hospital bed.

Holden: So you're not gonna back off till you put my son away in a coffin.

Hal: If Aaron stops running and gives himself up, it doesn't have to come to that.

Holden: What if he doesn't, Hal? What are you gonna do then? Are you gonna shoot him in cold blood?

Aaron: How are you doing?

Alison: Cold.

Aaron: There's a cop coming this way. Stay cool. I'm gonna pretend like we're making out, okay?

Alison: Yeah!

Aaron: Hide my face.

Aaron: Is he gone?

Alison: Not yet. He just started to talk to somebody. Oh -- uh-oh. He's looking right at us. We'd better get busy again.

Barbara: You want me to testify against James Steinbeck? I can't do that. Do you understand? I'm his wife, for one thing. But there are --

Marshall: As his wife, you're not forced to testify. But you could do so on your own accord.

Barbara: This man would not hesitate to kill me or my son if I do what you're asking.

Marshall: I can accept your low opinion of me, but if I'm a press agent for a madman, then you're his shield and protector. He's depending on your cowardice to keep him free!

Barbara: Cowardice? I have reason to be afraid. James Steinbeck is beyond dangerous.

Marshall: If you agree to testify against him, I'll do everything in my power -- I'll use the full extent of the law to keep you and your loved ones safe. I will personally, personally prosecute him. And, Barbara, I will win. I swear it.

Barbara: And I know you well enough to believe you. But I cannot do that. Do you understand? My little boy is lying in a hospital bed, and I am not going to leave him. And that means I'm not just there when he wakes up. But it means that I am by his side, taking care of him, maybe for the rest of his life. Now, I understand your need for absolution, but I cannot help you with that.

Marshall: Well, what about for your own redemption?

Barbara: That begins and ends with Will. That's why I'm never leaving his side.

Marshall: But what if --

Barbara: The answer is no, Mr. Travers. No.

Jack: Hey, don't even look over there. It'll only make you more furious than you already are.

Carly: I -- I am in a perpetual state of shock when it comes to that woman. I have never wished out loud that I wished somebody would shrivel up and --

Jack: Hey, let's focus on us right now. 'Cause what's about to happen in this courtroom could define our lives for the next 18 years.

Carly: Not just 18 years, Jack. Children are a lifetime commitment. This would change our lives forever.

Jack: You can still cut and run if you want.

Carly: You'd only track me down.

Jack: Yep.

Carly: Then I guess I'm stuck.

Jack: Have I said "thank you" enough? Not just for accepting the baby but for being with me today.

Carly: I wouldn't want to be any place else, Mr. Snyder. It's safe to say we're fairly inseparable from now on.

Jack: Then thank you, Mrs. Snyder.

Bailiff: All rise. The court of the city of Oakdale, Lee County, in the state of Illinois is now in session. The honorable Judge Joyner presiding.

Judge Joyner: You may be seated. We're here today to determine whether Julia Lindsey is competent to face the charges pending against her and to assess whether she's well enough to be released from custody. Counselor?

Lawyer #1: Your honor, at this time, we'd like to file a motion for a continuance.

Assistant D.A.: Objection. On what grounds?

Lawyer #1: I've just been informed that Dr. Weiskopf, our expert witness, is not here.

Carly: What is going on?

Judge Joyner: Isn't Dr. Weiskopf the clinical custodian of the defendant?

Lawyer #1: That is correct, your honor. But it seems he's disappeared.

Carly: Julia did this.

Lawyer #1: If you grant the continuance, perhaps the court could assign another therapist to evaluate my client.

Assistant D.A.: That could take several months, your honor.

Lawyer #1: In the meantime, we ask that Ms. Lindsey be released on her own recognizance. In recent weeks, she has proven not to be a threat to herself or to others. And we urge you to consider the fact that she has an infant that needs the care of his mother.

Craig: Hal, I think our best bet here would be for you to stop threatening Holden's son --

Hal: Stop listening to him.

Craig: -- And listen to what he has to say!

Hal: Listen to him tell me that my son started that fire?

Craig: At this point, why does it matter who started it?

Hal: When did you get this gullible?

Craig: I'm trying to be reasonable, considering my daughter's life is on the line. I want her back safe.

Holden: I'm sure Emily hopes you feel the same way about Alison.

Hal: I'm not gonna tell you again, Holden. My family is none of your business.

Holden: That's what this is all about! It's about family business! But you don't care about that. All you care about is seeing my son in the back of a squad car!

Craig: All right, all right.

Holden: You don't deserve that badge of yours!

Craig: All right, all right. Now, Hal, listen -- let's get something straight. I think you know that I will do anything it takes to get Lucy back. And I think you also know that I don't exactly have warm, fuzzy feelings for Aaron. But if Aaron is innocent, then this running, this danger these kids are tempting is all for nothing.

Hal: Don't be fooled by last-ditch promises of eyewitnesses.

Craig: I don't care! I want this witness deposed. I want an official statement. And if this neighbor's version stands up, I want the charges dropped, and I want it on every wire service in this country so I can get my daughter back before she gets killed or maimed on some lonely highway!

[Phone ringing]

Hal: Munson. Yes, Chet. Is that verified? Thank you. You can reach me on my cell phone. Gentlemen --

Craig: What?

Hal: I'm checking out.

Craig: Have the kids been seen?

Hal: This is where you and I part company, Montgomery. Any information I have you are no longer privy to. Why don't you hitch a ride home with Holden? Because I'm gonna go find these kids. And I'm gonna bring 'em back to Oakdale myself.

Craig: Not if we find them first.

Hal: Oh, you're welcome to look all you want. You just stay out of my way.

Isaac: There is nothing. There's not one single -- chink in Marshall's shiny armor.

Bonnie: No, Steinbeck has to have something. He has to have something on him.

Isaac: Like a gambling problem? Maybe he bought a juror to win an acquittal.

Bonnie: Maybe what we need to do is track Steinbeck. We need to find out when he and Travers' paths first crossed.

Isaac: Do you think Paul would know?

Bonnie: I don't know. I think he could fill in some blanks, though.

Isaac: Well, I don't know the hours down at the lock-up, but I think I could get in.

Bonnie: Okay, good. Great.

Isaac: Where are you going?

Bonnie: With you.

Isaac: No, you're not.

Bonnie: Oh, yes, I am. What are you gonna do, leave me here all alone and unprotected?

Isaac: Not fair.

Bonnie: But very effective. Come on.

John: Barbara?

Barbara: I'm okay.

John: What's the matter? Is it James?

Barbara: No. I'm not discussing James with you anymore, John. You know, not at all. I never should have in the beginning, and we're gonna stop this pretending.

John: I'm not pretending.

Barbara: Just a stupid idea I had -- what a stupid, stupid idea to make him think that we were lovers. I never should have involved you, especially without asking you first.

John: Listen, don't worry about it.

Barbara: Oh, I'm worried. I'm worried. I'm worried that I'm insane. I must be insane to think that you would risk your life by standing between James Steinbeck and me.

John: Okay. What's all this about? I know you're concerned about Will, but these tests that he's having today --

Barbara: I have been -- I've been using Will as an excuse. When James asked me to go off with him, I said I couldn't go because of Will. And you know what? I just didn't know what to say to him. I was just too scared.

John: That's understandable. Whenever Steinbeck is around, being scared is a good impulse.

Barbara: But there's a difference between fear and cowardice, isn't there? Somebody called me a coward this morning for refusing to testify against James in court. Do you think he was right?

Margo: Ah, the D.A. has arrived now. You're more than fashionably late, Mr. Travers.

Marshall: I was unavoidably detained.

James: You're looking very well today, Marshall.

Margo: Mr. Steinbeck is here without counsel. He has agreed to answer our questions. And, yes, he has been advised of his rights. So shall we step into the interrogation room?

Marshall: I'd like to speak to Mr. Steinbeck alone.

Margo: Why?

Marshall: All I can say is that it's very important.

Judge Joyner: Dr. Weiskopf's absence poses a problem for this court. We'll take a short recess. I'd like to see both the defense and the A.D.A in chambers.

Carly: Weiskopf said he was gonna testify against Julia, and now he's taken a powder?

Jack: Julia must have gotten to him somehow.

Carly: Well, do you think she just made him leave town or -- Jack -- let's hope that's all it was. I don't even want to think about what she could do to that poor man.

Jack: I'm gonna go check it out.

Carly: Not without backup.

Jack: What's backup gonna do me, Carly? I could be wasting someone's time riding all over town looking for a guy who's lost or doesn't want to be found.

Carly: Where are you gonna look first?

Jack: Weiskopf could be anywhere. The quicksand pit where she threw you in or the lake where she tried to drown me. He could be at Julia's place, Barbara's.

Carly: At our place. Jack, she could have done something with the house.

Jack: No, that's the baby's home. She wouldn't go that far.

Carly: I want to go with you.

Jack: No, no. I need you here. I need you here. You just sit tight. If it looks like Julia's gonna walk, then you gotta do anything you can to stall.

Carly: Hey! You be careful. I want you back here in one piece. You understand me?

Aaron: I hate this. Where is Lucy? She's been gone for such a long time now. I've gotta go find her.

Alison: Go ahead, Aaron. I'll be okay.

Aaron: I'm not leaving you here alone, okay? Are you strong enough to walk?

Alison: No, not yet. Just go. I'll be fine.

Aaron: Lucy!

Lucy: I have the medicine. Here.

Alison: Thanks. I need this so bad.

Lucy: You know, I saw a cop car out front.

Aaron: Yeah, a cop just passed by. Don't worry. We handled it, though.

Alison: Oh, do you know where the water fountain is?

Lucy: Oh, I'll get you some.

Alison: No, never mind. I'll handle it myself.

Aaron: Look, I was so worried about you. I was about to lose it.

Lucy: Aaron, I will always find my way back to you. Don't you know that by now?

John: Suppose you go after Jimmy, both barrels blazing up there, and you wind up dead because of your courage. A lot of people are going to say --

Barbara: She got what she deserved.

John: Well --

Barbara: John, listen to me. I have an opportunity to finally get James. If Marshall Travers prosecutes him for the kidnapping of those three women, and I testify against him --

John: Yeah. I would wish you all the luck in the world, but history has shown that he always finds some kind of loophole that he squeezes through. And what do you wind up getting? For your courage is undying hatred.

Barbara: So you think I did the right thing?

John: I think you survived to fight Steinbeck another day, and for now, that's good enough.

Marshall: All I'm asking is for a few minutes.

Margo: This case is still in the investigative stage. And based on your relationship with Mr. Steinbeck, anything that he says while he's in room with you is still protected under attorney-client privilege, which means it will never make it into record.

Marshall: Detective Hughes, I'm going to begin by interviewing Mr. Steinbeck alone. You can join us after that. End of discussion.

Margo: I don't believe this! He's going to bury this just like the kidnapping case.

Jessica: No, I think we're gonna be okay, Margo.

Margo: You know what? I am a little up to here with your benefit of the doubt logic and your wishful thinking. That man just cut me off at the knees, Jessie.

Jessica: Listen, I know. I know. I completely understand you think it's stupid to trust the man in any way, but the look in his eyes right now -- I know it's a long shot, but I think Marshall just switched over to our side.

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge Joyner: After consultation with both sides and an unsuccessful attempt to contact Dr. Weiskopf, I'm still not sure I should honor the request for continuance. It was the responsibility of the defense to secure a reliable psychiatrist as an expert witness.

Lawyer #1: Your honor, before you render a decision, the defendant would like the opportunity to address the bench.

Judge Joyner: I'll allow it. Ms. Lindsey?

Julia: Your honor, it's no secret that I have had various psychological problems in the past. I suffered a severe bout of postpartum depression after a miscarriage two years ago, and I have worked very hard to recover. Although I am prepared to face the consequences of the charges against me, I am not prepared to be separated from -- to take me away from my son would be cruel and unusual punishment, not just to me, but also to little Jackie. I'm not asking for a free ride, your honor, or even mercy. Just your understanding. All I want is to be able to help raise my son alongside his father, even if it's just for a few hours or days or months. Dr. Weiskopf disappointed us all today, but don't punish my son for that. Thank you for listening, your honor.

Carly: Come on, Jack. Where are you?

Judge Joyner: Ms. Lindsey, thank you for keeping your statement simple and clear. Does the District Attorney's office wish to offer anything before I render a decision?

Carly: Excuse me, your honor. I have something to say if I may. Julia Lindsey is a danger to everybody around her, and she should be locked up for good.

Judge Joyner: When I asked for input from the District Attorney's office, Ms. Snyder, I did not open these proceedings to a free-for-all. Please sit down, or I will have you removed.

Craig: Well, there's no way to trace the call that Hal received from his sheriff buddy.

Holden: So what do we do now?

Craig: I don't know exactly, but we have to find them -- soon. I keep seeing Hal aiming for Aaron and missing him. I'm sorry, Holden. The stress --

Holden: No, it's okay.

Craig: You know, if Chet's a cop, maybe Margo can help us.

Holden: Will Margo help us out with something like that?

Craig: Yes, if we can convince her that Hal's taking things too far, she will. We'd have to convince her that he's become dangerous.

Holden: Yeah, well, after everything Hal said today, that should be easy.

Craig: Let's call from the car. Come on.

Aaron: Guys -- guys, I think we're being made. We need to get out of here.

Lucy: I don't think Alison can make a run for it. I mean, she's better, but she's still not strong enough.

Alison: No, I can make it.

Aaron: Well, good, because that same cop is back, and he looks a lot more curious this time. We have to leave now.

Alison: Wait. While you were gone, we were afraid that the cop was going to recognize Aaron, so we just created some sort of diversion, you know?

Lucy: What did you do?

Alison: We pretended that we were making out.

Lucy: So?

Alison: Well, if the cop sees you two hand in hand running out the door, he's going to know something's up.

Aaron: Alison, we were pretending, okay? And we're not having a discussion right now. We have to leave right now. Let's go.

Jessica: Hey.

Bonnie: Hey.

Isaac: Hey, what's going on?

Jessica: Steinbeck's in the interrogation room.

Bonnie: Whoa, are you serious? Is he being charged? Did the Events Manager at the Lakeview come through for us?

Jessica: Ah, Margo will probably bring him down later, but what I don't want is Steinbeck seeing you here, so what are you doing here?

Isaac: We're here to see Paul.

Bonnie: Yeah, mercy mission. You know, real food.

Jessica: Oh. Oh, good. Good. He'll like that.

Bonnie: Honey, I have to ask my mom a few things, and you might want to get a head start down the stairs anyway I'm sure.

Isaac: Funny.

Bonnie: I'll be right there. Are you okay? I know it's not easy for you to deal with Marshall.

Jessica: Oh, don't worry about me. I'm just glad to see that you and Isaac are okay.

Bonnie: Well, it's not easy keeping secrets from him long, but we're fine. Thank you.

Jessica: Look, think of it this way. What happened with me and Marshall will never happen again, so it's really not a secret, right? Just something that never should have been.

Bonnie: Okay.

Marshall: What you've offered me in exchange for my help is priceless, but what you want me to do now is impossible.

James: Nothing's impossible, Marshall. Even death is uncertain. I'm living proof of that.

Marshall: So is Isaac Jenkins.

James: Meaning?

Marshall: He's still alive, but I believe you're responsible for the car accident that almost killed him.

James: Oh, come on. Please.

Marshall: I told you if you hurt anybody, I'd bring you down. Now I'm here to make good on that promise.

James: How do you propose to accomplish that?

Marshall: I intend to try you for the kidnappings of Rose D'Angelo, Carly teensy and Emily Stewart.

James: Without a witness to the crime, that's gonna be quite a feat. My lawfully wedded wife, Barbara, as you may recall, has refused to testify against me.

Marshall: Well, I've spoken to Barbara. She's had a change of heart. She's willing to take the stand against you.

James: I don't believe you.

Marshall: Well, it's true. I've got all the ammunition I need to put you away, but I'll offer you an out clause. Leave Oakdale now, and all the charges against you will die on the vine. If you don't, I'll prosecute you to the maximum penalty allowed by law. So what's it going to be, James? Freedom or prison?

Carly: I know. I'm lucky the judge didn't throw me in jail for contempt. But what was I supposed to do? Jack told me to stall. We have no idea where Weiskopf is. He could be floating face down in the nearest reservoir.

Assistant D.A.: Detective Snyder really thinks that's a possibility?

Carly: With Julia, anything is possible.

Julia: Where's Jack?

Carly: He's out looking for Weiskopf. Of course, you could save us all a lot of legwork if you just tell us what you've done with him.

Julia: I had nothing to do with Dr. Weiskopf not being here today. I'm as worried as anyone.

Carly: Sure you are.

Julia: Carly? I wanted the doctor to be here so he could tell the court what a good mother I can be.

Carly: Well, I hate to break it to you, but if he does get back, the good doctor will declare you the psychopath you are, so enjoy your last few minutes of freedom, honey.

Julia: Jack's already too late, honey.

Carly: What?

Julia: Jack may find Dr. Weiskopf, but it won't do him any good.

Carly: Why? You did do something. Where is he? Is he alive?

Jack: Weiskopf, you in here? Weiskopf?! Weiskopf?! It's Jack Snyder! Weiskopf?!

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