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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 11/20/02

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Margo: I've known Paul Ryan since he was a kid. I find it so hard to believe that he had anything to do with what happened in this room that night. But I gotta tell you, Jess, it doesn't look good.

Jessica: Yeah, I know. That's why I took his case.

Margo: Well, more power to you. I hope you wipe the floor with Marshall Travers.

Bonnie: Hey.

Jessica: Hey.

Bonnie: Sorry I'm late. I had to find someone to cover for me at Java Underground. Thanks for letting me come, really. I want to do anything I can to help Paul.

Margo: Oh, honey, you're not here as Paul's friend. You just have to help out on an official investigation.

Bonnie: Meaning I'm not supposed to touch anything, right?

Jessica: That's right. Just try to remember everything you heard and saw that night, any and everything.

Bonnie: No matter how trivial?

Jessica: Now, I once put a man away for 20 years because someone remembered him whistling.

Bonnie: Well, I don't know if I heard anything out in the hall that would actually help Paul. But, Margo, all I can tell you is that Paul did not shoot Brandy. James Steinbeck set him up. I know it. I know it in my gut.

Margo: Uh-huh. Well, the judge doesn't care about your gut, honey. Let's start with the location of the bullet holes.

Paul: Bonnie, what are you doing here? You shouldn't be here.

Bonnie: Neither should you. Who let you out of jail?

Lisa: I do not believe this week. First -- well, to top it off, Barbara told us that she had married James Steinbeck again.

Kim: And now Paul's going to end up spending Thanksgiving in jail?

Isaac: And now Bonnie is taking on James Steinbeck. Thank you, Marshall Travers.

Marshall: You're welcome.

Isaac: Unless you're here to tell me you delivered my message to your boss, get out.

Marshall: Well, if you're referring to Mr. Steinbeck, he's not my boss. He's a former client. And my business isn't with you. It's with these two ladies. And, yes, it is private.

Isaac: My message. Your boss. Don't forget.

Lisa: Well, I can assure you that Mrs. Hughes and I have no desire to discuss any business with you whatsoever.

Marshall: Well, not me, per se, but my office. As District Attorney, I'll be prosecuting Paul Ryan. And I need depositions from both of you. Here's the paperwork.

Kim: Have you forgotten that Paul is my nephew? Obviously, I love him dearly. If you think that I'm gonna help you build your case against him, then you are mistaken.

Marshall: Well, Mrs. Hughes, you really don't have a choice. The law requires you to give a deposition.

Kim: The Police have my statement.

Marshall: If you don't level with me, Mrs. Hughes, then I'll just have to put you on the stand. And if you think I embarrassed you in the courtroom before, then you don't know what embarrassment is.

Molly: Did I do something wrong?

Mike: No, no, of course not.

Molly: Because all I said was that when two people move in together, things change. But I didn't mean that I didn't think they could change for the positive. Uh, that was you telling me to sell my place, right? And move my stuff into your attic?

Mike: Yeah, yeah, that was me.

Molly: Because I know that we're making a really big decision here and that we have to have the same expectations.

Mike: Um -- I'm not sure that we do. What I was suggesting just now, I was -- I was offering storage space. I wasn't asking you to move in with me.

Jack: You gotta love a baby who sleeps on command. And asleep.

[Jack snorts] yeah. You're not getting chilly, are you, buddy? We gotta get you some winter clothes. Hey! You think they make little cubs uniforms in polar fleece?

Carly: Well, I don't know. I'll call the coach and ask.

Jack: Jackie -- a great name for a ballplayer. They used to call me that when I was little, too. Then I grew up, and they started calling me Jack. Maybe that'll happen for you, too. One never knows, does one? It's easier than I thought, getting used to being a little father here.

Carly: So I see.

Jack: Mm. I guess I was kinda dreading having to deal with Julia for the next 18 years. But I guess that's not gonna be the case. I'm kind of a new man.

Carly: Don't count your chickens, Jack. Just because Julia's doctor said she wasn't gonna go free after tomorrow's hearing doesn't make it so.

Jack: Well, whose testimony matters more than his? They're not gonna release Julia if her own doctor says she's gotta be locked up.

Carly: Tell that to the legal goon squad Julia's mother hired. I'm sorry. I don't want to rain on your father/son bonding. I'm happy for you, Jack. For both of you.

Jack: You wanna tell her what we've been talking about? How you can't sleep in that little cradle forever? He's gonna need a crib. Yeah, and I was thinking, with the time I had off, I could change that second bedroom into a real cow-jumping-over-the-moon kind of nursery. What do you say?

Carly: That's Parker's room.

Jack: Yeah, I'll -- I'll move some stuff around. Plenty of room for trucks and books and all kinds of stuff. Hey, hey. What's -- where are you going?

Carly: I need some fresh air.

Jack: Wha -- Jackie loves the carriage. Why don't you take him with you, and I can start on the boys' room?

Carly: I think it's a little cold for the baby outside, don't you think?

Jack: All the books say fresh air's great for babies as long as you --

Carly: You know, I really don't care what the books say, Jack.

Jack: Wait! Wait a second. Hey. What did I do wrong?

Carly: Forget it, Jack.

Jack: Hey. No doubt, our lives have taken a sharp turn left. Can't let the baby come between us.

Carly: Don't you get it, Jack? He already has.

Jack: It's okay. It's okay.

Rosanna: Henry.

Henry: Hmm?

Rosanna: How long ago did I hand you that pen?

Henry: Um -- a minute.

Rosanna: And 35 seconds. During which time you have sat and stared at it. I told you to get it fingerprinted. Go!

Henry: No, listen, listen -- I'm just not sure why we want to prove that Carly Tenney and Mike Kasnoff were intimately entangled the night before her wedding.

Rosanna: Yours is not to reason why, dear. Yours is to shut up and do.

Henry: Okay, okay. This has to be the last tricky job that I do for you. All right? If you lose your cat or your dog, please call me. But this area is particularly sensitive.

Rosanna: Mm-hmm. Carly got to you, didn't she?

Henry: No, no, she didn't. It's another blonde. One of my business partners objects to me working for you because it seems that it is bad form to try to break up two of Oakdale's hottest and cutest couples.

Rosanna: Henry, you know all that money I owe you? I won't pay you enough to keep you in martini olives if you don't show up at Jack and Carly's honeymoon cottage with proof.

Henry: Jack is very sinewy. Can I just mail it to them?

Rosanna: No, dear. Good news should always be delivered in person.

Molly: Wow! It's a good thing I'm not a psychic for a living, 'cause, boy, did I read you wrong. I'm really sorry.

Mike: No, don't, don't -- don't apologize.

Molly: No, I don't know why I jumped the gun like that. I just thought -- well, I don't know what I thought.

Mike: Well, I hope you thought I'm crazy about you, because I am. And I hope you know that I love having you stay over at my house, all right? The little hot chocolate thing with the little marshmallows pretty much changed my whole take on the winter. I'm not ruling out that we wouldn't ever live together. I just --

Molly: Yeah, it's just that it's not what you had in mind. It's okay.

Mike: Not at this exact moment, no. I mean, but it doesn't mean that --

Molly: And you wanna figure out how to get out of this mess without making the widow cry. Right?

Mike: Molly, it's true. Living together's not what I had in mind. But it's not because of you. I mean, you'd be the most incredible roommate I've ever had.

Molly: Yeah. You know, I -- it's okay. It is. Because when you suggested -- I mean, when I thought that you had suggested it and everything, I was shocked.

Mike: I don't think either one of us is ready for that. But I still love you.

Molly: You know, I don't even know that I was gonna say yes, so --

Mike: Yeah?

Molly: Why do I feel just the tiniest bit rejected?

Mike: By me? Never.

Molly: Good. Good. Because I would hate to have to take back my mini-marshmallows.

Mike: You okay?

Molly: Better and better. But I have a huge decision to make, right, don't I? I mean, about if I'm gonna sell this place. 'Cause I don't know if I'm going to. And I should probably go talk to the building manager and find out what the last offer was. Not that I'm gonna accept it or anything, right?

Mike: Right. You don't have to rush into anything. Just check out your options.

Molly: Yeah, I'm going to. And -- and I think, you know, I'm gonna call Abigail and see what she has to say about the whole thing, too.

Mike: All right. Well -- I'll see you tomorrow?

Molly: Sure. Sounds good.

[Molly sighs]

Jack: Jackie is not coming between us, Carly.

Carly: Are you saying it's me? Because I'm angry? I am angry, Jack. But not with you and not with that baby. With Julia.

Jack: Yes, I know that. Dr. Weiskopf, he wasn't kidding around when he said, "facility for the criminally insane." Those were his exact words. Do you remember?

Carly: That doesn't matter, Jack! Julia will hire lawyers from her padded cell. She will drag us through custody battles. She will threaten us with social services whenever we don't give in to a demand!

Jack: If that happens, then I will fight back. I'll get custody of Jackie, and I'll protect our family. But you've gotta trust me, or Julia's already won.

Carly: I trust you, Jack.

Jack: Then let's be a family. You and me and Parker and Jackie.

Carly: It would be so easy to love him, just because he's yours. But I feel like if I open my heart to him, then Julia will use that little baby to destroy us. I -- I gotta go. I have to pick up Parker from day care. And how do I explain this to him?

Jack: Tell him we're adding another little guy to the mailbox. All right, buddy. Let's go buy you some stuff, huh? How do you work this thing? Hmm? Maybe you got it on backwards. Or upside down.

[Phone rings] ah, saved by the bell. Houdini here.

Molly: Jack?

Jack: Hey, Molly. What's up?

Molly: Is Carly home?

Jack: No. No, she just stepped out. Hey, listen, you know how to use one of these baby carrier things? You know the ones with the straps on 'em? I must have left my engineering degree at school.

Molly: You're taking the baby out?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I gotta go buy some stuff for him. Turns out -- well, it turns out he's mine, after all.

Molly: Wow.

Jack: Yeah. What do they say? When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. He needs new clothes, a new crib, all kinds of stuff.

Molly: You know what? I have things here that the twins have outgrown. Why don't you come take a look?

Jack: Are you serious?

Molly: Absolutely. I'm sure I have tons of stuff that you can use.

Jack: All right. Okay. Thank you. We'll be right over. What do you know? Okay, we're 86ing that thing. No way.

Marshall: I need to know the exact words you heard Paul Ryan say when he let Brandy Taylor know he was carrying a gun.

Kim: I didn't hear Paul say a thing. I didn't see a gun. All I heard was Brandy say, "you're carrying a gun."

Marshall: Did you do anything about that?

Kim: I called Margo.

Marshall: Thank you, Mrs. Hughes.

Kim: Don't bother.

Ben: The last I heard, the city of Oakdale provides the District Attorney with an office, so why don't you use it?

Marshall: Last I heard, there wasn't a law against conducting business in a public place.

Ben: No law --

[cell phone rings]

Marshall: Hello. She did what?! Tell Jessica Griffin I need to speak to her right away! No, no. Forget that. I'll go there and tell her myself!

Ben: Whoa. Don't take that attitude to Jessica.

Marshall: Look -- listen here, Dr. Harris. My dealings with Jessica Griffin are my business, not yours. Stay out of my way.

Jessica: I got a court order allowing Paul to be released temporarily to help us examine the crime scene.

Paul: Of course, I have to go back to the jail as soon as we're finished here, but right now, I'm not complaining. So that explains what I'm doing here. What are you doing?

Bonnie: Well, my mom thought my being here could trigger my memory maybe. Maybe I could just hit on something that would prove you weren't the one who shot Brandy.

Paul: All right. Can I just say something first? You know how much I appreciate everything you're doing for me, but is there any possibility you can do this without Bonnie being here?

Bonnie: Of course not. Hello! I'm a material witness, remember?

Paul: This is between me and my father. Bonnie should not be involved!

Jessica: Paul, I wish she weren't involved as much as you do. But she was right outside when the shots were fired. So she is involved, whether I like it or not.

Margo: Hey, Paul, why don't we start with everything you remember once you came into the room the night that Brandy Taylor was killed? Paul? Paul, just tell me what you saw when you opened the door.

Paul: I was already feeling lightheaded when I entered the room. And I didn't see much at the beginning, because that's when everything went blurry. That's when I realized that my drink must have been drugged. And then -- then I saw him. My father was dressed up in a Dracula outfit. I tried to aim the gun at him, but -- stand still! I was dizzy. Everything was blurry. Stop moving! I couldn't shoot him because he kept moving.

Margo: Did Steinbeck say anything?

Paul: Yeah, he was taunting me, playing head games. And then the door slammed, and I turned away.

Jessica: And where were you standing at that time?

Paul: I was right here. I was right here. That's when I heard the door slam. I spun around, lost my balance, fell to the chair. And I looked up, and there he was.

James: Come on, Paul. Take careful aim. Now's your chance to get your old man. To kill James Steinbeck.


Paul: And then I shot -- twice.

Margo: Twice? You sure about that? Twice, all right. That accounts for this bullet hole and this bullet hole. Both of which you fired from that position. But then there's the question of the third bullet, the one that killed Brandy Taylor.

Paul: Well, who fired that shot?

Margo: I'm sorry, Paul. But Brandy's body was found here, and the trajectory of the bullet is consistent with your position.

Paul: Yeah, well, I only shot the gun twice.

Jessica: Could you swear in court that you did not fire a third time?

Paul: All I know is I couldn't have shot Brandy 'cause I never saw her.

Jessica: Okay, I believe you. But Brandy was in this room. So where did she come from?

Bonnie: I think I know. No, I'm serious. I think I have the answer. If this pine-sol cleaner..

Margo: Okay, Detective McKechnie. Tell us how Brandy Taylor got herself killed that night.

Bonnie: After Paul fired the first two shots, Steinbeck must have hightailed it over to the closet and pulled Brandy out. She thought she was acting as his accomplice, right? What she didn't realize is, the whole time, he was planning to drug her the same way she drugged Paul. Steinbeck placed Brandy within range of Paul. And then all he had to do was move behind Paul once Paul passed out, take the gun, position his arm at the same level as Paul's --

[gunshot] -- and then fire right at her. Once he knew she was dead, he then could put the gun back in Paul's hand, cover Brandy's face with her black cloak and then escape out the open window.

Paul: Which would mean I didn't kill her.

Margo: It's a theory. It's a good theory. But still, it's just a theory.

Paul: All right, then, let's prove it.

Margo: Well, we have to place Steinbeck in the Lakeview the night of Halloween. That's gonna be hard to do. I mean, the thing about theories is they need evidence. What are you smiling about?

Bonnie: Shall I tell her what I've acquired?

Jessica: Yeah. Show her.

Bonnie: The events manager at the Lakeview is willing to go on record that he saw this man walking up to a Halloween party given by some people named Mandelbaums.

Margo: James Steinbeck, you finally made a mistake! That is good work, Bonnie. Good.

Bonnie: Yeah, well, it beats ordering swizzle sticks at Java Underground.

Jessica: Yeah, yeah, nice job, sweetheart. Margo, I think you and I should discuss this.

Margo: Oh, yes. I'm -- yes, of course. Let's go to my office?

Jessica: Mm-hmm.

Paul: I don't know how to thank you. You're amazing.

Bonnie: Yeah, well, Steinbeck sent Marshall Travers to take my mother's job. I'll do what I can to bring him down.

Paul: Not anymore, you won't.

Bonnie: Excuse me?

Paul: I'm serious, Bonnie. You keep going after my father, I'll name you as an accomplice and have you thrown in jail.

Jack: Yeah. Unfortunately, I don't think that's Jackie's color.

Molly: Wise guy.

Jack: No offense.

Molly: Yeah. I have lots of things in this box.

Jack: Yeah, I'm sure you do.

Molly: Oh! This is it. This is exactly what I wanted to find for you. This is so great.

Jack: What is that?

Molly: It's a jumper, Jack. You put it in the doorway. You stick Jackie in there, and you watch him have a blast.

Jack: Hey, you hear that, Jackie? When you get older, you've got a jumper. There's so much I've got to learn. It's incredible.

Molly: Don't worry about what you don't know. You just follow Carly's lead, and you will raise a great kid.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah.

Molly: She's -- she's not thrilled about you being a daddy?

Jack: It's a big adjustment, Molly.

Molly: Of course it is.

Jack: And she's worried, you know, that J. J.'s gonna be a permanent link to Julia.

Molly: She's right.

Jack: Not if Julia's own shrink says she's gonna be under lock and key from now on. It's not like the woman has visitation rights.

Molly: I hope you're right, because the best thing for this little guy is if Carly's the only mommy he ever knows.

Jack: Yeah, I agree. But Carly has to want that. And right now, she is pushing both of us away.

[Knocking at the door]

Carly: Unless you're selling girl scout cookies, we're not interested.

Mike: What's up, guys? Hey, Parker.

Parker: Hi.

Mike: Guess who came by the job site today? The fire marshal. Told him I knew a little boy who said he wanted to be a fireman when he grew up.

Carly: And a policeman. And an ice cream man. And a school bus driver. Jack, we're home!

Mike: I've been knocking for awhile, but nobody answered. I was just about to leave.

Carly: Really?

Mike: Yeah.

Carly: Oh, I thought he and the baby would be home. Jack? No note.

Mike: Is everything okay?

Carly: Hey, buddy. Why don't you run upstairs and pick out a couple books for bedtime? And I'll come up and read them to you in a few minutes, okay?

Parker: Okay.

Carly: Okay.

Mike: What is it that you can't say in front of Parker?

Carly: He is officially gonna be a big brother.

Mike: The baby's DNA results are in?

Carly: And Jack is the father. And the whole way home, I was trying to think of the right way to tell Parker that Jackie Jr. is here to stay. But you know something? There -- there isn't one.

Mike: Don't exactly make a card for that occasion, do they?

Carly: And you know the really hateful part -- is me. All of the things that I have said and thought about that baby since Julia dumped him into our lives. When we first brought him home, I was so calm. I surprised myself. Now, I -- I'm afraid I've become a shrew.

Mike: I don't believe that.

Carly: You haven't heard my wicked stepmother fantasy.

Mike: Try me.

Carly: You swear that you won't tell a soul?

Mike: Don't I usually take good care of your secrets?

Carly: Okay. Here it is. I wish that -- that Julia died a not-so-very-easy death during childbirth and that Jackie Jr. were whisked off to some happy, loving family who wanna give him a good home. That's it.

Mike: Tell me how you really feel.

[Both laugh]

Carly: Well, I feel better now that I've said that out loud. Thank you. I owe you one.

Mike: Yeah.

Carly: Do you have any evil fantasies you want to get off your chest while we're at it?

Mike: I don't think so.

Carly: You -- you didn't come here for a cup of coffee, did you?

Mike: No. I think I might have blown it with Molly. I suggested that she sell the penthouse and offered her storage space. And -- she thought I asked her to move in.

Carly: Well -- why don't you?

Mike: Because of you.

Carly: I'm the reason that you're not living with Molly? I've never done anything but encourage you!

Mike: You have encouraged us, which is why I'm coming to you. You know me, and right now, I need someone to tell me why I am being my own worst enemy.

Carly: Fine. Explain.

Mike: I spent a couple days with Molly in New York. And then she comes back to Oakdale, and I felt like somebody punched me in the heart. I mean, that's why I followed her. And the more time I spend with her, the more sure I am that we belong together. And then when she wants to live together, I balk. I mean, what the hell's wrong with me?

Carly: Maybe it's that there's something right with you. Molly can't just rush into a new life. She has to get over losing Jake first.

Mike: So I'm looking for the nearest exit because I'm such a sensitive guy?

Carly: Yeah. Sounds good to me. Well, since you met her, you've never wanted to push her into anything. What?

Mike: Nothing.

Carly: No, just say it, Mike.

Mike: If I'm such a sensitive guy, why am I here dumping all my problems on you? You've got enough to worry about with Jack and this kid and everything. I'm sorry. I should go.

Carly: No, no. Do you think that I'm gonna forget that you started this thing, it was about me?

Mike: I shouldn't have said that, all right? It's about Molly and me.

Carly: And why you're not able to take the next logical step. I hope it's not guilt, Mike. You were thinking about our night together -- weren't you?

Ben: Wanna go back downstairs, have a drink?

Isaac: No, I don't want to have a drink. What I want is another shot at Marshall Travers.

Ben: What do you mean another shot?

Isaac: Yesterday, I found him with Bonnie. He had her by the arms, and he wouldn't let her go.

Ben: Are you serious?

Isaac: Yeah, I wish I weren't. So I had to knock him down, but he wouldn't fight back, so --

Ben: Wait, wait, wait. What do you mean? Why did he have his hands on her in the first place?

Isaac: He was warning Bonnie off of Steinbeck. And not that that's a bad thing, but I just don't like the way the guy gives warnings.

Ben: Well, maybe this -- this whole thing will blow over, and you two can get back to a normal life.

Isaac: "Normal"? Have you met Bonnie McKechnie, or --

[Ben laughs]

Ben: She is a complicated woman. Just like her mother. Hey, man. Complicated is good. Complicated keeps normal interesting. And let me tell you, man -- with Jessica, normal is good.

Isaac: About Jessica --

Ben: Mm-hmm?

Isaac: She didn't tell you what happened, did she?

Ben: What happened?

Isaac: I accused her of cheating on you.

Ben: You -- why would you do that?

Isaac: I don't know. I was uptight about Bonnie. I was worried about you. And I think I just went a little nuts.

Ben: Yeah, well, I think you need to back off 'cause you're wrong. Things have never been better between me and Jessica.

Jessica: You know, I finally feel like I'm building a case, you know, a defense --

Marshall: What are you trying to pull?!

Jessica: I'm not pulling --

Marshall: Who let the prisoner out of jail, and why was I not informed? Why was I not told --

Jessica: Well, if you'd let me speak! I have a signed court order authorizing Paul's temporary release. It's not like he's on vacation. He is in Police custody.

Marshall: I'm not playing games with you, Jessica. I'm warning you.

Margo: I'm just gonna let you two sort this out.

Marshall: Look -- don't think because of our personal relationship that you're entitled to some special favors.

Jessica: Oh, that's no problem, considering you and I have no personal relationship.

Bonnie: You cannot name me as an accomplice. That's kind of like admitting you committed a crime.

Paul: Well, I don't know what else to do, Bonnie. My father's a psycho.

Bonnie: Okay! Okay, I'll admit, I am a little terrified.

Paul: Good. Then make me a promise -- if you see my father and you're alone, you make as much noise as you possibly can. Bang trash can lids together. Scream at the top of your lungs. I don't care. But do not underestimate my father. He's capable of anything. And you're extra vulnerable.

Bonnie: Why? 'Cause I'm a woman?

Paul: 'Cause you're important to me.

Bonnie: What do you mean, I'm important to you?

Paul: You're a friend, Bonnie. A real friend. You know, I was in Paris, running a multimillion-dollar company. It was easy to take somebody out to dinner and share a bottle of wine with somebody. But I never had anybody to really walk through tough times with me, until I met Rose.

Bonnie: It must be torture for you having her gone. She has no idea what you're going through right now, does she?

Paul: Yeah, and if I tell her, she'll come running back here. And that's the last thing I need with my father in town.

[Paul sighs] it's enough worrying about you.

Bonnie: I have to go. I'm opening for Java Underground tonight.

Paul: Be safe.

Bonnie: Yeah.

Jessica: Bonnie? Bonnie!

Marshall: What is she doing here? She has no business being a part of this investigation!

Paul: You finally said something that makes sense.

Jessica: Don't antagonize the D.A., Paul.

Margo: You can take Mr. Ryan back to his cell now.

Jessica: I'll see you later.

Paul: Thanks for getting me out of that cell. It makes a difference.

Jessica: Soon you'll be out for good. Don't worry.

Marshall: What are you doing?

Margo: My job.

Marshall: Funny. It looks to me like you're having a private conference with the defense team.

Margo: Well, I don't care how it looks to you. I don't work for the D.A.'s office. Nor do I work for Jessica. I work for the victim. And my job is to find out what actually happened to Brandy Taylor. Excuse me. You wanna just give us a moment?

Jessica: Sure.

Margo: You are rushing to prosecute without all the facts.

Marshall: I've got a statement from Paul Ryan himself saying that he tried to kill his father. I've got witnesses who are willing to testify to his intent to commit murder. Since when is that not enough --

Margo: You and I both know that that statement is next to worthless. He gave it when he was drugged, just as he fired those two shots when he was drugged. That's why they went wild. His vision was obviously impaired. Our problem, Mr. Travers, is the third shot.

Marshall: What? The shot he made when he tried to kill Brandy Taylor?

Margo: When someone killed Brandy Taylor. See, I find it very difficult to believe, with all those drugs in his system, that he could actually target his victim with such deadly accuracy. So that leads me to believe that there's a second gunman.

Marshall: A second gunman?

Margo: Mm-hmm.

Marshall: You'd never be able to prove that.

Margo: I don't have to. If this case is open to reasonable doubt, you're never gonna get a conviction.

Marshall: Oh, make no mistake, Detective Hughes. Paul Ryan will go to trial for murder. And I will get my conviction.

Molly: You and Carly are the strongest couple I know, okay? Stop second-guessing yourself. Just -- have a little faith.

Jack: Is that why things always work out for you? Because you believe they will? I mean, come on. It seems like you've jumped from one great relationship to another.

Molly: I know it might seem that way, but I don't know if my luck is gonna hold.

Jack: What are you talking about? What happened?

Molly: Um -- I just made a big idiot out of myself, really. Because I thought that Mike was asking me to move in with him, but he wasn't.

Jack: Hmm.

Molly: So how do I look with egg on my face?

Jack: Gorgeous. Hey, the man is head over heels for you. It's obvious.

Molly: I know that. And I thought I knew where we were headed until tonight.

Jack: Why? Because he didn't want to move in together?

Molly: You know what? It's not that. It's something else. I just can't figure out what it is.

Carly: It was one night! We were drunk and feeling sorry for ourselves. That's all. Please don't let it stop you from taking the next step with Molly.

Mike: I know what that night was, and I can deal with it. What I cannot deal with is hurting Molly.

Carly: And pushing her away isn't gonna hurt her?

Mike: If Molly and I are living together and Rosanna tells her what happened that night?

Carly: She'll be devastated. And so will Jack. But I am not gonna let Rosanna scare me away from what I want in this life. I want Jack. If you want Molly, go and get her!

Mike: Okay, okay. You win.

Carly: So, do you ever think about it with anything besides guilt?

Mike: Whatever drew us together that night I refuse to be ashamed of. Look at it this way. It'll give us something to smile about when we're old and gray.

Carly: And I need something to smile about. That's why I'm going to spend the rest of my life making happy memories with Jack. And you should be doing the same thing with Molly.

Mike: You sure she doesn't deserve something better?

Carly: Mike, when Jake died, Molly was -- she was paralyzed. There was so much pain. You helped her through that. She deserves you. And you deserve her.

Mike: Thank you.

Carly: You're welcome.

Mike: You're a very good friend.

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: Hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Mike: What do you want, Rosanna?

Rosanna: Well, I was just running errands, and I was thrilled when I saw your car in the driveway. Saves me the trouble of having to track the both of you down.

Carly: Now why would you want to do that?

Rosanna: To give you fair warning. It's time to don your foul-weather gear, kids. The you-know-what is about to hit the fan.

Carly: Well, thanks for the warning, rosebud. But next time, why don't you try e-mail? I really don't want you in my house!

Mike: You shouldn't have come here, Rosanna.

Rosanna: Remember the good old days, Mike, when your wish was my command? That was before my darling sister taught me that it doesn't matter who you hurt as long as you get what you want.

Carly: And what exactly do you want?

Rosanna: To show the world what the two of you really are. A couple of frauds.

Mike: Get out.

Carly: You're nuts.

Rosanna: Aren't you even curious about how I'm gonna do it? Henry! Henry? Meet my darling little gumshoe. Doesn't he have the perfect face for the job? To look at him, you would never guess that he'd go digging through the garbage for proof.

Carly: Proof of what?

Rosanna: Well, thanks to my sweet Henry here, I now have evidence that you spent the night in your Monte Carlo offices making love to this gentleman.

Henry: Ms. Cabot? Ms. Cabot, we need to talk. In private.

Margo: It's not a good idea to challenge my authority, Mr. Travers. Because, you see, what cops do is they listen when people are a little too defensive. You've told me that you already have an agenda, and you're willing to ignore evidence. So -- I got a job to do. And neither you nor Mr. Steinbeck is gonna stop me.

Jessica: That bad? Margo's right, you know. Why is a brilliant attorney paying no attention to the evidence?

Marshall: Leave this alone, Jessica.

Jessica: This, or you? Should I leave you alone so you can sit here and think about what Steinbeck's gonna do to you if you don't convict his son?

Marshall: We're not having this conversation.

Jessica: Yes, we are. We are having this conversation. You are not leaving until you tell me what Steinbeck has on you.

[Bonnie gasps]

Bonnie: Who's there? Hello?! Hello? I think it's a pretty good idea if you answer me. Hello? Is anybody the --

[Bonnie screams]

James: Is it too early for a drink?

Isaac: Can he make it, ladies and gentlemen, or will the light turn red? Ah. What the --? My brakes -- what's wrong with my brakes?!

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