ATWT Transcript Tuesday 11/19/02


As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 11/19/02

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Nurse: Ms. Cabot? You forgot to sign your insurance form.

Rosanna: Oh, I'm so sorry. My head's full of all kinds of things today.

Nurse: You also need to make a follow-up appointment.

Rosanna: Is that completely necessary? My schedule is a little tight right now.

Nurse: Dr. Schiller said it's important.

Rosanna: All right, well, I will call and arrange it.

Nurse: I'm sorry, but the doctor said I should --

Rosanna: I don't have time to argue with you. I said I'd call.

Nurse: Yes, ma'am.

Mike: That was incredible. The whole crew knew who you were.

Molly: I'm on television every night. Somebody's got to be watching --

Mike: Hello, Rosanna. How's it going?

Rosanna: Well, things usually go pretty well for me, Mike. Molly, are you ill?

Molly: No. Actually, Mike forgot his lunch, so I came back to bring it to him.

Rosanna: Oh, did you also cut the crusts off his bread?

Mike: Are you here to see someone, Rosanna? We don't want to keep you.

Rosanna: No, I'm actually here because I had an appointment. And I'm on my way out. How's the burn unit going? On schedule? Under budget?

Mike: It's going great. You know, we just pretty much completed the foundation.

Rosanna: Oh, well, that's very important. Always nice to have a strong foundation, less things come tumbling down around you.

Katie: Henry, it's Katie. Where are you?

Henry: I'm at the gym. You know, you gotta stay in shape here in our line of work.

[Huffing and puffing]

Katie: The only weight you've ever lifted is a two-pound bar of chocolate. Now where are you?

[Henry laughs]

Henry: I'm enjoying the pleasures of caffeine at the Java coffeehouse. You know, I don't know who invented this stuff, but remind me to send him a letter.

Katie: Oh, I'll do that. Um, listen, order another one on me 'cause I'm gonna be there in 20 minutes.

Henry: Well, I've already had two. If I have one more, I think I'm gonna start chewing my elbow.

Katie: I don't care if you grind your teeth down to little stubs. Just don't leave until I get there.

Simon: Where are you going? What are you up to?

Katie: Oh, um -- I noticed that we're out of chamomile tea. So I'm gonna go into town and get some.

Simon: Great. I need to go into town, too. I'll come with you.

Katie: No, no, no -- don't do that. 'Cause, you know, tea buying is a one-person job.

[Simon laughs]

Simon: Good.

Katie: I know what you're thinking right now, and I can say something, and I --

[knock at door] -- will do that as soon as I open the door.

[Simon sighs]

Holden: Katie, hi. Is Simon here?

Katie: Hi, Holden. Um, yeah, he's right here. I know this is probably about the kids, so why don't you tell me about it when I get back?

Simon: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- come back here. I need to talk to you.

Holden: You told me to stop by because you had information about Aaron's case. You can't just leave me hanging here. You gotta tell me what you know.

Aaron: I don't think we have a choice. We're gonna have to get another car.

Alison: Yeah, like, with what? We can't even get ourselves a meal.

Aaron: Well, we'll have to make a trade or something. I mean, there's gotta be a description of this one sent out to every state in the union by now. We've gotta dump it.

Lucy: And maybe you and I should see if there's a student center. See if anybody's posted an ad to make a trade.

Aaron: Cool. I think it's over there. You should stay here.

Alison: Why?! I can read a flyer as well as you can.

Aaron: I'm sure you can! But we don't have one of those school stickers on this car. We can't risk getting ticketed or towed. The cops are the last thing we need right now.

Alison: Great. That's just great.

Max: Hey, look. Cool.

Rachel: That's gonna make for some great footage.

Alison: Hey! What do you think you're doing?!

Jack: Yes.

Carly: You two look cozy.

Jack: Yeah, we are. Where were you?

Carly: I was bringing Parker to day care. I did a few errands. You okay?

Jack: I'm fine. Why do you ask?

Carly: Well, you -- you slept in his room last night. You were sitting up in the rocking chair.

Jack: Oh, yeah, I'm sorry about that. He was having kind of a rough night.

Carly: It sounded like colic to me.

Jack: That's what Roberta said, too. I hope you don't mind. I figured she could use a break.

Carly: Oh, you don't have to apologize. Anything you want to do is just fine.

Jack: Thanks. You think he looks ready for a nap?

Carly: I don't know. It's hard to tell.

Jack: Well, I'll have Roberta put him down. Okay, buddy, all right. Hey, Roberta? Could you come down here for a minute? I can just see --

Roberta: Oh, he must be ready for his nap.

Jack: Yeah, well, how'd you know?

Roberta: Jackie and I understand each other. Don't we, Jackie?

[Talking baby talk]

Jack: Whatever it is, why don't you just say it?

Carly: I miss us. The two of us. Our lives together.

Jack: Without infants?

Carly: Yes.

Jack: I do, too. But, honey, we have a situation here.

[Doorbell rings] hey, John, what are you doing here?

John: Nice to see you, too, Jack. Can I come in?

Jack: Yeah, of course. Yeah, I'm sorry.

John: Carly --

Carly: Hey, John.

John: I got the results of the paternity test. I had an appointment out this way, so I thought I'd drop them off in person. It's self-explanatory.

Carly: Just tell me, Jack!

Jack: Julia was right. The baby is mine.

Molly: I'm sure you will excuse us, Rosanna. Mike has a very tight schedule.

Mike: Nice seeing you.

Rosanna: Oh! Oh, my pen.

Mike: This pen?

Rosanna: Thanks, Mike. You've always had a knack for giving a woman -- what she needs.

Molly: What was that all about?

Mike: Who knows? Her latest hobby's trying to irritate me.

Molly: You know, I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I almost feel sorry for her.

Mike: Too much money? Yeah, that's a curse.

Molly: No, I just thought when she realized she couldn't split us up, she'd find something better to do with her time. But she's still plugging away.

Mike: And that bothers you? Why?

Molly: Just think about what an empty life she must have. Really, I mean, to be so obsessed with two people that would be deeply thrilled if they never saw her again.

Mike: Enough about her. I got a half hour for lunch. I'm not gonna waste it talking about Rosanna Cabot. All right?

Molly: You're right. You have no time. Call me and let me know that you --

Mike: No, I didn't say that because I wanted you to leave.

Molly: It's okay. I mean, I have to go, anyway, because Abigail needs more stuff sent to L. A. so I'm gonna go back to the penthouse and pack up some stuff for her.

Mike: You want me to come over and help you pack?

Molly: No. No, it's okay. I can handle it. Besides, she left some stuff at Holden's house, too, and he's gonna bring that over, so when I get that all packed up, I'll meet you back at -- the cottage.

Mike: You were gonna say "home."

Molly: No, I -- I'm sorry. It's not my place to --

[Molly sighs] I can't help it. It's the way I feel.

Mike: Me, too. Every time you walk in the door.

Molly: Okay. Then I guess it's safe to say it out loud. I'll see you at home.

[Silverware clanking]

Henry: Katie! Katie! Over here.

Katie: How many coffees have you had?

Henry: Uh, I don't know. The bariste said she cut me off at five. She said she could hear my heart beating from across the room.

[Henry laughs] hey, what is this? Is this some hot new assignment for Early Bird Surveillance?

Katie: Are you still working for Rosanna Cabot?

Henry: Mm, mm -- I don't -- well, that depends on what you mean by "working." Ow! Katie! There's a bone in there.

Katie: We had a deal! You agreed not to work with her anymore.

Henry: Yeah, I did. But you know what? Agreements are made to be altered. She pays us very well, sweetheart. In case -- no, listen. In case you haven't noticed, our cash flow is down to a trickle.

Katie: Well, it's still not worth it. Keep working for her, and you're gonna force me to go to Lucinda.

Henry: You wouldn't do that.

Katie: Once she finds out you're back to your smarmy ways, she's gonna have you tossed out of that suite like a bunch of dirty towels. And then you'll be prosecuted for jumping bail and probably wind up behind bars.

Henry: All right, look, I know you're painting a very bleak picture here, but --

Katie: The only "but" I want to hear about is yours scooting over to Rosanna and telling her to find some other flunkey. You do that today, or our friendship is over.

Holden: Mama's neighbor said that he saw the truck?

Simon: Yeah, he told Emma that he saw it pull up to the barn after the fire was started.

Holden: Well, why didn't he say this sooner?

Simon: He thought Emma was the one driving it. Then something came up in conversation, and he realized it was Aaron.

Holden: Simon, this is good news.

Simon: Absolutely.

Holden: Did my mother happen to mention to you why she didn't come to me with this?

Simon: Look, she just wanted to make sure it was real before she got your hopes up. So I've checked it all out, and everything fits.

Holden: And did he say that he was willing to testify on Aaron's behalf?

Simon: Yes, he will.

Holden: I knew it. I knew it. Simon, you know what this is about? It's about keeping the faith. I knew that there was no way that Aaron ever could have started that fire in his grandmother's barn. I knew he was innocent, and I knew that everyone else would believe that at some point, too.

Simon: But you know Hal's not gonna see it that way, all right? Because now he's gotta go after another suspect.

Holden: Meaning Will.

Simon: He's never going to accuse his son, Holden. He's already made that perfectly clear.

Holden: All right, here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna call Tom Hughes, and I'm gonna have him petition the Commissioner to get Hal off the case.

Simon: That's a good idea, but it's not gonna happen overnight. And in the meantime, Hal's gonna go after Aaron with a vengeance.

Jack: This is impossible. Is there any chance it could be a mistake?

John: No, the DNA is a match, Jack. The odds of it being in error are infinitesimal.

Jack: I stared at that kid all night, just trying to find a part of me that I recognized, John. I -- I didn't see it. I've never seen it.

John: Listen, I'm very sorry to be the one to bring you this -- difficult news. I know how it's gonna change both of your lives.

Jack: What happens next?

[John sighs]

John: Well, I told Julia -- I left a message that I would be up to see her after I talked to you. My recommendation would be to find yourself a good lawyer -- and as soon as you can.

Jack: I want to say I'm sorry.

Carly: But you're not sure if you are.

Jack: Parenthood was always this club that everyone had joined but me. And there were times when I thought that, "yeah, okay, this is it. I'm always gonna be the uncle or the guy who comes over and gives piggyback rides to someone else's kid." But now -- Carly, a part of me has to be glad that I got a kid of my own -- a son. I'm just sorry that it had to happen this way.

Carly: Don't be sorry, Jack. I know you've always wanted a child of your own.

Jack: Thank you.

[Doorbell rings]

Julia: I received word that Dr. Dixon was here. Can I come in? If that's not too much trouble.

Carly: You can speak with Dr. Dixon later, at your place.

Julia: That's not exactly fair, is it, Carly? To make me wait? The results of that paternity test affect me, as well. Please?

Carly: Come in.

Julia: Hello, Jack, John. You remember Dr. Weiskopf.

John: Yes, I do. You didn't get my message that I was coming out to see you?

Julia: Oh, yes, I did receive your message. But sitting on pins and needles does get awfully uncomfortable after awhile.

Carly: Just tell her, Jack. What are we waiting for?

Jack: The test was positive. Jackie is my son.

Julia: I always knew Jackie was yours. Now I have been proven right.

Carly: The only thing that's been proven is how deranged you truly are.

Jack: Carly, let's not do this.

Julia: Oh, come on, Jack. Let her spew. After all, she's going to be helping us raise our son. Isn't it best if we know how she feels about his mother?

Carly: The only thing I feel for you is disgust.

Julia: And Jackie, too? Hmm? Why don't you say it, Carly? I'm sure Jack would love to hear it.

Carly: Jackie Jr. is innocent. But I do pity him that he has you for a mother.

Julia: He doesn't need your pity. He has two parents who are going to love him until the day they die. Do you know what that means, Carly? Do you? Whether you like it or not, I'm back in Jack's life. For good.

Holden: Do you have any idea where the kids might be headed next?

Simon: Well, we've been tracking them on the internet. It seems the last place they were seen was Maryland. And we believe they're heading south.

Holden: All right, I think it's about time that I go after these kids myself.

Simon: They're gonna be pretty hard to find, Holden. They've become experts at hiding out. What about Lily? Isn't the baby due soon?

Holden: Yeah, but Lily -- she can stay at her mother's, and Luke and Faith can stay with mama out at the farm. I gotta go. Keep checking those websites.

Simon: Absolutely. You know, the colleges have been calling these guys "The Oakdale Three." It's become kind of a game to figure out where they're going next.

Holden: Well, it's one game that we're just gonna have to win.

Alison: What is this? You can't just run around making home videos of people without their permission.

Rachel: This isn't a home movie. We're film majors, and we're working on a project together.

Alison: Yeah? About what?

Max: Urban life.

Alison: Urban life? That's it? Well, what's the story?

Rachel: Story?

Alison: Yeah, you know -- the quest, the journey, the motivation, the hero, the stakes?

Max: We're just first year.

Alison: Yeah, well, I've got a better idea for you. Do you recognize this face?

Max: Not really.

Rachel: Should we?

Alison: Well, you may have seen me on the internet. I'm one of the infamous Oakdale Three.

Rachel: Oh, my God! You're one of them? We were just taping one of the Oakdale Three and didn't even realize it? We are so gonna get an "A."

Max: This is gonna be great!

Alison: No, wait! I will give you my exclusive story -- just one condition.

Max: Anything, anything.

Alison: Yeah? An extra large pizza with extra cheese and extra pepperoni. For that, I will give you my exclusive story for your film project, up close and personal.

Rachel: Sounds fair to me.

Max: Me, too.

Rachel: I'll call Giuseppe's. They've got the best pizza.

Alison: Good girl. I've been working on this, just in case we don't make it out of here. Okay. You've read the story of the Oakdale Three -- how they run, and they sleep in the dirt. If you're still in need for something to read, this is the story of Alison Stewart. Okay, that part needs a little bit of work.

Rachel: No, it's great. Keep it rolling.

Alison: They say she was hatched in a test tube in a town that all looked the same. She flunked out of school 'cause she hated the rules. And her mother? She called it a shame.

Rachel: This is great.

Katie: You go near Rosanna one more time, and I'll tell Molly that you were the one that broke into her apartment and copied that canceled check. Couple that with your previous charge of breaking into Rose's place, and you're looking at jail time for sure.

Henry: Were you always this tough or --

Katie: It's a new thing.

Henry: It's a new thing. Okay. All right, all right, Katie. You win. I'll stop doing business with the ever-so-generous Ms. Cabot.

Katie: No more sneaking into Carly Tenney's life. Got it?

Henry: Well, actually, her name is Snyder. Although, if her husband knew what I knew, he would be calling her something much different.

Katie: No, no, no. I don't want to hear it.

Henry: Well, you know, I gotta tell ya. You can ruin a good coffee buzz like nobody's business.

Katie: No backsliding, babe, or the ax falls. Got it?

Henry: All right. See you at the company picnic.

Katie: Bye.

Henry: Huh.

Rosanna: Hello, Henry. How lucky I've just run into you.

Henry: Yeah, you know, I'm sorry. I'm just leaving.

Rosanna: Actually, I need to know what you've found out about Carly and Mike, and it had better be good, lamb chop. I'm in a foul mood.

Priscilla: Ms. McKinnon, these are for you.

Molly: Hi, Priscilla -- oh, my mail. I bet it's been piling up. I'm sorry. I keep meaning to stop by.

Priscilla: No problem. But while I've got you, I don't suppose you've changed your mind about selling your apartment?

Molly: No, I haven't. Don't tell me you got another offer.

Priscilla: Mm-hmm. Several generous ones over the last few weeks.

Molly: Tell them I'm not interested, okay? The place has too many memories for me, and it's too much for me to decide right now.

Priscilla: I understand. But if something changes, let me know.

Molly: I will, Priscilla. Thanks.

Priscilla: Mm-hmm.

Molly: I don't know, Priscilla. Some things might be changing. I've got the feeling Molly doesn't live here anymore.

Carly: The only reason you are here is because you found a way to become the mother of Jack's child. But that's it. We don't need your input anymore, Julia.

Julia: But there's gonna be so many things to discuss, Carly. Nannies to interview, schools to look at. We're gonna have to talk about all those things, so we're gonna have to be in close contact from now on.

Jack: Okay, that -- that's enough. Let me make something very clear. You stay away from my wife from now on. Any arrangements you have to make for Jackie, you make them through me.

Julia: Whatever you want, Jack. Although I do suggest you keep an eye on her when she's around our boy ---

Jack: Julia, I said that's enough! Now, it's too soon to be discussing any of this.

Dr. Weiskopf: Julia has another court date tomorrow. Perhaps we can all sit down after that.

Carly: Unless they drag her out of there in chains.

Julia: My mother's attorneys have assured me that the charges will be dropped. By this time tomorrow, I'll be released full time into Dr. Weiskopf's care.

Dr. Weiskopf: Well, yes, that's a possibility.

Julia: So I don't see any reason to wait to start making plans. Tomorrow, I'll start shopping for a new house nearby.

Carly: Are you kidding?!

Julia: Ooh. I wonder if I can find a place with the same floor plan as this. That way, little Jackie will always feel at home. Oh! I know. We need to have dinner together once a week -- just you, me and the baby -- so that he can always know that both of his parents are gonna be there for him.

Carly: Isn't anybody gonna stop her?

John: Don't let it get to you. That's exactly what she wants.

Carly: Well, I guess Julia wins again. Because I can't listen to this anymore.

Jack: Carly --

Carly: I'm sorry, Jack. I can't do it.

Jack: No -- where are you going?

Carly: I don't know.

[Door slams]

Julia: Well, thank goodness she's gone. Now maybe we can finally get something accomplished. Okay, listen. I think that we should take summer vacations as a family, you know? We can rent a cabin. Maybe there'll be a little pond. Jackie Jr. can play with all the frogs.

Jack: There will be no vacations, Julia. No dinners, family nights at Jackie's school. Jackie is my son. He will always be a part of my family. But you will always be separate.

Julia: But you can't keep me away from him, Jack. I'm not going to tolerate that.

Jack: I am done listening to what you will or will not do. Hammering this out ourselves obviously is not the way to go.

Julia: What are you suggesting?

Jack: I'll hire an attorney myself in the morning. I'm sure your mother can put together another whole team of lawyers for you. From here this point on, we communicate solely through the lawyers, and have them put everything in writing.

Julia: You make it sound like a business deal.

Jack: Oh, that's right. I want to keep contact to a minimum.

Julia: Have I really been so awful, Jack? You know, I could've kept little Jackie a secret. I didn't have to bring him here so that you could know your son.

Jack: No, I'm glad you didn't do that, Julia. But at this point, I think we need boundaries.

John: Jack, I have to get back to work. You let me know if you need anything, all right?

Jack: Yeah, I will do. Thank you, John.

John: We'll be seeing each other again, I'm sure.

Julia: Look, Jack, I -- I just want you to know that whatever rules you make, I am happy to follow them. I mean, you know, we've got a big job ahead of us. It's the job that we were always destined to do.

John: Are you okay?

Carly: I'd probably feel better if I could just cry. But I can't.

John: Yes, this is a tough one. Jack is in there laying down the law to Julia. He loves you very much, Carly. Don't forget that.

Carly: Well, I love him, too. But is that enough? Is there room in my marriage for Julia and her baby? Or is this dream of mine gonna be over before Jack and I even have a chance to start?

Henry: It seems like, now, we're trying to prove that Carly was sleeping with Mike Kasnoff, which to a certain extent, is none of our business.

Rosanna: Is this your way of telling me that you have no new information to report?

Henry: The surveillance tape from Carly's office proved to be unreadable.

Rosanna: What about the guard who was on duty that night?

Henry: She's on vacation. So it seems to me that all our ends are coming up dead.

Rosanna: Well, then it seems to me that you should keep looking until you find a live one.

Henry: Wouldn't you rather just move on and let everyone live somewhat happily ever after?

Rosanna: I don't give up, Henry. About anything. Ever. Carly and Mike don't deserve to be happy. They haven't earned it. Which is why I live for the day when their smug, hypocritical lives blow up in their faces.

Molly: Hi!

Holden: Hi.

Molly: I'm so glad you came. Thank you.

Holden: Sure, sure. No problem. Where do you want me to put Abby's things?

Molly: Anywhere's fine.

Holden: I heard from Abby yesterday.

Molly: Yeah?

Holden: Yeah, she sounded good.

Molly: She enjoying her new job?

Holden: Yeah, she seems to be. She also met some people who took her hiking in the mountains. She went to a movie screening. She's got a favorite spot where she watches the sun go down. California seems to be agreeing with her.

Molly: Any mention of tattoos or piercings?

Holden: No, no. Nothing like that, although another hole in the ear wouldn't be so bad, would it?

Molly: No, I could live with that. Holden, I get the feeling that our little girl has found a new home.

Holden: Is that a good feeling or a bad feeling?

Molly: A little of both. Things change, right? There's no point in fighting it.

Holden: Yeah, I can relate. A few weeks ago, my house was buzzing with kids. Now Abigail's gone, and with Lily in bed, Luke and Faith spend all their time over at their grandmother's. And with Aaron, well -- you know the story there.

Molly: Yeah. Any news? Anybody spot them?

Holden: Yeah, actually, I found out some encouraging news today, something that I gotta look into, so I gotta get going.

Molly: Okay.

Holden: All right?

Molly: All right. Give Lily my love.

Holden: I will.

Molly: Okay?

Aaron: You know, you'd think in a school like Virginia Commonwealth, somebody would be willing to trade cars.

Lucy: No, maybe we can go on line, and then we can find out if anybody's -- what's going on?

Alison: With the rat-tat-tat of guns behind her, she busted him out of his cell! "You're gonna be free if you just follow me. If not, we're all going to -- "

Lucy: Alison!

Alison: Cut! Let's just take five, okay?

Delivery man: Excuse me.

Alison: Thanks, guys.

Delivery man: I have Miss Stewart's pizza -- compliments of Giuseppe's of Richmond.

Lucy: I'm sorry, we don't have any money. We can't --

Delivery man: Ah, no problem. For the Oakdale Three, pizza's on me.

Lucy: I don't believe this. Alison, what are you doing?

Alison: Hey, don't complain. I found us a way to get pizza. All I had to do was tell our story for the film.

Aaron: The film? What film? What the heck are you thinking?

Alison: Relax, Aaron. They're just film students doing a project for school. I trust them.

Aaron: Yeah. They're students, but if somebody gets a hold of that videotape and sells it to "America's Most Wanted," it could lead the cops right to us. And you'll be reading poems off the 6:00 news. We gotta find a way to get that tape.

Lucy: I know. We need to create a diversion.

[Doorbell rings]

Molly: Yeah, who is it?

Mike: It's Mike.

Molly: Hi.

Mike: Hello. I know you said you didn't need any help, but I thought I would stop by, anyway.

Molly: What about work?

Mike: I knocked off early. One of the perks of being the boss.

Molly: You know what? You didn't need to do that, because this is easy. You know, I'm just going through Abigail's things, trying to decide what she might want and then putting the rest in the box.

[Molly sobbing]

Mike: That's what I figured. Come here.

[Molly sobbing]

Carly: I had such plans, such hopes for my life with Jack. Our careers would flourish. We'd grow deeper in love. Parker would thrive, the way any child would thrive in the midst of that much happiness. And now it's a whole new ball game.

John: You still have an awful lot of good things in your life. You shouldn't forget that. You know, dealing with Julia, that's gonna be very difficult. But feeling sorry for yourself is not gonna make any of that easier.

Carly: You're not going to tell me to make the best of this, are you?

John: No, no. I'm gonna wait until you realize that yourself and you tell yourself that. So you have an unexpected child that has been brought into your life. That means a lot of hard work, a lot of tension, a lot of pressure between you and Jack. A lot of responsibilities that you hadn't planned for. But it also means that kind of joy that only a baby can bring.

Carly: You know something? A year ago, I couldn't get a single kind word out of you. Now here you are, working overtime to try and make me feel better.

John: You see? Just goes to show you you never can tell what's gonna happen. Okay, come on, time to go inside.

Carly: Hmm-mm.

John: Yeah, face your husband, and give me my jacket back.

Julia: Hmm. I thought you went somewhere to clear your head. Oh, I guess in your case, it doesn't take that long.

John: May I escort you to your car?

Julia: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Weiskopf: I understand how trying this must --

Carly: Excuse me, doctor. I don't think you understand much of anything.

Jack: You didn't sign on for this, Carly.

Carly: Please, Jack, don't say anything.

Jack: I've got to do right by him. He's my son.

[Doorbell rings]

Carly: Yeah? Did you forget something?

Dr. Weiskopf: I left some gloves behind.

Carly: These?

Dr. Weiskopf: I left them on purpose.

Jack: I don't understand.

Dr. Weiskopf: Well, I thought if I had an excuse to come back, it might give us a moment alone. You must have a lot of questions about me, the both of you. The kind of treatment that I am providing for Julia.

Carly: I only have one question for you, doctor. How much is her mother paying you to lie about her condition so she won't be locked up again?

Dr. Weiskopf: That's where you're wrong. Of letting Julia go free.

Aaron: Okay -- now!

Lucy: Hi, there.

Max: Hi. This has gotta be my lucky day! Two out of the Oakdale Three! You're Lucy, right?

Lucy: Alison said you were on a break.

Max: Yeah. The shoot's been going great. She's terrific. Maybe we can get you and your boyfriend next?

Lucy: You know, that's such a great camera. Do you think I could look at it?

Max: Sure.

Lucy: Is this what I look through?

Max: Yeah, but you can also see in this little screen. See?

Lucy: Wow. That's so cool. It makes everything look like a movie.

Alison: Hey, guys. I didn't introduce you to Aaron. He was the one who's falsely accused of setting the fire. He's the one you should really be interviewing.

Max: This is too good to be true. Man, if we could just get a couple seconds, we would be so psyched.

Rachel: Yeah, all we need is for you to answer a couple questions before we actually start rolling. Can you do that?

Aaron: Okay. Okay, but you got to make it quick. I've got too far for the cops to stop me now.

Rachel: Okay, question number one -- did you grow up in Oakdale?

Aaron: Actually, I grew up in Seattle.

Rachel: In Seattle, okay.

Aaron: But know what? We got to get out of here. Lucy, give the camera back to Max now.

Lucy: Thanks. Okay. Yeah, sorry, guys. Come on, let's get in the car.

Carlton: Hey, wait, guys! I'm Carlton. Carlton Withers.

Aaron: Come on, we gotta get outta here.

Carlton: I'm a forensic sciences major here at VCU. I've studied your case. I think that the Police don't have anything to convict you with. And you might be on the run for nothing.

Aaron: Thanks. I hope you're right.

[All shouting good-byes]

Max: What's going on here? Where's the tape?

Molly: It's a good thing you like it black. Because the milk in the fridge has lumps the size of golf balls.

Mike: Appetizing.

Molly: Yeah.

Mike: That's good. Thank you. You got any more?

Molly: Nope, that's the last one. You know what's funny is Abigail is probably not even gonna wear any of this stuff. She's probably totally L. A. now, and she's gonna want a whole new wardrobe.

Mike: Sounds about right. Was it my imagination or did you not want me to drop by today?

Molly: You're very perceptive for a construction guy.

Mike: How come?

Molly: Because I thought it was something I needed to do by myself. Face the fact that my daughter had moved on. And then when I got here, I knew that -- I was gonna have a problem. Because there was no Abigail, and there were no twins asking me to play with them.

Mike: No Jake.

Molly: Right. Mike, this place used to be so comfortable. So warm and cozy and full of love. And now it just feels so empty.

Mike: You want to do something about that? Maybe it's time.

Molly: Yeah, you know what? The building manager stopped by before and told me there had been a lot of offers on the place. And I told her that I wasn't interested, but maybe I should look into it.

Mike: I think it's a great idea. Put some of the big stuff in storage, and whatever you got left over, you can just put in my attic.

Molly: That's a really big step.

Mike: Not if you're ready for it.

Molly: Mike, do you think that that's smart?

Mike: Of course I do. Every now and then, you just gotta close your eyes and jump, right?

Molly: But we've barely even discussed it. And when two people live together, that puts things on a whole new level.

Simon: Hey.

Katie: Hey.

Simon: Where's the tea?

Katie: The what? Oh, yeah. Uh -- it's in the car.

Simon: Oh. Well, when you get it, can you make me one? Milk, four sugars, thanks.

Katie: Okay, fine. I'll tell you what's going on. Henry's been spying on Carly for Rosanna.

Simon: He's been spying on Carly? What? And she found out he was doing it?

Katie: Yes. And she's totally freaked out, because apparently what he found out is pretty terrible. So she wanted me to go and talk to him to try to get him to back off. So that's where I was.

Simon: Did she tell you what he found out?

Katie: Yes.

Simon: Oh, come --

Katie: But I'm not supposed to say anything.

Simon: Fine, whatever. What bothers me is that we're in business with Henry. We told him to back off Rosanna, and he's completely ignored us.

Katie: I know. That's Henry for you. But I scared him pretty good. He's not gonna go near her again.

Henry: I'll do anything you say, Ms. Cabot. Just tell me what you need.

Rosanna: Yeah. What happened with those two plastic champagne glasses that were in Carly's garbage?

Henry: The -- the prints were difficult to read, so the lab is running them again. But they -- they would like a sample print from Mike, so that they can do some kind of comparison.

Rosanna: Lovely. I thought they might. There are two prints on this pen. One is mine. The other belongs to Mike. It should be all you need to prove that Mike and Carly were together the night before her wedding.

Jack: Julia's counting on you to testify that she's cured. You telling us you're not gonna do it?

Dr. Weiskopf: When I was treating Julia one-on-one, she was able to appear functional. But once I observed her interacting with others -- especially the two of you -- I began to realize that she was still quite ill.

Carly: Doc, you've just become my very favorite shrink.

Dr. Weiskopf: I know her mother expects me to recommend she be released. But since there is a child involved, I can't do that in good conscience. As it happens, I'm not just a psychiatrist. I'm also a father.

Jack: Then what are you going to tell the court?

Dr. Weiskopf: I'll request that she be recommitted to a facility for the criminally insane. As of tomorrow night, she should be back under tight security and out of your lives.

[Carly laughs]

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