ATWT Transcript Monday 11/18/02


As The World Turns Transcript Monday 11/18/02

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Merle: Hey. You cleaned up pretty well since that Frisbee game.

Alison: Yeah, thanks. Can we do something about the dark? Not that I'm not grateful for the apartment and the shower. I must have stood under that hot water for half an hour.

[Merle chuckles] what's that?

Merle: Grab this. See that lamp over there?

Alison: You're a genius.

Merle: I know.

Alison: Lucy! We have power!

Lucy: You used up all the hot water. Where did you get the shirt?

Alison: Merle.

Lucy: Oh. Hi, I didn't realize you were here.

Merle: Hey. Kevin says that you ladies have been on the road for a little while. And if you would like to join us next door, we're having a little party.

Lucy: Sorry, we can't.

Alison: Will there be food at this party?

Merle: Oh, come on, you're in Maryland, sweetheart. We always have good food.

Alison: Can you give us two minutes?

Merle: Sure.

Lucy: We're not going to that party.

Alison: Did you check the cupboard for anything edible?

Lucy: But we're still wanted by the Police. We have to keep a low profile.

Alison: Yeah, like anyone at that party is really gonna turn us in. Your own aunt and uncle didn't turn us in.

Lucy: What about Aaron? He's on the street.

Alison: Look, I got us light, clothes and an invitation to a party with food.

Lucy: Merle got us all that.

Alison: Well, I'm not keeping him waiting.

Lucy: Grits? What's a grit?

Aaron: The car's running! Oh, power. Oh, great.

Lucy: And there's hot water, if you wanna wait a few minutes.

Aaron: Alison in the shower?

Lucy: No, she's next door at a party. So it's just us.

Carly: Hi. I got your message. Come in.

Mike: Jack here?

Carly: No. No, he's at work. So what happened? Did Rosanna call you?

Mike: Not yet. But it's just a matter of time before she has proof that you and I slept together the night before the wedding.

Carly: I don't understand why she even suspects you. Either Henry saw us or he didn't. And if he didn't --

Mike: She figured it out.

Carly: How?

Mike: I sort of told her.

Isaac: And you tell Steinbeck, if he messes with Bonnie, he messes with me.

Bonnie: Isaac, it's okay. Just chill.

Isaac: No, it's not okay! I want Johnny Cochran out of my bar!

Marshall: Look, do us both a favor, Isaac. Put a leash on your girlfriend before she gets us all in trouble.

Isaac: Are you threatening me?

Marshall: Look, I'm not your problem, Isaac. I'm here to warn you both. She's in over her head.

Bonnie: Look -- okay, just look. The only reason he's here is because his case is in trouble!

Isaac: What the hell are you doing that Marshall Travers -- Marshall Travers -- has to come down here and warn me? Don't you walk away from me. I'm talking to you.

Bonnie: Steinbeck. Okay, I'm going after Steinbeck.

Barbara: I'm sorry. I know you wanted Parker to stay with you. But Carly's is just -- Carly -- she's irrational and jealous and vindictive. And she'll do anything she can to get back at me, even hurt you, John.

John: I don't blame Carly for wanting Parker not to be around you or James Steinbeck. No, I don't blame her for that. What I don't understand --

Barbara: Say it.

John: Why me? You could live wherever you want. You could buy your own security force. So it's not a question of safety. So what is so important about living with me?

Paul: What do you want?

James: I've got what I want. You safe and sound.

Paul: All right, I'll say it another way. I don't want anyone else to die. So what do I have to do to make this stop? What do I have to do to make you go away?

James: I'm not going anywhere.

Paul: There must be something you want. Even you don't kill for the pure pleasure in it. There must be some sort of motive, plan, a goal.

James: Goals? Yes, goals. Goals are very important. I've had lots of goals in my life, achieved most of them. But, right now, I guess I'll have to be satisfied with you locked behind bars, totally powerless. And you are in denial. You can't do anything. You're impotent. It's oh so satisfying, it's almost as if it were planned.

Mike: You were right. I never should have gone over there.

Carly: What do you mean you sort of told her?

Mike: She guessed. The day at the Lakeview when Molly went after her, Rosanna came back with the news that you cheated on Jack. Well, I lost my temper, and she guessed.

Carly: Because you were defending me?

Mike: And then I show up, I ask her not to pursue it.

Carly: So she figured I sent you.

Mike: The thing is, we didn't do anything wrong. We didn't. I walked out on Molly. Jack had walked out on you. We were free agents -- technically.

Carly: And what if Molly and Jack had slept together? So much for technicalities, huh? So what do you think she knows? Really knows?

Mike: She knows you spent the night at the office.

Carly: That's no crime.

Mike: I figured her little hired stooge -- what's that idiot's name?

Carly: Henry Coleman.

Mike: Yeah, well, he must have seen something -- clothes on the floor, champagne bottle, I don't know.

Carly: All I remember is the thermostat breaking and then -- then waking up.

Mike: This is not gonna go away.

Carly: Would you watch Parker for me? He's upstairs playing. Just for a little while?

Mike: I would not advise talking to Rosanna.

Carly: No, no, no. I'm gonna go at this another way all together. Henry. He's in for the money. But if I can make it personal --

Mike: How?

Carly: I'll start by talking to the woman who knows him best.

Emma: Hey.

Katie: Oh, Emma, hi. I brought you a little pie. I know you're recuperating. But I guess you're sort of on the mend now. Simon, hello.

Simon: Emma, hi.

Emma: Hey.

Simon: Come on in.

Emma: Thanks. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Simon: Pie?

Emma: Brought a little pie.

Simon: Fantastic.

Emma: I hope you like it.

Katie: I thought you weren't hungry.

Emma: So, how is the investigation going? The two of you are working on the fire, aren't you?

Simon: Yes. Yeah, we are.

Katie: And I'm sure you're upset with us for not bringing Aaron home?

Emma: Well, I -- well, listen, why don't we all sit down and have a little pie, and you can tell me what you found out? Okay?

Simon: Great.

Bonnie: Here, let me help you. Okay, fine. You know how to reach me if you want to talk.

Isaac: You know, on the way over here, I was praying that Paul was wrong.

Bonnie: You went to see Paul? Why?

Isaac: Because you were lying to me.

Bonnie: I wasn't lying.

Isaac: Yes, you were. Did Steinbeck threaten you?

Bonnie: It wasn't exactly a threat.

Isaac: What are you doing even putting yourself in a position where a man like that knows your name, Bonnie? I mean, he does things that are inhuman.

Bonnie: Yes, but he only gets away with it because everyone turns to Jell-O anytime his name is mentioned. He's a common criminal, for goodness sakes.

Isaac: And you're no cop. And this stops right now. No more investigating, no more chasing after Steinbeck, no more spending time at the jail. I mean, you wanna help Paul? Fine, I'll do the legwork. But your case is closed.

Paul: If you hadn't drugged me, I would have killed you.

James: Now, wait, wait, wait. Let's not add harassing your father to your list of charges. You're already in jail for murder, what more do you want?

Paul: All right. If you don't want anything from me, why'd you do this?

James: Arrogance, Paul. Your arrogance is the reason that you're in that cell. Look at this as a lesson. You came after me, and you find yourself compromised.

Paul: No, I came after you because you attacked my fiancée.

James: Good, you had a motive. But you had no plan, no allies, no arsenal. And now it seems you have no fiancée. Where is our lovely little Rose? Bumping and grinding in some backwater --

Paul: I'm sure you know exactly where she is.

James: I could care less where she is. Besides, there's so many wonderful opportunities here in Oakdale. Like, take your new friend, Bonnie --

Paul: You leave her alone.

James: You see, that's precisely what I'm talking about. You issue orders based on what?

Paul: All right, fine. Name your price. What do you want? Do you want me to work with you? Apologize to you? Kiss your crepe-soled shoes? What?

James: I like my shoes.

Paul: They're lovely.

James: You're learning. All right. I'll tell you what I want. I want -- I want what I've always wanted. I want your mother.

Barbara: My own security force? As if that will stop James? Nothing stops James. Not the Oakdale Police. They won't stop him. The D. A. won't stop him.

John: You expect me to stop him?

Barbara: No, no. Not -- not alone, John. And I will hire a bodyguard. We'll be in no danger.

John: You still haven't answered my question.

Barbara: Because you're my friend. And with Will so sick and Paul in such hideous trouble and James making demands, you're the only one who has stuck by me.

John: Listen, if you're gonna lie to me, if you're gonna do that, I want my key back.

Barbara: Okay. I wanted James to think that I'm in love with you, that we're together again.

Bonnie: And you have the right to tell me what to do because?

Isaac: I care about you.

Bonnie: And I don't care about you?

Isaac: I didn't say that.

Bonnie: And yet you won't let me make one -- not one decision on how to run this bar, despite the fact that I am quarter owner.

Isaac: What does running this place have to do with James Steinbeck? You're risking your life.

Bonnie: I'm saving Paul's life. He needs me. You don't.

Jessica: May I interrupt?

Isaac: Please. See if you can knock some sense into your daughter.

Bonnie: Mother? I'm actually glad to see you. I've uncovered some evidence.

Isaac: You're uncovering evidence now?

Bonnie: You wanted to know what I'm doing? This is what I'm doing. Now you can either stay or go. But, right now, I have to pass along this information to my mother.

Isaac: I'm with you, Nancy Drew.

Paul: So, you want me to convince mom to go back to you?

James: Yes. Think about it. You'd have both of us out of your life. I mean, Bonnie would be free to pursue her career in hostessing. But best of all, Paul, suddenly, the Oakdale Police would be turning up all sorts of evidence exonerating you.

Paul: I won't do it.

James: Why not? You've already disavowed yourself from your mother. You can't stand to be in the same room with her. Why do you want her here annoying you when she would be so very happy with me.

Paul: Because she's still my mother. And consigning her to a life with you is something I will not do.

James: Okay. Look at this from a different perspective. Your mother hasn't been happy here for years. You know why? It's this little town. No one here has the capacity to begin to realize what kind of greatness your mother has. They're all consumed with their little middle class proprieties. But, with me, she could soar unfettered, ferocious. She could realize all of her creative potential. Why don't you set her free? Send her away with me, Paul.

Paul: I don't think so.

James: Well, then how do you propose to protect the precious Miss Bonnie locked up here in this jail cell?

Paul: I have a question. Why do you need me, after all these years, to convince mom of anything?

John: Are you out of your mind? You think that Steinbeck is going to buy some kind of bogus sequel to our love story? I mean, if he does, I'm in serious trouble.

Barbara: You're not in danger, John.

John: Did you know that he bankrupted a man one time for cutting him off in traffic? Yeah. It took him three years and $50,000, but he did that. And I am gonna be sleeping with is wife? What, do you think he's gonna send me flowers before he packs up all of his bag of tricks and he moves back to Miami? You know what he's gonna do. He's gonna kill us.

Barbara: He's scared of you. He is. When you threw all those wild suspicions back in his face at the Lakeview --

John: Because he knew I was kidding. I was being sarcastic, and he knew that.

Barbara: No, no. John, he was scared of you. You stood up to him. It rattled him. And that's what I need. I need to be with someone he can't scare.

John: Putting aside the question of whether James Steinbeck scares me or not -- and, believe me, he does -- he is a madman.

Barbara: And there's always a method to his madness.

John: Has he ever given you any indication that he would get out of your life if you and I were to get together? Do you wanna answer that question?

Barbara: He said, if I was carrying on with you, it would not be the way to help Paul.

John: Right. He threatened your son. And you still want to go ahead and make him believe that you and I are together?

Barbara: He wants me, John. And I don't mean in leg irons. He wants me willing and complicit. And that won't happen if I'm in love with you.

John: Barbara -- you were once married and with kids, and it didn't faze him. He still invaded your life.

Barbara: This is different, okay? When we were in Singapore, there was a time before the surgery, and I thought that I had lost -- I'd lost everything. I'd lost Hal. I'd lost my children. I was wanted for all of James's crimes. And I thought there was no way out. And so I guess one would say I was the perfect wife. Well, I believe concubine is more apt. I greeted him each morning with a kiss. I served him breakfast. I played chess with him. I argued politics. I kept him amused and satisfied. And that's what he wants. John, he wants his consort back. And that won't happen if I'm in love with you.

John: Lucky me.

Barbara: I am sorry.

John: At least you could have given me a little kiss before you set my head on the block.

Barbara: I thought you'd say no.

John: And I might have said yes. If you'd just told me. If you had come to me before you set this plan in motion. As it is -- forget about the key. I'm gonna change my locks.

Carly: Hi.

Simon: Carly, hi. Come in.

Carly: Oh, am I interrupting?

Simon: No, come in. Come in.

Katie: No, no, come on in. The more the merrier.

Emma: Carly, hello.

Carly: Hi.

Emma: I'm sorry I missed the wedding. I'd already gotten my tickets to go to Iva's. And then -- yeah, well --

Carly: Well, we missed you.

Emma: Thank you. Well, listen, you and Jack are gonna have to come over and have some dinner and bring your pictures.

Carly: Good idea.

Emma: I really should be going.

Emma: Simon, would you walk out with me?

Katie: Oh, so soon?

Simon: Oh, absolutely. Yeah, I'll walk her out.

Emma: It's nice to see you. Will you give Jack my love?

Carly: Yeah.

Emma: And it's nice to see you on the mend.

Katie: Thank you. Thanks for coming by.

Emma: Oh, you're welcome. Bye.

Katie: Bye. Want some pie?

Carly: No. No, thank you. I -- I need your help, Katie -- with Henry. Could you muzzle him for me?

Simon: So what was it you want to talk about?

Emma: Well, I don't know really if I should bring this up. I -- I really haven't even talked to Holden about it yet.

Simon: Oh, come on -- I'm great with secrets.

Emma: Are you? Yeah. Well, I've discovered something about the fire. And I think it could help Aaron.

Lucy: Did you get some hot water?

Aaron: Yeah. It was great.

Lucy: Oh, there's a shirt here that I thought would be good for you.

Aaron: One-stop shopping.

Lucy: Yeah.

Aaron: I'll just get changed, okay?

Lucy: What's wrong?

Aaron: Nothing. I'm fine. Soon as I find my red pants.

Lucy: You know, Alison's still at the party.

Aaron: Lucy -- I think we should cool it for a little bit.

Lucy: What do you mean?

Aaron: I mean -- I'm human. And I can't be doing this. I'm in a towel.

Lucy: So take it off.

Aaron: Take it off?

Lucy: Why not? I mean, we love each other, right?

Aaron: It's not that.

Lucy: Then what?

Aaron: Lucy, if I touch you, I'm not gonna wanna stop.

Lucy: So don't.

Bonnie: I scanned this photo of James into the computer, I added the costume. And then I showed it to Paul. He then verified that this is how James looked on the night of the murder. I then showed it to the Lakeview staff.

Jessica: And the events manager positively I.D.'d the picture?

Bonnie: And he's willing to testify.

Isaac: But is it worth having your only daughter become James Steinbeck's newest target?

Jessica: Isaac's right, sweetheart. I appreciate the information, but I asked you not to get involved with this. You could get hurt.

Bonnie: Mm, that's funny. Marshall just gave me the same warning, and Isaac socked him in the jaw.

Isaac: You know something? You don't know when you have it good.

Jessica: This is all my fault.

Bonnie: Have you talked to Ben yet?

Jessica: No. And I don't intend to.

Bonnie: Mom, if that tape shows up at Paul's trial --

Jessica: It's -- it won't. Steinbeck has got what he wants -- Paul accused of murder. He's not interested in me.

Katie: All right. So what has Henry done now?

Carly: Well, for starters, he broke into my cousin, Molly's apartment and stole a check.

Katie: Breaking and entering? Fantastic. And theft? Even better. What else?

Carly: Well, he's been doing some surveillance work for Rosanna.

Katie: What?

Carly: Yeah. And I'm -- I'm afraid that I may have been caught in a rather position compromising situation.

Katie: Oh, no. Please tell me that this doesn't have anything to do with my brother.

Carly: No, no, no. It doesn't involve Craig at all. This is something else. I need for Henry to back off. And I wouldn't ask you, Katie, but lives are at stake here.

Katie: Well, you know that I would love to help you, it's just -- if Henry's ordering martinis on Rosanna's dime, it's gonna be pretty hard to stop.

Simon: Whoa, whoa, whoa. So your neighbor saw your truck pull up to the barn the night of the fire?

Emma: Yes. The night of the fire, his dog started barking. It's Shep, this big sheep dog. He's very reliable. He started barking. So my neighbor looked out across the way at my barn, and there was smoke coming out of it. And, you know, then this truck pulled up after the fire had already started.

Simon: What, and Aaron was driving the truck?

Emma: Yeah.

Simon: So --

Emma: I mean, what -- what if my neighbor's wrong? What if his timing is all off. I mean, could this information make things worse for Aaron? I don't know.

Simon: I don't know either. But I'm -- I'm definitely gonna check it out. I promise.

Emma: You know, Simon, Aaron would never, ever start a fire -- especially not in my barn. He loved that barn. Does this all mean that -- if it's true -- that Will Munson could have started this fire?

Simon: Look, I don't know. I don't know anymore. But I'm definitely gonna look into it. And don't worry about it. Don't worry.

Emma: Okay. All I want is for Aaron to come home and for things to get back to normal -- for once.

Simon: You take care of yourself.

Emma: Yeah. Thank you.

Simon: Thanks for the pie.

Emma: You're welcome. Thank you.

Aaron: So, you want us to --

Lucy: Make love.

Aaron: Right here? Right now?

Lucy: Well, we could lock the door.

Aaron: Lucy --

Lucy: Okay, so I feel like a total idiot.

Aaron: Where are you going?

Lucy: Next door to the party.

Aaron: No, no, no. Come on, Lucy -- come on. It's not that I don't want you. You know that. It's just -- you're 17.

Lucy: So are you. And you've had sex before, maybe with other people besides Tanya.

Aaron: What are you trying to say? If I don't have sex with you, then I don't care about you, that I don't love you? Come on, Lucy. What about birth control? You think about that? Or the fact that Alison can be coming in any minute with -- whatever that kid's name is. Huh? Is that what you want the first time -- the first time? Lucy? Lucy, I'm -- I'm sorry.

Lucy: I just -- I feel like such a baby sometimes.

Aaron: No. No, don't --

Lucy: I do. You and Alison are always making these jokes that I'm supposed to get, but I don't. And by the time I figure them out, you're already halfway to the next joke.

Aaron: No more jokes.

Lucy: I miss being together. You know, at home, we could hold each other, kiss.

Aaron: Lucy, this is different. I mean, we're alone here. We're really alone here.

Lucy: Except for Alison.

Aaron: Well, then I guess I should thank God for Alison.

Lucy: I don't understand.

Aaron: Lucy -- if we were home right now, do you think we'd be having this conversation?

Lucy: Maybe.

Aaron: No, we wouldn't be. You'd be worrying about school and your father. And I'd probably be too busy working. Which would be easier, you know, because it would take my mind off of it.

Lucy: What?

Aaron: You. All I do is think about being with you -- all day and all night. If you touch me, I just want to get all over you. You don't even have to touch me. You just look at me the way you're looking at me right now, and it just -- that's all it takes.

Lucy: Really?

Aaron: Really. So have a heart. Lucy -- I want to believe that -- that all this running -- it's gonna end. And then we're gonna get our lives back, the charges are gonna be dropped, that we're gonna get to go home. If you get pregnant, your dad's gonna go crazy, Lucy.

Lucy: I know. But -- what are we supposed to do when we feel -- the way we feel?

Aaron: I don't know. I mean, I -- I want to believe that we'll have our time, Lucy. We'll have our time, and it'll be the way it's supposed to be.

Lucy: What if we don't get our lives back? What if this is our last chance?

Aaron: Then I'll pass.

John: I told you that wasn't necessary.

Barbara: I've really torn it, haven't I? I mean, I've alienated everyone -- Kim, Lisa. Hal is furious with me. Jennifer won't call me. Paul wants nothing to do with me. And now you. I've worn out my welcome.

John: What do you want from me, Barbara?

Barbara: I want my friend back.

John: I wonder if we ever were friends. I mean, the only thing I'm sure of is that we were husband and wife, that we were almost parents.

Barbara: And you can't find it in your heart to forgive me? I need your help, John. I need for you to help me fight James.

John: Why couldn't you just tell me that? Why'd you have to maneuver me around, kind of push me into position here?

Barbara: I didn't. I didn't. I just reached out to you instinctively, impulsively. I wasn't trying to set you up. There was no master plan. Okay, maybe I used you to shield me, but I need help. Can you blame me for wanting to drive James away?

John: No. We would all like that.

Barbara: Then help me do it, before I have to leave with him and lose myself forever.

Bonnie: From what I've come to understand of James Steinbeck, he will release that tape for the pure pleasure of causing you pain. You have got to warn Ben.

Jessica: Honey, I tried. But every time I work myself up to the moment, I look in his face and I can't. He'll blame himself. He'll think he's let me down somehow.

Bonnie: Well, then you're gonna have to take on the job to prove that, despite what he thinks, you're not perfect, mom. You made a mistake and that you hope he'll forgive you. Or maybe -- maybe that's what you can't face -- that you let him down.

Jessica: Perfection -- it's nice and safe. You can't be criticized. You can't be blamed for anything. Nothing's your fault.

Bonnie: And if it is your fault?

Jessica: You lose an election. You lose the man who loves you. And you cause problems for your daughter and the man who loves her.

[Bonnie groans]

Bonnie: Please. Isaac and I are perfectly capable of destroying what we have all on our own.

Jessica: Honey, Isaac loves you.

Bonnie: Then why does he keep trying to change me?

Jessica: Why are you trying to change him?

Bonnie: I'm not! I accept him exactly how he is.

Jessica: Oh, really? You accept the fact that he's a man who's not comfortable being in business with the woman he loves? Who also doesn't want that woman putting herself in jeopardy? That's who he is, Bonn. Now, that nice, easygoing Isaac? That's easy to embrace. But it's this difficult stuff that you have to learn to accept.

Bonnie: So then maybe Ben can accept that you're not perfect.

Jessica: Why don't you go talk to Isaac and let me worry about Ben?

Lucy: Aaron, it's never gonna be the way it was. I mean, we've changed. When I hung up on my father and left town with you and then ran away from him in Ohio -- it's just -- it's all different now. And we're together. I mean, really together. And -- if our first time is here and now or wherever, it's what I want. But I guess if you think that it's better to wait, then --

Aaron: When you're together like that with someone, it really changes you.

Lucy: You're talking about Tanya.

Aaron: No. No, I'm talking about you and me. I mean, my life is totally out of control. And I'm not ready for any of it. You know, being charged with arson and then thrown into jail and then running from the police. But most of all, I'm -- I'm not ready for you. I'm not ready for how I feel about you. I want you real bad. But it hurts. It's just -- I don't want to put you in a position where you're vulnerable and have the cops come breaking down the doors. I love you too much to do that to you.

Mike: Come on.

Carly: You guys building my dream house?

Parker: Mommy!

Carly: Hi. Hi, honey.

Mike: You've already got a dream house. Isn't that right, Parker? Right here with Jack.

Carly: And I'll do anything to keep it.

Mike: How'd it go?

Carly: We'll find out.

Mike: Well, tell you what -- you call me if you want Henry's legs broken, all right?

Carly: Always an option,

Mike: See ya, buddy.

Carly: Oh! Why don't you give Mike back his hat?

Mike: Oh, you can keep it, all right? You take care of your mommy.

Parker: Okay.

Mike: Okay.

Carly: Mm.

Bonnie: I'll stay away from Steinbeck. And I'm sorry I worried you.

Isaac: See, the thing is that I don't want to need you. I don't. 'Cause when you need somebody and he walks out on you, you're stuck. My father walked out on us when I was too little not to need him. And there I was with this life that didn't work. So, okay, maybe I tried to keep my distance from you at first. But I do need you. Not to run my business or drive me crazy, but to be there. To give me a reason to be a better person. To care about what's going on in my life. To understand what I'm trying to say without me having to explain every little thing. I do need you.

Bonnie: Lucky for you -- you've got me.

Lucy: Now I know why some religions outlaw dancing.

[Aaron laughs] oh, come on. One kiss?

Alison: Hey, guys! Look what I got! Dinner. Ooh, I got crab legs, chicken wings, sodas.

Aaron: Alison, you are a lifesaver.

Alison: Lucy, could you grab some -- some plates? So what did you guys do when I was gone?

Aaron: Nothing. Got cleaned up, talked.

Alison: About what?

Aaron: Getting a new car.

Alison: Oh, that reminds me. The guys at the party said that we should hit Virginia Commonwealth. It's like right in the middle of Richmond. We should be able to get a car there.

Aaron: Cool.

Alison: So what else did you talk about?

Lucy: Oh, did you get barbecue sauce?

Alison: Oh. It should be in there.

Lucy: Oh.

John: You really think you'll accomplish what you want pretending that you and I are together?

Barbara: Yes!

John: You think this is gonna drive James away? That he's gonna slink off into his cave? Never darken your door again?

Barbara: Come on, John. Nothing's been able to stop him -- not the Police Department, not the justice system, not Interpol. My God, I stabbed him in Singapore, and yet he's back. The only thing I haven't tried is psychology.

John: Suppose he chooses just to eliminate me?

Barbara: I'll weep on your coffin, read Poe and dress in black again.

John: Kinky stuff.

Barbara: So you'll do it?

John: I don't know. We have to be very careful. Discourage him, manipulate him without sending him off into some kind of a rage.

Barbara: Yes. Yes, we will.

John: It'd be kind of fun to beat him at his own game, huh? But we'd have to do it together. Right? No side deals with Jimmy.

Barbara: Of course not.

John: And we tell each other the truth. No more lying.

Barbara: Absolutely.

John: All right then.

Barbara: All right then.

John: Never too early to get 'em talking, huh?

James: Now listen -- Paul, you convince your mother that her future is with me. Then your future and Bonnie's is assured.

Paul: Find somebody else to plead your case. I won't be convincing.

James: Try!

Paul: No.

James: We understand each other then, don't we?

Paul: Dad? Tonight, when you're lingering over your cigar, enjoying the fact that you've put me in my place, I want you to remember one thing. I'm your son.

James: What's that supposed to do? Provoke some paternal tears? Remorse?

Paul: No, it's a warning. We come from the same DNA. And while I'm clearly not your match yet, I'll get there. And when I get the skills and the plan and the allies, I'm coming after you.

James: You'll never beat me, Paul.

Paul: I'll never stop trying. You're gonna have to kill me.

James: As you wish -- son.

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