ATWT Transcript Tuesday 11/12/02

As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 11/12/02

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Glee Club:  Where the Allegheny Where the Allegheny meets the Ohio in Pittsburgh Pittsburgh We the university We're all proud of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh She stands a mighty fortress even others fright Pittsburgh Pittsburgh

Aaron: Alison, just try to keep a low profile this time.

Alison: Yeah, Lucy, I don't think a charity auction would go over well in Pittsburgh. We need to keep a low profile.

Lucy: Fine by me. I mean, the last thing I want is somebody looking at me. I probably look awful after all that traveling.

Aaron: No, you look great.

Alison: We haven't showered this week. I guess that makes us cleaner than the average freshman.

Aaron: How could you guys even care what you look like? I'm too hungry to even think about anything but -- whoa. Am I hallucinating, or is that the smell of actual food?

Lucy: Oh, I think you're right.

Alison: Oh, it is food, and we're starving -- perfect combination.

Lucy: Crash the party?

Alison: It's always better to be a party crasher than a party pooper.

Lucy: But I don't crash parties.

Alison: Fine, suit yourself. If you want to starve, you're on your own.

Aaron: Alison, just stay under the radar this time.

Alison: Is it my fault if people recognize me?

Aaron: Yeah, pretty much.

Alison: Nice. All of the blame and none of the credit.

Aaron: Come on, let's go get a soda.

Student #1: Did we beat them last year?

Student #2: Yeah, we beat them last year.

Alison: Fabulous affair, isn't it?

Student #3: Yes, it is.

Alison: Isn't it great? Oh, yeah. Oh, excuse me. Oh, thank you. Great day.

Eric: Are you okay?

Alison: I'm -- I'm great. I didn't eat breakfast this morning. I pulled an all-nighter last night. You know how it is.

Eric: Wait! You almost forgot your lunch and dinner.

Alison: Thank you.

Eric: I know who you are. Alison something, right?

Alison: No, no, no. You must have me mistaken for someone else. I'm Sunshine.

Eric: Well, Sunshine, there's fliers circulating around campus and pictures on the Pitt website of you and your traveling buddies -- Aaron, Lucy and Alison -- "The Oakdale Three."

Alison: What if we are? What do you want?

Eric: Your autograph.

Alison: Unreal! That's like the coolest thing ever.

Nurse: These just came for Will.

Barbara: Oh, thank you. Wow.

[Barbara reads the card] "My darling, I'm always here for you. Let me ease your pain. I'm waiting. James." Nurse, get these things out of here! Get them out of here! Listen to me. You do not bring anything in here unless I know who has brought something and if I give permission! Do you understand?! Get them out of here!

Nurse: Pardon?

Barbara: Get them out of here!

Barbara: You're okay, honey. All right? Mommy will keep you safe. Don't you worry. Mommy will keep you safe.

Emily: You don't need to be doing this, Tom.

Tom: Yes, I do. Margo's orders.

Emily: All right, I know I said it before --

Tom: Yes, you have.

Emily: Thank you.

Tom: You're welcome.


Emily: What was that?

Tom: Why don't you just stay here?

Emily: No way, I'm not staying --

Tom: Shh. Just stay down here.

Emily: Tom, I'm not staying

[Emily gasps]

Emily: Hal!

Hal: Never listens to a word you say.

Mike: Good morning, gorgeous. What's wrong?

Molly: Nothing. I'm fine.

Mike: Then why are you crying? Is it Rosanna?

Molly: No.

Mike: If she did one thing to you --

Molly: Mike, what could Rosanna do to me that could be worse than what she's already done?

Henry: I was -- I was up half the night thinking about your theory.

Rosanna: Only half the night?

Henry: Well, it's -- it's a little far-fetched, don't you think? I mean, Carly -- Carly waited a long time to land officer Jack and that shiny badge. It's bad enough that she should sleep with someone else the night before the big day. But do it with her cousin's boyfriend? I mean, that's a little beyond tacky, don't you think?

Rosanna: "Tacky" is my sister's middle name, Henry. She's always been a cheap little tramp without an ounce of class.

Henry: Ouch.

Rosanna: So if you don't think it's Mike, who do you think it is?

Henry: Well, I don't know, but -- um, the guy looks at Molly like she's part of the buffet. I don't know why he would risk losing her.

Rosanna: Because it isn't the first time that Carly and Mike haven't been able to keep their hands off each other.

Henry: Hmm, pray tell.

Rosanna: Seven years ago, my sister did exactly the same thing with the same man. Only I was the Molly in Mike's life back then.

Henry: Well -- well, at least she's keeping it in the family.

Rosanna: Ha, ha, ha, ha.

Henry: Oh, I'm sorry. This is got to be really hard for you. I'm very sorry.

Rosanna: No, it's all right. Don't be. By the time this is all over, Carly will not only have lost her husband and her best friend, but her happiness. I don't know what you call that where you come from, Henry, but I call it a triple play!

Carly: Hey. You're really getting the hang of it.

Jack: Yeah. I think he's getting used to the place. You know, just before he went off, he did the coolest thing. I was tickling his little ribs and he started laughing.

Carly: No way.

Jack: Yeah, he did. He was cooing, makin' all kinds of noises. What?

Carly: Jack, a newborn baby doesn't respond like that. He's gotta be older. Which means there is no way he's your son.

Aaron: Who's that guy?

Lucy: I don't know. He looks like a student, but --

Aaron: What's she doing talking to him?

Lucy: Oh, she's probably telling him how cool it is to be chased by the police, or hitting him up for money, or --

Aaron: Come on, come on.

Lucy: Miss sunshine! Aren't you gonna introduce us to your friend?

Alison: You can drop the act, Lucy. He knows who we are.

Eric: You're the two members of the Oakdale three. You must be Aaron and that would make you Lucy.

Aaron: And who does that make you?

Alison: He's the guy who's gonna save us. I saw you guys and I had to warn you.

Aaron: About what?

Eric: I don't know. Some guy was going around looking if anybody seen you three on campus.

Lucy: Who was it?

Eric: I don't know -- I didn't pay much attention. But it seemed like somebody's dad, though. Oh, my parents are taking off, I'd better go. But good luck.

Alison: Let's not kid ourselves. We know who's asking around.

Lucy: Yeah, either Hal Munson or my father.

Aaron: Meaning we gotta get the heck out of Pittsburgh.

Lucy: Yeah, let's get going.

Alison: Now? And abandon this feast? I mean, it's like real, free food. Something we haven't had in a long time.

Aaron: Alison, we don't have any time! If you want to eat, I hear they serve three squares in prison.

Alison: Look, if I'm leaving, I'm not leaving empty-handed.

Tricia: Who are you and what do you think you're doing?

Emily: Why are you home? I mean, are you supposed to be on the road or -- what are you doing?

Hal: Well, the trail got kind of cold, so Craig and I decided to come back and check in on things here. But I'll check in with the state police and the local sheriff's office, where they were last spotted -- we'll get a line on them soon. How's Will?

Emily: Same.

Hal: I better get over to the hospital.

Tom: Did Margo get in touch with you?

Hal: Yeah, she did. Just before my cell phone died. I'll catch up with her.

Tom: All right, good. I gotta get back to the office.

Hal: Uh, Tom, thanks for looking out for Emily and Daniel.

Tom: Any time. I'll be in touch.

Emily: Wait, wait -- let Daniel know we'll pick him up soon.

Hal: Uh, that we'll both pick him up.

Tom: I'll let him know.

Hal: Thanks, Tom.

Emily: So, what did Margo want?

Hal: Forget it.

Emily: Now, wait, wait -- I never forget it when you tell me to forget it. What she want?

Hal: She said that Will could have started that fire because he had burns on the tips of his fingers when they brought him in.

Emily: Match burns?

Hal: Now don't you start, Emily. Those burns could have come from anything. From the piece of wood that he grabbed when he was trying to get out.

Emily: But they also could have come from lighting matches. Listen, kids do that sort of thing. Even when they know they're not supposed to.

Hal: Not Will. You know, I see this all the time! You blame the victim and the punk that did it walks and you throw him a parade.

Emily: No one's blaming Will.

Hal: I'm gonna be at the hospital.

Emily: Well, can I come with?

Hal: It might be easier if I went alone.

Emily: Uh, wait -- wait, wait, wait, wait. One more thing. Barbara's married, Hal.

Hal: What?

Emily: Yeah, back in jolly old Singapore. Get ready for this -- she tied the knot with Stenbeck.

Hal: This day just keeps getting better and better and better and better and better --

Mike: I didn't mean to assume it was Rosanna, I just -- I know how she can get. Well, if it's not her, what going on? Why the tears?

Molly: I got an e-mail from Abigail. And she came out and she said it. She definitely wants to stay in California.

Mike: What'd her message say?

Molly: That Adam's lined up a job for her and she's gonna see if she can get her Oakdale U. credits transferred to UCLA.

Mike: Sounds like she's had it planned out all along.

Molly: Hmm, she wants to know what I think.

Mike: Well, what do you think?

Molly: I think that she's had a lot to live down here this year. And I don't blame her for wanting to start over. I'm proud of her. I'm just a little sad for me.

Mike: There's nothing wrong with that. I mean, that's normal. Look, it's not like you're gonna be all alone. You still got me.

Molly: Oh, thank God.

Mike: I'll do everything I can to keep you from being lonely, all right?

Molly: Like what?

Mike: Why don't you come back to bed and I'll show you.

Henry: So tell me, oh, wealthy one, you divine that Mike was Carly's paramour by --

Rosanna: The look in his eyes.

Henry: Ah, yes! The look. How silly of me.

Rosanna: Yes, when I asked him about Carly, he got a rather glazed expression.

Henry: Glazed, huh? I must have blinked.

Rosanna: I know a look isn't solid proof, Henry.

Henry: What is? A nice 8" x 10" glossy of the happy couple down to their skivvies.

Rosanna: That's where you come in.

Henry: Well, you can forget about photographic evidence, okay? The only kind of equipment around there was an old surveillance camera circa the Matthew Brady era. I mean, you open it up, you might get a nice picture of Ulysses S. Grant.

Rosanna: There's a security camera? With a tape inside?

Henry: I assume.

Rosanna: Well, don't assume, Henry. Find out. If I have Mike walking through the lobby --

Henry: Then you have Mike walking through the lobby. That's not gonna get you past a "G" rating.

Rosanna: I can always find someone else to do this job, Henry.

Henry: Okay, okay, okay, Rosanna. One video surveillance tape coming right up.

Rosanna: That's more like it.

Henry: Is this meeting adjourned?

Rosanna: Unless you can find out about Craig Montgomery's whereabouts this morning.

Henry: I thought he was off doing a remake of "The Fugitive."


Rosanna: Yes, I'm just longing to stick a pin in his over-inflated ego.

Henry: You are having a five-star day.

Rosanna: Yes. I just can't wait to see the look in his eyes when I tell him that he's not even Carly's second choice. He's been dropped like a stone to number three. Happy hunting, Henry.

Henry: Wow.

Carly: You see, Jack, it's right here -- "A time line for the typical responses in child development."

Jack: Since when are all babies typical?

Carly: Just read it, Jack. I'm telling you that child's at least three months old, which means he was not conceived in February.

Jack: Maybe, Carly -- maybe. But we don't need a "maybe" right now. We need an answer and the DNA test will give us that. Right?

Carly: Right.

Jack: But?

Carly: At first, you said you were sure the DNA would show that you weren't the father. And now, I wonder if you hope it'll show that you are.

Jack: Carly --

Carly: I see the signs, Jack. You're getting closer to the baby all the time.

Jack: Uh, well, maybe I am a little. So?

Carly: I just don't want to see you get hurt.

Jack: Well, you weren't happy when I was afraid to even touch the kid and now you're not happy when I'm taking care of him.

Carly: It's not about the baby. I don't have a problem with that little boy. I have a problem with Julia using him as a wedge between us.

Jack: Yeah, well, she can't unless we let her.

Carly: Wait, so you think that she's the only person we're gonna have to deal with? Have you seen this group of lawyers and doctors she's assembled? They are gonna make us jump through hoops you haven't even seen yet, Jack. They can make it so that Julia is part of our lives forever.

Jack: Okay, all right, but I won't put us at risk, honey. I promise.

Carly: No, you can't promise me something like that. Julia already has the ending all planned out. She is not winging this, Jack. She has a plan. She always has a plan. And I don't think that baby is about you. Or about her. I think it's all about me. She is still trying to destroy my life. Only now, she's traded in her stun gun and quicksand for that bouncing baby boy.

Rosanna: Oh, hello.

Maria: Can I help you?

Rosanna: I'm a very close friend of Mr. Montgomery's.

Maria: I'm sorry. He's out of town.

Rosanna: Yes, I know that. Actually, I'm his business partner. He asked me to come here and get some important papers from his desk.

Maria: I'm not allowed to let anyone in his suite.

Rosanna: I understand, but perhaps I'll call him on his cell phone, if that will give you peace of mind.

Craig: Careful, Maria, she might try to sell you a bridge while she's at it.

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: Hello.

Craig: That's enough, Maria. Thank you. You can finish later.

Maria: Of course, Mr. Montgomery.

Rosanna: I didn't know you'd be home.

Craig: Obviously. So what are you up to this time, Rosanna?

Rosanna: Actually, my motives are rather selfless. I came here to protect you.

Molly: Okay, come here. Listen -- "Honey, I'm so glad you like it in California. Let me know if there's anything I can send you. I miss you and I'm looking forward to a long visit really soon. You can't get rid of me that easily."

Mike: Stop after the long visit part.

Molly: You're right. Too needy, too desperate, right? Maybe I should just call her.

Mike: Just click "Send," Molly.

Molly: I'm not done. "Looking forward to a long visit really soon. Love, Molly." Send.

Mike: You feel better?

Molly: No. What time is it in California?

Mike: It's too early to call somebody. You remember what it was like being Abigail's age? All right, I do. Talking to your parents is tense.

Molly: It's not like that with us.

Mike: It's always like that when it comes to big things. That is why she broke it to you over the computer. She needed some distance, a chance for you to get used to the idea.

Molly: You think we could really go visit her in California?

Mike: If you want. Of course, you know, it's not that long of a flight. It's nice out there this time of year.

Molly: Thank you.

Mike: For what?

Molly: For making me feel better. For always knowing the right things to say.

Mike: Whatever keeps you smiling. That's what being exclusive's all about, right? It's just a word, you know, you gotta back it up.

Molly: Where are you going with this?

Mike: I'm not going anywhere. This is for you, though.

Jack: Even if Julia is using this baby for God knows what, I can't just walk away, Carly.

Carly: I know. And I love you for that, Jack. But that's exactly what she's counting on.

Jack: And I'm counting on our being stronger than anything Julia can throw at us.

Carly: You know what I was thinking about this morning when I woke up? Our honeymoon. I know that it's selfish.

Jack: No, no, it's not. I've thought about it, too. And I am gonna make it up to you. I promise.

Carly: No, no -- I don't need you to make anything up to me, Jack. Mostly, I was thinking about Parker. Staying with John and how when you have a child, your entire life changes. It's never the same again, no matter what you do or where you go, if you don't have that child with you, it's like you've left a part of yourself behind.

Jack: Is that how you would have felt this week with Parker?

Carly: A little, I guess. But at least he would have been with John. Someone who loves him, nurtures him. Spoils him rotten. Where would -- where would Jackie go?

Jack: I don't know. Maybe at Emma's? Huh?

Carly: Try Julia, Jack. It could happen. And if some court forces us to leave this child with her for a week, we'd both be a wreck.

Jack: Hey, listen, if we start worrying about every worst-case scenario, we're gonna drive ourselves crazier than Julia is. I gotta worry about the here and now, Carly. I can't change the situation anymore than I can change what that DNA will show.

Carly: And you can't change how that baby was conceived.

[Jack groans]

Jack: Why do you have to keep bringing that up?

Carly: Because it is the elephant in the room, Jack. He was conceived through violence and torture. He's a living reminder of it.

Jack: I'll deal with it.

Carly: How? When every time you look at him you remember?

[Doorbell rings]

Carly: I'll get it.

Jack: Okay. Hey, buddy.

Roberta: Hi.

Carly: Hi, can I help you?

Roberta: I'm Roberta Gordon -- from the agency.

Jack: Oh, great. You're here. Yeah, I called a nursing agency to help.

Carly: Since when do we need help?

Jack: Please, Ms. Gordon, come in. This is my wife, Carly.

Roberta: It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Snyder.

Carly: Yeah.

Roberta: This must be little Jackie.

Jack: Yeah. Here ya go.

Roberta: Hello.

Jack: Yes.

Roberta: Hello.

Jack: All righty.

Roberta: You're so pretty.

Carly: What's going on, Jack?

Jack: I thought we could use an extra pair of hands, you know. Between your job and my job, juggling schedules --

Carly: I thought we were juggling just fine. You don't trust me with the baby anymore, do you? That's why you hired a nurse.

John: How's he doing?

Barbara: Oh, John --

John: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you. But now that Stenbeck is here again --

Barbara: Did you also hear --

John: Yes, I heard that you married him. Kim told me.

Barbara: It's not like it was something I wanted to do. It's just that I felt that it's what I had to do to get myself home to my kids. And now he's following me. He says he wants me and no matter how many times I tell him that I hate him, he won't leave me alone. I can't sleep. I can't eat. And I know, John, I know that he set Paul up to make it look like he murdered that girl at the Lakeview.

John: You need a bodyguard.

Barbara: I don't need a bodyguard, I need a friend.

John: We should get you into a good hotel. Their security system ---

Barbara: You're not listening, are you?!

John: I am listening to you, Barbara. You gotta deal with what you can control here.

Barbara: James cannot be controlled. I'm alone, and I'm scared.

John: I want to help.

Barbara: By ushering me into a hotel?

John: You can't go back to Fairwinds.

Barbara: No, I certainly can't.

John: So we should find someplace were you can be safe with you and your son.

Barbara: And with James breathing down my neck, how can I do that? I'm all out of options here. I have nowhere to go. Let me stay with you, please?

John: Oh, no, Barbara -- I really don't know if --

Barbara: John, I'm begging you. Please, don't leave at James' mercy.

Tricia: I asked you a question! What are you doing?

Lucy: I am so sorry you had to see that. You see, my roommate here, she's been really stressed since the semester started and she's developed this kind of eating disorder -- among other problems.

Alison: Sorry. I'm so sorry.

Aaron: Hey, great party. But we'd better get back to our dorms.

Tricia: Oh, which dorm?

Alison: Why? You're not gonna report me to my R.A., are you?

Lucy: I'll make sure she gets back to the room. And they offer counseling at the health center, right?

Tricia: Oh, you mean the Barnes Health Center?

Lucy: Yeah, yeah.

Tricia: There is no Barnes Health Center. You aren't in the freshman class. You don't even go to Pitt, do you? What are your names?

Lucy: Kylie. Kylie Monroe.

Aaron: Bart. Bart --

Tricia: Bart, Kylie and Sunshine -- it shouldn't be difficult to verify this.

Alison: What are you? The Campus Gestapo?

Tricia: No, but I can get them for you.

Aaron: Look, we don't have to do this. My folks are over there and I can go get them.

Tricia: I don't think they are. I'm getting security.

Katie: That won't be necessary.

Simon: Yeah, because, uh, you see -- we're the parents.

Tricia: I don't mean to seem rude, but --

Alison: Sorry, but you're a little late for that.

Tricia: How can the two of you be the parents of the three of them?

Simon: That's a very good question, and you know, we're glad you asked. Having kids when you're 11, wow. Changes your life.

Katie: Absolutely. Well, it's been a such a lovely, little soiree this afternoon, but if you'll pardon us --

Tricia: Wait a minute. You're the girl from that "Butt Buster" video, aren't you?

Katie: Yeah, that's me. Good eyes. And good body. I'm glad it's been working. You look fabulous. Sorry, I don't give autographs.

Tricia: Yeah, then would your "children" mind showing me their university I.D. cards?

Katie: Oh, I don't think that we need to do that. It was so nice to meet you, darling. Let's go meet some of the friends you've met here at the university.

Tricia: I'm getting security.

Katie: Damn it.

Lucy: Aunt Katie, please don't turn us in.

Aaron: We've got to get out of here fast.

Simon: All right. Follow me. Let's go.

Craig: Were we speaking when I left?

Rosanna: Does it matter?

Craig: Not today.

Rosanna: A lot of things have changed since you left.

Craig: Why don't you fill me in? Carly take her plunge into mediocrity?

Rosanna: Well, if you're asking if Carly and Jack got married, the answer is yes, but that's a very small part of a very long story.

Craig: I'm too tired for long stories today, so tired I almost forgot you broke in here.

Rosanna: I did not break in. The door was open.

Craig: So what are you protecting me from, Rosanna? What evil forces threaten to do me in?

Rosanna: The same evil force that's done in many men before you. My sister -- Carly.

Roberta: Why don't I take little Jackie upstairs and freshen him and move a few things around?

Jack: Oh, that sounds great. Thank you.

Roberta: Okay. Yeah. Yes.

Carly: Why didn't you tell me about this?

Jack: Oh, Carly, I didn't have a chance. I called the agency, like, an hour ago. I had no idea they were gonna send her right over. And you can't think that she's here because I don't trust you.

Carly: Is it because I blasted Julia?

Jack: No, no, you had every right to do that.

Carly: I didn't mean to call the baby -- what I called him.

Jack: I know. I know that.

Carly: Then why is it still between us?

Jack: Because there's a mountain of stuff between us, Carly, and none of it -- none of it has to do with you or me. Come on, we were handed an infant at our wedding. I wouldn't blame you if you walked out that door and you never looked back.

Carly: Well, I would never do that.

Jack: Yeah, well, I'd understand it if you did.

Carly: I just don't want Julia coming between us again.

Jack: That's why I hired the nurse. You are amazing with that baby. I just thought I'd make it easier for you, for us. Gosh. No matter what I do lately, it's always the wrong thing. I'm running out of ideas here, Carly! I'm running out of patience and I'm running out of a lot of things!

Carly: Jack -- Jack --

Molly: A class ring?

Mike: That's not just any class ring.

Molly: From Oakdale High?

Mike: It's Captain of the Basketball Team right there.

Molly: That is the sweetest thing that anybody's done for me since --

Mike: Since Jake? It's great to know I'm in such good company.

Molly: The best.

Mike: What?

Molly: You make me so happy. I wish Carly was this happy.

Mike: I'm sure she is.

Molly: I don't know. What if Rosanna's right? What if she really did do something so crazy? I know Carly. If she thinks that Jack left for good, there's no telling what that woman would do.

Mike: What, you're gonna believe Rosanna?

Molly: Well, I hate to think that Carly would sleep with another man before her wedding, but I think it's possible, and if Rosanna knows it, she's gonna do everything she can to destroy Carly's happiness.

Mike: Then we won't let that happen.

Molly: How do we stop her?

Mike: We'll think of something. All right?

Molly: We have to. Because nobody -- nobody deserves to lose the person they love the most because of one, huge, big, stupid mistake.

Hal: How is he?

John: He's still pretty much the same. There's no change.

Barbara: Did you find Aaron Snyder?

Hal: Not yet. I came to see will. Hey, buddy. I missed you. Will, I know you're doing everything you can to come back to us, but please, don't give up. Dad's right here, waiting for you. I love you.

Barbara: Maybe Will would feel better if he knew that that animal who did this to him was behind bars, Hal.

Hal: We'll catch Snyder.

Barbara: How do you expect him to feel safe unless you do?

Hal: Will is safe. If you gave a damn about will's safety, you would have told me that you'd been married to James Stenbeck.

Barbara: I wanted to tell you.

Hal: You wanted to tell me a lot of things, Barbara. But all you managed to do was destroy everything that you touch. So what I want you to do is go out in that hall and get the hell out of my sight. I want to visit with my son alone.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Mike. Hi. What are you doing here?

Mike: Is it a bad time?

Carly: Jack's upstairs with the baby.

Mike: Look, I'm sorry I stopped by, but -- I know who was spying on us that night.

Craig: I don't need any protection from Carly. I have plenty of experience in that matter.

Rosanna: Well, you may feel differently when you hear what happened while you were away. Funny thing happened on the way to the honeymoon.

[Phone rings]

Craig: Excuse me. Hello. Yes?

[Craig hangs up]

Rosanna: Who was that?

Craig: Somebody trying to sell me something. Every second she's out there terrifies me.

Rosanna: I wish there was something that I could say to help.

Craig: You could distract me. Tell me about Carly.

Rosanna: Yes. Well, the wedding didn't lack for drama. This woman, Julia, showed up with a baby and announced that it was Jack's.

[Craig laughs]

Craig: Well. Well, as interesting as that is, it doesn't explain why I need protection from Carly, does it?

Rosanna: Well, I thought it might be best for Monte Carlo if you kept a lid on things.

Craig: You amaze me, you know that? I mean, one minute, you hate me, then the next, you're the guardian at my portal, warding off potential disgrace.

Rosanna: At least I'm never boring.

Craig: Oh, I'll give you that.

Rosanna: I should go and let you rest. I'm very sorry about Lucy. I really hope you find her soon.

Craig: Rosanna -- don't go.

Rosanna: Give me a reason to stay.

Lucy: Thank you so much for saving us from the campus police.

Aaron: Where's Munson? Waiting with his firing squad?

Simon: Listen, we're not here with Hal, all right?

Lucy: Then who sent you?

Simon: Holden did. We wanted to get you before the authorities did, but Hal was just one step behind you, and we just happened to be one step ahead.

Katie: Which is why the Oakdale three need to come back with us right now.

Aaron: No way. Uh-uh.

Simon: Listen, listen, Holden swore that he would give you guys a fair -- yoke. So just come --

Lucy: Fair? Nothing's been fair since the day Aaron was arrested. What makes you think things are any different now?

Katie: Because Simon may have found something that could exonerate you, Aaron.

Aaron: Are you serious?

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Aaron: What?

Simon: There's a suspect that no one ever, well, suspected. Will.

Lucy: You think the Lieutenant's son set the fire?

Katie: There's a very strong possibility, yeah.

Simon: So Aaron, come on, the three of you, just come back --

Aaron: No, forget it. Forget it. Forget it. Munson is not gonna listen, especially if you tell him his own kid is a firestarter.

Lucy: Please don't take us back.

Alison: We'd be in jail the second we crossed the city limits.

Aaron: We're not going anywhere until all the charges are dropped. All the charges on all three of us.

Simon: Listen, I don't think you guys are in a position to make too many demands here.

Lucy: We know you're in a position to stop us, but we're asking you not to. Aunt Katie, you know what it's like to love someone who's been misjudged. I can't let Aaron be punished for something he didn't do. You can understand that, can't you?

Simon: Don't do this. No, don't. Don't.

Katie: Simon, we both know that Aaron's not a criminal. These are wholesome kids. They're gonna be fine. What's the harm in just letting them go a little longer?

Simon: Okay, do you want the short list or the long one?

Katie: Put yourself in his shoes. Imagine that you've been accused of something that you haven't done, some horrible crime that got someone in trouble. Huh? What are you gonna do? Put your faith in the justice system?

Simon: All right, yes, sure. I've been in your shoes. Okay, but I didn't have any tagalongs. I knew what I was doing and where I was going. You guys are going nowhere fast.

Aaron: We're okay, and we're gonna stay that way. I'd never let anything happen to Lucy or Alison.

Lucy: Yeah, we're kind of looking out for each other.

Katie: Are you sure about this? 'Cause we're putting a lot of trust in you.

Lucy: We'll be fine.

Katie: Okay. If you need anything, please, anything at all, just call us, okay?

Simon: That's my money. That's my --

Katie: Yeah, well, you love her just as much as I do. If you do anything stupid, we will find you and we will bring you home, okay? I love you.

Lucy: I love you.

Katie: Be good. Take care of her.

Aaron: All right. Let's go.

Simon: We're counting. Go. Go.

Simon: You -- you are bad. Bad.

Katie: I know. I had to. Thank you so much. But all we have to do now is figure out who's gonna tell Holden.

Simon: Oh, no way, babe. You are so on your own with that one. It's all you.

Katie: I had a feeling.

John: You know, Hal is under a lot of stress, and nobody knows better than him what Stenbeck is capable of doing.

Barbara: I just kept telling myself that it wasn't real, that marrying that man again wouldn't change who I am. I just had to do what I had to do to get home to my kids.

John: Listen, why don't you stay at my place -- tonight, okay? And then we, together, maybe we can figure out something to do.

Barbara: Thank you, John. Oh, thank you.

Carly: So who's our spy?

Mike: Rosanna.

Carly: Are you sure?

Mike: Yes. Last night, Molly and I are at the Lakeview, we're grabbing some of the wedding presents that were sent there, okay? I got them out of the car, just in case Jack wanted them, so I dropped by.

Carly: Good. Good thinking.

Mike: All right, now Rosanna, when I get there, is really tight with this guy named Henry Coleman.

Carly: Henry. So she's got him doing her dirty work.

Mike: I don't know. Molly -- Molly goes up to him, starts reading him the riot act, and then she starts going to bat for you, you know? Telling Rosanna to stay out of your life. And then it's just the opportunity Rosanna was looking for.

Carly: What did she say?

Mike: She asked me what I thought about you cheating on Jack the night before the wedding.

Carly: That little witch.

Mike: Yeah. I tried to get out of there, but I could feel Rosanna's eyes boring into me. I'm telling you, she saw something in my face.

Carly: What, you think that she knows it's you?

Mike: I'm not for sure, but she's very suspicious. I will not let Rosanna destroy the people I love, okay? I -- I will find a way to stop her, I promise you that.

Carly: Okay.

Mike: All right?

Carly: Hi. How's he doing?

Jack: He's fine. Roberta's setting up upstairs. Carly, you still can't be thinking that I don't trust you. Honey, I trust you with my life.

Carly: I know. I'm sorry.

Jack: So am I.

Carly: Are you -- are you going out?

Jack: Yeah. Here, hold him for a second. Julia called. She wants to see him.

Carly: Do you want me to go with you?

Jack: No, no, I'll -- I'll go.

Carly: Are you sure?

Jack: Yeah, she's -- she's staying at Oakdale Court. She -- I really couldn't believe this either -- she's staying in your old apartment.

Carly: Jack -- that's insane.

Jack: Yeah, I know.

Carly: Don't go there. She can see him here. I'll leave. I won't even be here.

Jack: No, I have to.

Carly: But you can't go there.

Jack: Yes, yes, I have to, honey. She's got court-ordered visitations in the place of her residence, and that is the place of her residence.

Carly: That's not fair.

Jack: Well, yes, it is. Julia's the baby's mother, and a mother cannot be denied her flesh and blood. Thank you to our legal system. I'm sorry.

Carly: It's okay.

Jack: No. No, it's not, but please, Carly, trust me, just for a little while longer. Know that I want what's best for us -- for all of us.

Carly: I know that.

Jack: I love you.

Carly: I love you, too. Just -- just be careful.

Jack: I will.

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