ATWT Transcript Monday 11/11/02


As The World Turns Transcript Monday 11/11/02

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Emily: Are you sure you don't need any help with that?

Daniel: Mom, I can do it myself.3DD01A61.JPG

Emily: Okay, you can do it yourself. Come up here. Play with your toys for a little bit 'till -- your dad's gonna come here and pick you up and --

[Phone rings] You know what? That's him right now. Probably telling me he's on his way. Tom, listen, Daniel's tennis shoes. I think he left them at your house, you know? He's just got the ones that we let him play in the mud in. Do you know where they are?

Hal: They're in the basement by the boiler.

Emily: Hal? Oh, Hal, is that you?

3DD01A86.JPGHal: Last I checked. But after 1,000 miles in a car with Craig, I'm kind of beginning to wonder.

Emily: Oh, please, please tell me you're headed down Patchin Place, and if I look out the window I'll see you in the street.

Hal: Sorry, babe. I'm hunkered down at a pay phone on the Pennsylvania turnpike. How're you holding up?

Emily: We're okay. We're fine. How are you?

Hal: Nothing you couldn't cure.

Emily: Any sign of Ali?

Hal: Not since Ohio State. We picked up a girl who'd bought a jacket from Lucy.

Emily: Hal, Ali does not have an I.D. on her. I mean, if something happens to her, it could be weeks before we ever knew.3DD01AA7.JPG

Hal: Oh, I don't think anonymity's a problem for Alison. Apparently, she got up on a soapbox, she commandeered a crowd, and she introduced herself.

Emily: What?

Hal: Oh, it gets better. Then she held an auction.

Emily: An auction?

Hal: Well, I guess she needed money. And Alison being Alison, she found a way. Listen, Emily, I got a call from Margo. Did you know that Steinbeck is back?

Emily: Yeah. Yeah, I'm two steps ahead of you. I've locked the windows, padlocked all the doors.

Hal: Good. Now let's find a way to protect you.

Emily: Will you stop being such a cop, please?

[Knock on door] Hold on. Hold on. Daniel, don't answer that door. Hang on one second. Oh, you're not gonna believe who's here. You've got your daddy and Margo both picking you up. You rate, buddy.

3DD01ACA.JPGTom: Dude! How you doing?

Daniel: Good.

Margo: Hey.

Tom: So where's your stuff?

Emily: Huh? My stuff?

Tom: Yeah.

Margo: Didn't Hal tell you? You're coming home with us.

Ben: Hey, Bonnie. Look, sorry, I had to consult with a patient. How'd your mother do against Travers?

Bonnie: Well, she looked great, she sounded great. But Travers argued that Paul was a threat to his father, and the judge agreed.

Ben: What?

Bonnie: Yeah, we wouldn't want anything to happen to James Steinbeck now would we? So Paul is locked up from now until trial.

Ben: Wait, wait. So they let Steinbeck go, but they keep Paul locked up in jail?3DD01AE7.JPG

Bonnie: And denied bail. Yes, all in one fun-packed day.

Ben: Ooh, your mom must be pretty --

Bonnie: Furious?

Ben: Yeah.

Ben: Yes, I thought she was gonna eviscerate Travers.

Jessica: Are you threatening me?

Marshall: Warning you.

Jessica: If someone's going to be destroyed, it's gonna be me? What does that mean?

Marshall: That I'll do whatever it takes to win this case.

Jessica: So will I.3DD01B02.JPG

Marshall: No, you won't. You'll play fair. Which gives someone like me an unfair advantage.

Jessica: Oh, someone like you, who's unethical, manipulative, ruthless?

Marshall: Motivated.

Jessica: You keep saying people's lives are at stake? What people? What does Steinbeck have on you?

Marshall: I can't tell you!

Jessica: Oh, that's convenient.

Marshall: Damn it, Jessica, if you won't step back, I won't be able to protect you- or Bonnie, who's in this up to her neck. But you've got to trust me. It is necessary for Paul Ryan to be convicted.

Jessica: Because James Steinbeck demands it?

Marshall: Because I have no choice.

Jessica: Well, I do. And you can go to hell.

Events manager: Okay, so I'll have the porter load the gifts into your car.3DD01B28.JPG

Molly: Great. And if anything else comes in for the Snyder's, just give me a call.

Events manager: We sure will Mrs. McKinnon. This may take a minute, though.

Molly: I'll wait right here.

Events manager: This will be so much fun for the newlyweds -- coming home to a house full of surprises.

Molly: Just what you need, cuz, more surprises. What're you doing here?

Mike: I got your message. Thought I'd come over here and help you put those presents in the car.

3DD01B54.JPGMolly: Well, the events manager has the porter doing it. So --

Mike: All right. So we get to sit here and reminisce? What is it about you and bars?

Molly: That's where we found each other. Did I scare you before?

Mike: What do you mean?

Molly: With all that talk about being exclusive. I mean, because it's not really fair. I'm the one that keeps pulling back. But then I hear that Carly is cheating on Jack, and so I freak out and I start throwing around ultimatums.

Mike: What you heard was Rosanna starting rumors, okay? Carly loves Jack and only Jack. That is why she married him.

Molly: I'm not saying she doesn't love Jack. I'm saying that I saw something in her face when I told her what Rosanna said.

Mike: You know what? I wouldn't worry about that, all right? And as far as you and me -- it wasn't an ultimatum, it was how you felt.

Molly: How do you feel?

Mike: About you wanting to be exclusive? Grateful. I don't wanna share you with anyone.

Molly: The thought of you with anybody else --

Mike: All right. All right. So what's today?

Molly: November -- something.3DD01B80.JPG

[Molly chuckles]

Mike: All right. So it's November. All right? And we're exclusive. No more talking about Rosanna, all right?

Molly: Oh, my --

Mike: What?

Molly: I just put two and two together.

Carly: So what is taking so long?

3DD01BC2.JPGJohn: Well, they're waiting for someone to come up from the lab to take some samples.

Carly: God bless DNA tests.

John: Some honeymoon, huh?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, right. The bride, the groom, the madwoman, the innocent child and the shrink, who's a hired hand. He probably flunked out of med school.

John: You want my opinion?

Carly: I just want you to tell me that Jack is not the father.

John: I think this is a volatile situation.

Carly: That woman should be locked up!

John: Yes, and if it weren't for her mother, she probably would be. But we have to deal with the situation as it is now. And you're Jack's wife.

Carly: Yes. And nothing is gonna change that, no matter how many babies she throws at us. 3DD01BE6.JPG

John: Well, good. I'm glad to hear that. Because somebody has to be the voice of reason here, okay, no matter what those tests prove in there.

Carly: You don't actually believe that there's a chance Jack is the father?

John: I don't know, Carly. I really don't know. But no matter what goes on in there, I think Jack is gonna be thrown for a loop. And that's where you come in. I want you to remain calm. I don't want you to play into Julia's game. Now that means no threats, no potshots, no tantrums. You'll just be giving her ammunition.

3DD01C1A.JPGJulia: Oh, Jack, you're making me so happy. You're bonding. Just ask Dr. Weiskopf. You know, when we got here, you wouldn't even touch Jackie junior. And now you're so comfortable with him. That's bonding, isn't it?

Dr. Weiskopf: Well, these things take time. But I would say that, yes, Jackie junior and his dad are significantly more comfortable together.

Julia: That's why Carly hates the baby. She's jealous.

Jack: Carly doesn't hate the baby, Julia. No one hates the baby. You're the problem here.

Julia: I understand that. I do. I've done some very bad things. And I'm sorry. But I'm trying to do the right thing now. That's why I brought Jackie here, so that you could know your son.

Jack: Let's just find out if he is my son.

Julia: Uh -- now that's Carly talking right there. You see? She would do anything to make sure that you don't love this baby. Don't let that happen, Jack. No matter how much you hate me, don't hate your son.

Jack: Carly's a great mother. She took wonderful care of this baby after you dumped him on us.

Julia: I did not --

Jack: Yes, you did. You're a guerilla fighter from way back, Julia. This was just more of the same -- the notes in my office, the little bear, and you showing up at my wedding?

Julia: Now, if I could have gotten here any sooner, I --

Jack: No, you would have waited. You timed it out for maximum impact, and let's not pretend you didn't. The whole reason you showed up at my wedding was to bust it up.3DD01D43.JPG

Julia: Well, forgive me if I thought your son was more important than that tacky ceremony.

Jack: Tacky? You want to talk about tacky? Let's talk about tying me up and drugging me.

Julia: That wasn't me, Jack. I was very sick. I heard voices.

Jack: Whose? Steinbeck's? There's no doubt in my mind that you're a troubled individual. Anybody who'd ally themselves with James Steinbeck lacks the basic moral instincts that keep a person sane. But you knew exactly what you were doing. And the fact that the man is here in town proves my point.

Julia: Mr. Steinbeck is in town?

Jack: Spare me, please.

Julia: Jack, James Steinbeck helped me get out of the hospital when I should have stayed and finished my treatment. He manipulated me. But I have not seen him since little Jackie junior was conceived. And that's why I'm here. And just look at him. He needs you.

Carly: Jack knows that Julia is sick and dangerous. But what he can't see, or what he won't see, is that she's obsessed. And she is not gonna stop until she gets her hooks in him again.3DD01D70.JPG

John: It's an unhealthy situation. Just make sure it doesn't get out of hand.

Carly: Out of hand? Jack is in there right now giving blood because a crazy woman crashed our wedding and insisted that he is the father of her baby. Which he may be. And why? How did we all get here? She kidnapped him, tied him up, tortured him, drugged him, tried to drown him. And here he is -- doing the right thing. Because that's who he is. And Julia knows that. She will work him any which way she can. And who's gonna end up hurt? Jack.

3DD01DAB.JPGMolly: You see that twerp hiding there behind his menu? His name is Henry Coleman. He would sell his mother for a martini. And the fact that he's sitting there with Rosanna tells me that he's the one who broke into my apartment and found that check to the Burn Unit.

Henry: That's Molly McKinnon at the bar with her boyfriend.3DD01DCD.JPG

Rosanna: Well, I don't care very much for her, it's true, but this is America. If she can pay for her drink, she's welcome to pollute the atmosphere.

Henry: I'm not talking about aesthetics, Rosanna. I broke into that woman's home -- all right -- for you. And it would take a woman like Molly less time to figure that out than it would take for you to write a check.

Molly: I worked with that scum of the earth at WOAK. He's the one who engineered my dismissal from the show. And I have no doubt that he would take Rosanna's money and do it to me one more time.

Mike: Molly, let it go, all right? Even if she did hire your buddy over there, we already worked it out. It's fine.

Molly: Henry and I haven't yet had the pleasure.

3DD01DF2.JPGEmily: You know, I appreciate your concern, really. It's so nice of you. But it's not necessary. And Hal never should have called you.

Margo: I'm glad he did.

Emily: Well, not to worry. He's on the line. Hal?

Hal: Now, before you say it, this was Margo's idea, Emily.

Emily: Good, good. So we can both agree that I'll lock the doors, and you can send a squad car by every hour on the hour.

Hal: Oh, yeah, that would be real tough for Steinbeck to figure out.

Emily: Do I want to tangle with Steinbeck? No. But do you really think I want to move in with Tom and Margo?

Hal: Well, it doesn't seem to bother Margo. I guess she figures you're married to me these days.

Emily: Cute, Hal. That's really cute. You know what? I'll stay at a hotel.

Hal: The girl was killed at the Lakeview.3DD01E12.JPG

Emily: Why do you always have to be right?

Hal: It's just a couple of days, then I'll be home.

Emily: You promise?

Hal: Have you seen Will?

Emily: Well, I tried. But Barbara has given the guard orders to keep me out.

Hal: She -- all right, listen, I will call the station. I'll have it straightened out. You will be able to get in and see him. And when you do, will you -- you just tell him that --

Emily: I'll tell him that you love him and that you'll be home very soon.

3DD01E3E.JPGHal: As soon as I find your sister.

Emily: Be careful, Hal.

Hal: You, too. And I will call you at Margo's, which is where you will be, right?

Emily: Absolutely. Bye, Hal. Well, that takes care of that. He understands. He's perfectly fine with me staying right here.

Margo: Oh, Emily, come on. There's no way that Hal is gonna allow you to stay here, so why don't you go pack your bag? You're coming home with us. Come on everybody, let's go.

Jessica: If Steinbeck decides to broadcast that tape, so be it. People I love will be hurt. My career may suffer. I may lose some friends. But at least, I'll be able to look myself in the eye. At least, I will have my soul back.

Marshall: Rest assured, I have not sold my soul to James Steinbeck.

Barbara: Whatever James is paying you, I'll double it. You're railroading my son.3DD01E68.JPG

Marshall: Barbara, charges have been brought. It's my duty to pursue them.

Barbara: Then I will find a defense attorney to crush you. This case is beyond you, Jessica. You need to rescue yourself now and save my son the trouble of firing you.

Jessica: Paul has asked me to represent him. And until I hear otherwise, you need to respect his wishes.

Marshall: Barbara was just leaving.

Barbara: Don't you touch me.

Marshall: Barbara, if you want to help your son, stay away from him. You'll taint his case and distract the jury.

Barbara: How dare you?

Marshall: Barbara, you are out of control.

Barbara: You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Marshall: You forget. I know everything.

Jessica: I don't need you to do me any favors.

Marshall: I won't.

Ben: Are you okay?

Jessica: Yeah. Believe it or not, I am.

3DD01EA3.JPGBonnie: Mrs. Walsh?

Lucinda: Yes?

Bonnie: I wanted to say, "you go," for standing up. Actually, I wanted to applaud you for standing up to Mr.. James Steinbeck.

Lucinda: Oh, darling, if words were what would do it, he would have been dead meat years ago.

Bonnie: I've got a theory about him. And I might be able to prove it if I could just get a photo of him. Would you happen to have a recent photo? I promise I will give it back.

Lucinda: Please, dear girl, I know you're enterprising, and I admire that. With what has just happened to Paul, whatever it is you want to do, I'm passing.

Bonnie: But, Mrs.. --

[Bonnie sighs]

Tom: Okay, so what do you say you and I go out and fire up the heater in the car so the women aren't freezing when they get out? Hop on.

Emily: Hey, not without saying good-bye to your mother. Love you.3DD01FAE.JPG

Tom: All right, I gotcha.

Emily: Be good.

Tom: See you out there.

Margo: Yeah. All right, so staying at our house isn't blowing anyone's skirts up. Tom's not real happy about it either.

Emily: Great. So let's just agree that it's the right idea for all the wrong reasons.

Margo: No, let's cut to the chase. The thought of sitting down with your son and having to explain to him again that his mother has disappeared --

3DD01FD1.JPGEmily: Margo, please, I'm not going to disappear.

Margo: I don't know that. I can't guarantee that, Emily. And I hate admitting it, 'cause I'm a cop. That's admitting defeat. But the fact of the matter is, I have no power over Steinbeck. That man just walked away from 12 felony charges. Just walked away. So let's do this for Danny, huh? 'Cause if anything did happen to you, and I hadn't done everything possible in my power to prevent it -- don't do that to me. Let's just agree to get along until Hal comes back home after he's found the kids. And we will be pleasant and civil, and we'll agree to disagree.

Emily: And we will be at each other's throats before I've unpacked my bag.

Marshall: You observed Mr. Ryan in conversation with the deceased, Brandy Taylor?3DD02000.JPG

Kim: Well, Brandy was the kind of person who approached men.

Marshall: And were you aware that he was armed at the time?

Kim: Who told you that?

Marshall: Your daughter-in-law, Margo Hughes. You know, as a Police officer, it was her duty to report it to the District Attorney's office.

Kim: Well, I didn't actually see a gun. And if you think I believe this ridiculous charge against Paul, you, sir, are delusional.

Marshall: Expect to be deposed, Mrs. Hughes, and later subpoenaed to testify at Mr. Ryan's trial.

Kim: Are you sure you want your first action in office to be prosecuting an innocent man?

3DD02030.JPGLucinda: You are one great fool, you know that? Yes. Yes, I'm talking to you, Mr. Brand-new D.A. Your boss has done irreparable damage in this town -- irreparable. The latest episode with Rose D'Angelo and her poor father.

Marshall: You have my sympathies.

Lucinda: I'm not finished yet. You know what the book says -- "an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth." I want you to know that if your boss hurts anyone in my family, you will be hurt commensurately. And if you think that I am lacking in moral will or money, ask around.

Marshall: I just might do that.

Lucinda: All right.

Marshall: Have a good day, Mrs. Walsh.

Lucinda: Right. I will. Ooh, honey. Honey, you know what you were talking to me about? You had this plan, this scheme, this something? Is this something that will really hurt, bother James?

Bonnie: Yes.3DD0205F.JPG

Lucinda: Ahh.

Bonnie: And if I could just get a photograph --

Lucinda: A photograph? A photograph of James Steinbeck? Well, that's just a piece of cake. Wait here.

3DD02090.JPGMolly: Rosanna, I see you found Oakdale's favorite bottom feeder.

Henry: Ahh, speaking of feeding, I have a hungry parking meter right outside.

Molly: Yeah, sit down, Henry. Because I'm just a little bit curious how you broke in my apartment. Did you dress up as the housekeeper? Rosanna, don't let this guy anywhere near your closet, because he has a thing for women's clothes.

Rosanna: Molly, if you don't mind, Mr. Coleman and I were having a private conversation.

Molly: Renegotiating your rate, Henry? Make sure that you get a really big chunk of change for legal fees and bail, because -- guess what? You broke the law. You both did, because I have no doubt it was your idea to go snooping through my things.

Rosanna: Gee, Mike, you've been awfully quiet, not that Molly let's anyone get a word in edgewise. But I can't imagine that you'd appreciate having the details of your contract at the Burn Unit broadcast all over Oakdale.3DD020B5.JPG

Mike: What I don't appreciate are your tactics.

Rosanna: Oh. Right. Really? Well, I guess that's just the way I am. It comes naturally to me, doesn't it? Molly, have you told Mike the latest? My sister Carly cheated on Jack the night before her wedding. Can you imagine? You're worried about me digging up the truth. You shouldn't be. You should thank me. I might just save you a world of pain.

Carly: Jack is stuck. If the baby is his, then he'll want to keep it and protect it from Julia. And then who gets to raise it? Me. And I mean, okay, any kid of Jack's. But Julia's son? This is not exactly what I consider a fairy tale ending. I mean, Jack's gonna know this and feel terrible about it, and no matter how hard we try to make it into a happy thing.

3DD020F8.JPGJohn: The child may not be Jack's.

Carly: I hope it isn't. But even then, Jack will feel guilty. Well, think about it. Provoking a woman into cooking up a scheme like this?

John: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Jack is not responsible for Julia's mental state.

Carly: Well, could you tell him that about 100 times a day?

Julia: All I want is little Jackie junior to know his daddy and for his daddy to love him. Yes. Would you please tell Jack to believe me?3DD02122.JPG

Dr. Weiskopf: Well, I can only speak for myself. I know you're doing your best with your son. Mr. Snyder will have to make up his own mind.

Jack: She can't face the truth, doc. That's why we're here. My ex-wife can't accept the fact that I moved on, that it's over, that she lost a baby. And if you think medication or therapy or an act of God is gonna make her sane again, you're just as crazy as she is.

Julia: Don't you dare talk about me like that in front of Jackie junior. He picks up on things like that. It'll scar him for life.

Lab worker: Snyder paternity test?

Julia: That would be us. Actually, Snyder/Lindsey paternity test.

3DD0214B.JPGLab worker: Okay then. Aw, is this the little fella? Isn't he a doll?

Julia: His mommy sure thinks so. This isn't gonna hurt him, is it?

Lab worker: Oh, no. Not a bit. I'm just gonna take a saliva swab from his mouth. I will need a vial of blood from the father -- potential father. You?

Jack: Yeah.

Lab worker: Well, why don't you have a seat and roll up your sleeve? Let's see if we can put a family together.

Julia: You hear that, Jackie junior? We're gonna be a family.

Emily: You know, the truth is, Margo, I respect you. I mean, I didn't always, obviously. But I do now. I've changed, and I'm ashamed of what I did to you. I really hurt you. And I see now -- I really do, now that I'm with Hal and I know what it means to build something with someone you really love, how selfish I was. And I'm sorry. And how you can be so terrific to my son, so fair and warm and wonderful with him.3DD02278.JPG

Margo: It's not his fault.

Emily: No, but still. I mean, see you're a very forgiving person. Me, moving into your home, even for a little while, it's stepping over boundaries I need to respect. Okay, and I'm not being stupid about Steinbeck. I'll stay with my mom.

Margo: No, no, I'm not letting you put Susan in danger.

Emily: Okay, fine then, you know what? I will catch up with Hal and referee a few rounds with Craig.

Margo: All right, here's what we're gonna do. Adam's away, so you will stay in Adam's room. It's right next to Daniel's. And if 3DD022AA.JPGyou could possibly help me out a little bit around the house, you could do the cooking. Because, quite honestly, the guys are really tired of pizza and Chinese. You could help me, Emily. I'm still recovering. And, hey, since I don't hate you anymore -- what do you say?

Emily: Do I have to cook?

Margo: You can do the laundry.

Julia: Well, that wasn't so bad, was it? Now all we have to do is wait.

Lab worker: It takes about a week.

Julia: Only a week? Why, that's not very long, is it? That's just seven little days. And then we're gonna know for sure. Of course, you and I already know for sure, but then your daddy is gonna have his proof. And then we'll all live happily ever after.

Lab worker: Jack Snyder, right?

Jack: Right.

Carly: Jack married me. And there's nothing that woman can do about it.3DD022DD.JPG

John: That's exactly my point. You should concentrate on you and Jack and leave Julia to her battery of advocates.

Carly: The woman has more psychiatrists and lawyers and judges than --

John: Just listen to me. That is their problem, not yours.

Carly: Really? Then how come I can't shake this bad feeling?

Rosanna: A one-night stand before she marries the man of her dreams? Can you imagine? But why am I surprised? That's vintage Carly. If it itches, scratch it.

Molly: You just can't let it go, can you, Rosanna? Because Carly took something you wanted. Translation -- you couldn't hold onto him. But you don't want to look at it like that. It's just so much easier to go after Carly, go after her child, after her career, and now her marriage. Rosanna, why don't you get your own marriage, get your own child, and leave the rest of us alone. 3DD02311.JPG

3DD02311.JPGRosanna: Oh, I wasn't talking to you, Molly, was I? I was asking Mike. Or can he not speak for himself now that he's on the dole?

Mike: You got problems.

Rosanna: You think so?

Mike: Yeah.

Rosanna: You didn't used to. In fact, I remember a time when I was all that mattered. What was it you called me? Your angel? Your lover? Oh, but then that was before Carly put her tongue in your ear.

Mike: It's over, Rosanna! Let it go! It didn't have anything to do with Carly then. It doesn't have anything to do with Carly now! It's pure you and this need that you have to dominate everything you touch. I cannot live like that, and I won't live like that! So get it through your head, we're done!

Ben: Okay, so Travers sandbagged you today. It's gonna be different at the trial.3DD02341.JPG

Jessica: Tell you the truth, it makes it easier. Having Paul behind bars keeps him out of trouble.

Ben: Garner some sympathy from the jury.

Jessica: Yeah, and I'm owed one. Don't tell anybody.

Ben: Hey, your secret's safe with me. So what do you say we get out of here and go relax over at Java Underground?

Jessica: If we can avoid the reporters.

Ben: Yes. I will pull the car around to the side, okay?

3DD0244B.JPGJessica: Sounds good.

Bonnie: So -- what brought you around to our side?

Jessica: Sweetheart, I'm always on your side.

Bonnie: Not when you were involved with Marshall Travers.

Jessica: Bonnie, I'm human. I made a mistake. But that doesn't mean that I don't still believe in family first, in telling the truth, in -- in loyalty. And, you know, as a matter of fact -- and this is no excuse -- but having slipped? All those values, all those ideals are that much more important to me. 3DD02483.JPGI glimpsed what it was like without them, and it scared me. And that's why I'm defending Paul. Because I believe in the system. I trust the system. It's people who let you down. It's people who make mistakes. And you're making a big mistake if you think going after Steinbeck is gonna help Paul.

Bonnie: Mom --

Jessica: That -- Bonnie, that man is evil. And you cannot bring him down. And I don't want you to try. Do you understand me?

Emily: Hi. My husband called?

3DD024B8.JPGGuard: Just a few minutes ago. You can go in, Mrs. Munson.

Emily: Thank you. Hey, Will. It's Emily. Yeah, your daddy asked me to come by and see you. Well, he's off investigating a case right now. But he asked me to give you a big hug, sweetie. And, you know, he wants to come see you. And he will as soon as he's finished. But if you open those big, blue eyes of yours, I know he'd come racing back here to see you. So -- so what do you say, huh? Come on, let's see those eyes of yours.

Barbara: Get away from my child! Guard! Guard! I gave you specific orders that this woman was not allowed in here!

Guard: I'm sorry, ma'am, Lieutenant Munson called. His orders were for me to let Mrs. Munson in.

Emily: Oh, dear.

Barbara: Honey, everything's okay, all right? You're safe now. You're -- he's supposed to have these on. What if he'd had a seizure? He's supposed to be tied down, Emily.

Emily: Hal asked me to come by while he was gone and untie his wrists. I talked to the nurses about it. And --

Barbara: I don't care what the nurses say.3DD024DF.JPG

Emily: They think it's a good idea, Barbara. Not just for psychological reasons. But they say if you massage his wrists it will help increase his circulation. And are you really going to try to find a problem with this?

Barbara: What were you saying to him?

Emily: Nothing. I was just telling him that his father loves him.

Barbara: He knows his father loves him. You know daddy loves you, don't you, Will?

Emily: Barbara, Hal needs to know how Will's doing. And he needs to hear it from me.

Barbara: Will is unconscious. And you could see that when you stood out there in the hall, and you could have been on your merry way.

3DD024FD.JPGEmily: What is your problem? His father asked me to check in on him. What is wrong with you?

Barbara: Well, you tell his father the next time he has a paternal impulse that he can call Will's mother.

Emily: Tell him yourself. Oh, and the next time you talk to Steinbeck, tell him not to bother looking for me at your old house. Hal's made other plans for me.

Rosanna: Well, you've made yourself clear.

Mike: Good. Let's ..3DD02534.JPG

Molly: Yeah, I think we're done here.

Henry: Minion to dragon queen? Hello? Hello? Do you know what you just did? You failed to deny that I broke into Molly's apartment. You incriminated me in a felony.

Rosanna: For God's sake, take it easy, Henry. Something important just happened.

Mike: I'm sorry about that.

Molly: Honey, you can rip Rosanna's head off twice a day as far as I'm concerned.

Mike: I shouldn't let her get to me.

Carly: Are you okay?

3DD02566.JPGJack: I'll live. Thanks, John, for keeping Carly company. I just wish you'd been inside to keep a lid on Julia.

Carly: What about that Dr. Weiskopf?

John: Why don't I see if I can get him out of your hair for a while?

Carly: I am so sorry.

Julia: Do you think I could hold him for a few minutes?

Weiskopf: I don't see why not.

Julia: I just haven't been alone with him for so long.

John: Dr. Weiskopf, there's drinkable coffee in the staff lounge. Are you interested?

Dr: Weiskopf: Thank you, doctor. I'll be back in a few moments, Julia. Say your good-byes to the baby.

Julia: Oh, Jackie, you're such a good baby today. I'm so proud of you. Yes. Oh.3DD02593.JPG

Lab worker: What is it?

Julia: Oh, it's a -- I don't know. I just -- like a pain. Having difficulty getting my breath.

Lab worker: Why don't you have a seat?

Julia: Okay. I feel like I might faint.

Lab worker: Okay. Now put your head between your knees. And I'm gonna go get Dr. Dixon.

Julia: Okay. Lucky for us, I stole a vial of your real daddy's blood.

[Phone rings]

Emily: We're not here right now.

Please leave any messages for Lieutenant Munson at the station. If you want to reach Emily or Daniel, leave a message at the paper.

Ali, if that's you, please call me at work. Thanks.

[Machine beeps]

3DD0269F.JPGHal: Emily, it's me.

Come on, pick up and tell me you're gonna do the right thing and stay at Margo's.

Come on.

Margo: Hey, mission accomplished.

Hal: Margo?

Margo: Yeah. Emily's gone to the hospital to check on Will. So I'm waiting for her here. When she gets back, we're both gonna head over to my place.

Hal: Well, thank you, Margo. That's a load off my mind.

Margo: When are you coming home, Hal?

Hal: If it weren't for Aaron Snyder, I'd be there right now.3DD026C0.JPG

Margo: Listen, I'm glad you called. There's been a couple of developments in the case.

Hal: Aaron didn't call in, did he?

Margo: No, it's another angle on the case not involving Aaron. Are you interested?

Hal: Who does it involve?

Margo: Will had burn marks on his fingers. It's possible that --

Hal: Forget it! There's no way that Will started that fire!

Jessica: I am proud of you for wanting to support Paul and believing that he is innocent. But going after Steinbeck is not gonna help him. And it's gonna put you in danger. And I will not have it. You must promise me to stay out of it.

Bonnie: Okay.

Jessica: No, I mean it, Bonnie. No tricks, no traps.

Bonnie: Mom, okay. I won't go after him.

3DD02707.JPGJessica: Good. Because I need my baby girl around to remind me of what's important from time to time. I'll see you later.

Lucinda: Here it is. And it's in color. I mean, this man is incredibly vain. He's a criminal who likes to have his picture taken over and over again. Darling, before I give it to you, you have given this thought? This is a man without conscience, without pity. And, unfortunately, in Oakdale, he's king.

Bonnie: Well, I'm a duchess -- a real one. Which means I outrank him. Thank you.

Lucinda: Good luck, darling, you'll need it.

Henry: Rosanna, we are up to our olives in crime here. Okay, she's got us. We're going to the big house.

Rosanna: Henry, people -- honest people -- are very reliable. Have you ever noticed? When you take them at face value, there it is -- the truth. It's beautiful. Like a pool of sunshine on a summer day.

Henry: Whatever you're drinking, I'll take six.3DD02736.JPG

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: Do you know that man who was here before?

Henry: Molly McKinnon's boyfriend?

Rosanna: Yes. Well, that may be his current title. But it won't be for long. That's irrelevant. That man, who's name is Mike, he's the man that our bride -- our favorite bride -- slept with in her Monte Carlo office the night before her wedding.

Henry: That's Mr. Fingerprints?

Rosanna: Yes. That's Mr. Fingerprints.

Carly: So we'll know in a week.

Jack: And this thing will finally be settled.

Carly: Trust me, Jack -- even if you're not that baby's father, this thing will never be settled.

3DD02775.JPGJulia: It's a wise baby who knows his own daddy.

Lab worker: She was short of breath.

John: Julia, are you all right?

Dr. Weiskopf: The technician said you had some sort of fainting spell.

Julia: Well, no. No, I didn't faint. But I'm just having a terrible time getting my breath.

Dr. Weiskopf: It's an anxiety attack. I can give you something, Julia, to make you feel better.

Julia: No. No, that's okay. I'm feeling much, much better.

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