ATWT Transcript Thursday 11/7/02


As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 11/7/02

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Molly: Ran into Rosanna at the Lakeview. You are not gonna believe what she told me. Actually, she's spreading a rumor about something that happened at your office the night before your wedding.

Carly: What did she say?3DCAD464.JPG

Molly: You might want to have a seat for this, Carly.

Carly: No, I don't want to sit down. Just tell me what vicious lies she's spreading this time.

Molly: Well, I sure hope it's a lie.

Carly: You hope?

Mike: Molly, whatever Rosanna said --

Molly: No, you know what? This is between me and Carly -- and maybe Jack. Maybe Jack should know about it, since it happened the night before he professed his undying love to his bride. Jack!

Carly: Molly! The baby's asleep, and Jack isn't even here. What is the matter with you? Whatever Rosanna said, just spit it out and get it over with!

3DCAD47C.JPGMolly: She told me -- she told me that you spent the night before your wedding on the floor of your office having sex with somebody that wasn't Jack. Carly, cuz, I always knew you were a tramp, but -- I mean, really? I mean, to throw an orgy just hours after being jilted by the man of your dreams? Really, do tell us about it. Tell us all the gory details. Because this is the most -- is this not the most hysterical thing that you've ever heard?


James: Listen, Paul is out of control. He tried to shoot me, and if we're not careful, he'll derail my relationship with Barbara.

Marshall: Your wife is not my problem anymore.3DCAD4AB.JPG

James: You will prosecute my son to the fullest extent of the law. Once he's convicted, then we are through.

Marshall: I can't guarantee --

James: Marshall, Marshall, listen. I have complete faith in your abilities, but if for some unforeseen reason Paul escapes justice, you won't.

Marshall: This isn't what I signed on for.

James: Then things have changed.

Marshall: How can you ask me to do that to your own flesh and blood?

James: It's not a request. Now, don't go getting sentimental on me because of Jessica Griffin.

3DCAD4CD.JPGMarshall: There's nothing wrong with having a conscience.

James: I had a watchdog once who developed a habit of licking instead of biting. I realized that he was no longer capable of guarding my life, so I shot him. That's what happens to dogs who don't do their duty.

Marshall: I'm not your dog, and I've done as you've asked. I've dropped all outstanding charges against you. You're a free man.

James: Freedom isn't everything.

Marshall: What more do you want?

James: I want my son dangling by the thinnest thread possible.

Marshall: You talk about him like he's a stranger. He's your son.

James: He's my son who tried to kill me. Now, I came here to achieve something, and Paul is my bargaining chip.

Lisa: So, Kim, have you heard anything else from Paul?

Kim: No, no, I haven't. But I'm gonna call the newsroom in a bit and see if there's any kind of an update.

Lisa: I just can't get over his being arrested -- and for murder?3DCAD4F9.JPG

Kim: Oh, it is unthinkable.

Lisa: I know, it's just impossible! That's what I keep saying to myself. He's such a kind, gentle, darling man. He wouldn't do anything to hurt anyone. And yet, could you explain to me what he was doing with a gun?

Kim: I don't know, but, I mean, maybe he felt he needed protection, for heaven's sakes. Who could blame him, with what's going on around here, and considering what his parents have become, for heaven's sakes.

Barbara: Careful, Aunt Kim. That's your niece you're talking about. Nothing quite like family, is there? Something we all have to be grateful for.

Lisa: Well, Barbara. Are you going to join us, or are you just gonna stand there and pass judgment?

Barbara: No, I'll leave that to you, Lisa. I called WOAK looking for you. Why aren't you with Will?

Kim: Will's in very good hands.

Barbara: Whose?3DCAD518.JPG

Kim: He's with Bob, and there is still a police officer stationed outside of his door. Now, do you have any more demands, Barbara, or --

Barbara: I'm not here to make trouble, Kim.

Kim: Well, you could have fooled me.

Lisa: Well, we're not giving any favors. We've run out.

Barbara: I'm not here to ask a favor either, Lisa. I'm here for my son -- for Paul.

Jessica: Let me represent you, Paul. I can't allow Steinbeck and Marshall to get away with this. Let me fight for you, and run Marshall Travers out of town.

Paul: No.3DCAD53B.JPG

Jessica: I'm an excellent lawyer, Paul. I can help you.

Paul: Thank you for the offer, but you know what? Let's be realistic for a second, all right? Since it was your little affair with the new D.A. that got us in this whole mess in the first place, I'll have to pass.

Jessica: Okay, now, you just said that Tom doesn't have the energy or the time required to take on this case.

Paul: I have other options.

Jessica: Do you?

3DCAD55C.JPGPaul: An attorney I worked with when I was running B.R.O. He's coming in from Chicago for my arraignment.

Jessica: He's a criminal lawyer?

Paul: He's experienced.

Jessica: At defending accused murderers? Has he ever gone up against a lawyer like Marshall Travers?

Paul: At least I know he's never slept with him.

I know who he's working for.

Jessica: Don't turn me down because we've had our differences.

Paul: If I turn you down, it's not because we disagreed. It's because trusting you would be legal suicide.

Marshall: What type of bargaining chip could Paul Ryan be? You've already beat the system, you got what you came for.3DCAD659.JPG

James: Beating the system, getting the charges dropped was just the beginning. It's Barbara that I want. And if I hope to have her here, I have to hold a little bit of it hostage.

Marshall: I didn't know Paul and his mother were that close. He can't even stand to be in the same room with her.

James: Nevertheless, Barbara's children are her greatest creation, and she treasures her oldest son.

Marshall: Your youngest.

James: Yeah, you see, when Barbara realizes that Paul's fate is in her hands, she'll come to her senses. She'll come back to me. She'll remember that no one can love her like I can.

Marshall: How could you extort romance from a woman whose only concern is for her son?

James: You make it sound dirty.

Marshall: You're the sickest man I've ever met.

James: You should get out more.

3DCAD683.JPGMarshall: What if I choose not to prosecute your son?

James: Then I will choose to put that pornographic tape of you and Jessica Griffin on television. Every set in America will see it. Now, you understand this, Marshall. I own you. You do my bidding. And when I say jump, you just ask how high.


Carly: Well, that certainly proves it! Rosanna's officially gone around the bend.3DCAD6BC.JPG

Molly: Tell me about it. I mean, there I was at the Lakeview, just grabbing some burgers --

Carly: Where are they, anyway? I'm hungry. Aren't you guys starving?

Mike: Yeah, I could eat something.

Molly: It was a little weird, though.

Carly: Well, you know, she's always had a very shaky grasp on reality.

Molly: I guess she figured that if it was true and she asked me, I would know all the gory details -- juicy, juicy -- and so then I would confirm her story. Right? I mean, why else would she spring that on me?

Carly: Well, just remind me to buy her a life of her own for Christmas. That woman is positively pathological!

Molly: Let's just hope that she doesn't behave like the rabid dog that she is and start spreading her poison all over town.

3DCAD6D4.JPGMike: Well, somebody needs to shut that woman up.

Carly: Yeah, before Jack finds out what she's saying. And that's exactly what she wants.

Mike: She's unbelievable.

Molly: Yeah, well, she's gonna keep at it till she finds somebody to believe her.

Carly: Somebody like Jack.

Molly: Carly, Jack wouldn't believe a thing that came out of Rosanna's mouth if it came notarized.

Carly: I hope not. But you said it yourself, rumors are like poison. And this rumor could destroy us!

Jack: What could destroy us? Carly?

Paul: I don't think I can trust you anymore.3DCAD6FF.JPG

Jessica: I guess I deserve that. I've made some mistakes, did some things I'm not proud of, but never in the courtroom, Paul. And I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you.

Paul: Intentionally, no. But somewhere out there, somewhere out there in the universe, there's an x-rated videotape of you and Marshall being strange bedfellows, and I don't want to get caught in the crossfire if that thing goes public.

Jessica: Marshall's not gonna allow that to happen.

3DCAD71A.JPGPaul: What makes you say that?

Jessica: Because it could damage his case, too!

Paul: Do not forget that Steinbeck is pulling the strings here. If he wants it to happen, it'll happen. I already have an attorney in Chicago.

Jessica: Someone who knows this town inside out? Someone who knows how the system works, how Travers works? Someone who understands the strengths and liabilities of the D.A.'s office? Someone who wants to --

Paul: Atone for her sins?3DCAD73C.JPG

Jessica: Okay. Let's just forget about your father for a minute. Forget about that tape. Marshall Travers is the only one standing between you and your freedom. He has your life in his hands. He's the one you need to worry about, not me.

Paul: Yeah, yeah, yeah. He is the real enemy. And?

Jessica: And I'm the only one who can bury him.

Barbara: Well, since you're both so fond of Paul, perhaps it's not out of line to make a request --

Kim: Sit. Have you been able to talk to Paul?

Barbara: Yes.

Kim: And what's happening with him? How is he?

Barbara: He's holding up.

Lisa: Are they gonna make these charges against him -- they're gonna make them stick?

Barbara: Apparently so. The police are claiming that he was drunk and he shot this Brandy girl because he thought that she was James.

Lisa: Why would he mistake Brandy for James?

Kim: Well, James is in town.

Lisa: Oh, no.3DCAD760.JPG

Barbara: I've seen him. Paul has seen him. And James is behind Paul being in jail.

Lisa: How is that so?

Barbara: Paul thought that his father was gonna be coming back to town, so he did everything he could to try to stop him. And of course, James had to do what he did, too.

Kim: He silenced his own son.

Lisa: Do the police know this?

Barbara: Paul has tried to tell them his side of the story, but who knows what they're believing? Hal is out of town. Marshall Travers is the D.A. --

Kim: Oh, Lord. He doesn't have a chance.

Barbara: Not a chance. He's up against a madman and his attorney.

Lisa: Marshall Travers is your attorney.3DCAD782.JPG

Barbara: And I wish I'd never laid eyes on the man. You know, you told me recently that Paul should be my primary concern, and you're absolutely right, Kim. So I'm here to ask a favor.

Lisa: What can we do for Paul?

Barbara: His arraignment is today. And I think it'd be a very good idea if all of us could be there for him and show him the love and support from family and friends. Please, I'm not asking for me. I'm asking for my son.

James: Well, well, well, if it isn't the harmonic convergence of my three favorite women. Kim, always beautiful. Lisa, eternally young. And Barbara -- eternally mine. Thank you.

( Screaming )

Bob: ( Laughs ) So, it was called cattle point of the nation.. Your cruise director, Ron..

Kim: You know James, if they let you walk away from all the crimes that you've committed -- there is no justice.

James: You said it, auntie Kim!3DCAD88F.JPG

Lisa: I have to remember to call the exterminator because some really bad stuff has fallen through the cracks.

James: Barbara, I don't think they like you.

Barbara: How could you be free? After what you did to Carly and Emily and Rose?

James: You're referring to the things you asked me to do?

Barbara: How did this happen?

James: Darling, I thought you'd be pleased.

Barbara: That you're free to gloat around town?

3DCAD8B8.JPGJames: Well, that Travers is some kind of lawyer, isn't he? We owe all of this to his expertise.

Barbara: So it's true. He ran for D.A. just so he could get the charges against you dropped.

James: Well, I think it's been far too long since I was able to walk the streets of Oakdale a free man.

Barbara: You're not planning on staying, are you?

James: As long as necessary. As long as it takes for you to realize that you can't live without me. Well, darling, it's too bad about our son. I hear the judge is going to be very tough on him.

Barbara: You could still help him, James.

James: Darling, I am paralyzed by emotion. I am a prisoner of love. You're the only one that can help him now. Two tonics with lime, please? Would care to join me for a drink -- rather than lurking around in the shadows?

Paul: So you are the only one who can defeat T. Marshall Travers, huh? You think because you slept with him, you know the guy inside and out? I don't know if you're overestimating yourself or underestimating Travers.

Jessica: Making mistakes outside of the courtroom does not make me a liability inside the courtroom. Let me prove that to you.3DCAD8EE.JPG

Paul: You said you'd never intentionally hurt me, and I believe that. And I also believe your offer to defend me comes from the heart.

Jessica: Both true.

Paul: But -- I also believe that you're using my situation to get revenge on Travers.

Jessica: This is not a vendetta. I am with the man I love now, and that's all that matters.

Paul: What makes you think you can win?

Jessica: Because I have the one thing on my side that Travers has no control over, the one thing that's going to tip the scales of justice in our favor. He's in love with me.

3DCAD912.JPGCop: Sorry to cut this short.

Jessica: He's going somewhere?

Cop: To the courthouse for his arraignment.

Jessica: Paul, send that lawyer back to Chicago. Tell him the job is taken. Let me help you get your life back.

Carly: Jack! You startled me!

Jack: Imagine how I feel. I come in and hear you talking about how we're going to be destroyed? We just got here.

Carly: It's Rosanna. She must have been hitting the sauce or something. She glommed onto Molly at the Lakeview and started spewing this garbage, complete nonsense.

Jack: What would Rosanna say -- drunk or otherwise -- that could destroy us? I mean, really, nothing we would take seriously.

Mike: That's what I'm saying. You can't take anything Rosanna says seriously.

Molly: Agreed.3DCAD938.JPG

Carly: Good.

Jack: Well, I still want to know what she would say that makes my wife think that we could get bit on the backside.

Carly: It's nothing. Rosanna's just -- she's running around telling people I cheated on you.

Jack: Whoa. Wait a minute. Why would she say something like that?

Molly: Have you taken a long, hard look at that woman's life lately? No, of course not. Because there's not a strong enough microscope handy! She lives alone in a hotel. And her social life revolves around a man that uses her for her money. And then she looks at her beautiful sister, who has a gorgeous son, a man who loves her, living warm and cozy in an house, and -- she can't have that so she has to ruin it for everybody who does.

Carly: You're right. You know Rosanna. She's not happy unless everybody else is wallowing in misery.

3DCAD965.JPGJack: Well, I guess you're right.

Mike: Looks like our cue to let the honeymooners do what they do best.

Jack: Well, you know how it is, Mike. Carly's the woman who just makes a guy lose his head.

Molly: Okay, you animals. We just popped in, and now we're popping out. Don't forget about those burgers. You can warm 'em up in the microwave later. They'll be great.

Mike: Yeah, you two take it easy!

Molly: Yeah, and don't forget -- sleep when the baby is sleeping, and don't forget to act like newlyweds.

Jack: Mike, Mike -- thanks again for keeping an eye on Carly while I was out.

Mike: Oh, yeah, no problem.3DCAD983.JPG

Carly: Oh, and most importantly, thanks for the cake.

Molly: Call me!

Carly: Okay.

Jack: So was that it?

Carly: Is what which?

Jack: Was that all there was to Rosanna's gossip?

Carly: Wasn't it catty enough for you?

Jack: Well, it was malicious, but nothing that anyone in their right mind would believe. So I'm still not getting why it would destroy us -- unless it's true. Is it true, Carly?

Jack: I asked you if Rosanna's rumor was true?

Carly: Of course it isn't true!3DCADACF.JPG

Jack: Then how could it destroy us?

Carly: I didn't mean destroy, destroy.

Jack: Okay, then what did you mean?

Carly: I don't know, Jack. Maybe because we barely made it through our own wedding? I get a little jumpy about anything that could put doubts in your head about us.

Jack: You think if I had any doubts in my head at all, we'd be standing here as man and wife?

Carly: No, I guess not --3DCADAF7.JPG

Jack: Okay, then stop being so quick to think the worst of me.

Carly: That wasn't the worst, G-man.

Jack: Hey, expecting me to get all hysterical over some stupid rumor started by your sister?

Carly: I got a little off-track, that's all.

Jack: Well, all I'm just saying is give a guy a little credit every now and then, huh? Have a little faith in your husband. 'Cause I got all the faith in the world in my wife. It's nice to see that Nora's cradle is finally getting some use.

Carly: Yeah, I think the baby will be a lot more comfortable in the cradle than that carrier he's been sleeping in. And Molly got some linens for it. So all we have to do is put them on, add one sleeping baby and stir.

Jack: You're sure you don't mind? Using the cradle that was meant for Nora? Okay, then I have another question. Is the sleeping baby really sleeping?

Carly: For now.

Jack: Hmm, then how about we take advantage of the situation and at least sample a bit of our forgotten honeymoon?


Carly: Jack, whoever that is -- murder them for me?

Jack: My pleasure.

Carly: I'll get the baby.

Jack: I'll get the door. Yes, can I help you?

Dr. Weiskopf: Hello, detective. There's someone here who'd like to see you.

Julia: Hi. Can you believe it? The court released me into Dr. Weiskopf's custody!

Dr. Weiskopf: Pending a further review of her case, of course.

Julia: Isn't that wonderful? Now I'm gonna be able to visit little Jackie every single day.

James: Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly. That's humor, my dear. Please, have a seat. Have a drink. You must be exhausted. You've been on your feet all afternoon. You've been following me since I left the police station. Would you care to tell me why? Oh, bashful, so you'll allow me to do the talking. See, I do not like being spied on, especially by amateurs. I could have you arrested. So be glad you're so beautiful. Now are you going to voluntarily tell me what you want of me? I should let you know that I'm an expert at the art of persuasion.

Bonnie: I saw your picture -- in the newspaper. And I wasn't quite sure why or when, I just thought maybe you were --3DCADB5C.JPG

James: Try again, young lady. Methinks this has nothing to do with pictures in the paper. Let me take a guess. I bet that you're my son's sometime lover, the one he never talks about -- the lover that will do anything that he asks?

Bonnie: No!

James: And now you're snooping around for him.

Bonnie: I most certainly am not.

James: I'm not saying you're in love with Paul, but you are in cahoots with him. Poor Paul, conscripting young girls to be in his service? Next, he'll probably have two little boys, two tin cans with a string for a wire tap. Let me tell you something -- you're very beautiful, and I'd hate to see you get involved in something that could be hurtful.

3DCADB9A.JPGBonnie: I hope you're not threatening me.

James: No, that was a warning. You know my son's a murderer right.

Bonnie: Paul did not kill Brandy Taylor.

James: You have proof of that.

Bonnie: I know it to be true in my heart. And so do you.

James: You sound as if you know who the real culprit is.

Bonnie: I'm not pointing fingers, Mr. Steinbeck, or making accusations. I know who you are and what people have said about you. But even still -- how can you sit back idly and watch your son go to trial for something he didn't do? Something he could possible go to death row for?3DCADBC8.JPG

James: I know who you are too, Bonnie. I know who your mother is, she's very important to you. I know many important details about your life.

Bonnie: Oh, so was that a warning, too?

James: No, that's a threat. Now understand this, Miss McKechnie, I do not miss much. You've had your fun afternoon of playing "I spy" with the big bad wolf, now it's time for you to go back to that dreary night club and peddle cocktails. Hmm? And stay the hell out of my way.

3DCADBEE.JPGMarshall: I hope they're treating you well in lock-up.

Paul: A regular five-star hotel.

Marshall: I haven't had the pleasure of meeting your defense counsel. Has he arrived yet?

Jessica: She's right here.

Cop: Let's go, Ryan.

Paul: I believe you two know each other.

Marshall: You're defending Paul Ryan?

Jessica: I am.3DCADC22.JPG

Marshall: You're making a big mistake.

Jessica: No, my mistake was allowing my judgment to be clouded by a hormonal imbalance.

Marshall: Is that what it was?

Jessica: Defending Paul Ryan may not make up for my lapse in sanity, but it's a start.

Marshall: Damn it, Jessica, the real lapse will be if you refuse to let this go!

Jessica: Give me one good reason.

Marshall: You're going to lose.

Jessica: Oh, I don't think so. 'Cause I've got your number, Marshall.

Marshall: Not this time.3DCADC42.JPG

Jessica: No, I know all your tricks. All the underhanded, blind-siding techniques you're so fond of relying on? Well, the shoe's on the other foot, isn't it?

Marshall: I'll be relentless.

Jessica: And you'll still fail.

Marshall: I mean it, I won't take it easy on you. If you get hurt in the process, so be it.

Jessica: Bring it on, Mr. D.A. I can handle whatever you got. Marshall, let --

Marshall: You think I'm finished with you?

Jessica: Let me go! Ben!

Ben: If you ever lay a hand on her again, they're gonna have to hire me to put you back together again. Do you understand me?

Marshall: No, Dr. Harris. I don't believe I do.

Jessica: Ben!3DCADC68.JPG

Ben: What about this don't you understand?

Jessica: It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

Marshall: You know, you'd be doing your lady friend a big favor if you convince her not to defend Paul Ryan. It's a waste of time.

Jessica: We'll see about that.

Marshall: This will be your second public failure in the courtroom.

Jessica: We'll see about that.

Marshall: See? There's no rationalizing with her. Maybe you'll have better luck.

Ben: You decided to defend Paul Ryan?

Jessica: Yeah.3DCADD48.JPG

Ben: Are you sure ready for all this?

Jessica: Well, I haven't been in private practice for a while. But I think the law's the same. Right is right, wrong is wrong.

Ben: And you're not worried about going up against Travers again.

Jessica: Not a bit.

Ben: Well, that makes one of us. In addition to all the Steinbeck aspect of this equation, there's something about that man I don't trust. I never have. Listen -- watch your step, okay? And I'm gonna be watching your back.

Jessica: Oh, that's not what you'll be watching. Thanks for coming to my rescue.

Ben: I don't know how smart it was. Yoking up the district attorney? I'll probably need some of your legal services.

Jessica: Well, I'm all yours.

Ben: You think it would be unprofessional of me to give you a good luck kiss.

Jessica: Ooh, someone might see and realize I'm not really the hardened, cold professional they think I am.

Ben: Good luck in there.

Jessica: Thanks.3DCADD79.JPG

Ben: I've gotta run by the hospital, but I'm gonna be right back.

Jessica: Okay.

Lisa: Oh, dear, I hope we're not late.

Kim: Jess, has Paul been arraigned yet?

Jessica: No, actually they're just about to call his case to the docket.

Kim: Are you here to check on the new D.A. or give Paul moral support?

Jessica: Both, actually -- a little bit of both. I am Paul's lawyer.

3DCADDA3.JPGKim: Oh, you are?

Lisa: Yes, I guess that means that Tom just couldn't handle the extra workload right now.

Jessica: Well, even if he had the time, I still would have fought tooth and nail for this case.

Nancy: Settling some old scores?

Jessica: Something like that. And bringing a little justice back to Oakdale.

Nancy: That's splendid! Oh, this is going to be very exciting! We are here to show our support for Paul.

Jessica: Good, good. It can't hurt for the judge to see he has such support.3DCADDC4.JPG

Lucinda: My heavens, it's crazy around here today. There are barriers, there's no proper place to be dropped off.

Lisa: Why didn't you just take a bus?

Lucinda: Right, I should have done that.

Bailiff: Calling case number 02cf629, the State of Illinois versus Paul Ryan.

Nancy: That's ours.

Kim: Shall we?

Jessica: No, actually, I'll explain later.

Barbara: Jess!3DCADDEB.JPG

Jessica: Barbara, this isn't a good time. They just called Paul's case.

Barbara: Is everyone here, I asked them all to come down and show support for Paul.

Jessica: Yeah, they're just being seated now.

Barbara: Great, well, I'll see you inside then.

Jessica: No, no. It might be best if you don't do that, Barbara. I don't think you should be present in the courtroom.

Bonnie: No, no, no telling what that psycho put in my drink.

Molly: Bonnie?

Bonnie: Molly! How are you?3DCADE1C.JPG

Molly: Great, we just heard on the radio the way over that your mom took her first criminal case since she left office.

Bonnie: Really?

Molly: Paul Ryan's a lucky man.

Mike: Marshall Travers will never know what hit him.

Bonnie: Wait a minute. My mother is defending Paul Ryan?

Mike: That's what they said on the radio.

Bonnie: Thank you. Thanks. It was really nice to see you both.

Molly: Think about it. Really, just a few hours ago, this place was filled with wedding cheer, and now it's just back to an ordinary club. I mean, from wedding bouquets and cakes to a place where lawyers hang out and get drunk on somebody else's dime. All the magic just sucked out of it, just like that.

Mike: What in the world happened to you?

Molly: I don't know. I guess it's hard to walk in here and not think about how beautiful Carly looked at her wedding and how happy Jack was -- and how we danced alone after the place cleared out. You know, it's hard not to be a little nostalgic for yesterday.

3DCADE4F.JPGMike: You sure that's it? It doesn't have anything to do with our misunderstanding, does it? Look, nothing's changed between us, all right?

Molly: I believe that now.

Mike: Good. Then what's got you so down?

Molly: I don't think I can say this without sounding like I've completely lost my mind. So I --

Mike: This gotta be pretty big. I mean, you're usually pretty straightforward, so tell me what's going on.

Molly: Okay, here goes. I'm afraid that Carly did cheat on Jack.

Carly: Who was at the door, Jack?

Julia: Oh, is my little muffin upset? Oh, come here. Let mommy make it all better --

Jack: Wait just a second here, Julia.

Julia: Well, don't worry. I used to live here, too. I know my way around.

Carly: Oh, of course he'll worry, Julia. The last time you were here you tried to kill him! Jack, what's going on?

Julia: May I hold my baby, please? 3DCADE71.JPG

Carly: Yes, certainly.

Julia: Oh, come here.

Carly: Now, does anybody -- could anybody please tell me why that woman is in my house?

Jack: That's exactly what I'd like to know.

Dr. Weiskopf: The court appointed Julia into my care until they have more time to evaluate her case.

Carly: I'll evaluate her for you! She's off her freaking rocker!

Dr. Weiskopf: Well, in the meantime, she's been permitted to spend time with her child as long as she's accompanied by me.

Carly: Oh, oh, oh, I see. And so you, in your doctorly wisdom, decided this would be the perfect time to drop in on the newly married couple to see what our schedule is like?!

Dr. Weiskopf: Oh, we expected some resistance.

Carly: Oh, this ain't resistance, doc. This is the same way we treat anybody who just drops in uninvited. Do you understand the meaning of the phrase, "bad time"?3DCADE98.JPG

Jack: Let's just get this over with. What do you want?

Dr. Weiskopf: We were hoping we could hammer out a daily visitation schedule that would suit the two of you.

Carly: It's unbelievable to me.

Julia: It's like a dream come true. My lawyers are going to present detailed histories of my treatment and the medications I've been taking. And the court is going to realize that with Dr. Weiskopf's help, I've gotten rid of those horrible impulses that I couldn't control before. Just think -- I might be able to lead a normal life again.

Carly: Your dream come true, my nightmare.

Julia: Do you know what that means? I could become a responsible citizen. I'll get a place in town.

Carly: Are you hearing this, Jack?3DCADEBE.JPG

Julia: Someplace nearby so it'll be easier when we do the joint custody thing with little Jackie junior, huh?

Carly: I'm sorry, excuse me. Is anybody else having a similar hallucination that I'm having? It sounded to me like she just said she was going to be free?!

Dr. Weiskopf: It's a distinct possibility.

Carly: I can't believe I'm hearing this! What kind of idiot court of law would allow this woman to walk around free, let alone have contact with an innocent child!?

Dr. Weiskopf: She'll be in my care, at least until some court ruling is finalized.

Julia: I'll never be free, Carly. Not like other people.

Carly: You should be in a dungeon, hanging by your thumbs, you freak!

Jack: Okay, Carly, it's gonna be okay.

Carly: How?! How is it gonna be okay, Jack? Answer me!

Jack: I'm gonna make it okay.

3DCADEDE.JPGDr. Weiskopf: She seems a bit hostile.

Carly: Yes, I am more than a bit "hostile," Dr. Freud! And if you'd like to see that turn into an act of violence, just allow your patient to open her mouth just one more time, please!

Dr. Weiskopf: I understand your frustration, Ms. Tenney.

Carly: It is Mrs. Snyder, and I do not believe you do understand!

Dr. Weiskopf: But there is a child involved. Can we keep this civil, for his sake?

Carly: No! No, we can't!

Jack: Carly, Carly -- excuse us, please? Hey, it's gonna be all right.

Carly: It is not gonna be all right! Jack, this is exactly what I was talking about!

Jack: I'll handle it, Carly.3DCADEFC.JPG

Carly: I can't do it! I thought I could, but I can't. If having that -- that baby in this house means she can pop in whenever she's feeling maternal or insane, then I cannot do it!

Jack: Okay, from now on, no more surprise visits.

Julia: You see how he likes to lay down the law?

Jack: In fact, let's end this visit right now.

Julia: But we just got here. Jack, can't I even just spend a few more minutes with my little muffin? I mean, is that asking too much?

Jack: Yes, Julia, it's asking too much. If you want to see this baby --

Julia: I'll call.

3DCADF1D.JPGJack: No, you'll have Dr. Weiskopf call, on my cell phone, and we will set up a neutral place for your visitation.

Julia: Gosh, Jack. Why don't you just drag me and the kid to some back-alley shanty so we don't upset your delicate wife? What did you two call it when we were married and you were sneaking around behind my back, hmm? "I'll meet you at the boathouse, g-man." How dare you make rules about when I can and cannot see my own son!

Dr. Weiskopf: Julia, temper.

Julia: I brought him into your life, and I can take him out of it again just like that!

Mike: Then we should stay out of it.3DCADF4A.JPG

Molly: I mean, I guess it would be human. You know, I mean, you think that you've lost your fiancÚ who you adore for the rest of your life. And so you grab a bottle of champagne, next thing you know, you're grabbing the next hottest, cutest thing in pants --

Mike: No, let's -- let's -- why dwell on that --

Molly: And I know. I mean, I'm an expert. I know that all the booze in the world doesn't necessarily mend a broken heart. And sometimes you just need the right guy, with big, strong shoulders. You know, and then you start pouring out your heart and then she pours a little bubbly. And then he's drying her eyes and one thing leads to another. And the next thing you know --

3DCAE034.JPGMike: Can we change the subject?

Molly: No. No. I think we need to talk about this.

Mike: Talk about what exactly?

Molly: I think we need to talk about the whole cheating thing -- infidelity.

Mike: Is it an issue?

Molly: I don't know. I mean -- we never said that we were exclusive, but --

Mike: But --

Molly: But the thought of you with another woman. I don't think I could forget it, maybe even forgive. But we don't have to worry about that, do we?

Jack: You brought this baby into my life and you can take him out of it? What the hell's that supposed to mean, Julia?

Julia: Nothing. It meant nothing.3DCAE069.JPG

Jack: Are you implying that you were gonna hurt that baby in any way?

Julia: Your baby. Jack, I would never hurt him. I love little Jackie more than life.

Carly: Do you mind telling us what you did mean?

Julia: I would never come between Jack and his son. I swear. I didn't mean it!

Dr. Weiskopf: I know, Julia.

Julia: Make them understand. You have to make them understand.

3DCAE087.JPGDr. Weiskopf: Well, I'm sure they know you're under considerable pressure. You have nothing to fear from her.

Carly: Forgive us if we find that impossible to believe. It's just that she's tried to kill us on numerous occasions.

Dr. Weiskopf: That was before her treatment.

Carly: Her treatment? All right, so you pop her full of pills and give her some coping strategies, and you think that's going to change her?

Julia: I'm sorry, Carly. I'm really sorry.

Carly: Right.

Dr. Weiskopf: She's had enough excitement for today.

Carly: What?!

Julia: Okay. I just -- I just wanted to work out when I could visit. I'm -- is the morning good for you? Or would the nights be better?

Jack: Actually, Julia --3DCAE0A8.JPG

Julia: I was hoping that I could pop by for a little while in the morning and then come back in the evening so I could say good night to the little muffin before he goes sleepy --

Carly: I have an idea!

Get out! Get out of my house and take your screwy shrink and your bastard son with you!

Barbara: My son is in there. He needs me!

Jessica: Barbara, he needs his lawyer, and he needs a clear head.

Barbara: I have called on people who I used to call my friends, people who loathe me now, and I asked them to come here and rally support around Paul. And I've asked them to do that, and it was hell for me, Jessica.

Jessica: Well, I'm sorry --

Barbara: It was hell, but I did that for Paul. I did that for him!

3DCAE0C4.JPGJessica: I'm so sorry, Barbara, but I can't allow --

Barbara: You want me to walk away from him now?

Jessica: That's exactly what I want you to do.

Barbara: Well, I'll tell you something. You can think whatever you want to think about me, but I have never willingly abandoned my children. I need to be in there. Excuse me.

Lucinda: Well, I'm -- I'm right behind you kid, all the way.

Lisa: If you need anything, anything at all. You just let me know.

Paul: I will. Thank you, Lisa.

Kim: I love you, darling.

Paul: I love you too, thank you.

Bailiff: The court will come to order. Your honor, this is case number 02cf629 -- the State of Illinois versus Paul Ryan.

Judge: The charge is murder in the first degree, punishable by life in prison or death by lethal injection. How does the defendant plead?

Jessica: Not guilty, your honor.3DCAE0E9.JPG

[Scattered applause]

[Judge bangs gavel]

Judge: This is a courtroom, not a golf course.

Marshall: Your honor, because of Mr. Ryan's assets and his connections around the world, the people believe that he's a flight risk and he should be denied bail.

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