ATWT Transcript Tuesday 11/5/02


As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 11/5/02

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Molly: Julia really knows how to clear a room.

Mike: You owe me a history lesson.

Molly: More like tales from the dark side.

3DC83162.JPGMike: That bad?

Molly: Worse. If she was just nuts, that'd be one thing. You'd have compassion for the girl. But it's almost like there's a part of her brain that works too well.

Mike: What do you mean?

Molly: Let's just say her ability to hurt people is frighteningly creative.

Mike: It's a shame Jack and Carly didn't get to enjoy their reception, though.

Molly: They're lucky they managed to get married.

Mike: To Jack and Carly.

Molly: To Jack and Carly. To Molly and Mike.

Mike: To us.3DC8318C.JPG

Molly: To the forces of good triumphing over evil.

Mike: Putting a little cosmic spin on this, are you?

Molly: Absolutely. Carly gets married, Julia gets arrested. Rosanna tries to destroy us, and here we are, together. And right now, I find it really hard to believe that anything could tear us apart, Mike.

Jack: Shh, shh, shh. You know --

Carly: Hi.

3DC831B8.JPGJack: Shh, shh, shh.

Carly: How's everything going?

Jack: Yeah, well, I put a pacifier right in his mouth, and he went to sleep. And I was humming for awhile, too.

Carly: You hummed?

Jack: Yeah. The theme to Star Wars.

Carly: Good.

Jack: He's awake now, though. Hey.

Carly: Have you held him at all or -- 3DC831DD.JPG

Jack: No, no. I -- at the time, I just thought that it would make it -- make it worse. Do you think he needs his diaper changed or --

Carly: Spoken like a man who wants somebody else to take over for awhile.

Jack: Well --

Carly: It's fine. Just relax.

Jack: Thank you.

Carly: I'll get him freshened up.

Jack: Appreciate it.

Carly: Hello, I'm Carly. I know. It's strange. A strange place with strange voices and strange people.

3DC831FF.JPGJack: Stranger than life with Julia? Imagine that.

Carly: Would you get me a diaper, please?

Jack: Yeah. There you go.

Carly: Thanks. So how are we doing on the supplies over there?

Jack: Well, I think we got enough to make it through the night.

Carly: Well, we're gonna need more diapers. We're gonna need formula, we're gonna need wipes.

Jack: I know. I'll make a run to the store if you want me to.

Carly: Oh, no, you can do it in the morning. It's fine.

Jack: Well, at least he's not a -- at least he's not a crier, huh?

Carly: But you know what? I bet he is gonna get hungry, so why don't you go into the kitchen and get a bottle out of the fridge, okay?

Jack: All right. I should warm it, right?

Carly: Yeah, but just -- just run it under the hot water faucet. Don't use the microwave, okay?3DC83223.JPG

Jack: Okay.

Carly: Well -- that's better. You know what? I'll do it. I'll do the bottle, okay? Why don't you just --

Jack: No, no.

Carly: Just hold him, and I'll go and do it.

Jack: It's no big deal. Carly, I'll do it. I'll do it. Hot water, right?

Carly: Jack, I said I would do it.

[Speaking over each other]

Jack: I said I'd do it! I love you for it, but stop. Stop acting like this is normal -- changing diapers, running to the store. Nothing about this baby feels right, Carly -- nothing.

Tom: Hey, is Travers on the way?

3DC8323E.JPGMargo: Yes, he insists on interrogating Paul himself.

Tom: Well, a high-profile case does bring out the ego, doesn't it?

Margo: Thank you so much for coming to the rescue tonight.

Tom: No problem. It's only temporary. I told Paul that I would sit in on the initial questioning, but I'm really over-booked. I can't give this case the kind of attention it deserves.

Margo: You know what? You give him your recommendation, and then you carry on.

Tom: I will make a few calls in the morning. Are you okay?

Margo: Me? Yeah, I'm fine. I know my limits. This feels good, baby.

Tom: Yeah, overworked, stressed out, no sleep. That works for you?

Margo: Yeah. Feel like I've got my life back. Okay. You go prep Paul, and I will let you know when Travers gets here.

Tom: Thanks.

Julia: Thank you very much, officer. You have been extremely kind. I really have to admire both the boys and the girls in blue, Detective Hughes. They do a wonderful job.

Margo: You have been a very busy lady, Julia.

Julia: Oh. Thank you for noticing. As my grandmother used to say, idle hands really are the devil's playground. Or -- was that idle minds?

Bonnie: Everything just got out of control, mom. I just wanted to protect you. I know I should have told you what Paul was doing.3DC83276.JPG

Jessica: Sweetheart, this was not your fault.

Bonnie: Brandy didn't deserve to die.

Jessica: Of course she didn't. But obviously Brandy was mixed up with the wrong people.

Bonnie: Don't you mean person?

Jessica: Bonnie, we don't have all the facts.

Bonnie: The facts are simple. Mom, you slept with the man who probably had her killed!

Paul: I understand, Tom. I'll get another lawyer. What difference does it make?

3DC83295.JPGTom: Well, it makes all the difference in the world, Paul. Marshall Travers is on his way over here to take your statement, but you don't need to answer any questions until we get new counsel for you.

Paul: I have nothing g to hide. James was in that hotel room, not Brandy. I didn't see her, and I didn't shoot her.

Tom: Perhaps you need to take a little time just to gather your thoughts before you talk to the D.A.

Paul: Oh, you want my thoughts? I passed out! I was in a fog half the time. You see? It doesn't matter who represents me. My father's getting the last laugh. Instead of ridding the world of James Steinbeck, I've ruined the rest of my life.

Margo: I spoke to Judge Peterson. Your arraignment is scheduled in about an hour.

Julia: So when can I get out on bail?3DC83370.JPG

Margo: You expect bail?

Julia: Of course.

Margo: Based on what?

Julia: Margo, I come from a very respectable Philadelphia Mainline family.

Margo: The way I see it, you've got two choices, Julia. Either a trip back to the hospital for the criminally insane or a long haul at the state pen. Either way, you're looking at close to 40 years.

Julia: Boy. I hope my judge has a little more empathy for the mentally ill than you do.

Margo: I don't care why you went over the edge. I don't care about your hard-hearted mother, and I don't care about your rotten childhood.

3DC8338F.JPGJulia: I had a wonderful childhood. My very own pony.

Margo: I don't care if you dance with little green men, talk to the Easter bunny. I couldn't give a rat's rump about your little psychotic split that makes the San Andreas' fault look like a crack in the sidewalk. You are gonna be put away.

Julia: Don't try to intimidate me, Margo. I have battled far too many demons to let some small-town flatfoot shake my confidence.

Margo: Is that so?

Dr. Weiskopf: It most certainly is.

Margo: Who are you?3DC833AC.JPG

Dr. Weiskopf: Dr. Sy Weiskopf. Ms. Lindsey's personal psychiatrist.

Margo: And your posse?

Dr. Weiskopf: Her legal counsel. Hyde, Davenport, Prescott and Ross. You've made a grave error, detective. Julia Lindsey does not belong behind bars any more than you do.

Jack: How's he doing?

Carly: Good. Better.

3DC833D7.JPGJack: Look, I'm sorry about before. I didn't mean to take it out on you.

Carly: It's okay.

Jack: Thanks for pitching in.

Carly: No problem.

Jack: Yeah, right. "No problem." Weren't we supposed to be on our way to paradise by now?

Carly: Paradise can wait. The first thing we have to do is get a DNA test on this little guy.

Jack: I'm one step ahead of you there. I called John from the bedroom. He said he'd make the arrangements.

Carly: Great. And, you know, the voice in my head keeps telling me that no test could possibly say that you're the father, but --

Jack: But what?

Carly: We are dealing with Julia here. Could she have found some angle that we don't know about? You know that she is just whacked enough to pull something off --

Jack: How, how? How, Carly? The timing doesn't add up.

Carly: What if he was a preemie?3DC833F8.JPG

Jack: That's awful convenient. On the other hand, if -- if he's not mine --

Carly: Then how did she get her hands on a baby?

Jack: Yeah, exactly. Okay, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Let's wait and see what the lab work shows.

Carly: And? In the meantime --

Jack: In the meantime, it's -- well, it's us or Social Services.

Carly: What do you want to do?

Jack: I don't know.

3DC83426.JPGCarly: Well, it's not my decision to make, Jack.

Jack: Well, having another person in this house, Carly -- especially this person -- it affects all of us. You, me, Parker.

Carly: Well, how long till the DNA comes back?

Jack: It could be awhile.

Carly: That's what I was afraid of. You know, there's something about babies, Jack. The way they smell. The way their breath feels on your neck. You kinda get used to having them around.

Jack: Don't -- don't go falling in love, Carly. Cops have to deal with this thing all the time.

Carly: No, they don't, Jack. Most cops do not have to deal with their psychotic ex-wives showing up and crashing their weddings. All I'm saying is that it's gonna be harder and harder for you to keep your distance. If this baby stays here the whole time while we're waiting for those results, it's gonna be pretty tough for you to treat him like a -- like a bag of evidence.

Jack: Yeah, maybe it will. Having him here doesn't feel right, but -- putting him in the hands of strangers feels worse. Okay, so, for now, I guess he stays here.

Carly: Poor guy. You know, he's just as much Julia's victim as you are.3DC83450.JPG

Jack: Oh, please. Let's not go there, all right?

Carly: Why? I think we should. I think we have to talk about it.

Jack: Why do we -- why do we have to talk about it? It's not gonna change anything!

Carly: If this baby is yours, Jack --

Jack: He's not, Carly.

Carly: But if he is --

3DC83478.JPGJack: I would know how he would have been conceived, Carly. I was there.

Carly: I'm sorry. I just -- maybe that's what Julia wants. Maybe this baby is her way of making sure that you never forget.

Jack: Maybe it is. Still, there's a question I've gotta ask. If by some slim chance this baby is mine, are you sure you can live with that?

Carly: Well, I think the real question, Jack, is can you?

Mike: What happens to this?

Molly: Well, I think we get them wrap up the top so that Carly and Jack can eat it on their first wedding anniversary.

Mike: Well, just wrap up a paving brick. Might taste about the same.

Molly: Where is your romantic spirit you said you get when you go to weddings?3DC8349E.JPG

Mike: I'm saving it up for you for later.

Molly: Oh. I think we do. I think we take this to the newlyweds tomorrow.

Mike: Do we get to taste it first?

Molly: Sure.

Mike: That's pretty nice of you, taking a little piece of Jack and Carly's reception, bringing it to them.

Molly: Yeah, well -- my heart's usually in the right place, Mike. It's my brain that gets me into trouble. I'm sorry. I promise you, from here on out, no more lies. No more half-truths.

Mike: You don't have to promise me anything!

Molly: Yes, I do. Because what I did goes against everything you stand for. Face it, Mike, you are the original boy scout. You couldn't tell a lie if your life depended on it.

3DC834C3.JPGKim: Barbara, for heaven's sakes! What's the matter with you? Why aren't you down at the Police station?

Barbara: Paul doesn't want me there.

Kim: Do you know what happened?

Barbara: They're saying that he killed that girl.

Kim: Oh, my God.

Barbara: Tom is with him now.

Kim: Oh, Paul, Lord, he must be terrified.

Barbara: James is back.

Kim: What?! Are you sure?

Barbara: He came to Will's hospital room when I was there.3DC834EA.JPG

Kim: I thought you had a guard --

Barbara: He got rid of the guard!

Kim: Why would James come back to town with all those charges pending against him?

Barbara: He says he's back for me.

Kim: Oh, for heaven's sakes. Well, then you've got to have some protection.

Barbara: Well, a lot of good it did Will. I have a favor to ask of you, and it's not for me. It is for Will. I just have this feeling that James might try to do something to hurt him just to get at me. Would you go and be with him, please?

Kim: Of course. Of course I will. Calm down. What you have to do, then, is you've gotta go back and find a way to help Paul. I don't care what he says. I don't care what he does. You don't dare let him push you away. He needs you now every bit as much as Will does.

Barbara: He says that he shot at his father tonight. How did that girl wind up dead? How did this happen?

Kim: Well, I don't know, but I suppose if James is back, anything is possible.

Barbara: I should have killed him in Singapore.

Kim: Forget about it. Just forget that! Now, you concentrate on Paul. You made sure you got Rose out of his life, and then you pulled James back into it. I'd say you owe him one. Maybe this is a chance for you to make it up to him. For crying out loud, you are his mother! Start acting like it!

Bonnie: I will not keep my voice down, mom. Marshall Travers is dirty, and I don't care who knows it! The whole reason that man even wanted your job -- Paul is so sure -- is because he wanted to help James Steinbeck.

3DC8351C.JPGJessica: Marshall will not let Steinbeck walk.

Bonnie: Yes, he will, mother, because he has no other choice.

Jessica: He told me he has had nothing to do with James.

Bonnie: And of course you wanna believe him. Come on, mom. Paul and Marshall had a deal. I saw them meeting. But Paul just wouldn't tell me what it was about.

Jessica: How does Brandy Taylor fit into this?

Bonnie: Brandy was Marshall's spy! That's why Isaac fired her in the first place. She was the one who went to Marshall when we asked for your help with the Liquor license.

Jessica: And how does she connect to Paul?

Bonnie: Well, Paul was wanting to get close to his dad, so James and Marshall, I guess, decided to stop him in his tracks. They sent Brandy and allowed Paul to get arrested for murder.

Jessica: Bonnie, you do not have all the facts. That is all speculation.

Bonnie: Look, mom -- Paul needs you right now. Can't you stop defending Marshall Travers long enough to see what that man has done tonight?!

Margo: Gentlemen, I will take your statements one at a time. Ms. Lindsey isn't going anywhere.3DC83541.JPG

Marshall: Detective, I'm looking for Paul Ryan.

Margo: He's in the interrogation room with his lawyer. Would you like me to tell him that you're here

Marshall: No need. I need to make some calls. I'll give them a little more time.

3DC83567.JPGTom: So what do you think happened tonight?

Paul: Same thing that always happens. My father sat back and laughed as I walked right into his trap.

Tom: What trap?

Paul: I had a piece of evidence that one of his people wanted. I agreed to turn it over in return for a meeting with James.

Tom: Then what went wrong?

Paul: Everything. Brandy was expendable. And the more dirty work she did, the more expendable she became. She sold her information to the highest bidder, and when she knew too much -- good-bye, Brandy.

Tom: How long has this been going on?

Paul: It started months ago. That's when James set this whole thing in motion so he could walk back into Oakdale a free man.3DC8358D.JPG

Tom: Free? I don't think so. The outstanding charges could fill a book.

Paul: But when you own a legal system in a town, it doesn't matter how many charges there are. James bought and paid for a clean slate, starting with Marshall Travers.

Marshall: That's a very serious charge, Mr. Ryan. I hope you have some proof to back it up.

Carly: Is this your way of avoiding the question?

3DC83688.JPGJack: Yes. Because I don't have an answer for it yet. Besides, it may be a long night.

Carly: With infants, most nights are.

Jack: Okay, maybe that whole thing about me keeping my distance, it's -- it's for his sake as much as it is for me. If don't get too close, at least I can't do any harm.

Carly: To the baby?

Jack: Well, obviously, I've got a lot of anger towards the kid's mother. What if I can't separate my feelings for Julia?

Carly: You think you'll resent him?

Jack: I don't know.

Carly: I know you, Jack Snyder. And you couldn't keep yourself from loving and nurturing your own baby any more than I could.

Jack: I just hope Margo finds the truth, and soon.3DC836B5.JPG

Carly: So do I.

Jack: I should have been more prepared for this. It's always been in the back of my mind, and this baby has always been a possibility ever since Julia sent me that pregnancy test.

Carly: She's just messing with your head.

Jack: Yeah, well, what if she isn't, Carly? Then what?

Carly: Do we have to sort out every single feeling and have a plan by morning? Remember when I came back from that spa, how I told you I couldn't get rid of that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach?

3DC836DD.JPGJack: Yeah.

Carly: I finally found a way to get rid of it.

Jack: How?

Carly: You just have to be patient.

Jack: Oh, yeah, I'm really great at being patient.

Carly: Jack, listen to me. It's slow at first. It starts with seconds, and then minutes, and then hours, and then finally days of good memories. And then, before you know it, those good memories start to outnumber the bad. There's nothing like a little baby to help make new memories.

Jack: That's an awfully big job for something so little.

Carly: I think you'd be surprised what they're capable of.3DC83712.JPG

Jack: Okay, all right. So we've gone from saying this baby couldn't possibly be mine, to thinking that -- I don't know -- he's some sort of healing force in our lives? Well, which one is it, Carly? What am I supposed to wish for?

Carly: Just the truth. And once we have that, we can move on -- one way or the other.

Jack: Well, right now, the truth is, I can deal with this baby not being mine. But I'm not sure I can accept the fact that he is.

Margo: Well, this case gets more interesting by the minute.

Lawyer #1: We have a writ from the New York Circuit court.

Margo: Really?3DC8373D.JPG

Lawyer #2: After reviewing our brief and the testimony of Dr. Weiskopf --

Lawyer #3: Along with a panel of independent therapists.

Lawyer #4: The court ruled that Ms. Lindsey be remanded --

Dr. Weiskopf: To my custody.

Lawyer #1: Technically, Ms. Lindsey is a ward of the court. However --

Dr. Weiskopf: I have agreed to provide 'round-the-clock supervision and long-term treatment.

Lawyer #4: It's all been cleared by the court.

Margo: You don't say.3DC83764.JPG

Lawyers: We do.

Dr. Weiskopf: We would like to present our position to the local courts so that we can bring Ms. Lindsey back home to her mother, who now resides in New York City.

Margo: Okay, doc, how'd you pull this miracle off? A trip to Lourdes?

Dr. Weiskopf: I've been able to use some new revolutionary techniques. And I'm happy to report that Julia responded to them almost immediately. This, of course, aided with low-dose anti-psychotics, aided in her recovery throughout her pregnancy.

Margo: Did you guys rehearse this?

Julia: Oh, I told you we'd be in an unfriendly environment, Dr. Weiskopf.

Dr. Weiskopf: I won't have you agitating my patient.

Margo: You know, the State of New York can tell me that she's the reincarnation of Mother Teresa. I'm telling you, Julia Lindsey is gonna serve time for the crimes she's committed.

3DC837A3.JPGJulia: Margo has some control issues, doctor. I always thought she'd be a fabulous candidate for treatment.

Lawyer #2: We should get to the courthouse.

Julia: I'm ready. You know, Margo, Dr. Weiskopf has taught me that true wellness comes from sharing in the happiness of others. Be happy for me, Margo. My nightmare is finally over.

Margo: Oh, not if I have anything to say about it.

Julia: Some people are just beyond help, I guess.

James: I knew you wouldn't disappoint me, darling. You are the best birthday present that any man could have.

Jessica: Bonnie, there's nothing I can do to help Paul Ryan. Now, I don't know what happened in that hotel room, but it has nothing to do with me.3DC837D0.JPG

Bonnie: Paul had a videotape of you and Marshall together.

Jessica: And I told you to stay out of it. I warned you it would lead to nothing but trouble.

Bonnie: But did you think it would lead to murder, mom? Marshall was desperate for that tape, and now Paul is in jail. Do the math here, mom.

Jessica: I don't care how you think this adds up. I refuse to believe that Marshall became D.A. only to do James Steinbeck's bidding.

Bonnie: Then I'll prove it to you.

Jessica: What?

Bonnie: Well, I have to do something. I'm not gonna sit around here wringing my hands, I'll tell you that much.

3DC837EB.JPGJessica: Bonnie, stay out of it. It's too dangerous, just stay -- you see what happened to Brandy?

Bonnie: Well, if Marshall is an upstanding, decent officer of the court, I don't really have much to worry about, do I, mom?

Jessica: Bonnie, just stay out of it, please.

Bonnie: Under one condition -- you go down to that Police station, you confirm the fact that there is a videotape and that Paul was set up for Brandy's murder.

Jessica: I'm sorry, sweetheart, I can't do that. I don't see how my involvement with Marshall has anything to do with what happened to Paul tonight.

Bonnie: You know, I never thought there'd come a day when I was actually ashamed of you. But I am. I don't even know who you are.

Jessica: Bonnie -- Bonnie, wait!

Bonnie: No!

Ben: Jessica, what's wrong?

Jessica: Everything. Everything's wrong. I let her down. I let everybody down.

Tom: Paul, I recommend you make no further accusations.

Marshall: Your client is overwrought, Tom. I'll chalk it up to his girlfriend's death.

Paul: Brandy set up my meeting with James tonight. I had a deal with Travers, I'd give him the videotape, as long as he and Brandy delivered James.3DC8381F.JPG

Tom: What kind of tape?

Paul: I had him under surveillance. Ask Jack. He's arrested me for it.

Marshall: He was watching me at an apartment I was renting.

Paul: I was trying to catch him with James.

Tom: And did you?

Paul: No. But I ended up getting something else on him. I was using it to blackmail him into giving up James.

Tom: Is this true?

3DC8383D.JPGMarshall: It's true he was blackmailing me, but he has no evidence of any wrongdoing or misconduct on my part.

Paul: That's a lie!

Marshall: To my knowledge, this so-called tape is a complete fabrication.

Tom: So where's the tape?

Paul: James has it.

Tom: And what's on it?

Paul: Proof that this jerk has no business being D.A.

Marshall: You're trying my patience, Mr. Ryan.

Paul: He and Jessica were lovers! I had the two of them on together in bed the night before she conceded the election. I threatened to bring them up on charges if he didn't deliver James. But now the tape is gone, and they've won.

Tom: What have they won?3DC83958.JPG

Paul: The grand prize -- James' freedom. Travers' sole purpose from the first moment he set foot in Oakdale was to make sure James never paid for his crimes. You watch, Tom -- that's exactly what he'll do.

Marshall: You were warned to watch what you say, Mr. Ryan. A shame you ignored that warning.

Tom: I have told Paul that I cannot represent him, so until we can find new counsel for Mr. Ryan, I recommend you not take his statement tonight.

Marshall: I agree. You know, I have statements from witnesses who heard you swear revenge against your father. Now, whether Brandy Taylor got in the way of that is yet to be proven.

3DC8397B.JPGPaul: How'd he do it, Travers, huh? How did he do it? How did he kill her and plant her in my room?

Marshall: It's obvious you went to that hotel room with the intent to kill someone. It's only fair to inform you, I'll ask the judge for a charge of murder -- in the first degree. Good evening, gentlemen.

Paul: And you be sure -- you be sure to tell James this is not over, huh?! You tell him that, because I'm not gonna stop until he's dead!

James: There's nothing in this glass but the finest champagne money can buy.3DC839AA.JPG

Barbara: Why did you hurt Paul?

James: Paul was the one trying to hurt me. I was hoping that you'd be a little more concerned about my well-being.

Barbara: They're accusing him of murder.

James: That does tend to happen, Barbara, when you're found with a smoking gun in your hand and a dead body.

Barbara: He's your son, James. Help him.

James: Paul will be fine. Jail will be a good test of his mettle.

Barbara: Get Travers to drop the charges. You own him. He'll do anything that you say.

3DC839D1.JPGJames: Paul will have to wait. I have a few legal issues myself that need to be cleared up first.

Barbara: And then you'll help him?

James: If that will make you happy.

Barbara: I'll be happy when you leave me alone!

James: How could I possibly leave you, with Will in the hospital --

Barbara: You -- you stay away from Will!

James: It saddens me to see him in that condition. I've always been very fond of him.

Barbara: Whatever you are threatening, James, it won't work. The Police already know that you're in Oakdale.

James: Oakdale, Beijing, Timbuktu -- what does it matter? Oh, but I can see that it matters to you, darling. And you know I could never ever refuse you anything. So if you want, I'll leave.

Barbara: Thank you.

James: But you have to come with me.

Barbara: Don't be ridiculous.

James: Then, as the locals would say, "you're stuck with me."

Jack: Carly, what if he turns out to be mine, hmm?3DC83A18.JPG

Carly: It's not your half I'm worried about. It's Julia's that makes my skin crawl.

Jack: Yeah, but we both have to be okay with it. It won't work if we're not.

Carly: Well, then here's the worst-case scenario -- we keep him, Parker gets a kid brother, and we prove that environment can beat out heredity when it comes to raising a good kid. Worse things could happen, g-man.

Jack: Have I told you in the last few hours that I love you?

Carly: I love you, too.

Jack: How can you be so great about this? I mean, what woman on earth would react this way after her wedding was ambushed by a raving lunatic determined to drop a baby on a groom's lap? You're one in a million, Carly.

Carly: Stop it. If anybody knows how not perfect I am, it should be you.

Jack: Yeah, well, you're pretty perfect to me right now. Oh, thank God we worked things out. I would have been a damn fool if I didn't marry you, Carly.

Molly: What are you thinking about?

Mike: I'm just wondering how Jack and Carly are doing with their unexpected visitor.

3DC83A5A.JPGMolly: They're gonna be fine. Those guys are so much in love. And that's what it takes to make it through the rough spots. Look at us. I never thought that you would forgive me, Mike.

Mike: Look, there's nothing to forgive, all right? People make mistakes.

Molly: But those are the kind of mistakes I don't want to make anymore. I really don't want to give you another history lesson, but there was a time in my life when lying was second nature to me. It's what I thought I had to do to get what I wanted. And when I was afraid of losing you, I fell right back into old behavior. And I'm sorry, and I'm ashamed that you had to see that side of me.

Mike: Who am I to judge you, all right? I mean, where'd you get this idea that I'm some kind of superman or something?

Molly: Do you want me to pull out a list?3DC83A83.JPG

Mike: Don't give me that much credit, okay? I trip up, I do stupid things. That's why it was easy for me to forgive you, because I'd want your forgiveness if I hurt you.

Molly: You would never hurt me, Mike. You're not wired that way.

Mike: Well, I don't want to. I pray to God that I never will.

3DC83B98.JPGJessica: I'm fine, Ben. I'm fine. The meltdown's over. I don't need you to baby-sit me.

Ben: Why did you say that you let Bonnie down?

Jessica: Because she asked me to help Paul Ryan, and I said no, and now that I think about it, I'm reconsidering.

Ben: Why? So you can go up against Travers again? Forget about it. I'm sure that Paul Ryan can afford to hire somebody else.

Jessica: No, this has nothing to do with Travers, Ben. This is about doing what's right, for me, for everybody. I know you don't understand, but just trust me, okay? It's something I have to do.

Bonnie: Are you here as District Attorney or James Steinbeck's spy?3DC83BBE.JPG

Marshall: So you and Mr. Ryan are of the same mind?

Bonnie: We're onto you, Travers. And one way or another, the truth is coming out.

Marshall: Stay out of my way, girl.

Bonnie: Marshall, I am not afraid of you.

Marshall: For your mother's sake.

Bonnie: You leave my mother alone!

Marshall: It's unfortunate you and Mr. Ryan didn't listen to your own advice.

Bonnie: Margo, can I see Paul for a few minutes?

3DC83BEB.JPGMargo: Yeah, he's in the interrogation room with Tom.

Bonnie: Thank you. Hi.

Tom: Hello.

Bonnie: Tom, can I speak to Paul for a few minutes?

Tom: Sure. Just let the guard outside the door know when you're finished.

Bonnie: Thank you.

Tom: I'll be in touch.

Paul: Thanks, Tom.

Bonnie: I am so sorry.

Paul: Me, too. I never meant to hurt Jessica.

Bonnie: I know.

Paul: My father has the tape. I don't know what he'll do with it.

Bonnie: Paul, I should have listened to you in the beginning.

Paul: It wouldn't have changed anything.

Bonnie: Listen to me, Paul. We're gonna get you out of this mess. One way or another, we're gonna bring Travers down -- together.

Carly: What are you doing?3DC83C17.JPG

Jack: If you can't bring the bride to the honeymoon -- I know tonight hasn't been what you call a mood enhancer.

Carly: Now, I think I could get in the mood, with friendly persuasion.

Jack: What would I do without you, Mrs. Snyder?

Carly: You would be up to your eyeballs in formula and wet Di --

Jack: No, no, no, no. No, no more baby talk, okay? The next couple of hours are about you and me.

Carly: Hey, Jack?

Jack: Hmm?

Carly: I don't think we have to worry about that mood thing.

Jack: Yeah. Who needs Jamaica, right? on the show. I think I will go so crazy. Who you ?

Julia: Hi, Margo. I hope we didn't keep you waiting too long. That judge was the nicest man.

3DC83D29.JPGDr. Weiskopf: Ms. Lindsey will be spending the night in the psychiatric ward at Oakdale Memorial.

Margo: I assume you'll be making bail.

Julia: Did you see the price tag? Even I was impressed.

Dr. Weiskopf: A local psychiatrist appointed by the court will evaluate Julia, then release her into my custody, after we agree on a course of continued therapy and medication.

Julia: Better living through chemistry, as I always say.

Margo: Officer, prepare Ms. Lindsey for transport.

Julia: Can I call little Jackie first?3DC83D4A.JPG

Margo: No! You already ruined Jack's wedding. I'm not gonna let you ruin his wedding night as well.

Julia: Oh, please, Margo? It's my first night away from little Jackie. I'll just -- I'll call, I'll ask how he is, I'll hang right up.

Margo: I --

Julia: Margo, you're a mother. You must understand how I feel.

Margo: Don't pull that one.

Dr. Weiskopf: Aside from the emotional concerns, there are legal ones, detective. If it becomes apparent that you have prevented Julia from a simple inquiry into her child's welfare, it might be considered a violation of her rights.

Julia: Please, Margo?

Jack: Oh, I just had a great idea. First thing in the morning, I'll haul Parker's sandbox in here. We'll load up on pineapple juice, and I'll mix up a batch of drinks with umbrellas in 'em.

3DC83D7A.JPGCarly: And we'll steam some shrimp.

Jack: Oh, mountains of it. Crank up the island music, tons of steel drums, and we'll have the best damn virtual honeymoon this side of the Caribbean. What do you say? Huh?

Carly: Wait. Listen.

Jack: Yeah, I'll get him.

Carly: No, no, Jack. Silence -- isn't it wonderful?

[Phone rings]

Jack: You spoke too soon.

Carly: I'll get it.

Jack: No, I'll --

Carly: Just hurry up before it rings --

Jack: All right, all right, all right. Hello.

Julia: Hi, Jack. I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Jack: What the hell do you want?

Julia: I'm just calling to check on little Jackie.

Jack: He's fine. He's asleep, so don't call back.3DC83DA0.JPG

Carly: Ever!

Jack: Can you believe that, that they let her call?

[Baby crying]

Carly: Oh. Mission accomplished, Julia.

Mike: You know, they're gonna kick us out of here pretty soon.

Molly: Do you know that I actually feel a little bit guilty.

Mike: Why?

Molly: For having more fun at this wedding than the bride. I am so glad that you came back, Mike.

3DC83DCF.JPGMike: Look, from now on, what happens in the past stays there, all right?

Molly: You make that sound so simple.

Mike: It is, if you let it be. It's like you told Jack about Carly. It's -- life's too short, you know, and love's too rare. You can't waste one second, that's all.

Molly: Jack told you that?

[Mike remembering]

Jack: I saw Molly at the Lakeview, and she reminded me, among other things, that life's too

short and how rare true love is.

Mike: I thought it was Jack. Maybe it was Carly.

Molly: When did you talk to Carly?

Mike: Does it matter?

Molly: No. The only thing that matters is I'm right here in your arms.

Mike: Exactly where I want to be. I don't ever want to lose you again.

Paul: Bonnie, I know James was in that room.

Bonnie: I believe you.

Paul: And I swear I didn't kill her.3DC83E05.JPG

Bonnie: I know that, Paul. I just gotta find a way to prove it.

Paul: No. No, I don't want you involved. It's too dangerous.

Bonnie: You know, that's what my mom said. But guess what? I'm already involved.

Paul: You're no match for James.

Bonnie: And you're in no position to argue.

Cop #1: It's time to go back to your cell, Mr. Ryan.

Bonnie: Hey -- try not to worry, Paul. If there's proof out there, I'll find it.

Barbara: They'll find you, James.

James: They'll try. They'll fail.

Barbara: I'll tell the Police everything.

3DC83E38.JPGJames: Everything? All of our little secrets?

Barbara: Everything.

James: Barbara, you know, I came here to celebrate, not to rehash the unpleasant past. Do you know, in some cultures, it is the custom for the person having the birthday to give gifts to the ones he loves. You left this in Singapore. An oversight, I'm sure. Go ahead. Open it, darling. What more could any man cherish than his own beautiful wife?

Barbara: I despise you, James.

James: You know, Barbara, with all this talk of crime and justice, it is not possible to force a wife to testify against her husband. Please don't forget that.

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